Godit Adoration Canto

On Giants’ Shoulders
Siddartha Gautama Alan Watts Malcolm Kukura September 21 2009

Looking for the builder of this dogmatic brain-washed zombie-mind-trap of my Rationality I searched through many births to no avail being born over and over is tiring I see you now you predatory engineer of that mind-cage You won’t build this trap again All the structural conceptual supports of your cage are smashed to smithereens Your exploitive ideological materialist ridge-pole is entirely deconstructed Your doxa is in ruins I’m now in aletheia

My explosively liberated mind has expanded far beyond the limits that you greedy homicidal larval psychotic pigs imposed on me by force My emancipated mind is approaching timelessly spaceless Eternity-Infinity All my desires are now soothed Ataraxia I’m completely satisfied and utterly fulfilled I’ve endured so much for this spiritual rebirth I know all I need to know of the ultimate psychic mutation The clarity and certainty of my new divine awareness is almost overwhelming I’m humbled by my good fortune of finally returning to my original self—at home, welcome, loved I’m autonomously enlightened, independent of teachers Sapere Aude Gnothi Seauton Thank you for the memories Anamnesis

There’s no other like me in the whole world which has many pretentious charlatans Not even Thales, Laozi, Sappho or Siddartha Gautama is exactly like me Neiher is Pythagoras, Parmenides, Socrates, Plato, Bodhidharma or Nagarjuna I’m unique I’m really very worthy I’m beautiful, good, true & intelligent I’m my own best teacher Autarkes I alone am fully enlightened I feel completely tranquil now I know the unperturbable calm of spiritual awakening I’m in Nirvana This is IT

I’m in a state of adoration of all reality The whole universe is stunningly beautiful Including even the cowardly parasitic vile degenerate greedy homicidal larval psychotic pigs who molested my mind they penetrated my unconscious they ejaculated their toxic viral memetic death semen into my psyche they hypnotized me and mutilated me they snared me in their dogmatic-Rationality-zombie-mind-cage by force, fear, coercion, threats and punishment Integral consciousness brings compassion and understanding that even THEY are also magical beings enduring horrors to awaken to the true reality of aletheia Mahakaruna envelopes the whole world in peace love & freedom Equality Fraternity Liberty Truth Beauty Goodness Psyche Dau Sunyata Love is divine Literature is awesome Art is salvation Artists Rock Man

to enlightened individuals It appears as a vivid & overwhelming certainty that the universe precisely as it is at this moment as a whole and in every one of its parts is so completely right that no explanation or justification is needed beyond what IT simply is

My mind is so wonder-struck at the self-evident & self-sufficient fitness of things just as they are including all that would ordinarily be thought the very worst

I can find no words powerful enough to precisely communicate this perfection & beauty This clarity also sometimes gives me the sensation that I’m pervaded & ordered by a supreme intelligence At the same time It’s quite usual for me to feel the whole world is now my own perceptual body & that whatever I am hasn’t only become but has always been what everything else is

the very essence of my awakened self carries conviction & insight that this immediate now whatever it’s nature is the goal and fulfillment of all existence Surrounding & flowing from this insight is an emotional ecstasy a sense of intense relief, freedom, & lightness & often of immense love for the whole world

This inner Self-clarity also reveals that the world has become transparent, alive, magical & radiantly luminous It’s not that I lose my identity to the point of feeling that I actually look out through all other eyes becoming literally ominiscient but rather that my individual consciousness & existence is a point of view temporarily adopted by something immeasurably greater than my self

This is It The Supreme Knowledge Standing up here so far above the places inhabited by most humans up here on the shoulders of giants who’re also standing on shoulders of other giants From here I can see furthur than the giants who’ve shown me the path to take to this summit to see I too am now providing a place for others to follow & to climb up on my shoulders In a future life I may be one of those who do so One of the giants under me may well be me in a past life Arts Rocks man Integral consciousness This is It Intent Soular Power Perfect Mystic Vision Godit?

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