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First News. The weekly newspaper for young people. Issue 395.
First News. The weekly newspaper for young people. Issue 395.

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Published by: FirstNews on Jan 15, 2014
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The weekly newspaper

for young people
Issue 395 £1.50 10 – 16 January 2014

more than a million readers*

Working with

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Winner of the national newspaper of the year*

The Voice
It’s back! But who are the new judges? Meet them inside!

Help mum!
This panda cub has made its first public appearance – but where is it?

AN Arctic chill has frozen parts of America, with people like the man in our picture trying to cope with recordbreaking freezing temperatures.
Lee Tuttle, 66, was trying to clear snow from his driveway at his home in the state of Michigan when his beard froze to his face. Lee and other residents have been dealing with the US’s harshest winter conditions in 20 years. Temperatures in the north and central US have been feeling as low as -51°C (-60°C) with the effect of wind chill from the rare “polar vortex”, forecasters say. Millions of people have been affected across much of the northeast of America, with heavy snow causing thousands of by editor Nicky Cox cancelled flights, schools to be closed and flooding. Back in Britain, storms have caused powerful waves up to 8m (27ft) high. In this picture, right, people watched enormous waves breaking on Porthcawl harbour, South Wales, where very strong winds and high seas have been creating dangerous weather conditions. Across the UK, dozens of flood warnings remain in place.

First News felt it was a good time to launch one of the world’s first ever daily weather forecasts for young people. Made for us by Sky News, you can see it now at firstnews.co.uk or watch it with the FirstNews+ app. In these dramatic weather times, it is essential viewing!

* The 2012 Newspaper Awards: Best weekly national newspaper and best niche market newspaper. Also, Plain English Campaign: Best national newspaper. *Source: First News Readership Survey, January 2011, Opinion Matters. First News supports children’s charities – see page 14.




10 – 16 JANUARY 2014

Weighty issue
THERE are around a billion overweight and obese adults in the world, shows a new survey.
This is four times the number of overweight or obese people than there were in 1980, when the figure was 250 million. The report predicts that this will mean a huge rise in heart attacks, strokes and diabetes, as these are all linked to being overweight. The majority of the increase is in developing countries where people are earning more money, such as Egypt and Mexico. Changes in lifestyle mean people are eating more sugar, processed food and animal products than ever before. However, the report highlighted that in many countries where obesity is rising, there are still many children who aren’t getting enough to eat. Alan Dangour from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said: “We need to act urgently to deal with the scandal of millions of cases of extreme hunger and undernutrition in children, but we also need to think what happens if we provide lots of extra calories containing few vitamins and encourage excess consumption.” In the UK, 64% of adults are overweight or obese.

Never forget
Year to remember those lost in great wars
2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War and 75 years on from the beginning of the Second World War.
Throughout the year, Britain and the world will commemorate the lives of those who died during the two conflicts – and famous faces are already bickering about how best to look back on the events. The man in charge of English schools, Education Secretary Michael Gove, was criticised for his take on the way that some TV shows portray World War One. One of those he singled out was Blackadder, a British TV comedy from the 1980s that poked fun at different periods in history. “The conflict has, for many, been seen through the fictional prism of dramas such as Blackadder, as a misbegotten shambles – a series of catastrophic mistakes perpetrated by an out-of-touch elite,” Gove wrote in the Daily Mail. “Even to by Callum Jones this day there are left-wing academics all too happy to feed those myths.” Gove is in the Conservative Party, which is on the ‘right wing’ of UK politics, compared to the ‘left wing’ Labour party. But Blackadder actor Sir Tony Robinson hit back at Gove, telling Sky News he was “very, very silly” to criticise teachers who play the programme to their pupils. “When imaginative teachers bring it in, it’s simply another teaching tool,” he said. You can read more about World War One and World War Two in First News over the next few months.


Winkler gets freedom honour
FIRST NEWS My Way! ambassador Henry Winkler was awarded the Freedom of the City of London on Wednesday (8 January). Henry co-created the First News My Way! tour, visiting schools across the UK with editor Nicky Cox to encourage young people to learn however they learn best. The actor is best known for playing The Fonz in 1970s TV comedy Happy Days. His Hank Zipzer children’s books will be screened as a new CBBC series from 28 January.

Energy-saving tips spark debate
AN energy company caused a row with its list of energy-saving tips.
Gas and electricity provider First Utility offered its customers advice on saving money on bills, which included: “Shower together. It can save you £34 a year – just ask permission from the other person first!” Other tips include: Cut down on hot drinks. Play board games with the family, rather than watching TV or games consoles/computers. Go to bed early. Scrape, rather than pre-rinse, dishes before they go in the dishwasher. Unplug all appliances you don’t use regularly. Leave the oven door open after cooking to warm the kitchen. There was criticism for the list, which some people felt was too jokey. First Utility put up energy prices by 20% last year and many people are struggling to pay bills. Labour’s shadow energy minister, Tom Greatrex, said: “Rising energy bills really aren’t a laughing matter and cause genuine hardship for millions of people.” Ed Kamm from First Utility said: “These tips are meant to provide some advice as to how we might reduce our energy usage and absolutely not intended to trivialise the issue.”

Extraordinary exhibition
PHOTOS by former champion jockey Richard Dunwoody MBE are on display for the first time.
The pictures were taken to celebrate the 80th anniversary of animal welfare charity, The Brooke. The charity works in some of the poorest parts of the world to improve the lives of working horses, mules and donkeys. Richard travelled the world with his camera, capturing the challenges faced by these hard-working animals. The picture on the left was taken in the mountains of Guatemala and shows ten-yearold Antonio and his blind pony, Gavilan. The pony pulls the cart that Antonio and his father use to make a living, by collecting up unwanted metal and plastic to sell on. Richard says: “We were told that Gavilan was blind as a foal… you could see that she and Antonio had an exceptional relationship. In many countries, Gavilan would have been put down, but here boy and pony could together make a valuable contribution to the family’s income.” The exhibition is taking place at the Gallery in the Crypt, StMartin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London (entrance is free). Find out more about this and the charity’s work at thebrooke.org.

Merkel on the mend
GERMAN leader Angela Merkel broke her pelvis in a skiing accident, it was revealed this week. The top politician was involved in a fall while skiing in Switzerland. Merkel has been Chancellor of Germany for more than eight years. She is now recovering on crutches.

10 JANUARY 1929 Tintin is 85 years old today!
A Belgian artist known as Hergé (below left) created The Adventures of Tintin in 1929. His cartoons told the exciting stories of a boy called Tintin and his pet dog and were originally featured in the kids’ supplement of a Belgian newspaper. There’s now a cartoon TV series, a movie and lots of other spin-offs.


Osborne: more cuts to come
BRITAIN will need to spend £25 billion less after 2015, the chief money minister warned this week.

A GIANT panda cub has made her first public appearance at Taipei zoo in Taiwan.
Thousands queued at the zoo for the first chance to see six-month-old Yuan Zai on Monday (6 January). The young cub entertained crowds by climbing around before going for a nap with her mum, Yuan Yuan. The meaning of name Yuan Zai is ‘Yuan’s child’. Yuan Yuan and Tuan Tuan (Yuan Zai’s dad) were given to Taiwan by China in 2008. The pandas have since become star attractions at the zoo.

The UK owes more than a trillion pounds and is still borrowing money today. Chancellor George Osborne is trying to reduce the amount that the country borrows by spending less money. In Britain, the Government pays for all sorts of things, from schools to streetlights to hospital wards and wars. When a Government tries to spend less money, it often cuts some of the services it provides to people. “Because of our plan, things are getting better,” the Chancellor said on Monday (6 January). “But there is still a long way to go – and there are big, underlying problems we have to fix in our economy. More repairs. More cuts. More difficult decisions.” Osborne, a Conservative, was explaining what will happen if his party wins the 2015 election. Labour and the Liberal Democrats have both said things will be different if they are put in charge of the country.




10 – 16 JANUARY 2014

Editor Nicky Cox MBE


THIS week we found ourselves looking out of the newsroom to see the rain lashing against the windows and the wind whistling.
A bit cruelly, we found ourselves amused by the number of people struggling with their umbrellas against the weather. One by one, as people struggled along the road, their umbrellas bent one way, then another and, finally, turned inside out. One really disgruntled businessman dumped his umbrella in a nearby bin in disgust. We started talking about how umbrellas are not really fit for their purpose of protecting people against the rain, which is nearly always accompanied by wind. (Look at the umbrella picture on this page!) So, we thought First News readers, the brains of tomorrow, might be able to think of an alternative to the rubbish umbrella. Can you come up with a different design or a new idea altogether? We look forward to seeing what you come up with. Email your thoughts or drawings to newsdesk@firstnews. co.uk, putting BROLLIES in the subject box.

Whenever you see the First News + icon on a page, you will know we have added some digital content to it, such as a video, picture gallery or animation. Go to iTunes or Google Play and download the FREE First News + app onto a mobile phone or tablet (it needs a rear-facing camera on it). For a video that demonstrates First News + in action, go to tinyurl.com/firstnews.

It’s the H2Orchestra!
AN orchestra swapped their usual instruments to play hundreds of glasses of water on Monday morning.
The exclusive performance for WaterAid on the bank of London’s River Thames was to celebrate the amazing power of water as a life-giver, life-saver and life-changer.
 Members of the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra spent 174 hours composing, preparing and rehearsing over the festive season perfecting the two-hour show. The performance included chart hits like Katy Perry’s Roar, Story Of My Life by One Direction, Adele’s Someone Like You, Let Me Go by Gary Barlow and Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift.

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Mars mission
200,000 people have applied to be in with a chance of being sent to Mars – and not come back.
1,058 applicants have been selected from the list for testing. A final list of around 24 people will be put forward to be sent to live on Mars by 2025. 36 British hopefuls are on the short list. One of them, Danielle Potter, told ITV News: “The opportunity has come and I want to be a part of the most historic thing to ever happen in our galaxy.” Another, Hannah Earnshaw, added: “I want to be one of the people who helps to build the colony and make it a reality.” The selection process to find the potential Mars travellers is set to be shown on TV, organisers announced earlier this month. The Mars One mission is asking people to donate money, so that humans can be sent to Mars in the next decade.
Getty All pictures: ITV News

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Sherlock Holmes
The first two episodes of the detective’s third series on BBC One were watched by nine million people. Star Trek actor Benedict Cumberbatch and Hobbit star Martin Freeman play Holmes and Watson in the show. The series finale will be shown on Sunday (12 January). Turn to p12 to find out more.

Theo Walcott
ARSENAL footballer Theo Walcott has been ruled out of the World Cup, after injuring his knee last weekend. The 24-year-old was hurt during Arsenal’s FA Cup clash with Tottenham. He didn’t look like he was in much pain at the time, but top doctors later said he wouldn’t play a match for six months.



IssUE 395

10 – 16 JaNUaRY 2014

LONDON, UK: Fireworks light up the London skyline just after midnight on New Year’s Eve. Thousands of people lined the banks of the River Thames near Parliament in central London to herald the start of 2013. THE latest First News TV bulletin from the team at Sky News includes reports on all the week’s big headlines, including Prince William going back to university! The prince has enrolled at the University of Cambridge on a ten-week course in agricultural management.



NORTH SUMATRA, INDONESIA: An area covered by ash following a further eruption of Mount Sinabung. Mount Sinabung continues to spew ash and smoke after several eruptions since September. Eleven deaths have now been recorded as a result of the eruptions, with hundreds more falling ill. Officials expect the number of evacuees to rise, as volcanic activity remains high.

LONDON, UK: The London Ice Sculpting Festival will once again see teams from around the globe take part in the competition at Canary Wharf. From 10-12 January, each two-man team of competitive sculptors from Africa, Belgium, France, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the USA will wield chainsaws and chisels to create glistening works of art in the Single Block, Freestyle and Big Block Competitions. Carving will have the themes of ‘Fabulous Fashion’ and ‘River Life’. For more details, visit londonicesculptingfestival.co.uk.



HWACHEON-GUN, SOUTH KOREA: Anglers cast lines through holes into a frozen river during an ice-fishing competition at the Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival. The annual event attracts thousands of visitors and features a mountain trout ice-fishing competition in which participants compete with traditional lures or even bare hands.

WEIDENTHAL, GERMANY: A contestant launches a Christmas tree in the distance section of the Christmas Tree Throwing World Championships. The less-than-serious annual event is now in its eighth year and features competitions in distance throwing, height throwing and flinging of Christmas trees.

For more pictures and videos, go to firstnews.co.uk

1. LeiCeSTer
Richard III burial debate
A debate is still raging as to where the remains of King Richard III should be buried. His remains were found under a car park in Leicester in 2012. The Bishop of Leicester thinks the remains should be buried close to where the King died in 1483. A group of people who claim to be his distant descendants want the remains to return to York, where Richard III came from.

Home News
New shellfish laws
A new law has been put in place in Scotland to protect its shellfish nurseries. The law is the first of its kind in the UK and will help to make sure the shellfish are suitable for humans to eat. The law means that water quality and toxins in the water will be closely monitored. The law comes after a series of problems for shellfish in 2013 where higher than usual levels of toxins were found.


ISSUe 395

10 – 16 jaNUarY 2014

Seal sanctuaries full
Seal sanctuary and rescue centres in the UK are struggling with the number of seal cubs stranded because of the weather. In recent weeks, centres have been inundated with cubs that have been separated from their mother or have been stranded by floodwaters. The Natureland centre in Skegness has already rescued more than half the number it takes in over the course of a full year. On average it costs £2,000 to rescue, feed and re-release a stranded baby seal.

4. HarrOgaTe
Zombie police call
Police have revealed that a suspected axe attack in Harrogate was actually a group of teenagers making a zombie film. After a 999 call reporting three boys with an axe standing over another boy who was covered in blood, police went to the scene and discovered the boys filming a scene using fake blood.

5. LinCOLnSHire
Royal selfie
The future king of England has posed for a selfie with a 12-year-old schoolgirl. The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, posed for the snap on Christmas Day on his way to church. Madison Lambe was dared by her mum to ask for a picture and was surprised when the Prince suggested a selfie. He posed for two pictures before heading to the church service.

2. LeedS
Message in a bottle reply 23 years later
A woman from Leeds who threw a message in a bottle into the sea when she was ten years old has got a reply 23 years later. Zoe Averianov threw the note into the North Sea from a ferry. This Christmas she received a reply which had been posted to her parents’ address. The bottle had been discovered by a couple walking along the dykes of Oosterschelde in the Netherlands.

Scary mannequin
A spooky child-sized mannequin from a shop in Reading has sold for £700 at auction. The mannequin, known as “Cruella”, was said to have terrified visitors to Jacksons Corner store. The 138-year-old department store sold for a combined £75,000 at auction and closed its doors on Christmas Eve.

4 2 5 1 3 7 6

3. CaerPHiLLY
School reopens
A school in south Wales which was closed for 14 months after asbestos was discovered in the building is reopening. Cwmcarn High School in Caerphilly county was closed over concerns that its 900 pupils could be at risk. Contractors were able to remove the asbestos last year so that the school could reopen.

Lions love Christmas
Two African lions at Linton Zoological Gardens are recycling old Christmas trees after the zoo appealed for people to donate them. The big cats love using the trees as toys and the zoo is also able to use them for biofuel. The scented Christmas trees are similar to catnip for the lions and gives them hours of fun. The park’s tigers and snow leopards have also been enjoying playing with the trees.

people have volunteered to help out at the Yorkshire stage of the Tour de France in July. This is more than double the number of volunteers needed. million pounds has been given to a marine research station on the Isle of Cumbrae. The funds have been given to the centre by the Scottish and local governments.

20,000 1

valuable chickens have been stolen from a shed in Hanbury. The rare gold Welsummers were bred for chicken competitions and one was an awardwinning cockerel. Police are investigating. swimmers braved the cold to take part in the 30th New Year’s Day swim at Saundersfoot. The event has raised nearly £500,000 for charity since in began in 1984.


percent is how much rail fares have been put up this year. It is the smallest rise in fares in four years but it means the cost of some annual train tickets can reach more than £5,000 per year.



3 members of the marching band Banda

British cyclist Chris Froome won the Tour de France in 2013

de Musica, who performed at London’s New Year Day Parade, couldn’t fly home because of spelling mistakes on their tickets.


by Ben Pulsford, First News



10 – 16 JANUARY 2014

LOVE First News
Join ‘LOVE First News’ and celebrate our 400th issue with us this Valentine’s Day (Friday 14 February).
VAlenTIne’S Day may still be a few weeks away, but here at First News we’re already starting to feel the love.
This February, we’re celebrating the publication of our 400th edition and we want your school to celebrate with us and join our LOVE First News Campaign. As this very special celebration falls on Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate by getting as many schools as possible to help us share the love across the nation. February 2014 and we plan to celebrate with our friends at the British Heart Foundation and as many schools from around the country as possible.

All for a good cause
It may be our celebration, but we don’t want any presents! Instead, we want all those who take part in LOVE First News to help us raise lots of money for the British Heart Foundation. If every person in your human heart photo donates £1, we will be able to raise lots of money for charity. Ask your teacher to take a look at www.firstnews. co.uk/forschools to find out how to donate the money your school earns. So why wait any longer? Show this page to your teacher and ask them to head to www.firstnews. co.uk/forschools and help us share the love this Valentine’s Day!

Join the LOVE First News campaign
We’re offering you and your school mates the chance to appear on the front cover of the 400th issue of First News – which will be read by more than one million people! Here’s what will be happening…

1. Appear on the cover of First News issue 400!
To celebrate the big 400, released on Friday 14 February, we want as many schools as possible to go out on to the school playground or field, or into the school hall, all wearing red T-shirts and form a giant heart shape, then get an adult to take a picture of it. You can do this at any point before 6 February! The cover of our 400th edition will feature your photos, which means you and your school chums have the chance to be cover stars for a week on this very special issue of First News – so the bigger the hearts the better!

2. What does love mean?
We also want you and your class to answer the question: What does love mean to me? From the strong connection we feel for family and friends, to sharing the last chip on your plate with the dog, love means different things to all of us. If asked to do so, we’d all probably come up with different definitions for the word love, and that’s exactly what we want you to do! Either write or video your answer and email it to schools@firstnews.co.uk or post your responses to LOVE FIRST NEWS, First News, 3rd Floor, Colechurch House, 1 London Bridge Walk, London, SE1 2SX. We’d love to hear from you!

Teacher note – Please begin by registering your interest with us at schools@firstnews.co.uk, using the subject LOVE FIRST NEWS. Photographs need to be emailed to schools@firstnews.co.uk by no later than 4pm on 6 February 2014. Photos received after this date will not be in time to appear on the cover. Answers to ‘What does love mean to me?’ need to be with us by no later than 1 February 2014. Please include your contact details with all entries.

in aid of

The very first issue of First News was released on 5 May 2006 – how old were you when First News began? If you don’t remember our first issue, can you remember the very first edition of the newspaper you ever read? What was on the cover? What were your favourite news stories in that issue?

A very special 400th issue
Our team has been going strong for nearly eight years now and we’ve loved every minute of it! Some of you may be old enough to remember our very first issue – footballer David Beckham, magician David Blaine and Prince Harry all graced the cover back in May 2006 (see image above). 400 issues of the newspaper later and we’ve arrived in

Some of the First News team forming a giant human heart shape – they couldn’t help themselves! Can your school do better?

For more information, head to www.firstnews.co.uk/forschools #LOVEFirstNews

Surprise pick
A 67-year-old man from Vancouver was quite surprised when he got a text message saying that he’d been picked for the USA’s Winter Olympic ice hockey team! The text was meant to go to US star Ryan Kesler, but he changed his mobile number before the team was announced. The 67-year-old replied: “I’d be happy to play for you. I think Canada would be even happier if I played for you.”

World News
Cold message
An ice-cream van will turn off its chimes in one Eslöv neighbourhood, and replace them with a mass text message. Some residents complained that the chimes were too loud, so the ice cream company asked everyone in the street for their phone numbers, so that they could all be sent a text when the van is on its way.



10 – 16 JANUARY 2014

Pets eat out
A restaurant for cats and dogs has opened in Berlin, giving owners the chance to pamper their pets with quality meals and treats. Pets Deli serves everything from beef to kangaroo, as well as rice, pasta and a wide range of fruit and veg. “The meat is of such quality that it could be safely consumed by humans”, said owner David Spanier.

Archery appeal
Young girls make up the majority of new members at an archery club in Stockholm, which the club says is due to the success of the Hunger Games books and films. The Stockholm Archery Club says that most new members were boys until recently, and that membership overall is up 20% on the year before.

Goat a goner
Gävle’s famous straw goat didn’t make it to Christmas before it was burned down, in what has become a rather bizarre annual event. A new goat is put up in the centre of town each December, but pranksters have burned the goat down more often than it has survived. This year, officials said that the goat had been treated with a substance that wouldn’t burn, but it clearly wasn’t enough!


Dramatic fall
The population of Japan fell by a record 244,000 in 2013, the health ministry has said. There were 6,000 fewer babies born compared to 2012, and 19,000 more deaths. Many in Japan are worried that the population is getting older, which could mean that there won’t be enough workers to support older people. 7

Long shot
An unemployed man who won more than £80,000 says that he will use the money to pay off his debts and travel around America. Thomas Berau was picked out at random from the crowd at the annual All-Star basketball game in Paris (below), then given one chance to score a basket from the halfway line. In 12 years, no-one had ever managed to make the shot. Check out the video below using the FN+ app to see Berau’s shot and his reaction!


3 8 2

5 4


Top temperatures
Last year was the hottest on record in Australia, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. Every month in 2013 had temperatures at least 0.5°C higher than normal. The year’s highest temperature was 49.6°C, which was measured at Moomba in South Australia on 12 January. It was the highest temperature measured in Australia for 15 years.



Talks begin
Peace talks have begun to try to put an end to the fighting in South Sudan, which has claimed more than 1,000 lives in less than a month. The president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, accused his deputy, Riek Machar, of plotting against him, and supporters of the pair have been fighting ever since.

Deaths on the rise
The United Nations (UN) has said that violence in Iraq was at its highest level for five years in 2013. Figures show that 7,818 civilians were killed last year, along with 1,050 members of the Iraqi police and army. The country is still deeply divided between Shia and Sunni Muslims, and groups like al-Qaeda add to the violence.

Name: Tola Age: 16 Lives: Cambodia TOla likes to feed and look after the chickens that World Vision provided for her family.
“Hi, my name is Tola. I live with my parents, brother and sister. Our house is on stilts to protect us from floods during the rainy season. “In my community we are thankful for the clean water we have. World Vision has dug a pond to provide much-needed clean water. Before the pond, we had to walk miles for water during the dry season. The pond is big enough to provide water for hundreds of families. “I like feeding our chickens, which we received from World Vision’s cow and chicken bank. We have four hens and a cockerel, and each hen provides at least nine chicks a year. “We keep some of the chicks and pass some on to other families so they can benefit as well. When I grow up I want to be a doctor.” Further information about World Vision can be found at www.worldvision.org.uk.




Will you help the snow leopard claw its way back from the brink?
Snow leopards have survived in the Himalayas for thousands of years. But right now, there are as few as 300 left in Nepal. The harsh reality is that they’re being slaughtered by poachers for their bones and precious fur – and they urgently need your help if they are to live on.
By adopting a snow leopard today, you’ll help protect this endangered big cat for future generations. Your present. Their future. For as little as £3 a month, you or your loved one will receive an adoption pack, an adorable cuddly toy and regular updates from people on the ground working tirelessly to help save the beautiful snow leopard. What’s more, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping us to train and equip courageous anti-poaching rangers. And you’ll discover what it takes – and how it feels – to help save a species.
from just

a gorgeous snow leopard toy an adoption pack

regular updates from the field


£3 a month

Adopt a snow leopard today by filling in the form below, visiting wwfsnowleopard.com or calling 0845 200 2392

Yes, I would like to adopt a snow leopard today
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each month (min. £3)

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4. Bank or Building Society account number 5. WWF-UK Reference Number (Office use only)

Gift recipient details (if applicable)
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Please return in an envelope to: Snow Leopard adoption, Freepost SN1457, Melksham, SN12 7BR

Your money will support our work to help save the snow leopard as well as other vital conservation projects.

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Big animal count




10 – 16 JANUARY 2014
ZSL London Zoo

ZOOS across the country have counted all their animals while carrying out their yearly stock take.
In January, every insect, bird, mammal, reptile and fish is catalogued by staff at zoos around the UK. The big count is something all zoos must do in order to keep their zoo licences. All the data collected during the stock count is added to a global database called the International Species Information System (ISIS). This is used by zoos around the world to share information about species and to help manage breeding programmes for endangered species. ZSL London Zoo have more than 800 unique species to catalogue, while Paignton Zoo and Environmental Park in Devon have more than 300 species to count.

Piranhas Stay storm safe attack
A SCHOOL of piranhas has terrorised around 60 people in an unusual attack. THE start of 2014 has been wet, windy and stormy; miserable weather for us and not much fun for our pets either. Animal charity the RSPCA is urging animal owners to make sure their pets are safe, as more storms are predicted.
The stormy weather has caused flooding and chaos in many parts of the country. Farmers and horse owners are being advised to keep an eye on their animals and to move them from fields which are prone to flooding. Outdoor pets like guinea pigs and rabbits should be moved into a garage or shed wherever possible. If not, their enclosures should be covered to block out the worst of the wind. Cats and dogs should be kept inside during the worst of the weather. Take particular care when walking your dog, stay away from rivers and flooded areas and try to keep your dog on a tight lead, The attack happened on Christmas Day in the Parana River in Argentina. One girl lost part of her finger and lots of other swimmers experienced bites in the attack. The area had been experiencing an extreme heat wave when the attack happened. The fish were all close to the surface of the water and were disturbed by the swimmers, who were attempting to cool off. Piranhas are carnivorous fish that live in rivers in South America. There are often signs by rivers in the region warning bathers about the dangers of piranhas. especially if they like swimming. Flooded rivers and streams can move very quickly and currents may be strong. Also avoid walking in heavily wooded areas, especially during strong winds. If you see any animals in danger or at risk because of the weather, you can call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

Seahorse baby boom

MORE than 100 baby seahorses were born at Blackpool Sea Life Centre over the festive period.
Aquarists at the centre got a shock when they checked on their lined seahorses and found the babies. They transferred the 8mm-long newborns to a special nursery tank of their own, where they can be looked after properly. Baby seahorses eat microscopic plankton and shrimp. Lined seahorses are vulnerable in the wild because of pollution, loss of habitat and collection for traditional Chinese medicines. In the wild, only one or two babies from every thousand survive so having more than a hundred in captivity is very exciting news for the species.

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10. SCIENCE Breaking the rules of chemistry
CHEMISTRY textbooks say that sodium and chlorine only combine in one way, making sodium chloride – commonly known as salt.
However, one scientist decided to ignore the rules, and now says that it is possible to use sodium and chlorine to Odd new forms of salt have been made in a laboratory make “new materials with exotic properties”. Artem R Oganov used high pressures in his lab to squeeze salt together with either pure sodium or pure chlorine. The new substances he made were still stable at normal air pressures, but had different properties compared to salt. For instance, one conducted electricity, but only along the unusual layers in its structure. Oganov used pressures of 200,000 atmospheres in his experiments. Although this is pretty high, he says it’s nothing compared to the pressure of 3.6 million atmospheres at the centre of the Earth. “I think this work is the beginning of a revolution in chemistry,” says Oganov. “It’s like discovering a new continent; now we need to map the land.”

Raising the price of cigarettes is the best way to make people quit, say researchers

Issue 395

10 – 16 JanuaRY 2014


Save lives, make money
Smoking can lead to medical problems like lung cancer and heart disease, but there are still around 1.3 billion smokers in the world. In developed countries like the UK, smoking rates are falling, but growing countries like China and India have more and more new smokers every year. Doctors writing in the New England Journal of Medicine say that tripling cigarette taxes will be the best way to make people stop smoking. “This study demonstrates that tobacco taxes are a hugely powerful lever and potentially a triple win – reducing the numbers of people who smoke and who die from their

Extra mone y added to the cost of thin gs which g oes directly to the govern ment.

Tax (noun)



Pill problems
A SCIENTIST has criticised the way that medical studies of vitamins and minerals are carried out.
We have known for a long time how important these things are to our diets. However, some human trials of vitamin pills have suggested that there is little point in taking them. Now, an expert writing in the journal Nutrients says that the problem is the way these trials are run. “One of the obvious problems is that most large, clinical studies of vitamins have been done with groups such as doctors and nurses who are educated, informed, able to afford healthy food and routinely have better dietary standards than the public as a whole,” said Balz Frei. Critics of vitamin supplements say that a balanced diet provides all the nutrients our bodies need. However, Frei says that most people do not have a balanced diet. “More than 90% of US adults don’t get the required amounts of vitamins D and E for basic health,” says Frei. “More than 40% don’t get enough vitamin C, and half aren’t getting enough vitamin A, calcium and magnesium. It’s fine to tell people to eat better, but it’s foolish to suggest that a multivitamin which costs a nickel [about 3p] a day is a bad idea.”

THE world’s governments could prevent 200 million early deaths by tripling the taxes on cigarettes, say medical researchers.
addiction, reducing premature deaths from smoking and yet, at the same time, increasing government income,” says Professor Sir Richard Peto. At the moment, worldwide taxes on tobacco raise about £180bn each year. Although the researchers say that tripling taxes will reduce the number of smokers by a third, it will still raise an extra £60bn every year. Governments could then spend this money on healthcare or anti-smoking campaigns. The authors of the report point out that, in just 15 years, France managed to halve the number of cigarettes smoked, thanks to large tax rises.

Fishy tweets

SHARKS with electronic tags are now sending warning tweets to surfers and swimmers in Western Australia, one of the world’s deadliest areas for shark attacks.
Scientists have tagged over 300 creatures, including great white, tiger and bronze whaler sharks. The researchers can use the tags to study the sharks’ feeding patterns and behaviour, but they also set off automatic warnings whenever a tagged shark comes within a kilometre of the coast. Receivers in the water send out a signal with the time, location and breed of shark, and this information is then turned into a tweet from the account of Surf Life Saving. The account also keeps people informed of any beaches that may already be The shark alerts are being closed because of sent to surfers in Australia sharks in the area.

a suRVeY has shown that a third of the people in America do not believe the theory of evolution. Instead they believe that humans have existed in the same form since the beginning of time. Charles Darwin’s famous theory of evolution describes how animals and plants change over time, such as the way that humans are descended from monkeys.

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The teen politician
AT the age of 18, Ollie Middleton was only just old enough to vote last month, when he was selected by the Labour Party to run for Parliament. He is trying to become the Member of Parliament for Bath in 2015, campaigning against the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats who are in Government together right now.
At what age did you first become interested in politics? Politics has always been a part of my life but it wasn’t until I witnessed what was happening under this current Government that I felt the need to act and become actively involved with politics. How did you first get involved in politics? Shortly after I made the decision to join the Labour Party, I decided that I wanted to be involved as much as possible. My role was at first mainly concerned with working to get young people more involved with politics through the formation of our Young Labour group. Youth engagement in politics still remains one of the issues I’m most passionate about. What made you join the Labour Party? I chose to join the Labour Party as I felt it stood for all that I believe in and value. I remember being sat watching Ed Miliband’s conference speech and thinking how utterly inspiring it was to hear him speak so passionately about what




10 – 16 JANUARY 2014

Labour leader Ed Miliband

Labour represents. It just made sense to stand up for the party that stands up for the issues that matter to me. You’re 18, which means that you’ve only just passed the minimum voting age. Have you taken part in an election yet? No, I have not yet had the chance to take part in an election but I don’t see this as an issue at all. Just because someone isn’t able to vote should not mean that they are less entitled to have views and opinions and be able to stand up for what they believe in. Do you think your age will work against your campaign? I think my age is an asset and will help my campaign. I’ve always found that people do respond very well to a younger person involved in politics – I think they find it refreshing. I hope it will encourage more young people to get involved with politics. How can other young people get involved in politics? Politics is crying out for younger representation. Involvement comes in many different forms and politics is not just restricted

to parties. It is not the case that young people are not interested in politics – often they just aren’t given the chance to express themselves politically. I would say to any young person who is passionate about any political issue to get out there and stand up for what they believe, in any way, no matter how big or small. Never feel like you can’t make a difference.


Six months for only £29.99 with a free map and sticker set!

A1 FREE sided ble- ap u o d ld M rs! r o W cke i t s and

London, Great Britain
The building of the tallest tower in the European Union, The Shard, was finished in the summer of 2012. The 87-floor building is home to restaurants, offices, TV studios, flats, a hotel and a viewing platform!

Tōhoku, Japan Washington DC, USA
Barack Obama became the first black President of the United States in January 2009. The Chicago-born politician moved to the White House when he became his country’s leader. When a huge earthquake struck the east coast of Japan in 2011, it damaged more than a million buildings. It might have only last six minutes, but it measured 9.0 on the Richter scale and caused a huge tsunami wave. Around 16,000 people are thought to have lost their lives.

The people of Egypt were allowed to vote for the person they wanted to run their country in fair elections for the first time in 2011. The country’s leader of 30 years, Hosni Mubarak, had been kicked out of power the year before.

Seoul, South Korea
Global pop sensation Psy worked on his hit Gangnam Style in his homecountry of South Korea. The song’s music video became an overnight online craze. Almost two billion have now watched it on YouTube!


Mount Kenya, Kenya

In 2007 and 2009, Brazil won the right to host two huge sporting events. Its second largest city, Rio de Janeiro, was chosen to host the 2016 Olympic Games. The 2014 World Cup, meanwhile, will be held in cities across the country.

Queen Elizabeth II was in a treehouse with her husband, Prince Philip, when she took to the throne in 1952. They quickly returned home and moved into Buckingham Palace.

London, Great Britain
The building of the tallest tower in the European Union, The Shard, was finished in the summer of 2012. The 87-floor building is home to restaurants, offices, TV studios, flats, a hotel and a Lake Eyre, Australia viewing platform!
British record breaker Donald Campbell reached 403mph, smashing the land speed record in his superfast Bluebird car. In the same year (1964), Campbell also broke the record for reaching the fastest speed on water.

South Africa
Campaigner Nelson Mandela was released after 27 years as a politcal prisoner in 1990. He went on to become South Africa’s first black President.

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Washington DC, USA
Barack Obama became the first black President of the United States in January 2009. The Chicago-born politician moved to the White House when he became his country’s leader.

I’ve been here I would like to go here

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The people of Egypt were allowed to vote for the person they wanted to run their country in fair elections for the first time in 2011. The country’s leader of 30 years, Hosni Mubarak, had been kicked out of power the year before.


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Mount Kenya, Kenya
Queen Elizabeth II was in a treehouse with her husband, Prince Philip, when she took to the throne in 1952. They quickly returned home and moved into Buckingham Palace.


12. Game ZOne


Reality roundup
THIS month has already seen the launch of two brilliant reality TV shows on ITV1: the last ever series of Dancing on Ice and the second series of Splash! Here’s all you need to know about the new shows.

This is the second series of the diving show, which first launched last year. The idea is that celebrities learn to dive, mentored by Olympic medallist Tom Daley. They’re awarded scores by a panel of judges: Team GB’s diving coach Andy Banks; comedienne, writer and actress Jo Brand; and former Olympic diving medallist Leon Taylor. The

Save the city


First News friend) Anna Williamson, Boyzone singer Keith Duffy, former England rugby player Martin Offiah, journalist and TV presenter Paul Ross and former popstar, author and TV personality Toyah Willcox. Catch Splash! on ITV1 Saturday @ 7pm.

WE didn’t have space for a review of this cool shoot-’em-up before Christmas, but if you’ve got a PS4 you don’t want to let it pass you by.

It’s basically a shiny new remake of the ancient classic Defender, but it looks great and is really addictive once you start trying to work your way up the global leaderboards. Flying around a futuristic city in your spaceship, you’re told at the start of each level to “save the last humans”. That involves blasting the hell out of wave after wave of alien ships, while also picking up any stray humans before the aliens get to them. The downside is that there are no instructions and we spectacularly failed to save most of the humans until we figured it out for ourselves. Destroying the occasional wave of glowing green ships causes one of the humans to be released into the streets, but the game doesn’t explain why this happens. It doesn’t really explain a whole lot else either, but we can forgive that because the game is really fun to play once you realise what’s going on. You also have a boost that helps you to reach the humans and briefly makes you invincible, some bombs that destroy everything on screen, and an overdrive that makes your weapons ridiculously powerful for a few seconds. The PS4’s power means the particles from the big explosions are particularly impressive, although on the harder difficulty levels it’s so fast and furious that you rarely get time to appreciate it. It’s quite a short game, but the higher difficulties will test even the best players, plus there’s a two-player online co-op mode to keep you busy. Best of all, if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can get Resogun for free, or it’s £12.79 for everyone else.

Dancing on Ice
Dancing on Ice has been a January highlight for ten years but, sadly, this will be the last series. This time, the contestants will be an all-star mix of former finalists, winners and favourites. Returning to the ice are Bonnie Langford, Suzanne Shaw, Zaraah Abrahams, Hayley Tamaddon, Jorgie Porter, Beth Tweddle, David Seaman, Kyran Bracken, Gareth Gates, Ray Quinn, Todd Carty, Gary Lucy, Sam Attwater and Joe Pasquale. You can see Dancing on Ice on ITV1, Sundays @ 6.15pm.

first heat saw Perri Kiely and Michaela Strachan go through to the next round. This week, tune in to watch TV presenter (and

Game with a purpose
iF you thought computer games were just for mucking around with, one man has created a game with a more serious point.
Robert Fink got together with two of his friends to create a game that would make a secret and very memorable marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Angel. The three developed a game called Knight Man: A Quest For Love. In it, the hero has to avoid danger while he puts together a ring that he then gives to the princess, who was inspired by Angel. “I couldn’t allow myself to just do a normal proposal, it had to be special,” Fink wrote on his website. “Something we would remember forever to remind us where we started. Simple times playing games together growing up and learning that games can convey all sorts of emotion, I wanted her to see all the spikes I would jump over for her.” Fortunately, Fink’s hard work paid off, and after getting Angel to test the game he’d been working on, she completed it, realised what it was about and then said: “Yes!”



If you missed this series when it was on digital channel Watch, then make sure you catch up now. Prepare to be astounded. Dynamo Magician Impossible, BBC1, Saturday @ 5.30pm. Paddy McGuinness is back for a new season of the hit dating contest. Take Me Out, ITV1, Saturday @ 8.30pm.

Dating dramaS

If you’ve been gripped by Sherlock since

THe Big FinaLe

Christmas, then don’t miss the finale of the three-part special. Sherlock, BBC1, Sunday @ 8.30pm.

TV, Film, Music and Theatre!



10 – 16 JANUARY 2014


After the huge success of the first series of The Big Reunion, the show is back with a host of new stars for 2014. This year there is even a new twist as five former popstars (Dane Bowers, Adam Rickitt, Gareth Gates, Kenzie and Kavana) join together for another crack at stardom as a group. Other acts joining the show are Damage, A1, Eternal, Girl Thing and 3T, who are Michael Jackson’s nephews.

IT’S back, and it’s bigger and better than ever! The Voice UK airs this Saturday, complete with some fab new judges and presenters! We catch up with the show’s newest recruits, and some old faces, to hear all about this year’s exciting series.
Ricky, how did you find the blind auditions? Ricky: I didn’t know what to expect, really. I’d seen the show obviously, but it’s different. Also no-one told me I would get into it or care about it so much. At the time, if you asked me then and there I would have said: “Ah, this is hell,” but looking back I’m like: “It was great, wasn’t it?” Yes, I loved it! What was it like for you, Kylie? Kylie: Initially it was like a baptism of fire. For the newbies it is so totally different which we finished officially last week. I hope they mean it, as I sure mean it and I know they mean it. I can see it when they’re pitching, I can see it when they went through the blinds. It’s like we’re looking at the artist how we wished the record labels look at us as artists. We hope that people will take our passion seriously and for this brief little time on this show, on BBC, on The Voice, even if it’s just for television, seeing singers through and encouraging them goes a long, long way. Kylie, what have you been looking for in the talent? Kylie: I thought I would be looking for voices I could relate to but, actually, I turned for voices that are nothing to do with me. I was just a fan of that voice. It has been an amazing experience to hear some of the voices. Would you say you’re the most competitive coach? Kylie: I don’t know. What I would say is we’re all naturally competitive or we wouldn’t be where we are. We wouldn’t be sitting here, we wouldn’t be part of the show, but I think that that’s balanced really naturally by the support that we’ve all been given. We’ve all been kind of thrown into this thing. It was a bit of like, this is how it works, this is the nuts and bolts of the show, but then four different personalities are put together and, yes, we are competing a little. Ricky, what are you enjoying the most? Ricky: It is incredible watching the contestants’ development. They make each other learn. It’s good to learn stuff and I didn’t think I wanted to learn more but Kylie, Will and Tom have taught me all loads. It has been really inspiring.

Presenter of the moment, Emma Willis JLS star Marvin Humes

Welsh superstar Sir Tom Jones King of cool will.i.am Pop princess Kylie Minogue Kaiser Chiefs star Ricky Wilson Are you pleased with your team? Ricky: Of course – I think I can win! Have Tom and Will been playing any tricks on the new gang? Tom: No, I haven’t played any tricks. I mean, when Ricky started I just reassured him that it’s going to be a lot of fun and it’s going to be very musical. At the beginning, sometimes because there’s quite a few producers on the show and people are throwing quite a lot of ideas at you, you can get a little confused on what you should do, how long you should talk for or how short you should talk for. I was trying to reassure him to be himself and take the ideas but don’t get thrown by it. The more you get into it, the more you enjoy it. I try to give the singers that come on the same thing. You have to give them what you’ve learned and the experiences. You have to try to pass that on. It’s the same thing when you have new coaches on; if they’re a little unsure then you have to reassure them that it’s going to be fine. How did you find this year’s series? Will: Having done all three series, I really like this season. I like the way it feels, I like the relation between the coaches. It just feels like a wonderful family. Really, it feels good and the edits are amazing. I was a little concerned at first, to be real with you. I was like: “What? Jessie’s gone, Danny’s gone.” The first season was: “What are we doing?” The second season was like: “Okay, this is cool.” I like looking over at Tom, looking at knowledge smiling back at me, Tom with his knowledge smile. I know everything! Season three, I just love it, it’s amazing.

Characters from 12 popular kids’ TV shows are appearing on a new set of stamps. Postman Pat, Peppa Pig and Shaun the Sheep are among the stars being made into stamps.

being in the chair and not seeing anything. I was thrown into a new situation. It’s intense, really intense, but the fun parts were really fun. Emma, how was it being backstage with the friends and family? Emma: I cried a good few times, actually. There was one day when I just cried for a long time, one after the other. Marv would be like: “You all right?” and I’d be like: “Nooo!” It was so emotional but I don’t think you expect to get as involved as you do, and you really get swept away in it. Marvin, you’ve been through all of this having appeared on a talent show before. Did that make it easier? Marvin: I don’t know about easier. Obviously I’ve been through a similar process so I can kind of lend that experience to the artists that audition. It’s amazing though, fantastic. Will, what advice did you have for the new judges? Will: Well, these guys were pros. Kylie’s a pro, Ricky’s a pro and they’re passionate about their own careers. When you know you’re working with singers and you promise them all of the things that you’re going to promise them, you’re not just saying it for the show’s sake. Tom isn’t, I’m sure not. I’m still fighting for a singer that was on my team in series two [Leah McFall]. We just finished her album, I’m still coaching and we’re in series three. She came on tour with me, she came to Los Angeles and recorded her own album,

McBusted star Matt Willis is joining TV show EastEnders. The singer will play Luke, Stacey Branning’s boyfriend, for a short stint in the popular soap.

One Direction’s album Midnight Memories has overtaken Emeli Sandé’s Our Version of Events to become the top-selling album of 2013. Midnight Memories also sold more than 237,000 copies during its first week, making it the fastest-selling album of last year.

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New kids on the block, Emma Willis and Marvin Humes

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The Voice UK airs on Saturday 11 January on BBC One and BBC One HD at 7.00pm.

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The Voice UK


by Serena Lacey



10 – 16 JANUARY 2014

I cried because I couldn’t dance
BELLA Thorne stars in the hit Disney Channel series Shake It Up as CeCe Jones, a backup dancer on a TV show. But, before she started the show, Bella couldn’t dance! She tells us all about the hard work she had to put in to make it work…
Shake It Up is a hugely popular show. Did you have much dance experience before you started working on it and did you have to have any dance lessons? I had to have a lot when I first started. I actually did three dance classes every night for six months and it was a lot of work and dedication. I was very, very embarrassed when I first came to Shake It Up, to start dance classes with them. I didn’t know what any of the phrases were and I had two left feet. It was very hard because you see all the other dancers behind you and, for some reason, you’re in the front and you’re not a good dancer. And they know the moves and they’re very sharp and hitting it so well and you’re kinda like, um… it was very embarrassing. I used to cry sometimes because I was very embarrassed that they were very good and I was very bad!
Are you more confident now? Yes! Yes, I am. People are very shocked when I tell them I didn’t dance before the show; very, very shocked. Once you know the moves you know what your body is doing and what position you’re in and you can hit it just as hard as any of the other dancers. They’re from shows like So You Think You Can Dance? and stuff. I think that’s why I’m so happy when I dance. I came from being nothing, to being able to dance and being a lot more confident. It’s a great feeling when the other dancers are like: “Go, Bella!” Would you say it is all down to hard work? Yes! Very, very hard work, because I did not have rhythm. Zendaya [who plays her co-star, Rocky Blue] remembers this, she always brings it up. Once, there was this move when I had to jump and I just properly messed up. Everybody is jumping and I couldn’t even get the rhythm. It was very, very sad. And my friends will always remember that! That’s what friends are for! Do you and Zendaya have a sister-like relationship now? Being best friends with Zendaya is very different to having a sister. Me and my older sister, we used to bicker a lot, like all sisters do. But she is really close to me. Me and Zendaya don’t really bicker, so we call each other brothers, because brothers don’t usually bicker, they just kind of, like, play-fight and tease each other. Zendaya and I do have sister rings; we have matching sister rings! It sounds like you have so much fun on set, but does anything embarrassing ever happen? Yes, I had a lot of embarrassing incidents that were all my fault! I walked into a wall; I don’t really know how that happened, but it did and everyone was watching me. It was very funny but I’m not one of the people who gets embarrassed too easily. I like to laugh and make fun of it. I just started laughing and everyone was laughing at me. I have a lot of embarrassing things. Here’s another one: Zendaya and I were sitting on the couch in my dressing room and she accidentally sits on a water bottle and it pops open and it just gets all over her outfit and everywhere. I had to try to blow-dry her with a hair dryer. It was really funny. It was just one of those classy moments. It got on me, too, which was unfortunate because I had to wear wet jeans for the rest of the episode. Since starting the show you’ve become a bit of a cover girl. What is it like seeing yourself on the cover of magazines and on posters? It’s really fun to see yourself on a cover. You’re like: “I didn’t think that this was going to happen to me!” It’s always a shock. Especially when you’re at the airport. I always get magazines before I fly, and there’s been a situation where people are looking at me and they’re looking at the cover and they’re looking confused as if they’re not sure if it is the same person. It’s really strange, but a lot of fun!

Bella Thorne
The First News team
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a o t d e t i v s! d u You‘re in o l c e h t n i y t r a P Mario





Issue 395

10 – 16 JanuaRY 2014

Buzzy thieves
THIEVES have stolen a beehive containing thousands of hibernating bees from a community garden in Norfolk.
Norfolk Police are keen to hear from anyone with information regarding the theft and believe it would have taken at least two people to move the sleeping bees and their hive. Around 20,000 to 60,000 bees usually live in one hive.

A BAG containing £100,000 has been granted to a church in York after it was found on a doorstep.

Cash donation
The windfall was found on the doorstep of a house owned by St Thomas with St Maurice Church. Police confiscated the money while they investigated where it came from to check it hadn’t come from criminals. No evidence was found, so the church can keep the money. It will be used for local community projects.

A LIFE-siZe car made out of LEGO bricks and powered by air has made its debut on the roads in Melbourne, Australia.
It took 500,000 pieces of LEGO to build the car, which was a project funded by public donations. Everything but the wheels are made from LEGO and the vehicle can reach a top speed of 19km/h (12mph). Steve Sammartino, the founder of the project, used the internet to get donations for the project and even recruited his co-founder online. The main bulk of the car was built in Romania before it was shipped to Australia to be put together. Steve said: “We drove it in a suburb of Melbourne. The engine is fragile and the biggest fear was a giant LEGO explosion!”

Clowns are down
CLOWNS in the UK are upset after a string of pranksters dressed as clowns have been jumping out and scaring members of the public.
Several police forces across the UK have issued warnings to the public after clown sightings. Tony Eldridge, secretary of Clowns International, thinks the pranksters are giving clowns a bad name. He said: “The fear of clowns – coulrophobia – is a real thing and some people will react very badly to this. “We have to reclaim clowning as a positive thing which brings happiness.”

Q: What did the ground
say to the earthquake?



A: You crack me up!

Most backflips on a pogo stick
The most consecutive backflips on a pogo stick is 12 and was achieved by Fred Grzybowski (USA) on the set of Guinness World Records Gone Wild! in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Q: When do astronauts eat? A: At launch time!

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For info on this record and hundreds more, go to guinnessworldrecords.com

Written and illustrated by Paul Palmer




10 – 16 JANUARY 2014

I’M Esther Rantzen, President of ChildLine, which helps 2,500 children every week. If there’s something worrying you, please write to me at the address on page 19.

Back to school

“WHAT do you want to be when you grow up?” Chances are, most of you will have heard that question at home, in class or in the playground. The truth is, there are so many different jobs out there, you don’t need to be brilliant at absolutely everything at school to get a good job. You need to dig out your talent and what makes you special. In First News’ Just The Job, you will meet lots of different people with lots of different jobs!
What I do I’m a celebrity fitness trainer and choreographer. Whether it’s hitting the gym or throwing some dance moves, I tailor my workouts according to each client’s individual needs to help get them into shape. Recently, I’ve been working a lot on music videos. One of these was for my client Pixie Lott. As well as helping her train in the gym, I was also asked to choreograph the video for her new comeback single. It’s out in January so don’t forget to check it out!

I’VE just gone back to school, but I am really worried. There’s a group who always call me horrible names. I try to ignore it, but it’s really hard. What can I do?
I can guess that with this being the start of a new term (and a new year) that this is something that lots of people are struggling with, so it’s really good that you’ve written in to raise the issue. Speaking out about bullying is really important, and I’m glad that you’ve been brave enough to ask for support. So, bullies – what IS that about? Some people have difficult lives and feel insecure, sad and angry deep down inside, so making other people upset and hurt somehow makes themselves feel better… but this is such a weird way of dealing with their issues which doesn’t help anyone, even themselves. Perhaps it might help you just a teensy bit to bear that in mind when they’re next calling you those names? It’s good that you’re trying to ignore it, rather than trying to get back at them – that could end up in a whole whirlpool of mess and you getting into trouble. However, no-one should have to put up with bullying, of ANY kind, EVER! The school has a responsibility to keep its pupils safe – and that also means safe from name-calling, bullying and other kinds of intimidation. So could you speak to a teacher about what’s going on? I’m not sure if you’ve already told your parents but it might be useful to have them speak to or write a letter to the school. Every school should have an anti-bullying policy, so your parents could ask to see a copy of this and check that the school are doing what they say they will to protect you. How does that sound? It’s just a couple of ideas for you, but if you’d like some more information or ideas, or just want to speak to someone, remember you can always call ChildLine on 0800 11 11 for free or use our online service at www.childline.org.uk.

A fresh start
FOr many people, a new year provides an opportunity for a fresh start; forget about all the worries of the year before and focus on being happy.
A common way of doing this is to make New Year resolutions or set specific goals. These can be hard to stick to. But making changes is not impossible and there are a few little things that can make it a lot easier than you might expect. First of all, it’s important not to pressurise yourself by being over ambitious. Try to push yourself a little bit, look at it as a challenge and not a chore. Why don’t you try a new hobby or have a clearout? If setting aims at the start of the year feels like a big task, maybe you could try at the start of every morning or week, writing down two or three things you want to achieve that are manageable. Whatever you are trying to change, it’s important to be patient. For instance, if you are trying to exercise more, don’t try to run a marathon, just take it in small steps. Maybe you could start your day with a walk or a short jog. Remember you have a whole year ahead of you, so build yourself up over time. Try a little bit more every day. It can be helpful to tell your family or close friends about your aims so that, maybe, they can help you stay focused. Most importantly, remember to be yourself – achieving goals should be a challenge but it doesn’t need to take over your life. Doing things you choose and enjoy will keep you happy throughout the year. If you are worried about the New Year then ChildLine is here to talk 24/7. Call us on 0800 11 11 or visit www.childline.org.uk at any time.

How I got my job Fitness has always been an important part of my life but, to be honest, it was a natural progression. I never intended to become a personal trainer at the beginning. My first love was dancing so I started my career as a professional dancer. Staying healthy and strong was important for me getting work and avoiding injury. As my career progressed, I began to realise how closely the two [fitness and dance] were related and I began to be offered jobs doing both. I’m really lucky as I’ve been able to do both.

FItness traIner/ ChOreOGraPher

What I love about my job I love helping people and the happiness that comes from helping them to achieve their goals. What’s difficult about my job I’m just like everyone else, and we ALL have days when we just don’t want to work out. But having the job that I do, working out is an unavoidable part of my lifestyle. Sometimes you just want a lazy day, but rushing around from studios, film sets and generally having a hectic schedule can make it difficult. That said, I do love my job and wouldn’t have it any other way. What skills I need I need to be physically on my game at all times. Keeping fit, healthy, knowing the latest techniques, and most importantly the difference between the techniques that work and the ones that don’t, is vital. However, I would say that the most difficult part is that I need to be on it mentally all of the time. This can be the tricky part. It might sound easy but that’s actually a skill in itself. To wake up every day and motivate other people is part of my job and that requires patience and understanding. Where to start As far as being a dancer, you can start as soon as you can walk. If you want to be a personal trainer, then your body is your tool. It just means looking after yourself and eating well, really. You have to be inspiring for other people.




10 – 16 JANUARY 2014



JUST for fun this week. Can you complete our crossword? ACROSS 1 Colourful explosions that are set off during New Year celebrations (9) 6 A book of maps (5) 7 The first digit of the human hand (5) 9 A large snake (7) 12 A large meal for many people (7) 16 The ___ : England lost this cricket series (5) 17 Many people 1 2 have one of these to celebrate New Year (5) 18 Escaped or fled; withdrew (9)

CAN you complete the usual 3x3 grid and fill in the numbers one to nine? Send in your answers and three lucky winners could each win a copy of The X-Men Ultimate Collection on DVD. The X-Men Ultimate Collection features all your favourite characters: Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast and many more, as they battle evil mutants that are intent on eliminating mankind!

4 9 3 7 5 5 8 2 1 9 7 4 5 6 7 1 6 4 3 7 9 5

5 8 4 2 7 9 4 2 5 8 6 1 4 3

8 A device that is placed inside a machine to supply it with electricity (7) 10 New Year’s ___ : the last day of the year (3) 11 A heavy object used to moor a ship (6) 13 Unhappy (5) 14 Type of tent (5) 15 Esio ___ : children’s novel by Roald Dahl (4)
3 4 5



DOWN 2 Control or run; regulation (4) 3 Winged insects with stings (5) 4 A part of a machine that turns around a central point (5) 5 A small dish on which a cup is placed (6) 6 Area of mathematics in which letters are used to represent numbers (7)

9 11 12 13


14 15




ALL of these are associated with a country. Can you guess which one?

Where on Earth? What on Earth?
6 - A book of maps (5) 9 - A large snake (7) 7 - The first digit of the human hand (5) 12 - A large meal for many people (7)

1 - Colourful explosions that are set off during New Year celebrations (9)



2 - Control or run; regula 3 - Winged insects with

4 - A part of a machine t

5 - A small dish on which

ALL of these are associated with the cold. Can you guess what they are? 16 - The ___ : England lost this cricket series (5) 8 - A device that is place

6 - Area of mathematics numbers (7) electricity (7)




17 - Many people have one of these to celebrate New Year (5) 18 - Escaped or fled; withdrew (9)


10 - New Year's ___ : th 13 - Unhappy (5) 14 - Type of tent (5)

11 - A heavy object used

15 - Esio ___ : children's




SEND your finished puzzles to Puzzles 395, First News, Third Floor, Colechurch House, 1 London Bridge Walk, London, SE1 2SX. The closing date for puzzle entries is Thursday 16 January 2014.

SPot the DIfferenCe
JUST for fun this week. Can you spot the five changes to this picture from Mr. Peabody and Sherman?



First News challenge
Q1 How long did the Royal Philharmonic
Concert Orchestra spend composing, preparing and rehearsing for their exclusive performance in aid of WaterAid?

Q6 On which date will First News be
celebrating the publication of our 400th issue?

Word Ladder

SEE if you can get from the top of the ladder to the bottom by changing one letter at a time to make a new word.

Sodium chloride is more commonly known as what?


Q8 A new restaurant has opened in Berlin.
Who is it aimed at?

Q9 Why couldn’t three members of the Q10

marching band Banda de Musica fly home after they performed on New Year’s Day?

A giant panda cub born in Taiwan has been named Yuan Zai. What does it mean?

Q2 What is Bella Thorne’s profession in The
Disney Channel’s Shake It Up?

Q3 What does ISIS stand for? Q4 Which soap is Matt Willis joining for a
short spell?

Q5 Who won gold at the Freestyle halfpipe
World Cup?
COMPETITIONS: You can enter First News competitions in one of two ways. 1. Go to firstnews.co.uk/competitions and follow the instructions. 2. Write to us at ‘competition name’ (e.g. Holiday), First News, Third floor, Colechurch House, 1 London Bridge Walk, London, SE1 2SX. Please note: First News will not share your personal details with third parties. First News will only use your details to contact the competition winners. First News competitions are open to aged 16-and-under residents of the UK & Republic of Ireland, except employees of First News, Newsbridge Ltd, BGP and any associated companies and their families. Winners will be the first correct entries drawn after the closing dates. No purchase necessary. No responsibility can be accepted for entries that have been lost or damaged in transit. First News will not enter into any correspondence. All winners will be notified accordingly and their names and addresses will be available on request. No cash alternative for any prizes will be offered. The winner may be required to partake in media activity relating to the competition.

LAST WEEK’S ANSWERS: 1) Sam Mendes 2) Uruguay in 1930 3) five minutes 4) Henry Winkler 5) selfie 6) two 7) Friday 21 to Sunday 23 March 8) Bunol in Spain 9) Balloons 10) Elyar Fox. Where on Earth: Australia.
3 5 2 9 1 7 4 6 8 4 7 1 8 6 3 5 9 2 6 8 9 2 5 4 7 3 1 7 6 3 1 2 5 9 8 4 2 9 4 6 7 8 1 5 3 8 1 5 4 3 9 2 7 6 9 3 6 5 4 2 8 1 7 5 4 7 3 8 1 6 2 9 1 2 8 7 9 6 3 4 5

The year ahead with Words for Life




10 – 16 JANUARY 2014

ARE you a fan of good old-fashioned paper books, or are you addicted to downloading the latest word-ofmouth bestseller on your tablet or e-reader? As more and more young people report reading on screen, research shows that what you read is more important than how you read it, with those who read fiction and non-fiction (whether on paper or screen) tending to be better readers than those who read mainly non-fiction.
However you prefer to read, there are lots of interesting things coming up in 2014. The centenary of the outbreak of World War One will be a good time to explore fact, fiction and poetry on the subject. Roald Dahl fans should look out for fun events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Summer may seem a long way off, but the exciting theme of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge has already been announced as ‘Mythical Maze’. Aged 12 or older? Why not volunteer to be a Summer Reading Challenge Activist? Visit the SRC website or your local library to find out more. If you loved the Hunger Games trilogy, the penultimate film isn’t due until November 2014 but, in the meantime, you might also like Divergent, based on a book by Veronica Roth, out in April. If you’re in the mood for more real-life drama, there’s another feisty heroine (and hero!) in The Fault In Our Stars, due out in June, based on the book by the fabulous John Green.

For book recommendations, activities and games, go to wordsforlife.org.uk


- Schools! Join the LOVE First News campaign and celebrate our 400th issue with us! - Your pupils could star on the front page of this celebratory special edition and help raise lots of money for charity. - Turn to page 6 or head to www.firstnews.co.uk/forschools for more information. - Register your school’s interest by emailing us at schools@firstnews.co.uk
in aid of


A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Book reviews



whAt’S iN the ShoPS
IwantOnEOFtHOsE.cOm £6.49


reviewed by Charlotte Westwood

THiS is an extraordinary book. It’s the story of Conor O’Malley, a 13-year-old boy, who lives alone with his mother who is close to dying from breast cancer. Apart from a caring but overbearing grandmother, Conor feels very much alone. His father has a new family and moved to the USA and friends at school are few, with Conor either being bullied or ignored. When a mysterious yew tree comes into Conor’s life, things get even more complicated. It soon turns out the yew tree is crucial to Conor making his peace with the world and being able to let his mother go. From the first to the last page, this is a thought-provoking and powerful novel about big issues in life such as truth, courage, love and loss. Highly recommended, as it’s a novel that will make a deep impression on you!

THiS pack of Tetris magnets contains seven sets of seven colourful Tetriminos. The magnets are held on a sheet of magnetic rubber and can be simply pushed out. They’re the perfect interactive fridge magnet, as you get to practise different ways to clear lines or recreate the game.


AmaZOn.cO.UK £7.89

Stay Where You Are & Then Leave by John Boyne
reviewed by Thomas Pate

CHECK out this fun set of magnetic props, accessories and hair styles for you to stick on those photos that are kept on the fridge. There are 28 magnets in the box, including hats, glasses, wigs and much more!

THiS book is about a boy called Alfie, who is five when his dad joins the army in 1914, just at the start of the First World War. Soon afterwards, a family in Alfie’s road are taken away after an accusation of being German. Alfie takes one thing from their house, a shoeshine box. As money is tight, he shines shoes in a train station so that his family can get by. Alfie’s mum tells him suddenly that his dad is on a secret mission for the Government, but is this just hiding the truth? I really liked this book, because of its theme and the way all the historical details were so accurate. It gave me a spotlight on what the First World War was like, outside of the battlefield, and how it affected the men who fought in it, even after the war.


MAGNetiC Tile ARt


BE creative and turn ordinary tiles into masterpieces. Attach rubber magnets to the tiles and you’ve created cool fridge magnets. The set contains 12 tiles, rubber magnets, double-sided adhesive tapes, a paint strip, a paintbrush and detailed instructions.


HERE’S what people have been telling us online at firstnews.co.uk.



10 – 16 JANUARY 2014

Bagless travel
WE started our adventure to Morocco a day after school finished. My dad told me a few weeks before that we were going to go on holiday with no bags, but I thought he was joking!
by Hamish and Archie Dunbar-Rees

First News prints Nelson Mandela special edition
RIP Nelson Mandela. You were a great man :( Emilia C (Age 11) Imagine what life would be like if we never had Mandela. Matthew S (Age 13)

Porpoises spotted in the River Thames
That’s cool. I’ve seen porpoises before up in Scotland, so that is unusual. Mary S (Age 13) That’s very strange. Junainah H (Age 10)

Ex-racing champion Michael Schumacher in hospital after skiing accident
I think that is awful. Ben Y (Age 8)

Politicians ‘failing’ to get kids active, says report
Maybe they should make more basketball classes in schools. Calum C (Age 10)

Get writing for a chance to read your name here! Post comments on web reports at firstnews.co.uk or email your news views to newsdesk@firstnews.co.uk.

ARE you doing something sponsored for charity? Starting your own school newspaper? Or putting on a show? Are you off on an amazing holiday or did you have a great day out? Why not share your experiences with First News readers? Email your report (including pictures) to

A dream came true for me as I had been counting the days until THOR: The Dark World opened in London. I am a huge fan and have plans to be a film director when I am a grown-up.
by Max Hanover

Thor premiere

He wasn’t, so we set off with just the clothes on our backs, our passports and a credit card, and headed to the quiet town of Asilah and many more places in Morocco. We travelled by taxi, bus, airplane and even a ferry. Travelling without bags is easy once you get used to it. I mean, you don’t need electronics to occupy every moment of your life. The only thing I found slightly challenging was entertaining myself. Usually I could just pull a DS out of my pocket and I would be happy, but we didn’t have them, so we just played chess, checkers and cards. I also read four books. One of my least favourite parts of the holiday was visiting the tanneries (the place they prepare and dye


Hamish and Archie

leather) because it was the stinkiest place I’ve ever been to. While there were bad points, there were lots of fun times like playing at the beach and just having an amazing experience. If your parents want to do the same, do it, it’ s just the best holiday you could ever have. My dad has set up a blog and a twitter feed if you want to read more: www.baglesstraveller.com / @baglesstravel

It was a huge surprise when I learned that my uncle Steve had two tickets to the world premiere in Leicester Square! Early in the afternoon we travelled to London so I could take in the atmosphere of

the fans gathering in anticipation of the stars’ arrival! The stars started to arrive at 5:30 and there were huge screens broadcasting the event. There was also a gigantic hammer Thor uses placed there as a prop. The cheering and excitement was spectacular. I got to walk down the red carpet and, as I was walking down past thousands of screaming fans, I realised that Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor was walking beside me! Inside the cinema I was taken by surprise as the X Factor finalists were sitting all around me.

Max on the red carpet

The film started and the movie was great. I thought there was action, comedy, adventure, romance and family fun in this latest Marvel instalment. Not only that but, as I left the theatre, I managed to get pictures of myself with Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, and the president of production at Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige.

Capybara found Children in Need
I WAS walking along the River Thames in Henley when my dad spotted an animal lying by the edge of the water.
by Aoife Russell Moore

Don’t forget to include your name and age (and your school’s name and address for school news reports). By writing in, you give consent to First News printing details and photographs of those involved in the report.

For Children in Need, Brettenham sold a range of Pudsey merchandise such as Pudsey ears, wristbands and more! One of the best events was the school disco.



by Blesson and the pupils at Brettenham Primary School

Term-time only subscriptions from £60 per year (P&P included). Call: 0844 8560 634 Quote: SSA13


At first we thought it was a sheep but, as we got closer, we saw that it was not at all a sheep. As my dad was taking a picture of it with his phone, we were joined by a small group of people who told us that it was in fact a capybara. Capybaras are the largest rodent in the world and live in the rainforests of South America. We were all dumbfounded as to what it was doing in England, thousands of miles away from its home! We found out later that it had escaped two weeks ago. So, the next time you’re out and about, why not have a look around to see what else might be living there? You never The capybara on a know what you walk by the river might find.

Another great event was the dazzling Brettenham’s Got Talent. All years participated and all deserved to be winners. The judges were: sporty Miss Charles (aka Alesha Dixon), math-genius Mr Combe (aka Simon Cowell), intelligent Mr Taylor (aka David Walliams) and spontaneous Miss Hall (aka Amanda Holden). The winner was Sarah Lilombe representing Year 5. Just to get in the mood we dressed in our pyjamas, including the teachers! The last event was the sleepover! Thirty children took part, and we did a variety of activities such as dodgeball, Spite (a dice game), bench ball and my favourite of all, table tennis. After that, we had hot chocolate with marshmallows. Overall the experience was so amazing that it can’t be described in words. Miss Bray and Miss Atkinson generously organised this event, so a massive Brettenham thank you to them. With their great efforts we raised a Sleepover fun whopping £875.75!


Advertisement feature



10 – 16 JANUARY 2014

You must be aged 13-16 years old to enter and have parental permission. If you make the final four, you need to be available for a judging day on 3 April in London. The winner needs to be available on 17 May at Wembley and you may need a Child Performance Licence from your council if you make the final four – this can take 21 days to organise. Just record an original, one-minute video of yourself presenting a news report around the 2013/14 FA Cup. Then upload the video to your own YouTube account, Vimeo account or similar and send the URL to BT Sport as part of your entry form, which can be found at btsport.com. You could look at how different clubs are training or which famous players are likely to be taking part. Entries can be shot using a smartphone or professional camera but entries should not include additional footage, interviews, music or graphics. Plus your entry should feature only the person entering the competition. For all terms and conditions, visit btsport.com. The winner of BT Sport’s Young FA Cup Presenter competition will get to pre-record a piece of content for BT Sport’s broadcast of the FA Cup Final 2014. Alongside presenter Jake Humphrey, they will get to interview a player, fan or official on the day as part of the pre-match build-up and receive a total of five tickets to the match for themselves and family. Three runners-up will get a football shirt of their choice signed by BT Sport’s presenting team and a pair of FA Cup semi-final tickets. Sounds good, right?



BT Sport presenter Jake knows all about tackling nerves and learning lines. Here, he reveals more about his job and offers some top tips for young presenters. How did you get into presenting? So I had a strange one getting into TV actually, I wouldn’t recommend it to any young people who have aspirations for getting into TV. I messed up my A-levels and had to go back to school and re-take them. It was the day that I returned to school that some work experience was offered for people in my class to go to a local TV channel called Rapture TV. They used to pay me £5 cash to do every job you can imagine, from autocue and floor managing to sound-assisting. I did all that and an opportunity came up to do some presenting for £10 per week presenting a live TV show. So for the first year I got paid £10 per week while I was re-doing my A-levels. What has been your career highlight so far? I think a career highlight up to this point was presenting Sports Personality of the Year. It was incredible because it’s just a legendary TV programme, a really special TV show, so being given the chance to host that was the most amazing opportunity. More recently, my first day on BT Sport. I think the very first game, the Liverpool v Stoke game we had for the new season, I remember sitting in the studio and thinking I’m now a presenter of the Premier League – a national sport, the best football league in the world! What tips would you give to people who want to get into presenting? 1. Don’t get into TV presenting because you want to be famous. You should get into TV presenting because you have a passion for presenting good television. 2. Start small – start off with your local newspaper, writing sport articles or sports reviews, offer your help to your local radio stations and say you’re available to do a few bits and pieces for them. 3. Know what you want to do. I think to be a general presenter you have to put yourself out there. You need your specialism, you need your area, your knowledge base. With mine, it’s sport. Everyone’s got one thing that they want to focus on in their career. 4. Just believe in yourself, because there will always be people that’ll tell you it’ll never happen! 5. It looks glamorous, it looks fun and it looks exciting, but it’s hard work and if you can work harder than everyone else, if you can be the one who puts in the graft, then you’ll be the one who succeeds and that’s the one thing that will define you forever.

The best entries will be narrowed down to a final four. These four, plus up to two parents or guardians, will be invited for a masterclass in presenting and a judging session to find the winner. For the masterclass, the winners will receive a studio tour and a 30-minute meet and greet/question and answer session around the art of presenting with Jake Humphrey. For the judging session, finalists will be given a presenter’s script from a BT Sport live football match broadcast and asked to present to the cameras.

Are you up for the presenting challenge? Enter now at btsport.com




10 – 16 JANUARY 2014

Pictures of the week
Lizzy Yarnold on her way to a gold medal at the skeleton World Cup in Germany (see p24)

Fans of American football team the Green Bay Packers make a joke of their ground’s nickname. Lambeau Field became known as the Frozen Tundra after a famous match in 1967 that was played in temperatures of -26°C!

France’s Alain Duclos gets wet during the first day of the Dakar Rally, as competitors passed through Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Argentina

Leicester Tigers fans get some tips from the club mascot, Welford

Alizé Cornet and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France kiss the Hopman Cup after winning the final of the international mixed doubles tennis competition

Female members of the US short track speed skating team are surprised with a champagne attack by the men’s team during the US Olympic trials in Salt Lake City

Follow the latest sport news each day at firstnews.co.uk

days is all it took for Australia to win the last Test of the Ashes series. The Aussies destroyed England to finish the series 5-0, which is only the third whitewash in Ashes history. Australia wicketkeeper Brad Haddin (below) was the unexpected star, finishing the series with a stunning average of 61.62 runs per innings.


IssUe 395

10 – 16 JanUaRy 2014
Rowan Cheshire impresses the judges on her way to a gold medal


balls is all it took for New Zealand batsman Corey Anderson (below) to hit a century against the West Indies, breaking a 17-year-old record. The unbelievable innings was the fastest ever century in a one-day international (ODI), beating Shahid Afridi’s record by one ball. Anderson eventually finished on 131 not out, and his innings included 14 sixes.



Golden girl
ALTHOUGH she’s just 18 years old, Rowan Cheshire made history last week by becoming the first British woman to win gold at the Freestyle halfpipe World Cup.
Cheshire wowed the judges at the event in Calgary, Canada, with her impressive combinations of tricks and how she made it all look so casual. “It’s so amazing,” she said. “I had a bit of a bad crash in practice, but I kinda tried to pull it together in the competition even though my heart was racing.” Last week also saw success for GB in the skeleton World Cup event in Winterberg, Germany. Lizzy Yarnold took her third World Cup gold this season, from five races. She has finished on the podium in all five, winning silver and bronze in the other two. Both athletes have qualified for the Winter Olympics and will be hoping for more medals. FReestyLe skiing was only recognised as a sport by the International Ski Federation in 1979. It first appeared at the Olympics as a demonstration event in 1988.


is the new world ranking of Dutch darts player Michael van Gerwen, who became the first world champion of 2014 when he won the PDC World Championship final on New Year’s Day (below). He beat Scotland’s Peter Wright 7-4 to win the title and £250,000 first prize.

Serena Williams celebrates reaching the final of the Brisbane International. She beat Maria Sharapova again, to increase her head-to-head record against Sharapova to 15-2. Sharapova hasn’t beaten Williams since 2004


goals were scored by Portuguese legend Eusébio in just 715 matches for Benfica between 1960-1975. He was the top scorer in Portugal’s top division for ten years in a row, and was also top scorer in the 1966 World Cup (below), with nine goals in six matches. His death last week was such a big event that the Portuguese government has declared three days of national mourning.


Picture of the week




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