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Assumptions and Suggestions: Good resolutions….
• • • • • are focused on one issue – they don’t try to cover too many issues superficially. should be a plan of action which represents the voice and flavor of your country. suggest REALIS I! "economically feasible and politically viable# solutions to a problem. show evidence of research . attempt to stri$e a balance between specificity and generality – should not be too general so that the resolution has no clear actions% but should not be specific enough to be infle&ible or unsupportable. avoid discussion of specific monetary figures. should provide suggestions for new solutions rather than re'stating actions or methods which have already been tried. should realistically represent the views of the country that submits and co'submits the resolution.

• • •

Checklist: The submitter/resolution should… utilize pre-ambulatory clauses that provide the audience with a brief overview of the background and context for the proposed actions
including a references to any relevant U actions in the past!

utilize operative clauses which describe the actions"measures to take to solve the problem  include name of the main submitter plus names of a minimum of # co-submitters who support the resolution  place the following information at the top of the resolution  keep clauses relatively short and simple to ensure clarity  use formal$ %rd person$ diplomatic language  include a space before and after the words &'() *) )+A,

COMMITTEE: Economic and Social committee QUESTION OF: The role of the UN in Rebuilding Iraq M IN SU!MITTERS: Iraq" Eg#$t CO%S&ONSORS: Ethio$ia" Qatar" S#ria" 'emen" (ordan" U E" )ib#a" Indone*ia T+E ,ENER ) SSEM!)'" / 0 1 2 3 4 7 8 -9 --/ -0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -7 -8 /9 /// /0 /1 /2 /3 /4 /7 /8 09 00/ 00 01 02 03 04 Reminding that the United Nation* ha* a .ital re*$on*ibilit# in the recon*truction and admini*tration of Iraq" Believing that the International Communit# and the neighboring rab countrie* *hould $artici$ate in the recon*truction and admini*tration of Iraq" Aware of the need for rehabilitation of $ublic **" Approving the 5or6 underta6en to e*tabli*h a $ermanent Iraqi con*titution" -: Requests direct *u$$ort from the )eague of rab State* and the United Nation* for hel$ing Iraq;* *o.ereignt# b#: a:< ,o.erning council be gi.en to rab ob** de*ignated b# the delegate* of the )eague of rab State* to $rotect the admini*tration $roce**" e*$eciall# election*" con*titution" and go.ernment bod# from becoming bia*ed" i: Call* for funding for thi* council to be acquired from the )eague of rab State*" ii: Recommend* that the monitoring of the of the abo.e committee i* carried out b# re$re*entati.e* of the UN" b:< iding 5ith fund* rai*ed b# the )eague of rab State* to a**i*t the formation of Iraqi go.ernment in term* of election*" e*$eciall# the ad.erti*ement of education of election*= /: Urges the coalition authorit# and Iraqi go.erning council to allo5 a greater role for the UN and the international communit# in the follo5ing area*: a:< More multinational force* for recon*truction" de*ignated b# the UN" e*$eciall# in the area of engineering" b:< To *ecure and to enhance the *ituation of Iraq;* *tagnant dome*tic econom#" c:< Control all international fund* b# a *$ecial committee de*ignated b# the UN to in*ure the $ro$er di*tribution of fund*=

try to limit the number of pre-ambulatory clauses to between

number the lines of the resolution be innin !ith the "re#$mbul$tor% &l$uses

include a space before starting the operative clauses indent all operative and sub-clauses  note that the entire resolution should be 2 ) long sentence refer to relevant organizations$ past conventions$ resolutions
and treaties when possible

italicize$ bold$ underline$ and capitalize the first word of the pre-ambulatory clause

main clauses should end with a
colon if sub-clauses follow


 

sub-clauses should end with a comma final sub-clause under each main clause end with a semi-colon

follow this outline format:
'. Re(uests a3 )stablishing i! Calls for 4!

5rovision of

'o have a sub-clause$ a minimum of '62 sub clauses 7or sub-sub clauses3 must be provided - single sub clauses are not allowed

check for spelling or grammar mistakes before submitting to vetters include any previously vetted drafts with your submission to the

 

Use 48 point Calibri font not exceed #8 lines in length 79uality not 9uantity:3

Operative Phrases Preambulatory Phrases
ffirming larmed b# $$ 5are of ! !earing in mind Confident Contem$lating Con.inced Aeclaring Aee$l# concerned Aee$l# con*ciou* Aee$l# con.inced Aee$l# di*turbed Aee$l# regretting Ae*iring further Em$ha*i>ing E?$ecting E?$re**ing it* a$$reciation E?$re**ing it* *ati*faction Fulfilling Full# a5are Full# alarmed Full# Further de$loring Further recalling ,uided b# ado$ted con*idered con*idered de.oted attention e?amined *tudied heard recei.ed @ee$ing in mind Noting 5ith regret Noting 5ith *ati*faction Noting 5ith dee$ concern Noting further Noting 5ith a$$ Ob* Reali>ing Reaffirming Recalling Recogni>ing Referring See6ing Ta6ing into account Ta6ing into con*ideration Ta6ing note Bie5ing 5ith a$$reciation Celcoming

Operative Phrases
cce$t* ffirm* $$ro.e* uthori>e* Call* Call* u$on Condemn* Congratulate* Confirm* Con*ider* Aeclare* accordingl# Ae$lore* Ara5* the attention Ae*ignate* Em$ha*i>e* Encourage* Endor*e* E?$re**e* it* a$$reciation E?$re**e* it* ho$e Recommend* Further in.ite* Further $roclaim* Further remind* Further recommend* Further re*ol.e* Further reque*t* +a.e re*ol.ed Note* &roclaim* Reaffirm* Remind* Regret* Reque*t* Solemnl# affirm* Strongl# condemn* Su$$ort* Tru*t* Ta6e* note of Tran*mit* Urge*

Vettin Panel Instru!tions "or Dele ates # A$visers
%hat is a vettin panel& 4! A team of 'eacher-advisers working to improve the clarity of a +esolution! ;! 'he panel will check that the +esolution follows the standard format and basic language expectations! %! 'he panel will not comment upon the factual accuracy$ or correctness of a +esolution<s political position! Steps "or Dele ates to 'ollo() 4! Send your copy of the resolution to the email address for your committee ;! *o to the vetting area and see one of the advisers who will be vetting resolutions for your committee! Sit down with the vetter and go through the resolution! Changes will be made on the vetter<s computer %! 'he vetter will then send the vetted resolution to the committee Chair! Steps "or Vetters to 'ollo() 4! Sit with the delegate using your own computer! +etrieve the resolution from the committee email address 7see =nternet page3! ;! Check correct spelling! %! Check correct grammar and punctuation! >! )nsure that the numbering of lines and of 2perative Clauses is accurate! 1! )nsure that the 5re-ambulatory Clauses are indeed 5re-ambulatory$ not 2perative 7and vice versa3! ?! -ake the appropriate changes and send the resolution to the committee Chairs 7addresses are in the programme$ page 443!