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Bachelor of Financial & Investment Analysis
Business Organization and Management Semester - I

Adarsh Arora

Point of difference 1. Formation

Business Formed by the businessman itself.

Employment It starts with the appointment letter served to the candidate.

2. Element of risk

It has element of risk.

It has no risk.

3. Capital

Every business requires capital. 4. It is rewarded Reward/remune with profit. ration 5. Nature of work It involves production and exchange of goods and services.

Capital is not required in it. Employment is rewarded with wages, fees, salaries etc. An employee has to perform the given work as per the terms and conditions.

6. Transfer

The business can be sold or transfer to others.

Employment can not be sold or transferred to others.

Causes for business risk

Natural Causes

Economic causes

Human causes

Physical causes

Miscellaneous causes

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