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Rationale My service activities are primarily linked to my interest areas (as noted in my scholarship goals): education policy, special education, and teacher education. I use these activities to develop a network of colleagues with whom I can collaborate, learn about new research or ideas in the field, and to share my own perspective on ideas (particularly when I am the only educator of the deaf in the room).



Actual Artifacts

1. Overall, I will remain current on issues and trends in the field by maintaining active membership in four professional organizations, CEC, AERA, ASCD, and CAID.

links to the organization websites highlighting my role, meeting notes, programs Met and ongoing

Service to Department

2. My service to the department will focus on improving efficiency of resources and communication. a. I will work closely with GIS to develop a monitoring system for interpreter hours to ensure that changes are made in a timely manner (as much as possible). b. I will develop a system for making practicum and student teaching information accessible for supervisors earlier in the process.

2a. Not met – Due to lack of time 2b. Met


Service to Students


Actual Artifacts
Emails, flyers, pictures

3. My service to students will focus on ways to encourage more student participation in extra-curricular activities. a. I will continue to facilitate the department book club. b. I will establish a writing group.

Service to GSPP and PEP Service to University

3a. Met 3b. Not met – Due to lack of time

4. I will continue my service in areas of the university that support my own professional interests (ensuring quality programs and advocating for faculty needs and interests). a. I will serve on the Faculty Senate as an at-large representative (Spring 2013 only, but I intend to run again). b. I will serve on the New Program Review committee (Spring 2013 only).

Meeting notes Meeting notes, emails 4a. Met & Exceeded – re-elected 4b. Met & Exceeded – continued in fall
6. Meeting notes, emails 7. Planning materials and emails

Service to Community and Schools

5. I will continue my service in areas that correlate with my research and professional interests. a. I will serve on the DC Title I Committee of Practitioners (Spring 2013 only) b. I will provide workshops and inservice trainings to schools upon request.

5a. Met 5b. Met


Service to Field

• •

Actual Artifacts
Certificate of appreciation, emails indicating schedule Emerging Leader activity documents, emails

6. I will continue working in a leadership capacity in organizations that further policy in education and improve practices in special education. o I will complete my 2-year program as an Emerging Leader of ASCD. In 2012, my affiliate was shut down, so I need to restart some of my connections.  Connect with local affiliate  Establish a Professional Interest Community for Special Education o I will attend the ASCD Leadership Institute for Legislative Advocacy Conference to develop my capacity to advocate for positive changes in education policy and to actually meet with congresspeople regarding education policy needs. Attend the ASCD Leader to Leader Conference in July 2013. (This is an invitation-only conference.) I will submit an application to join the Professional Standards Committee for CEC.

6a. Met 6b. Met 6c. Met 6d. Not met – Applied for ASCD Nominations Committee instead.

o o

Ways in which I exceeded goals:

1. Coordinated the Deaf Students with Disabilities Certificate Program a. Admissions criteria revision b. Recruiting c. Retention d. Marketing 2. Accepted as an Education Policy Fellow – deferred entry for one year due to current commitments 3. Accepted new role as New & Summer Program Coordinator

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Highlighted at ASCD Leader to Leader Conference Completed a book review for ASCD Became Treasurer for CAID Participated in DDSC Participated in the Department Chair Search Committee (which also searched for the other administrative roles) Participated in the Education Leadership Faculty Search Committee Participated in the ETS Standard Setting Panel for the Middle School English Praxis exam Writing an AERA Research Conference Grant proposal with colleagues in the department Coordinating return of “Race to Nowhere” movie with a colleague in the department