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Volcanogenic Sediment Identification as prolific hydrocarbon in Western Margin of South Sumatra basin A.A Pajabada*, G.R. Ramadhan*, Y.


Volcanogenic sediment known as a differential product of volcanic eruption which redeposited with tranport mechanism such as fall dawn, flow and surge. The most volcanic activity are distributed in plate boundaries and form the volcanic rock distribution area such as Indonesia that well known as the ring of fire. South Sumatra Basin (SSB) where situated at plate boundaries is an one of the distribution placed of volcanic rock including volcanogenic sediment in Indonesia. The Meruap field which Air Benakat formation as reservoir in this field where regionally known as a delta-shallow marine conventional sedimentary rock, thereafter drilled several development well, we found difficulties in geological correlation and modelling. Revisit geological study such as core interpretation, petrography analysis, X-RD analysis, X-RF analysis and petrophysic studies with their advance open hole wireline logging interpretation were conducted in this field. Result of these analysis were showing volcanogenic sediments like volcanic sandstone, tuff and volcanic breccia (lapilli tuff) as a reservoir. Also in the southern part of SSB western margin, Bunga Mas field which had drilled some exploration well, conducted same analysis where the result also showing volcanogenic sediments as reservoir rocks, there are not only in Air Benakat formation but also in the older formation like Gumai Formation and Talang Akar formation. According into the data of these two field, we identified volcanogenic sediment as reservoir distributed in the western part of SSB, it means the western part have different sedimentary system with the eastern part of SSB. These differences would have different point of view with the previous regional geology understanding in SSB. Keywords; Volcanogenic sediment, SSB, Sedimentary system
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