Tech Support, Instructors, Tech Writers, Tech Analysts, and Market Specialists have to be able to go through a fantastically large

amount of information both in electronic and written copy. My ability as a not only as Tech Specialist but as a researcher as well have been honed over the past 25 years with my experience in many areas. Abilities such as a Systems Engineer and Writer coupled with various specialized writing techniques and software collection techniques that I use to research and collate data to prepare documents in this "Write On Request" world for my clients needs. I obtain the necessary data to precisely nail down the needs and desires for a specific client, giving them just the right and more importantly just what they want. Too much can be worse than not enough in many cases.

I have been working abroad for the last 8 years as a Independent Education Management Professional Writer, developing Oral English and Business and Computer Science classes at various Universities in China.

I feel working in a multicultural environment prepared me for teaching for YOU and your school as I worked with many nationalities of students and Business professionals.

I have people contact skills that allow me to contact and interact with my various clients in a mutually beneficial way based on my 25 plus years as a customer service engineer often dealing with demanding and diverse clients.

I have worked also with Chinese Printing firms creating both Technical hardcopy, e-Books as well textbooks for college use.

I am an author with 12 textbooks for college use in China and IBM service manuals for IBM Global Services coupled with over 30 years of customer liaison skills as well technical expertise that would be useful to you and you firm's endeavors to not only create the material you want but convey it to your clients in a form readily understood and useful to increase your benefits to them and develop revenue streams in the future for yours as well as their projects and products.

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