4 x4 Rubik’s Revenge-Simple Solutions.

Basic Rules: 1) Correct Color Pattern. 2) Understanding Notations. 3) Step by Step Process.
a. Appropriate Algorithms. b,Appropriate Color Positions.

4) 3 x 3 Solving Experience (L2L Method). 5) Persistence Practice. 1) Correct Color Pattern: UPPER (Top) FACE
As Shown on the image


If Top White then Face = Green, If Face Green then Right layer = Red.


2) Understanding Notations.

As you can see, the 4x4 now has 6 centers, 12 edges, and 8 corners, just like a 3x3 cube.

Layers of Notations (Just for directions & not rotating)


Moving Hints:

Caps “L” = Move the Left Outer Layer like Clockwise. Small “l” = Move the left inner layer like “L” Dash ( L’ ) = Move the Left Outer Layer like Anticlockwise. “l” dash ( l’ ) = Move the left inner layer like Anticlockwise.

3) Step by Step Process.

 First solve the Centers with Color Orientations.

 Second Set the Edge Pairs.

 Arrange the Last Layer.


a) Appropriate Algorithms. 1) Set the Centers u’R2 u2 F2 u’ (adjacent swapping)

and / or l’ U l or r U r’ Or l u l’ or r’ U r


Other Cases: ( Note : in this images the ll means l only , rr means r only)


2) Set the Edge Pairs.

OR like this


Dd RF’ UR’ F dD
Try this .. Till You get the cube something like this:

Now Try using the Outer Layers Only ( L or R or B or F or U ) to Set like this;


Rotate the Top white to Down side & and try the 3 x 3 algo to set the all edge pieces.

3) Set the Top Layers.

Use all 3 X 3 algo to arrange the Top Layers till it get this

75 % it will be Solved if there any PARITY ERRORS THEN we Should do some Special Algorithms :

Case :1

Then follow the 3x3 algo: R U R’ U R U2 R’ try till you get the Fish Shape like this

Now move the top as like this & Fish head shape will come your Left Side

Try again the R U R’ U R U2 R’ try till you get the Full Top Yellow like this (Now …Don’t bother about any other layers except top Yellow) after Get the Full top Yellow now Move to next just 2 more algo

Adjacent Swap: R U R’ U r2 U2 r2 (Uu2) U R U’ R’.


Opposite Swap: r2 U2 r2 (Uu2) r2 u2.


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