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Collage Diary Rs.


Greeting Cards Rs. 20/- each

Book Marks Rs. 10/- each

Envelopes Rs. 5/- each

Gift Tags Rs. 20/- (5 pieces)

Message Slips Rs. 20/-

Writing Slips Rs. 70/-

Photo Albums Rs. 300/- and 175/-

Candles Rs. 20/- to Rs. 70/-

Notepads Rs. 20/-

Paper Folders Rs. 25/-

Diaries Rs. 50/- & Rs.60/-

Pen Stands Rs. 75/-

Pen Stands Rs. 50/-

Pen Stands Rs. 60/-


Paper Carry Bags Rs. 20/-

Lamp Shades Rs. 60/- to Rs. 75/-

Khadi Bags Rs. 90/-

Potlis Rs. 35/-

Mobile Covers Rs. 20/-

Jute Bag (Small) Rs.50/-

Jute Bottle Bag Rs.50/-

Jute Bag (bjg) Rs.75/-

Khadi Small across shoulder bag Rs.50/-

Collage Wallet Rs.40/-

Collage Purse Rs.40/-

Cloth Folder Rs.90/-

Small diary set with pencil Rs.100/-

Toran (Bandanwar) Rs.70/-

Collage Potly Rs.70/-

Collage Mobile cover Rs.25/-

Silk Envelop Rs.25/-