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No of slides: 210

The entire presentation kit has 2 main directories as below.
5s Techniques

Literature (Word Files)

Presentation (Power point Slides)

01 Overview 02 Seiri 03 Seiton 04 Seiso 05 Seiketsu 06 Shitsuke 07 5sin office 08 Implement of 5s Annex-1 Cover-page Workshop 1 to 2


Workshop 1. Case study 2. Workshop

01 Intro 02 Seiri 03 Seiton 04 Seiso 05 Seiketsu 06 Shitsuke 07 5s In Office 08 Implementation of 5s 09 Auditing 10 Waste Management

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benefits and what to do and not to do. SEISO 5. it’s implementation. benefits and what to do and not to do. 2. No. it’s implementation.globalmanagergroup.DEMO OF 5S LEAN MANUFACTURING JAPANESE TECHNIQUE DEMO OF TRAINING PRESENTATION KIT Buy: http://www. Waste Management for 5s Implementation Part –B Workshop Sr.htm PART-1 Topic wise Number of slides in Presentation Part A Programs Sr.1 No of Slide 15 09 13 11 20 11 09 12 06 16 No of Slide 03 03 06 PART-A Presentation: Under this directory further files are made in power point presentation as per the chapter listed below. Seiri It covers what Seiri is. Such ready-made PowerPoint slides are useful for conducting in-house training program by you. Title of Slides 1. SHITSUKE 7. its significance and advantages. benefits and what do and not to do. benefits and what to do and not to do. Case Study – 1 2. 6. Seiso It covers what Seiso is. it’s implementation. Workshop . it’s implementation. • 1.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 Page 2 of 5 . 4.M101. No. Introduction It covers what 5s is. Seiketsu It covers what Seiketsu is. www.com E mail sales@globalmanagergroup. benefits and what to do and not to do. SEITON 4. 3. Topic wise Power Point presentation in 10 modules as listed below. Shiatsu It covers what Shitsuke is. Case Study – 2 3. it’s implementation. 5S IN OFFICE 8. SEIRI 3. Introduction 2. Seiton It covers what Seiton is. IMPLEMENTATION ON 5s 9.com/5slean. SEIKETSU 6. Title of Slides 1. AUDITING OF 5S 10. 5.globalmanagergroup.

globalmanagergroup. and Shitsuke.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 Page 3 of 5 . Workshop It covers 5s questionnaire. 8. Part.com E mail sales@globalmanagergroup. 1. 2.globalmanagergroup. Workshops1 & 2 www. Seiso. 3.M101.htm 7. Waste Management It covers nine types of waste and sample forms for record keeping of it. Auditing of 5s It covers audit checklist for each component of 5S like Seiri. 5s in office It covers how to implement 5s in office and check sheet for 5S implementation in office. 10. ANNEX-1 Workshop SECTION Overview and advantages Of 5”S” implementation Seiri In Details (S1) Seiton In Details (S2) Seiso In Details (S3) Seiketsu In Details (S4) Shitsuke In Details (S5) 5 ”S” In Office How To Implement 5 ”S” How To Conduct Audit As Per 5 ”S”.com/5slean. 8. 6. You may also use these handouts for circulations within audience during training. It is given in word. 9. 7.2 Literature (Trainer’s Guide): This topic covers write up for the ready reference to the trainees for understanding and reading. Seiton.DEMO OF 5S LEAN MANUFACTURING JAPANESE TECHNIQUE DEMO OF TRAINING PRESENTATION KIT Buy: http://www. 4. Implementation of 5s It covers implementation methodology and steps as well as 5s implementation plan. Case study It covers 2 case studies for implementation of 5 S. Seiketsu. 5. Chapter No.

.globalmanagergroup. 2. 3. 4.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 Page 4 of 5 .B.0 About Company Global manager group is a progressive company and promoted by a group of qualified engineers and management graduates having rich experience of 20 years in ISO consultancy and management areas. 3. Our ready made training and editable document kit helps the client in making their documents easy and make them complying to related ISO standard faster. 4. www.A. Suggest continual improvement and cost reduction measures as well as highly informative training presentations and other products gives payback within 2 months against our cost. Our promoters and engineers have experience of more than 900 companies globally for management training.com E mail sales@globalmanagergroup. We offer a full range of consulting services geared towards helping all types of organizations to achieve competitiveness. ISO series consultancy. 2.globalmanagergroup. Degree engineers) and owner is having rich professional experience (since 1991).DEMO OF 5S LEAN MANUFACTURING JAPANESE TECHNIQUE DEMO OF TRAINING PRESENTATION KIT Buy: http://www. We have 100% success rate for ISO series certification of our clients from reputed certifying body and branded image and leading name in the market. Global Manager Group is committed for: Personal involvement & commitment from first day Optimum charges Professional approach Hard work and update the knowledge of team members Strengthening clients by system establishment and providing best training materials in any areas of management to make their house in proper manner 6. We had spent more than 60000 man-days (170 man years) in preparing ISO documents and training slides. 5. To establish strong internal control with the help of system and use of the latest management techniques 1. So far we had more than 900 clients in more than 35 countries. The company serves the global customers through on-site and off-site modes of service delivery systems. 5. So far more than 50000 employees are trained by us in ISO series certification. 6.htm Chapter-2. 1. certifications and compliance to international standards and regulations.M101. We had clients in more than 35 countries. Highly qualified 40 team members (M.com/5slean.

1 Hardware and Software Requirements A. B. For better visual impact of the power point documentation you may keep the setting of colour image at high colour.htm Chapter-3. Provides model of a Management system that is simple and free to establish the management concept in the laboratory. You are therefore required to have office 2000 or above with word 98 or above and power point 3. User-friendly and easy to learn.globalmanagergroup.0 USER FUNCTION 3. Software used in Documentation kit • Documents written in word 98 and window 2000 programs.com/5slean.M101.2 Features of Training kit: - • • • • • Contains all necessary documents as listed above and comply with the requirements of latest management concepts and more than 1000 man days (9000 hours) Written in Plain English It will save much time in typing and preparation of training material and slides alone.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 Page 5 of 5 .DEMO OF 5S LEAN MANUFACTURING JAPANESE TECHNIQUE DEMO OF TRAINING PRESENTATION KIT Buy: http://www. • www.globalmanagergroup.com E mail sales@globalmanagergroup. Developed under the guidance of experienced experts having experience of more than 200 companies’ latest management system implementation globally. Hardware: • • Our document kit can be better performed with the help of P3 and above computers with a minimum 10 GB hard disk space.

Visit us at www.globalmanagergroup.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 .com E mail: sales@globalmanagergroup.

globalmanagergroup.Visit us at www.com E mail: sales@globalmanagergroup.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 .

globalmanagergroup. disciplined. clean & impressive Application areas Service sectors Manufacturing units Office What is house keeping Housekeeping means for each and every thing their should be place and things are lying at that place Visit us at www.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 .com E mail: sales@globalmanagergroup.5 “S” Definition A Japanese invention to make work place smooth.

com E mail: sales@globalmanagergroup.globalmanagergroup.Advantages of 5 “S” Removal of unnecessary ones (S1) Setting of necessary ones for Quick retrieval (S2) Daily cleaning of work place (S3) Implementation of visual concepts (S4) To do the work the way it has to be done (S5) Increased productivity WORK PLACE Excellent time saving Enhanced self confidence Less accidents Less breakdowns Improved delivery performance Outstanding look of work place Reduced paper work Ready to visit work place Visit us at www.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 .

Train the persons. Visit us at www.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 . Not to clean electrical switches with wet clothes. chemical to be used.g. How to clean What cares to be taken during cleaning e.globalmanagergroup.HOW TO IMPLEMENT SEISO Decide area to be cleaned & Assign clear responsibilities & schedule for cleaning Develop procedure for cleaning that includes What to be cleaned Which cleaning equipment. who will perform cleaning. Perform cleaning & maintain appropriate records such as house keeping checklists.com E mail: sales@globalmanagergroup.

electrical cords Doors WHERE TO LOOK FOR SORT OUT ? Visit us at www.com E mail: sales@globalmanagergroup.globalmanagergroup.Others Behind pillars Under Stairs Drawers Passage ways Windows On/Behin d/ Bottom of shelve Outside factory On floor Ceiling Corners Instrument Where to look for sort out Machine Tube light.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 .fan.

com E mail: sales@globalmanagergroup. floor & surroundings Do oiling of parts Set instrument on zero Repair Breakage / cracks How to keep work place ready to work Put the things at their right place Check & fill oil Tighten all loose parts Give the information today what to be done tomorrow Visit us at www. spots from machine.globalmanagergroup.dust.HOW TO KEEP WORK PLACE READY TO WORK (CLEANING) Eliminate dirt. instrument.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 .

com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 .com E mail: sales@globalmanagergroup.Visualizing A process to reminding the person any required thing which he / she may forget What are achievement of objective What is contact no this person What is this thing What is happening What is pending Who is best achiever Let visual clue tell you What precautions to take Where to walk Where to take precautions Where to store Who is responsible for what Now where to go to reach at desired place Visit us at www.globalmanagergroup.

com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 . exhaust Check electrical wiring. locker rooms. switches Maintain sanitary / hygienic condition in washrooms. cables. analyses for root cause and take actions Create visual control systems Visit us at www. canteens And kitchen Look For heavy noise. ventilation.com E mail: sales@globalmanagergroup.globalmanagergroup.Do this for Seiketsu Wear neat and clean uniform Wear protective clothing Provide adequate lighting. vibration and heat in machines.

com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 . Forget to keep the things at its place.globalmanagergroup. Visit us at www. Forget to update minimum stock level. Forget to remove due notices from notice board.com E mail: sales@globalmanagergroup. Fill up audit checklist as “OK” without auditing work place.DO NOT DO THIS FOR SEIKETSU Forget to update the board of planing Vs pending.

globalmanagergroup. Tools Visit us at www.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 .ONE IS BEST PRINCIPLE One minute call Only one format instead of many One person can do multiple things One hour meeting “One is best” principal in office One copy file One board of planning gives what to do today One day work One place for storing files.com E mail: sales@globalmanagergroup.

The user can modify the presentations as per their industry need and create own management training presentation for their organization 4. you can save a lot of your precious time while preparing the management training areas presentation.DEMO OF 5S LEAN MANUFACTURING JAPANESE TECHNIQUE DEMO OF TRAINING PRESENTATION KIT Buy: http://www. By using these documents.globalmanagergroup.com/5slean. You will get better control in your system due to our proven training presentation material.globalmanagergroup.com E mail sales@globalmanagergroup.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 Page 17of 17 . 3. 2.0 BENEFITS OF USING OUR TRAINING KIT 4. Ready made templates and sample documents are available which can reduce your time in slide preparation 5.htm Chapter-4.M101. Save much time and cost in conducting training programs 6.0 Benefits of using our presentation kit? 1.globalmanagergroup. Take care for all the section and sub sections in implementation of latest management concepts and helps you in establishing better system.com/5slean.htm www. For purchase visit our web site: http://www.

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