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9th Grade English Honors Mrs. Garst 240-566-99! "ollo# !e on $#itter% @!

rs&garst 'o(rse )escription The emphasis is on the development of critical reading skills and on composition, including the use of descriptive, narrative, and argumentative techniques. Students study appropriate organizational patterns and methods of support. Grammar and usage skills are studied through the writing process. In addition, students examine how professional authors use literary and rhetorical devices. *nits This course will e divided into four units, each with the goal of answering an essential question. These units will each include several novels and other class readings, writings assignments, close readings, as well as pro!ects " oth group and individual#. The four units will e divided as follows with tentative readings and focus$ "reedo! %hat is freedom& %hat makes a person free& %hat is worth fighting for& o Fahrenheit 451 o 'hoice novel o ()arrison *ergeron+ o (The ,niversal -eclaration of )uman .ights+ o /iterary analysis +rogress %hat is progress& %hy do people fight for change& %hat change is worth fighting for& )ave we made progress as a society& o To Kill a Mockingbird o 12 Angry Men o .esearch and literary analysis )ignity %hat is dignity& )ow do people maintain dignity in the face of o stacles& o Night o The Merchant of Venice o 'hoice novel o (0ll Summer in a -ay+ o 'haracter analysis ,hat !a-es the ordinary e.traordinary/ %hat is a hero& )ow has the idea of a hero changed over time& 0re there heroes today& o The Odyssey o Antigone o Ender s !a"e o 'hoice novel o 0ssorted readings from Greek 1ythology o 2arrative structure analysis

,ee-ly 0ssign!ents1 In addition to reading, students will e expected to complete assignments on a weekly asis oth in class and at home. These assignments will reinforce the skills learned in class, and will generally e tested at the end of the week. %eekly assignments include$ o o o o 0 daily !ournal with class notes and warm ups "to e kept in class# %eekly word study and practice including quizzes %eekly Grammar practice %eekly poems to analyze Grades1 0 3449:45 * ;:9;4 ' <:9<4 6:964 7 =: > elow 3o(r final grade for English 9 is co!posed of the follo#ing1 Term 3 Grade 9 ?45 Term @ Grade 9 ?45 '.AS 9 @45

Grades #ill 2e 2ro-en do#n as follo#s$ )omework 345 Summative 645 "Tests, quizzes, pro!ects, final writing products# 7ormative 845 "'lass work#

There are two components to the 7'BS Secondary Anglish > /anguage 0rts '.AS$ 3. Berformance *ased 0ssessments "=45# @. Showcase Bortfolio "=45# 0dditionally, students will take an Avidence *ased Berformance 0ssessment, although this will not e counted towards their final '.AS grade. 'lass ,e2site1 %e will e using the we site Ed"odo extensively in class and at home. If parents would like access to our Admodo site, 1rs. Garst can send individual codes upon request.

Required Materials for English 9 Bring all needed materials EACH day: Assigned English Text(s) 3 Ring binder with 3 tabs labeled: o Classwork o Projects/Writing o Word t!d"/#ra$$ar Pencils or Pens Pa%er &o!rnal (s%iral or co$%osition book to re$ain in class at all ti$es) A 'lash dri(e or access to a website s!ch as www)dro%box)co$ to store digital 'iles

0dditionally, you can visit http$ for assignment information, weekly words and grammar, as well as valua le resources. I encourage you to get acquainted with these sites as soon as possi le so that any issues can e resolved quickly. 'lassroo! E.pectations and +roced(res #es$ect yo%rself& those aro%nd yo% and the task at hand' Bells1 Dou are expected to e in yo%r seat with your materials "including your !ournal and clicker when applica le# when the ell rings or you are considered late. /ate students will o#e !e 2 !in(tes after the class has ended. This is non9negotia le, even if you are only a few seconds late. .efusal to remain after class will result in an after9school detention. 7requent lateness will result in other disciplinary actions. 0t the end of class, remain seated until the ell rings. Hall +asses1 Dou "%st use your agenda ook for hall passes. 2o other passes will e given. Blease complete and ask for teacher signature at appropriate times. Blease do not interrupt instruction to ask to use the restroom. ,se discretion. $(toring1 I will e availa le after school for tutoring and conferences 1onday through Thursday y appointment. I will also e availa le for students to (drop in+ on %ednesdays. Students are welcome to stay without making an appointment on this day for tutoring or !ust to catch up on their work. There will e computers availa le for your use. "ood6)rin-$ 2o food or drink, esides water, may e consumed in the classroom. If foodCdrink is required for a medical reason, please see classroom teacher privately. 'ell phones1 There will e occasions when you will e allowed to use your phone for various activities "using the dictionary, class activities, Euizlet, etc.# Blease use discretion. Inappropriate use of cell phones will result in having your phone taken away. E.pected Beha7ior$ Students are expected to ehave in a respectful manner towards themselves, other students, and the teacher at all times. 'onsequences will e assigned to those students who do not ehave in this manner. 5t(dy 0ides$ Fver the course of the semester, you can expect to e assigned many ooks to read at home. 2o student is to use a reviated versions of works eing studied or discussed. In other words, no 'liffnotes, Sparknotes or any other computer generated andCor paper copies of works eing studied. Gust read the ook, you might actually like itH 0udio aides are accepta le as long as you follow along with the printed ook. 1any audio versions of a ook can e found on www.youtu for free. If you find a good one, share with the classH


This class will e extremely technology9centric, including weekly homework assignments and ma!or pro!ects to e completed and turned in online. 1any of the in9class assignments will also e done online using laptops in class, or in a computer la . If you have a pro lem with your computer andCor internet connection, you need to tell me i""ediately so that we can make other arrangements. I understand and appreciate that sometimes, technology doesnIt cooperate with us. )owever, failure to inform me of your technology trou les right away and waiting until the due date "or after# will result in a zero for the assignment ' (f the %se of technology )ill be an ongoing iss%e *no tech at ho"e& no internet& etc'+& $lease let "e kno) so that )e can deter"ine an alternati,e' (I donIt like technology+ is not a reason for an alternative. 02sence +olicy1 3. %hen a sent, it will e your responsi ility to collect all make9up work. This work will e due one week from the date you return to class. 1ost work can e found on my we site or Admodo the same day. Blease check this efore asking for make9up workH @. Students have two days after the a sence to sched%le a time eforeCafter school to make up quizzes or tests. This is the studentIs responsi ility. 8. If a student is illegally a sent, assignments, quizzes, etc will e given a zero. ?. If work is due on the day a student is a sent, heCshe must turn it in on the day heCshe returns to class. =. Students missing class for school activities including ut not limited to field trips and clu meetings are responsi le to su mit homework and other assignments due prior to missing class. Grading +olicy1 3. 0ssignments are d(e on the d(e date. %ork will only e accepted after the due date for full credit in extreme circumstances 9 generally with a note and a discussion with 1rs. Garst. @. 0ssignments turned in on Admodo will e due y midnight on the due date. 2ot 3@$43. 8. 0ll missing or late work will e accepted for =45 credit up to the last day of the term. 0fter the term ends, students will no longer e a le to turn in any missing assignments. ?. In Binnacle, missing assignments will e marked with a (J+. This is calculated as a 4, and will affect your grade like a zero. =. *lank assignments in Binnacle indicate that grades have not een input into Binnacle, ut will e added shortly. These may show up as red H on your home page, donIt e alarmed y themH This !ust means that 1rs. Garst hasnIt finished entering grades for that assignment. 6. If you have a specific question regarding your grade, please ask efore or after class or school, not in the middle of class. 8H5 Honor 'ode1 0ll students at /inganore )igh School are encouraged to achieve at the highest level of their a ilities with academic honesty and personal integrity. The 0cademic )onor 'ode has een created to esta lish a common understanding among staff, students and parentsCguardians as to what constitutes cheating. /)S la els each of the following as academic misconduct$ 'heating, whether on exams or assignments, includes ut is not limited to$ copying the work of others, asking or allowing another to do your work, providing your work for another to use. Blagiarism, also known as academic theft, refers to the use of anotherIs ideas or words without proper attri ution or credit. 'ollusion is when any student knowingly or intentionally helps another student perform any acts of the a ove cheating or plagiarism. *oth students will e su !ect to discipline for academic dishonesty. There is no distinction etween those who cheat, plagiarize, or steal and those who help or who willingly allow it to occur. 0cademic honesty is a cornerstone of the high academic integrity esta lished and expected at /inganore )igh School. Kiolations of this code will result in the total loss of credit for the assignment and the recording of a failing grade. It may also entail loss of credit for the course and additional disciplinary action. Kiolations of the /)S )onor 'ode can also affect extracurricular activities, including ut not limited to participation on sports teams, mem ership in clu s or honor societies, scholarships, and letters of recommendation.

5t(dent 'ontract 9+lease ha7e signed 2y st(dent and a parent6g(ardian: In Anglish : this semester, I agree to follow all of the rules stated in the sylla us. I will$ 0rrive to class on time and e seated and working when the ell rings 'ome to class prepared with all of my materials *e respectful of everyone in the room at all times But away all distractions$ food, drinks, electronic devices, etc. Barticipate in class in an appropriate manner 0void talking out of turn or disrupting the class in any way ,se appropriate language at all times Turn in all work on time 7ollow the schoolIs honor code as listed on the sylla us ; agree to ha7ing read the sylla2(s. ; (nderstand the e.pectations of the class. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 95t(dent<s printed na!e: &&&&&&&&&&&& 9)ate: &&&&&&&&&&&& 9'lass +eriod: &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 95t(dent signat(re:

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 9+arent 6 G(ardian printed na!e:

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 9+arent 6 G(ardian signat(re:

+arent 6 G(ardian 'ontact ;nfor!ation Please print clearly! 5t(dent =a!e1 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& +arent 6 G(ardian =a!e9s:1 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& E!ail address9es:1 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& +hone n(!2er1 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& )o yo( ha7e access to a co!p(ter 6 the internet at ho!e/ 936=: ;f not> do yo( ha7e a place #here yo(r st(dent can access the! easily/ 93 6 =: )o yo( ha7e access to +innacle to chec- grades reg(larly/ 93 6 =: ;s there anything else yo( #o(ld li-e !e to -no# a2o(t yo(r st(dent 2efore #e 2egin the year/