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Lesson Plan Format

Name ____Derek Jones______________ Grade _4___Title: _Millimeters_________ Connection to GLO(s): GLO 1: Self-Directed Learner; 1.2
– Plans and manages time and resourcestoachievegoals End rin! "nderstandin!(s): can estimate and measure surface area and volume using !.S. customar" units and metric units G idin! # estions: #no$ the difference %et$een a millimeter and a centimeter. can use a measuring device to &rovide the length' surface area' and volume of a &articular area in millimeters. $tandard%&enc'mark $(eci)ic content area standard%*enc'mark T'e (er)ormance task !i+es st dents o((ort nit, to demonstrate kno-led!e to meet t'e *enc'mark ()* 2
.1 – 2
.+ – Content Area Knowledge )andidate demonstrates #no$ledge' understanding and use of content area conce&ts' learning theor"' and &rocesses to design instruction

T'e (er)ormance task !i+es st dents o((ort nit, to demonstrate kno-led!e to meet t'e *enc'mark

Formati+e assessments (a((lied a((ro(riatel, t'ro !'o t lesson): ,eacher $ill o%serve the room and ma#e sure that students are fulfilling res&onsi%ilities. ,he" should %e estimating and measuring -$ith &rovided rulers.' the lengths of desired o%/ects in the classroom. ,he" $ill have measured at least + o%/ects in the allotted time in millimeters $ith direct and clear ideas of $hat $as measured. . $ mmati+e assessment (incl des c'ecklist or r *ric): Students $or# $ill %e /ustified %" the teacher. ,eacher $ill re-measure the measured o%/ects from the room to ensure that the students understand the measurement of millimeters. Given the discre&anc" of the rulers' students $ill %e given a one millimeter lee$a" on all measurements.

.cti+ities%/nstr ctional $trate!ies
Clear ste(s t'at con+e, t'e se o) m lti(le strate!ies0 reso rces and tec'nolo!,

.cti+atin! Prior 1no-led!e -content and0or cultural #no$ledge.: Students have vast #no$ledge alread" of measurement. ,he" have %een $or#ing measuring for the last cou&le of $ee#s starting $ith meters' then "ards' feet' inches' centimeters' and so on. Mini Lesson: ,eacher $ill have students sit in a circle and discuss &revious lesson on centimeters. ,eacher $ill &ass out rulers that have %oth centimeters and millimeters on them to com&are the t$o different si1es. Students and teachers should have fe$ measura%le o%/ects to &rovide tangi%le resources for students deci&her the si1e of millimeters to centimeters -%oo#s' t$igs from trees outside' &encils' cra"ons' etc.. 2ork Time: Students $ill $or# inde&endentl" from their curriculum %oo# $hich as#s them to measure items $ith millimeters. ,he" $ill then meet in teacher selected small grou&s to com&are ans$ers. ,he" $ill first ma#e estimates $ith given o%/ects and then find their a%solute si1e. (fter' students $ill
,*21+03uelo$0)ohort +1+

choose their o$n items to measure and give the estimates and e4act measurements for them as $ell. Clos re: 5o$ $ill "ou s"nthesi1e the learning that occurred in this lesson6 5o$ $ill students reflect u&on their learning from this lesson6 Students $ill meet %ac# on the car&et in %o"0girl order to discuss the given lesson. ,eacher $ill &lace o%/ects in front of them and as# their o&inion on ho$ the" thin# it should %e measured in (merican units -millimeters' inches' feet' "ards.. Students should /ustif" their ans$ers and %eliefs $ith #no$ledgea%le feed%ac#. ()* 2.2 – Critical thinking, problem solving and performance skills )andidate demonstrates understanding of cognitive &rocesses associated $ith various #inds of learning' and incor&orates strategies that encourage students7 develo&ment and use of critical thin#ing and &ro%lem solving. O((ort nities o))ered )or in3 ir,0 acti+e learnin!0 indi+id al -ork and (airs%small !ro ( interactions: ()* 2.8 - Communication to foster learning )andidate &lans instruction that uses oral and $ritten discourse %et$een themselves and students to foster: 9 (ctive in:uir" and colla%oration • Positive relationshi&s and social interaction 9 ;-< students7 use of effective communication strategies Di))erentiation Plan
.da(tations connected to instr ctional strate!ies

()* 2.2
 – Adaptation to diverse students )andidate designs student-centered instructional tas#s and incor&orates varied strategies to ena%le all students to achieve learning goals' and are a&&ro&riate to the needs of students $ho are culturall" diverse or have e4ce&tional needs. Di))erentiate t'e learnin! en+ironment0 content0 (rocess0 or (er)ormance task )or indi+id als or small !ro (s (e4!40 accelerated0 ELL%MLL st dents)4 =ath %loc# does not have an" students that are in need of s&ecial care. ,hose that do need' are in a se&arate room $hich em&hasi1es accelerated learning. ,eacher should match students in a $a" that &rovides at least 1 lo$er achieving' 1 standard achieving' and 1 higher achieving student &er grou&. dentif" the t"&e of need -e.g.' *LL0=LL' accelerated students' reading needs' 8>+ students' struggling learners' enrichment. *LL0=LL Struggling Learners (ccelerated Learners D ration: 1 hour' 2> minutes
,*21+03uelo$0)ohort +1+

List the t"&e of differentiation -learning environment' content' &rocess' or &erformance tas#. and tell ho$ "ou $ill differentiate

Materials: ?ulers $ith a&&ro&riate measurement. Pencil' Scratch &a&er' $or#sheet

,*21+03uelo$0)ohort +1+