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RIZAL MIDTERMS REVIEWER Dr. Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal y Alonzo Realonda Dr.

– studied medicine at Universidad Central de Madrid, DID NOT FINISH his studies Jose – St. Joseph – San Jose – family is a devoted Catholic Protacio – Came from the Spanish calendar, birthday of San Jose Mercado – “market” – of Chinese descend – good in business Rizal – Came from the father which means “luntiang bukid”, ricial y – means “and” Alonzo – old surname Realonda – surname of the god mother RA 1425 aka The Rizal Law – requiring students of all public and private schools in the Philippines to study and provide a class solely for all the life works and writings of Jose Rizal RA 229 – no gambling and any other bad vice on December 30 (Rizal Day) to properly celebrate his death June 19, 1861 – birth in Calamba, Laguna June 22, 1861 – christianing Parents Don Fransisco Mercado Rizal (father) – Chinese descend, Domingo Lamco, “Huwaran ng mga Ama” Dona Teodoro Alonzo Rizal (mother) – Japanese descend, Lakandula – huling hari ng Tondo


 Calamba, Laguna  Manila  Spain  Paris  Germany  Hong Kong Friends, experiences, life events, etc:  Death of brother  Mother went to jail  GOMBURZA – At 11 (1872) , he watched how they die for the Philippines (martyr friars) Creator  God  “poong maykapal”

Education in Calamba and Binan 4Rs: 1. Religion 2. Reading 3. ARithmetic 4. WRiting Experience in Binan  He was bullied by two boys named Pedro and Andres, they challenged him to an arm wrestling match (he then started to exercise)  GOMBURZA  Concepcion – girl sister who died  Mother (Dona Teodora) was accused for poisoning the wife of her brother, Jose Alberto. She was asked to walk from Calamba to Sta. Cruz as one of her punishments ordered by a Spanish lieutenant).

Rizal’s Talents  Clay Statue – molded his own face  “Ang Aking Mga Kababata” – poem, love for the language  Mahikero Rizal’s Influence 1. Attitude and attributes:  Malay  Chinese  Spanish  Father  Mother 2. Environment:

Experience in Ateneo (formerly known as Escuela Pia) 1872-1877 (Reasons not to get accepted, but Rizal acquired):  Late enrollee  Short and weak looking But got accepted anyway.   Mahusay 2 Divisions Red (internos) – Roman Empire Blue (externals) – Carthaginian Empire Eventually made his way to the front because of high grades

To finish studying 2.Focused hobbies in school:  Sining . he wants to learn from it   Used a fake name Jose Mercado Stopovers: Singapore (May 9. Clenica June 19. 1882) Bad news from Manila: Cholera Leonor Rivera is getting married to Henry Charles Kipping Amor Patrio. 1835. arnis. Liberal Spain. 1837. Pandacan)  Filipino (indio) Strangled to death by garrotte on February 17. chess. dorm buddy was Marcelo H. body building. Louis de Weckdert Berlin – Dr. Del Pilar  Higher grade in Philosophy and Letters  Decided to study in Spain  Bullied by students and professors in UST: Run by Dominican priests who dislike Filipinos like Pepe Humiliated and given a hard time Discrimination  Guwardiya Sibil encounter SPAIN (1882-1885)  3 Reasons: 1. Sta. 1882) Suez Canal + Africa Italy + France Barcelona (June 16. “Love of Country”   GOMBURZA (3 Filipino Friars) Padre Marciano Gomez (August 2.(painting and culture)  Sports – (fencing. English and German fluently  Met Consuelo Ortega  Joined Circulo-Hispano Filipino Went to Paris at 1883 for a vacation MASONRY  Acacia Lodge in Madrid  Dimasalang  Virtud y Trabajo. Vigan)  Filipino-Spanish (mestizo)  Youngest friar  Friend of Paciano  Smartest at San Juan de Letran  Highest Padre Jacinto Zamora (August 14. 1872 7:00am at Bagumbayan (currently Rizal Park) Appraisal against the Spanish – Sedition charges Revolt at Cavite 1872  Taxes  Forced labor (they were promised with the possibility of having jobs) – Cavite Mutini. Secret mission 3. judo. shooting) University of Sto. Otto Becker 1886 Rizal + Dr. 1885 – graduate (at 24) 1885-1887 Paris to Berlin Paris – Dr. pollo y serbisyos – gallion trade Secularization – biggest issue MADRID (Nov 1882)  Universidad Central de Madrid Medicine Philosophy  Spoke French. Cruz)  Filipino-Chinese  La Verdad  Lowest Padre Jose Burgos (February 9. Tomas (1877-1882)  AB Philosophy and Letters Why? Dad likes this course Unsure with what course he wanted Eventually wanted to be a doctor to cure his mother  Went to a dorm. 1799. Ferdinand Blumentritt (pen pals) Thought he was a spy from France because he lost or did not have his passport  Spoke fluent German  He told him he was a physician He is stupid for such incident Maximo Viola lent him 300php to publish his book .

Oy. Laguna  He wrote her love notes written in invisible ink  “Orang” was her pet name  He stopped short of proposing marriage to Orang Leonor Rivera  Rizal’s cousin from Camiling.P)” expressing his admirations for her  He backed out of entering into a serious relationship: He was still engaged to Leonor Rivera His friend/ co-worker in the Propaganda Movement. It was a movement to make the Philippines a province of Spain rather than a colony. Tarlac  He wrote her love notes at the same time he wrote love notes to Valenzuela  She signed her name as “Taimis” to camouflage their intimate relationship Consuelo Ortega  Madrid  He wrote a poem to her entitled “A La Senorita C. Burgos and Zamora. Eduardo de Lete.P (to Miss C. .Rizal’s Love Interests Segunda Katigbakat  Rizal’s first romance  From Lipa  She was the sister of Rizal’s friend. It gave him comfort and confidence towards his fellow countrymen. Samahang Propaganda – One of the campaigns during 1872-1892. Belguim  Lived in the boarding house of the Jacoby sisters Nellie Boustead  Paris  Lived with the Boustead family  Antonio Luna loves her too  Reasons for why the relationship didn’t work out: He refused to give up his Catholic faith and convert to Protestantism Nelly’s mother did not like Rizal Letter to the Women of Malolos – He wrote to them by expressing his deepest admirations for their willpower and strength to fight for their right to education. Mariano Katigbak and close friend of Rizal’s sister Olimpia  Relationship did not work because he was “ruined by his own shyness and reserve” Leonor Valenzuela  Charming daughter of Capitan Juan and Capitana Valenzuela from Pagsanjan.y.O. spearheaded by the 3 priests Gomez. was madly in love with her O Sei San (Seiko Usul)  Japan  Daughter of a Samurai  She taught him the Japanese art of painting “su-mie” and Japanese language  He had to end this relationship to carry on his libertarian mission in Europe Gertrude Beckett  London  Lived in the Beckett residence close to the British Museum  He realized he could not marry Gettie for he had a mission to fulfill in life Suzanne Jacoby  Brussels.

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