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Tyler Nadeau EN466-Classroom Management Insignis Honors Project

Collect rules and procedures from several classrooms that I have observed in during the last 3 years. Look through classroom management plans to see what was actually being implemented. See if the rules were being followed during the class times I observed.

Many different formats and styles. Several rules when all combined, some repeats, most differ by wording.

If this is the case, do they all accomplish the same thing?

  

You are expected to follow all school rules while in our classroom. Respect Everyone Be Prepared Remain Positive Any student who exceeds the six absence limit over the course of a trimester shall not receive credit for the course unless able to demonstrate mastery of the content by scoring 75% or higher on the final exam.

What if I’m tardy?

Please consult the school policy on tardiness as described on p. 6 of your planner. If you are tardy, you will be marked tardy!

Can we have the first 5-10 minutes of class to do what we want?

It is expected that once class begins, you have all materials ready to begin. This means your textbook is out and open to the appropriate section, your notebook is out, and your homework is out, ready to check and go over. Please, no talking while the teacher (that’s me) is speaking or when one of your classmates is asking a question. Repeated violations can and will affect your grade negatively. After all, it’s only common courtesy! Please recycle paper, bottles and batteries! Recycle bins / boxes are provided for paper and bottles, and you can give used batteries to the instructor.

I like to talk. Can I talk whenever I want?

Should we be environmentally responsible?

 

If your absence is unexcused, you will receive a zero for everything done that day. Respect others — physically & verbally. Keep your head up & eyes open. Electronic devices are NOT allowed.

 

When I walk into the room you need to be in your assigned seat! You are dismissed only when I dismiss you! Do NOT sharpen your pencil when….
 

When I am teaching When someone is presenting Once those are gone you no longer can go anywhere. If you don’t have your planner you DON’T leave the room.

You have 6 passes per term to use in any class.
 

Please make sure to look in the mirror before you leave home to check the clothing you are wearing. Ipod Etiquette

Use only when teacher gives you the opportunity


 

When it comes down to it, there isn’t one person in the world who asks to be bullied. Please make sure that you are always nice and respectful to others when your are in class, hallways, or wherever you are! You never know when you might need something from someone…no matter who that person may be! Nothing good comes from being the bullier or being bullied!!!!

 

Remain Positive Respect Everyone Come Prepared I do give points for being ready when I am ready after I take role.

   

Students are expected to use technology appropriately and only use technology in the classroom when they have been asked to do so. If students are found to be using technology inappropriately, I will ask students to turn off their machines. Each student will come to class prepared and on time. You are tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings. Be working on the warm-up problem each day when the bell rings to start class No food in the classroom Leave the classroom in better condition than it was at the start of the hour Students will, at all times, engage in academic honesty. All work submitted should be your own.

 

Respect Responsible Relationship Building After one week, no credit will be awarded for the lab work that is missed. Please sign the second sheet to indicate that you have read and understand these needs and expectations for 7th Grade Science.

At times, I will need to gain everyone’s attention. Most times, this can be accomplished by simply asking however, if this does not work…
 

I will raise my hand and ask you to be quiet. When you see my hand raised, please finish your statement, face me, and be quiet.

   

Come Prepared Respect Everyone Remain Positive “Will I be treated fairly?”
 

Yes! Remember, however, that you are all individuals; thus, fair does not always mean the equal.

     

Arrive to class on time Be in dress code Be prepared for class everyday Covered textbook No food, drink, or gum in the classroom No cell phones Treat others as you want them to treat you! Cheating: The student will receive a zero for cheating and the parents will be notified. Hallway passes: Passes will only be given for an emergency, please use the bathroom before class.

              

Be respectful Follow directions Listen to your teacher Be a friend Always be prepared Try new things Do your best Dream Big Keep your hands to yourself Be ready to learn Be kind and help others Never give up Listen and think Work hard Have fun

 

Technology… Be Prepared… Respect… Tardy… Ready to start when the teacher is ready…

Remain Positive?—what kind of a consequence would I get for that…would I become more or less positive because of the consequence?! Limited number of hall passes—I can’t control how many times I need to use the bathroom…6 times out of how many school days…maybe I should buy some Depends? Maybe I couldn’t help being absent…so now I just get a zero because my family wouldn’t let me come to school? Keep your head up and eyes open…but I don’t have a place to sleep at night…

What if my family doesn’t have any money to buy me new clothes, I get punished for this at school? Your rules state that I must begin working on the “bell-work” as soon as the bell rings…what if you haven’t posted it yet? In what ways should I be building relationships...this is vague to me? Treat others as you want them to treat you!...what if I choose to be treated poorly?

You have 15 rules posted on an 8 ½’’ by 11’’ piece of paper in one spot in the classroom and I am supposed to know and follow all of them…and I thought my school work was hard enough…

How will you create rules? Keep it short! Make sure you are using appropriate and clear language. Include your students! For heavens sake, follow through with the rules you set in place or else there is no sense in having them!!! And everything else we have learned in class…