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Why do you want to work for Macys?

It's a company with a good reputation that offers quality products and seems like it has staying power. I think it's been around since the 1850's and continues to grow. I was once told that no matter how small the opportunities presented to me by a multinational corporation, I should sei e it with both arms, because if you work hard enough anything is possible within a large organi ation, since there are more opportunities to ad!ance. "lso, I am going to business school after I graduate so it would be nice to de!elop skills other than the ones required by my ma#or, which is mathematics.

Do you have any experience in a sales environment?

I do not ha!e any e$perience as a sales person, but I think I am a quick and enthusiastic learner.

Tell me about a time you exceeded your managers expectations

If you see a co worker stealing! what would you do?

Immediately report he or she to the super!isor.

"ompletion of a Task when you were under time contraint

#ow do you define customer service?

%ustomer ser!ice that lea!es the customer fully satisfied with their e$perience. " big characteristic of superior customer ser!ice is the willingness to go abo!e and beyond the call of duty to please the customer.

Describe a time when you were working in a team! and a team member$co worker was not doing their part% What was your r&le?

Describe a time when you someone acted unethically and your response