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Russian Pod 1

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Absolute Beginner S1 #1 Meet the Russian Bi-Lingual Fabio

2 2 2 3 3 6 8 Russian Romanization English Vocabulary Sample Sentences Grammar Cultural Insight



konechno. mozhno s Vami poznakomit'sa? Da. What's your name? 2. CONT'D OVER RUSSIANPOD101.COM ABSOLUTE BEGINNER S1 #1 . 4. My name is Veronika. 5. BEN: NIKA: BEN: NIKA: BEN: Zdrastvuitye. 3. ROMANIZATION 1. BEN: NIKA: Hello. А как Вас зовут? Бенджамин. можно с Вами познакомиться ? Да. Очень приятно. Ochen' priyatno. ENGLISH 1. sure. may I get to know you? Yes. 4. Бен! Мне тоже очень приятно! 2. izvinite. A kak Vas zovut? Benjamin. Меня зовут Вероника. 5. 3. BEN: NIKA: BEN: NIKA: BEN: Здравствуйте. Можно просто Бен.MEET THE RUSSIAN BI-LINGUAL FABIO 2 . Mozhno prosto Ben. извините. конечно. Ben! Mne tozhe ochen' priyatno! 2.RUSSIAN 1. excuse me. Menya zovut Veronika.

Ben! Nice to meet you. can. it's possible to how excuse me. also verb preposition adverb adverb pronoun interjection adverb C lass interjection adverb adverb adverb phrase SAMPLE SENTENCES RUSSIANPOD101.3.MEET THE RUSSIAN BI-LINGUAL FABIO 3 . BEN: NIKA: BEN: Benjamin. too! 4. may. pleasant very. just my name (is) to meet. very much. to get to know (someone) with of course. really simply. I am sorry. to get познакомиться c конечно можно как извините тоже poznakomit'sa s konechno mozhno kak izvinite tozhe acquainted. certainly it's allowed to.COM ABSOLUTE BEGINNER S1 #1 . Nice to meet you. You can call me Ben. pardon too. VOCABULARY R ussian здравствуйте приятно очень просто меня зовут R omanization zdrastvuite priyatno ochen' prosto menya zovut English hello nice. 5.

Марина. Vy ochen horosho govorite po-russki. Evo zovut Erik. Marina. наконец! Rad s Vami poznakomit'sa. "It's a pleasure to see you again." Она очень красивая. Ya nye zabolyel. davno ne videlis'. Mnye nye priyatno smotryet' na eto. Вы . "Hello. nakonyets! "I'm glad to finally meet you!" RUSSIANPOD101. "I can't stand watching (looking at) this." Очень приятно вас снова видеть. давно не виделись. Ona ochen' krasivaya. vy Marina? "Hello. haven't seen you for a while. ya prosto ustal. "Nice to meet you." Вы очень хорошо говорите по-русски. "He really likes listening to music. "His name is Erik.MEET THE RUSSIAN BI-LINGUAL FABIO 4 . "Hello. я просто устал. Ochyen' priyatno vas snova vidyet'." Концерт был просто восхитительным! Kontsyert byl prosto voshitityel'nym! "The concert was just delightful!" Я не заболел. "You speak Russian very well. "She's very beautiful. "I'm not sick." Рад с Вами познакомиться. I'm just tired." (formal) Он очень любит слушать музыку." Здравствуйте. Priyatno poznakomit'sya." Вас зовут Эрик? Vas zovut Erik? "Is your name Erik?" Как Вас зовут? Kak vas zovut? "What is your name?" Приятно познакомиться. Marina.Марина? Zdrastvuite. Zdrastvuite." Так приятно отдыхать в парке! Tak priyatno otdyhat' v parkye! "It's so nice to rest in the park!" Мне не приятно смотреть на это. Zdrastvuite.Здравствуйте.COM ABSOLUTE BEGINNER S1 #1 . are you Marina?" Здравствуйте. On ochen lyubit slushat' muzyku." Его зовут Эрик.

"Meet my sister. pravy. я опоздал. "They are certainly right. "I'm sorry. приходи! Konechno. Vstryecha s diryektorom naznachyena na 8 utra.Sure." Я приехал с подругой. Oni. konechno. My tozhye tam rabotayem. eto moya sestra. "I came with my (female) friend. правы. "Are you going to the disco? . "We also work there." Мы тоже там работаем. Ya s nim nye znakom. Katya." Я с ним не знаком. izvinite! "Oh." Извините.COM ABSOLUTE BEGINNER S1 #1 ." Встреча с директором назначена на 8 утра.M. это моя сестра. Poznakom'sya." RUSSIANPOD101. "The meeting with the director is scheduled for eight A.Konechno. I'm sorry!" Извините. который час? Izvinite. Izvinite." Вы пойдете на дискотеку? . Катя. kotoryy chas? "Excuse me. what time is it?" Я тоже устал. Ya priyehal s podrugoy." Конечно.Конечно. ya opozdal.MEET THE RUSSIAN BI-LINGUAL FABIO 5 . конечно. извините! Oy. prihodi! "Of course you should come!" Они. "I'm tired.Познакомься. too. Vi poidete na diskoteku? . Katya. I'm late. "I'm not acquainted with him." Можно войти? Mozhno voyti? "May I come in?" Здесь можно курить? Zdyes' mozhno kurit'? "Is it okay (allowed) to smoke here?" Как Вы себя чувствуете? Kak Vy syebya chuvstvuyetye? "How do you feel?" (asking condition) Как у тебя дела? Kak u tyebya dyela? "How are you?" Ой. Ya tozhye ustal.

... For example. Moreover. we don't need either.COM ABSOLUTE BEGINNER S1 #1 .Вам тоже нравится музыка? Vam tozhe nravit'sya muzyka? "Do you like music. можно войти? mozhno voiti? "Can I come in?" 2..? / "May I." both need the pronouns "I" or "it" to go with them.?" / "Is it allowed to. А как Вас зовут? "My name is Veronika.. можно курить? mozhno kurit' "Is it okay to smoke?" Познакомиться (poznakomit'sa) . in English." In Russian... The best thing about this word is that you can use it without any pronouns.MEET THE RUSSIAN BI-LINGUAL FABIO 6 ..... you also need the auxiliary verb "is" to form a question like "is it okay to.?" with only one word in the beginning of a sentence: можно.."to get acquainted" RUSSIANPOD101. the phrases "Can I.. too?" GRAMMAR The Focus of This Lesson is Asking Permission and Self-Introductions Меня зовут Вероника.. For Example: 1. We form all questions like "Can I." and "Is it okay to.?" and "Is it possible to.. What's your name?" Можно(mozhno) ."Can I" Можно (mozhno) is a universal word for asking or giving permission...?" / "Is it okay to.

A girl named Elena is usually called Lena. therefore." and we use it in the context of the English "you can call me.COM ABSOLUTE BEGINNER S1 #1 ."with you") before or after познакомиться. The word order is very flexible in Russian." The simpler and more informal way to introduce yourself would be Я (ya) + name. Как тебя зовут? Kak tebya zovut? "What's your name?" Можно просто (mozhno prosto) . you can put c Вами (s Vami . for example." Almost all Russian names have short forms.We can translate Познакомиться (poznakomit'sa) as "to get acquainted" or "to get to know each other". Menya zovut Veronika. Меня зовут (menya zovut) . literally. For Example: 1. it's "to get acquainted with you" (познакомиться с Вами." which is тебя (tebya).MEET THE RUSSIAN BI-LINGUAL FABIO 7 ."I am called" Меня зовут (menya zovut) literally means "I am called" but we translate it into English as "my name is." We translate kак Вас зовут (kak Vas zovut). Меня зовут Вероника. "How are you called?" as "What's your name?" The more informal way to ask a name would be using a different word for "you." the informal "you. "My name is Veronika. we can use it with or without the preposition "with" (s). For Example: 1. a guy named Alexander is usually called Sasha by his parents and friends. poznakomit'sa s Vami). RUSSIANPOD101."It's okay simply" Можно просто (mozhno prosto) literally means "it's okay simply. In our case.

There were no nightclubs and very few coffee shops or restaurants in RUSSIANPOD101. Basically. Nika! "It was very nice meeting you too.Очень приятно (ochen' priyatno) . the more enthusiastic about it you sound." and we can translate it as "nice to meet you. too. взаимно vzaimno "likewise" CULTURAL INSIGHT Meeting People in Russia Getting to know people in random places like public transportation or parks used to be very popular in Russia before. polite. you can put all the words you learned in today's dialogue together and get the following phrase: 1.").MEET THE RUSSIAN BI-LINGUAL FABIO 8 . For Example: 1. One that is also informal but sounds more enthusiastic and intimate is мне тоже очень приятно (mne tozhe ochen' priyatno ."me too"). and well-mannered in your answer to "nice to meet you. мне тоже очень приятно познакомиться." you can say just one word. if you want to sound formal. Nika!" And lastly."it's nice to meet you. as there were very few opportunities to meet people outside of work places or universities.COM ABSOLUTE BEGINNER S1 #1 . Ника! mne tozhe ochen' priyatno poznakomit'sa." There are several versions of answers to this phrase."Very nice" Очень приятно (ochen' priyatno) literally means "very nice. So if you want your acquaintance to feel your enthusiasm and disposition. The most informal one is мне тоже (mne tozhe . the more words you say at your first meeting.

people are much more skeptical about making "street friends. is the most common conversation starter in Russia. Nowadays. then chances for success are still high." although if you approach a person you liked in a gallant and intelligent way (i. RUSSIANPOD101. just like in our dialogue. don't scare him/her away or freak him/her out).MEET THE RUSSIAN BI-LINGUAL FABIO 9 ..the country. most of which were quite unaffordable for common people.COM ABSOLUTE BEGINNER S1 #1 .e. Asking for permission to get to know a person.

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