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Published by Arkava Das
Stellar feedback
Stellar feedback

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Published by: Arkava Das on Jan 15, 2014
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Stellar feedback: Lessons learned at low redshift

Dominik J. Bomans
Astronomical Institute of the Ruhr-University Bochum

with input by: Janine van ymeren! "erstin #eis! Ralf-J$r%en Dettmar!
&Astronomical Institute Ruhr-Univ. Bochum' &*+, Ruhr-Univ. Bochum'

(orst )ichtner!

&.bservatoire Astronomi/ue 0e -arseille-+rovence'

-ichel -arcelin! +hilippe Amram!

"r1ys1tof 2hy1y! -arian 3oi0a! -arek Urbanik! "atar1yna .tmianoswka--a1ur
&Astronomical .bservatory Ja%ellonian Univ. "rakow'

4an%ua%e synchronisation
fee0back: stellar &not A56'! interaction of stars with the interstellar me0ium %alactic win0: %as flow escapes the %ravitational potential well of the host %ala7y outflow: %as flow stays within the potential well of the host %ala7y &an0 will eventually cool an0 fall back'

)ee0back of massive stars on the I3- 899 -yr after first supernova -ac 4ow : )errara &8.<' ..

=99. .99 km s-8 r ? @ kpc remember: -<= is not a 0warf %ala7yA #estmo/uette et al.)ee0back in mo0erate mass starburst %ala7ies another ima%e of -<= %alactic win0 >flow ? .

A first wor0 of caution: environment can complicate thin%s..... 8. Devine : Bally 8... . Bun et al.

.)ee0back in mo0erate mass starburst %ala7ies not only nucleus! but also 0isk can contribute 652 =@C (D .! Rossa : Dettmar! Bauer et al.r (3* Bomans =99@! see also 3tricklan0 et al.

%.)ee0back in 4IR5EU4IR5s: %oo0 cases aroun0 &still! note the coherence of the shells' e. Arp ==9 .! in prep. .hyama! (ibbart et al.

)ee0back in 4IR5EU4IR5s 6aI absorption lines of the flow correlations %alactic win0s -artin =99@! see also Rupke et al. =99@ .

often comple7 FonionG structure shells thick 0isks 652 8H9@ (D-cont Bomans =99..)ee0back in 0warf starburst %ala7ies: best precon0itons! but 0ifficult. ..

An0ers et al.(oles blown aroun0 starburst re%ions clearin% out the 0ense birth clou0s 652 8@I. =99C .

=99= . -artin et al.fille0 with hot! metal-enriche0 %as 652 8@I.

ok' .. -artin =99. =99@' L interme0iate mass starbursts some 0o! some 0onNt! many unclear .%. 8.absorption lines -? maybe %alactic win0 problem mass mo0el L hi%h mass systems are clearer hi%h spee0 shells &(eckman et al.(D shell velocities -? maybe %alactic win0 .shell structures -? boun0 to %ravitational well .boun0 flow or escape as %alactic win0J * tou%h /uestion for 0warfs: .K-ray -? hints %alactic win0 &652 8@I.9 an0 many other' 6aI absorption &e.M Rupke et al.

..#e are in %oo0 shape! . reallyJ L stellar input L 0etails of %as in halo &an0 environment' L 0etails of %as near the starburst core L ma%netic fiel0s L 0ynamical mass 0eterminations L coolin% an0 mi7in% issues ..

3tellar physics %overns the ener%y input stellar win0 are important ener%y source 4eitherer et al.. 8.= .

6ew physics in stellar evolution mo0els stellar rotation is importantA *racks: -eynet : -ae0er =99@ .

6ew physics in stellar evolution mo0els stellar rotation is importantA *racks: -eynet : -ae0er =99@ .

. =99H . >a1/ue1 et al.si%nificant effects re0: ol0 5eneva black: new 5eneva >rot O 9 km s-8 blue: new 5eneva >rot O C99 km s-8 bi%%est effects in U> an0 6IR there -E4 chan%es by factor = 4yman continuum photon flu7 by similar factor now in 3*ARBUR3*.

3tellar mass loss mass loss 0escription of 0ifferent stellar phases clumpy win0 or porous win0J -? kinetic ener%y input A .

<I8 . =99H . kpc coherent shell! where is effect of Raylei%h-*aylor instabilityJ van ymeren! Bomans! et al.2oherent filaments several kpc in halo 652 .

=99H .6ew very sensitive velocity maps )abry-+erot fast flow comple7 %eometry or more than one shell %alactic win0 J van ymeren et al.

=99H .kpc-si1e flows in youn% starburst 652 =CII lar%e! comple7 shell pattern not centere0 on %iant (II re%ion a%ain a more %lobal pattern van ymeren! Bomans! et al.

kpc-si1e flows in youn% starburst stalle0 shellsJ but coherent! e7ternal pressure van ymeren et al.! in prep. .

.kpc-si1e flows in youn% starburst "pc si1e0 flow from starburst core into halo timin%J van ymeren et al.! in prep.

3tartin% outflow in 0ense clumpy me0ium two cases: 0epen0in% on 0ensity low 0ensity *enorio-*a%le et al. =99I .

3tartin% outflow in 0ense clumpy me0ium hi%h 0ensity *enorio-*a%le et al. =99I .

=99I .2lumpy me0ium lea0s to comple7 shells *enorio-*a%le et al.

.! in prep.' 2hy1y &=99. &=99.' 2hy1y et al.ven in 0warfs there are or0ere0 ma%netic fiel0s e/uipartition fiel0 stren%h PH Q5 2hy1y! Bomans et al.

&=99I' .5alactic win0s an0 ma%netic fiel0s #e nee0 ma%netic %alactic win0sA A0apte0 from Bertone et al.

2onclusions L there are %alactic win0s! but proof can be 0ifficult L fee0back source can be whole 0isk L stellar input physics: rotation an0 new mass loss rate 0escritions L lar%e coherent shells imply outer pressure source L lar%e scale environment is important for late evolution of flows L clumpy 0ensity structure in early evolution lea0 to comple7 shells L ma%netic fiel0s are important &an0 necessary' L often 0etails on small scales critical A .

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