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Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition

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Tin B Cailnge Recension I

Author !nkno"n
#ile $escription
Cecile O'Rahilly Electronic edition compiled by Beatrix Frber, Nicole Mller, Mafalda Sta i F!nded by "ni#er ity &rofe or Marianne Mc'onald #ia the CE() &ro*ect+ ,+ Second draft, re#i ed and corrected+ &roof correction by Nicole Mller, Mafalda Sta i Extent of text- ./012 3ord Colle$e, Cor% and

CE()- Corp! of Electronic )ext - a pro*ect Colle$e Road, Cor%, 4reland5http-66333+!cc+ie6celt 7,2208 'i trib!ted by CE() )ext 4' N!mber- 912020, :#ailability ;RES)R4C)E'< :#ailable 3ith prior con ent of the CE() pro$ramme for p!rpo e of academic re earch and teachin$ only+ ;RES)R4C)E'< =ardcopy copyri$ht to the Royal 4ri h :cademy and the School of Celtic St!die 7'!blin 4n tit!te for :d#anced St!die 8+ online at "ni#er ity of "ni#er ity Colle$e, Cor%




'anuscript sources (all recensions) 0+ '!blin, Royal 4ri h :cademy, MS 0,,> 7alia ,1 E ,? alia (ebor na h"idre+ )hree main cribe , incl!din$ M@el M!ire mac CAlechair meic C!ind na mBocht 7 lain by raider at Clonmacnoi e in 002B8C ee Dathleen M!lchrone and EliEabeth FitE&atric%, Catalo$!e of 4ri h 1

Man! cript in the Royal 4ri h :cademy xx#iFxx#ii 7'!blin 0>.18 11B/F11/>+ )he text i on p ??aFG,b 7end mi in$8+ ,+ )rinity Colle$e '!blin, MS )C' 010G 7alia = , 0B8, )he Hello3 Boo% of (ecan, a #ell!m of the end of the fo!rteenth cent!ry, col+ ?/1FB.. 7fac +- p 0/aF?1a8 7be$innin$ mi in$8+ 1+ (ondon, Briti h (ibrary, E$erton 7I8, f GGrF02?# 7end mi in$8+ .+ Maynooth, R! ell (ibrary, O'C!rry MS 0, p+ 0F/B+ ?+ '!blin, )rinity Colle$e (ibrary, MS 011>, alia = , 0G alia Boo% of (ein ter, p ?1bF02.b+ B+ '!blin, Royal 4ri h :cademy, MS /.2, 0F,/ 7alia C J4 18- f ,GraFB?#b+ /+ (ondon, Briti h (ibrary, E$erton >1C 3ritten in 0.// by 'omhnall :lbanach K )roi$hthi$hC ori$in Baile an MhLinMn, Co Clare+ )ext i on f ,BrN1?# 7fra$ment, early modern #er ion8+ G+ '!blin, )rinity Colle$e (ibrary, = , 0/+ )he text i on p 11BF1./O 11.F11? O 000F00. O 1.GF1.> O 00?#00G O 1?2#1?0 7fra$mentC early modern #er ion8+ Editions* including editions of parts of text 0+ Max Nettla!, )he fra$ment of the )@in BL CPailn$e in MS+ E$erton >1 7ff+ ,Ba 0F1?b ,8, inRe#!e CeltiQ!e 0. 70G>18 ,?.F,BBC 0? 70G>.8 B,F/GC 0>GF,2G+ ,+ Ern t Iindi ch 7ed+8, 'ie altiri che =elden a$e )@in BL CPaln$e nach dem B!ch #on (ein ter, in )ext !nd Rber etE!n$ mit einer Einleit!n$ ;!nd ISrter#erEeichni <+ 9edr!c%t mit "nter ttE!n$ der %$l+ ch i chen 9e ell chaft der Ii en chaften 7(eipEi$ 0>2?8+ 1+ Tohn Strachan and T+ 9+ O'Deeffe 7ed+8, )he )@in BL CPailn$e from the Hello3 Boo% of (ecan+ Iith #ariant readin$ from the (ebor na =!idre, 7S!ppl+ to Uri! 4F444+, J4+, 0>2.F0,8+ Reprinted 0>B/+ .+ Ern t Iindi ch 7ed+8, )@in BL CPailn$e, nach der =and chrift E$erton 0/G, ;fol+ GGb<, inVeit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie > 70>018 0,0F0?G+ ?+ R!dolf )h!rney en- )@in BL CPail$hni nach =+,+0/, in- Veit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie G 70>0,8 ?,?F??. ;= , 0/<+ B+ Richard 4+ Be t, Comhra$ Fir 'iaidh O Chon cC!lainn+ )@in BL CPailn$e+ ;)ext ed+ from "C'NOFM MS+ 0B, '!blin 7olim Franci can (ibrary Dilliney8 G1F02, and = , 0, ;0?< )C' fol+ 0 r, in- Veit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie 02 70>0.8 ,/.F12GC 00 70>0B8 7corr+8+ /+ O+ Ber$in and R+ 4+ Be t 7ed +8, (ebor na h"idre, , '!blin 0>,>, ll+ ../>FB/,,+ G+ &@drai$ K Fiannachta 7ed+8, )@in BL CPailn$e- )he Maynooth man! cript 7'!blin 0>BB8 ;O'C!rry<+ >+ Cecile O'Rahilly, )@in BL C!aln$e from the Boo% of (ein ter+ 7'!blin 0>/28 ;((<+ 02+ Cecile O'Rahilly, )@in BL CPailn$e+ Recen ion 4+ 7'!blin 0>/B8 ;(", !pplemented by HB( and #ariant <+ 00+ Cecile O'Rahilly, )he Sto3e Jer ion of )@in BL C!ailn$e+ 7'!blin 0>B08 ;C J4 1<+ Translations and Adaptations 0+ Standi h =aye O'9rady, in- Eleanor =!ll, )he C!ch!linn Sa$a, '!blin 0G>G 7abrid$ed En$li h tran l+8+ 2

,+ (ady 9re$ory, C!ch!lain of M!irthemne- )he tory of the men of the Red Branch of "l ter, (ondon 0>2, 7En$l+ paraphra e8+ 1+ (+ I+ Faraday, )he Cattle Raid of C!al$ne 7)@in BL C!ailn$e8, (ondon 0>2. 79rimm (ibrary, no+.8 7En$li h8+ .+ Ern t Iindi ch 7ed+8, 'ie altiri che =elden a$e )@in BL CPaln$e nach dem B!ch #on (ein ter, in )ext !nd Rber etE!n$ mit einer Einleit!n$ ;!nd ISrter#erEeichni <+ 9edr!c%t mit "nter ttE!n$ der %$l+ ch i chen 9e ell chaft der Ii en chaften 7(eipEi$ 0>2?8 79erman8+ ?+ =enri d':rboi de T!bain#ille- )@in BL CPaln$e+ EnlW#ement d! ta!rea! di#in et de #ache de Cooley+ (a pl! ancienne ApopAe de l'E!rope occidentale+ )rad!ction par =+ d':+ de T+ &remiWre li#rai on p!bliAe a#ec la collaboration de :lexandre Smirnof 7&ari , 0>2/8+ 'e!xiWme li#rai on p!bliAe a#ec la collaboration de E!$Wne Bibart+ 7&ari 0>2>8 7French8+ B+ M+ :+ =!tton, )he )@in+ :n 4ri h Epic )old in En$li h Jer e 7'!blin 0>2/8+ /+ T+ '!nn, )he :ncient Epic )ale )@in BL CPaln$e, ')he CPal$ne CattleNraid', 7(ondon 0>0.8+ G+ )+ &+ Cro and C+=+ Slo#er, :ncient 4ri h )ale , (ondon 0>1B 7Reprint 3ith !pdated biblio$raphy '!blin 0>B>8 ,G0F1,/+ >+ )homa Din ella, )he )ain, tran lated from the 4ri h epic )@in BL C!ailn$e, 7'!blin- )he 'olmen &re 0>B>6Oxford "ni#er ity &re 0>/28+ 02+ Melita Cataldi, (a $rande raEEia ;)@in BL CPailn$e<+ Milano- :delphi EdiEioni S+&+:+, 0>>B 74talian8+ ;Re#+ 'ori Edel, Veit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie ?0 70>>>8 ,GBF,>2+< 00+ Chri tianNT+ 9!y#on#arc'h, (a RaEEia de #ache de Cooley 7&ari 0>>.8 7French8+ ;Re#+ 'ori Edel, Veit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie ?0 70>>>8 ,GBF,>2+ &econdar+ literature 0+ T+ O'9rady, =i tory of 4reland- )he heroic period, '!blin and (ondon 0G/G+ ,+ T+ O'9rady, =i tory of 4reland- C!c!lain and hi contemporarie , '!blin and (ondon 0GG0+ 1+ T+ O'9rady, )he comin$ of C!c!lain, (ondon 0G>.+ .+ =enri d':rboi de T!bain#ille, E ! , )ar#o tri$arano C (a lA$ende de CPch!lainn en 9a!le et en 9randeNBreta$ne, Re#!e CeltiQ!e 0> 70G>G8 ,.?F,?0+ ?+ Max Nettla!, )he Fer 'iad Epi ode of the )@in BL CPailn$e+ (( G,a ,0FGGb ?,+ 4n- Re#!e CeltiQ!e 02 70GG>8 112F1.BC 00 70G>28 ,1F1,C 10GF1.1+ B+ T+ #+ &fl!$N=artt!n$, (e cycle ApiQ!e d'4rlande- le!r date et le!r charactWre, Re#!e CeltiQ!e 01 70G>,8 0/2F0GB+ /+ Eleanor =!ll, )he C!ch!llin a$a in 4ri h literat!re+ (ondon 0G>G+ G+ E+C+ X!i$$in, 'ie la!tliche 9elt!n$ der #ortoni$en ISrter !nd Silben in der Boo% of (ein ter #er ion der )@in BL C!aln$e, 'i +, 9reif 3ald 0>22+ >+ I+ Rid$e3ay, )he date of the fir t hapin$ of the C!ch!lainn a$a, &roceedin$ of the Briti h :cademy, 0>2?F2B, 01?F0BG+ 02+ T+ MacNeill, Relation of the "l ter Epic to =i tory, Ne3 4reland Re#ie3 ,B 70>2/8 1,>F1..+ 3

00+ =enri d':rboi de T!bain#ille, Ut!de !r le )@in BL CPal$ne, Re#!e CeltiQ!e ,G 70>2/8 0/F .2+ 0,+ Eleanor =!ll, C!ch!lainn, the ho!nd of "l ter+ (ondon 0>02+ 01+ Mar$aret E+ 'obb , Some F!rther E#idence on the 'ate of the Shapin$ of the )@in BL C!ail$ne, To!rnal of the Royal Society of :ntiQ!arie of 4reland ?, 70>0,8 GF0,+ 0.+ Mar$aret E+ 'obb , )he Blac% &i$' 'y%e and the Campai$n of the )@in BL C!ail$ne, Veit chrift fr Celti che &hilolo$ie G 70>0,8 11>F1.B+ 0?+ E+T+ 93ynn, On Some &a a$e in )@in BL C!aln$e, =ermathena 0/ 70>018 1>>F.21+ 0B+ E+ Dnott 7ed+8 &eadar "a (ao$haire, )@in BL C!ailn$e 'na 'hr@ma, '!blin 0>0?+ 0/+ Mar$aret E+ 'obb , Sideli$ht on the )@in :$e and Other St!die , '!ndal% 0>0G+ 0G+ R!dolf )h!rney en, 'ie iri che =eldenN !nd DSni$ a$e bi E!m iebEehnten Tahrh!ndert+ )eil 4 !nd 44+ =alle 0>,0, >BF,..+ 0>+ =enri 9aidoE, CPch!lainn, BAo3!lf et =erc!le, CinQ!antenaire de l'Ucole &ratiQ!e de =a!te Ut!de , &ari 0>,0, 010F0?B+ ,2+ J+ )o!rne!r, (a formation d! )@in BL CPaln$e, in- MAlan$e 9oidefroid D!rth, (iW$e 0>2G, .01F.,.+ ,0+ :+ de &aor, )he Common :!thor hip of Some Boo% of (ein ter )ext , Uri! > 70>,18, 00GF 0.B+ ,,+ O+ Ber$in, )he Ma$ic Iithe in )@in BL CPailn$e, Uri! > 70>,18 0?>+ ,1+ )om@ K M@ille, Medb Chr!achna, Veit chrift fr Celti che &hilolo$ie 0/ 70>,/8 0,>F0.B+ ,.+ Denneth Tac% on, )radition in early 4ri h prophecy+ Man YYYJ4 70>1.8 B/f+ ,?+ I+ Dra! e, 'e!t!n$ #er !che E! eini$en Stellen der )@in, Veit chrift fr Celti che &hilolo$ie ,, 70>.08 011F0.G+ ,B+ M+ O''aly, )he #erbal y tem of the (( )@in, Uri! 0. 70>.B8 10F01>+ ,/+ B+ B*er by, )he interpretation of the C!ch!lainn (e$end in the 3or% of I+ B+ Heat , "pp ala 0>?2+ ,G+ T+ Carney, St!die in 4ri h (iterat!re and =i tory, '!blin 0>?? ;Reprint 0>/><, chapter 44 and J+ ,>+ S+ Falconer, )he #erbal Sy tem in the (" )@in+ 4 )he S!b tanti#e Jerb, Uri! 0/ 70>??8, 00,F 0.B+ 12+ C+ 4+ Maclean, : Fol%NJariant of the )@in BL CPail$ne from "i t, :r# 0? 70>?>8, 0B2F0G0+ 10+ Denneth Tac% on, )he olde t 4ri h tradition- a 3indo3 on the 4ron :$e, Cambrid$e 0>B.+ 1,+ '+ 9reene, )@in BL CPail$ne, in- 4ri h Sa$a , ed+ Myle 'illon, '!blin 0>?>, >.F02B Reprint Cor% 0>BG, 70>/28+ 11+ F+ (e Ro!x, (a Mort de CPch!lainn, Commentaire d! texte, O$am 0G 70>BB8, 1B?F1>>+ 4

1.+ I+ O'S!lli#an, Note on the Script and Ma%eN"p of the Boo% of (ein ter, Celtica / 70>BB8, 0F10+ 1?+ 9+ =aley, )he topo$raphy of the )@in BL CPailn$e, "np!bli hed &h+ '+ the i , =ar#ard 0>/2+ 1B+ B+ D+ Martin, Old 4ri h (iterat!re and E!ropean :ntiQ!ity, in- : pect of Celtic (iterat!re, :! tralian :cademy of the =!manitie Mono$raph N!mber 0, Sydney 0>/2+ 1/+ T+ J+ Delleher, )he )@in and the :nnal , Uri! ,, 70>/08 02/F0,/+ 1G+ Tean Mar%ale, ('ApopAe celtiQ!e d'4rlande, &ari 0>/0, >?F02B+ 1>+ D+ =!$he , Early Chri tian 4reland- 4ntrod!ction to the o!rce + (ondon 0>/,+ .2+ '+ F+ Melia, Narrati#e Str!ct!re in 4ri h Sa$a, 'i + =ar#ard "ni#+, Cambrid$e M: 0>/,, 12F >., ,,>F,1B+ .0+ T+ J+ Delleher, =!mor in the "l ter Sa$a, in- =arry (e#in 7ed+8, Jein of =!mor, Cambrid$e, M: 0>/,, 1BF?/+ .,+ '+ :+ Binchy, Jaria hibernica 0+ )he oNcalled 'rhetoric ' of 4ri h a$a, in- =erbert &ilch and T+ )h!ro3 7ed +8, 4ndoNCeltica, 9edchtni chrift fr :lf Sommerfelt, Mnchen 0>/,, ,>F1G+ .1+ &+ Mac Cana, Con er#ation and 4nno#ation in Early Celtic (iterat!re, Ut!de CeltiQ!e 01 70>/,F/18 B0F00>+ ..+ C+ Bo3en, 9reatNBladdered Medb, Mytholo$y and 4n#ention in the )@in BL C!ailn$e, UireN 4reland 02 70>/?8 0.F1.+ .?+ (loyd (ain$, (ate Celtic Britain and 4reland, (ondon 0>/?+ .B+ 9+ Olm ted, )he 9!nde tr!p #er ion of )@in BL CPailn$e, :ntiQ!ity ?2 70>/B8 >?F021+ ./+ T+ )+ Mitchell, Heat , &ear e and C!ch!lain, UireN4reland 00 70>/B8 ?0FB?+ .G+ &+ (+ =enry, SaoithiPlacht na SeanN9haeil$e, '!blin 0>/B, >F,/+ .>+ &+ O'(eary, =onor and Ethic in the "l ter Cycle, 'i +, =ar#ard "ni#+, Cambrid$e M: 0>/G+ ?2+ '+ 9reene, )ab! in early 4ri h narrati#e, in- =+ Be%%erNNiel en et al+ 7ed +8, Medie#al narrati#e, Oden e 0>/>, >F0>+ ?0+ &+ Mac Cana, (iterat!re in 4ri h, '!blin 0>G2, ,/F1,+ ?,+ C+C+9+ 9ray, )he )@in BL C!ailn$e and the Epic )radition, 'i +, "ni# of 'alla 0>/>C 'i ertation :b tract 4nternational .1, no+ G, Feb 0>G1, ,BB0N:+ ?1+ E+ Bhreatnach, C!nta ar ch!ltPr (iteartha a$! tairiPil na )@na, NPaN:oM 70>G08 ,GF1/+

?.+ T+ &+ Mallory, )he S3ord of the "l ter Cycle, in- B+9+ Scott 7ed+8, St!die on Early 4reland+ E ay in hono!r of M+ J+ '!i$nan, Belfa t 0>G0, >>F00.+ ??+ :+ 'ooley, )he =eroic Iorld- )he Readin$ of Early 4ri h Sa$a , in- R+ O''ri coll 7ed+8, )he Celtic Con cio! ne , )oronto 0>G0+ ?B+ B+ 9+ Scott, 9old3or%in$ )erm in Early 4ri h Iritin$ , Veit chrift fr Celti che &hilolo$ie 1G 70>G08 ,.,F,?.+ 5

?/+ B+ 9+ Scott, Some Conflict and Corre pondence of E#idence in the St!dy of 4ri h :rchaeolo$y and (an$!a$e, in- B+9+ Scott 7ed+8, St!die on Early 4reland+ E ay in hono!r of M+ J+ '!i$nan, Belfa t 0>G0, 00?F00>+ ?G+ Iilliam Sayer , Jaria 4J+ )hree charioteerin$ 9ift in )@in BL C!ailn$e and Me ca "lad4mmorchor ndelend, fo c!l ndiri!ch, lAim dar boil$, Uri! 1, 70>G08 0B1F0B/+ ?>+ &+ Ber$er, ManyNShaped- :rt, :rchaeolo$y and the )@in, UireN4reland 0/ 70>G,8, BF0G+ B2+ T+ N+ Radner, F!ry 'e troy the Iorld- =i torical Strate$y in 4reland' "l ter Epic, Man%ind X!arterly ,1 70>G,8, .0FB2+ B0+ Barry Raftery, (a )Wne in 4reland, Marb!r$ 0>G1+ B,+ )om@ K Concheanainn, )he So!rce of the HB( )ext of )BC, Uri! 1. 70>G18 0/?F0G.+ B1+ Datherine Simm , &ropa$anda " e of the )@in in the (ater Middle :$e , Celtica 0? 70>G18, 0.,F0.>+ B.+ T+ Carney, )he hi tory of early 4ri h literat!re- )he tate of re earch, in- &roceedin$ of the Sixth 4nternational Con$re of Celtic St!die , ed+ 9+ Mac Eoin, '!blin 0>G1, 001F012+ B?+ Tohn Carey, Note on the 4ri h IarN9odde , Ui$ e 0> 70>G18 ,B1F,/?+ BB+ To eph Fala%y Na$y, Beo3!lf and Fer$! - =eroe of their )ribe Z 4n- &atric% D+ Ford and Daren Bor t 7ed +8, Connection bet3een Old En$li h and Medie#al Celtic (iterat!re, 10F..+ Ber%eley 0>G1+ B/+ Iilliam Sayer , Martial Feat in the Old 4ri h "l ter Cycle, Canadian To!rnal of 4ri h St!die > 70>G18, .?FG2+ BG+ Maria )ymocE%o, )ran latin$ the Old 4ri h Epic )@in BL CPailn$e- &olitical : pect + &acific X!arterly Moana G6, 70>G18, BF,0+ B>+ '+ 'ilt S3artE, Repetition in the Boo% of (ein ter )@in BL CPailn$e and in neoNcla ical rhetoric, &roceedin$ of the =ar#ard Celtic ColloQ!i!m ? 70>G.8 0,GF0.B+ /2+ Iilliam Sayer , )he Smith and the =ero- C!lann and CP Ch!lainn, Man%ind X!arterly ,?61 70>G?8 ,,/F,B2+ /0+ Iilliam Sayer , Fer$! and the Co mo$onic S3ord, =i tory of Reli$ion ,? 70>G?8 12F?B+ /,+ 'ori Edel, )! en mythe en 3er%el*%heid+ Donin$in Medb en haar beoordelar , #roe$er en n!, in F+ #an 'i*%N=emme 7ed+8, 't 4 %3aad $er!cht, al Ei* niet binnen bli*ft 7"trecht 0>GB8 B0F>.+ /1+ E+ Farrell, )he Epic =ero and Society- C!ch!lainn, Beo3!lf and Roland, Mythlore 01 70>GB8 ,?F,GC ?2+ /.+ 9+ Mannin$, )he #erbal y tem of )@in BL CPailn$e FRecen ion 4+ "np!bli hed M+ (itt+ the i , )rinity Colle$e '!blin, 0>G?+ /?+ :rth!r 9ribben, )he Ma % of Medb in Celtic Scholar hip- : S!r#ey of the (iterat!re temmin$ from the )@na, Fol%lore and Mytholo$y St!die 02 70>GB8 0F0>+ /B+ &+ O'(eary, Jerbal 'eceit in the "l ter Cycle, Ui$ e ,2 70>GB8 0BF,B+ 6

//+ T+ &+ Mallory, Sil#er in the "l ter Cycle of )ale , in- '+ Elli E#an , T+ 9+ 9riffith and E+ M+ Tope 7ed +8, &roceedin$ of the Se#enth 4nternational Con$re of Celtic St!die , =eld at Oxford from 02th to 0?th T!ly 0>G1, Oxford 0>GB, 10F/G+ /G+ '+ 'ilt S3artE, )he problem of cla ical infl!ence in the Boo% of (ein ter )@in BL CPailn$eSi$nificant parallel 3ith t3elfthNcent!ry neoNcla ical rhetoric, &roceedin$ of the =ar#ard Celtic ColloQ!i!m B 70>GB8, >BF0,?+ />+ N+ B+ :itchin on, )he "l ter Cycle- =eroic 4ma$e and hi torical reality, To!rnal of Medie#al =i tory 01, 70>G/8 G/F00B+ G2+ T+ &+ Mallory, )he (iterary )opo$raphy of Emain Macha, Emania , 70>G/8 0,F0G+ G0+ Bo :lmQ#i t, SAam! K Cath@in, and &@drai$ K =AalaM 7ed +8, )he =eroic &roce - Form, F!nction and Fanta y in Fol% Epic+ )he &roceedin$ of the 4nternational Fol% Epic Conference, "ni#er ity Colle$e '!blin, ,FB September 0>G?+ 'Pn (ao$haire6'!blin 0>G/+ G,+ T+ &+ Mallory, : &ro#i ional Chec%li t of CrPachain in the :nnal , Emania ? 70>GG8 ,.F,B+ G1+ T+ Corthal , V!r Fra$e de mndlichen oder chriftlichen "r pr!n$ der Sa$enro cada, in- S+ N+ )ranter and =+ (+ C+ )ri tram 7ed +8, Early 4ri h (iterat!re F Media and Comm!nication+ Mndlich%eit !nd Schriftlich%eit in der frhen iri chen (iterat!r, )bin$en 0>G> 7ScriptOralia 028, ,20F,,2+ G.+ :rth!r 9ribben, )he Role of the :ncient 4ri h Epic )@in BL CPail$ne in the Sen e of (ocal C!lt!ral 4dentity in Contemporary North Co!nty (o!th, 4reland, 'i +, "ni#+ of California, (o :n$ele 0>GGC 'i ertation :b tract 4nternational .>, no+ B, 'ec+ 0>GG, 0?.?N:+ G?+ R+ K h"i$inn, CrPach!, Connachta, and the "l ter Cycle, Emania ? 70>GG8 0>F,1+ GB+ R+ K h"i$inn, )on$! do dia toin$e mo thPath and Related Expre ion , in- '+ K Corr@in, (+ Breatnach and D+ McCone 7ed +8, Sa$e , Saint and Storyteller + Celtic St!die in =ono!r of &rofe or Tame Carney, Maynooth 0>G> 7Maynooth Mono$raph ,8, 11,F1.0+ G/+ :rth!r 9ribben, )he )@in )radition in Contemporary North Co!nty (o!th, UireN4reland ,.6. 70>G>8, /F,2+ GG+ R!th &+ M+ (ehmann, 'eath and Jen$eance in the "l ter Cycle, Veit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie .1 70>G>8 0F02+ G>+ I+ Forbe , )he Fir t Recorded :rchaeolo$ical Find at Emain Macha, Emania / 70>>28, .1F .?+ >2+ &atric% Sim NIilliam , CP Ch!lainn in Iale - Iel h So!rce for 4ri h Onoma tic , Celtica ,0 70>>28 7E ay in =ono!r of Brian K C!M#8 B,2FB11+ >0+ Dim McCone, &a$an pa t and Chri tian pre ent in early 4ri h literat!re, Maynooth 0>>2+ >,+ M+ K Flaithearta, Echtra Nerai, )@in BL Re$amna !nd ihr Jerhtni E! )@in BL C!ailn$e, in=+ (+ C+ )ri tram 7ed+8 'e!t che, Delten !nd 4ren, =amb!r$ 0>>2+ >1+ N+ Bac%ha! , )he Str!ct!re of the (i t of Rem cAla )@na BL CPal$ni in the Boo% of (ein ter, Cambrid$e Medie#al St!die 0> 70>>28 0>F,B+ >.+ Nancy Ed3ard , )he :rchaeolo$y of Early Medie#al 4reland, (ondon 0>>2+

>?+ B+ Raftery, =or e and cart in 4ron :$e 4reland, To!rnal of 4ndoNE!ropean St!die 0> 70>>08 .>F/0+ >B+ 'ori Edel, )@in BL C!ail$ne and the dynamic of the matter of "l ter, :cte d! 4Ye Con$rW international d'At!de celtiQ!e , &ari , /F0, *!illet 0>>0+ 'e!xiWme partie- (in$!i tiQ!e, (ittArat!re + Ut!de CeltiQ!e ,> 70>>,8, 0B0F0/2+ >/+ 'ori Edel, )ext and memory, in- I+&+ 9errit en and C+ Jelle%oop 7ed +8 )al% on )extpaper read at the clo in$ e ion of the N4:S theme $ro!p 'Orality and (iteracy' on May ,/th, 0>>, 7Ia enaar 0>>,8 ,0FB+ >G+ 9arrett Olm ted, Conailla Medb MMch!r! and the Ori$in of the )@in, :cte d! 4Ye Con$rW international d'At!de celtiQ!e , &ari , /F0, *!illet 0>>0+ 'e!xiWme partie- (in$!i tiQ!e, (ittArat!re + Ut!de CeltiQ!e ,> 70>>,8 111F1.,+ >>+ =ilde$ard (+C+ )ri tram, (a raEEia de #ache de C!ailn$e et le archAolo$!e , :cte d! 4Ye Con$rW international d'At!de celtiQ!e , &ari , /F0, *!illet 0>>0+ 'e!xiWme partie(in$!i tiQ!e, (ittArat!re + Ut!de CeltiQ!e ,> 70>>,8, .21F.0.+ 022+ =eidi :nn (aEarNMeyn, " e of Empha iEin$ &article in Con*!nction 3ith 4ndependent &rono!n in Old and Middle 4ri h Recen ion of )@in BL CPailn$e, 4n- Cyril T+ Byrne, Mar$aret =arry, and &@drai$ K Siadhail 7ed +8 Celtic (an$!a$e and Celtic &eople &roceedin$ of the Second North :merican Con$re of Celtic St!die held in =alifax :!$! t 0BF0>, =alifax 0>>,, ,01F,,>+ 020+ 9arrett Olm ted, )he earlie t narrati#e #er ion of the )@in- e#enth cent!ry poetic reference to )@in BL CPailn$e, Emania 02 70>>,8 >.F>/+ 02,+ T+ &+ Mallory et al+ 7ed+8, : pect of the )@in, Belfa t 0>>,+

021+ 'ori Edel, 'ie )@in BL CPailn$e E3i chen Mndlich%eit !nd Schriftlich%eit+ &role$omena E! einer 9e chichte ihrer Ent3ic%l!n$, in- Martin Roc%el and Stefan Vimmer 7ed +8, :%ten de er ten Sympo i!m de!t ch prachi$er Deltolo$en+ 9o en bei Berlin, G+F02+ :pril 0>>,, G1F>> 7B!chreihe der Veit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie 00, 0>>1, Max Niemeyer Jerla$, )bin$en8+ 02.+ 'onna Ion$, Combat Bet3een Fo terbrother in )@in BL CPailn$e, &roceedin$ of the =ar#ard Celtic ColloQ!i!m 01 70>>18, 00>F0..+ 02?+ R!airM K h"i$inn, Fer$! , R! RLich, Emania 00 70>>18 10F.2+ and R!drai$e- : Brief Bio$raphy of Fer$! Mac

02B+ T+ &+ Mallory, 'ie :rcholo$ie der )@in BL CPail$ne, in- =ilde$ard (+ C+ )ri tram 7ed+8, St!dien E!r )@in BL C!ail$ne, )bin$en 0>>1+ 02/+ E+ 9reen3ood, : pect of the e#ol!tion of )@in BL C!ail$ne, !np!bli hed &h+ '+ )he i + X!een' "ni#er ity Belfa t, 0>>1+ 02G+ =ilde$ard (+ C+ )ri tram 7ed+8, St!dien E!r )@in BL C!ail$ne, )bin$en 0>>1+ er ten

02>+ T+ Corthal , V!r F!n%tion der frhiri chen &ro a a$en, in- :%ten de Sympo i!m de!t ch prachi$er Deltolo$en, )bin$en 0>>1, B/FG0+

002+ T+ &+ Mallory and 9erard Stoc%man 7ed+8, "lidia, &roceedin$ of the Fir t 4nternational conference on the "l ter Cycle of )ale , Belfa t and Emain Macha, GF0, :pril 0>>., Belfa t 0>>.+ 8

000+ :+ Br!ford, CP Ch!lainn F an illmade heroZ in- )ext !nd Veittiefe, ed+ =+ (+ C+ )ri tam, )bin$en 0>>., 0G?F,0?+ 00,+ 'eirdre Flana$an, Na#an Fort and Emain Macha, Exca#ation at Na#an Fort by '!dley Iaterman, ed+ C+ T+ (ynn, Belfa t 0>>/+ 001+ &+ Freeman, Ji ion from the dead in =erodot! , Nicander of Colophon, and the )@in BL CPail$ne, Emania 0, 70>>.8 .?F.G+ 00.+ (loyd (ain$ and Tennifer (ain$, Celtic Britain and 4reland- :rt and Society, (ondon 0>>?+ 00?+ &+ (+ =enry, )@in ro cada- di c! ion and edition, Veit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie ./ 70>>?8, 1,F/?+ 00B+ To eph Fala%y Na$y, )he Ri in$ of the Cronn Ri#er in the )@in BL CPail$ne, 4n:nder :hlQ#i t, ed+ 3ith 9+ Ieldon Ban% , Riitta (at#io, =+ Nyber$, and )+ S*Sblom, Celtica =el in$ien ia+ &roceedin$ from a Sympo i!m on Celtic St!die , =el in%i 0>>B, 0,>F 0.G+ 00/+ "@itAar Mac 9earailt, 4nfixed and 4ndependent &rono!n in the (( )ext of )@in BL CPail$ne, Veit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie .>F?2 70>>/F>G8 .>.F?0?+ 00G+ 'ori Edel, Ca!$ht bet3een hi tory and myth- )he fi$!re of Fer$! and Medb in the )@in BL CPailn$e and related matter, VC& .>6?2 70>>/8, 0.1F0B> !nd Er$nE!n$ E! VC& .>F ?2 70>>/8, VC& ?0 70>>>8, ,00+ 00>+ )om Chad3in, )he Rem cAla )@na BL C!aln$i, Cambrian Medie#al Celtic St!die 1. 7Iinter 0>>/8 B/F/?+ 0,2+ To eph Fala%y Na$y, =o3 the )@in 3a lo t, Veit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie .>F?2 70>>/F>G8 B21FB2>+ 0,0+ 'ori Edel, Mental text, land cape, politic and 3ritten codification, the 4ri h epic ')@in BL CPailn$e', in- (+ =on%o et al+ 7ed +8, )he Epic oral and 3ritten+ &roceedin$ of the 00th Con$re of the 4nternational Society for Fol% Narrati#e Re earch, BF0, Tan!ary 0>>? 7Central 4n tit!te of 4ndian (an$!a$e , My ore, 4ndia, 0>>G8 #ol+ ?, 0B1F/>+ 0,,+ Daarina =ollo, CP Ch!lainn and SMd )r!im, Uri! .> 70>>G8 01F,,+

0,1+ =ilde$ard (+ C+ )ri tram, (atin and (atin (earnin$ in the )@in BL CPail$ne, Veit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie .>F?2 70>>/F>G8 G./FG//+ 0,.+ Catherine T+ =yland- Crecha !nd )@na- Rinderra!bE$e in der 9e chichte !nd (iterat!r 4rland , in- Erich &oppe and =ilde$ard )ri tram 7ed +8, Rber etE!n$, :daption !nd :%%!lt!ration im in !laren Mittelalter, Mn ter 0>>>+ 0,?+ Bart Ta %i, CP Ch!lainn, $ormac and dalta of the "l termen, Cambrian Medie#al Celtic St!die 1/ 7S!mmer 0>>>8 0F10+ 0,B+ 'a#id Ran%in, Bendacht dee a$! andee fort, a in$en 7)@in BL C!al$ne ,000, O'Rahilly8, Veit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie ?0 70>>>8 00BF0,.+ 0,/+ =ilde$ard (+ C+ )ri tram, )he 'CattleNRaid of C!ailn$e' bet3een the Oral and the Iritten, : Re earch Report 7SFB 1,0, &ro*ect : ?, 0>GBF0>>B8, Veit chrift fr celti che &hilolo$ie ?0 70>>>8 0,?F0,>+ 9

0,G+ 9re$ory )oner, )he "l ter Cycle- =i torio$raphy of FictionZ, Cambrid$e Medie#al Celtic St!die 7Iinter ,2228+ 0,>+ &@drai$ K NAill, )he (atin colophon to the ')@in BL CPailn$e' in the Boo% of (ein ter- : critical #ie3 of Old 4ri h literat!re, Celtica ,1 70>>>8 ,B>F,/?+ 012+ Tohn Carey, CP Ch!lainn a :ilin$ =ero, in- Ronald Blac%, Iilliam 9illie , Roibeard K Maolalai$h 7ed +8, Celtic Conection - &roceedin$ of the )enth 4nternational Con$re of Celtic St!die , Jol+ One- (an$!a$e, (iterat!re, =i tory, C!lt!re+ Edinb!r$h 0>2F0>G+ 010+ )om@ K Catha ai$h, &a$an !r#i#al - the e#idence of early 4ri h narrati#e, in&rLin Aa NM Chath@in and Michael Richter 7ed +8, 4rland !nd E!ropa, die Dirche im Frhmittelalter64reland and E!rope, )he Early Ch!rch, St!tt$art 0>G., ,>0F12/+ 01,+ Darin Ol en, )he C!c%old' Re#en$e- Recon tr!ctin$ Six 4ri h Ro cada in )@in BL CPailn$e, Cambrian Medie#al Celtic St!die ,G 70>>.8 ?0FB>+ 011+ 'ori Edel, Stability and fl!idity in the tran mi ion of narrati#e text - the delineation of character in )@in BL CPailn$e, in- &roin Aa NM Chath@in and Michael Richter 7ed +8, 4reland and E!rope in the early Middle :$e + )ext and )ran mi ion 7'!blin ,2208 101F,?+ 01.+ 'ori Edel, Early 4ri h Q!een and royal po3er- a fir t reconnai ance, in- Michael Richter and TeanNMichel &icard 7ed +8, O$ma- E ay in Celtic St!die 7'!blin ,2208 0F0>+ 01?+ 'ori Edel, Off the main tream- a literat!re in earch of it criteria 7Fac!lteit der (etteren, "ni#er iteit "trecht ,2208+ 01B+ 'ori Edel, )he Celtic Ie t and E!rope- t!die in Celtic literat!re and the early 4ri h Ch!rch 7'!blin ,2208+ 01/+ 'ori Edel, Myth #er ! reality- X!een Medb of Connacht and her critic , ancient and modern, in- )he Celtic Ie t and E!rope- t!die in Celtic literat!re and the early 4ri h Ch!rch 7'!blin ,2208 0?1F/B+ 01G+ 'ori Edel, )he )@in BL CPailn$e, bet3een orality and literacy- ome prole$omena to a hi tory of it de#elopment, in- )he Celtic Ie t and E!rope- t!die in Celtic literat!re and the early 4ri h Ch!rch 7'!blin ,2208 ,0BF,B+ 01>+ 'ori Edel, NineteenthNCent!ry national and $ender determini m and the reception of early 4ri h literat!re, Ut!de 4rlandai e ,/6, 7,22,8 0B0F/>+ 0.2+ )om@ K Con Cheanainn, )@in BL CPailn$e- foin M an tAac at@ in E$erton 0/G,, Celtica ,. 7,2218 ,1,F,1G+ 0.0+ )om@ K Catha ai$h, )@in BL CPailn$e and Early 4ri h (a3, O born Ber$in Memorial (ect!re ,221+ Fac!lty of Celtic, "ni#er ity Colle$e '!blin ,22?+ 0.,+ &eter Schri*#er, )he Ro cada of )@in BL CPailn$e Recen ion 4, ,.,GF,.?.+ 4nBernadette Smeli%, Ri*c%lof =ofman, Camiel =aman and 'a#id Cram 7ed 8 : Companion in (in$!i tic - : Fe t chrift for :nder :hlQ#i t on the occa ion of hi ixtieth birthday, >,F 00B+ Ni*me$en- Stichtin$ "it$e#eri* de Delti che 'raa% ,22?+ 0.1+ 'ori Edel, Bodily matter in early 4ri h narrati#e literat!re, VC& ?? 7,22B8 B>F02/+

The edition used in the digital edition 0+ Tin B Cailnge Recension I+ Cecile O'Rahilly 7ed8, Fir t edition ;xxi# 7#iiNxxiii 4ntrod!ction, xxi# :c%no3led$ement 8 [ 10, pp 70N0,? )ext, 0,?N,1> )ran lation, ,1>N,>> 10

Note )o )ext, 122 4ndex to Main Note , 120N12B 4ndex of &er on , 12/N10, 4ndex of &lace , &eople , Ri#er , 10, Corri$enda8< '!blin 4n tit!te for :d#anced St!die '!blin 70>/B8

%ro,ect $escription
CE()- Corp! of Electronic )ext

&ampling $eclaration
)he electronic text repre ent pa$e 0N0,. of the edition+ :ll the li t of content , introd!ction and ac%no3led$ement ha#e been omitted+ Mi in$ text !pplied by the editor in the body of the 3or% i ta$$ed sup resp="COR"+ Editorial correction entered in the body of the 3or% are ta$$ed corr and the ori$inal readin$ i %ept in the sic attrib!te+ 4n the ca e of editorial correction !$$e ted in the apparat! critic! at the foot of the pa$e the man! cript readin$ i ta$$ed sic and the !$$e ted correction i %ept in the attrib!te corr+ Iord editorially mar%ed sic in the apparat! critic! and 3itho!t any !$$e ted correction are imply ta$$ed sic+ Chan$e of cribe are retained and mar%ed handshift to$ether 3ith cribal i$la 7for 3hich ee profilede c belo38+ Scribal $lo e and annotation are mar%ed add 3ith appropriate attrib!te + Readin$ of the other man! cript , cited in the apparat! critic! , ha#e been i$nored+

Editorial $eclaration

)ext ha been chec%ed and proofread t3ice+ :ny impro#ement 3ill be credited to the cholar 3ho !bmit them+

)he electronic text repre ent the edited text+


X!otation mar% ha#e been ta$$ed Q+ )he pea%er are identified by a !niQ!e 4' n!mber+

=yphen ha#e been in erted after m!tated 3ord 3ith hN in anla!t and after occ!rrence of na ali ation+ Ihen a hyphenated 3ord 7hard or oft8 cro e a pa$eNbrea%, the pa$eNbrea% i mar%ed after the completion of the hyphenated 3ord+ Soft hyphen are ilently remo#ed+
&egmentation div0\the 3hole 3or%C div1\the indi#id!al text C div2\ ection of the indi#id!al text 3hen the e

are mar%ed, other3i e indicated or implied in the man! cript+ &a a$e of #er e occ!rrin$ 3ithin text para$raph are treated a embedded text and tanEa are en!merated in the tr!ct!ral mar%N!p+ )he pa$eNbrea% of the edition and the folio n!mber of the man! cript are mar%ed, and o are the corre pondin$ line of the man! cript (ebor na h"idre, Hello3 Boo% of (ecan and O'C!rry MS+


Name of per on , tribe , people , and place are ta$$ed+ Office and title 7%in$, abbot, lord etc+8 are not ta$$ed, nor are n!mber and date + )he text i rendered a it tand in Cecile O'Rahilly' edition+

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Created- By !n%no3n a!thor in 4ri h mona tic criptoria+ 'ate ran$e- c+ ??2N0022, #ario! and mo tly !n%no3n+

!se of language
1anguage 23A4 The text is mainl+ in 5ld and 'iddle Irish6 1anguage 21A4 &ome "ords are in 1atin6

1ist of %articipants

:ilill Bodb Bricri! B!ide Mac Bain Cathbad the 'r!id Celtchar Mac "thidir Cethern Mac Findtain Etarcomol' charioteer Fer 'iad' charioteer Medb' charioteer Orlam' charioteer Conall Cernach Conchobor 12

Cormac Connlon$a One of C! Roi' people C! Ch!lainn C!illi! , :ilill' charioteer C!lann C!r Mac 'a (ath C!Ch!lainn' mother 'iarmait Mac Conchobair 'r!id7 8 '!bthach Etarcomol Fachtna Fer Baeth Fer 'iad Fedelm the prophete Fer$! Fiacha Mac Fir Fhebe Fiacha Mac Fir Fhebe' brother Fin$in Follomon Mac Conchobair Fraech : Fili =alfmanN$ho t Conchobor' charioteer C! Ch!lainn' charioteer (arine Mac Noi :ilill' $room &hy ician (och Mac Emoni 13

(oe$aire B!adach (othar (!$aid (!$ Maine Maenen Mand M!ire ci Mac 'airi Mac Roth Medb Me en$er Morri$an Conchobor' 3ife Narrator Nadcrantail Satiri t S!altaim Iatchman of the "lidian Iatchman of the Connacian

These are grouped as follo"s

:ll Fer$! ' &eople )he "lidian troop Medb and :ilill Son of Nechta Scene Mercenarie 3omen admirin$ C! Ch!lainn Din$ of M!n ter "l termen

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A ;main0< !n%no3n ' ;main,< Mael M!ire mac CAilechair 0 ;interpolator< !n%no3n

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7,22GN2>N,,8 Beatrix Frber 7ed+8

Dey3ord addedC file #alidated+ 7,22GN2/N,.8 Beatrix Frber 7ed+8

Jal!e of di#2 ]type] attrib!te modified, content of 'lan$" a$e' chec%edC minor modification made to headerC addition to biblio$raphy+ 7,22?N2GN,?8 T!lianne Nyhan 7ed+8

Normali ed lan$!a$e code and edited lan$" a$e for YM( con#er ion 7,22?N2GN2.)0?-.G-?.[20228 &eter Flynn 7ed+8

Con#erted to YM( 7,22?N2BN028 Ben*amin =aEard 7ed+8

Minor chan$e to headerC file repar ed+ 7,22.N2BN0.8 Ben*amin =aEard 7ed+8

:ddition to biblio$raphy !$$e ted by 'r+ 'ori Edel+ 7,221N00N0>8 &eter Flynn 7Jalidation8

Minor correction to mar%!p made+ 7,220N2/N,28 Beatrix Frber 7ed+8

Biblio$raphy in erted+ 7,222N2>N2.8 15

Beatrix Frber 7ed+8

=eader and partic'e c con tr!ctedC file par ed ! in$ 9n! Emac + 7,222N2>N208 Beatrix Frber 7ed+8

Str!ct!ral mar%!p chec%ed and re#i ed+ 7,222N2GN108 Beatrix Frber 7ed+8

&er onal name mar%!p chec%ed and completed+ 70>>.N2?N,.8 Nicole Mller 7ed+8

Main part of tr!ct!ral mar%N!p added+ 70>G>N>28 Mafalda Sta i 7ed+8

&roofin$ and correction of text, tr!ct!ral mar%!p of pea%er + 70>G>8 Mafalda Sta i 7data capt!re8

)ext capt!red by cannin$+

Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition 389:9:;

Tin B Cailnge Recension I Author !nkno"n


2A4 Tin B Cailnge inso s<s6

^)arcomlad lLi$ed mLr la Connachtu +i+ la hNAilill O la 'eidb ,O hNetha hNPaidib co na trM chLiced aili+ Oc! foMte techta L Ailill co echt mac! 'gach +i+ co hNAilill , co =nlan , co 'occorb, co Cet, co >n O Bascall O $che, trMcha cAt la cach nN@e,O co Cormac Cond 1ongas mac Conchobair cona thrMb cAtaib boM for condmi!d la Connachta+ )ecait !ile Mar!m co mNbatar hi Crachnaib A<+_ ^)rM l!ir$ didi! do Chormac oc tochim do Chrachnaib+_ ^4n cAtna lor$ broitt brecca i forcip!l co filli!d imp!+ FortMi berrtha foraib+ (Aini fo thairinni!th cota n$lPn, O fotal cAith foraib O manaM lethan$la for cr!nd mid in$ i lNl@im cech fir+_


^4n lor$ t@nai i broit d!b$la a imp!N ide O lAnti co nNdercintli!d co hNorcnib M , O mon$a tara cenna Mar, O l!bne $ela foraib O le$a cLicrinne inna l@maib+_ ^NM hNA Cormac be! ,_ ^or 'edb+ )ic an tre lorc dano+ Broitt chorcra imp! O lAnte c!lpatacha fo der$$int laid co trai$the, O ber rthai lechtai co $!aille, O crom cAith co f@ebraib condPala imp! O t!rre rM$thi$e i lNl@im cach fir+_ ^4 A Cormac in o hNifecht a,_ ^ or 'edb+ 'oecmalta dano Mar!m ceithre cLiced hN >rend co mNb@tar hi Crachnaib A<i+ Oc! nM teilc et a f@thi O a nNdr!Md a ein co cend cLicthi$i oc irnaidi eLin+_ ^: bert 'edb Mar!m fria hNaraid a lNl@a doc!ml@ at-_ ^Cach Len cara !nd tr@ indi!,_ ^ol M,_ ^fria chLem O a charait, dobArat maldachtain formN a Pair i mA dorinLl in lPa$ad a ]+_ ^:nN ! didi!,_ ^ol in tN ara,_ ^co nNimparr@ in carpat dei el O co tM nert in tN ePin ara tM am ar frithi i+_ `(" line .?02N.?.?a

,>< ^4n tan didi! do oM in tNara for in carpat O lotair do thecht a co nNaccat@r in nNin$in macdacht remib+ Folt b!idi f!rri+ Bratt brecc impe, del$ nNLir and+ (Aine c h!lpatach co nNder$$int laid impe+ '@ a a co foraib Lir imp!+ :$ad fochLel forlethan+ 'M broM d!ba dorchaidi+ `FO(4O ??ba :brait d!ib d@in co mNbentaM fo cod i mNmedLn a d@ $rPaide+ 4ndar latt ropo di partain$ imdAntai a beLil+ 4ndar lat ba fro do nAmannaib boM inna bAlaib +i+ a fMaclai+ )eLra trill i f!irri +i+ dM thrili immo cend Pa , trili tara hNai Mar co mNbenad a d@ colptha inna dMaid+ Claideb corthaire do findr!ine inna l@im, e naid Lir and+ )rM meic imli e cechtar a d@ Pla+ 9ai ced la in nNin$in O d@ ech d!ba foa carp!t+_ ^Cia do chomainmN i!Z_ ^ol 'edb fri in nNin$in+_ ^#edelm banfili do Chonnachtaib mo ainmN ea,_ ^or ind in$en+_ ^Can dothAi$Z_ ^or 'edb+_ ^: hNAlbain iar fo$laim filidechta,_ ^or ind in$en+_ ^4n fil imba foro na latZ_ ^or 'edb+_ ^Fil Acin,_ ^or ind in$en+_ ^'Acai damN a didi! co bN bia mo fechta +_ ^'o nAcce ind in$en Mar!m+ 4 and a bert 'edb-_ ^: #eidelm banf@ith, co acci in lPa$Z_ ^Fri $art #edelm co nNepert-_ ^:tchM! forder$, atchM! rPad+_ ^NM fMr Ln Am,_ ^ol 'edb,_ ^ar at@ Conchobor ina che i nNEmain OhN!laid imbi co neoch a dech a nNLcc, O r@ncat@r mo thec htaN a co t!c at fi cAl damN a a + #edelm banf@ith, co acca ar lPa$Z_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^:tchM! forder$, atchM! rPad,_ ^ol ind in$en+_ ^NM fMr Ln,_ ^ol 'edb,_ ^ar at@ Celtchar mac3uthidir co trM!n hN!lad imbi i nN$n 1ethglaisse, O at@ #ergus mac Roeich meic Echdach lenni !nd for lon$ai co trMchait chAt imbi+ #edelm banfaith, co acca ar lPa$Z_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^:tchM! forder$, atchM! rPad,_ ^ol ind in$en+_ ^NM b@a anM in tr@,_ ^ol 'edb,_ ^ar bMt im er$a O cMr$ala O f!ili forder$$a i cach lPa$ O i cach tha!rchomrac dPnaid mLir+ 'Aca ather!ch dPnd dano O abbair a fMr frind+ #eidelm banfaMth, co acca ar lPa$Z_ ^:tchM! forder$, atchM! rPad,_ ^ol #edelm+204 Conid and a bert-_`(" line .?.BN.?//a


B/< 0+ 0< :tchM! fer ,< co lMn 1< lPan l@ith .< Lenach mNbPada a th!lchind+ find firfe crAchta fora i nNairthi!r a cle chne chind 17

,+ 0< Fail echt nN$emma ,< for l@r a 1< fil f!idrech .< fil leind nNdeir$ nNdrolai$ immi+ 1+ 0< 'ofil $nPi ,< dobeir mod 1< d!ni Lc .< dofeith deilb nNdrac!in don chath+ a

l@ith d@ fora $r@to don @laind

n$aile imli e $linni dL banch!reo dath

.+ 0< Co mail inna a ,< fri Coin Culaind 1< nocon fetar cPich .< Ch!laind aa caini ?< acht rofet!rN a B< i forder$ in lPa$ a de+ ?+ 0< :tchM! ,< dobeir 1< cethri .< fil i cechtar a d@ l@m+ fer tre claidbMni mLr

$aile 'urtheimne in CP clP amne mai$ lL$aib nN@n

for in dona cle

`FO(4O ?Baa B+ 0< '@ $@e ,< cenmoth@ col$ 1< ardaric imbert .< ain $nMm fri tAit cach nNarm !@d+

bol$a dAt don


immo beir le$ tN lPa$

/+ 0< Fer i cathfochr! br!it deir$ ,< dobeir in co mail cach leir$ 1< arda li$ tar fonnad clA .< cota$oin in rMa tarthe ?< delb dom@rfa fair co e B< atchM! imrochl@d a $nA+ `(" line .?/GN.B2Ba

>>< G+ 0< Ro $ab to c!$!d ,< mani airle tar 1< dLich lim i .< C Chulaind mac &aldaim+ >+ 0< Slaidfid ,< fochi!chra 1< f@icfidi .< nM cheil in banf@ith #edelm+ 02+ 0< ,< Sni$fid do crP l@im for for lei a laMch

don bid A lPa$! mMli cne aib bid

chath brath dobob ai$ l@na ti!$@ra cend c!rad l@np!dar 18

1< oir$fid Lc! imre$at .< do chlannaib $edad meic ?< beit c!irp cerbtha caMnfit B< la Coin na Certa atchM!N a+ a+

fir &in mn@

2'4 ;r+< ^4n lPan iar amain i and doc!mlai et+ 4 e dollotar airde a Crachnaib A<i +i+ for 'uicc Cruinb, for Terloch Tera Cr<ch, for Taim 'na, for Cil &ibrinne, for #id, for Bolga, for Coltain, for 3lne 3abair, for 'ag Trego, for Tethbai tPa cirt for Tethbai de cirt, for T<arthechta, for 5rd, for &la<s fade , for Indiuind, for Carnd, for 5chtrach, for 'idi, for #indglassa Assail, for $eilt, for $elind, for &ailig, for &laibre, for &lechtai el$atar, for Cil &ibrinni, for 5chuind fade , for hN!atu fathPaid, for $ub, for Comur fade , for Tromma, for 5thromma air, for &lini, for 3ort &lni, for $ruim 1icce fade , for =th n?3abla, for Ardachad, for #@raind fothPaid, for #indabair, for Assi fade , for $rim &lfind, for $ruim Ca<n, for $ruim 'ac n?$ega, for Edond 'r, for Edond m?Bec, for '@the Tog, for '@the n?Ein, for $ruim Cemtechta, for &caip, for Imscaip, for Cend #erna, for Baile, for Aile, for Bil &cena, for $il &cena, for #ertse, for Ross 1ochad, for`(" line .B2/N.B1.a

0,>< &le, for 1ochmach, for =nmag, for $eind, for $eilt, for $ubglaiss, for #id 'r, for Colbtha, for Crond hNi Calngi+_;r+ end < ^: #indabair Chalngi i a fod@ilte in tN lLi$ hN>rend fLn cLiced do ch!in$id in tairb+ br ropo thair i! in dochLtar cAin co r@ncatar #indabair+_ Finit a tit!lrad+ 4ncipit in cAl iar nN!rd+ `FO(4O ?Bba

In sc@l iar n?urd inso s<s6

^K dodeochat@r a cAtna nN!de a Crachnaib co mNb@t@r hi Cil &ibrinne, a bert 'edb fria hNaraid ara nNindled a noM carpti dM coro l@d cor i in dPnad co nNaccad dP cMa la mboth cMth O la mboth laind techt in tN lL$aid+ Focre a ph!pall collAic for Ailill O !di$hthe a thinc!r eter choilcthe O brothracha+ #ergus mac Rich didi! for l@im Ailello i in ph!p!ll+ Cormac Cond 1ongas mac Conchobair fora l@imN idi+ Conall Cernach fora l@imN ide+ #iacha mac #ir febe fora l@imN ide, mac in$ine Conchobair+ 'edb in$en Echach #edlig fora l@im aili do Ailill+ #indabair in$en Ailella O 'edbi fora l@imN idi+ Cenmoth@ fo ! O timthirthidi in in+ )ic 'edb iar nNdA cin in tN lLi$ O a bert ba nNe pa do ch@ch d!l in tN lL$aid dMan tA et in trMcha cAt 3al<on+_ ^Ced ara t@n i na fir!Z_ ^or Ailill+_ ^NM d@ t@n em dam,_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^4t @na ind Lic+ 4n tan ro mNboM c@ch oc $nMm a o ta, ro c@i$ dLibN eom t!$a a o ta O f!ne a mNbMd+ 4n tan ro mNboM c@ch oc praind, ro c@i$ praind dLibN eom hNi !idi!,O ro b@t@r a cr!ti ocaL nNairfiti!d+ 4 e pa didi!,_ ^ol 'edb,_ ^a techt+ 4 foraib bMaid bPaid in tN lLi$+_ ^4 airi!nd arb@$et dano,_ ^or Ailill+_ ^NM re$at lend,_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^:nat didi!,_ ^ol Ailill+_ ^Nach ainfet dano,_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^Ficfit fornd iar tiachtain dPin,_ ^ol M,_ ^O $Abtait ar tMr frind+_ ^Cei t, cid do$Antar fri!,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^inn@ch maith a nNanad n@ch a techtZ `(" line .B1?N.BBBa


0B,< _ ^: nN$!inc_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^NM chAlam a banchomairle,_ ^or Ailill+_ ^NM maith a nNa bir la anai Ln,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^NMmaricfe, Pair i @e comhchotai$ dPinni 'nar nN !ltaib, acht m@ non $ontar !li ]+_ 19

^Cid ed Ln dori$AnmaM Nni,_ ^ol 'edb,_ ^@r atPN a !nd mo ainte$lach dMb trMchtaib cAt,_ ^ol M,_ ^O at@t na echt 'ane+i+ mo echt meic echt trMchait cAt+ CotaroM a toccad,_ ^ol M,_ ^+i+ 'ane 'thramail O 'ane Athramail O 'ane 'rgor O 'ane 'ingor O 'ane 'epirt 5 +i+ i A ide 'ani 'ilscothach 5 'ane Ande O 'ane Cotageib !le 5 i A ide t!c cr!th a m@thar O a athar O a nNordan dMb lMnaib+_ ^NMpa fMr Ln,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^at@t echt rM$ !nd din 'umu OtrMcha cAt la cech nN@e comchotach dPinni 'nar nN !ltaib+ 'obArN a cath d!it,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^for l@r in dPnaid hNi t@m co na echt trMchtaib cAt in O com thrMchait chAt fadAin O co trMchait chAt na nN 3alin+ :cht nM thacArN a anM in,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^:irlifimNni na hNLc! chena conn@ $Abat for in tN lL$+ Secht trMchaith `FO(4O ?/aa chAt dAac lenni hNi !nd,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^i A lMn ar nNd!naid cenmoth@ ar nNd@e cor lPa$ O ar mn@ 5 ar it@ a rM$an la cach rM$ !nd hNi comaitecht 'edba 5 O cenmoth@ ar macc@em!+ 4 A in tNochtmad trMcha chAt dAac in o +i+ trMcha cAt na nN 3alin+ Fod@ilter fLn lL$ !le+_ ^C!mma lem,_ ^ol 'edb,_ ^acht n@ robat i in chaMr chomraic i t@at+_ ^4 ed do$nMth and Mar!m+ Fodailte in 3aliin fLn lL$+_ ^'ollot@r a arna b@rach do 'in Cho<ltrae+ 'o n@irthet ocht fichit o nNallaid and i nNLenalaim+ CPartait imp!+ No $onat Marom + N@ch airm thr@ i mNb!M fer donaib 3alinaib i hNA ardda@naic, acht cLic o arr@nic in lL$ !le dMib+ 'oth@e$at iar !di! i mN 'ag Trego O c!rit and O arfo$nat dLib+_ ^: beratN om i and in ro $ab $ubthach in l@id eo-_ 0+ 0< :tmaid n@d ,< co techt fri 1< lPa$ad .< fri #indbend mn@ Ailell+ `(" line .BB/N.B>1a

chPalaid tre nNimd!b

co Ne nN$ubthaige ar!bth@

0>.< ,+ 0< 'oficfe in ,< $Aba ar cend 1< ibait fMaich .< di $n@i inna m!ccaide+

Ate l!$bairt

lPa$adach 'urthemne lacht

1+ 0< 9Abaid Crann fLitech friMth! ,< nM lAicfe i 'urthemniu`HB( line ,2BN,,2a1< con roi c opair fer #@ne .< i in tN lAib tPad 5cha<ni+ .+ 0< Crib ol Ailill fri ,< taMt co com ai$id far 1< nM th@et di ma$aib in .< nach robda fPam in tN lPai$+ ?+ 0< Bid cath in o ,< la 'eidb co trM!n 1< bMait colnai de .< dian!b thM in rMastarthe+ iar ind in inA Cormac mac bPair Pair tN lPai$ de

^'o fLbair thr@ ind -@main la odain O nMp M in adai$ ba @mam dLib la b!adri ind athi$ triana chotl!d+ Fo cerdat inna b!idne fo chAtLir O focherd dMrna mLr din tN lL$ co l!id 'edb dMa cho c+_ 20

^'othMa$at Marom co feLt@r i nN 3rnairud Tethba tPa cirt, iar tabairt imthP a fordallai$ for in lPa$ dar $rellacha O dar r!thra+ 'obreth rob!d L #ergus i !idi! co hN!ltu ar chondalbi+ B@tirN ide hNi ce callAic acht C Chulaind O a athair +i+ &altaim+ 'oll!id C Chulaind O a athair iar rMachtain ind robaid L #ergus co mNb@t@r i nNIraird Cuillend oc frecomAt in tN lPai$ and+_ ^:tt@ menma in tN lLi$ ocom innocht,_ ^ol C Chulainn fria athair+_`(" line .B>.N./,/a`HB( line ,,0N,.,a


,,,< ^Ortha Pan co rNrob!d do !ltaib+ 4 im AcenN a techt i nNd@il #edelm aeNoMchride 5 +i+ i nNd@il a hNinailte boM i comair Con Culaind i nNdormainecht 5 dim $linni! fadAin dochLid friae+_ ^'o$nM id nN erchomail Marom rMa techt O crMbai o$!m inna menoc,O focheird im Pachtar in c horthe+ 'obreth didi! tP! na conaire do #ergus rMa in lPa$+ `FO(4O ?/ba (!id #ergus didi! ford!l mLr fade co fLr ed do !ltaib terchomrac lLi$+ :r chondailbi dorLniN eom in+ :iri$thi Ailill O 'edb+ Ba and a bert 'edb-_ 0+ 0< : #erguis, i andam amne ,< cinna conaire cin$me 1< ford!l fade nL fothPaid .< tMa$mai tar cach nNailetPaith+ ,+ 0< :tot@$athar ,< Ailill 1< nM tharat .< do thP inna conaire+ 1+ 0< M@ o ,< n@ 1< bA .< do tho ach na conaire+ dia A<e lMa menmain mN brath lPa$ad+ co e do$nM echraidi+ aile

chondalbi t!Md inna adchotar nech

^Ro recair #ergus-_ 0+ 0< : 'edb, cid ,< nM co mail fri 1< i la hN!ltu, .< a tMr tarndot!idi a+

not medrai i! mrath in e+ a ben, tr@ in a tN lPai$ hNPair+ mLr$eine chiall tMa$+ tain

,+ 0< NM ar amle aib ,< tMa$! cech ford!l 1< do im$ab@il in .< immandi$ 'ag 'urthemne+ 1+ 0< NM arn@ corad ,< arna ford!l! 1< dP in rim$aib .< Con Culaind mac &altaim+ `(" line ./,GN./?Ba`HB( line ,.1N,B.a

mo no ced iar


,?B< ^)ecait tr@ co mNb@t@r i nNIraird Chuillend+ Eirr O Inell, #oich O#ochlam a nNda ara, cethri meic Iraird meic =nchinne, it A ide no bMti remaMn rA i n lL$ do imdidnad a mN bretna O a fortcha O a mNbrat ar n@cha alchadh dend$or in dMrma+ Fo$abatN ide in nNid focheird C Chulaind O ari$ it@r in $eilt $eltat@r ind eich+ :r $eltatar d@ ech &altaim a fAr cona b!n a talam+ (el$at@r immorro d@ ech Con Culaind in nNPir co rNrici na clocha i nNde$aid ind fePir+ S!dit Marom co t@nic in lL$ O ar! pettet a nN@e ciPil+ 'o berat i lNl@im #ergusa meic Rich in nNid+ :rlA$aN ide in nNo$!m boM i ind id+ : bert 'edb iar tiachtain-_ ^Cid fri in nNanaid andZ_ ^:nmai,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^fri in nNid nN !c!t+ :t@ o$am inna men!c,O i ed fil and-_ ^ n@ tMa$ar echa co nNAtar fer ro l@a id amlaid cona Lenl@im, O Len lat dMa t@, O fri c!ri!r mo phopa #ergus+ _ ^FMr,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^C Chulaind rod l@ O it A a eich $eltatar in ma$ o+_ ^Oc! dambeir i lNl@im in dr!ad, O cachain #ergus in l@id o M -_ 0+ 0< 4d in o, ced loindne dPnZ ,< ind id cia fo t@ a rPnZ 1< cMa lMn ro l@ in A, .< inn Pathed nL in ochaideZ ,+ 0< 4n dAne erchLit ,< m@ docLi et 1< finnaid, a nNdr!Mde, .< cid fri i farcbad in tNid+ ^4n dr!M dixit-_ 0+ 0< Crephna ch!rad ,< l@nain$ce 1< a tPd r!rech .< Lenfer co nNLenl@im ro l@+ `(" line ./?/N./G.a`HB( line ,B?N,>0a

don !de nM


lPa$ nNPadZ ar in

ca!r for fer$

rod erreda, i

l@ nNd@

,GB< ,+ 0< 4n n@ch ,< in$e 1< conid .< Lenfer ?< nocon B< nM fri i corthe in tNid+ 4d in o+c+ +

di@ m@ ro amal fet!r

rAir ro l@ fer

lPa$ choilled Paib ro acht

ind fMr namm@ l@+ in in


^: bert #ergus Marom fri!-_ ^M@ @rai$hte in nNid e,_ ^ol A,_ ^nL m@ thMa t@ echa, cia beith i lNl@im d!ni nL i tai$ fL $la , ricfe i nNdead ind fir ro crMb in nNo$!m nNind, O $AnaidN ide $!in d!ne dMb rMamNmatain mani l@a nech Paib id amlaid+_ ^NM hN@il dPinni Am $!in d!ne dMn fL chAtLir,_ ^ol Ailill+_ ^Re$mai for m!ncind ind feda mLir !c!t frind ande , O nM ra$am tairi eom eter+ `FO(4O ?Gaa_ ^Ra el$at@r na b!dni Marom in fid rA na carptib+ 4 ed ainm in p!irt in &lechta+ 4 and at@ %artraige+ Mad iar nNarailib immorro dorala and o imacallaim eter 'edbO #edelm banf@ith, amal ro inni imar remoind, O dano i iar ind frecra do ratN i for 'edb ro lechtad in fid +i+_ ^'Aca dam,_ ^or 'edb,_ ^co bia mo fechta +_ ^4 an o dam,_ ^or ind in$en+_ ^NMro l@im Pil toraib i ind fid+_ ^4 ar bMa Ln,_ ^or 'edb+_ ^Sil imini in fid+_ ^'o$nMther dano anM in+ Conid ed ainm in p!irt in &lechta+ FeLt@r Marom i Cil &ibrille+ Ferai nechta mLr forr! co fernn! fer O co droch! carpat+ B@ moch a mNmatan arna b@rach do Ar$i!+ NMrbo hNM in adai$ ropa @m dLib la in nechta, O nM air$An at bMada dLib ind adai$ 22

in+ NMpo moch didi! doll!id C Chulaind a a band@il+ :nai co foilc O co fothraic+ 'oth@et Marom for lor$ in tN lLi$+_ ^NM m@ lodmar dL,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^n@ mertamar !ltu+ Ro lAic em lL$ forr! cen airfi! + C!re airdmi! dPn tar in lL$,_ ^ol C Chulaind fri 1eg,_ ^co fe amar lMn in tN lLi$+`(" line ./G?N.G01a`HB( line ,>,N1,0a


10G< _ ^'o$nM 1eg anM in O a beir fri Coin Culaind-_ ^4 me c limN a,_ ^ol A,_ ^anM i!+ Ni ermai im+_ ^NMp@ me c atchM! acht co rM a,_ ^ol C Culaind+_ ^)air i in carpat didi!,_ ^or 1eg+ )ic C Chulaind i in carpat O focheird airdmi! for in lor$ iar cAin mLir+_ ^Cid t! !,_ ^or 1eg,_ ^nM rAid fort+_ ^4 a ! Am damN a,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^old@ daitN i!, air it@t trM bPada formN a +i+ bPaid roi c O intli!chta O airdme a+ Ro l@o a didi! tr@,_ ^ol A,_ ^fom! for anM in+ Ocht trMchait chAt dAac in o,_ ^ol A,_ ^ara rMm, acht forodlad in tNochtmad trMcha chAt fLn lL$ nN!le conid me c fria rMm +i+ trMcha chAt na nN3alin+_ ^'oll!id C Chulaind Marom timchell in tN lLi$ co mNboM oc =th 3rencha+ Benaid $abail i !di! LenbAim cona c hlaidi!b, O @id i! for medLn na $la i cona dMchtheth carpat friae di M! n@ch anall+ 'of!ircet oco Eirr O Inell, #ich O #chlam a nNd@ ara+ BenaidN om a cethri cinn! dMb O focheird for cethLra benna na $abla+ 4 de at@ =th n?3abla+ )Ma$ait Marom eich in chethrair i nNa$id in tN lLi$, O a fortchai forder$a foraib+ 4ndar leL b@ cath boM ara cind i ind @th+ 'othAit b!den Padib do dA cin ind @tha+ NM acat@r nM and acht licht ind Lencharpait O in $ab!l co na cethri cinn!, O ainm o$aim Marna crMbend ina tLeb+ Ric in lPa$ !li la odain+_ ^4n diar m!intirNni na cenna !c!tZ_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^4 diar m!nitirNni Ln O i diar forclidib,_ ^or Ailill+ :rdlA$a fer dMb in nN o$!m ro boM i tLeb na $abla +i+_ ^Kenfer rod l@ in $ab!il cona Lenl@im O nM thA id ecce conda rala nech Paib co nN@enl@im cenmoth@ #ergus+_ ^4 machtad,_ ^ol Ailill,_ ^a thraite ro bMth in cethror+_ ^N@pad ed ba machdad `FO(4O ?Gba lat,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^Bad bAim na $abla dia b!n LenbAim, O m@ ! LenleLd a b!n, i crichidi! de, O a int@d!d in t!cht a, ol nM claide ro cla rempe O i a Marth!r carpait ro l@d co nNLenl@im+`(" line .G0.N.G1/a`HB( line 1,,N1./a

1?0< _ ^'in$aib dind in nNAcin eo, a #ergus,_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^)!caid carpat damN a tr@,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^conda t!cN a a co nNdercai inn LenleLd a b!n+_ ^Bri i #ergus Marom cethri carpti! dAac dMa cairptib combo a a charp!t fe in do bert a talmain co nNaca ba LenlAod a b!n+_ ^4 tabartha do airi,_ ^ol Ailill,_ ^inda in cheniPil co a tMa$am+ Ur$nad c@ch !aib a bMad+ NMrbo @m dPib irraMr la in nechta+ Oc! inni ter dPn nM do imt hechtaib O air cAlaib in c heniPil co a tMa$am+_ ^4 and in tr@ adfe a dLib imthechta Con Culaind+ 4mcomairc Ailill Marom-_ ^4nn A Conchobar dori$ni eoZ_ ^Nach hNA,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^NM ter$adN ide co hNor crMche cen lMn catha immi+_ ^Cei t, inn A Celtchar mac !thidirZ_ ^Nach hNA+ NM thar$adN ide co hNor crMche cen lMn catha imbi+_ ^Cei t, inn A >ogan mac $urthachtZ_ ^Nach hNA,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^NM thar$adN ide tar or crMche cen trMchait carpat nNimrind imme+ 4 A fer do$Anad in $nMm,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^C Chulaind+ 4 A no benfad a crand LenbAmim dia b!n O no $Anad in cethr!r !c!t hNi prapi ro mNbMth@ O dora$ad dochom crMcheO a ara+_

Inna formolta inso s<s6

^Cinna fir,_ ^ol Ailill,_ ^in C rochPalamm@r la hN!ltuZ Cia hN@e in $illai in i irdaircZ_ ^NM hNand a Am,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^4nna chLiced bliadain l!id dia cl!chi! co in macraid do Emain 'achi+ 4 in tN e ed bliadain l!id do fo$laim $ai cid O chle la &cthaig+ 4 in tN echtmad bliadain $abai $ai ced+ 4 in tN echtmad biladain dAc a @e ind inbaid ea+_ ^4nn A in a and am fil la !ltuZ_ ^ol 'edb+`(" line .G1GN.GB>a`HB( line 1.GN1G0a



1G,< _ ^For cach nNaM Am,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^NM fair$AbaN ! ar do chind l@ech ba and !, n@ rind ba @i$thidi! n@ ba altnidi na ba athlaimi, nL l@th ba l!inni!, n@ fMach ba feLlchairi!, n@ comlond a @e a rLd @ co trMan, n@ lAo ba feoc hr!, n@ cl@ri!d comlaind n@ hNord e orcthe n@ comla er$aile n@ br@th for b!idne n@ er$aire mLr lPai$ ba inraici+ NM f!ircAbaN ! and fer ro a ad a @e O a @ O a erri!d O a erPath, a erlabra, a @ini! , a irdarc! , a $!th, a c hr!th, a ch!machta, a chrPa , a chle , a $ai ced, a bAim, a br!th, a barand, a bPaid, a br@th, a bPadri i, a foraim, a fLm i$i, a fiancho c!r, a dAni, a tharpti$i, a dechrad co cli! nLnbair for cach rind amal Choin Culaind+_ ^NM dAnaimN ea b@a de in,_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^4 nNLenchorp at@N ide+ `FO(4O ?>aa fodaim $!in+ NM mL! $ab@il, la annM i @e in$ini macdacht in in O nM th@n$at@r a fer$nMma be! +_ ^NM ar ni Ln,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^Nibo machdad da$nMm do dAnam dLN om indi!, ar cid in tan ba LoN om, batir ferdai a $nMma+_

-a 'acgn<mrada inso s<s6

^:ltaN om Am,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^la m@thair O la athair ocond Airgdig i mN'aig 'urthemne+ :dfe a dL air cAla na macraide i nN Emain+ br bMit trM chLecait mac and,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^oc cl!chi!+ 4 amlaid domel Conchobar a flaith- trMan ind laM oc dA cin na macraide, a trMan nNaill oc imbirth fidchille, a trMan nNaill oc Ll chorma conid $aib cotlad de+ Cia bemNni for lon$ai rMam, nM fil i nN >re Lclai$ ba amr!,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^9!did C Chulaind dMa m@thair didi! a lAc!d dochom na macraide+ NM re$a, _ ^ol a m@thair,_ ^ condit roib c@emtecht di @nrodaib !lad +_ ^ RochMan limN a anad fri odain, _ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^ 4ncoi cN i! damN a ced leth at@ Emain +_ ^ FathPaidh amne, _ ^ol a m@thair,_ ^ O i doraid a nN!de,_ ^ol M+_ ^:t@ &l<ab #ait etr!ib +_ ^ 'obAr inda fair, _ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^ amin +_ ^)Ait a Marom O a cMath li en lai O a b!n ach O a lor$ @ne O a lMat hr@it+ Focherded a b!n ai$ rMam conda $ebed ar lo rA i! dorot ad a b!n for l@r+`(" line .G/2N.G>/a`HB( line 1G,N.00a


.0G< )Ait co na macc! Marom cen naidm a fLe ama forr! @r nM thA$ed nech c!c! ina cl!chima$ co nN arna t@ a fLe am forro+ NM fitirN om anM in+_ ^ Non @rai$edar in mac, _ ^ol #ollomon mac Conchobair,_ ^ ech rafetam@r i di !ltaib dL+ :r$!ntM do+ Benaid fLo +_ ^focherdat a trM cLecta b!n ach fair O ar i etar i in cMath li en !li le N eom+ Focherdat dano a lMathrLite !li fairN eom O no $aibN eom cech LenlMathrLit ina !cht+ Focherdat dano a trM cLect! lor$ @na fair+ :raclichN om conach r@ncat@r hNA, O $abai airbir dMib fria ai + RMa tartha immiN eom i !di!+ 4ndar lat ba tinnarcan a nort cach foltne ina chend la a comAr$e conArracht+ 4ndar lat b@ hNoMbell tened boM for cach Lenfinn! de+ 4adai indara Pil dL con@rbo lethi! ind@ crL n@ithaiti+ : oil$$ alaile combo mLir beLl! midchPaich+ 'oAri$ dia $lainMni co rici a hNL!+ : oil$ a beLl! coa inairddri!ch combo Acna a inchrLe + :treacht in lPan l@ith a a m!ll!ch+ Benaid fona macc! Marom+ 'o cara cLecait mac dMib M! rM taM dor! nNEmna+ Forr!mai nLnbor dMib thoromN a O Conchobar+ B@mar oc imbirt fidchille+ `FO(4O ?>ba (in$idN om dano tar in fidchill i nNde$aid ind nLnbair+ 9aibid Conchobar a ri$+_ ^ NM maith airr@ilter in macrad ,_ ^ol Conchobar+_ ^ 'eithbir damN a, a popa Chonchobair, _ ^ol A+_ ^ 'o roacht do chl!chi! Lm thai$, Lm m@thair O Lm athair, O nM maith ro mNb@tar frim +_ ^ Cia th' ainmN eoZ _ ^ol Conchobar+_ ^ &@tanta mac &altaim atomchomnaicN e O mac $echtere do phetharN !+ NMba dLi$ mo chompAre !nd +_ ^ Ced n@ro na do fLe amN ! dano for na macc!Z _ ^ol Conchobar+_ ^ NM fetarN a anM in, _ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^ 9aib it l@im mo fLe om airtho didi! +_ ^ :tm!, _ ^ol Conchobar+_ ^(a odain doellaN om for in macraid ethnLn in tai$e+_ ^ Ced taM dano dLib inno aZ_ ^ol Conchobar+_ ^ Coro na tar a fLe omN som formN a dano, _ ^ol C Chulaind+`(" line .G>GN.>,Ba`HB( line .0,N ..0a


.?1< _ ^ 9aib it l@im didi!, _ ^ol Conchobar+_ ^ :tm!, _ ^ol C Chulaind+ (ot@r !li i a cl!chemai$ Marom O atarachtat@r in maic hNM ro la a and+ Fo r@thatar a m!mmi O a nNaiti+_ ^Fecht nNand dano,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^in tan b@ $illa, nM chotlad i nN Emain 'acha co matain+_ ^ 4nndi dam, _ ^ol Conchobar fri ,_ ^ cid n@ cotlai +_ ^ NM dAnaim, _ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^ cen chomard frim chend O frim cho a +_ ^'obreth Marom la Conchobar coirthe fria chend O araile fria c ho a, O do$nMth imdai fo leith dL etarro+ (!id in fecht nNaile dano araile fer dMa dP c!dN om co mNbenN om dia d!rnd ina Atan co rNr!c t!lchl@r ind Atain co mNboM for ind inchind O cor thra cair in corthe c@ ri$id+_ ^Rofe ,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^robL dornd nMad O ropo ri$ rPanada+_ ^K in tr@,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^nM laimtheN om do dP cad co nNdP ced a Len!r+_

Aided na maccraide inso6

^BaM in fecht n- aile dano oc @ni lMat hr@iti i mNmai$ in chl!che fri Emain anair+ 'o leith dano dL a Len!r fri na trM cLecto mac+ Conboin$ed airthi! Marom cach cl!chi! ind inda in caidche+ 9abaid in $illa oc !di! imbirt a dor nd foraib conid apad cLeca mac dMib+ )Ait for teched la odain co mNboM fo ad!rt imdai Conchobair+ ConAr$et !laid imbi+ ConAr$imN e O Conchobar lai N eom+ ConAri$N om fLn imdai dano co cora tar de in nNimdai co in trMchait l@th nN$aile ro boM indi co mNboM for l@r in ti$i+ Sedait !laid imbi la odain i in ti$+ CLrai$mitNni Marom,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^O Mdai$mMt in macraid fri N seom iar in+_

Cath Egain meic $erthacht fri Conchobar inso6

^BoM imni e chatha eter !ltu O Egan mac nN$urthacht+ )Ma$ait !laid don chath+ F@cabarN om inna chotl!d+ Maiti for !ltu+ F@cabar Conchobar O Cscraid 'end 'acha O`(" line .>,/N.>?0a `HB( line ..,N.BGa


.G?< ochaide mLr olchena+ 'ofP ciN eom a nN$ol+ SMnithi Marom co mNmemdatar in d@ liic ro b@t@r immi+ =i fMadnai e Bricriu !c!t dorLnad,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^:trai$ la odain+ CoitricimN e fri i nNdor! ind li O mA ath$aMte+_ ^ F!itc dia do beth!, a popa #ergus, _ ^ol A+_ ^ Cate ConchobarZ +_ ^ NM etarN a _ ^ol mA+ )Ait a Marom+ Ba dorcha ind adai$+ FLbair a nN@rmach+ Co nNacca ara chind in fer O leth a chind fair O leth fir aile fora `FO(4O B2aa m!in+_ ^ Con$na lem, a Ch Chulaind, _ ^ol A+_ ^ Rom bMth O t!c! leth mo br@thar ar mo m!in+ Beir M t lim +_ ^ NM bAr, _ ^or A+ (a odain focheirt in nNaire dL+ FocheirdN om de+ 4mma Mnithar dLib+ 'o carthar C Chulaind+ Co c!ala nM, in mboidb dinib collaib+_ ^ Olc damnae laMch fil and fo cho aib a!rddra$c_ ^(a odain fLnAri$ C Chulaind O benaid a chend de co ind l!ir$ @ne O $abaid imm@ in lMathr@ite rMam dar in ma$+_ ^ 4n fail mo phopa Conchobar i ind @rmai$ eZ +_ ^Fri $airN ide dL+ )Ait ch!ci conid nNacca i in c hl!d, O ro boM ind Pir imbi do cach leth dMa dMc hlith+_ ^ Cid dMa t@nac i in nN@rma$, _ ^ol Conchobar,_ ^ co nNdeochai Pathb@ andZ +_ ^)anLcaib a in chl!d la odain+ NM th!rcAbad e er linni di t hrAnferaib !lad nM bad chalma+_ ^ )air reond don ti$ !c!t, _ ^ar Conchobar, co nNdernai tenid dam and+ :taMN eom thenid mLir dL+_ ^ Maith didi!, _ ^or Conchobar+_ ^ 'Manom thM ad m!cch fonaithe robadam beL +_ ^ Ra$N a conda t!c, _ ^ar C Chulaind+ )Ait a Marom+ Co nNaccai in fer ocond f!l!cht i mNmedLn ind feda, indara l@m dL cona $ai ci!d inti, ind l@m nNaill oc f!ni in t!ircc ba mLr a Pathmaire ind fir+ FanLpairN om arapa O dobeir a chend O a m!icc lai + (oin$id Conchobar iar in in torc+_ ^ )Ma$am dMar ti$, _ ^or Conchobar+`(" line .>?,N.>G1a`HB( line .B>N.>.a


?,0< Condrecat fri Cscraid mac Conchobair+ B@t@r dano trom$ona fairN ide+ 'obeir C Chulaind fora m!in+ 'ollot@r Marom a trM!r co hNEmain 'acha+_

Aided na tr< nnbor inso A in fth arn laimth@ a n?guin ina cess6
^Fecht aile dano b@t@r !laid inna nLendin+ NM bM nLenden linni Marom,_ ^for #ergus,_ ^for mn@ib O maccaib n@ch for neoch bM fri crMch nN !lad anechtair nach for Coin Culaind O fora athair+ Oc! ane nM lamar f!li$!d forroN om, ar con ce cin$ in ce for intM nod $oin nL a meth nL a $ar Ale+ )onnecat trM nLnbair a hNInsib #a<che+ (ottar for in nNMarle tan b@m@r inar nLendin+ U$it in bantrocht i ind li + BoM in macrad i mNmai$ in c hl!chi+ 'oMa$atN ide fLna hNA$me+ :mal atchoncat@r in macrad na fir! d!ba d!ab echa, tMa$ait ar teched !le acht C Chulaind a Len!r+ 4mbertN ide na l@mlecca foraib O a l!ir$ @ne foraib+ Marbaid nLnbor dMib O f@cbait cLeca cned fairN eomO doc!mlat a Marom olchena+ Fer dori$ni inna $nMma in inraptar l@n a a choic blMadna, nMrbo machtad cA na thM ed co hNor cocrMchi O cA no Ai $ed a cinn! don chethror !c!t+_

Aided con na cerda inso la Coin CulaindA an< d<a fil C Chulaind fair?seom6
^Rafetamm@r Am in n- $illa in,_ ^ol Conall Cernach,_ ^O nM me aite fria fi i dalta dPn+ NMp! chMan iar in $nMm adchPaid #ergus indo a co nNdernaN om bAt nNaile+ 'ia for$Ani Cauland cerdd Le$idacht do Chonchobur, a bert Cauland Marom n@bad ochaide no bertha ch!cai @ir nMp! d! thMr n@ fer!nd dL a f!irec dori$ni acht do thor!d a d@ l@m O a tharna$!ir+ (!id Conchobar Marom O cLeca cairptech imbi do neoch `FO(4O B2ba ba r!them O ba hNaere$d! inna ca!rad+ :dell Conchobar lai Marom a cl!chema$+ Ba bA dano dL do $rA a nNadall O a tadall, oc techt O oc t!idecht, do ch!in$id a bennachda co na macc!+ Co nNaccai Marom Coin Culaind oc @in lMathrLti`(" line .>G.N?20Ba`HB( line .>?N?,/a


??1< fri na trM cLect! mac, O birt a r@ena forr!+ 4n tan ba hN@in ph!ill do$nMti , no lMnadN om in poll dMa lMathrLtib O nM ch!mcaiti in meic a er clai$e+ 4n tan batir hNA eom !le dobidcti in poll, arachlichedN om a Len!r conn@ tA$ed cid LenlMathrLit ind+ 4n tan b@ nNimt hra crad do$nMtM , dora cradN om na trM cLect! mac a Len!rO nM chomraiced imbiN eom lMn a t hra cartha+ 4n tan dano b@ nNimdMrech do$nMti , do nAr$edN om !li co mNbMtM tornochta, O nocon r!ctaM N eom immorro cid a del$ a a brotN om namm@+ Ba hNamra la Conchobar anM in+ : bertN ide in eterbMad a $nim! acht ti ed dL co @e ferdatad+ : bert c@ch etardabMad+ : beir Conchobar fri Coin Culaind-_ ^ )air lem ,_ ^ol A,_ ^ dond fleid dMa tMa$om d@i$ ot @e$i +_ ^ Nimda @t hech dom chl!chi bAo , a bobba Conchobair,_ ^ol in $illa+_ ^ Ra$atN a infar nNdMaid +_ ^K r@ncat@r !li Marom don d fleid, a bert Cauland fri Conchobar-_ ^ 4n frith@lid nech infar nNdMaidZ _ ^ol A+_ ^ N@thL, _ ^ol Conchobar+ NMrbo ch!man lai d@l a daltai inna dMaid+_ ^ :t@ @rchP lemN a, _ ^ol Culand,_ ^ )ri labrada fair O triar cacha labraide+ : hNEspin do f!cad+ (Aicther de d@i$ ar nNindili O ar cet hra, O dPntar in le +_ ^)ic in $illa fo odain+ FLnLpair in cP+ No fethedN om a cl!che collAic+ Focherded a lMathrLit O focherded a loir$ ina dMaid co mNbenad in lMathrLit+ NMbo mLo in band old@ a chele+ Oc! focheird a b!n ai$ inna nNdMaid conda $ebed re totim+ Oc! nMro thairme c a chl!chi immi ce ro boM in cP oc@ a cnam+ )orbai Conchobar O a m!intir anM in conn@rbo Atir leL a nN$lPa acht+ 4ndar leL nM faircbitM i mNbethaid ara cind cid er loicthe in le + 4n tan didi! doll!id in cP ch!caiN eom, focheirdN eom Pad a lMathrLit O a loir$, O fri indle in coin cona dMb l@maib +i+ dobeir indara l@im dL fri !b!ll br@$at in chon C dobeir araile fria chPl+ Bentai fri in corthe inna farrad co e caind cach ball de a lethe+ Mad iar nNaraili! slicht immorro i a lMathrLit ro l@N om inna beLl! co rNr!c a inathar thrMt+`(" line ?20/N?2.,a`HB( line ?,GN??1a


?GG< ComAr$it !laid ara amm! , araill dMb for le araill for dor! li + 'amberat i nN!cht Conchobair+ Fochertar arm$rith mLr leL +i+ mac ethar ind rM$ do folmai i! a b@i + 'othAit Culand i a tech la odain+ `FO(4O B0aa_ ^ Fo chen d!it, a macc@in, fo dAi$ cridi do m@thar+ Me e immorro, nM m@d air$An! fleid+ 4 beth! imm!d! mo bethu Oi trebad immai$ mo threbad i nNde$aid mo chon+ Con@$$aib ainech O anmain damN a, _ ^ol A,_ ^ in fer m!intire r!ccad Paim +i+ mo chP+ Robo dMn O dMti! dMar feib O ar nNindili+ Ropo imde$ail cacha labra dPn eter ma$ O tech +_ ^ Ni mLr brM$ in tr@, _ ^ol in $illa+_ ^ EbAltair c!lAn din chPani chAtna lemN a d!it, O bMam cPN a do imde$ail do chethra O dot imde$ail fAin collAic cor @ a in cP hNM in O corop in$nMma+ Oc! imdM! -sa 'ag 'urthemne !ile+ Nocho mNbArthar PaimN e Ait n@ hNalma a manip a!rder$ limN a +_ ^ Bid C Chulaind t' ainmN i! Marom, _ ^or Cathbad+_ ^ Maith lem cid ed mo ainm, _ ^ol C+ Fer dori$ni in amdar l@na a A blMadna, nMp! machdad cA dorLnadN ide da$nMm ind inb!id ea in tan ata l@na a echt mNblMadna dAc,_ ^ol Conall Cernach+_

Aided tr< mac -echta &c@ni inso s<s6

^'o$Ani fecht n- aile dano,_ ^ol #iacha mac #ir febe+ BoM Cathbad dr!M hNi fail a meic +i+ Conchobair meic -essa+ CAt fer nNdAinmech dL oc fo$laim dr!Mdechta Pad, i A lMn doninchoi ced Cathbad+ darmifoacht araili dia felmaccaib do !di! cid dMambad maith a lNl@ a+ : ber Cathbud Lcl@ech no $Abad $ai ced and forbMad a ainm hN >rind co br@th ar $nMm $a cidO no mArtaM a air cAla co br@t+ Rochl!nethar C Chulaind anM in+ 'othAit co Conchubar do ch!in$id $a cid+ : beir Conchobar-`(" line ?2.1N?2B/a`HB( line ??.N?/>a


B0G< _ ^ Cia dorinchoi c An d!itZ +_ ^ Mo pobba Cathbad, _ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^ Rofetammar Am, _ ^ol Conchobar+ 'obeir $aM O cMath dL+ Bertai$th! for l@r in tai$e conn@ ternL nM dona cPic $ai cedaib dAc no bMtM di imforcraid hNi te$l!ch Conchobair fri maidm nNairm nL fri $ab@il nN$ai cid do neoch+ Co tardad dL $ai ced Conchobar fAin+ Falloin$N ide immorro A eomO bertai$thi hNA O bennachai in rM$ b@ $ai ced O a bert-_ ^ CAin mair tPaith O cenAl dManid rM in fer a a hNarm o +_ ^'afic Marom Cathbad ch!c! O a beir-_ ^ 4n $ai ced $ebe in $illaZ _ ^or Cathbad+_ ^ Ed, _ ^ol Conchobar+_ ^ NM ir an do mac a m@thar Am, _ ^ol A+_ ^ Ced Ln, nach t! ! Am donarcho ai$Z _ ^ol Conchobar+_ ^ N@ch mA Acin, _ ^ol Cathbad+_ ^ Cid dochana d!it in brAc do imbirt form, a iritiZ _ ^ol Conchobar fri Coin Culaind+_ ^ : rM f@ne, nM brAc, `FO(4O B0ba_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^ 4 hNA dorinchoi c s n dia felmacaib imbParach O rachPalaN a fri hN Emain ande , dodeochadN a ch!c!tN ! Marom +_ ^ 4 maith ane in l@a, _ ^ol Cathbad+_ ^ 4 $lA bid airdairc O bid anim$naid intM $Aba $ai ced and acht bid d!thain namm@ +_ ^ :mra brM$i Lnc _ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^ :cht ropa airdercN a, maith lim cenco beind acht Lenl@ for dom!n +_ ^: lNl@a nNaile imchomairc araile fer dona dr!Mdib cid dMambo maith a lNl@ in+_ ^ Nech no ra$ad hNi carpat and, _ ^for Cathbad,_ ^ forbMad a ainm hN>rind co br@th +_ ^Rocl!nithar Marom C Chulaind in+ 'othAtN ide co Conchobar co nNepert fri -_ ^ : popa Conchobair, _ ^ol A,_ ^ carpat damN a +_ ^'obeirN ide carpat dL+ Forr!rim a l@im eter dM fertai in charpait co mNmebaid in carpat+ Bri i in d@ c harpat dAac in cr!th in+ 'oberar dL Marom carpat Conchobair+ Foloin$N ide hNA eom+ `(" line ?2BGN?2>?a`HB( line ?G2NB2>a

B?1< )Ait i in carpat iar !di! O ara Conchobair lei + 4m oM in tNara +i+ Ibor a ainmN ide, in carpat foMN eom+_ ^ )air a in charpat fecht a, _ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ 4t cLema na hNeich +_ ^ :m cLemN a dano, a macc@n, _ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^ )air ri!nn timchell nNEmna namm@, O rot bMa a lPa$ airi +_ ^)Ait Ln dano in tNara O cotnAicni$idar C Chulaind iar !idi! co d@irled for in li$e do chelebrad dona 27

maccaib,_ ^ oc! condam bennachtaM in meic +_ ^9@id dL dano co t@irled in li$id dorM i+ K th@ncat@r Ln dano, a bert C Chulaind fri in nNaraid-_ ^ 4ndai$ brot for in nNechraid tr@, _ ^ol A+_ ^ Ced leth LnZ _ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ CAin adindain in tN li$e, _ ^or Cu Chulaind+ )ecait di !di! co &l<ab #ait+ Forreccat Conall Cernach and+ 'o Chonall dano dorala imde$ail in chLicid a lNl@ in, fo bMth no bMid cach l@th $aile do !ltaib a lNl@ hNi &l@ib #ait fri n@d!d neich dothM ad co nNairchet!l nL do chomroc fri fer, combad and in condrM t@ fri arn@ tAi ed nech doch!m nN Emna cen rath!$!d+_ ^ 'o onmi$i in tr@ _ ^or Conall+_ ^ Rob do bPaid O cho cor +_ ^ Eir$N i! tr@, a Chonaill, don dPn O rom lAicN ea oc forairi !nd collAic, _ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^ Bid lLr Ln, _ ^or Conall,_ ^m@d fri n@d!d neich co nNairchet!l+ M@d do chomr!c fri fer immorro, i rom Ln daitN i! co e bA! +_ ^ BA nMp! hNAcen Ln etir, _ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^ )Ma$am etarphort, _ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^ do dA cin Pan for fertai 1ocha Echtra+ 4 $n@th airi eom Lc fAne and +_ ^ 4 maith lim, _ ^or Conall+ )Ma$ait a Marom+ FocheirdN eom cloich a a th@baill co mNmebaid ferta carpait Conaill Chernaig+_ ^ Cid fri ind rolai in cloich, a macc@inZ _ ^or Conall+_ ^ 'o phromad mo l@m O dMr$e mo !rchair, _ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^ Oc! i bA dPibN i far nN !ltaib nM rAidid tar A$linde+ :ircN i! do Emain aridi i, a phopa Conaill, O rom lAicN e !nd oc forairi +_ ^ Maith lim dano, _ ^or Conall+`(" line ?2>BN?0,,a`HB( line B02NB1Ga

BG/< Ni dechaid `FO(4O B,aa Conall Cernach ech in ma$in sin iar !di!+ )Ait C Chulaind a Marom do 1och Echtra O nM f!aratar nech and ara chi!nd+ : bert in tNara fri Coin Culaind ara nN !rthaitM do Emain co t@r itM Ll and+_ ^ :cc, _ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^ Ced lMab in o thallZ _ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^ &l<ab 'onduirnd, _ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ )ia$am co rM am, _ ^ol C Chulaind+ )Ma$ait Mar!m co rNr@ncat@r+ 4ar riachtain dLib in tN lAbe, imchomarcair C Chulaind Marom-_ ^ Cia carnd nN$el in o thall i nNPachtor in tN lAbe +_ ^ #indcharnd, _ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ Ced ma$ anM thallZ _ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^'ag m?Breg, _ ^ol in tNara+ :dfAt dL dano ainm cech prMmdPne eter Themair O Cenandas+ :dfAt dL chAtam! a nNMath! O a nN@th!, a nNairdirci O a treba, a nNdPne O a nNarddind$n!+ 4nchoi cid dL dano dPn trM mac -echta &c@ne +i+ #ill O #andall O Tachell a nNanmandNaidi+_ ^ 4ndat A ide a berat, _ ^or C Chulaind, n@ch mLo fil do !ltaib i mNbethaid old@ ro mNbeLtarN om dMbZ +_ ^ :t A Acin, _ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ )Ma$om conda rM am, _ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^ 4 $Pai dPnn Am, _ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ NM dMa im$ab@il @m tMa$ma, _ ^ol C Chulaind+ )Ma$ait a Marom O corit a nNeoch! oc commor m@na O aba allande Pa dPn a chAle+ Oc! rAthe in nNid boM for in corthe rL!t a l@ma i in nNabaind O lAicthe la r!th d@i$ ba coll nN$ei e do maccaib -echta &c@ne anM in+ :ri$itN ide Marom O dothMa$at a nN doch!m, cont!li C Chulaind Marom ocon chorthe iar lAc!d ind ide fri in r!th O a bert fri in nN araid-_ ^ NMm der ai$e fri Pathad, nom dM! ca immorro fri ochaide +_ ^Ba hNimecal immorro in tNara collAic O indlidN ide a charpat O do ren$a a fort$ae O a for$aimni! ro b@t@r fo Choin Culaind Pair n@ch rol@mair a dP cad+ '@i$ a bert C Chulaind fri Nseom ar thP n@ch dP ced fri hNPat hed+`(" line ?0,1N?0?1a`HB( line B1>NB/2a

/,0< )ecait Marom meic -echta &c@ne+_ ^ Cia fil !ndZ _ ^ol fer dMb+_ ^ Mac bec dochLid indi! ar e cl! hNi carpat,_ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ NMpo do oinmi$e, _ ^ol in l@ech,_ ^ O nMrop do fechtnai$e dL a chAt$ab@il $ai cid+ N@ bMd inar tMr O n@ $elat ind eich and nM a mL, _ ^ol in l@ech+_ ^ :t@t a nNA i im l@imN ea, _ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ NMrbo latN ! tollem Acraite fri , _ ^ol Ibar fri in l@ech,_ ^ O att@ dano in mac ina chotl!d +_ ^ NMmda mac Acin, _ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^ acht i do ch!in$id chomraic fri fer dodeochaid in mac fil and +_ ^ 4 ain limN a Ln, _ ^ol in l@ech+_ ^ Bid ain d!itN i! inno a i ind @th !c!t, _ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^ 4 tacair dait tr@, _ ^or in tNara+_ ^ Foichle in fer doth@et ar do chend, #oill a ainm, _ ^or A,_ ^ ar mani thetarrai i in chAtfor$am, nM therarrai co fe cor +_ ^ )on$! do dia toin$e mo thPath, nocon imbAraN om for !ltu a cle in dorM e `FO(4O B,ba diano t@rle m@naM mo phopa Conhobair a mo l@imN ea+ Bid l@m deLraid dL +_ ^SrAthi fair Marom in le$ co mNmebaid a dr!im trMt+ 'obeir lei a fodb O a c hend Mar !di!+_ ^ Foichle in fer nNaile dano, _ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ #annall a ainmN ide+ NM tr!mm! done a in nN! ce old@ ela nL fandall +_ ^ )on$!N a dano nocon imbAraN om for !ltu in cle 28

in dorM i, _ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^ :tconnarcN ! Am, _ ^ol A,_ ^ inda imatMa$N a in lind oc hN Emain +_ ^Condrecat Marom i ind @th+ 9onaidN om dano in fer in O dobert a chend O a fodb lai +_ ^ Foichle in fer nNaile doth@et ch!c!t, _ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ Tachell a ainm+ NM le ainm dL dano ar nM th!it di arm etir +_ ^ Ondar dLN om in del chli dMa me cad, conid nNderna retheder$ de, _ ^or C Chulaind+ SrAthi! fair Marom in l ei$ conid rall@ ina chom !di!+ 'oll!id a doch!m Marom O benaid a chend de+ 'obert C Marom a chend O a fodb lai dia araid fade in+ Co cPala Mar !di! foMd a mNm@thar ina nN dMaid +i+ -echta &c@ne+ 'obeir a fodb di !di! O dobeir na trM cind lai inna charp!t, O a bert-_ ^ NM f!icAb tr@ mo cho c!r, _ ^ol A, co rNrM! Emain 'acha+`(" line ?0?.N?0/>a`HB( line B/0N/22a

/?>< _ ^'oc!mlat a Marom cona co cor+ 4 and in a bert C Chulaind fri in nNaraid-_ ^ 'orarn$ertai N i! da$Arim dPnd, _ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^ O ro necam a le indo a di @$ in tre a O inna Marra fil inar nNdMaid +_ ^4mrMadat Marom co &l<ab #ait+ Ba hNA lPa ind Arma don!c at iar mN Bregaib Mar nN$rM ad ind arad co to$rennitM ind eich fLn charpat in n- $aMth O inna eLn! for lPamain O co t@irthed C Chulaind in nN!rch!r dollAced a a thailm rMa P rM ad talmain+ 4ar riachtain dLib &l@be #ait forrecat alma nNo nNand ara ci!nd+_ ^ Ci i labrai in dM cer a thallZ _ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^ Oi alta, _ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ Cia de, _ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^ bad ferr la !ltu, a mNmarb nach @e do breith dLib nL a mNbeLZ +_ ^ 4 in$anto a mNbeL, _ ^ol in tNara, dLib+ NM cach Len condric amlaid+ : mNmarb immorro ni fil PadibN eom Lnach ric+ NM ch!mciN i! Ln a beL nach @e do br eith, _ ^ol in tN ara+_ ^ C!mcim Acin, _ ^ar C+_ ^ 4ndai$ brot for na eoch! i in mLnai +_ ^'o$ni in tNara Ln anM in+ 9lenait ind eich i in mLnai Marom+ )a!rlain$ C Chulaind O $abaid in nNo ba ne om dL O b@ caMmem dMb+ Slaitti! ethnLn na mLna O dammainti fo chAthLir+ C!mri$i eter d@ fert in c harpait+ Co nNaccat@r nM, Aill nN$A e ara ci!nd atheroch+_ ^ Cia de bad ferr la !ltu, _ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^ a mNbeL nL `FO(4O B1aa a mNmarb dLibZ +_ ^ 4 a mNbeL bere a nNa beLd! O a nNa A$!ndo, _ ^ol in tNara+_ ^(@thraid C Marom cloich mbic forna eLn! co mNbM ocht nNeLn! dMb+ 4nl@a afrithi i cloich mLir, co mN bM d@ An dAc dMib+ )ria th@ithbAmmend tr@ in in !li+_ ^ )ecmall na hNeLn! dPn tr@, _ ^ol C frMa araid+_ ^ M@d me e di$ dMa tabairt, _ ^or A,_ ^ conclichfe in dam allaid fortN o +_ ^ NM rAid dam a t hecht Am, _ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ ro d@ ed imna eoch! conn@ dichtim ecc!+ NM Ataim dano techt ech nechtar`(" line ?0G2N?,2Ba`HB( line /20N/,Ga

/>,< in d@ roth iarndae in charpait ara f@ebrai$e, O ni dichtim dano ech in dam ar ro lMn a c hon$na eter dM fert in charpait !le +_ ^ Cin$N i! amend dMa c hon$no, _ ^or C+_ ^ )on$!N a do dia toin$te !laid, clLenad clLenfatN a mo chend fair nL in tN Pil do$AnN a fri , nocon focher cor dMa chind ri!t O noco lAmaither a $lPa acht +_ ^'o$nMth Ln Marom+ Conri$ C Chulaind inna A e O tecmalla in tNara inna hNeLn!+ Conrerai$ C Chulaind Mar in inna hNeLn! di thAtaib O refedaib in c harpait+ Conid amlaid i! l!id do Emain 'acha- dam allaid i nNdMaid a charpait O Mall $A e oc folPamain Pa a O trM cind inna charp!t+`C line 0N0/a Recait iar in co Emain+_ ^ Carptech dorAt far nNdoch!m, _ ^ol in dercaid i nNEmain 'acha+_ ^ :rd@ilfe f!il lai cach d!ne fil i ind li mani foichlither O mani dich et mn@ ernochta fri +_ ^)o oMN om Marom cl@r clA a c harpait fri hNEmain O ba $e di anM in+ Oc! a bert C Chulaind-_ ^ )on$! do dia toin$te !laid mani Atar fer do $leL frimN a, ard@ilfe f!il lim cach @ein fil i in dPn +_ ^ Mn@ ernochta ara chendc _ ^ar Conchobar+ )othAit iarom bantrocht nNEmna ara chend im 'ugain mnaM Conchobair meic -essa, O donnochtat a mNbr!inni fri +_ ^ 4t A Lic in o condricfat frit indi!, _ ^or 'ugain+ Foil$i Nseom a $nPi + (a odain atnethat l@ith $aile Emna Ofocherdat i nN dabai$ nNPar! ci+ Maitti immiN eom in dabach hNM in+ in dabach aile dano in ro l@d, fichi dornaib de+ 4n tre dabach i nNdeochaid iar !di!, fo n$ertN ide combo ch!im i dL a te O a f!acht+ 'oth@et a Marom O dobeir ind rM$an Mar !di! +i+ 'ugain, bratt nN$orm nNimbi O del$ nNar$it nNand O lAne ch!lpatach+ Oc! !idid fo $lPn Chonchobair Marom, O ba M in a lepaid do $rA iar !di!+ `(" line ?,2/N?,10a`HB( line /,>N/?1a`C line 0GN.Ga 29


G?,< Fer dori$ni in inna echtmad blMadain,_ ^ol #<achna mac #ir febe,_ ^nMpo machdad cia chonbL adN ide for Acomlond O cia nodra$ad for comlond in tan ata l@na a A blMadna dAc indi!+_

&licht sain so co aidid n?Brl<m6

`FO(4O B1ba ^)Ma$am a tr@ hNifecht a,_ ^or Ailill+ Roecat Marom 'ag 'ucceda+ Benaid C Chulaind omnae ara ci!nd i !di! O crMbai o$!m ina taMb+ 4 ed ro boM and- arn@ dech ad nech echai co rib!il ed err Lencharpait+ Focherdat a p!pli i !di! O dotMa$at dMa lAimim ina carptib+ 'of!it trMcha ech oc !di! O bri iter trMcha carpat and+ Belach n?Ane Marom i ed ainm na mai$ni in co br@th+_

Aided #ra<ch6
^BMit and co ara b@rach+ Con$airther #rech dLib+_ ^)onfLir, a #ra<ch,_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^'M cart dMnn in nN Acin fil fornd+ Eir$ dPnd ar cind Con Culaind dP in comra ta fri + )oc!mlai a mattain m!ich nLnbor co mNboM oc =th #ait+ Co nNacca in nNLclai$ oc@ fothr!c!d i ind abaind+_ ^:naid !nd,_ ^or #rech fria m!intir,_ ^conid rol!rN a fri in fer nN!cc!t+ NM maith i nN! ci!,_ ^or A+ )M caid a Atach de+ )Ait i in nN! ci a doch!m+_ ^N@ tair ar mo chendN a,_ ^or C+_ ^:tbAla de, O i trL$ lim do marbad+_ ^Ra$at Lm,_ ^ol #rech,_ ^co comair em i ind ! ci!, O bad chert do c hl!chi frim+_ ^Committi Ln amal ba maith latt,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^(@m cechtar n@thar imm@raile,_ ^or #rech+ :tna$ait co cAin mLir oc imtra crad for ind ! ci, O b@tir #rech+ )anLcaib Pa afrithi i+`(" line ?,1,N?,??a`HB( line /?.N//Ga`C line .>N/,a


G?2< _ ^4n d!l o,_ ^or C,_ ^in n- didma th' anacolZ_ ^Noco didem,_ ^or #rech+ :tnai$ C foM atherr!ch conid appad #rech+ )oc!rethar for tMr+ Berait a m!inter a cholaind co mNboM i in dPn!d+ =th #ra<ch i ed ainm ind @tha in co br@th+ CoMnti a nNdPnad nN!le #rech+ Co nNaccatar banch!ri i nNinaraib Panib for colaind #ra<ch meic Idaid+ Foce at Padib i a Md+ &<d #ra<ch ainm in tN Mda Marom+_

1ingid #ergus darsin n?omnai ina charput6

^)Ma$ait co mNb@tar oc =th Titen+ )o cara C e i!r dMb and +i+ A $ngail Irruiss+ )Ma$ait a Marom co mNb@tar hNi #ornocht+ C!lAn la 'edb, Baiscne a ainm+ (Acid C irchor fair co mNbert a chend de+ $ruim Baiscneainm inna mai$ni in Marom L Mn immach+_ 204 ^MLr in c!itbi!d dPib,_ ^ol 'edb,_ ^can toph!nd na erri an$ceLil !c!t fil 'co for nN$!in+_ ^'oberatN om Marom top!nd fair iar in coro bri i et fert i a carpat oca+_ 2'4

Aided Brlim6
^'othMa$ait a dano tar Iraird Culendara b@rach+ 'o lAci C Chulaind rMam+ 'of!ric araid nN Brlim meic Ailello O 'edba i Tamlachtai Brlimfri $<siurt 1chait antPaid bic@n oc bAim feda and+ 5 M@d iar nNaraili licht immorro i ferta carpait Con Culaind ro maid O i do bAim ferta dochLid in tan cotr@nic fri araid nN Brlim+ 4 A in tNara ro ben na fert i mad Mar in tN licht a+_ ^4 nephn@r a nNdo$nMat !laid m@ at A file !nd `FO(4O B.aa t hall,_ ^ol C,_ ^cAin file in lL$ fora tairr+_ 30

^)AitN eom co in nNaraid dMa cho c+ 4ndar lei ba di !ltaib dL+ Co nNaccai in fer oc bAim feda +i+ ferta carpat+`(" line ?,?BN?,/Ga`HB( line //>NG2.a`C line /1N>Ga


GG2< _ ^Cid do$nM !ndZ_ ^ol C+_ ^Fert e carpat do bAim,_ ^ol in tNara+_ ^Ro bri i em ar carpat oc tof!nd na ailite !c!t Con Culaind+ Con$n@ frim,_ ^ol in tNara_ ^'Aca namm@ in b@ teclaim na ferta do$Ana fa na nNim cot had+_ ^Bid a nNim cot had Am,_ ^ol C+ 4m cothi Marom na fert e c!lind tria ladra a $lac hNi fMadnai i a chAli conda cermna tar eter rP c O !db!+_ ^Nip M th' opar c homada dobi!r fort,_ ^ol in tNara+ B@NdnNimomonN ide+_ ^Can d!itZ_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^:ra Brlim meic Ailella O 'edba,_ ^or A+_ ^Oc! t! !Z_ ^ol in tNara+_ ^C Chulaind mo ainmN e,_ ^ol A+_ ^Romair$$e Ln Am,_ ^ol in tNara+_ ^NM @$hiter nM,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^C@it at@ do thi$ernaZ_ ^or A+_ ^:t@ i ind fertai !c!t,_ ^ol in tNara+_ ^Coi le didi! a immalle frim,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^ar nM $onaimN ea arad! etir+_ ^)Ait C Chulaind dochom nNBrlim+ 9ontai O benaid a chend deO ro ecroth a chend fri in lPa$+ 'obeir in cend for m!in ind arad Mar in O atbert-_ ^Beir latt in,_ ^or C,_ ^O tA i don dPn!d amlaid+ Manip amlaid tAi , roticcba cloch PaimN e a in tailm+_ ^: nNdochLid i nNocc! don dPn!d tM ca a cend dMa m!in O adfAt a imtechta do 'eidb O Ailill+_ ^NM frMthid bid ei Mne Am,_ ^ol M+_ ^Oc! a r!bairt mini th!caind for mo m!in dochom in dPnaid, bri fed mo chend formN a co cloich+_

Aided tr< mac n?3rach6

^:n ait Mar in trM meic 3rach fora nN@th+ 4t A a nNanmandN ide +i+ 1on O Cala O $<liu+ 'es 1ir O 'es 1ech O 'es 1ethan a trM nNaraid+ Ba forLil le! a nNdori$ni`(" line ?,/>N?12/a`HB( line G2?NG10a`C line >>N0,Ba


>00< C Chulaind +i+ d@ macdalta ind rM$ do $oin O a mac O crothad in chind fri in lL$+ Co r!baitM Coin Culaind tara A i O co nNder$abtaM a nNLen!r a nNimneth in din tN lL$+ Bentatar trM fidot dMa nN aradaib co rLilti $lied fri a N e i!r+ No $e$oinN eom !li Marom Pair ro bri i et fMr fer fair+ Ro boM ara Brlim in tan in iter Ailill O 'eidb+ )anettat C cloich fair co mebaid a chend co t@nic a inchind fora chlPa a +i+ #er Tedil a ainm+ NM fMr tr@ amlaid in n@ marbad C arad!+ NM marbad Am cen chinaid cip inn! +_

Aided in togmaill A in pheta ein6

^B@$ai C Chulaind hNi '@thiuport iar in i nNacci$ed Ailill nL 'edb, fochichred cloich a a th@baill forr!+ 'o$nMN om Ln dano +i+ dolAci cloich a a thailm co nNort in to$mall boM for $Palaind 'edba fri in nN@th ande + 4 de at@ '@ithe Togmaill+ Oc! ort in nNAn boM for $Palaind Ailella fri @th antPaid+ 4 de at@ '@the n?Ein+ 5 NL dano i for `FO(4O $Palaind 'edba b@t@r immalle eter to$@n O An, O i a cind bentat@r na !rchora dMb+ B@ite dano Rein ina loch+ 4 de at@ 1ochRein+_ ^NM cMan Paib at@ far cAle,_ ^or Ailill fri na 'ane+ :tare$atN ide Pa O imm! dAcat+ 4n tan ia at@rN om dano atheroch, benaid C fer dMb co mNmebaid a chend fair+_ ^NM ma lod aid dL+ NMba ada far mN brai e,_ ^or 'en@n drPth+_ ^'obAraindN e a c hend de+_ ^)ollAci C cloich dL co mNmebaid a c hend fair+ 4 amlaid tr@ ro marbth@ in l!cht in- Brlm chAt!m! ina dind C trM meic 3rach fora nN@th C #er Tedil ina dedlib C 'enn ina dind+_ ^)on$! do dia toin$the mo thPath,_ ^ol Ailill,_ ^fer do$Ana a Acnach !nd, da$AnN a d@ leth de+ )aMt a eter l@a O aidchi chena dPnd,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^co rM am 31

Calngi+ Mairfid in fer a d@ trian for lPai$ fLn nNinna GB,a`C line 0,/N0B?a

a+_`(" line ?12GN?11Ga`HB( line G1,N


>.,< ^4 and in do n@ncat@r cr!itti Ca<nbili L Ess Raid dMa nNairfiti!d+ 4ndar leL ba d! tho cAlad forr! L !ltaib+ 'oberat toff!nd forr! co lNlot@r rempo i nNdelbaib o Marom i na coirthib oc 1<ac 'r antPaid, ar roptar dr!Md co mLreLla +_

Aided 1ethain6
^'a$Aini dano 1ethan fora @th for -<th la Conailliu+ :nai cade in ara chind Con Culaind+ B@ @eth lai a nNdo$Ani C Chulaind+ U $id dano C Chulaind a chend di !di! C conid f@cab lai + 4 de at@ =th 1ethan for -<th+ Oc! memdaitir a carpait lA! oc comrac for ind @th inna farrad+ 4 de at@ =th Carpat+ 'ocer 'ulcha, ara 1ethain, i in $Pala fil etarro+ 4 de at@ 3alo 'ulchai+ CAin b@t@r didi! in tN lLi$ oc tochim 'aige Breg, forr!mai Allechtu collAic, noch i M in 'rr<gan Ln i nNdeilb ePin co mNboM for in chorthi hNi Temair Calngi O a bert fri in tarb-_ ;r+< ^4n fitir in d!b d! @im can eirc nNechdai$ d@l dA nad fiacht fMach nad eLl ce!rtid namaib ar tPaith Brega bMth i nNdaMnib tath!m rPn rofMa tar d!b dMa nNM a maM m!in tonna fAr for$la for laich lile tai @ed @$ a a ma$ meldait lLi$ coith nMa boidb bL$eimnech feochair fMach fir m@irm r@d nNin$ir cl!iph Cualnge coi$de dMa b@ mLrmacni iar fAic m!intire do Acaib+ _;r+ end < ^(!id in tarb Marom O cLeca ama ca imbi co mNboM hNi &l@ib Chulind, O l!id a bPachaill ina dMaid, #orgemen a ainm+ Focheird de na tri cLecta mac no bMtM oc cl!chi! fair do $rA , O marbai d@ trian a macraideO concechlaid bPrach hNi T<r 'arcc@ni hNi Calngi rA techt+ `FO(4O B?aa NM r!bai C Chulaind nech eter an &ailiu Imdorthi hNi crMch Conailli co r@ncat@r Cailngi+ BaM C Chulaind Marom hNi Cuinchiu +i+ arb@$ai Marom airm i nN acci$ed 'eidb, no troi tfed lai in cloich fria cend+ NMrbo rAid dLN om Ln, ar i amlaid imthA$ed 'edb O leth in tN lLi$ impe O amdabach cMath Pa a cind+_ `(" line ?11>N?1B1a`HB( line GB1NGGGa`C line 0BBN0>2a


Aided 1cha inso6

^(!id didi! inailt do 'edb, 1chu a ainm, do thabairt !i ce, O bantrocht mLr impe+ 4ndar la Coin Culaind b@ M 'edb+ SraMthi! di chloich a Cuinchiu conda ort ina rAid+ 4 de at@ R@id 1cha hNi Calngiu+ : #indabair Chalngi fo d@il et in tN lLi$ O adachtat@r in crMch hNi tenid+ 'oinLlat a mN baM di mn@ib O maccaib O in$enaib O bPaib hi Calngiu hNi teclom co mNb@t@r hNi #indabair !li+_ ^NM ma lod aid dL,_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^NM acci! in tarb lib+_ ^NM fil i in chLici!d etir,_ ^or c@ch+ Con$airther 1thar dLib, bPachaill do 'edb+_ ^Cate in tarb,_ ^or M,_ ^in dLi$ lattZ_ ^4 am Lm!n ara ai nAi ,_ ^ol in bPachaill+_ ^4nd adai$,_ ^or A,_ ^dochLt@r !laid ina nLendin, doll!id O trM fichit amai ce imbi conid fil i nN$ubchairiu 3linne 3att+_ ^Er$id,_ ^or 'edb,_ ^O berid $att eter cach nNdM Paib+_ ^'o$nMat Ln Marom+ 4 de att@ 3lend n?3at for in $lind ein+ 'oberat Marom in tarb co mNbaM in #indabair+ bit i nN accai in bPachail +i+ 1thor, tofLbair c!cai co mNbert a inathar a fora bennaib O tofLbair cona t hrM cLectaib amai ce a nNd!nad co nNappad cLeca l@ech lai + Conid :ided 1thair ar )@na in+ (!id Padib in tarb iar in a in dPn!d O nM fetatar cid dochLid Padib O ba mAla leL+ Ro Marfacht 'edb in b!achaill dLi$ lei c@it i mNbaM in tarb+_ ^'Li$ lem b@d i nNdMamraib &l@be Culind no beth+_ ^)intaM et 32

Marom amlaid in Mar nNindred Chalngi O nM fParat@r in tarb nNand+ ConAracht 3laiss Chruind fri! i nNenna crand co fAot@r f!irri, O a bert 'edb fri drAcht dMa m!intir ara tM tai tari +_ `(" line ?1B.N?1>Ga`HB( line GG>N>0>a`C line 0>0N,,0a


Aided Calaind6
^(!id l@ech amra ara b@rach, Calu a ainm+ 9abai liic mLir fri a ai do thecht dar in nN! ce+ 'ochora t@r in $lai for cPl! o A cona liic fora thairr+ :t@ a lecht O a lMa for in tN li$i ocon $lai +i+ 1<a Caland a ainm+ (otar Marom timchell 3laisse Cruind co rNrici in topor, O docLe `FO(4O B?bati eter a topor O lMab acht n@d Atad L 'eidb+ Ba ferr la !di techt tar lMab ara marad a licht and co br@th ar @r for !ltu+ :n ait trM l@aO trM aidchi and in co cechlat@r a nNPir remib, Bernas Bu Calngi+ 4 and in $eo$ain C Chulaind Crond O Cemdele, O ro fer f!ire nNimnai e+ :tbath cAt nN@nrod fri , rind rM$, im Ran im Roae im d@ enchaid na )@na + Cethri rM$ ar echt fichtib rM$ atbath lai for in nN$lai chAtnai+ 'ollotar Marom for Bernas B Calngi co folodaib O indilib Calngi co feLt@r hNi nN3lind $il Imda hNi Calngi+ Botha a ainm in p!irt in Pair do$An at botha forro and+ 'othMa$at @rna b@rach do Cholptu+ FanLprait tri anfLt+ ConArachtN ide fri! dano co mNbert cAt cairptech Padib dochom maro+ 4 ed ainm in tMre in rob@te Clain Carpat+ (ot@r timchell Colbta Marom doch!m a thopair do B@lut Aliin, co feLt@r oc 1<asaib 1iac+ 4 ed ainm in p!irt in Pair dorin$ et lMa ! fora lLe$! and eter Chalngiu O Conailliu+ 'ollot@r Marom dar 3lend n?3atlaig+ ConArracht dano 3lass 3atlaig friu+ &echaire a ainm rMam+ 3las 3atlaig L Ain Pair ba i nN$ataib dobertatar a lNlLe$!, co feLt@r i nN $ruim #@ne la Conailliu+ 4t A in tr@ a nNimthechta L Chalngi co 'achairi iar in tN licht a+ 'o$nMat immorro a!$tair O libair aile cLr!$!d aile fora nNimthechtaib a #indabair co Conaille +i+_

5rgain Chalngi inso s<s6

^:tbert 'edb iar torachtain c@ich cona nN$ab@il co mNb@t@r !li hi #indabair Chalngi-_ ^Randtar in dPnad !nd,_ ^or 'edb+_ ^NM r!cfaider ind imir$i e for LenchoM+ )Mat Ailill la leith na immir$i for Slige 'idlachrae+ Ra$maiNne O #ergus for Bernas n?!lad+`(" line ?1>/N?.,?a`HB( line >,2N >.>a`C line ,,,N,.Ga


021B< _ ^NM A$da,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^in leth donroacht dind imir$i+ NM r!cfaiter na baM tar in lMab cen raind+_ ^'o$nMth Ln, conid de at@ Bernas B n?!lad+ 4 and in a bert Ailill fria araid Cuillius-_ ^Finna dam indi! 'eidb O #ergus+ NM fet!r cid rodan!c don choibdin e, O bid fL lim donM ed comartha nNPait+_ ^'oth@et Cuillius in tan b@tar hNi Cluichrib+ :n ait ind l@namain fo deLid O lotar ind Lic remib+ 'oth@et ch!c! Cuillius O nM forchPalat@r in fer forc i+ Ecmaic boM a chlaideb hNi farrad #ergusa+ )@nM ca Cuillius a a thrPaill O fLf@caib in trPaill f@ + 'oth@et Cuillius co Ailill+_ ^:meind,_ ^or Ailill+_ ^:mne dano,_ ^or Cuillius+_ ^"ndar dait !nd comartha+_ ^4 maith in tr@,_ ^or Ailill+ )ibid cechtar de fria chAle+_ ^:mal dondr!iminN o,_ ^or Cuillius,_ ^i amlaid fo fairnecN a hNi comlepaid+_ ^4 dethbir di i,_ ^or Ailill+_ ^4 ar chobair ocon t@in dori$ni+ `FO(4O BBaa B@ maith bl@th in c hlaidib lat,_ ^or Ailill+_ ^:tnai$ fLth !ide i in carp!t O anart lAined imbi+_ ^:trai$ #ergus dMa chlaidi!b Marom+_ ^:ill amaic_ ^or A+_ ^Cid no taMZ_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^Olc $nMm dori$ni! fri Ailill,_ ^or A+_ ^4ndnaidid 33

!nd co tM a a ind fid,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^O nMp machdad lib cid cMan co tM or+_ ^Ecmaic nM fitir 'edb te baid in chlaidib+ )Ait a O berid claidi!b a arad lai ina l@im+ 'o$nM claidi!b craind i ind fid+ 4 de at@ #id 'rdralle la !ltu+_ ^)ia$am a i nNdMaid ar cAle,_ ^or #ergus+ Cotrecat i in mai$ a lL$aib !lib+ :rrLcbat a p!pli+ Con$airther #ergus do Ailill do imbirth fidchille+ 4n tan doll!id #ergus don ph!p!ll, $abaid Ailill $@ri fri + : bert #ergus- ;r+< #ergus dixit _ ^FL fer fri tibther e manip ceL mera mLr$nMmo merthar e airbi!r mo chlaidib mache mind e mo dM em cal$a de 3alin $@ir e manip ed bPaid mn@ mi r@la tar e di d@il dondlecht e ceL $aib $enin almi e`(" line ?.,BN?.?/a`HB( line >?2N>G,a`C line ,.>N,G2a

02/,< At ar mLr lPa$ m!rechaib e fe ter do lAib a!M -essa nMth e do lL$ co mNbrM$ e co rife medrath! fer+ _;r+ end < ;r+< ^ Ailill dixit _ ^N@ fer b@i$,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^dit dith claidib ceL airdib @th brond ri$ menmonfait ce Le fAre frit $allnai $@ir dait deim 'edb ar iltPatha dothoin$ fMad ni fairi lim de deb!id ar mn@ib At echaib ar cMa denat torr!Mdet cAo thadet di cach airm ar cAo mLr$lonnaib fechat+ ;r+ end < S!id M tr@,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^co nNimberam fidchell+ 4 fo chen do thMcht!+_ ;r+< ^ Ailill dixit _ ^4mbeir fidchill ceL bPanbach ar bAlaib rM$ ceL rM$nai cl!che araf!iret@r fo mLr lPa$! d!lecha nMbeca!m! frit cia thochill berae ar i di Marnantaib c!n$na ar ri$naib in$enaib am mareLla bA ni $@!b! cAtchinta for mnaib meldrM$i ceL chara #indabair #ergus rodanae ar bPaib bPrechaib co lL$aib mLraib timchella di th!ataib techtmLirib co nNilcr!th rM$ co mNbr!th dracon co an@il nathrach co mNbAim lAoman dethairith to ai$ #ergus mac Rossa Rich+ _;r+ end < ^9ab ait imbirt na fer fithchille Marom+ :dreth at na fir! Lir O ar$ait tar in cl@r crAd!mae+ co clo Ailill_ ^NM cLir rM$ cLel caMni tria rind !mae b@i berair i ald! ceL cl@r airb!le i lP ata!rrid a 'edb mLr$lonnach ceL fer anai fri #ergus ar imdM$irt cliche cMambre+_ ;r+< ^co cloth nM 'edb_ ^(Aic de brMathra athi$ nM dAroi$ r!ben ceL atPar atmib macrath mMn in Ari ch!airm nita cailtech e brethach fritoin$ di thPatha nitat nePit Aiti ar b!aib ceL foicherthar di $nP i $lanfidir #ergus+ _;r+ end < ^Co cloth #ergus+ `FO(4O BBba ;r+< #ergus dixit +_ ^:ll amai,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^na brMathraib ilib im$onm ar bAlaib iltPath ceL ana aib ailfitir ceL Ataib ebortir cAo $@ib $lanfitir ceL rM$aib im$enaiter dera$a rofMr +i+ do$Antar do rMar+ ;r+ end <`(" line ?.?GN?.>0a`HB( line >G1N0201a`C line ,G0N10,a

002.< _ ^:nait and ind aidchi in+ Co cPalat@r Ailill i in matin ara b@rach+ ;r+< Ailill dixit +_ ^)ofil mLr$lond ar bAlaib mLr lPai$ fri Cruind !i ci !M -essa nMth! donteil$fet #ir 5l n?>cmacht ar fir f!il$la a de f!lib mAderath fri d@il dondlechtai$ ceL mLrfer ta!rcbat iltonna fri nMach nNama!lach di !ltaib ticfa+ _;r+ end < ^'edb dixit + ;r+< 'edb dixit +_ ^N@ fer immor@in a meic 'ta mLrPallai$ cAo $re erreth a ardaib a!rali$ dron$tar fir fertar mn@ bPaib remib cennaib lPa$ demen at@r claidib cech !M m!inter cAochle aib imbret ceL damaib @$at cAo mnaib berat arbertat mLr lPai$ di roM Chalngi contolat in tN lPai$+ _;r+ end < ;r+< ^co cloth #ergus+_ ^9remmai$ther mLrchend for br!inni! drochol tMa$ait ria rMa$aib in brai mLrmenmnai$ di thPathaib toin$et dM rM$naib b@i$et fri namte a$at+ _;r+ end < ^Co cloth nM 'edb-_ ^'Antar, dentar a nNa beir+_ ;r+< ^ 'edb dixit +_ ^FLt m@m midedar de il l!a$aib cen$at cen b@ Ailill fLt chomm! tabairther+ _;r+ end < ^)oc!mlat a do 3laiss Cruind+ Co cPalat@r 'ane mac Ailella-;r+< 'ane dixit +_ ^'Mam dMan lAicthir ar fir find cle cAo m@thair athair ar bPaib bennachaib arci!chlai co rNrM mod de carpN, ar cin di bPaib ardchle no ili roM+ _;r+ end < ;r+< ^Co cloth nM #ergus+_ ^Na tAi$ a meic mLr$lonnai$ ni bad chomarli berat co ticfa dith chend dit m!nM!l berthair la $illa nNam!lach tot@et imarrda fri roM bPrethar fortoin$ $lai boccit c!illte ar ile t@r i rNricht! airchecht mLr$lond ! ci for b@dfae di dameib mLr lPa$ ar Ailill $!infa dimecfiter 'edb il$nP i archel a rNroib rindechaib+ ;r+ end < Rom lAcidN a com loin$i hNi to !ch,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^ar n@ro bri ter fMr fer forin $illae, O na baM ri!nd O in lPa$ inar nNdeLid O na mn@ ina nNdMaidN ide+_ ^Co cloth nM 'edb+`(" line ?.>,N??,2a`HB( line 020.N021Ba`C line 101N11Ga


001G< ;r+< 'edb dixit +_ ^Cl!inte a #ergus dit inchaib anmain ar bPaib a!r cai$ cot lPa$aib maithib nM thelce !ltu di thn!taib tairbertha tarcoba a $@ri i mN 'ag n?=i forberi d@il licht+ _;r+ end < ;r+< ^#ergus dixit +_ ^:ill amai,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^a 'edb co mNbaM e nat $!th cl!ni!r fo thPathaib nim thorai ar nimth@ mac moethli$ fri $ailte ar Emuin+ MLrb!lli for tPathaib ni bi! rom lAic dit leccaib nam iarrair co in nalaide cPlaid di maith le a ar fechtaib+ _;r+ end < `FO(4O B/aa ^)othAt C Chulaind co mNboM oc =th Chruind ara cind+_ ^: popa 1ig,_ ^ol A fria araid,_ ^dofil na l!a$! dPn+_ ;r+< ^1eg dixit +_ ^:rt!n$N a dA!,_ ^ol in tNara,_ ^firfa a ardchle ar bAlaib eirred hNi cocill ch!m!cc for echaib en$aib co c!n$aib ar$it co nNdrochaib Lrdaib for bPada bertair cichi ar chennaib rM$ a conicim toberat bPaid ar@! cindairecht+ _;r+ end < ;r+< ^ C Chulaind dixit +_ ^Umde, a 1a<g,_ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^co nN$aba ei i fri mLrbPaid 'ache ni ren$at tar dron$ fri !med mn@ m!idme tMarmai$ derPich mac ceL aitti ailmi fri etnai eocrith ceL Ailill 'edba melleth fri imt hecht di Ai ro lPa$aib+ ;r+ end < :deocho a,_ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^inna hN! ci do chon$nam frim+ :teoch nem O talm!in O Cruinn in tN ainrethai$+_ 0+ 0< 9aibid Crn cLidech fri! ,< nM lAicfe i 'uirthemniu 1< co rNroi c monar #@ne .< i in tNSlAib tPath 5cha<ne+ ^(a odain cotnLccaib in tN! ci Pa co mNboM i nNindaib crand+`(" line ??,0N??.>a`HB( line 021/N02BBa`C line 11>N1BGa


00B?< )Ait 'ane mac Ailella O 'edba ria c@ch+ :ra li$ C Chulaind for ind @th O b@tir trMcha marcach dMa m!intir i ind ! ci+ )o cara C Chulaind d@ A nNdAc nNda$l@ech dMb aitherroch immon nN ! ci!+ Focherdat a p!iple icond @th in+ )oth@et 1ugaid mac -is !M 1omairc Allchomaig do acallaim Con Culaind trMcha marcach+_ ^fo chen dait, a 1uigid,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^'ia foi$ela Anlaith 'ag 'urthemni rot bMa ca!d co lNleith alaili! dMa tomna dano ia c indbir! rot bMa A! +i+ brat@n co lNleith araili! rot bMat na tri $ai +i+ $a biroir, $a fochl!chta, $a trechlaim+ Rot bMa fer i nN@th tart chend+_ ^4 tori e,_ ^or 1ugaid+_ ^Feba tPathe don mac dodPthracar+_ ^4t caMni for lPai$,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^NMb! dir an dait do Pati ara cind,_ ^or 1ugaid+_ ^4m$Ana fMr limN a O da$l@echdacht,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^: popa 1ugaid, inim @i$etarN a in tN lPai$Z_ ^)on$! do dia,_ ^or 1ugaid,_ ^nM laimethar Lenfer n@ dMa Padib tabairt a f!ail i nNimecht!r in dPnaid mani bet fMchtib nL trMchtaib+_ ^Bid ain nM dLibN om Ln,_ ^or C,_ ^diand ra$baN a dMb!r$!d a in tailm+ Bid ada dait, a 1ugaid, in chocAliN i fil dait la hN!ltu dianom tMN e brM$ cach fir+ :pairN eo tr@ cid a @il dait,_ ^ol C+_ ^Conom raib cairte lat frim b!din+_ ^Rot bMa acht ro pA comarthae f!rri+ Oc! apair frim popa #ergus bMd comardae fora mNb!din+ :pair fri na le$i bMth comardae fora mNb!din O toin$et anmchomAt frim O domiced bMad cach nNLenaidche Padib+_ ^)Ait 1ugaid Pad+ Ecmaic b!M #ergus hNi p!paill la Ailill+ Cot$air 1ugaid imach hNA O r@ti fri in ain+ `FO(4O B/ba Co cloth nM Ailill+ ;r+< Ailill dixit +_ ^C@ir i i ana aib ferthair hNi meltm!i$ib nimrath mLr lPa$aib diar t!athaib tic et fo bMth fir Rich ai nethar dMndethar fMadon falnathair ar 'eidb meld!li$ tonf@ir mLrchobair+ )Ma$am`(" line ??.>N ??/?a`HB( line 02B/N02>1a`C line 1B>N1>,a

00>G< Pathad lPai$ co p!paill mLir coith O cor anacol di leccaib art!irb imfLit ar d@laib dMamraib ta cnae t@nicc+ _;r+ end < ^)on$! do dia nimth@,_ ^ar #ergus,_ ^cen athchomarc don $ill!+ )omair, a 1ugaid, eir$ c!ici dP in ra$a Ailill trMcha cAt c!c!mN a im b!din+ Beir dam co tinni dL O ta!lch!ma fMna+_ ^)Ait ch!ci Marom O r@ti fri +_ ^FL limN a Ln,_ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^cia thAi +_ ^Cotrecat a nNdM 35

b!din Marom+ BMt and cot adai$+ Bri id C Chulaind trMcha l@ech dMb co in tailm+ NL co mNbetM fiche aidchi and in amal itberat araili libair+_ ^Bit olca far nNimt hechta,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^)oficfat !laid a a noMndin O cotomAlat ar 'r O $rian+ 4 olc in chPl catha inonfil+ )taMt a do Chil Aithir+_ ^Ecmaic dochPaid C Chulaind in nNaidche in do acallaim !lad+_ ^ScAla latZ_ ^or Conchobar+_ ;r+< ^C Chulaind dixit +_ ^Mn@ brataitir,_ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^Ati a$atair, fir $onaitir+_ ^Ciche brata, ciche @i$, ciche $oinZ_ ^Berti! b!chae f!ile f!irtbe $ainne +i+ cend f!irtbi @ir berthi! Ailill mac 'tae O #ergus mac Rich rod@na roda clecht claideb conda co car eochridi Conchobair c@ich O code carfa+ _;r+ end < ^NM mor torbai dait,_ ^or Conchobar+_ ^4ndi! ton@nic ar tinorcain in chAtnae+_ ^)Ait a iar !di! Padib co nNaccai na lPa$! oc c!ch!d a + Ailill dixit +_ ^:ill amai,_ ^or Ailill+_ ^atchM! carpat condathrind t@!that lPa$! i bodbae ardibi fir! i nN@th! ar$Aba bP c!retha bith a trMchait imbera iar t!decht lPa$ dM bPanaib +i+ di 1aignib reithfid f!il a mNmAderad dofLet at oc imorr@in ar bPaib !laid i in nN@th+`(" line ??/BN?B21a`HB( line 02>.N00,0a`C line 1>1N./>a

0,,/< _ ^9onaid C Chulaind trMcha laAch dMb for =th $uirn+ NM ro an atar Marom conid adai$ r@ncat@r Cil n?Airthir+ 9onaid trMcha dMb i !di! O focherdat a p!pli and+ B!M ara Ailella +i+ Cuillius oc ni$i na fondad i ind @th mattain+ BentiN eom co cloich conid ro marb+ 4 de att@ =th Cuillne hNi Cil Airthir+ Ro a$at tr@ co feLt@r i nN$ruim f@ine la Conailliu amal atr!br!mar remoind+ 'o nethat C Chulaind iar !idi!+ Or$$aid cAt fer cacha aidche dMib na trM aidchi mNb@t@r and+ 9abai tabaill dLib a hN5cha<niu inna farrad+_ ^Bid dimbPan ar lL$ la Coin Culaind in cr!th a,_ ^ol Ailill+_ ^Berar imarchor comai Pan dL +i+ ra mNbMa commAite 'aige 'urthemne di 'aig A<i O carpat ba dech `FO(4O BGaa be i nNA<i O timthacht d@ fer dAac+ :ir$ mad ferr lai in ma$ a in ro hNalt O trM echt c!mal, O ad$i$nethar dL cach nM atbath airi dia thribi O indili O im$Antar lai immi oc! t@et im $Al ineN ea+ 4 ferr dL old@ cAl ine Lcti$ernd+_ ^Cia ra$a fri inZ_ ^ 'ac Roth !nd !c!t+_ ^(!id for in do $elga 'ac Roth, techtaire Ailella O 'edba 5 i A timchella hN>rind i nNLenlL+ 4 and bad dLi$ la #ergus bith Con Culaind i nN$elga+_ ^:tchM! fer ch!c!nd,_ ^or 1eg fri Coin Culaind+_ ^Berrad b!de fair+ Fethal lMnda imbi+ (or$ anfaid inna l@im+ Cal$ dAt fLa choim+ (Ane c h!lpatach co nN der$intli!d imbi+_ ^Cia do l@echaib ind rM$ in,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^4mcomairc 'ac Roth do 1eg cia dMambo chAli+_ ^CAle dond fir !cc!t tM ,_ ^or 1eg+ BoM C Chulaind i !di! i in tN necht! co rNrici a dM lei cen mether imbi oc e caid a lAine+ :tbeir dano 'ac Roth fri Coin Culaind cia dMarbo chocAle+_ ^CAle Conchobair meic -essa,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^4ndad fil lond!d ba derb!Z_ ^4 lLr in,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^:n@! cia airm !nd hNi t@ C ChulaindZ_ ^ol 'ac Roth+`(" line ?B.2N ?B,Ga`HB( line 00,,N00.Ga`C line .G2N?2Ba

0,B,< _ ^Cid a bArth@ fri Z_ ^or C+ :dfAt dL in nNimarchor nN!le amal a r!bartm@r+_ ^CMa no beth C in nNocc! , nM din$ned in ein+ NM rNriri br@thair a m@thar ar rM$ nNaile+_ ^'oAth ch!cai afridi i O a breth fri dolAicfithe dL a mNbad oMrem na mNban O a mNbad ei c dind fol!d arn@ imbreth in tabaill forroib i nNaidchi cMa no $onad fri dA+_ ^NM din$An,_ ^or C+_ ^'ia r!cthar ar mn@ dLera Pan, bMait ar mn@ @era for brontib, O beimNni cen blicht m@ r!cthar ar mNbaM blichta Pain+_ ^'oAth c!cai afridi i O a berar fri ra mNbMat na mn@ dLera O na baM blichta+_ ^NM din$An,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^'obArat !laid a mn@ dLera ch!c! i lNli$e O bArtair dLermaicni dLib Marom O imbArat a mNblichtach do feLlaib hNi n$aimred+_ ^4n fil na aill didi!Z_ ^ol in techtaire+_ ^Fil,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^O nM epAr fritN !+ 'othMa ar fair m@ atcho e nech dPib+_ ^RafetarN a,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^'amN a ararocle in fer a foil i$!d, O immorro nM le dPibN i+ Oc! i ed in o in choma,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^+i+ @th for i nN$Anathar a $lAo O a chomrac fri Lenfer arn@ r!cthar ind Ait de in l@a co nNaidchi dP in t@ir cobair !lad fLo+ Oc! machdad limN a,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^a fot co tecatN ide a a ce aib+ 4 a ! Am dPinni,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^in fer cech laM and@ a cAt cach nNaidchi+_ 36

Aided Etarcomail A imarchor n?athisc fer n?>rend i m?belo #ergusa do Choin Chulaind6
^(!id #ergus Marom for in nNimarchor nNM in+ (il di !di! dano Etarcomol mac Eda O 1ethrinne, macdalta Ailella O'edba+_ ^NM hNaccobor lem do thecht,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^O nM ar do mi cai + ScMth lim nam@ comrac dPib O C Chulaind+ 'o othlach O do ai le,`(" line ?B,>N?B?/a`HB( line 00.>N 0020a


0,>.< l!inne `FO(4O BGba O an irce, drP O tarp thi$e O dechrad do chAli +i+ Con Culaind+ NM bMa maith do for comr!c+_ ^Cani Atir latN ! mo n@d!d airiZ_ ^or Etarcomol+_ ^SAtir dano,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^acht namm@ nM tharda a r@d fri dMardain d+_ ^)ecait de i nNdMb carptib do $elga+ BaM C Chulaind ind Pair in oc imbirt bPanfai$ fri 1eg a dM ch!laidN eom fri! O enech 1a<g+ `C line ?2/N2a_ ^:tchM! d@ charpat ch!c!nd,_ ^or 1eg+_ ^Fer mLr dond i in carp!t toM ech+ Folt dond cr@ebach fair+ Brat corcra imbi, eP Lir and+ (Ani ch!lpatach co nNder$intli!d imbi+ Crom ciath co f@eb!r chondPala fair di findr!ini+ ManaM brAfech L mim! c co hNadairc ina l@im+ Claideb ithidir loM ch!rai$ fora dMb lMa taib+_ ^4 f@ ind laM mLr in doberar lam popa #ergus,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^ar nM fil claideb ina inti!ch in$e claideb craind+ :tchoa dam dano,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^ro $ab Ailill a mNb@e$!l inna cotl!d, hNA eomO 'edb, O dorAtlai tir a chlaidi!b ar #ergus O dorat dMa araid dia t ho caid, O doratad claideb craind ina intech+_ ^)ic #ergus fL odain+_ ^Fo chen in, a phopa #ergus,_ ^ol C+_ ^'ia tM Ma c i nNinbera, rot bMa hNA co lNleith, araile dia tM Mall a mNma$, rot bMa caPth co lNleith, alaili dornd birair nL femair, dornd fochlochta, deo$ de $anim+ )echt i nN@th ar cend fir m@ thecra t' imaire co comthala rat bMa+_ ^4 tari e lim,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^nM do biad dorochtamar+ Rofetamar do threbad !nd+_ ^:rfLim C Chulaind Marom in nNimarchor L #ergus+ )Ait #ergus a Marom+ :naid Etarcomol oc dA cin Con Culaind+_ ^Cid dofAcaiZ_ ^ol cP+_ ^)! !,_ ^ol Etarcomol+_ ^ML tairchella Am Pil tar odain,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^4 ed Ln atchM!,_ ^ol Etarcomol+_ ^NM fetar nM arndott @i$hte do neoch+ NM acim di $r@in n@ hNerPath n@ forlond lMno latt+ Macc@em t!chtach amne co nN$ai ci!d do fid O co cle aib A$daib atotchomnaic+`(" line ?B?GN?BG1a`HB( line 00G0N0,01a

01,>< _ ^Cia nom ch@ne,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^nMt $AnN a fo bMth #ergusa+ Manipad do n@d!d immorro roptM do ren$a ri$thi O do chet hramain caMlte ricfaitM Paim dochom in dPnaid i nNde$aid do charpait+_ ^N@chim thomaid im odain,_ ^ol Etarcomol+_ ^4n cor amra ro nenai c +i+ comrac fri Lenfer, i me e cMatacomraicfe frit di feraib nN >rend i mNb@rach+_ ^)Ait a Marom+ )intaM afrithi i L '@thiuO Cethiu, a nNa bert fria araid -_ ^Ro b@$! ,_ ^ol A,_ ^fMad #ergus comrac fri Coin Culaind i mNb@rach+ NM hNa ! dPn didi! a indnaide+ )oM for na hNeoch! a in telai$ dofrithi i+_ ^:tchM 1eg anM in O a beir fri Coin Culaind-_ ^'ofil in carpat afrithi i O dorala cl@r clA frinn+_ ^NM fMach opaid,_ ^ol C+_ ^:ra chind dPn M dond @th co fia mar,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^NM accobor lem,_ ^ol C,_ ^a condai$i form+ `FO(4O B>aa_ ^4 Acen daitN i! Ln,_ ^or Etarcomol+ Benaid C Chulaind in fLt baM fL cho aib co torchair ina li$e O a fLt fora t hairr+_ ^:ir$ Paim_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^4 cMth lem $lanad mo l@m inni!t+ Fotd@ilfind i nNilpartib L chManaib acht manibad #ergus+_ ^NM carfom in cr!th a,_ ^ol Etarcomol,_ ^co rNr!cN a do chendN ! nL co f@rcabN a mo chend latN !+_ ^4 ed Ln Am bMa and om,_ ^ol C Chulaind+ Bentai C Chulaind cona chlaidi!b a a dMb nNaxalaib co torchair a Atach de, O nM forbai ima chne +_ ^Colla tr@,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^:ic,_ ^ol Etarcomol+ 'anaidle C Marom co fo$aid in chlaidib co ebaind a folt de amal bid co nNaltain no ber rth@+ NM forroim cid dri i!c for toind dL+ K rop! tromda Marom O ropo lenamnach in tNait hech, bentai hNi fo !d a m!llai$ conid rorand co rNrici a imlind+ Co nNacci #ergus in carpat echa O in nNLenfer and+ )intaM #ergus do deb!id fri Coin Culaind+_ ^Olc dait, a iriti,_ ^ol A,_ ^mo dM$!in+ 4 $arit mo lor$ latt,_ ^ol A+_ ^N@ba lond frim, a popa 37

#ergus,_ ^ol C Chulaind-_ ;r+< ^Fri ba$a benai fri n@imti! a cada cen claideb fa all!d i hNA toror@id ar !lad ai$id ceL lechtfa ailt! tairbirt fo m@m Etarcomol `(" line ?BGGN?/01a`HB( line 0,0.N 0,1>a

01B/< Pallai$ dimrAn e bl@thaib in neoch nam accae ar bail !allcha fo chemdib fMal!m for aid li$! fortchi for carpat cotl!d n@ lon$!d nM @m lam balcbrain+ N@ fer aithber form, a popa #ergus+ _;r+ end < ^)allAci inna lAchtain co nNdechaid carpat #ergusa tari co fo thrM+_ ^4arfai$ dMa araid in mA fLdrPar+ `C line ?01N?1,a_ ^N@thP Acin,_ ^ar a araN om+_ ^: r!bairt,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^nM re$ad co rNr!cad mo chendN a nL co f@rcbadN om dano a chend lemN a+ Cia de bad a ! latN !, a popa #ergusZ_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^4 a ! Am lemN a a nNdorLnad,_ ^ar #ergus,_ ^Pair i A eom ropo Pallach+_ ^:tnai$ #ergus Marom id nNerchomail tia a dM pherid O berthi i nNdead a c harpait fade in don dPn!d+ 4n tan no thAi$ed tar carrce, no carad a leth L alaili!+ 4n tan ba rAid, conrictM affri i+ 'anAcai 'edb+_ ^NM boid ind imbert moMthch!liLin in, a #ergus,_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^NM tocr@d dam dano in tNat hechmat!d,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^do $lieid fri in coin mLir n@d nNar$arad+_ ^Cladar a fert Marom+ S@tir a lia+ ScrMbthair a ainm nNo$aim+ :$air a $!bae+ NM dibeir$ C Chulaind dano da$aid a a th@baill+_

aided -ath Crantail inso s<s6

^Cia fer fil lib ar cend Coin Culaind i mNb@rachZ_ ^or 1ugaid+_ ^'abArat daitN o i mNb@rach,_ ^or 'ane mac Ailella+_ ^NM Atom nech ara chend,_ ^or 'edb+_ ^Ro bMth e emon lai co comtha tar fer dL+_ ^:tchotad Ln dano+_ ^Ced leth ra$thar Paib,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^do ch!in$id ind fir in ar cend Con CulaindZ_ ^NM fil i nNhN>re,_ ^or 'edb,_ ^adchotar dL mani th!icther C Ro< mac $re nL -ad Crantail fAnnid+`(" line ?/0.N?/.0a`HB( line 0,.2N0,B>a`C line ?11N?B0a


01>G< _ ^BoM fer di m!intir Con Ru< i in ph!paill+_ ^NM ther$a C Ro<,_ ^or A+_ ^4 leLr lei dodeochaid dMa m!intir and+_ ^)Ma$ar co -ad Crantail didi!+ `FO(4O B>ba_ ^)Ait 'ane Ando< c!ci+ :dfiadat a cAla dL+_ ^)air lind di $i!ll di inchaib Connacht+_ ^NM ra$N a,_ ^ol A,_ ^in$e m@ doberthar #indabair dam+_ ^)ot@et leL Marom+ 'oberat a $ai ced hNi carr a hNairthi!r Chonnacht co mNboM i in dPn!d+_ ^RotbMa #indabair ,_ ^or 'edb,_ ^ar d!l ar cend ind fir !cc!t+_ ^'a$An,_ ^or A+_ ^)oth@et 1uigid co Coin Culaind in nNaidchi in+ 'oth@et -ad Crantail ar do chendN o i mNb@rach+ 4 dir an d!it+ NM f@elai +_ ^NM b@ in,_ ^or C Chulaind+ 5 Combad and in no chanad C Chulaind-_ ^M@ dofLet ad -ath Crandtail5_ ^)Ait -ad Crandtail arna b@rach a in dPn!d O berid noM mNbera c!lind fPachtai foll caidi lai + 4 and boM C i !di! oc foroim AnO a charpat inna farrad+ SrMd -ad Crantail bi!r for Coin Culaind+ Cli i C Chulaind for rind in bera hNM in O nM nNderbai di forimim inna nN An+ : ch!m!t na hNocht mNbera aili+ 4n tan focheird a nLmad mNbir, techid ind Mall L Choin Chulaind i !di!+ (!id C Chulaind Marom for licht na hNAlle + Cin$id Marom for rindri na mNbera amal An di cach bi!r for araili i nNiarmLracht na nNAn arn@ch AlaitM + 9lA la c@ch immorro ba for teched l!id C Chulaind remiN eom+_ ^For C Chulaind !cc!t,_ ^ol A,_ ^dochLid reomN a for techedc+_ ^'eithbir Ln,_ ^ol 'edb,_ ^m@ rani taM da$Lic, nM $Abad in iriti fri fAta+_ ^Ba @eth la #ergus co nN!ltaib anM in+ 'ot@et #iacha mac #ir feibe Padib do cho c Con Culaind+_ ^:pair fri ,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^b@ fMal dL b!ith arnaib Lcaib cAin do$Ani calma+ 4 fAli dL immorro,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^a imfolach in tan teche rMa nN @eni!r, ol nMpo mLo a $re dL and@ do !ltaib archena+_ ^Cia ro maMdi inZ_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^-ad Crantail,_ ^ol #<acha+`(" line ?/.,N?//0a`HB( line 0,/2N0122a`C line ?B,N?>0a


0.1?< _ ^Ced ed no m@idedN om a cle dori$ni! N sa fMada, nMp! anfAli! dL,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^NMcon maMdfedN om acht no beth arm ina l@im+ RafetarN ! Am nM $onaimN e nech cen arm+ )@et tr@ i mNb@rach,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^co mNbA eter 5ch<ne O m!ir, O cid moch dontA, fomricfaN a and O nM tAi rMam+_ ^)airnic C Chulaind Marom a d@il, O focheird f@thi nNimbi iar cathai na hNaidchi, O nM airi$e t@r in corthe m@r baM ina farrad commAte fri fe in+ 'aratailc etir O a brat, O aidid inna farrad+ )ic -ad Crandtail fo odain+ =N i fAnai bretha arm la !ide+_ ^Cate C ChulaindZ_ ^ol A+_ ^"nd e !nd tall,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^NMp! amlaid domarf@ indA,_ ^ol -ad Crantail+_ ^4n tP C ChulaindZ_ ^Oc! m@ ! mA danoZ_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^M@ ! thP Am,_ ^ar -ad Crandtail,_ ^noco r!caimN e cend Pain bic don dPn!d, nM bAr do chend nN$illai nNam!lai$+_ ^NMcon me i etir,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^Eir$ a doch!m timchell ind aird+_ ^)oth@et C Chulaind co lN1eg+_ ^Commail !ilchi merthain damN a latt+ NM hNAtar `FO(4O /2aa for in trAnfer comrac frim cen !lchi+_ ^'o$nMthe dL+ )Ait ara chend for in ta!lai$+_ ^CLr! lim Ln,_ ^or A+_ ^'Ane cLir nN$a cid frim tr@,_ ^ol -ad Crantail+_ ^Rot bMa Ln co fe amar,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^Fochich!rN a a!rchor dait,_ ^or -ad Crantail,_ ^O nM nN im$aba+_ ^NM nNim$Ab acht i nNarddai,_ ^or C Chulaind+ Focheird -ad Chrantail a!rchor dL+ (in$id C Chulaind i nNarddi rMam+_ ^4 olc dait a im$ab@il ind a!rchora,_ ^or -ath Crantail+_ ^4m$abaN o mo a!rchorN a i nNardda dano,_ ^or C Chulaind+ (A$id C Chulaind in nN$@e fair acht b@ i nNardda conid anPa tocora t@r inna m!llach co lNl!id trMt co talmain+_ ^:mai olec 4 tP l@ech a dech fil i nNhN >rind,_ ^ol -ath Crantail+_ ^:t@at ceithre meic fichet damN a i in dPn!d+ )ia$aN a co nNAci! dLib a fil lim di foil$ib, O dora$N a co nNdernaN o mo dMchennad air atbAlN a dia talltar in $@e a mo chind+_ ^Maith,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^!cht dotAi dorM i+`(" line ?//,N?G22a`HB( line 0120N01,Ga`C line ?>,NB,2a

0./,< _ ^)Ait -ath Crantail Marom don dPn!d+ 'oth@et c@ch ara chind+_ ^Cate cend ind ria tarthi latZ_ ^or c@ch+_ ^:naid, a l@ech!, co nNAci! mo cAla dommo maccaib O co nNdeoch! dorM i co nNdernar comrac fri Coin Culaind+_ ^)iat a di ai$id Con Culaind O dollAci a chlaideb for Coin Culaind+ (in$idN ide i nNarddae co mNbM in corthe co mNmebaid in claideb i nNdA+ Siabartha im Choin Culaind amal dori$ni fri na macc! i nN Emain, O lin$id C Chulaind fora cMathN om la odain co mNbM a chend de+ Bentai aitheroch inna mAde anPa co imlind+ 'of!itet a cethri $@baiti for talmain+ 4 and in Marom a bert C Chulaind in o-_ 0+ 0< M@ dorochair -ath Crantail ,< bid formach dond imar$ail+ 1< :praind cen chath i ind Pair .< do 'edb co trM!n in tN lPai$+

#agbil in tairb iarsin slicht sa so s<s6

^4 and in l!id 'edb co trM!n in tN lLi$ lA hNi Cuib do ch!in$id in tairb O l!id C Chulaind ina nN dMaid+ For &ligi 'idluachra didi! dochLidN i do indri!d !lad O Cruthne co dice $n &obarche+ Co nNaccai nM intM C Chulaind- Bude mac Bin L &l@ib Chulind co in tarb O cLic amai ci dAac imbi+ Se ca l@ech a lMn de m!intir Ailella+ Brat hNi forceb!l im cach fer+ 'oth@et C Chulaind ch!c!+_ ^Can t!c aid a foladZ_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^Kn tN lAib !c!t,_ ^ol in l@ech+_ ^Cei t cate a mNbPachaillZ_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^:t@ amal fLndr@ncam@r,_ ^ol in l@ech+_ ^Focheird C Chulaind trM bidc! ina nNdMaid oc ai$id acallma forro co tice in nN@th+ 4 and in a bert fri in toM ech -_ ^Cia t'ainmN i!Z_ ^ol A+_ ^Nachit ai , nachit chara 5 Bude mac Bin,_ ^ol A+_ ^:re in $aM e for Bude,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^Sraithe din chert$aM co lNl!id i nNderc a oxaille co mNmebaid i nNdA ind Le altarrach re in $aM+ 9ontai in fora @th+ 4 de at@ =th m?Bude+`(" line ?G20N?G,Ga`HB( line 01,>N01?Ba`C line B,0NB.>a



0?2/< Berair in tarb i in `FO(4O /2ba dPnad la odain+ 4mr@id et Marom nMp@d an ! C Chulaind acht t!ctha a chletMne airi+_

Aided Redg Cinte inso6

^4 Marom l!id Redg Cinte a comarli Ailella ch!cai do ch!in$id in chlethMne +i+ $aM Con Culaind+_ ^)!c damN a do $aM,_ ^or in c@nte+_ ^:cc Lm,_ ^or C,_ ^acht dabAr eLt! dait+_ ^N@d $AbN a Ln,_ ^ar in c@inte+ 9e$naN om dano in c@inte Pair nad f@et a tar$id dL, a bert in c@nte na bArad a enech mani berad in cletMni+ Focheird C Chulaind Marom in cletMne dL co lNl!id triana chend for tar n!+_ ^4 tolam in At e Amc_ ^ol in c@nte+ 4 de ata =th Tolam &@t+ :t@ dano @th fri anair airm i nNarra ar a nN !ma don chletMni!+ =N!marrith ainm ind @tha in dano+ 4 and in tr@ $e$!in C Chulaind inna hN!le ea a r!bartmar hNi Cuib +i+ -ath Coirpthe occ@ chrannaib, Cruthen fora @th, 'accu Bachalla oc@ carnd, 'arc ina thelai$, 'eille ina dind, Bodb ina th!r, Bogaine ina $rellai$+ )intaM C Chulaind aither!ch i mN 'ag 'urthemne+ Ba dili! lai imde$ail a mennato fe in+ 4ar tMachtain Marom $eo$ain fir! Crochine +i+ #ocherda+ Fiche fer focherd de+ 'o netarraid oc $ab@il dPnaid dLib, deich nN deo$baire O deich fAnnide+ )intaM 'edb aither!ch atPaid L ro an coMcthi$e oc inrM!d in chLicid, O L ro fich cath fri #indmir mnaM Celtchair meic !thidir,O do bert cLecait ban iar to$ail $in &obarchi f!rri hNi crMch $il R<atai+ Nach airm tr@ i Cuib in ro @idi 'edb echflei c, i Bile 'edba a ainm+ Cach @th O cach din$nai oc@r fM!, i =th MedbaO $indgna 'edba a ainm+ Condrecat !li Marom oc #ocheird eter Ailill O 'edb O in fiallach timacht in tarb+ :cht $abai a bPachaill a tarb dMb conid timachtat@r tari i mNbernai c!main$ la crand for cMath!+ Conid`(" line ?G,>N?G?,a`HB( line 01?/N01G0a`C line B?2NB/Ba


0?.2< bertatar co a na labrai tria in talmain+ #orgemen ainm in bPachalla+ :t@ and iarom conid hNA ainm in chn!ic #orgemen+ Ni baM imneth foraib tr@ i ind aidchi in acht adchota fer do din$b@il Con Culaind for @th nam@ Padib+ 204 _ ^9!itter cardi chlaidib Pand for Coin Culaind,_ ^or Ailill+_ ^)Mat 1ugaid fri ,_ ^ol c@ch+ )Ait Marom 1ugaid dMa acallaim+_ ^Cinn! atPN a inno i ocon tN lL$Zfor C Chulaind+_ ^MLr Am in c!itbi!d condiachtai forro,_ ^for 1ugaid,_ ^+i+ do mn@O t' in$ena O leth do bL d!it+ Oc! i tr!mm! leL a nN$!in O do bMathad ind@ cach nM+_ ^'oth!it fer cach laM lei co cend echtmaini and in+ Bri tir fMr fer for Coin Culaind+ (@itir fichi i nNLenfecht dia ai$id O no $eo$ainN i!m !li+_ ^Eir$ c!ci, a #ergus,_ ^for Ailill,_ ^conda raib cl@emchlLd ma$ni lai +_ ^)Ma$ait Marom co mN b@t@r hNi Crnig+ 4 ed dorochair lei ar $alaib Lenfir i in ma$in in +i+ d@ Roth, d@ 1an, d@ banteolaid, deich nNdrPith, deich nNdeo$baire, deich #ergusa, e er #edelmthe, A #iacraig+ Ro bMtha tr@ in !li le Nsi!m ar $alaib Lenfir+ K ro l@i et Marom a p!pli hNi Crnig, ro imr@id et cid do$An`FO(4O /0aatai fri Coin Culaind+_ ^Rofet!rN a,_ ^ol 'edb,_ ^a nNa maith and+ )Ma$air Paind dMa ai$id conda raib carti claidib Pad fri in lL$, O ra mNbMa leth na mNbL fil !nda+_ ^Berair Marom in fi in ch!ci+_ ^'o$AnN a anM,_ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^acht n@r mil lter PaibN i a nN@rach+_

Comrac Con Culaind fri #indabair inso6

^4mmarch!irther fri ,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^#indabair do thabairt dL O a din$b@il dona lL$aib+_ ^)Ait 'ani Aithramail a doch!m+ )AitN ide co lN1eg hNi to i!ch+`(" line ?G?1N?GG,a`HB( line 01G,N0.0.a `C line BB/N/00a



0?/1< _ ^Cia dMandat cAliN i!Z_ ^ol A+ NM nNarla air 1eg dano+ : bert 'ani fri fo thrM in cr!th in+_ ^CAli do Choin Culaind,_ ^for A,_ ^O nacham forrai$ n@d nNecma n@d ben!r do chend dMt+_ ^4 lond in fer o,_ ^ol 'ani la L!d Pad+ )Ait iarom do acallaim Con Culaind+ 4 and ro boM C Chulaind iar mbAim dei a lAned O in nechta immi ina !di! co rici a cri , O ro le$a in nechta immi ferc!mat fri mAit brotha in mMled+ : bert 'ani dano Ln m!d chAtna fri N ide fo t hrM cia dMambo chAli+_ ^CAli Conchobair, O nacham forrai$+ 'Manam for$ea immorro nM ba Mri!, bMth! di chend dMt amal tM car di l!n+_ ^NM rAid,_ ^ol 'ani,_ ^acallaim na de i eo+_ ^)Ait 'ani Padib Marom O adfAt do Ailill O do 'edba a cAla+_ ^)@et 1ugaid ch!ci,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^O ara nNairlathar dL in nNin$in+_ ^)Ait 1ugaid iar !di! O adfAt do Choin Chulaind anM in+_ ^: poba 1ugaid,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^i brAc in+_ ^4 brMathar rM$ a idr!bairt,_ ^for 1ugaid+_ ^NM bMa brAc de+_ ^'Antar amlaid,_ ^ol C Chulaind+ (!id 1ugaid Pad la odain O adfAt do Ailill O do 'edb a nNathe c in+_ ^)@et in drPth im richtN a,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^O mind rM$ fora chind, O fa i idar di chAin Coin Culaind arnacha nNaith$nA+ Oc! tAiti ind in$en lei O ara nai cea dL hNM, O tecat a ellom fLn cr!th in+ Oc! i dLi$ immArthai ceil$ fLn cr!th in fair conn@ fo tba ib cAin co tM la hN !ltu don chath+_ ^)Ait Marom in drPth c!ci O ind in$en lai O ba di chAin arla tar Coin Culaind+ )Ait C dia ai$tin+ Ecmaic at$eLinN i!m for erlabrai ind fir combo drPth+ Srethi liic telma boM ina l@im fair con e caind ina c hend co t!c a inchind a + )ic doch!m na in$ini+ Benaid a dM trili di O @did liic trMana brat O trMana lAnid, O @did corthe `FO(4O /0ba trMa medLn in drPith+ :t@t a nNdM chorthi and +i+ corthi #indabrach O corthi in drPith+ F@cbai C Chulaind fLn cr!th in Mat+ )ia$air L Ailill O L 'edb do iarmLracht a mNm!ntiri ar ba fota leL ro mN b@t@r+ Co nNacca a Marom i in t!nidi in+ :tchlo Marom fLn dPnchaire !li anM in+ NM baM tr@ carti dLib la Coin Culaind iar tain+_ `(" line ?GG1N?>00a`HB( line 0.0?N0..1a`C line /0,N/.0a


Comlond 'unremair A Con Ro< inso6

^: mNb@t@r in tN lLi$ and tr@th nLna co nNaccatar doc!rethar in lMa forr! anair O a chAli anMar ara cend+ Condrecat i ind aer+ No th!ititi eter dPnad #ergusa O dPnad nNAilella O d!nad nN>rand+ Ro both ocond reib in O ocond @bairt Ln tr@th co 'raile, O ro b@t@r in tN lPai$ inna e eom O a cAith fora cennaib dMa @erad for barnib na cloch combo l@n a mNma$ dina lecaib+ 4 dA at@ 'ag Clochair+ Ecmaic immorro i A C Ru< mac $iri dori$ni in in+ 'odeochaid do chobair a m!ntiri O boM hNi Cotail for cind 'unremair mac 3errcind+ 'ol!idN ide L Emain 'acha do chobair Con Culaind co mNboM i nNArd Rich+ Rofitir C Ro< nM boM fer f!lain$ 'unremair in in tN lL$+ 4t A didi! dori$An at ind @bairt in etorro a nNdM + 9!itter Ln tN lL$ forro bith 'na to t+ 'o$nMat cLrai Marom 'unremur O C Ru<, O tAit C Ru< dia thi$ O 'unremur do Emain 'acha+ Oc! nM th@nic 'unremur co l@ in chatha, nM th@nic dano C Ru< co comrac #ir $iad+_ ^:praid fri Coin Culaind,_ ^ol 'edb O Ailill,_ ^condan rabNni cl@emchlLd ma$ni lei +_ ^'oberar dLib Marom O cl@emchlLit inad+ Ro c@ich noMnnin !lad fo odain, ar in tan dofi!chtraitM a a ce , ticti drAcht dMb bA! for in lL$ cono $abad a tindorcain doridi i+_

Aided na macraidi inso6

^Ro imr@id et Marom macrad !lad i nNEmain 'acho oco+_ ^)rL$ dPn,_ ^ar iat,_ ^ar popa C Chulaind cen chobair dL+_ ^Cei t Am,_ ^ol #iachna #ulech mac #ir febi 5 derbr@thair ide do #iachaig #<aldna mac #ir febi 5_ ^rom bMaN a cethern lib co nNdeoch aindN ea do thabhairt cobra dL de in+ `FO(4O /,aa_ ^)Ma$ait trM cLecait mac lei cona lorcaib @ni, O ba A in trMan macraidi !lad+ :tcMt in lL$ c!c! tar a ma$+_ ^)ofil lL$ mLr tar a ma$ c!c!nd,_ ^or Ailill+ )Ait #ergus dMa nN dA cin+_ ^:raill do macraid !lad in o,_ ^for A,_ ^O do chobair Con Culaind tecait+_ ^Eir$ed b!den ara 41

cend,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^cen fi do Choin Chulaind, ar dia comair et fri , nM f@el aid Mat+`(" line ?>0,N ?>.,a`HB( line 0...N0./?a`C line /.,N//.a


0B.?< _ ^)Ma$ait trM cLecait l@ech ara cend+ 4mmacomth!it dLib conn@ tadchith nech dMb i mNbethaid a do $lAri na mNmac oc 1iic Tuill+ 4 de in at@ 1<a #iachrach meic #ir feibe, ar i and in ro th!it+_ ^'Anaid comarli,_ ^for Ailill+_ ^9!did Coin Culaind imLfor lAc!d a ind in!d a, ar nM ra$aid ar Acin tairi Pair rod leblain$ a lLn l@ith+ :r b@ bA dLN om in tan no lin$ed a lLn l@ith ind, imrAditi a thrai$thi iarma O a e cata remi O m!il a orcan fora l!r$nib, O indala Pil ina chend O araili fria chend anechtair+ 'ocoi ed ferchend fora beLl!+ Nach findae bMd fair ba hN@thithir delc ciach O banna fola for cach finn!+ NM aith$nAad cLem! n@ cardi!+ C!mma no laided rMam O Marma+ 4 de in dorat at #ir Bl n?>cmacht in rMa tartha do anmaim do Choin Chulaind+_

Bnchath Rochada inso6

^FoMdi C Chulaind a araid co Rochad mac #athemain di !ltaib co tM ad dia chobair+ Ecmaic dano ro cara tar #indabair Rochad ar i A ide Lcl@ech a @ildem ro boM la !ltu ind inbaid in+ )Ait in $illa 'na doch!m Rochada O a bert fri techt do fLrit hin Con Culaind, m@ dodeochaid a a nLennin, co tartaiti ceilc immon lL$ fri tarrachtain drAchta dib dMa nNairlech+ 'oth@et Rochad atPaid cAt l@ech dL+_ ^'Acaid dPn a mNma$ indi!,_ ^for Ailill+_ ^:tchM! dMrim tar a ma$,_ ^ol in dercaid,_ ^O m@ethocl@ech etarro+ NM thacmain$et dL ind Lic acht co rici a $Palni+_ ^cia Pt, a #ergusZ_ ^for Ailill+_ ^Rochad mac #athemaiin,_ ^for A,O i do chobair Con Culaind doth@et+ Rofet!rN a a nNa maith dPib fri ,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^)@et cAt l@ech Paib la in `FO(4O /,ba nNin$in Pt co ria medLn in mai$i O tAit ind in$en rem@n remib, O tAiti marcach dMa acallaim co tM a Len!r do acallaim na in$ini, O tabraiter l@ma tairi , O immac!rfi in fo$ail a m!ntiri dMnd+_ ^'o$nMther Marom amlaid in+ )Ait Rochad ar cend in marcai$+_ ^'odeochadN a L #indabair ar do chendN o co nNdechai dMa hNacallaim+_ ^)Ait Marom dMa hNacallaim a Len!r+ M!tti don tN lL$ immi di cach leith+ No $abar O fochertar l@ma tairi + Maidid dano dMa m!ntirN eom `(" line ?>.,N?>BBa`HB( line 0./BN0.>>a`C line //?N/>>a


0BG0< for teched+ (AcairN i!m Marom a O fona car fair can t!decht for in lL$ co tM ad ar Len fri !ltu !li+ 'orairn$ired dL dano #indabair do thabairt dL, O imm@ oM Padib Mar !di!+ conid B@nchath Rochada in in+_

Aided na R<gamus inso6

^9!itter dano cairdi chlaidib dPn for Coin Culaind,_ ^for Ailill O 'edb+ )Ait 1ugaid fri in O dobeir C Chulaind in cartini d+_ ^)abar fer for @th damN a i mNb@rach,_ ^for C Chulaind+ B@t@r e i!r rM$am! la 'eidb +i+ A rM$domnai do chlannaib $edad +i+ trM $uib Imlig O trM $eirg &ruthra+_ ^Cid dPn,_ ^ar iat,_ ^can techt i nNa$id Con CulaindZ_ ^)Ma$ait Marom arna b@rach O $eo$ain C Chulaind a e i!r iat+_

Aided Cuir6
^9!itter dano Cr mac $ 1th dLib im d!la for cend Con Culaind+ 4ntM a a teilcedN ide f!il i marb re cind nomaide+_ ^Mad dia nN$ona,_ ^ol 'edb,_ ^i bPaid+ 9id hNA $ontair and dano, i din$b@il 42

tromma don tN lL$+ NM rAid bith fri im lon$!d nL im li$i+_ ^)Ait a dano+ NMrbo maith le N ide Marom techt for cend iriti am!lai$+_ ^NM $L Am,_ ^ol A,_ ^i cert in brM$ doberid dPn+ M@ rofe ind combad ar cend ind fir e nom faMte, nMm fo$lPa find fAin dMa ai$id+ Ropad leLr lem $illa a chomadai dom m!ntir 'na a$id+_ ^Ecca inc_ ^for Cormac Cond 1ongas+_ ^Ba hNamra dPnni dMa nNdin$baitea fe in hN A+_ ^CipA cr!th tr@,_ ^ol A,_ ^ol i formN a fAin doberar imthA idN i i in matain i mNb@rach dMa ai$id+ NMm erchoi e $!in na erri !c!t+_ ^)Ait Marom matain m!ich ara b@rach ara chend O a beir fri in lL$ tarr$rai$e nNimtechta a Ata rempo ar ba !ba li$ed do$AnadN !m di t hecht ar cend Con Culaind+ (!id dL Marom+`(" line ?>B/N?>>1a`HB( line 0?22N0?,.a`C line G22NG,?a


0/0,< BoM C Chulaind ac imbert chle i in !air in +i+ 2'4 `FO(4O /1aa )!rim na cle in o M in tN!b!llchle O f@eborchle O f@enchle O cle cletenachO tAtc hle O corpchle O cle caitt O Mch nNerred O cor nNdeled O lAim dar nAib O filli!d erred n@ir O $aM bol$a O baM bra e O rothchle O ochtarchle O cle for an@laib O br!!d $ine O ian ca!rad O bAim co comm! O t@ithbAim O drAim fri fo$ai t co nNdMr$i!d crette fora rind co fornadmaim nMad n@ir+ ro boM dano Cur oc airimbert $a cid hNi tPamaim a cAith co rNrice trMan ind laM fri N eom, O nMcon tetarraid bAim n@ for$ab fair la dechrad inna cle O nMcon fitirN eom in fer i nNimfor$!b fri co nNepert #iacha mac #ir febe fri Coin Culaind-_ ^Fomna in l@ech fodotbenc+_ ^'anAcai C echa+ SraMthi in nN!b!llchle tarraid ina l@im co lNl!id iter chobrad O brLin in cAith co lNl!id trMana chend ind athi$ Mar+ Combad i nNImslige 3lendamnach dano dof@eth ad Cur iar nNaraile licht+ )intaM #ergus fri in lL$+_ ^Mm@nop $aib far nN$linne,_ ^ol A,_ ^anaid !nd co b@rach+_ ^NMp and,_ ^ol Ailill+_ ^Re$mai diar o taib afrithi i+ 9!itter dano 1th 'ac $a Br ara chend amal ro nN$e Cur+ 'at!itN ide dano cade in+ 'oint@th dano #ergus bA! do chor a nN$linni forr!+ :n ait and in tr@ corr!bad and Cur mac $a 1th O 1th 'ac $a Br O #oirc mac Tr< n?Aignech O&rubgaile mac Ebith+ :r $alaib Lenfir ro $@eta !li+_

Aided #ir Ba<th inso6

^Collaa dPn, a popo 1ig, i a nNd!nad co nNairlither 1ugaid mac -iss !M 1omairc dP cMa doth@et ar mo chend i mNb@rach+ 4arfai$ther co lNleir O a imchomarc lat+_ ^Ro oich iarom 1eg+`(" line ?>>.N B2,,a`HB( line 0?,?N0???a`C line G,BNG??a


0/.,< _ ^Fo chen dait,_ ^or 1ugaid+_ ^NM ir an do Choin Chulaind a nNimned i t@ a Len!r fri fir! hN >rend+_ ^Cia dothaet ar cend Coin Culaind am@rachZ_ ^:r cocAle dMb lMnaib amin, mallacht a $a cid fair, i A thAte ara chend i mNb@rach, #er Beth+ 'oberar #indabair dL airi O rM$i a cheniPil+_ ^SLid 1eg afrithi i co airm i mNboM C Chulaind+_ ^NM forb@elid mo popa 1eg dia athi! c,_ ^or C Chulaind+ :dfet 1eg dL !ile anM in+ Ro con$rad #er Beth hNi p!p!ll do Ailill O 'edb, O a ber fri !ide for l@im #indabrach O a tabairt dL ar ba hNA a to$! ar chomrac fri Coin Culaind+ Ba hNA fer a din$b@la leL ar ba c!ma d@n dMb lMnaib la &cthaig+ 'oberar fMn dL Marom corbo me c, O a ber fri b@ c@em leLN om a lNlind in, nM tobrad acht ere cLecat fAn leL+ Oc! ba hNM ind in$en no $ebed l@im fora ch!itN N eom de+_ ^NM hNaccobor lem,_ ^or #er Beth+_ ^Comalta O fer `FO(4O /1ba bithchotai$ dam C Chulaind+ Ra$atN a ar apa ara chend i mNb@rach co topacht!r a chend de+_ ^Bid tP do$Ana,_ ^or 'edb+ : beir C Chulaind fri 1eg techt ar cend 1ugdach dL co tM ad dMa acallaim+ 'oth@et 1uigid ch!cai+_ ^#er Beth ane doth@et ar mo chendN a i mNb@rach,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^U eom Ln Lm,_ ^ar 1ugaid+_ ^Olc dia in,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^NMcon beLN a i mNbethaid di !di!+ '@ chomaM ind, d@ chom olam, d@ ch!tr!mmae, co comair em+ : 1ugaid, celebor dam+ :pair fri 43

dano nM fMr l@echdachta dL t!idecht ar mo chendN a+ :pair fri t@et ar mo chendN a innocht dom acallaim+_ ^R@ti 1uigid fri + 4n tan n@d rim$aib #er Beth, l!id in nNaidchi in do athchor a chairde a for Coin Culaind O #iacha mac #ir febe lai + :ttaich C Chulaind fri a chomalt! O a m!mmi dMb lMnaib &cthaig+_ ^4 im A$en tr@,_ ^ol #er Beth+_ ^'arind$!lt do 'eidb+_ ^'o elba do chotach didi!,_ ^ol C Chulaind+ (!id C Chulaind fo l!inni Pad+ Forne a lei$ c!lind i in $lind hNi coi Con Culaind co tPar$ab oc@ $lPn Pa a cend+ 'a ren$a a +`(" line B2,1NB2.Ga`HB( line 0??BN0?/Ba`C line G?BNG/>a

0//G< _ ^N@ tAi$, a #ir Ba<th, co nNaicther in frMthi fLnParN a+_ ^)ochrae Pait,_ ^ar #er Beth+ Focheird C Chulaind in lei$ nNMarom i nNde$aid #ir Ba<th co nNArrmadair @th a d@ chPlad co nNdeochaid fora beLlo air co torchair tara ai i a nN$lend+_ ^Focherd in Amc_ ^or #er Beth+ 4 de at@ #ocherd 'urthemne+ NL i A #<acha a r!bairt -_ ^4 beLda do feocherd indi!, a Ch Chulaind,_ ^or A+ Conid de att@ #ocherd 'urthemne+ :tbail fo chAtLir #er Beth i inn $lind+ 4 de at@ 3lend #ir Bith+ Co cloth nM, #ergus co nNepert-_ 0+ 0< : #ir Ba<th i b@eth do fecht ,< ' in ma$in i t@ do fert 1< ro iacht coll do chomb@r and .< i crichid hNi Cren Chorand+ ,+ 0< FrMthi ainmni$ther a ,< co br@th bid Crenech i 1< L 'ndi! bid #ocherd .< ind airm i torchair, a #ir, a #ir Ba<th Oc+ ^)arrochair far cAle,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^Eprid in nNMcfa in fer in i mNb@rachZ_ ^dcfa Acin,_ ^or C Chulaind+ FoMdid C Chulaind atheroch 1eg do fi cAl dP cia cr!th imth@thar i in dPn!d O in bo beL #er Beth+ : bert 1uigid-_ ^:tbath #er Beth O tiat C Chulaind iar nNPair dom acallaim+_ nNard mN'uirthemniu a ainm

Comrac 1r<ne meic -is inso6

^Nech Paib i mNb@rach co ellom ar cend far cAle,_ ^or 1ugaid+_ ^NM fai$AbtharN ide etir,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^acht m@ dorLnaid cAill occai+ N@ch fer doth@eti ch!caib, tabraid fMn dL corop`(" line B2.>NB2G2a `HB( line 0?//N0B2Ga`C line G/>N>00a


0G00< maith a menma, O a bert har fri _ ^ i ed namm@ fil dond fMn t!cad a Crachnaib, ro @eth linni do bithN i! for !i ci! i in dPnad,_ ^O doberthar #indabair fora de rethO a berthar_ ^ ra$aid ch!c!t dMa t!icce cend ind rMa tairthe dPinni +_ ^No foMtA co cach l@th nN$aile a aidche, O ro r@tA fri anM in+ No $onadN om `FO(4O /.aa cach fer dMb a Pair+ NM fAta nech leL ara chend a ennad+ Con$airther dLib 1r<ne mac -iss olla nNaile br@thair ide do 1ugaid rM$ 'uman+ Ba mLr a Pallcha + 'oberar fMn dL O doberar #indabair fora de raid+ )o Acai 'edb a nNdM +_ ^4 mellach lim ind l@namain !c!t,_ ^ol M+_ ^Ba coindme a comrac+_ ^NM $AbN a dMt Am,_ ^or Ailill+_ ^Ra mNbia dMa t!ca cend ind rMa tairthe damN a+_ ^'obAr immorro,_ ^ar 1r<ne+ )ic 1ugaid fo odain+_ ^Cate lib i mNb@rach fer i nN@thZ_ ^)Aite 1r<ne,_ ^or Ailill+ 'oth@et 1ugaid Marom do acallaim Con Culaind+ Conrecat i nN3lend #ir Ba<th+ Ferai cechtar de comr@ichne fri araile+_ ^4 dL dodeochad dot acallaim,_ ^or 1ugaid+_ ^:t@ 44

athechmat!d drPth otal !nd !c!t,_ ^ol A,_ ^br@thair damN a, 1r<ni a ainm+ 'ober brAc immLn in$in cAtnai+ Fort chotach didi! nM r!ba A, nacham f@cbaN a cen br@t hair+ br i airi doberarN om ch!c!tN ! ar d@i$ co for$AnmaM ar nNdM deb!id+ Maith lem chena cA no lai co lAir ar i dar mo thertho$! thAite+_ ^)Ait 1r<ne ara b@rach ar cend Con Culaind O ind in$en inna farrad dMa nertad+ 'anethat C Chulaind Marom cen arm lai + )allaidN ide a arm nNairi ar Acin+ 9abaid Marom eter a dM l@im O cotmeil O fochrotha con ephaind a channebor a combo bPadartha in tN@th dMa chacc O combo thrPallnethe aAr na cethararda dia dend$!r+ Oc! focheird co mNbaM iter d@ l@im 1ugdach+ CAin robo beL nM tha!dchaid a brP for cLir+ NM robai cen clMabN$alar+ NMro loin$ cen airchi echt+ 4 A Lenfer ar apaide adroinni drochtArnam PadN om di neoch cotr@nic fri ar )@na+_ `(" line B2G0NB02,a`HB( line 0B2>N0B,>a`C line >0,N>11a


Imacallaim na 'r<gna fri Coin Culaind inso

^Co nNaca C in nNLcben ch!ci co nNAt!ch cach datha impe O delb roder cai$the f!rri+_ ^CA taMN i!Z_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^4n$en Bain ind rM$,_ ^or M+_ ^'odeochad ch!c!tN !+ Rot char! ar th' air cAlaib, O t!c! mo eLt! lim O mo indili+_ ^NM maith Am ind inb!id tonn@nac, nachi olc ar mNbl@th, amin $orti+ NM hNa!r! a damN a dano comrac fri ban c@il cAin no mNbeL i ind nMth o+_ ^Bidim chobairN e daitN i! oc !di!+_ ^NM ar thLin mn@ dano $ab! N a in o+_ ^Bid an ! daitN i!,_ ^or M,_ ^in tan dora$N a ar do chend oc comr!c fri na firi!+ 'ora$N a i rNricht e con$an fLt c ho aib i ind @th co taMthi +_ ^'Lch! lim Ln old@ in$en rM$+ Not $AbN a,_ ^or A,_ ^im ladair co mNmeb at t' a nai O bia fLnd ainm in coro echa br@th bennachtan fort+_ ^)imorcN a in cethri for ind @th do doch!mN a, i rNricht oide $lai e+_ ^(AicfeN a cloich daitN i! a in tailm co commart do Pil it c hind, O bMa fLnd anim sin coro `FO(4O /.ba echa br@th bennachtan fort+_ ^'ora$N a dait i rNricht amai ci maMle derce ria ind Ait co mem at ort for na il@th! O for na hN@th! O for na linni! O nMm aircechaN a ar do chend+_ ^)olAc!bN a cloich deitN i!,_ ^or A,_ ^co mNmema do fer$ara fLt, O bia fLind anim in coro echa br@th bennachtan fort+_ ^(a odain tAit Pad+ Combad echtmain dLN om for =th 3rencha O dof!itted fer cach laM i nN =th 3rencha lai +i+ i nN=th $arteisc+_ `(" line B021NB010a`HB( line 0B12N0B..a`C line >1.N>B2a


Aided 1ich meic 'o #emis inso s<s6

^9e a 1ch dano mac Emonis amal a chAli! O dorairn$ired dL commAte 'aige 'urthemne di mMn 'aigi A< O timtacht d@ fer dAac O carpat echt c!mal, O nMrbo fM! lai comrac fri $illa+ BaM br@thair lai , 1ong mac Ebonis cade in+ 'obreth do !di! a tin cra cAtna iter in$en O dechelt O carpat O tMr+ )AitN ide ar cend Coin Culaind+ 9ontai C Chulaind co tobrad a marb ar beLl! a br@thar +i+ 1ich+ : bertN ide dano d@ fe ed acht combad fer !lc hach nod nN$onad, no mairfedN om hNA ind+_ ^Berid $rem catha ch!ci,_ ^ar 'edb fria m!intir,_ ^tar in nN@th anMar co nNdi$ id tari , O bri ter fMr fer fair+_ ^)Ma$ait na echt 'ane mMlid i to och conid nNaccatar for brP ind @tha anMar+ 9abaidN om a dMllait nN Lenai$ imbi in l@a in+ 4 and fordrin$tM na mn@ na fir! dMa dA cin+_ ^4 @eth dam,_ ^or 'edb,_ ^n@ch accim in $illa imma nN@$ar !nd+_ ^NMba l@ni! de latt do menma,_ ^or 1@thrend echaire Ailella,_ ^dMa nNaici$ther+_ ^'oth@et Marom doch!m ind @tha amal b!M -_ ^CMa fer !c!t, a #erguisZ_ ^or 'edb+_ ;r+< ^9illa araclich claideb co cMath ar bPaib mLr eri$ ar mn@ib feraid fodil di fer le aib ar Lenathib 45

!lad im$Let c@in fera fodil di fobaid rM$ than mfc dMan dMa nN$arar 'uirthemne 'ag m@ ! Chuland C+ _;r+ end < ^Fordrin$ 'edb dano na fir! la odain dMa dA cin+ 4 and in a bertat@r na mn@ fri Coin Culaind do$nMthe a ch!tbi!d i in dPn!d Pair n@d baM !lcha lai O nMcon tAi$tM da$Lic acht iriti ara chend+ Ba hNa ! dL !lcha mArthain do dAnam lei + Conid $nMN om anM in ar d@i$ c!in$thi comraic fri fer +i+ fri 1ch+ 204 9abai Marom C Chulaind l@n d!irnd dind feLr O dichachain fair, combo hNed dom!ined c@ch combo !lc ha baM lai +`(" line B01,NB0B2a`HB( line 0B.?N0B/?a`C line >B0N>G>a


0>2B< _ ^FMr,_ ^or in bantrocht,_ ^i !lchach C Chulaind+ 4 c!baid do niaid comrac fri + Oc $re acht 1ich Ln dori$An atN om anM in+_ ^NM di$AonN a comrac co cend echt lathi Lndi! fri ,_ ^for 1ch+_ ^NM c!baid dPinni cen fLbairt ind fir fri in rA in,_ ^ol 'edb+_ ^)abram fMan l@ech cach nNaidchi do eilc fair dP in tair immi `FO(4O /?aa a b@e$al+_ ^'o$nMther Marom amlaid+ 'othA$ed fMan l@ech cach nNaidchi do eil$ fairN i!m O no $onadN om !li+ 4t A eo immorro anmand na fer dorochratar and - echt Conaill, echt nNBengusa, echt Cargusa echt Celtri, ocht #@ic, deich nNAilella, deich nN $elba<th, deich Tasaig+ 4t A in in $nMma na echtmaine in dLN om i nN =th 3rencha+ Conniacht 'edb comarli dP cid do$Anad fri Coin Culaind ar ba ainci mLr lei an ro bMth lei dMa lL$aib+ 4 M comarli arr@nic @e fAi$ forPallach do chor i nNLenfecht dMa aichthin in tan ticfad i nNairi d@la dMa accallaimN i, ar baM aire d@la di i ara b@rach fri Coin Culaind do dAnam Mda celci fri dMa tharrachtain+ FoMtiN i techta Padi dia ai$ thin arco tMa ad 'na coinni, O bad amlaid tMa ad O A anarma fo dAi$ nM ra$adN i acht M cona bantrocht dia @ilN eom+ "uid in techtairi +i+ Traigthr@n co airm i mNboM C Chulaind OadfAt do aithe c 'edba+ B@$ai C Chulaind co nNdin$ned amlaid+_ ^CAd Ln, cinna a @il d!itN i! techt i nNd@il 'edba i mNb@rach, a Ch ChulaindZ_ ^or 1eg+_ ^:mal conniacht 'edb dano,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^:t mLra $lonna 'edbi,_ ^ol in tNara+_ ^:t@$!r l@m ar cPl aci+ `FO(4O /?ba_ ^Cinna a dAnta dPn amlaidZ_ ^for A+_ ^'o chlaideb fLt choim,_ ^ol in tNara,_ ^arnachat fa$thar i mNb@e$!l, @r nM dli$ l@ech a enecland dia mNbA i nNAcmai a arm+ Conid c@in midlai$ no nNdli$ fLn amail in+_ ^'Antar amlaid Marom,_ ^ol C Chulaind+ 4 and Marom baM in chomd@l i nNArd Aignech fri i r@ter #chaird indi!+ )ic Marom 'edb i in d@il O inli cethri fir! dAc dia ainm!intir fe in do neoch a dech en$nomma baM dMb fora chind+ :t iat`(" line B0B0NB0>0a `HB( line 0B/BN0/2Ga`C line >>2N020>a

0>.,< o iatN ide- d@ 3las &inna d@ mac Buccridi, d@ Ardin d@ mac 1icce d@ 3las 5gma d@ mac Cruind, $rcht O $elt O $athen, T@a OTascur O Talang, Taur O 3lese+ )ic Marom C Chulaind ina d@il+ :tare$at ind fir dL+ Srethait cethri $oM dAac i nNLenfecht fair+ No dMtin C Marom conn@ riacht toind nL fLe cham fair+ 4m oM foMthib Marom O marbth! Mat a cethri fir! dAac+ Conid Mat in cethri fir dAac #cherda, O i iat fir Chrnige ar i in Chrnig oc #ocheird ro bMta+ Conid de a bert C Chulaind-_ 0+ 0< FL mo cherd l@echdachta `FO(4O /Baa ,< benaim bAimend @$mara 1< for lL$ Mabra orchaidi+ .< Certaim @$ fri il lPa$aib ?< im dMth erred an$londach B< ceL 'edbi O Ailella+ /< altai drochrPn derchoblid G< $o a d!brPin banma a >< cen$ait cel$a Par$o a 02< fri @$ erred an$lonnach 46

00< con$eib 0,< oc fir 01< im an$lonna fL fL+m+

da$rPn dia


de$me a da$arli!d

^Combad de in dano rod lil a nNainm a #ocherd dond in!d +i+ fL cerd +i+ maith in cherd $a cid donecmaic do Choin Culaind and in+ )@nic dano C Chulaind O do netarraid oc $ab@il dPnaid O bMth! d@ $aigri O d@ =nli O cethri $ngais Imlich dMb+ 9abai dano 'edb for $re acht 1ich andaide+_ ^MLr in c!tbi!d dait,_ ^for M,_ ^in fer ro marb do br@thair do bith oc dMth!$!d ar lLi$ cen techt do chomrac fri , ar i derb lind nM dAma iriti bra birda na letheti Pt fri br!th O feir$ niad do lethetiN i!, O dano i Lenm!mmi forcetail conrotacht d@n dPib+ `FO(4O /Bba_ ^)@nic dano 1ch i nN a$id Con Culaind do dM$ail a br@thar fair, ar donadbacht dL ba !lcha boM lai +`(" line B0>,NB,0>a `HB( line 0/2>N0/,/a`C line 020>N0010a


0>//< _ ^tair dond @th Pachtarach,_ ^or 1ch+_ ^NMpa i ind @th e comon a condricfem, @it hNi torchair 1ong+ K th@nic Marom do ai$id ind @tha, bib at ind fir na bP tairi +_ ^BMaid tart ei c !nd indi!,_ ^or 3abrn fili+ 4 de at@ =th $airtesc O T<r 'r $arteisc L in for in ph!rt in+ K ro chomraic et i@rom ind fir for ind @th O L ro $ab at oc $lMaidO oc ime orcain and O L ro $ab c@ch dMb for trPa tad a chAli, focheird ind e con$on trM ol im c ho a Con Culaind co mNboi f@en fortar na i ind @th ina li$!+ 'ana!tat 1ch co in chlaidi!b comb! chrLder$ in tN@th dMa f!lri!d+_ ^Olc Ln Lm,_ ^for #ergus,_ ^a nN $nMm in hNi fMadnai i n@matc 9re ed nech Paib, a fir!,_ ^for A fria m!intir,_ ^in fer n@r th@eth i nN a cid+_ ^:trai$ Bricriu -emthenga mac Carbatha O $abai for $re acht Con Culaind+_ ^Ro c@ich do nert,_ ^ol A,_ ^in tan i brat@n bec dattra cair in tan dofil !ltu a a ce ch!c!t+ 'oli$ d!it $nMm nN erred do $ab@il fort hNi fMadnai i fer nN >rend O l@ech an a do din$b@il a $ai ci!d fLn amail sin+ 2'4 `FO(4O //aa_ ^(a odain atrai$ O benaid in nNe con$ain co mebdat@r a hNa nai indiO comboin$ in cethri dar na lPa$! air ar Acin co mNbertat@r a p!ple inna nNadarcaib la a torandcle dari$An at in d@ l@th $aile i ind @th+ )ana!tatN om in tN od meic tMre+ 'oimair$ na bP fair Mar+ (AicidN om cloich a a tailm co mebaid a Pil ina cind+ )Aite i rNricht amai ce maMle der$e, m!itti ria na bPaib for na linni O na hN@th!+ 4 and a bertN om -_ ^NM airci! a nN@tha la linni+_ ^(AicidN eom cloich don tN amai c maMl deir$ co memaid a $er$ara foM+ Cachain laMd la odain -_ 0+ 0< M'Len!r@n dam ar Atib ,< ech nM nNAtaim nM lAicim 1< atP ar tr@thaib Paraib .< m'Len!r@n ar iltPathaib+ `(" line B,,2NB,.Ga`HB( line 0/,GN0/.>a`C line 001,N00.,a

,200< ,+ 0< :prad ,< cMa 1< r!c at .< conda rand at etarr!+ 1+ 0< ,< Ro acht

nech fri domM ed nMbo meic 'gach bMi n@d co nom la a im nach

Conchobar rom a mNbP Lenchend Lenc hrand 47

1< dMa mNbeti .< la faiti a nNathinni+ .+ 0< Bec n@rom ,< ar imad 1< nM r!baim .< immar atP m'Len!r@n+ m'Len!r@n +d+




nMt at ind comlaind nMth nNerred

fir Lenfir nN@n

^4 and in tr@ do$Ani C Chulaind fri in 'rr<gain a trAde dorairn$ert di hNi )@in BL Re$amna , O fichid 1ch i ind @th co in $aM bol$a dolAic in tNara dL la in r!th+ 9aibthi dL co lNl!id hNi timthirecht a ch!irp, ar ba con$anchne oc comr!c fri fer boM la 1ch+_ ^)eil$ trai$id damc_ ^or 1ch+ 'olAiciN eom C Chulaind combo thari docer+ 4 de at@ =th Traiged i T<r 'r+ 4 and in conbocht fMr fer fairN eom a lNl@ in dMa lotar in cLicfer c!caiN eom fLn oMnme +i+ d@ Chraid, d@ Chalad, $erothor+ No nN$eo$ain C Chulaind a Len!r+ 4 hNA in Cicsius #ocherda OCicer Bengoirt+ NL i cLic l@ dAc i ed ro boM C Chulaind hNi #ocheird, conid de at@ Cicnas #ocherda i in )@na + 'o mbidc C Chulaind a $elga conn@ c@emnacair anmanna de d!ni! n@ cethir ron!cad a ainech echa fade iter $elga O m!ir+_

&lnugud na 'rr<gna inso6

^Ocond aith cM mLr in tr@ do Choin Chulaind, danarraid in 'rr<gan i nNdelb na entainne cailli$e O M c@ech lo c, oc ble$on bL triphne+ ConiachtN om di$ f!rri+ 'obertN i ble$on ini dL+_`(" line B,.>NB,/,a`HB( line 0/?2-be$innin$+ of lac!na in lb ,2?/a`C line 00.1N00BBa


,2.1< ^4 nNiam bid l@n dod!cc_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^Bennacht dA O andA fortc_ ^ol A+ 'Ai leLN om in tN@e c!machta, andAi immorro in tN@e trebtha+ dctha a cendN i Marom combo l@n+ 'obeir ble$on indala ini combo l@n a Pil+ 'obeir ble$on in tre ini combo l@n `FO(4O //ba a fer$aire+ Combad ed atberadN om in cech nM dMb in -_ ^Br@th bennachtan fortc_ ^or A+_ ^:tbirt frim tr@,_ ^or in 'rr<gan,_ ^nMm bMad Mc lat co br@th+_ ^:cht rofe in d combad tP,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^nMt Mcfaind tria bith Mr+_ ^5 Combad RMamdron$ Con Culaind for Tarthesc ainm in ceLil ea i in )@na + 4 and in do iacht #ergus fora $linne arn@ bri tA fMr fer for Coin Culainn+ 4 and in Marom etha ar $alaib oenfir c!ici co nN$eo$ain cLicer Cind Coriss nL $in Chind Coross +i+ $elgu 'urthemne ind inb!id e+ 9eo$ain C Chulaind and in #ota ina roM, B 'ailce fora @th, &alach ina imli!ch, 'uinne ina dind, 1ar i lN1ethberaib, #er To<thle hNi To<thlib+ =N it A a nNanmand na tMri in co br@th, cach bale i torchair cach fer dMb in+ 9eo$ain C Chulaind dano Traig O $ornu O $ernu, Col O 'ebul OEraise, for =th T<re 'ir de M! oc '@thiu O Cheithiu+ )rM dr!Md in in O a teLra mn@+ 4ar in tra foMdi 'edb cAt fer dMa ainm!intir do $!in Con Culaind+ No $eo$ainN eom !li Marom for Ath Ch@it Chile+ 4 and a bert 'edb-_ ^4 c!illend dPnd Am $!in ar m!intire+_ ^4 de at@ 3laiss Chru O Cuillend Cind $in O =th C@it Chle+_ `(" line B,/1NB12Ba`C line 00B/N0,22a



In carpat serda A in Breslech 'r 'aige 'urthemne inso6

^Ro $ab at tr@ cethri chLiced hN>rend dPnad O lonn$port i in Breslig 'ir i mN'aig 'urthemne, O ro l@i et a nNernail bPairO braite eoc ho fode hNi Clithar B !lad+ 9abai C Chulaind icond fert i lN1ercaib i comfoc! dLib, O ataM a ara tenid dL tr@th nLna na hNaidchi in +i+ 1eg mac R<angabra+ 4tchonnaircN eom Pad $rM tatinem na nNarm nN$lanLrda Pa chind cethri cLiced nN >rend re f!ni!d nAll na nLna+ 'of@nic fer$ O l!inni mLr ic aic in in tN lLi$ re hNilar a bidbad # re hNimad a n@mat+ Ro $ab a d@ lei$ O a cMath O a c hlaideb+ Crothi a cMath O cre ai$i a le$a O bertnai$i a chlaidem, O dobert a rem ca!rad a a br@$it coro recrat@r b@n@nai$ O bocc@nai$ O $eniti $linni O demna aeLir re Path$r@in na $@re do bertat@r ar aird+ Corda me c ind -@main for in tN lL$+ 'ollot@r i nNarm$rith cethri chLiced >rend im rennaib a le$ O a nNarm fode in co nNerbaltat@r cAt l@ech dMb do Pathba O cridene ar l@r in dPnaid O in lon$pairt in nNaidchi in+ 'ia mNbaM 1eg and co nNacca nM, in nNLenfer dar fMarthar na in dPnaid fer nN >rend anairtPaid cach nNdMri!ch ina doch!m+_ ^Kenfer !nd ch!c!nd inni a, a Chcn,_ ^or 1eg+_ ^Cinna `FO(4O /Gaa fir and inZ_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^NM hN and a+ Fer caMn mLr and dano+ Berrad lethan lai + folt ca b!de fair+ Brat Panide i forcipol immi+ Ca @n $elair$it i in brot Pa a br!inne+ (Ane de rLl rM$ fo der$indli!d do der$Lr i c! t!l fri $elcne co $lPnib dL+ '!b cMath co calathbPali findr!ni fair+ Sle$ cLicrind ina l@im+ Fo$a fo$ablai$i inna farrad+ 4n$nad Am reb O @bairt O adabair do$nM, acht nM ai$ nech fair O nM ai$N eom for nech feib nacha faiced nech hNA+_ ^4 fMr in, a dalt@n,_ ^for A+_ ^Cia dom chartib Mthc haireN a ein dom airchi eachtN a d@i$ ar bMth foretat@rN om in tNimned m@r inam f!ilN ea mNLen!r i nNa$id cethri nN ollchLiced nN>rend ar )@in BL Calngi don ch!r a+_ ^Ba fMr Am do Choin Chulaind annM hNM in+ : nadNr@nic in tNLcl@ech airm i mNboM C Chulaind, ar$l@dai O airchi i de+_ ^Ferda in, a Ch Chulaind,_ ^ar A+_ ^NM mLr ide etir,_ ^for C Chulaind+_ ^'abArN a dano cobair dait,_ ^ar in tN Lcl@ech+`(" line B12/NB1.1a`C line 0,20N0,1/a


,02G< _ ^CMa taiN i! eterZ_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^4 me e do athair a N Mdib +i+ 1ug mac Ethlend+_ ^4t tromda dano na f!li formN a+ Ba hNAim dam mo Mc+_ ^CotailN i! in bic, a Ch Chulaind,_ ^or in tN Lcl@ech,_ ^do thromthorthim cot!lta hNicond ferta 1erga co cend teLra l@a O teLra nNaidchi, O firfatN a for na lL$aib in nNairet in+_ ^Canaid a chAle ferdord dL, cont!li fri co nNaccae n@ch crecht and ropo $lan+ 4 and a bert 1ug- ;r+< Uli 1oga in o M _ ^:traM, a meic mLr !lad fLt l@ncrAchtaib c!retha fri n@imti! fer melldarath mLradai$ todonathar dia ferra$aib li$ethar lPai$ immenard nerethar fortacht a Md Lerf!d!t i in mr!i$ ar conathaib cot anm!in arf!cherthar fLchiallathar Len$illae arclith ar bPaib baMfedae li$ delb il a rM!t+ 204 Ni fil leL do nert @e$!l fer do baraind br!thai$te co ni!rt for do lochtnamtib cin$ it charp!t com$linni i iar in atrai+ atrai+a+m+ 2'4 _;r+ end < ^)eLra l@ O teLra nN aidchi baM C Chulaind ina chotlod+ B@ dethbir Ln Am ce ro baM do mAt in chot!lta boM do mAt na ath cM i+ Kn lPan Mar amain ainr!d co in cAtaMn Mar nNimol$ nMro chotail C Chulaind fri in rA in acht mad mani chotlad fithi in mNbic fria $aM Mar medLn midlaM O a chend fora dor nd O a dornd ima $aM O a $aM fora $lPn, acht ic laidi O ic lechtad O ic airlech O ic e orcain cethri nNollchLiced nN >rend fri in rA in+ 4 and in focherd in l@ech Mde lo a O l!bi Mci O l@n An i cnedaib O i crAchtaib, i nN@ladaib O i nNil$onaib `FO(4O /Gba Con Culaind, co ternL C Chulaind ina chotl!d cen r@th!$!d dL etir+`(" line B1..NB1B/a`C line 0,1GN0,BGa

,0.?< 4 M ein tr@ am er i lNlotar in macrad atPaid L Emain 'acha trM choMcait mac rM$ do !ltaib im #ollamain mac Conchobair O do berat teLra catha dona lP$aib co torchratar a trM comlMn leL O torcrat@r in macrad dano acht #allamain mac Conchobair+ B@$ai #allamain n@ ra$ad ar cPl! co hN Emain co br!inni mNbr@tha O betha co mNberad cend Ailella lei co in mind Lir boM Pa o+ NMrbo rAid 49

remiN eom anM in, Pair dofairthet@r d@ mac Bethe meic Bin, d@ mac m!mmeO aite do Ailill, O rod $on at co torchair leL+ Conid :ided Na Macraide !lad in in O #allamna meicConchobair + C Chulainn immorro baM ina Pantairthim cot!lta co cend teLra l@a O teLra nNaidchi hNicond ferta i lN 1ergaib+ :tracht C Chulaind iar in a a chotl!d O dobert l@im dara a$id O dori$ni rothmPal corcra de L m!ll!ch co talmain, ba nert lei a menma O tMa ad i nNLenach nL i tochim nL band@il nL i cormthech nL i prMmLenach do prMmenai$ib >rend+_ ^Cia fot atPN a i in chotl!d a inno i, a LclaMchZ_ ^ar C Chulaind+_ ^)rM l@ O trM aidchi,_ ^for in tNLcl@ech+_ ^Ron mair$N ea de idec_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^Cid de LnZ_ ^or in tNLcl@ech+_ ^Na lLi$ cen fLpairt fri in rA in,_ ^ar C Chulaind+_ ^NM filetN om Ln Lm etir,_ ^or in tNLcl@ech+_ ^Cei t, cia arr@nicZar C Chulaind+_ ^(otar in macrad antPaid L Emain 'acha trM choMcait mac im #ollomain mac Conchobair do maccaib rM$ !lad O dobert at teLra catha dona lPa$aib ri hNed na trM l@ O na trM nNaidchi hNi taMN i! it chotl!d inno a, O torcrat@r a trM comlMn leL O torchrat@r in macrad acht #ollomain mac Conchobair+ B@$ai #ollomain co mNbArad cend Ailella O nMrbo rAid dLN om Ln ar ro marbad+_ ^:praind n@ b@N a for mo nirt de ide, Pair dMa mNbeindN e for mo nirt ni tLeth itM in macrad feb dorochrat@r O nM tLeth ad #ollomain mac Conchobair+_ ^Co ain archena, a Chcn, nM hNai c dot inchaib O nM t@ir dot $a ci!d+_ ^:iri N si! ein innocht dPn, a LclaM$,_ ^or C Chulainn,_ ^arco nNdM$lom malle in macraid for na lP$aib+_ ^N@d anAb om ale,_ ^for in tNLcl@ech,_ ^!air cid mLr do chomramaib $aili O $a cid do$nA nech hNit arradN o nM fair bMa a nL n@ch a all!d n@ch a irdarc! acht i fortN o+ 4 aire in n@d ani!bN a+ :cht`(" line B1/GNB.0.a`C line 0,B>N01B.a

,0G1< imbirN eo fAin do $nMm $a cid t' Len!r for na lPa$! Pair nM leL at@ comm! t' anma don ch!r a+_ ^Oc! in carpat erda, a mNmo phopa 1igZ_ ^ar C Chulaind+_ ^4n coemnacar a innell O innat@ a threlomZ M@ cotnici a innell O m@ dot@ a threlom, na nNinnill, O mani fil a t hrelom, nacha nNinnill etir+_ ^4 and o atracht in tNara O ro $ab a fManerred aradnachta immi+ B@ dond fManerred aradnachta `FO(4O />aa in ro $aba t@rN om immi a inar bl@ith bMannaide i A Atrom aerda i A Pata rebnaide, i A Pa$the o lethair conn@ $ebethar ar lPamairecht l@m dL anechtair+ Ro $aba tarN om forbrat faind tari anechtair dori$ni &imn 'r!M do $ir do rM$ Rmn conda darat $ir do Chonchobar conda darat Conchobar do Choin Culaind conda rairbert C Chulaind dMa araid+ Ro $aba tar in tNara cAtna in dano a chathbarr cMrach cl@rach cethrochair co nNil!r cach datha O cach delba dara mid$Pallib echtair+ B@ oma i dLN om in O nMrbo thortromad+ )araill a l@m lei in $ipni nNder$b!di mar bad land der$Lir do brondLr br!thi dar or nNinneLni fri a Atan dL do indchomartha a aradnachta ech a thi$erna+ Ro $aba t@r idata a!r laicthi a ech O a del intla i ina de ra+ Ro $aba t@r A i a t!da a ech ina thPa ri +i+ aradna a ech ina l@im chlM re imchomm! a aradnachta+ 4 and o focheird a lPrecha iarnaidi intla i immL echaib con$ebethar dLib L th!l co a!rdornd do $aMnib O birMnib O le$Mnib O birchrPadib corbo birfoc! cach fonnod i in charpat in, corbo chonair letartha cach nN!lind O cach nN ind O cach nNaird O cach nNairc hind don charp!t in+ 4 and in focheird bricht com$a dara echraid O dara chomalta conn@rbo lAir do neoch dPn!d O corbo lAir dLibN eom c@ch i in dPn!d+ B@ deithbir Am cA focherdedN om inni in d@i$ ar bMth b@t@r teLra bPada aradnachta forin nNaraid in l@ in +i+ lAim dar boil$ O fo c!l nNdMrich O imorchor nNdelind+ 4 and o ro $ab in ca!r O in cathmMlid O in tNindellchrL bodba fer talman, C Chulaind mac &altaim, ro $ab a chatherred catha O comraic O comlaind imbi+ B@ don chatherred catha in O chomraic O chomlaind ro $abN om immi echt cne lAnti fichet cMartha cl@rtha comdlPta bMtM b@ thAtaib O rothaib O refedaib hNi c! t!l fri a $elchne dL arnacha nN dechrad a chond nach a chMall L doficed a lPth`(" line B.0?NB.?0a`C line 01B?NZa

,,0>< l@tair+ Ro $aba t@r a chathcri c!rad tari anechtair do chot!tlethar crPaid choirtchide do formna echt nNdam eched nNdartada co nN$abad dL L thana a thaMb co ti!$ a och aille ro bMth immi ic dMch!r $aM O rend O err O le$ O ai$et+ '@i$ i c!mma focherditM de O mar bad do chloich nL charraic nL con$na ro chM!laitM + 4 and in ro $aba t@r a fPathroic rebnaide rLill cona cimai do 50

b@nLr bricc fria fri mLethMcht!r a medLin+ Ro `FO(4O />ba $aba t@r a dond fPathrLic nNdondlethair nN de$ Pata do formna cethri nNdam eched nNdartada cona chathchri do cholomnaib ferb f!a dara fPathrLic rebnaide rLill echtair+ 4 and o ro $aba t@r in rM$nia a chatharm catha O comraic O comlaind+ Ba don chatharm chatha in Marom ro $aba tar a ocht claidbMni ima arm dAt nNdrech ol! + Ro $aba tar a ocht le$Mni ima lei$ cLicrind+ Ro $aba tar a ocht nN$othnatha ]m@ $oth nAit+ Ro $aba tar a ocht cletMni 'ma deil cli + Ro $aba tar a ocht cMath! cli imma chrom cMath nNd!bder$ ina tA$ed torc tai elbtha ina t!l t@rla cona bil @ith$Air ailtnidi im$Air ina hN!rtimche!ll conte cfad finna i nNai$id rotha ar @thi O ailtnidecht O im$Ari+ 4nbaid fo$nMth ind Lclai$ f@eborchle di, i c!mma imthe cad d@ cMath O d@ le$ O d@ chlaideb+ 4 and o ro $ab a chMrchathbarr catha O comraic O comlaind ima chend a a nN$@ired $@ir chAt nNLcl@ch do MrA$em cecha cPli O cecha cerna de, d@i$ i c!mma con$@irti de b@n@nai$ O bocc@nai$ O $eniti $linne O demna aeLir rMam O Pa o O ina imthimchi!ll cach ed no tA$ed re te tin fola na mNmMled O na nNan$lond echtair+ Ro chre a c heltar com$a tari don tlachtdMllat T<re Tairngire dobretha d L aiti dr!Mdechta+ 4 and o cAtrMa tartha im Choin Chulaind co nNderna Pathb@ ach nNMlrechtach nNin$antach nNanaichnid de+ Crithnai$ et a charMni imbi imar crand re r!th nL imar boc imin fri r!th cach mNball O cach nNalt O cach nNind O cach nN@$e de L m!ll!ch co talmain+ Ro l@e @eb$lA dMber$e d@ ch!rp i mNmedLn a chrocind+ )@ncat@r a thrai$the O a l!ir$ne O a $lPne co mNb@t@r d@ Ai + )@ncat@r a @laO a orcni O a e cata co mNb@t@r rMam remi+ )@ncat@r t!lfAthi a orcan co mNb@t@r for t!l a l!r$an comb@ mAtithir m!ldor nd mMled cech mecon derm@r dMbide+ Sren$tha tollfAthe a m!llaich co mNb@t@r for cLich a m!ineLil comb@ mAtithir cend meic mM cach m!lchnoc`(" line B.?,NB.>0a

,,??< dMmLr dMrMm dMrecra dMme rai$the dMbide+ :nd in dori$ni cPach cera d@ $nPi O d@ a$id fair+ 4m loic indara Pil dL ina chend C i ed mod d@na tair ed fMadchorr a ta$raim do l@r a $rPade a hN iarthor a chlocaind+ Se cein$ a Ati$ co mNboM fora $rPad ec htair+ RMa tartha a bAl co Prtrachta+ Sren$ai in nNLl don fidba chn@na comtar Acnai$ a $inchrLe + )@ncat@r a coim O a t hromma co mN b@t@r ar etelai$ ina bAl O ina br@$it+ Benai bAim nN!l$aib leLman don charp!t Pachtarach fora forcli comba mAtithir moltchracand cech lam rPam thened doni$ed `FO(4O G2aa ina bAl a a br@$it+ Roclo blo cbAimnech a chride rA chlMab imar $limnai$ nN@rchon hNi fotha nL mar leLmain ic techta fL math$amnaib+ :tche a na coinnli bodba O na cithnAlla neme O na hNaMble tened trichemrPaid i nN nAllaib O i nN@eraib Pa a chind re fi!ch!d na fer$e fMr$ar$e hNitr@cht Pa o+ Ra cha ni$ a folt imma chend imar craMbred nNder$ cMach i mNbernaid at h@lta+ Ce ro crate@ rM$aball fL rM$thorad immi i ed mod d@ rM ad !b!ll dMb doch!m talman tari acht ro e ed !b!ll for cach Lenfinna and re frithcha ad na fer$e atracht d@ f!lt Pa o+ :tracht in lPan l@ith a a At!n comba ithethir remithir airnem nNLclaMch corbo chomfota fri in rLin coro dechra t@r oc imbirt na cMath, oc bro$ad ind arad, oc taibleth na lL$+ :rdithir immorro remithir talcithir tre ithir ithidir eLlc hrand prMml!in$i mLri in b!inne dMri!ch dondfala atracht a fMrchlAthe a chendm!llai$ hNi certairdi, co nNderna d!bchMaich nNdr!Mdechta de amal chMai$ do rM$br!din in tan tic rM dMa tinc!r hNi fe c!r lathe $emreta+ 4ar in rMa trad in rMa tarda im Choin Culaind i and in doreblain$ ind err $a cid ina chathc harpat erda co nNerraib iarnaidib, cona f@ebraib tanaidib, cona bacc@naib O cona birc hrPadib, cona thairbirib nMath, cona nN$lA a!r olcdi, cona thairn$ib $aMthe bMtM ar fert ib O Mallaib O fithi ib O folomnaib don charpat in+ 4 amlaid boM in carpat in cona chreit chrLe tana chrLe tirim chle aird clan$dMri$ ca!rata ara taillfitM ocht nNairm nN indflatha co lPa faindle nL $aMthe nL chliabai$ dar rLe mai$e+ Ro !idi$ed in carpat in for d@ nN echaib dMana dremna d@ achtacha cendbeca cr!indbeca corrbeca bir!Mch ba cind br!inneder$ e ta !achinte o$ab@lta odain fo $rinnib @illib a fAn+ 4ndara hNech dMbN ide oc! A l!$aid lPathlAmnech tre mar tPa$mar trai$mar fLtmar fochor id+ 4n tNech aile oc! A ca mon$ach ca ch@el co en$ eredchLel air$dech+`(" line B.>,NB?,Ba`C line 01,1N01?Ba

,,>,< i and o focheird torandchle

cAt O torondc hle

d@ chAt O torandchle

trM cAt O torandchle 51

cethri cAt, O tarra air aice for torandchle cPic cAt, Pair nMrbo f!r@il le in comlMn on do thotim lei ina chAtch!m cli O ina chAtchomlin$ catha for cethri chLiced hN >rend+ Oc! doth@et a fLn c!mma in d' in ai$id a n@mat O dobretha a charpat mLrthimch!ll cethri nNollchLiced nN >rend ammai$ anechtair, O do bert `FO(4O G2ba fLbairt bidbad fL bidbadaib foraibO dobreth eLl trom fora charpat O dollotar rotha Marnaidi in c harpait hNi talmain corbo leLr do dPn O do dain$en feib dollot@r rotha Marnaide in charpait hNi talmain, !air i c!mma atrachtat@r cl!id O cairthe O carrce O t@thleca O m!r$rMan in talman aird i nNaird fri na rothaib Marndaidib Pa ell echtair+ 4 aire focheird in circ!l mN bodba in mLrthimch!ll cethri nNollchLiced nN >rend ammai$ anechtair arn@ teichti Pad O n@ caMltM immi coro tair ed fri tendta fri tarrachtain na macraide forro+ Oc! doth@et i in cath innond ar medLn O f@il$i f@lbai$i mLra do chollaib a bidbad mLrthimc holl in tN lLi$ ammai$ anechtair fo thrM O dobert fLbairt bidbad fo bidbadaib forro co torchrat@r bond fri bond O mAde fri mAde, ba M ti$et ind @rbai$+ 'o rimchell aridi i fa thrM in cr!th in co farcaib co air e ir imp! f@ mLrN`HB( line 0>>/N ,20,athimch!ll +i+ bond trMr fri mAde trMr fL chPaird timchill immLn dPnad+ Conid Se rech Bre li$e a ainm i in )@in , O i ed tre nNdMrime na )@na +i+ Se rech Bre li$e O nN4m li$e 3lennamnach O in cath for 3rig O Irgrig+ :cht ba c!mma cP O ech O d!ne and+ 5 4 ed atberat araili ro fich 1ug mac Eithlend la Coin Culaind Se ri$ mNBre li$e+ NMcon fe immorro a @rim O ni c!man$ar a rMm cMa lMn dorochair and do d@e cor lPa$, acht ro rMmthA a ti$ernai namm@+ 4t A eo a nNanmandN ide inna r!rech O inna taM ech +i+ r+ d@ Chraid, d@ Chalad, d@ Ch<r, d@ Ch<ar, d@ Ecell, trM Cruim, trM Caurith, trM Combirgi, cethri #eochair, cethri #urachair, cethri Caiss, cethri #otai, cPic Caurith, cPic Cermain, cPic Cobthaig, A &axain, A $ich, A $ri, echt Rochid, echt Rnin, echt Rurthig, ocht Rochlaid, ocht Rochtaid, ocht Rindaich, ocht Corpri, ocht 'ulaich, n@e nN$aigith, n@e nN$ri, n@e nN$maig, deich #@ic, deich #iacaich, deich #edelmid+ ;r+ end < `(" line B?,/N B??>a`HB( line ,201N,2..a`C line 01?/N01GGa

,1,G< 'eich rM$ ar echt fic htib rM$ ro bM C Chulaind i mNBresslig 'ir 'aigi 'urthemni+ 'Mrime immorro olchena di chonaib O echaib O mn@ib O maccaib O mindaMnib O drabar lL$, ar nMr Arno in tre fer do feraib hN>rend cen chn@im le i nL lethchind nL leth Pil do bri i!d nL cen bithanim tria bith! betha+ Oc! doth@et Padib iar in iar tabairt in tre a in forro, cen f!li$!d cen fordercad fair fAin n@ fora $ill! n@ for ech dia echaib+_ `FO(4O G0aa

Tarascbil delba Con Culaind so6

^'oth@et C Chulaind arna b@rach do thaidbri!d in tN lLi$ O do thai bAnad a chrotha @l$in @lind do mn@ib O bantrochtaibO andrib O in$enaib O filedaib O @e d@na, Pair nMr mMad n@ ma lei in dPab!rdelb dr!Mdechta t@rf@ dLib fair ind adai$ in reme+ 4 aire in t@nic do tha elbad a chrotha @l$in @laind in l@ in+ blaind Am in mac th@nic and in do tha elbad a chrotha dona lPa$aib +i+ CChulaind mac &oaldaim+ Fairc i trM folt fair - dond fri toind cind, crLder$ ar mAdon, mind Lrb!de ardat!$ethar+ CaMn cocar i ind f!ilt in co c!rend teLra im rotha im c hlai a chPlaid+ Comba amalta O Lr n@th cach finna fathmainnech for caMlte forLrda dM$rai dPalfota der cai$t hech dath@laind dara formna Mar ell echtair+ CAt cairche corcor$lan do der$Lr Lrla rach imma br@$it+ cAt n@thAicne don charmocol c!mma cda hNi timthacht fria chend+ Cethri tibri cechtar a d@ $rPad +i+ tibre b!ide O tibre Pane O tibre $orm O tibre corcra+ Secht nN$emma do r!thin r!i c cechtar a d@ rM$ro c+ Secht meLir cechtar a d@ cho , echt meLir cechtar a d@ l@m co nN$ab@il in$ni ebaic, co for$ab@il in$ne $riPin ar cach nNaM fo leith dMibN in+ 9abaidN eom dano a dMllat nNLenai$ nNimbi in l@a in+ BaM d@ At$!d immi +i+ fPan caMn cLir corcor$lan corthorach cLicdMab!il+ 'el$ find findar$it arna ecor d' Lr intla i Pa a b@nbr!inni $el imar bad lLchrand l@n ol! ta n@d ch!m$aiti Pili doMni dAic in ar $leLraidecht O $lainidecht+ ClMabinar rLil irecda rA chne con$ebethar dL co barrPachtar a dondfPathrLci dondder$i mMleta do rLl rM$+ 'ond cMath dondder$ dondchorcra co cLicroth Lir,`(" line B?B2NB?GGa`HB( line ,2.?N ,2B?a`C line 01G>N0.,.a 52


,1,0< co mNbil finddr!ini fair+ Claideb Lrd!irnd intla i co torceltaib Lir der$ i nNard$ab@il $aili fora chri + 9aM fota f@ebor$la re fa$a fAi$ fLbartach co emmannaib Lir Lrla rach inna farrad i in charpat+ NaM cind i indala l@im dL+ 'eich cind i ind l@im aile+ Ro ecroth Pad fri na lPa$aib+ Conid comram aidchi do Choin Chulaind in+ 4 and in fri Lcbat mn@ Connacht for na b!idne O fordrin$tM mn@ fir! do dA cin crotha Con Culaind+ Follai$ immorro 'edb a hNainech O nM l@mair taidb in a $nP i, acht boM fo damdabai$ cMath ar omon Con Culaind+ Conid de in a bert $ubthach $el !lad-_ 0+ 0< Ma ! hNA in rMa tartha ,< bMait collai d!Mne de+ `FO(4O G0ba 1< Beite Ai$me im li ! .< bMait f!ind fri airi i!+ ,+ 0< Biait corthi ,< bid formach 1< NM maith no .< i lNleir$ fri in nNoennenach+ 1+ 0< :dchM! ,< ocht 1< :dchM! .< deich cind ina ro Ataib+ in cind fodb i do fichid cr!th inna lei lNlechtaib rM$martaib+ in cath immondnai$ ch!ill ennaib+ mNbrAtaib mn@ er$ala+ mLir

.+ 0< :dchM! dofLcrat far ,< a nN$nPi tar na 1< :dchM! far rM$na in .< nM toccair dond imforr@in+ ?+ 0< 'Mambad ,< bMad lL$ 1< coro .< msa in r$astarde% mA imme gartigtis bad di a

chomarlid cach leith+ r

^Conid and ro chan #ergus in o co nNebairt-_`(" line B?G>NBB0.a`HB( line ,2BBN,2/Ga`C line 0.,?N0.?2a

,1>1< 0+ 0< Ber a ,< iar cPl 1< NMcon .< L $eo$ain in nNin$enraith in der$Ani $ubthach tN lLi$ nach nNdochla meic rocloth na n?$eltengaid ren$aid+ maith nNdobail Conchobair+ dL

,+ 0< Ferai Acht ,< $!in #iachaig 1< NMpa! chaMni! .< $!in Corpri meic #edelmthe+


1+ 0< RM$i ,< mac 1< 4 .< a nad r!bad co aMdi+

nN!ladni 1ugdach e do$nM meic fri

cho nai Casrubai+ doMni nN !lad l@n!lach+ dobM hNi fot

.+ 0< Bid olc ,< $!in a 1< Co t!d .< ad !Mfet in nNimir$i+ ?+ 0< Sirfid ,< do !ltaib co nNdera ot+ B+ 0< BMait ,< bMait 1< bMait .< bMait b!idne airlechtai+ in

la lon$ai meic n@d !ladm@ noMndin techta rM$nai crAchtai f!idb fL for hNi

cAlmara dermara bechtai cho aib branfo aib ler$aib

/+ 0< Biait collai ,< biait brain 1< beti f@en cAith .< bid c!mtach do dMber$aib+

`(" line BB0?NBB.,a`HB( line ,2/>N,02,a`C line 0.?0N0.G.a


,.0>< G+ 0< RoMnfid ,< la 1< Re$aid .< do !ltaib dManda rM at+ >+ 0< 0< ber a Ber+a+

f!il lPa$ ind

fAne inna lon$a coi techt


don nNd!nechon+ hNi fat ar!bth@

NM $eib $ubthach n?$eltenga+

^SrAid #ergus $ubthachPad iar in co nNarra air dia r!ib fri b!din anall+ Co cloth nM Ailill co nN ebairt -_ ;r+< ^N@ fer b@i$, a #ergus, ar b!aib ceL mn@ib !lad aith$en ara mNbernaib beit mairt ili !nd li$ ceni il iter acht i nNLenferaib arde li$ i ind @th cach Lenlathi!+ _;r+ end < ^Co cloth nM 'edb-_ ^comAri$, a Ailill, co fMannaib fLtrind ar d!th b!aib ceL $enat mfc melchib athaib i nN $renchaib mLraib i lNlinnib d!baib forbri fet coml!nd cAo #ergus d@nae co loin$i !lad biaith and iartach i nNdMaid in chatha memai ca!ma co fil edaib #@ne+ _;r+ end < ^Co cloth nM #ergus-_ ;r+< ^Banairle baetha nacha a!chide nacha cl!inte co teintib bl@thaib ceL cholet m!inter ceL chenel olca anapthai ro rM a chialla con !idet na t@det+ _;r+ end < ^Co cloth 3abrn file -_ ;r+<^N@ bri$!id briathra ceL laidib rM$naib for bronnaib di th!athaib dAni dMa me aib bla aib dia f@ebra fichi ce Le cMa bera na !M forelli$ na t!lle mi cai +_;r+ end < ^N@ fAmdit far `FO(4O G,aa cAle+ )aMt ara chend i in nN@th,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^:Pchaide Ailill,_ ^or 'edb+ Co cloth nM Ailill-_ ;r+< ^#ergus rofitir morthPathaib for far m!intir mAilaith nM imthecht ar far mNbPaib acht cMa far li$ lattaib i mNbPaib dithoin$ ceLbera di far mLr bel$ib bra aib+_;r+ end <`(" line BB.,NBBBGa`HB( line ,021N,0,Ga`C line 0.G?N0?02a 54


,.?0< ^Co cloth nM #ergus-_ ;r+< ^N@ fer, a 'edb, mLr coith dit loin$i bairr br@tha iar mNbliadain ceL ch@thi$ mn@ ma a iartai$e n@d imdat dit morchothaib dMa thPathaib ti ccet+ _;r+ end <

Imroll Belaig Ein inso6

^#<acha #<aldna $imraith doll!id do acallaim meic ethar a m@thar +i+ 'ane Ande a ainm+ 'oll!id $cha mac 'gachla 'ane n?Ande+ 'oll!id $ubthach $el !lad la #<achaich #ialdna $imraith+ 'ocora t@r $cha $aM for #<achaig co lNl!id i nN$ubthach+ Focheird dano $ubthach $aM for 'ane co lNl!id i nN$cha+ 'M fieir immorro m@thair $ubthaig O $che+ 4 de at@ 4mr!ll Belaig Ein+ NL i de at@ 4mroll Belaig Ein +i+ tMa$ait na lLi$ do Beluch Ein+ :nait a nNdM dMrim i !idi!+ )ic $<armait mac Conchobuir di !ltaib antPaid+_ ^Eir$ed marcach Paib,_ ^or $<armait,_ ^co tM 'ane dom accallaim dM O ra$atN a dM ara c hend+_ ^Condrecat Marom+_ ^)odeochadN a,_ ^or $<armait,_ ^L Chonchobar co nNerbora fri 'edb O Ailill co relcet na b@e a O l@n !ile a nNdorLnad and O tab@r in tarb aniar co in tarb ille co comair et, Pair ro b@$e 'edb+_ ^Ra$atN a,_ ^or 'ane,_ ^co nNapror fri!+_ ^R@tiN ide dano fri 'eidb O Ailill+_ ^NM hNAtar for 'edb anM i!,_ ^or 'ane+_ ^'Anam cLemchlLd d@ $ai ced didi!,_ ^or $<armait,_ ^ma ! ferr latt+_ ^Maith lim,_ ^or 'ane+ Focherd cechtar de $aM for araile conid apthatar a nNdM , O conid 4mroll Belaig Ein ainm na mai$ni in+ Maitti a nN dMrim fo araill+ 'of!ittet trM fichit dMb di cechtar d@ lMna+ 4 de at@ Ard in $<rma+_ `(" line BBB>NBB>1a`HB( line ,0,>N,0?,a`C line 0?00N0?1.a


Aided Tamuin $rith inso6

^For!irmi et m!inter Ailella a mind rM$ for Tamun drPth+ NM l@mair Ailill a beith fair fe in+ SrAdi C Chulaind cloich fair oc =th Tamuin co mNmebaid a chend de+ 4 de at@ =th Tamuin O Tuga im Thamun+_

Aided Benguss meic Benlma6

^'ointaM Marom Bengus mac Benlma Ca<me, Lclach d@na di !ltaib, in lL$ nN!le oc 'odaib 1oga 5 i in!nd Ln dano O 1ugmod 5 co tici =th $aferta+ NM lAic echa O do mbidc co lNlecaib+ Oc! a berat ind eLlai$ immusneblaid rMam rem@in co tMa tai fo chlaideb oc Emain 'acha acht bid ar $alaib Lenfir conrM t@ fri + Bri it fMr fer fair Marom O ra mNbeLtar i nNAcomlond+_ `FO(4O G,ba

Comrac #ergusa fri Coin Culaind6

^)@et nech Paib ar mo chendN a,_ ^ar C Chulaind,_ ^oc =th $a ferta+_ ^NMpa me e, nMp@ mAc_ ^ol c@ch a a ma$in+_ ^NM dle$ar cimbid dom cheniPl+ CMa no dli$the, nMpad mA dobertai tara chend i cimbidecht+_ ^4 and $e a do #ergus mac Rich techt ara chendN om+ OpaidN ide dano d!l ar cend a daltai +i+ Con Culaind+ 'obreth fMn do O ro me cad co trAn O ro $!ded im d!la i in comrac+ )Ait ia Marom L ro b@ oc@ etar$!de co tromda+ : bert C Chulaind Marom -_ ^4 co nN$linni dothAi$ ar mo 55

chendN a, a popa #ergus,_ ^ol A,_ ^cen claideb inna inti!ch+_ ^5 :r $at ai Ailill a !t praedixim! +_ ^4 c!mma limN a etir,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^Cia nobeth claideb and, nM imbArtha fortN !+ )eil$ trai$id dam, a Ch Chulaind,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^)eil$feN o dano damN a arM i,_ ^ar C Chulaind+`(" line BB>. to enda`HB( line ,0?1N,0G0a`C line 0?1?N0?B1a


,?0,< _ ^Samlaid Acin,_ ^or #ergus+ 4 and in dollAci C Chulaind trai$id for cPl! re #ergus co rNrici 3rellig n?$olluid ara telced #ergus dLN om trai$id i lNlL in chatha+ )airblin$ C Chulaind Marom hNi nN3rellaig $olluid+_ ^:ra chend dait, a #ergusc_ ^or c@ch+_ ^:icc,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^NM ord ero a+ 4 robeLda intM fil and+ Conom thM de chind chParda nM re$+_ ^)Ma$ait echa Marom co nN$ab at dPnad hNi Cr<ch Ross+ Racl!nethar Ln dano #erch 1oingsech b!M for lon$ai re nNAilill+ 'oth@et N ide ar cend Con Culaind+ )rM fir dAac dano ba hNA a lMn+ 9ontai C Chulaind oc Cingit #erchon+ :t@t a trM lMic dAac and+_

Comrac 'aind
^FoMdi 'edb 'and 'uresci mac $iri do $omnandchaib do chomrac fri Coin Culaind+ 'erbr@thair ide O $amn athair #ir $iad+ Ba fer borb bro$da Marom im lon$!d O im li$i in 'and+ Fer dothen$thach dobeLil amal $ubthach $el !lad+ Ba fer tailc treb!r co onairte ballraid amal 'unremur mac Errcind+ )rAnfer tnPthach amal Triscod trAnfer ti$i Conchobair+_ ^Ra$atN a O mA anarma, O conmAl eter mo l@maib hNA, ar nM mMad nL ma lem arm d' imbirt for iriti nNam!lach amne+_ ^(!id Marom do ai$id Con Culaind+ 4 and boMN ide O a ara for in mai$ oc frecomAt in tN lPai$+_ ^Kenfer c!c!nd !nd,_ ^or 1eg fri Coin Culaind+_ ^Cinna firZ_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^Fer d!bdond tailc tarbda O A anarma+_ ^(Aic echot,_ ^ol C Chulaind+ )ic c!c! la odain+_ ^'o ch!r chomlaind frit dodeochadN a,_ ^ol 'and+ 9abait Marom for imtra crad fri rA cMan O tra craid Coin Culaind fo thrM 'and+ Conid $rei in tNara+_ ^'Mambad c!radmMr do cho nam i nN Emain d!it,_ ^for A,ropadatrAn_ ^for Lcaib Emna+_ ^)ic a fer$ niad O atrai$ a br!th mMled cor tra cair 'and fLn corthi coro cor i mN min@$ib+ Conid de at@ 'ag 'andachta +i+ 'and >chta +i+ Acht 'aind and+`HB( line ,0G,a`C line 0?B.a


,?./< `FO(4O 1?aa FoMdi 'edb arna b@rach naM fir! fichet ara cheand i nN$rellaich Con Culaind+ #uiliarnn a ainm ina $rellcha fri =th #ir $ead de i!+ Sraiti a naM nN$aM fichet fair fo chAtLir +i+ 3aili $na cona echt maccaib fichet O mac a deirb ethar +i+ 3las mac $elgna+ 4n tan Marom ri$ et a l@ma !ili dMa claidmib, tic #iacha mac #ir febe ina nNdedhaid a in dPnad+ Focheirdd bed$ a a charp!t in tan atcondairc a lNl@ma !ile i cind Con Culaind O benaid a naM ri$thi fichit dMb+ 4 and a bert C Chulaind-_ ^4 cobair i nNAimib Am a nNdori$hni +_ ^: mNbec a,_ ^ol #iacha,_ ^i tar cotach dPindi ar nN!ltaib+ 'Ma rM neach dMb a nNdPnad, re$maNni ar trMchait cAt fo $in claidib+_ ^)on$! et reliQ!a , in tan dorelced mo an@l damN a,_ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^nMcon ricfa fer dMbN eom a mNbeathaid+_ ^9ontai C Chulaind Mar in an noM firu fichit O d@ mac #icce lai occo, d@ Lcl@ech d@na di !ltaib dollotar do imbirt a c!main$ for in lL$+ 4 A a nN$nMm in ain for in )@in co lNlotar don chath la Coin Culaind+ :t@ i in cloich i medLn ind @tha l@thrach tele a cAth O a nNdornn O a nN$lPine+ Oc! rol@tha a naM coirthi fichit and in+_

Comrac #ir $iad A Con Culaind so6


^4 and in ro hNimr@ided leLN om Marom cia fer bad tPalain$ din$b@il Con Culaind dMb+ :dbert adar O ro nert adar O ro r@id etar ceithri cLiced hN >rend cia bad chLir do thabairt for @th i nnNa$id Con Culaind+ :tr!bartadar !ili corb A in Conganchnesach a hNIrrus $omnand, in feidm nach f!ilin$ther O in bairindlecc br@tha, a derbchomalta dil dMchra fodei in+ NM baM ic Coin Chulaind cle n@ beth aice acht mad cle in $aM b!l$ai namm@, O cid indar leLN om baM aiciN eom a echna O a imde$ail fair, d@i$ cne con$naidhi imbi, nochoni $Abdi airm n@ ilf@ebair+ 'obretha 'edb techta for cend #ir $iad+ Nocho t@nic #er $iad ri na techtaib hM in+ 'obretha 'edb filid O @e d@na O @e $l@mtha $rPaidi ara chend co nNderntai a @erad O a aithi ed O a ainfMalad`HB( line ,,01N,,.1a`C line 0B2GN0B1Ga


,?G2< con@ fa$ad inad a chind for bith co tM ad i p!pall 'edba O Aililla for )@na+ )@nic #er $iad lei na techtaib hNM in ar Paman a imderctha dLib+ )!cad #indabair, in$en 'edba O Ailella, fora leathl@im+ 4 M ind #indabair in no $obad l@im ar cach cPach O ar cach cop@n d] #ir $iad C i M dobeired teLra pLc fria cach cop@n dMbN in dL C i M no d@iled !bla fMrch!bra dar edlach a lAned fair+ 4 ed adbereadN i ba`FO(4O 1?ba hNA a leand@n O a to$a tochmairc do feraib in tN @e$ail #er $iad+ 4naim robo @ithech !bach ofarbaMli$ #er $iad, i and adbert 'edb-_ ^Maith aile, a #ir $iad, in fetairN eo cia f@th 'ma rad$oired i in p!p!ll aZ_ ^N@d edarN a Ln Lm,_ ^ar #er $iad,_ ^acht de$maithi fer nN>rind and+ Cid AcLr! mo beithN e and an@ cach de$l@echZ_ ^N@d ed Lm @m,_ ^or 'edb,_ ^acht da thobairt charpait trM echt c!mal dait O timthacht d@ fer dAac O c!tr!ma 'aigi 'urthemne do mMn 'oigi A<i, O bith a Crachain do $rA , O fMn do d@il fort and C aMri do chlaindi O do cheniPil do $rA can ch@in, cen chobach C mo d!ileandNdealc LirN ea d!it i failet deich fichit !n$a O deich fichit leath!n$a O deich fichit cro ach O deich fichit cethramthan C #indabair mNin$enN a O in$en Aililla do LenmnaM dait O comaid dom lia aidN ea+ 'ia rM a le a air in anPa fo$Aba na dei ri +_ ^4 mLra na comada in O na hNai ceda in,_ ^or cach+_ ^4 fMr Ln,_ ^or #er $iad+_ ^4 at mLra, O cidat mLra chena, a 'edb, i acotN o fodei in f@icfidther mad d!la damN a i nNai$id mo chomalta do chomrac+_ ^: fir! tr@,_ ^or M or 'edb, tri chLir nNindlai$ O imcho aMdi,_ ^i fMr in brMathar a bert C Chulaind,_ ^mar n@ cloi ed #er $iad itir+_ ^CA $!th Ai ide, a 'edbZ_ ^or #er $iad+_ ^:dr!bairt, a mNanom,_ ^or i i,_ ^nMpad f!r@il lei do th!itimN i! ina airi$id $ai cid lei i in chLiced i rNra$ad+_ ^NMrbo c hLir dLN om a r@d Ln d@i$ nM hNA mo thrMamna n@ mo midlocho rMam i lNlL n@ch i nNaidchi rofidir orm+ )oin$imN a et reliQ!a corob mi i cAtfer roficfa i in maitin imb@rach co hN@th in chomlaind+`HB( line ,,..N ,,/1a`C line 0B1>N0BG?a

,B0?< _ ^'otria bPaid O bendachtainc_ ^or 'edb+_ ^4 ferr leam in n@ trMamna O midlocho do fa$b@il occot, d@i$ condolb c@ch 'mo daMnib fode in+ Cid cLro dLN om och!r !laddo dAnam ar apa a m@thar dMb ind@ daitN i! ochar chLicid Connacht, d@i$ at mac rM$ Connacht adc@emnacairZ_ ^4 amlaid ro b@darN om oc naidm a cor O a nNd@la O dori$ni et laMd and-_ 0+ 0< Rotfia lL$ mLr mNb!indi ,< co c!it mai$i i cailli 1< co aMre do chloindi .< L 'ndi! co tM br@th+ ?< : #ir $iad mic $amin B< :tted Pa cach an@il /< 4 cLir dait a $ab@il G< anM $ab! c@ch+ ,+ 0< ,< Nocho d@i$ $Ab nMm l@ech cen cen @rach l@mach 57

1< bid trom .< bid hPa ?< CP dMan B< nM hN!ri a /< i amna G< i tairptheach in teidm+ 1+ 0< Ca chan ,< Nai cN i! 1< ar de .< dorad ad ?< Fil !nd B< rotfia cach /< d@i$ rofe G< in fer ticfa id d@il+ `HB( line ,,/.N,12/a`C line 0BGBN0/0/a

formN a dam comainm a an dait corbat rM$ frit a i nachad nM co

am@rach feidm+ Culand f!lan$ !rrand f!ireachZ b!ideach r!irech l@im+ f!irfe ch!in$fe m!irfi

,B.B< `FO(4O 1Baa .+ 0< NM $Ab ,< nMba nM 1< i! donear .< i fiadhnai i ?< '@namtora B< cencop cAin /< rachad G< co Coin Culaind cr!aid+

cen b! mo in

c!r! l!$! m!d! tN lPai$+ comnart chomrac

mNardarc co i in mAd i na art i

?+ 0< : 'edb co ,< nMt cerb caMme 1< dearb leam i tP .< ar Crachain ?< :rt $lLr i B< domroiched rLl /< t!c dam th' Lr G< mAd rofairced dam+

bPafaid nPachair bPachail clad+ $air$nert antbrecc t' airced oir$ni bairdne acht+ 'orand chomall 'anand r@tha l@ma Acnairc

B+ 0< 9eb br!$aid, $eib ,< oc! Le na 1< rodfiaN o cen .< Fonai c lat ar ?< mad @il dait a B< $eib Cairbri Nia /< i nai c ar d@ mac+ /+ 0< 9AbadN a na ,< do thobairt 1< oc! $Abad .< L Choin Culaind chrPaid+ frim


G+ 0< 4 t! 0< d@ 0< rotfia 0< nMba 0< : 0< cech 0< dobArthar 0< i !ili rodfMa+

! tibAr Paim d@l laMch At


cor delc fa b!s blatni$ c@em ar daid

codnach drolmach domnach Ma+ bladmair talmain amlaid

`HB( line ,12GN,11>a`C line 0/0GN0/.,a


,BG,< >+ 0< #indabair ,< rM$an 1< ar nNdMth .< a #ir $iad, rotfMa+ R+

na Marthair Con


fer$a Elga Cerda,

^Ro baM l@ech amra do !ltaib hNi fiadhnai i na coraidechta in, O rob Ai ide #ergus mac Rig+ )@inic #ergus coa p!pall+_ ^)rPa$ limN a in $nMm do$nMther i in maidin ea imb@rach,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^Cia $nMm and inZ_ ^for l!cht na p!pla+_ ^Mo de$dalt@n C Chulaind do marbad+_ ^Maith aile, cia nadmaMdenn LnZ_ ^NM an e+ : chomalta dil dMchra fodei in +i+ #er $iadh mac $amin+ Cid n@ berid mo bendachtain,_ ^ar #ergus,_ ^O t@et nech Paib co rob!d O co nNairchi echt do Choin Chulaind d! in f@cbad in nN@th i in maitin imb@rachZ_ ^'ar ar c!b! ,_ ^for iat,_ ^cid t! ! fAn no beith for @th in chomlaind, nocho ricfami dot in ai$id conici+_ ^Maith a $illa,_ ^for #ergus,_ ^$eib dPn ar nNeocha O indill in carpat+_ ^:tracht in $illa O ro $ab na hNeocho O ro indill in carpat+ )@n$adar rempo co hN@th in chomlaind, @it i mNbaM C Chulaind+_ ^Kencharpat ch!caind !nn, a Chcacn,_ ^or 1egh+ '@i$ i amlaid baM in $illa O a dr!im fria thi$erna+ 5 'obered leth brandai$echta O fi dchillachta fora thi$erna C fer foraire O forcomAta for cheithri airdib hN >rind L in amach+ Cind! carpaid ann in aleZ_ ^or C Chulaind+ Carpat imbar rM$r@ith romLir cona ch!in$ib dronLrdaib, cona t harbchl@r !maide, cona feirt ib crAd!maib, cona c hreit crLe tana crLe tirim clea aird colcda clocatcain c!rata, for dMb echaib d!ba dAnmecha !nti$ Aitri$ o$ab@ltaich odaim ma $rindib @llib a fAn+ KenLclach rM$da ro clethan ba ch!m clai$ in charpait+ "lcha dPalach dA$abl@nach fair co oiched dar m@ethMchtar a m@ethimlenn M `FO(4O 1Bba el echtair co nnNain$Abad cLeca lLech i lNlL doinindi O dertain bith fo thromfoithin a !lch! inn Lclaich+ Crom cMath $el cabal brec fair co trM radhaib rodAnma co taillfed o aircho air cetheLra nNdron$ nNdeichenbair fa thairrlethar in cAith`HB( line ,1.2N,1B>a `C line 0/.1N,1B>a


,/0/< fil foro thairr ceo tha!llethan inn Lclaich+ Claideb fota f@eb!rchrPaid der$lethan hNi trPaill fichthi fMthe findarcait Pa chrLebaib a chni chathchalma+ Sle$ thrAn thredr!imnech co fAthan aib Oco fona caib arcaid b@in Len$il ace tar in carpat+_ ^NM d!ili$ a aithni,_ ^for C Chulaind+_ ^Mo poba #ergus doth@et and co rNrobad O co nNairchi echt damN a re ceithri cLicedaib >rend !ile+_ ^'orMacht #ergus O tarblain$ a a charpat, O ferai C Chulaind f@ilti fri +_ ^Fo chen do thMachtain, a mo popa, a #ergaisc_ ^bar C Chulaind+_ ^i tairi i lind inn f@ilti,_ ^for #ergus+_ ^4 tairi i daidN e Ln,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^'ia toichle liath lAna in ma$, rodbMaN o cadan co leith C araile dia toichle Ma $ i nN 59

inberaib, rodbMa Ao co leith C araile $lac biroir O $lac fochlachta O $lac fema ir O deo$ ! ci f!air $ainmidi ina de$haid+_ ^4 info$la$a in ch!id in,_ ^ar #ergus+_ ^4 fMr Ln+ 4 c!id fo$lada ac!mN a,_ ^for C Chulaind,_ ^d@i$ atPN a Ln lPan iar amain co in tan a # nM dechadN a aidchi nNaididechta acht ic trAnfa t!d fer nN>rend ar )@in BL Cailgne don ch!r a+_ ^'amad dL in tM mai ,_ ^ar #ergus,_ ^robad ferrdi linn a fa$b@il,O nM dL t@n$amar+_ ^Cid nM chena 'mo t@n$abarZ_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^'ia indi in daitN i! l@ech doth@ed do chomrocc O do chomlond ar do chendN o i in maitin a imb@rach,_ ^for #ergus+_ ^Findam O cl!ineam Pait dono,_ ^for C Chulaind+_ ^'o chomalta fadAin +i+ #ear $iad mac $amin]+_ ^'ar ar mNbrAithir @m nochon ina d@il i dech lend no ra$mai ,_ ^ar C Chulaind,_ ^O nochon ara om!n chena acht ar mAt a $r@da lind+_ ^4 cLir ecla de,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^d@i$ cne con$nai imbi oc comroc fri fer+ Nochon no $abaid airm n@ f@ebair+_ ^N@ r@idN i! itir Ln,_ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^d@i$ l!i$im l!i$i l!i$i mo thPath coro b boi$ithir fri boi$ ibind for l@r aba cach nNaltO cach nN@i$i de fo dAi mo chloidibN a diana tai elbai Lenfecht damN a for @th+_`HB( line ,1/2N,1>Ga`C line 0//?N 0G2/a

,/?1< ^4 amlaid ro b@tar i$@ r@d in O dori$An ed in laMd and-_ 0+ 0< : Ch Chulaind, ,< adchM! i mithi$ 1< 'of!il !nd ch!cad .< #er $iad mac $amin drechdeir$+ ,+ 0< :tPN a !nn, ,< a$ trAnfa dod 1< NM berim .< ar aba comlainn Ainfir+ nM fer ar

comal d!id re eLl teiched

n$lA, Ar$e+ feirc en$, nN>rend+ troi$

1+ 0< NM do thobairt triamnaid leat ,< a Ch Chulaind cloth mMadach 1< cnea con$nai im #er $iad na nNdron$ .< ri n@ $eb cath n@ comlond+ `FO(4O 1/aa .+ 0< '@ comraicem ,< mi i i #er 1< nochon A in .< bid fer$ach ar f@ebar$leL+ ?+ 0< 4 calma ,< a lNlo 1< nert cAtna .< nM $on rind, nM the c f@ebar+ B+ 0< BMta t, n@ ,< a #ergais 1< )ar cach .< damN a nM ba hNanborrlond+ /+ 0< Ro bad ,< a Ch 1< co mNbad .< co car #ir $iadh dMmo ai$h+ a a ch!rp, l@m for inn @th $iad $ai ced$n@th, carad cen ceL dia chlaidib calma do nNarm tar l@i feir$ chrPaiddeir$ in modh, cAl, nNimthrAn+ cach fond

tacair na feronn, ferr

leam in@ lPa$, Chulaind claidebrPad, t! doberad air 60

`HB( line ,1>>N,.,/a`C line 0G2GN0G,Ba


,/G,< G+ 0< 'ober mo ,< acht nim 1< co mNba .< ar mac $amin meic $ire+ >+ 0< MA tharclaim ,< lPach mo 1< leam .< na c!raid, na cathmMli$+

chobai cen ch@in maithN e d'imarb@i$ mA bPaideLcha de na @raichthi t@n$atar lPai$ d' L 'na ar 'aigi ea oir, !ltaib C tMrib che comaithche in &cil l@imnN$amin+ roind

02+ 0< Manbad Conchobar ,< robad chrPaid 1< nM th@nic 'edb .< t!r! rMam bad mLa con$@ir+ 00+ 0< 4t@ fedm 0< $leL re #er 0< :irm chr!aid 0< bid acot, a Ch Chulaind+ : C!laind i

mL n?$iad chadaid

ad mac cardid

^: a hNaithli in -_ ^Cid immo t@nacai , a mo popa, a #ergaisZ_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^4 M in mo thoi c,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^Maith An O olad,_ ^for C Chulaind,_ ^nach nech aile do feraib hN >renn t@nic fri in toi c, acht mani d@ildi ceithri cLiced hN>renn !ile i nnNLenfecht, nephnM lem robad re nNAnl@ech dam+_ ^)@nic #ergus remi iar tain d@ p!p!ll+ Oc! imthP a Con Culind-_ ^Cid nM do$AnaN o inochtZ_ ^or 1eg+_ ^Cid Ln itirZ_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^4 amlaid dora$a #er $iad dot ind ai$idN o fo nPamai i fi$i O berrtha O foilcthi O fothraicthi, O ceithre cLicid hN >renn lai do fA$ad in chomlaind+ Rob @il damN a do d!laN ! co hN@it a f!i$bi$thea in cLr!$!d cAtna fort co tici fail hNi fil Emer #oltcha<n, co Cairthenn Clana $a $am hNi &l<ab #ait+_ ^)@nic C Chulaind inn aidchi in didi! conici in, O ro faM rA banchAle fodei in+`HB( line ,.,GN,.B?a`C line 0G,/N0GB0a


,G0?< : imthP a L in amach nochon iad che tnai$hther !nd collAicc, :cht imt hP a #ir $iad+ )@nicside coa p!p!ll+ Ro bo cend$r!$@nach mertnech l!cht p!paill #ir $iad in aidchi in+ 'emin leL baili i comrecdai d@ Paithne chomlaind in tN @e$ail co mNbad comthoitim dLib, nL didi! innM ro bMad de co mNbad hNA a ti$erna fAn dof@eth ad ann+ '@i$ nocho orAid comrac fri Coin Culaind for )@naid+ B@tar im nMma mLra for menmain #ir $iad in aidchi in con@ reilc et cotl!d dL+ Ba dia im hnMmaib mLra ina tairce do Ataib dL O ind in$en do lA$!d Pad ar apa comr!icc fri hNoAnfer C mani dernad comrac fri in nNLenfer in didi!, comrac fri na A c!radaib `FO(4O 1/ba arna b@rach+ 4m nMm robo mLo aiciN om and@ in, d@ natai elbad Lenfecht for @th do Choin Chulaind, demin lai n@ bMad comm! a chind nach a anma aici bodAin a a hNait hli+ Oc! atracht #er $iad mochthr@th arnab@rach+_ ^Maith a $illa,_ ^for Ai im,_ ^$eib dPn ar nNeocho O indill in carpat+_ ^'ar ar mNbrAithir Am,_ ^for in $illa,_ ^nM lMa 61

mola dPnd techt in t!r! a o and@ a nemd!la+_ ^Ro baMN om ic acallaim ind arad O dori$ni in laMd mNbicc and ac $re acht an arad-_ 0+ 0< )Ma$am i an d@ilN ea ,< do cho nom ind firN ea 1< co rM im in nN@thN a .< @th for cara in badb, ?< hi comd@il Con Culaind B< d@ $!in tre cherd c!main$ /< co rNr!ca trMt !rraind G< corob de b! marb+ ,+ 0< Robad ,< nM 1< biaid .< far ?< )echt B< i /< i G< mair$ ra$a in rAimc ferr ba neach carad in d@l fada nNd@il d@ rAid dPnd bar d@mba bid nNalt mNbMa b! anad mNba$ar $alar nAid+ nN!lad p!dar c!main

`HB( line ,.B.N,.>?a`C line 0GB,N0G>0a


,G?0< 1+ 0< UcLir ,< nM hNobair 1< nocho .< nM anfam ?< BM 'ta t B< bid calma /< ferr tendi G< tMa$am i in d@il+ )Ma$am i in d@il+

annM nMad dl!i$ fat dMnd, ar n@ a Mt

r@idhi n@ire @li d@i$+ $illi, inne timi

^Ro $ob in $illa na hNeocho O ro indill in carpat, O t@ncadar rempo a in lon$port imach+_ ^: $illa,_ ^for #er $iad,_ ^nM cLir i nNdAnmait, d!la cen celebrad do feraib hN >renn+ 4mpL dPnd a$aid na nNech O in charpait for feraib hN>rind+_ ^Ro impL in $illa ai$ed na nNech O in charpait fo t hri fri feraib hN >renn+ 4 and dorala 'edb ic criblad a fPail for !rl@r in p!paill+_ ^4n cotlad do Ailill inno aZ_ ^or 'edb+_ ^Nad ed @mh,_ ^ar Ailill+_ ^4n cl!ine do chliamain nPa ac celebrad d!itZ_ ^:n ed do$nMN om LnZ_ ^ar Ailill+_ ^4 ed Acin,_ ^for 'edb+_ ^:cht l!i$imN a a l!i$end mo thPath n@ tic arna co aib cAtna ch!caibN i in fer do$nM in celebrad Pt+_ ^:r aba ina tairtemar d@ dei$c hleamna didi!_ ^or Ailill,_ ^acht co t@eth ad C Chulaind lai , fL linn cAmad chomth!itim dLib+ :ne robad ferrdi lind #er $iad do thArnom+_ ^)@nic #er $iad remi co hN@th in chomlaind+_ ^FA$a lat, a $illa,_ ^or #er $iad,_ ^in fil C Chulaind for inn @th+_ ^N@d fil @m,_ ^or in $illa+_ ^FA$a lat co maith dPn,_ ^or #er $iad+_ ^NM broth bec a falach C Chulaind @it i mNbMad,_ ^for in $illai+_ ^4 fMr, a $illa+ Nocho cPalaid C Chulaind de$lLech nL dei$fer do thiachtain ina a$aid co inndi! for )@in BL Cailnge, O in tr@th adchPalaid, for@caib in @th+_ ^MLr in lMach C Chulaind do Acnach ina fA$mai , d@i$ in c!main latN ! in tan t!c abair in cath do 3ermn 3arbglas Pa eochairimlib 'ara Toirr<anZ Ro f@cbai Nseo `FO(4O 1Gaa do chlaideb oc na lPa$aib corob A C Chulaind ro marb cAt lLech ic@ rochtain O t!ca tair dait 62

hNA+ Oc! in c!main lat c@ rabamar an aidchi inZ_ ^or in $illa+`HB( line ,.>BN,?,Ga`C line 0G>,N 0>,.a


,GG>< _ ^N@d fetar_ ^or #er $iad+_ ^'o thi$ rechtairi &cthaigi,_ ^or in $illa,_ ^O dochLdai N si! co oindim o$enda remond i in teach ar tP + 'obert in tNaithech bAim dond nN@el trebennach dait hNi midbach do droma co tarlaic irchor dMt darin dor! imach+ )@nic C Chulaind i teach O dobert bAim d@ chlaidi!b dond nNaithech co nNderna d@ nNordain de+ Mi i robo rechtaire d@ib eret robabair i in baili+ 'a mNbad in l@ in, nM epertha co mNbadad ferr do lLech ann@ C Chulaind+_ ^UcLir i nNdernai , a $illa,_ ^for #er $iad,_ ^d@i$ nM ticfaind ar am! in chomlaind d@ mNbad ar tP adbertha frim+ Cid n@ch ren$ai feirt i in charpait fom thaMb O mo fo$aimen fom chind coro codlaind collAicZ_ ^MonParc_ ^for in $illa+_ ^4 cotlad troch in ar cind ai$i O cPanart !nd+_ ^Ced Ln, a $illa, nach tPalain$ t! ! forairi O forcomAt damZ_ ^4 am tPalain$,_ ^or in $illa,_ ^acht mina thMa tar a nAllaib nL a an @er dot ind ai$id, n@ ticfaider anair n@ 'niar dot ind ai$id cen rabad cen rath!$!d+_ ^Ro ren$tha fert i a charpait fL thLeb O a fo$aimen fL chenn, O cid ed nMro chotail a becc+ '@la Con Culaind doberar ar aird+_ ^Maith a mo popa, a 1a<g, $eib na hNeocho O indill in carpat+ M@ t@ #er $iad acar nNirrnaidi, i fada lai +_ ^:tracht in $illa O ro $ab na hNecho O ro indill in carpat+ Cindi C Chulaind ina charpat O t@n$adar rempo do ind ai$hid an @tha+ 4mthP a $illa #ir $iad, nMrbo chian dL oc forairi co cPala ch!c! c!l$airi in charpait+ Ro baM ic dP c!d a thi$ernai O dori$ni in laMd-_ 0+ 0< Rocl!ini!r c!l carpait ,< dar dr!in$ nN@laind nNar$aid 1< i fPath fir co farpairt .< Pa dreich charpait chrPaid ?< dar Broinfeirtsib Broine B< dochen$ait in tN li$i /< re t@eb Baili in Bili G< i bPadach in bPaid+ `HB( line ,?,G>N,?B0a`C line 0>,?N0>.2a

,>,?< ,+ 0< 4 ,< i 1< i .< a ?< demin B< eich /< dobAra dPnd tre +

cP cairptech eabac eocho lim charpait

airctech $lan aer bo da in

ei$i $ab! oi$he dea r!a ch!a !raid t!lai$ ch!baid ch!in 'acha datha chatha 63

1+ 0< 'orairn$ert Ln ,< mairc bMa i in 1< ar cind in chon .< ticfa cebed ?< C na hNEmna B< C co nNdelb cach /< C chreichi, C G< adcl!inim, rocl!in+

Rocl+ ^)Para cb@il charpait Con Culaind ann o, in tre prMmcharpat na cAlai$eachta for )@naich BP Calnge+_ ^Cind! adchM Coin CulaindZ_ ^ar A ar #er $iad fria araid+_ ^:tchM!,_ ^ar A,_ ^in carpat `FO(4O 1Gba forfair in$ fAta find$laine, co c!in$ dronLrda co tarbc hl@raib !maidib, co fert ib crAd!maib, co l!n$etaib findr!ine, cona c hreit crLe tana crLe tirim clea aird clocatchain c!rita ara taillfiti echt nNairm nNinflatha+ Cain o ad a flatha contacmain$ in carpat in %i% carpat Con Culaind co lPa faindle nL cliabai$i allaid tar cend machairi mai$ lAbe, i A trici! O @ithi! imoro$et d@i$ i ch!caind imthi$it+ 'afil didi! in carpat in for dMb echaib cendbeca cr!indbeca coirrbe$a biri$ ba cind br!indideir$ e ta Paithinte o$ab@lta odain fo $rindib @illib a fAn+ :ndara hNech dMbN idi oc! A l!$aid lPathlAmnech tre mar trai$mar fLtmar fochair id+ 4n tNech aile O A ca mon$ach ca chLel coi sen$ c@el eiredach air$dech+ '@ droch d!ba dorchaidi+ Sitbe crAda crPanatai dath@laind+ '@ nNall nNLrda nNindtlai i+ Fil fer findcha foltlebar i nNairinach in charpait`HB( line ,?B,N,?>0a`C line 0>.0N0>?.a


,>?G< in+ Fil didi! imbiN idi brat $orm crPanchorcra+ (ai$en +i+ $aM co nNeitib, O A der$ dai$erdai ina d!rnn ar der$la ad+ Fairc i trM folt fair +i+ folt dond fri toind a chind, folt crLder$ iar nNairmedLn, mind nNLir dot!i$ethar in tre folt+ CaMn cocor! ind f!ilt in co c!irend teLra im rotha 'ma formna Mar ell echtair+ Samalta leam fri hNLr n@th iar nNdAnam a datha dar or nNindeLna nL re b!idi mNbech fri a taitnend $rMan i lNlaithi amrata taitnem cach Lenfinda don f!lt in+ Secht meLir for cach coi dL O echt meir ar cach l@im+ R!ithni$!d tened rLmLiri ima r! c+ CAm comfo aid i crPithib a ech+ CrLib+ 9lac laMch ina l@maib+ :ra carpait a din$b@la ina fiadnai i+ Folt ca cMrd!b fair+ Berrad lethan ar f!d a chind+ Cochall eitech imbe co fPa l!c!d da d!ilend+ Echla c !rchaMn Lrda in a l@im O brat find$la imbi, O brot findaircit ina l@im ic ind aidi brot for in nNechraid cech conair imatAit in mMli$ mLr$lonnach dafil i in charp!t+ : chaicle atacomnaic+ 4 bec lei in neiri!+_ ^oc! asbert fria $illa -_ ^Eiri$, a $illa,_ ^ar A for #er $iad,_ ^O romLr molaiN i! in itir, O indill na hNarm! i inn @th ara chind+_ ^'@ nNimpLind mNai$id i lNleth at@ mo chPl, dar lim no ra$dai fer de in charpait traim chPlm!inAl+_ ^: $illa,_ ^for A,_ ^romLr molaidN i! Coin Culaind Pair nM lPa$ molta darad d!it+_ ^Oc! i amlaid ro baM ic tobairt a thPari cb@la O atbert -`FO(4O 1>aa_ 0+ 0< 4 mithi$ in c hobair ,< d@i$ nM $nMm ar codail 1< bM 'ta t i n@ blodaich .< d@i$ nM br@th tar brPach+ ?< M@ 'tchM c!raid Chailgni B< co nNadabraib Pailli /< frith@ilfither Paindi G< d@i$ i dar cenn lPai$i >< leitArthar co lPath+ `HB( line ,?>,N,B,.a`C line 0>??N0>>/a

,>>0< ,+ 0< ,< 1< .<

M@ co nM acht ar

'dchM! i

c!raid nNadamraib teiched tAit c!caind

Chailgne Pailli Paindi tic+ 64

?< 9id B< i /< reithid G< imar thorand tricc+ 1+ 0< Bec ,< ara 1< cia .< L ?< 4 B< i /< nach G< acht mad ai$ith meith+ 4 mithi$+

ro$@eth ar i n@r mAt f@th th@inic anoi i at@it$@ t@nic

nM maith nM chonair ara L dia

ro$and romolam romall chonai romolai tho$ai thai$Z fPacraid fLbairt fPapairt

^NM cMan iar tain coro comraicedar ar l@r ann @tha O ad!bairt #er $iad ri Coin Culaind-_ ^Can ticiN i!, a ChaZ_ ^ar A+ '@i$ cPa ainm na claMne i in tN en$aidilc, O echt meic imlea an b@tar i rM$ro c Coin Culaind, d@ mac imlea an dMbN idi O iat cl@ena,O nocho mL a domai i dL in@ a mai i dLN om, O d@ mNbeith ainib bad mL for Choin Culaind, i ed roth!ibAbad fri + Oc! ro baM 'c@ thabairt Pa aird, O dorindi laMd, O imfrecair C Chulaind co tarrnaic -_ 0+ 0< Can ticiN eo, ,< do throit re 1< Bid croder$ .< Pa an@laib ?< Bid atLd B< mair$ t@nic /< ricfa a lea G< mad d@ rM do thech+ `HB( line ,B,?N,B?1a`C line 0>>GN,2B2a

a nert do t' fri do do

Cha, nPaZ chPa ech+ hNairi th!r! lei$i

12,?< ,+ 0< 'odechad ,< im thorc 1< rA cathaib .< dot ch!rN ! ?< d'feir$ rit B< i comr!c /< corob dait G< do cho n!m do chind+ 1+ 0< ,< 1< .< ?< B< Cair 4n Cia do 4n nL cind! far linn chomr!c for for

re torai$ rA 'mon dot cAt ba

nNLcaib trAtai$ cAtaib lind fromad con!r fo$al

collaib ara

condricfaimZ cnetfemZ ficfam for @thZ rendaib rPada claidmib crPada 65

/< dat G< m@ th@nic do thr@thZ



tN lPa$a

.+ 0< Rg f!ini!d rA nNaidche ,< madat Aicen airthe 1< comr!c d!id re Boirche .< nMba b@n in $leL ?< !laid acot $airmN eo B< rot $ab ad ar t' faillN eo /< bid olc d@ib in taidb i! G< ra$thar tairr i i treL+ ?+ 0< 'otrala ,< t@nic 1< imbArthar .< nMba ?< Bid B< condricfa /< nMba G< L 'ni! co tM in br@th+ i cend mNbeirn do fort fLill in mLr$lonnach cach toM ech b@e$ail @e$ail f@ebair f@th bMa dMa triair

`HB( line ,B?.N,BG1a`C line ,2B0N,,?.a


12?/< B+ 0< '@ mNb@mar ic &cthaich ,< a lNlo $ai cidh $n@thai$ 1< i amar@en imrMa$hmai .< imtMa$mai cach fMch+ ?< )P mo choicli cridi B< tP mNacme tP mNfine /< nM fPar rMam ba dile G< ba dir an do dMth+ /+ 0< BM 'ta t dMm do rob!d ,< i tP i brai i ar dom!n 1< nMtfMa lPa$ n@ lo$ad .< d@i$ nM do Pa d! +`FO(4O 1>ba ?< : mi i rofitir B< it $illa co nN$icil /< a chridi inn eLin eiti$ G< cen $ai ced cen $! + G+ 0< RomLr ,< con@ 1< i! .< biaid ?< : B< rot$ab /< rotfMa G< d@i$ i dait a chin+ faidi th' dern!m $airea in do chend Ch Chulaind baile i cach nNolc enech deibech cailech ar bir+ Calinge bPaidre Paindi 66

Can+ ^: bert C Chulaind Marom fria araid ara nN$re ad an tan ba r@en fair et ara molad in tan ba r@en riam o$ comracc fri #er $iad+ 4 Marom a pert a ara fri C_ ^)At an fer tarat amail tAti bott tar catt+ Nodni$h an fer amail ne$har coipp i lNl!ndai+ NotcPra an fer amail cPr! ben boMdh a mac+_ ^4 Marom lotar do chl!ichi! an @tha conni$ et ind ro mPin &cthach dLib dMb lMnaibh+ Cloi id #er $iad O C Chulaind cle a in$antai+`HB( line ,BG.N,/0.a`C line ,,??N,,?/a


12>0< (!id C Chulaind Marom co rNro leblain$ ina cMath #ir $iad+ Focerd #er $iad hNPath i ind @th co fo thrM+ Co nan$re ed in tNara arithi i+ Ra lMn at O infi i amail an@il i lNlA + Forbrid a mAd co mNba mLam olt@ #er $iad+_ ^] Fomna an $aM mNb!l$ac_ ^ol in tNara+ 'ollAci nNdL la an r!th+ 9aibt hi C cona ladair O imambeir do #ir $iad a timthiracht a ch!irp+ )ochomlai amail Len$a co mNba cethAora randa fichet+ )airindi #er $iad M in cMath ar odin+ :tnPara Cu Chulaind c! ann $aM L in cMath c!rro bri a clAith nNa nai conl@ triana chride #ir $iad+_ 0+ 0< )rAn !inde a do de ,< maidid a nae foidb 1< mo chride i crP+ .< Mad ro fer! b@i$ ?< dorochar, a Cha+ ,+ 0< '!r an ,< a 1< a .< ba bPadach do l@m+ 1+ 0< :r ,< a 1< do .< do chloidem ba cLem+ a #ir $iad, bailcbAmni$ comalt! airer cMath co arcait do ba barr bra chri l@im fi! na mNbil b@in oMr mLir eL a Lir @in chaMn cLem Pl Lir

.+ 0< )'orna c ,< immo 1< t'fithchell .< do $rPadh chorcra choMn+ ?+ 0< 'o ,< ba 1< do .< no bMth imod thLeb+

b!idecha ba caMn At d!illech m@eth

`HB( line ,/0?N,/.Ba`C line ,,?GN,,B.a


10,,< B+ 0< ,<

'o ba

thoitim dir an,

fria a

C lLe$ 67

1< nMr .< no bMd lat fria feidm+


do in ar c@l cach fo eL

cMath torN nNdeilm mLr lPa$ thrai$ Lir+

/+ 0< :r comracc ,< ar maircc a 1< ba caMn in .< no bri ti ar ?< no c!rthea B< d!r an a /< : #ir $iad+ et idem 0+ 0< Cl!ithe ,< co #er 1< d!r an .< forf!irmedh for @th+ c@ch,

$iad Paitne

caMne i ind

c@ch @th Lir c@ch @th $iad

,+ 0< Cl!ichi c@ch, ,< co #er $iad 1< indar lim a #er .< i am diaid no biad co br@th+ `FO(4O .2aa

caMne i ind dil

^4n tan tr@ b@tar in tN lLi$ oc techt L =th #ir $iad ade , boM C Chulainn ina otharli$i! and ide conatat@nicc ria c@ch &enoll h?Cathach co mNbaMN ide O d@ mac #ice and+ 'olotatar la Coin Chulaind for cPlaib ailli do Mcc O bPalad a chrAcht do ! cib Conailli+ 4t hNA a nNanmannaN ide - &s, Ban, Bithsln, #innglas, 3leir, Bedc, Tadcc, Talam@d, Rindd, Bir, Brenide, Cumang, Cellend, 3aenemain, $ichu, 'uach, 'iliucc, $en, $elt, $ubglaise+ CAine dol!id C Chulaind Marom dia bPalad a na hN! cib in, lotar an lPai$ echa fode co nN$ab att dPnad a nN Imorach &miromrach+ 'oll!id 'ac Roth Ln tN lL$ fode do frecomAt ar hN !ltaib co mNbaM i &l@ibh #it dP ind faicfed nech ina nNdiaid+ 4 bertN ide fri! n@ faca acht LenNcharpat+_ `HB( line ,/./N,//?a`C line ,,B.N,102a

10?.< `FO(4O .0aa

$inda na Tna so s<s6

^+i+ Calad$leL Cethirn meic #indtain, Fiacal$leL #intain, RPadr!ca 'ind, B@n$leL Rochada, Mell$leL Iliach, :iricar nN:rad, :i lin$ nN Aimirgin, SMrrabad &altaim, )oche tal !laid, :i lin$i $ubthaich, :i lin$thi Cormaic Con 1onges, )oichim na mNB!iden, 9leL!d in Chatha, 'am$al na )arb, : " in $uib Chalngni for )@in+_

Caladgle Cethirn inso afechtsa6

^:tchM!N a carpat tar in ma$ atPaid indi!,_ ^or 'ac Roth,_ ^Ofer findlMath cen $ai ced acht Lendelc nN ar$aid ina l@im+ 4ndar lat i denn cAttam!n fil for in carpat+ 4 c!mma con$oin in n- araid O inna hN 68

eocho+ 4 ed hNed lai nMcon tair in lL$ i mNbethaid+ MMlchP alath rMam+_ ^Cia in, a #ergaisZ_ ^bar Ailill+_ ^4n dLi$ bad A Conchobar nL CeltchairZ_ ^N@ch dLich,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^'Li$ lim immorro rombad hNA Cethern mac fial fLeb!irder$ #intain+_ ^Oc! ba fMr Ln didi!+ Fo nLbairN ide Marom tre in dPnad O $ontaiN eom ochaidi, O $ontarN om co mLr co lNl!id cona inathar ima cho a doch!m Con Chulaind tria in cath+ :rcei i de a $!in+_ ^C!inni$ liai$ damN a,_ ^ol Cethern fri Coin Chulaind+ 'o$nMthi co air PrlLchra dL O frithardat fri + 4 and foMdi C Chulaind 1eg Pad i in d!ibdPnad co #iacha mac #ir #ebe do ch!indchid le$i O a bert no mairfedN om !ile cid fo thalmain no beti i in dPnad mani rMa tai ch!caiN om do chomchi in Cethirn+ NMrbo rAid la na lei$i annM in ar nM baM i in dPnad n@chidr!badN om+ )A$it a tr@ na lei$i dia ind ai$id+ 'anAici Marom in cAtna liai$ don@nic+_ ^NMcon bMa a mNbethaid,_ ^or ei ide+_ ^NMcon bMaN o didi! it bethaid,_ ^ol Cethern+ Beantai dia d!rn co t!ilid a inchind fora chlPa aib+ Marbaid cLecait lei$i dMib fLn ind! in, nL marbaid cLic fir! dAac dMb amin+ 4n fer dAidenach nMndr@nic acht ind mNbeimme conid cora tair i mNmPaidhi+ :nachtaiN ide la Coin Culaind Marom+`HB( line ,//BN,G2Ba`C line ,,B.N,100a


10G>< )Ma$ar Paidib co #<ngin f@ithliai$ +i+ liai$ Conchobuir, co tM ad do choimchi in Con Culaind O Cethirn+_ ^NM maith dait,_ ^or C Chulaind fri Cethern,_ ^na lei$i da marbad+ NM f!i$Abthar for ro t!idecht c!c!t itir+_ ^NM maith dLibN om didi! epert ind !ilc frimN a+_ ^:ir i ed adbered cach liai$ dMb adofAchad n@ bad beL O n@ bad indle$o itir, conid iar in nambenadN om cona d!rn+ ConacadarN om in carpat #<ngin a nNdoch!m, air adcPa dL tr!mmi do Choin Chulaind O do Chethern+ )Aiti C Chulaind ara chend+_ ^Foimte dPn Cethern,_ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^O ba di chAn ar ro marb cLic lei$i dAac oc!+_ ^)Ait #<ngin c!ici+ 'anAici di chAin+_ ^Cot!maiciN i,_ `FO(4O .0ba ol Cethern+ ^i tend lim in for$om a cetadomr@nic+ _ ^Ban$al b@ethPallach in in,_ ^or #<ngin+_ ^4 dLi$ bid fMr,_ ^ol Cethern+_ ^'om@nic ben m@ethainech b@nainech lecanfata chaMnmar+ Mon$ find f!irri, O d@ An Lir fora $Palaind, O brat tlacht$orm corcarrda hNi cennfait impe+ CLicdornn f!illechta di Lr ara dr!im+ CraM ech for@ith faAbrach Atrom ina lAim+ Claideb benndornach iarna imdae o A am!lach+ 4 mLr a delb+ 4 A rombM O cetadomth@nic+_ ^:ill amaec_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^'eadb Crachan in+_ ^Fin$al Atrom ind!thrachtach in o+ NMtbArat,_ ^ol in liai$+_ ^4 fMr,_ ^ol Cethernn+_ ^'om@nic Lcl@ech+ Crom cMath co f@ebar condPala fair+ Sle$ ch!arrind ina l@im+ Calc dAt iarna imda+ )rM t!ith fair+ Brat donn i filli!d imbi, del$ nNar$ait nNand+ R!c f!il mNbic hNPaimN ea+_ ^RofetarN a,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^Illand mac #ergusa meic Ro<g in+_ ^9alach d@ fAindid and o,_ ^ol in liai$+_ ^4 fMr,_ ^or Cethern+_ ^'am@nic dia + '@ fotal cMath leL, d@ fiamchalad arcaid for cechtar de, bPaile ar$ait im chechtar nNaM+ 'M lei$ cPicrindi le!, fAthan ar$$ait impp!+ )!idmaMle foraib+ M!inchorach nNar$aid im chec htar nNaM+_ ^Ro fetarN a,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^5ll O 5ichne, d@ dalta AilellaO 'edba, in in+ NMcon tMa$ait a noMndin itir nach erdalta $ona d!ine bM leLN om+ 4t A nod$onad+`HB( line ,G2/N,G11a`C line ,1.0N,1B/a

1,,B< _ ^'om@ncadar d@ lLech aili didi!,_ ^ol Cethern+_ ^Con$raim nN@n nNAic ide foraib otA ferrnaidi+_ ^R! fetarN a,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^Bun O 'econ in in di ainm!intir ind rM$+_ ^'!ba ind f!il e,_ ^ol in liai$+_ ^'ochLtar triat chridi forrtharr n! co nNdern at croi de ind!t+ NM ar$en! a nnN Mcc,_ ^ol A,_ ^fil lim immorro di feib eolai co n@chatbertai + 'er$rPathar d@ mac rM$ Chailli in o,_ ^ol in liai$+_ ^4 fMr,_ ^ol Cethern+_ ^'omm@nic dia Licfended otA findliathaO fidc hPach cechtar de i mL+ FMr,_ ^ol Cethern,_ ^dochLid a mNbi!rN a tre ind ala nNaM+_ ^R! fetarN a,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^'a$Lic do mLrtheli$ 'eadba in in+ Bren O 1ir@ne, d@ mac teLra oill e, da mac rM$ Chailli+_ ^Con$al trM nMath anM i!,_ ^ol #<ngin +i+ in liai$+_ ^FMr,_ ^or A+_ ^'om@nic triar c!tr!mai+ Rond crAd!ma et!rra rocrechta fo eill O l!in+_ ^])rM trPaill Banba in in di m!intir Chon Ra< meic $iri+_ ^BPrach trM fAindetha annM i!,_ ^or #<ngin+_ ^FMr,_ ^or A+_ ^'om@nic triar LcfAnde d+ Con$raim fAindidi foraib+ 69

M!ntorc ar$aid ima mNbr@i$it cach @e O dorn l@n do c hr!M eachaib la cach nN@e+ :dcomain$ cach fer `FO(4O .,aa dMb bi!r nNindamN a+ :dchomch! Nsa a mNbi!r a tria cechtar de didi!+_ ^)riar di fAindedaib na hNIraithi in in,_ ^ol C Chulainn+_ ^'orecla a ara nNamain i dot $!in+ 4mr!idbi et Am,_ ^ol in liai$,_ ^fAithi do chridi indit co nNimreith do chridi indit amail ceirtli a f@ bol$+ NM ricaim,_ ^ol #<ngin+_ ^4mathcho @n trM feLlchar in o,_ ^or #<ngin+_ ^4 fMr,_ ^or Cethern+_ ^'om@nic triar remar mLr ro b@dar oc mo m!Mdim ria i! domM tai + )rM broine liatha foraib+_ ^)rM rechtaire 'edba O Aililla in,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^&cenb ORand O #odail+_ ^)rM bAmend maitine in o,_ ^or #<ngin+`HB( line ,G1.N,GB0a`C line ,1BGN,1>?a

1,?G< _ ^FMr,_ ^ol Cethern+_ ^'om@nic triar LcfAnded+ &!trall m@ile d!ibe for cach nN@e+ CochlAne brec lM$da im $ach nN@e O trM lor$a iairn ina l@maib+_ ^)rM #ru<ch Ba<scne in, trM f!i mAi i 'edba,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^:ttach d@ derbr@thar in o,_ ^ol #<ngin+_ ^4 fMr,_ ^or Cethern+_ ^'am@nic dia cAtrM$lach+ '@ brat d!b$la a imp!+ '@ chrom cMath co f@ebar c hondPala foraib+ ManaM lethan$la for cr!nn mid in$ i lNl@im cechtar de+_ ^Rofetar,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^Cormac Colomon ind rM$ O Cormac 'a<le 5gath+_ ^4t imfoic i Am inn f!il ro fer at fort,_ ^ol in liai$+_ ^it c hrLe dochLtar a nNdM + 4mmo rocrAchtatar a nN$@i ind!t+ C!n$! d@ derbr@ithre in o,_ ^ol in liai$+_ ^'Li$,_ ^ol Cethern+_ ^'om@inic dia Lcl@ech+ Folt ca b!ide for in dara nNaM, folt ca dond fora chAli+ '@ $el cMath le! co tPa$mMlaib Lir+ Claideb dorn$el iarna nNimdaib+ (Aini c h!lpatach co nNder$indli!d imp!+_ ^R! fetar,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^'ane Aithremail O 'aine 'ithremail and in+_ ^4mr!bad meic O athar in o,_ ^or in liai$+_ ^4 fMr,_ ^ol Cethern+_ ^'amr@ncadar d@ fer dermLra caindeldercai co mNbendaib Lir fora cennaib+ Claideb Lrd!irn foa choim cech fir+ Ferbolc imp! co tici a nNdM aithircc+ :rdarcc Lir bric im chechtar de+_ ^Ro fetar,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^Ailill in O a mac +i+ 'ane Condusgeb !ile+_ ^Cei t cinda atomchMiN ea, a poba a #<nginZ_ ^ol Cethern+_ ^NM $L Am,_ ^ol #<ngin,_ ^nMtad tabartha b!M d!it ar dartaib indo a+ CAin ba dei ib O tririb, ba hNer! a do chomchi i,_ ^or #<ngin+_ ^4n tan a licht lPai$, ar atbAla do anim cip cr!th+_ ^4m oM #<ngin in carpat Pad la odain+_ ^Rom echi N se amail do chAili!+_ ^4 and t!caib dornd dL co mNbaM dar dM fert in charpait condrei ed in carpat hN!ile+ 4 and in a bert C Chulaind-`HB( line ,GB,N,>G>a`C line ,1>BN,.,1a

1,>,< _ ^4 dPai$ in lPae en$rantae e lat+_ ^4 de at@ Bchtur 1i hNi Cr<ch Rois beL +_ ^Ba cLr! bid for n@imdib immabertha,_ ^or C Chulaind,_ ^old@ for le$i+_ ^4 and in Marom erpai in lAi$ to$! dL, im bad b!ith fora `FO(4O .,ba hN!thar co cend mNbliadna O beath! dL Marom fa nert trM l@ O trM nN aidchi fo chAthLir do imbirt fora n@imdib+ 4 ed Ln Marom do tho$N am+ 4 Marom condiacht C Chulaind mi!r don lAi$ dia frepaid+ 'ori$ne mirchomairt di chn@maib ina cethra fri i comairni$+ 4 de at@ &mirombair a Cr<ch Rois+ Co ro chotail l@ co nNaidche iar nNLl in mero+_ ^NMmthat a nai,_ ^or Cethern+_ ^)abair a nai creiti in charpait indi!m,_ ^or A+_ ^RotbMa,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^Mad mo $ai ced fAn do beith no beth a$!mN a,_ ^or A,_ ^robad airi i! co br@th a nNdo$Anainn+_ ^4nmain amail fri nid co mail a nNadchM!N a,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^Cid atchMN iZ_ ^ol Cethern+_ ^Co mail lim bid hNA carpat #inde Becce in$ine Echdach do mn@N o dot@e ad c!c!nd+_ ^Conacatar nM - in mnaM co in n$ai ced i in charp!t+ 9aibid Cethern a $ai ced O fo nLpair in lL$ Marom O a chreit a c harpait i nnN imnaidm fria thairr ar mNba trei i di+ Berid rob!d remi i in dPn!d in liai$ marb hM thall adrolla PadhN om remi ro baM itir collaib na le$i nNaile+ 4 Marom ara om!nN om for!irmed mind nN Ailella for in coirthi+ FLbairN om didi! in coirthi O benaidh in claideb trMt co l!id a dornn trMt i nNdeadaid in chlaidib+ 4 de at@ 1ia Toll i Cr<ch Rois+_ ^4 brA$ anM a tr@,_ ^or A+_ ^NMcon ani!bN a dMb Am,_ ^for A,_ ^conidnacor for d!ine in mind e Ailella+_ ^4 Marom conmelt foroib laithe co nNaidchi coro $ab 'ane fora chend in mind O fo fLbair ina charpat remi+ Focherd didi! a cMath ina diaid conid ro rand cona araid O co lNl!id tria na hNeocho hNi talmain+`HB( line ,G>2N,>,2a`C line ,.,.N,.>,a


11,B< Ro iadh in lL$ imbiN om Marom+ ConmeltN om didi! foraib co torchair et!rr! amlaid+_

#iacalgle #indtain so s<s6

^4 Mar!m doll!id #indtan do dM$ail a meic foraib+ )rM cLecait fer nNimrind dL+ '@ $@e for cach cr!nn le!, O fochroi e imp!+ 'oberN idi echt cath! dLib conn@ tArno nech dia m!intir acht hNA eom fe in O a mac+ 4 Marom etar cartharN ide fri N som fon amdabaid cMath, O anachta la hN Ailill ara om!nN om O ar n@ch nNimbred foraib co tM ad la Conchobar don chath+ 'obertN om cairdi fri!N om Marom ar telcod a meic dL+_

Radrucca 'ind annso s<s6

^'oll!id 'end mac &alchada ch!c! Marom, trMcha fer nNimrind dL+ 'ocer la 'eidb Marom d@ fer dAac dMbN om O d@ fer dAc dia m!intirN om didi!, O $oMtaN om fe in calad O ba forrder$ a m!inter+ 4 de at@ RPadr!cca 'ind + 'olAic ed dPnad iar in do 'iunn O nM $e$ainN ide didi! nech dMbN om acht in in nam@+ `FO(4O .1aa : breth fri nM bN boM cin no mNbeith dLib+ NM adal ad a mendot for Baind hNi Correndaib+ 4 and baMN ide O nM po @r dL telc!dh dPnaid dL co taM ed don chath la Conchobar+_

Bngle Rochada annso6

^4 Marom do n@inic Rochad Rigderg mac #aithemain di !ltaib, trMcha fer nNimrinn dL, O $abai telaich ina farrad O arfLcarthar i in dPnad+ : bert #indabair Marom ba hNA a cAt erc+_ ^M@ rodcarai didi!,_ ^or Ailill O 'edb,_ ^$!id o ad dL co tM la Conchobar don chath, O foM lai amb@rach d' adai$+_ ^'o$nMth !ile cen corbo rAith a breith fair+ Focre a ph!pall do !idi! a #indabair O faMd lai in nNin$in+ :dfiadar Ln dona echt rM$aib di 'uma+ : bert rM dMbN ide -_ ^'obrethai damN a an in$en in,_ ^ol A,_ ^for cLic aitirib dAac ar t!ideacht in tN lPai$id ea+`HB( line ,>,0N,>.>a`C line ,.>,N,?>2a


11?/< _ ^:tamatar a mLir ei er dambreth da c@ch Padib in cor in+ )Ma$ait dia dM$ail Marom for macc! Ailella i nN3lenn $omain+ B@tar oc foraire Ln tN lL$+ Far@ith 'edb Ln Marom+ Far@ith in trMcha cAt na nN3ailian+ Far@ith Ailill+ Far@ith #ergus+ 'ocertar and echt cAt i nN4m li$i 3lindi $omain+ 4 hNA B@n$leL Rochada in in O 4m li$i 3leanndomnach + RochPalai #indabair annM in +i+ apthain na echt cAt triana fochann+ :tbail ar fAili and in+ 4 de at@ #indabair &l@be+_

'eillgle n?Iliach so6

^'oll!id ch!c! Marom hNIlech enathair 1egairi Badaig for =th #eidli+ 1egaire Badach mac Connaich Buidi meic hNIliach+ B!M ic@ $airi la hNPa hNi Rith Impail+ 'ofLccair dochom in tN lPai$ co tLet ad a n- dM$ail lai + 4 amlaid doll!id ina charp!t c hretach nNimbi cen fo$aimen cen fort$ai+ 'M en$abair b!idi fLn charp!t crMn+ Oc! lMnai a charpat nNimbi di c hlochaib co mNb! l@n co tici a focharpat+ : or$$ad c@ch dothAi$ed dia dAch ain o A tarrnocht lebarpentolO in clapar tria in creit M + Rathai$i Marom in lL$ inda in toichime dombert, contib et in fear tarnocht+ 4 and ro choi c $chae mac 'gach in d@e cor lL$ ocon ch!idmead, O a bertN om fri !di! tara hNAi i i A no bered a chlaideb O no bMad a chend de de!th laM acht imrobrethN om a ch!man$ for i n lL$+ (a odain raithi$e tair in mirchomairt+ :dfe dL ba do chn@maib bL nN !laddo$nMth+ 4 Marom do$nMN om in mirchomairt nNaile ina farrad co fil in dM mir!mair immaille di chn@maib`FO(4O .1ba fer Bl n? 71

>cmacht+ 9atai $ch a chend deN om Marom d' adaich O bertai dia hNPa+ 'o$Ani cairde fri !idi! O baM a chlaideb lai + Mell$leL Iliach in !air condidnatib in lL$+_ `HB( line ,>?2N,>//a`C line ,>?0N,?.Ba


Airecor n?Arad ann so6

^'ollotar doch!m Thaillten Mar!m in lLi$+ :taroirthet ar araid !lad, trM chLeca a lNlMn+ 'of!itet a trM comlMn leLO dof!itetN om fei ine+ Ro< Arad i hNed a ainm ind l!ic i torchratar cona feadain ar )@nai$ BL Cailngi+_

Aislinge n?Aimirgin annso6

^:i lin$i nNAimirgin tr@ iar in hNi tMr Thailten+ 'o mbidc a a ai lin$i con@ hNAtad d!ne a ainech do i Tailtin+ 4 and t@inic C Ra< mac $ire c! in lL$ do chomr!c fri Coin Culaind+ :dchPa dL ro $ab a Len!r trM mM a $aimrid fri feraib hN >rend+ NM ba fearrda la Coin Ru< mac $iri teacht Marom ara cheand ind fir tre$daithi crAchtai$thi, ar ro bMth C Chulaind co nNdechaid a @ltaib dL+ 4 Marom dobidc C Ra< dMbr!c!d ar ceann araile fri hN Amargine co 'mmafrecraidi na clocha i inn @er+ 4 Marom $@id C Ra< innM Amargine im lA$!d ina t@na dar Tailtin+ (Aic i Marom Amargin+ NMr bo machtad immorro bith ar A$in nombertha+ Oc! dorin$elt C Ru< dLN om n@d bMad i coMmthecht in tN lLi$ L hNPair in+ 'o$nMth didi!+ (!ith C Ra< Ln tN lL$ fo chAtLir+ 4n tan Mar!m adidchondairc Amairgin do oM et cl@r clA fri Tailtin O fri Rith n?Airthir, feccai forro aithirrach+ 4 ed tre nN dMrMme na )@na arro marb dMbN in+ Oc! a mac Conall Cernach anai lai oco thimthirecht di chlochaib O $aib+_

&<rrabad &aldaim annso6

^CAini don$nMthea tr@ ina hMN i! adch!adamar rocl!inethar &altaim L Rith &altaim i mN'aig 'uirrthemn@ bPadr!$!d a meic Con Culaind fri d@ mac dAc 3aile $na O mac a ethar+ 4 and a bert &altaim-_ ^4n nem maide fa m!ir thar chrMcha fa thalam con cara fa $@ir mo maic e,_ ^ol A,_ ^re nNAccomlonnZ`HB( line ,>/GN122/a`C line ,?./N,?/Ba


1.0/< _ ^'othAt Marom doch!m a meic+ Ba hNolc la !ide t!idhecht dL ch!ccai+ Cia non$onta nM mN biadN om nert dia dM$ail+_ ^Er$ co hN !ltu,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^O taibret cath fo chAtLir donaib Lccaib+ Mani thibreat, nMcon dMa tar foraib co br@th+_ ^:mmanaca a athair Marom nMcon robai ina chorp @it `FO(4O ..aa for a roi ed rind imni n@d bad tre$daithi+ : l@m c hlA nam@ doet in cMath, coMca f!ile i ed ro baM inti+ Farr!ma do Emain, con$air do !ltaib-_ ^Fir $ontair, mn@ brattar, baM a$tharc+_ ^: chAtna $airm a t@eb ind li , annM nNaill di thaibled in dPne, an tre $airm Marom for $uma na n?3iall i nNEmain+ NM frecart nech+ Ba airmert di !ltaib nM labrad nech dMb acht fri Conchobar, nM labrad Conchobar acht re na trMb dr!Mdib+_ ^Ci ta brata, ci da $ata, ci da benZ_ ^ol in draM+_ ^No mNben,_ ^ol &altaim,_ ^no $ata, no mNbrata Ailill mac 'ta la hNeol! #ergusa meic Ro<g+ Ro indertha far m!inter co tici $n &obairche+ R!ctha a mNbaM O a mn@ O a nNAti+ NM leMci C Chulaind a 'aig 'urthemne O a Cr<ch Rois trM mM a $aimrid+ )Pa$a tr@ con$abait a brat fair+ S!ip e ca fail ina 72

@ltaib+ Ro $@et co nNdechaid a @ltaib dL+_ ^Ba hN!i e,_ ^ol in draM,_ ^a b@ ind fir ro $re i ind rM$+_ ^4 deithbir dL,_ ^ol Conchobar+_ ^4 dedbir dL,_ ^ol !laid+_ ^4 fMr a cana &ualdaim,_ ^ol Conchobar,_ ^Ln lPan aidche amnai co ricci lPan aidchi imb!ilc ocor nNindred+_ ^Focherd &altaim bedc imach la odain+ NMr lLr lai a nNaithe c rodbaM+ Oc! dof!it fora cMath co mNbM f@ebar conndPala in cAith a chenn de+ 'obeir i nNEmain aitherroch a chend for in cMath i a teach O a beir an cend an focol cAtna+ 5 Cia a berat alaili i inna c hotl!d ro boMN om for ind liaic, O i de dorochair fora cMath oc di!chtrad+_ ^Ba romLr a nPall a tr@,_ ^ol Conchobar+_ ^M!ir ara cendaib, in nem hNPa a mNbennaib, tal!m foa co aib, dobArN a cech mNboin ina hNindi dMb O cach mNben O cech mac dia ti$ iar mNbPaid chatha+`HB( line 122GN121Ba`C line ,?//N,B0.a

1.?0< _ ^Forr!mai Conchobar Marom l@im fora mac, for #indchad #er m?Bend+ 5 4 aire a berar do !idi! fo bMth no mNbMti benna ar$aid fair+_

Tochestol !ladinso6
^:troM, a #indchaidc Not foMdi! co $edad cL inber, co 1eamain, co #allach, co hNIllann mac #ergossa, co 3abar, co $orlunsa, co hNImchlriu, co $erg Inderuc, co #eidlimid co Cilar C@tach, co #eladn, co Rochaid mac #aithemain co Rigdond, co 1ugaid, co 1ugda, co Cathbuith cL inber, co trM Coirbriu, co hNAelai, co 1aeg `FO(4O coa thach!r, coa 9lend, co &enoll h?!athach co $@bul Ardda, co Cethirn mac #indtain co Carlaig, co Cethern co Eillne, co Aurothor, co 'ulaig coa dPn, co in rM$filid co hNAmirgin, co in hNCathadaich #odoblaid, co in 'rrignai co $n &obairche co hNIeth, co Roth, co #iachna cL fert, co $am $remed, co Andiarad co mane mac mN Braitharge, co $am $erg, co 'od, co 'aithes, co hNIrmaithis, co Corp 3liath, co 3abar 1eigi 1ine, co hNEchtaich &ainmech co &aimne, co hNEchdaich 1athach co 1atharnu, co hN!ma mac Remarbisi co #ethain, co 'uinremur mac 3errgind, co &enlobair co Canaind n?3all, co #ollamain, co 1ugaid rM #er m?Bolc, co 1aigi 1ine, co Baidgalach, co Ambach, co #ergna, co Barrene, co hN=ine, co hNAirigi n?Echb@l coa bri, co Celtchar mac Cuithechair co 1ethglais, co 1egairi 'ilb@l cL breL, co trM macaib $romscailt meic $regamm, co $renda, co $rendas, co Cimb, co Cimling, co Cimmene, co #na Caba co #achtna mac &enchath coa r@ith, co &enchaid co &enchairthe, co Briccir, co Bricirne, co Breic, co Ban, co Bairech, co hNBengus mac 1eti, co #ergus mac 1eiti, co hNBengus #er m?Bolg co Bruachar co hNAlaniach in fAnnich co &lnge, co trM mac! #iachna co Cailnge, co Conall Cernach co 'idlachair, co Connad `HB( line 121/N12B?a`C line ,B0?N,B,>a


1.G2< mac 'orna co #elunt, co Coin Culaind mac &altaim co 'uirthemne, co hNAimirgin co hN Eas Raid, co 1eg, co 1eiri, co mac &lcholca co Coirenda, co Coin R< mac Amargin coa raMth, co hNBengus #er m?Benn !mai , co hN5gma n?3rianainech, co Brecc, co hNEo mac nN5ircne, co Toillchend, co &aithi, co 'ogoll Echb@l co 'agnai, co Conla &eb co hNCarba, co 1egairi m? Buagach co hNImpail, co hNAilile n?Amargine co Tailtin, co #urbaidi #er Benn co &eil co 'anes co Cscraid 'end, co 'aich, co #<ngin co #indgabra, co Cremath `FO(4O .?aa co Blae #ichit, co Bale Brugaich, co #esair+ Co hNEgan mac $urthacht co #ernmag, co hN5rd, co &eirid co &erthe, co hN5bln, co Cuil@n, co Cuirther co 1iana, co hNEithbenne, co #ern@l, co #indchath &l@be Betha, co Talgobain co Bearnas, co 'end mac #er Calca co 'aigi $ulo, co hNDroll co Blr<gi co Tibraidi mac n?Ailcotha co hNIala Ingraimme co 'aigi $oblo co Ros mac nNAilchatha co 'ane mac Cruinn, co -indich mac Cruind co $ipsemilid, co 'l mac Rochraidi, co 'uindi mac 'unremair, co #iatach #er n?$oirre mac $ubthaich, co 'uirne 'end+_ ^NMrbo and a thr@ do 73

#indchath a techtaireacht ar ro b@tar cLiceth Conchobair hN!ile, cach ti$erna dMb, oc irnaidi Conchobair+ Nach Len tr@ baM fri hNEmain anair O antPaid O anMar dolotar !ile co mNb@dar oc Emain 'acha+ 4n tan b@tar and adcPaladar comAr$e do Chonchobar i nnNEmain+ (otarN om ech Eamain fodea i nNdiaid in tN lLi$+ : cAtna toch!ml!th i@rom L Emain co hNIrard Cuilleand+_ ^Cid fri nN anaid !ndZ_ ^ol Conchobar+`HB( line 12B.N12>1a`C line ,B12N,B?Ba

1?2B< _ ^Oc irnaidi do macN !,_ ^or in lL$+_ ^'ochLtar co trMchaid cAt leL do Theamraig do ch!indchid Eirc meic Carpri -<ad #er O #edelme -ichridi+ CondontM at a nNd@ trMchaid cAt in nM ra$am dom mai$in ea+_ ^NM ani!b chAt! ,_ ^ol Conchobar,_ ^co fe adar fir hN>rend mo di!chtradN a a in che a raba+_ ^(!id Conchobar O Cealtchair trMb coMctib carpat co t!bartadar ocht fichti cend dMb L =th Airthir 'idi+ 4 de at@ =th #@ne+ B@dar and oc frecomAt in tN lLi$ O ocht fichid ban, ba M a nN ernail din brait+ 'obretha a cenda and O dofaMdi Conchobar O Celtchair doch!m an dPnaid+ 4 and in a bert Celtchair fri Conchobar-_ ^)@ibli lethder$a la rM$ nN@$a amlaithi! co fodbaib fethe dee miomain im chAt crLeb di thailc trai$ead trMcha cetharriad cAt crPaid neach damela cAt im cAt dr!ad diar t!! na e biad fer feraind im dr!imne Conchobair fochleamar cath clichit a fAine ro$enetar cath for 3irich O Irgirich,_ ^ol A+ 5 NL comad hNA Cscraid mend macha mac Conchobair ro chanad in l@i$ ea in adai$ ria in cath for licht na laMdi ro chan`FO(4O .?ba 1egaire Badach +i+ afrai$id, rM$ macha+ :!rclichid et reliQ!a , O comad i in dPnad tair ro canta+ Ba i in nNaidchi in adchondairc $ubthach $el !lad in ai lin$i a mNb@dar ind tN lLi$ for 3irich O Irgirich+ 4 and a bert triana chotl!d - :i lin$i $ubthaich o_ ^:mra maitne amra mithi i me cfaither lLi$, Lithfidir rM$, mem ite m!ineLil, r!idfe $rian, dommema for trM lPa$! licht lPai$ !ladim Chonchobar, imcon Anat a mn@, do A et a nNAti i in maitin manairther, ar il ither laMch, diroirpiter coin, ardid iter eich i lNlenith loth ibther ini cl!ipetach di d@laib mLrt hPath+_ ^'ofochtradar tria chotl!d la in+ Cotme ca ind -@main for in lL$+ :dbail cAt fer dMb+ 4n tan tLeter didi! Marom co cPaladar dorM Cormac Con1onges, nL comad hNA Ailill mac 'tae i in dPnad tMar no chanad o+ BPadri Aililla+ `HB( line 12>.N10,Ba`C line ,B?/N,B>Ga

1?.0< _ ^MLr a o ad, o ad Cuilleand+ MLra coc!ir, coc!ir $elend+ mLra ech$racha, echracha Alais nL Asail, mLra tedmand, tedmand Tuath Breissi+_

Toichim na m?Buiden annso6

^CAin tr@ ro $nMthea ina fM i eo ro airle atar Connachta a comairle Ailella O 'edba O #ergusa techtaireda Paidib do dAc in !lad dP in torpartatar an ma$+ 4 and in Marom a bert Ailill-_ ^Eirc, a 'eic Roth, tr@,_ ^or Ailill,_ ^O dAcca dPnd indat ole inna fir i in ma$ a 'idi i t@m+ )!ca Nsa a mN brait O a mNbP+ 'obArad cath damN a mad tacar dLib+ Mani torpartadar didi! nM nidn! !nd nM b! Mri!+_ ^(!id 'ac Roth Marom do dAc ain O do frecomAt in mai$i+ 'a athrala aithirrech co hN Ailill O 'edb O #ergus+ 4n cAtna fecht Marom dorAccacha 'ac Roth hNPad do accmac &l@be #aid, co nN acca iar in dorrala ina hN!ili fiadmMla a in fidbaid co radabar i in mai$ hN!ile+_ ^4n fecht nNaili didi!,_ ^or 'ac Roth,_ ^dorAccacha Paim in ma$ co nNacca in tromchiaich ro lMn na $lend! O na f@nt! co nN derna na tilcha et!rr! amail ind i i lNlochaib+ 'omm@rfa iar in ina oMble tened a in mLrc hiaich in+ 4ar !idi! dom@rfa ilbrechtrad cach illdatha i in bith+ :tchondarc Mar in in ai$nAnraith O in mN brei imnich O in tornich O in $aMth mLir 5 bec n@d r!cc mo folt dom chind O n@charam tra cair dar mNai `FO(4O .Baa O nM b! mLr $@eth in loM chena+_ ^Ced !cat, a #erguisZ_ ^or Ailill+_ ^Samalta lat+_ ^NM and a damN a a amail Ln,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^!laidh ind in ar tMachtain a a ce + 4t A torpartatar a fid+ 4mdron$ Marom O mAtO imforr@in na l@th nN$aile, i ed forrochraid in fid, i remp! ro thechadar na fiadmMla i in ma$+ :n tromcheL atchonnarcai ro lMn na f@nt!, an@la na trAnfer ein ro lMn na $lennt! 74

co nNderna na t!lcha amail ind i i lNlochaib et!rr!+ 4n tN ai$nAnrath O ind aMblech tened O in tN ilbrechtrad adchondarcai N i!, a 'eic Roth,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^it A Pile na ca!rad a a cennaib in doraitni et frit amail oMble tened+ 4n toirnech immorro O in brei imnech O in torm$al`HB( line 10,/N10B1a`C line ,B>>N,/1?a


1?/?< rochPal!N !, fet$aire na claideb O na cal$ nNdAt in in, brei imneach na nNarm, ca!l$airi na carpat, ba $aire na nNeach, nert ina nNerrad, bPrach ina fAndeda, fPaim na mNmMled, mLrbr!th O fer$ O borrfod ina l@th n$aile oc dechrad doch!m in chatha+ (a mNmAit inna feir$i O ind lPthba a inddar leL nM tair et itir,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^:rtane amar,_ ^or Ailill+_ ^4t@t Lic lind dLib+_ ^RicfaN ! a lNlea Ln,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^fo bMth nM foi$Abthar i nnN >rind !ili nach a nNiarthar domain, Lth@ 3reciae O &ceithiae Mar co hNIndsi 5rcc O co Colomna 0ercoil O co Tor m?Breogain O co hNIndsi 3aid, nech folL !ltu foa mNbr!th O foa fer$,_ ^or #ergus+ 4 iar in Marom l!id 'ac Roth aridi e do dAc ain toichme fer nN !lad co mNboM inna nNdPnadh oc &leamain 'idi+ (!id Marom aridi i co hNAilill O 'edb O #ergos, O adfAt cAla derba dLib co nNebert 'ac Roth ac@ nNai nAi -_ ^)@inic b!iden mLr br!thmar brM$adach borrfadach i in telaich oc &leamain 'idi,_ ^for 'ac Roth+_ ^'Li$ lim immorro i @rim trMchat cAt inti+ Ro tell ad a nNAtai$i dMib fo c hAtLir O ro cechladar fert fLtmai$ fo !idi! a taM ich+ (Lech c@em eta fora ard Lemind, caMnem do rM$aib a delb, i nNairinach na b!idne+ Folt findb!idi fair o A ca dea tLbach dr!imneach co rNrici @th a d@ $Paland+ FPan ca corcra imbi hNi forcip!l+ Bretnai der caigthech der$Lir ina br!t fora br!ndib+ Ro c ro$la roch@in ina chind+ Coin i! c horcarda lai o M fochLel forleathan+ "lcha dA$abl@nach ercha Lrb!idi occa+ (Ane $el c h!lpatach co nNdeir$indli!d i c! tol imbi+ `FO(4O .Bba claideb Lrd!irn iarna imdae+ 9el cMath co tPa$mMlaib Lir fair+ ManaM lethan$la fora chr!nd midenn ina l@im+ billeam di flaithib domain a thochim itir lPa$ O br!th O chr!th O errad, eter Aco c O erPad O b@i$ O cho cor, itir $reit O $r@in O ordan+ )@nic b!iden aile and didi!,_ ^or 'ac Roth,_ ^i t@na ti dia Aitche itir lMn O co t!d O errad O erPad O $r@in+ Kcl@ech caMn ca!rata inna hNairinach na b!idne in+ Brat hNPainide imbi hNi forcib!l+ EL Lir hNPa a dLit+ Folt ca b!idi fair+ Calc dAt co nNimd!rn diad foa chlM!+ (Ane co nNechlaim i c! t!l cota $lPn+ ScMath bAimnech co f@ebar condPala fair+ Caindel rM$thai$i ina l@im, fAthan aircit imbeO imrith iar cra!nd co lei$ air, in cAin nNaile dorreith co ticci a dorn+ Oc! dofe id in b!idin in for l@im chlM thoM ich na`HB( line 10B.N10>>a`C line ,/1? to enda

.B.0< cAtb!idne, O i amlaid doe etar O a n$lPne fri talmain O imbel a cMath fria mecha+ Oc! domf@rfa at@ forminde for erlabra ind LclaMch mLir borrfadaich a toM ech don b!idin in+ )@nic b!iden aile and didi!,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^4 aidbli! trMcha cAt a forc i+ Fer crLda ann am caMn cendlethan inna hNairinach+ Folt dondcha fair+ "lcha fota indchLel dA$ablach lai + Brat d!b$la fo lo hNi forcip!l imbi+ 'el$ nNd!illech d'findr!ine hNPa a br!indib+ (Ane $el c h!lpatach co $lPn+ ScMath erradach co tPa$mMlib fair+ M@eldorn findar$ait foa choim+ Sle$ c hLicrind ina l@im+ 'ofe id ar bAlaib toM ich na cAtb!idne+_ ^Cia in, a #ergaisZ_ ^or Ailill+_ ^RofetarN a Am,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^ina b!idni in +i+ Conchobar rM cLicid hN>rind, i hNA dei id for in fert fLtmai$ C &encha mac Aililla, erlabraid !lad, i A dei id ara bAlaib C Cscraid 'end 'acha mac Conchobair, i hNA dei idh for l@im a athar+ 4 bA don $aM fil 'na l@im ind abairt !c!t ria co cor+ NM imrind rMam n@ hNMarom+ 4 da$@e nNim$ona fri fPabairt cach nMtha t@nic in,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^Fo$Abad a nNacallaim !nd,_ ^or 'edb+_ ^)on$! do dMa toin$e mo thPath Am,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^nM ro$Anair i nN>rind co e lPa$ ar$ara !laddo $rA +_ ^)@nic b!iden aile and didi!,_ ^or macRoth+_ ^4 `folio ./aa !illi! trMchait cAt a lNlMn+ (Lech mLr calma co nN $r@in O erPath o A $ormda $rM ainech ina hNairinach+ Folt dond temnidi fair o A limthana fora Atan+ Crom cMath co f@ebar condPala fair+ Sle$ c hLicrind ina l@im, fo$a for$abalach ina farrad+ Claideb crLda iarna chinddr!im+ Brat corcra hNi forcib!l imbi, eL Lir fora dLit+ (Ane $el c h!lpatach cota $lPn+_ 75

^Cia in, a #ergaisZ_ ^or Ailill+_ ^4 cor l@ma ar debaid Am,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^i cathmMlid for nMth, i br@th for bidbad! dod@nic ann +i+ >ogan mac $urrthacht rM #ernmaigi in,_ ^ar #ergus+_ ^)@nic b!iden m@r borrfadach aile i in telaich oc &leamain 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^Ro l@ at a nNAtai$i tara nNai + :n$L didi! i tailc dondechadar i in telaich+ )romda in tNerfPath O i mLr in $r@in don!c ad forr!+ =N Pathmar in tNairm$rith ro l@ ad ocon toichim+ Fer cennremar calma ca!rata inna hNairinach o A cichorda $r@inne+`HB( line 10>>a

1B./< Folt Atrom $relMath fair+ SPili b!idi mLra ina chind+ Brat b!idi co nNechlaim $il i faithi imbi+ ScMath bAmnech co fLebar condPalach fair dianechtair+ 9aM lindleathan le$fota co mNbrLen fola iarna chr!nn O $aM a th@nai i co crP bidb!d iarna $in ina l@im+ Claideb bAmnech m@r iarna formn!+_ ^Cia in a #ergaisZ_ ^or Ailill+_ ^NM im$eb comroc n@ comlond n@ comrom in l@ech dod@nic +i+ 1egaire Badach mac Connaig meic Ilech L Impuil antPaid,or #ergus+_ ^)@nic b!iden mLr aili and didi! i &lemain 'idi i in telaich,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^(Lech m!nremar collach caMn i nnNairinach na b!idne in+ Folt d!bcha fair o A corcra $ormainech+ Ro c n$la lainderda inna chind+ Brat odarda fochlaidi imbi, bretna b@nair$it and+ '!b cMath co mNbPailid hN!mae fair+ 9aM Pilech co fo cadaib ina l@im+ (Ane trebraid co nNdercindli!d imbi+ Claideb co nNimdornn diad tara Atach anechtair+_ ^Cia in, a #ergaisZ_ ^ol Ailill+_ ^4 cor l@ma ar !$ra dod@nic+ 4 tond romara b@ide min$lai i+ 4 fer trM n$retha+ 4 br@th mNbPabthana bidbad dod@nic,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^+i+ 'uinremur mac 3errcind L 'oduirn atPaid+_ ^)@nic b!iden mLr aili ann didi! i in telai$ i &leamain 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^B!iden rochaMn ro@laind itir lMn O co t!d O timthai$i+ 4 borrfadach dofarfobrit in t!lai$+ Forrochroth in lL$ an arm$rith rol@ ad oc teacht ind rAimme+ (Lech c@em $r@ta i nnNairinach na b!idne+ billdem do daMnib `folio ./ba a delb itir folt O ro cO hNPamain, itir err!d O chr!th O $!th O $ili, itir mMad O mAit O mai i, O itir arm O er$na O c!mtach, itir dechelt O $ai ced O cLri, itir feib O $aM O cenAl+_ ^4 A a epert,_ ^ar #ergos+_ ^4 l!chair de$o in fer @laind #eidlimid dad@nic ann+ 4 borrfadach ca!rad+ 4 tond anbthine b@di + 4 $! n@d f!lan$thar co co craib a aile c hrMchaib iar foirtbi! a n@mad +i+ #eidlimid Cilair C@taig ann+_ ^)@nic b!iden aili and didi! i in telaich i &leamain 'idi,_ ^ar 'ac Roth,_ ^n@t hNPaiti trMcha cAt+ (Lech mLr calma odarda cLir comendai c inna hNairinach+ Folt d!bcha fair+ Cromro c n- odarda nNadard ina chind+ Fer tarb$a tailc $arb+ Brat $la imbi co nNdelc ar$aid ara dLit+ (Ane $el ch!lpatach i c! t!l imbi+`HB( line 1,1?a

1BG.< Claideb iarna lia aid+ 'erc cMath co mNbPaili chaladar$ait fair+ &a$ tre emnech lindlethan ina l@im+_ ^Cia in, a #ergaisZ_ ^or Ailill+_ ^4 lonnbr!th barand, i laimnid cach catha, i bPaid cech er$aile dad@nic ann - Connad mac 'ornai L Challaind and ain,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^)@nic b!iden aili ann didi! i in telai$ oc &lemin 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^4 toichim lPai$ ar mAit+ )oM each fil i nNairinach na b!idne in nM coimdi$ l@ech bad chaMme itir delb O timthach O dec helt+ Folt tLbach der$b!idi fair+ 9nPi chLir chorcra ch!tromae+ :$ed foch@el forlethan+ BeLil der$a thanaidi+ 'At nMamda nAmonnda+ 9!th $lan $leLrda+ C!in i! chaMn chorcarda ch!mdachtach+ billdem do delbaib doMne+ Brat corcra hNi forcib!l imbi+ Bretnai foa lNl@necor de Lr hNPa a b@nbr!indib+ CPar cMath co tPa$mMlib ildathacha co cobroth aircid hNPa a clM!+ $aM fota f@ebar$la la fo$a fAi$ fobartach ina l@im+ Claideb Lrd!irn Lir fora m!in+ (Ane ch!lpatach co nNder$indled imbi i c! t!l+_ ^Cia in, a #ergaisZ_ ^or Ailill+_ ^Rofetamar immorro,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^4 leth $liad Am,_ ^or A,_ ^dad@nic and+ 4 cl@ri!d comlaind+ 4 lonnbr!th @rchon+ Rochaid mac #aithemain L Brig $umae, far cliamain, in in, rofoM la far nNin$inN i +i+ la #indabair+_ ^)@nic b!iden aile and didi! i in telaich i &leamain 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^(Lech oircnech remar lia tach mLr i nnNairinach na b!idne in+ Bec nach remithir fer cach mNball de+ :n$o i fer co talmain,_ ^ol A+ `folio .Gaa_ ^Folt d!b fair+ 9nPi chnedach c horcarda lai + Ro c mNbrecht nN erard ina chind+ Fer @n athlom amlaid co nN$r@in O erPath co nnNocaib dafil con$raim adamra itir Atach O arm O Aco c O @ni O erred, conLcaib co comrom nMad, co nNan$lonnaib amnae, co mNmiad imtholton, co aidi$ tar comlond do bri i!d for forlond, co mNbaraind for bidbad!, co nNimthecht for 76

ilchrMcha ecraidi cen chomAir$e+ NM $L i tailc doroacht a rNrAim hNi &leamoin 'idi+_ ^BaMthi do $ail O $ai ced Lm,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^baMthi di drPi O tairpthi$i, baMthi di nert O miadamlai+ )atha didi! di lPa$aib O airbrib+ Mo chomalta fAn #ergus mac 1eiti rM 1<ne, rind nN@$a tPai cirt hN>rind+_ ^)@nic b!iden mLr borrfadach aili and didi! i in telai$ a &leamain 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^Errada in$antai foraib+ (Lech cLem @lainn ina hNairinach+ BPaid crotha hN!ile itir folt O ro c O $ili, itir`HB( line 1,/1a

1/,1< mAit O co t!d O cLri+ CPicroth Lir fair+ Brat hNPaine hNi forcibal imbi+ Bretna Lir i in brot hN Pa a dLit+ (Ane $el ch!lpatach i c! tol imbi+ )!iri rM$thai$i ina l@im+ Claideb Lrd!irn iarna formna+_ ^4 br!thmar a bara in cha!rad chomramaich dad@ni$ and Am,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^Amorgene mac Eccetsalaig 3oband L Bais atPaid ann in+_ ^)@nic b!iden aile and didi! i in telai$ a &leamuin 'idi,_ ^ar 'ac Roth+_ ^4 b@d!d ar mAit+ 4 tine ar @ine+ 4 leL @ithi$i+ 4 cath ar lMn+ 4 all ar mAt+ 4 oll ar nert+ 4 br@th ara bl@iri!d+ 4 torand ara tharpt hi$i+ (Lech $arbainech hNPathmar i nNairinach na b!idne in o A brPach bAlmar+ Folt $arb $rendliath fair, o A rLnmar ballder$+ Brat riabain imbi, cPailli iaraind fora br!t+ Crom ciath co f@eb!r conndPala fair+ 9arblAne trebraid i c! tol imbi+ (iath$aAi m@r ina l@im, tricha emand aire+ Claideb echt mNbrotha iarna formnai+ :tracht in lL$ !ile ara chind O ro l@ dMrmae din chath imbi oc teacht i in telai$+_ ^4 cend erb@$a dad@nic,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^4 leth catha, i $reit ar $ail+ 4 tond ainbt hine b@da + 4 m!ir dar crMcha +i+ Celtchair mac Cuitheochair L $n 1ethglaisi atPaid+_ ^)@nic b!iden aile ann didi! i in telai$ a &leamain 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^(Lech Ln$el ina hNairinach+ Find hN!ile itir folt O abrotchorO !lchai O dec helt+ ScMath co mNb!ailid `folio .Gba Lir fair O claideb co nNimdorn diad O manaM brAifnech ina l@im+ :dl@echda don@rlaid a tochim+_ ^4nmain Am in bethir bailcbAimnech dod@nic,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^in math$amain mLr$lonnach fri hNAcraidi conboin$ fir! - #eradach #ind #echtnach L -emiud &l@be #uait atPaid ann in+_ ^)@nic b!iden aili and didi! i in telaich a &lemain 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^(@ech Pathmar inna hNairinach o A brPach bAlmar+ MAit a bAil beLl! eich+ Folt dondcha fair, o A leth$lLir cadi in lethanchend l@mfota+ Brat d!blPa cach imbi, roth crAda and hNPa a dLit+ BocLit lMath hN!a a chlM!+ ManaM m!incech ina dei + Claideb fota iarna formn!+_ ^i leL l@mder$ londand clech dad@nic,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^4 art $lonnach @$mar amna + 4 br!th ar thMr n@d f!lan$thar - Eirrgi Echb@l L Bri Eirgi atPaid,_ ^ol #ergus+`HB( line 112>a

1/B2< _ ^)@nic b!iden aile ann didi! i in telai$ i &lemain 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^'@ LclLech c@ema co maili dMb lMnaib ina hNairinach+ F!ilt b!idi foraib+ '@ $el cMath co tPa$mMlaib ar$ait foraib+ :t@ imm@e et!rr!+ 4mmalle doa!rcbat dLib a co a O fo r!imet C nocon alt dLib ta!rcb@il a co do neachtar de each araile+_ ^Cia in, a #ergaisZ_ ^or Ailill+_ ^'@ @nrad, d@ anloi e, d@ rind @$a, d@ cha!r, d@ chleth b@$a, d@ drec, d@ thene, d@ chathmilid, d@ chathch!imnid er$aile, d@ deil d@ d@na, d@ t hreitill !ladimma rM$ - #iachna O #iacha, d@ mac Conchobair meic -easa, d@ chridi cAl thPai cirt >renn,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^)@nic b!iden ele and didi! i in telai$ a &lemain 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^)rM hNLclaMch $rM ta $r@ta $ormani$ ina hNairinach+ )rM bearrtha blaib!idi foraib+ )rM broit Lendatha imp! hNi forcib!l, trM del$i Lir hNPa a nNdLitib+ )eLra lAne mona acha co nNder$indtli!d i c! t!l imp!+ )rM cAith co maili foraib+ )rM claidib Lrd!irn iarna fLrmn!+ )eora le$a lethan$la a inna nNdea l@maib+ :t@ im@e et!rr!+_ ^)rM anchinnid Choba+ )rM mLr$lonnaich 'idlachra+ )rM r!iri$ Roth+ )rM hNar idi Airthir #ata,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^)rM meic #iachna ind ain i nNde$aid in tairb +i+ Rus O $iri O Imchath,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^)@nic b!iden aile and didi! i in telai$ i &lemain 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^Fer bre ta br!thmar ina hNairinach+ SPile rPader$a c!rata ina chind+ Brat brec imbi, roth aircid and+ ScMath $la fora chlM!+ Claideb co nNimdorn ar$aid fL lia ait+ 9aM der cai gthi co na$am amain e ina dei dM$lai$+ (Ane $eal `folio .>aa c h!lpatach i c! t!l cota $lPn+ B!iden forder$ co f!ilib imbi o A f!ileach crAchtach cade in+_ ^4 A in,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^in d@na dMchondarcil+ 4 A in lamnid leatarthach+ 4 A in rob ri$thi er$aili+ 4 A in tarb d@ achtach+ 4 A in bPadach Baili+ 4 A in tNan$londach Bernais+ 4 A 77

in cathch!indich Colpthai+ Comla cLicthi th!ai cirt hN>renn +i+ 'enn mac &lchada L Chorannaib+ 'o dM$ail a crAcht foraib t@nic in fer in,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^)@nic b!iden aile ann didi! i in telai$ a &lemain 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth,_ ^O iat adlLechda imt holtonach+ Kcl@ech odarda mLr`HB( line 11.1a

1/>B< lecanfota ina hNairinach+ Folt donn cr@ebach fair+ Brat der$ fo loM c haMn imbi+ (Ane der$ coigthi+ 'ealc nNLir hNPa a dLit ina brot+ Claideb derc coi gthi co nNimd!rnn findarcaid fora chlM!+ ScMath der$ fair+ ManaM leathan$la for dPal altchaMn !ind enn ina l@im+_ ^Fer trM mNbailcbAmend dad@nic,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^Fer trM raiti+ Fer trM r!ti+ Fer trM ramada+ Fer trM mNbPada+ Fer trM nN$retha conboin$ nitha for n@imdi! i nNalaili! crMch+ #ergnae mac #indcho<me a Coronn in+_ ^)@nic b!iden aile and didi! i in telaich i &lemain 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^4 aidbli! trMcha cAt a fairc i+ (@ech !cht$el rochLem ina hN airinach, co mail fri hNAilill !c!t itir mAt O mai i O dec helt O errad+ Mind Lir hNPa a m!llach+ Brat der$ coigthi imbi hNi forcibal+ Bretna Lir i in brot fora br!indib+ (Ane co nNder$indli!d i c! t!l imbi+ ScMath bAmnech co nNimlib Lir fair+ )!iri ri$thai$i ina l@im+ Claideb Lird!irn iarna formna+_ ^4 m!ir tar $la a dod@nic ann Am,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^4 londbr!th lo$a+ i dMf!lain$ a bara fri hNAcraidi+ #urbaidi #er Benn inn in,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^])@nic b!iden aile and didi! i in telai$ i &leamain 'idi,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^:dl@echda dM@irme,_ ^ol 'ac Roth+_ ^Errada in$anta Ac amla imp! each na b!idne olcheana+ 4 bladach dodechadar didi! itir arm O Atach O errodh+ SlL$ mLr borrfadach i in b!idin+ Mac brecder$ ina hNairinach+ bildem do delbaib doMne a delb+ Er$al @n riam+ ScMath ta!l$el ina l@im co cobr!d Lir fair O bil Lir imbi+ 9aM @ith Atrom co fo cod ina l@im+ Brat corcra cortharach i forcib!l imbi, delc nNarc!id i in brot ara br!indib+ (Ane $el c h!lpatach co nNder$indliud imbi+ Claideb `folio .>ba Lrd!irn tara Atach aneachtair+_ ^ContPai i #ergus la odain+_ ^NM fetarN a Am,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^inda in meic in la hN!ltu, acht Len bad dLi$ lim beidi hNA fir Themra immon mac cLir nNamra nN oirdnidi im Erc mac Coirpre -iad #er O in$ine Conchobair+ NM ]mm! carat tairrid+ 'ichmairc a athar dodeachaid in fer in do chobair a enathar+ 4 triana @$ in meic in,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^bri fithir in cath foraib+ NMcon aithi$i in mac in hNPath n@ hNom!n oc far ai$id etorro a medLn fa r catha+ Bad ferrda bhPri$fite l@ithi $ailli fer nN!lad oc tea arcain l!M$ a cridi oc li$i in chatha remib+`HB( line 11//a

1G1.< do Nicfe !ile ell condolba oc aic in in meic i ind nMth m@r in+ Rocechla tar r!cht claidib Conchobair amail $loim nN@rchon ic te orcain in meic+ Focicher C Chulaind trM mPr! doMne immon cath oc ai$id in meic bic+ Bith condalb don!apArat laMth $aili fer nN !ladin dM@irmi,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^4 fota leam tr@_ ^or 'ac Roth,_ ^bith fri hNai nAi ineich adcondarc !ili, acht dodechad etarport co fi cAl dPibN e+_ ^'of!cai ,_ ^ar #ergus+_ ^NM th@nic didi! Conall Cernach cona mLrb!idin,_ ^or 'ac Roth+_ ^NM th@n$adar trM meic Conchobair cona trM cLectaib cAt+ NM th@nic tr@ C Chulaind and arna chrAcht!n!$!d i nnNAcoml!nd+ :cht m@ a err Lenc harpait,_ ^or 'ac Roth,_ ^namm@ i dLi$ bad nNA in o th@nic ann+ '@ each dronchara fona c harpat itA cPablebra ba lethna forlethna fo en$a ardchenda tPa$mair $obchLela bolc rLna+ '@ nNdroch nNd!ba tairchi i+ Fonnaid rAidi r!irtecha+ Cret !rard dre achtach+ &!p!ll !ainidi hN!aitne intnai e+ Kcl@ech i in charpat in, cetherlethan corcaineach+ SPa m@el ca cMrd!b fair co ticci @th a d@ $h!aland+ Cethochr! nL ceatharfochr! br!it deir$ imbi+ Ceithri claidbMni cli hNi cechtar a dL dhLit+ Claideb Lrd!irn fora chlM!+ Sciath O le$ lai + Ceit hri cne lAnti fichit imbi fo thAtaib O refedaib+ :ra ara bAlaib+ '@ chPlaid ind arad fri na hNeocho+ Na Ai i ina ladair riam air+ Fithchell for carad et!rra+ (eth a fairne di Lr b!idi, anaill ba de findr!ine+ BPanbach foa dMb lMa taib+ NaM cle do chor dL a nNardai+_ ^Cia in, a #ergaisZ_ ^or Ailill+_ ^NM an e,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^C Chulaind mac &oaltaim a Mdaib O 1eg mac Riangabra a ara Con Culaind in ain,_ ^or #ergus+_ ^MLr do chAtaib tr@ O mMlib,_ ^or 'ac Roth,_ ^doroacht in dPnad a !lad+ `folio ?2aa MLr do ch!radaib O do thrAnferaib O l@thaib $aile roachtadar $rafaind i inn @onach+ MLr do b!idnib didi!,_ ^or 'ac Roth,_ ^ro b@tar oc torachtain in dPnaid chAtna do neoch n@ toracht O n@ t@nic 78

an dPnad an tan dodechadN a+ :cht nam@,_ ^or 'ac Roth,_ ^nocho tarnea tair mo ro c for t!laich n@ dind$na do neoch ro iacht mo Pil Lth@ =th #ir $iad co rici &leamain 'idi acht for ech O d!ne+_ ^Fer m!inter adchondaircai Am,_ ^or #ergus+`HB( line 1.0.a

1G/0< (!id Conchobar tr@ cona lL$aib co nN$ab dPnad hNi comochraib dia c hAlib+ 9!itir d@l L Chonchobar do Ailill co t!rcb@il nN$rAnA arab@rach, O ba i e tar Ailill ar feraib hN>rend O ar in lon$e ,O ba i e tar Conchobar ar !ltaib, O focertar p!paill Conchobair Marom+ 4 hNeth moth ba fornocht talam et!rr! O daneccab hN !laidre f!ined nN$rAne+ 4 ann in a bert in 'rr<gan i in dorble itir in d@ dPnad -_ ^Crenaid brain br@i$de fer+ Br!inded f!il+ Feochair cath+ coinmid l!ind+ Me ct!ich t!ind taib im th!ill im nMth$alaib iar l!imnich l!!d fianna fetal ferda fir Crachan cota crith imm ardbith c!irither cath ar co a alaili! cAnmair hN !ltaib, mairc Iarnaib, mairc d' !ltaib immorro, cAn mair Iarnaib+ 4 ed dobreth hNi cl! a aib Iairn,mairc hN!ltaib ol ni cainedar a nN$le+_ ^Ro baM C Chulaind tr@ oc #edain Chollna ina nNarrad+ 'obreth biad dL Lna bri u$adaib in nNaidchi in O dothAi$di dia acallaim fri dA+ NM r!bai neach dMib clM! do =th #ir $iad+_ ^=N!in e albani a in dPnad aniar in dPnad air,_ ^ol in tNara fri Coin Culaind+_ ^=N!ind e ceithern $illa ara cend+_ ^Conricfet in $illa in,_ ^or C Chulaind+_ ^Re$aid in tNalbani tar in ma$+ 4ntM n@d $Aba acorthi re$aid do chobair na nN$illa+_ ^'o$nMth Ln Marom amail a ind!bairt C Chulaind+_ ^Cind! nondfechad $illa !ladin cathZ_ ^4 fearrda,_ ^ol in tNara+_ ^Ba b@$ dLibN om a toitim oc te orcain a nNAiti,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^Oc! ano aZ_ ^Na Lclacha am!lc hacha nodfechad indo a,_ ^ol in tNara+_ ^4n t@nic nAll ol! for in nN$rAin beL Zfor C Chulaind+_ ^NathL Am,_ ^ol in tNara+_ ^:praind nachimbaMN i nert do theacht c!c!,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^Con inter chena indi!,_ ^ol in tNara, im thr@th t!rcb@la $rAne+_ ^:e Pallach fiche in cath indo a,_ ^ol in tNara,_ ^acht n@d fil rM$! and air i cotl!d beL dLib+_ ^4 and a bert #achtnai in tan donLrcaib $rMan - 5 NL i hNA Conchobar ro chan trena chodlad -_ ^ComAr$id, rM$ 'acha mor$lonnaich+ M!inter fial+ Meilid f@ebra+ Fichit cath+ Claidi$ bPrach+ Bendaich cMath!+ ScMtha l@ma+ (abra a nNAiti+ AcLrai co nadae+ Concherd c@ch cath ar co a araile+ (aith ti$ernach dodaircAba+ (iblait a rNrAm+ `folio ?2ba bid`HB( line 11.>a

1>2>< ferrda fid for a ai$ O for a lea ad+ 4baib da$da doirp a f!ile+ (Mnfaid ca!ma chridi a rM$na t!idicfaid+ Eblaid a am$!bae commed f!ileach fArach fLt for a le tai for a e tai + ComAr$id, rM$ macha+_ ^Cia ro chachain oZ_ ^or c@ch+_ ^ Conchobar mac -essa,_ ^or At+ 5 NL_ ^#achtna ro chachain,_ ^ol At+_ ^ Cotlaid, cotlaid acht far cathai c+_ ^Co cloth 1egairi Badach-_ ^:frai$id, rM$ 'acha+ :!rchlaidi$ far mNbP+ )e orcid far mNbroit+ 4nneo artar Connachta di aird hN!isnich di!part taib imdid loi ither feithi elai dom!n cl@r 3irigi+_ ^Cia ro chachain oZ_ ^or c@ch+_ ^1egairi Badach mac Connaid Buidi meic Ilech+ Cotlaid, cotlaid,_ ^for iat,_ ^ acht far cathai +_ ^:naid fri beL ,_ ^ol Conchobar,_ ^co ta!rcba $rMan co mNmaith hNi nN$lennaib O hNi t!ai$ebrachaib na hN>rend+_ ^:n tan adchondairc C Chulaind na rM$a anair oc $ab@il a mind fora cennai O oc te orcain na mNb!iden, a bert C Chulaind fria araid ara nNdi! cad !ltu+ Oc! a bert in tNara - 5 NL i A Amargind mac Eicit in fili a bert -_ ^ComAr$id, rM$ 'acha mLr$londaich+ M!intir fial+ Miandai$hter Bobd bP Imbial+ 4n ernd crP cridi+ 4nreith nMth niaba nertaid $al cridi crP for telaib nL for tinn teched +i+ for toind teiced tercbaid nL teilcfid i ni nith!+ NM frMth fri Coin Culaind co mail Con Culaind conben mian 'acha mochtr@d m@ ar b!@ib Cailngi+ ComAr$id+ Com+_ ^'o r!i ce ,_ ^ol in tNara+_ ^ amlaid dodeochadar in chath tornocht acht a nNarmo nam@+ 4n tM dia t@ dor! a p!paill air i trMt Mar dodeochaid+_ ^4 de$c hobair Ai$ne,_ ^ol C Chulaind+ 4mthP a !ladtr@ nM de leantar !nd callAic+ 4mthP immorro fer nN >rind, cota$art Badb O B@ -@it O -@main forr! ind aidchi in for 3irig O Irgirich conidapad cAt lLech dMb ar Pathb@ + NMrbo hNM in adai$ ba @mam dLib+_ `HB( line 1.G0a



Tochostul fear n?>rend andso6

^Ro chachain Ailill mac 'tae in nNaidchi in ria in cath co nNepert -_ ^:traM, a Thriagthr@in+ NodfoMdi! co trM Conaire &l@be 'is, trM 1esfind 1achra, trM 'eid Corpthe 1oste, trM Buidir Baisi, trM Boidb Baidnigi, trM Baideltaich Berba, trM 'uiredaich 'arga, trM 1egairi 1eici $ergi, trM &uibne &iire, trM >chtaig =ne, trM $il Eirrig, trM $amaich $erg $erce, trM Bratraid 1acha R<, trM 'ielleth 1acha >rni, trM Bresail Bodgna, trM hNAmalgaid A<i, trM #iachraid #eda -@main, trM -echtain 'aigi 'urisci, trM 'eic Amra Esa Raid, trM Ruirig Aigle, trM Bruchair 3las #ebrad, trM Conaill Collamrach, `folio ?0aa trM #@ic #indabrach, trM Coirpre Cliach, trM 'ane 'ilscoth, trM $escostaig $roma, trM #intain #emin, trM Rathaich Raigne, trM etersc@le Etarbine, trM 3aire 3aible, trM =eda Aidne, trM 'ongaich 'itaine, trM $adaid =ine, trM 3airb 3lunnraidi, trM $iscirt h?Caga, trM 1eathluind 1inti, trM Coinchind &hile, trM $auich 1eamna, trM Cellchair hN !muill, trM Coscraich Clothra, trM Bairrchais Eilli, trM $iri Tibrat #ind, trM hNAirt Arda 1adlarn, trM 'uiredaich 'aigi #emin, trM Congbaidi Cliach, trM 'ordai 'osoth, trM Roir Rois Buiti, trM =nraid Turbi, trM hNEitirsc@l Temrach, trM 3algaidi 3oain, trM #eradaid foltchais, trM #eidmnig Rotail, trM &cil &oobail, trM hNAilill h?!aiti, trM 3ortaich 3ranaisc, trM 'easaich 'aethla, trM hN !illeith Arda Airthir, trM Coirp Cliri, trM hNAirt Arda, trM #oimdig hNIrruis, trM hNIllaind hN>rend, trM &ochaidi &inna, trM Brnaig Bethra, trM 'ongaid 'uccruma, trM 'ochmaidne 'aigi A<i, trM Tigernmais Tath Ambrais, trM hN>chtaich #indabrach, trM Cormaic hN!iscrend, trM hN!idir Buaile, trM Ruis Ruscae, trM #earad #ind, trM hNAthchuirp Tulcha, trM Tathail Tanni, trM 'accech #emrag, trM 1egairi Berramnach, trM #idaig &aigthi, trM Cormaic Cauanach, trM Coirbri 1uingi, trM hN!idir Conchobair, trM 3lais meic Cathbath, trM $ruib $rad, trM hNAirich Cluichiur, trM 1aiten 1uiged, trM Conchobair Collse, trM Elair $eiuais, trM #iadail $uinergin, trM hNAirich Insi h? !an, trM -<th =tha Cro<be, trM Bengusa !isce, trM #iach #ernna n?Imbais, trM $uirn, trM Bailcbruindi, trM 'o<n 'aigi, trM Cais Cuile, trM Triin 'aigi >le, trM &ruthmair 'aigi 5chtair, `HB( line 1?0/a


1>G2< trM 3lonnmair 'aigi 1eathain, trM $ornmair 'aigi h?!isce, trM 3laisderg Tethba, trM Tigirn Taince, trM Tibraidi Talindi+_ ^Ferch!idred #er n?>reand in o, cach triar cenmot h@ an robM C Chulaind dMib riam+ 4mthP a Con Culaind immorro i ed indi ter !nd colAic -_ ^FA$ dPind, a mo popa a 1o<g, cind! fechtha !laid in cath indo a+_ ^4 ferda,_ ^ol in tNara+_ ^cia con!alaindN e mo charpat O Ben ara Conaill Chernaich didi! ina charp!t ' co tMa mai Ln eite di araile iar ind indi!, nM re$ad cr!a n@ fonnad trMt+_ ^4 damna mLr$liad in,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^NM derntar i in cath,_ ^or C Chulaind fria araid,_ ^nM n@d fe !r Paid+_ ^Bid fMr Ln do neoch conni orN a de,_ ^ol in tNara+ `folio ?0ba_ ^:irm i t@t ind l@ith $aile indo a anMar,_ ^ol in tNara,_ ^berait toilc i in chath air+ : comm it cAtna anair beraid tolc i in chath iar+_ ^:brand n@ badim l@nN a,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^Ropad rAill mo tholcN a and a c!ma ch@ich+_ ^4 and in t@ncadar ina ferch!itreda ind ath lL$aid+ 4 nNinam tr@ hNi t!ladar fianna Marom don chath for 3irich O Irgirich i ann in didi! th@nic ind noM carpait di fAindidib inna Iraithi+ )riar remib di thrai$+ NMrbo mailli dolotat olmb@tar in charpait+ Ni tailcc 'edb i in chath acht ar ren$ail nNAililla a in chath m@d fair no maid et nL ar $!in Conchobair m@d fair bad lAn+ 4 Marom ro indi a ara do Choin Culaind bith do Ailill O do 'eidb o$ $!idhi #ergusa im thecht i in cath O a bertadar fri n@rbo chol dL ar dorad ad mLr do maith dL fora lonn$e +_ ^M@ no bith Am mo chlaideb acomN a,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^beiti lir leamN a cendae fer for Leib cMath and@te bommann e$a hNi nN$relli$ donnicc echrad rM$ L ro roietar i tMr+_ ^4 and in dorad #ergus in l!$! a -_ ^)on$! et reliQ!a meb aiti limN a $laini fer dia mNbr@i$de, br@i$de fear la nNdLite, dLite fer la nN!ille, !ille fer la ri$the, ri$the fer la nNdorndaib, dornna fer la mAra, mAra fer la nNin$ne, in$ne fer la 80

forclAthi, forclAthi fer la medLn, medLn fer la lMa ta, lMa ta fer la nN$lPne, $lPne fer la colp tha, colpthai fer la trai$the, trai$thi`HB( line 1??,a

.20?< fer la mAra, mAra fer la nNin$ne+ 'or!chtfaid a mAderad na hN@er! feib dodrim ired beach i lNlL @inle+_ ^4 and in a bert Ailill re araid -_ ^'omiced in claideb c!illei toind+ )on$! do dia toin$ea mo thPath m@d me o a bl@th lat indi! olld@ a lNlaithi dondmbi!rtN a d!it i in letir i crMch nN !lad, cia no beidi fir hN>rind ocot anocol airimN a, nMtan iti +_ ^4 Marom dobreth a c hlaideb do #ergus, O a bert Ailill-_ ^9eib do chlaideb+ Ci a orN eo hN>ri hNPand, ferfaid for 3irig dia macaib mLrlLech+ M@d la fMr nNeinech n@d bad fornn nNimbrae do barann borrfad barainn fiad nN !laderrathaib+ (a dM! c!d 3irigi for fLtaib fe ar la maten forder$+_ ^Fo chen colad miel macrad, caladc holc claideb 1eidi la inta hN!ath LenhPair bodba bei emil macrad nai ar doir ib ata re t@nic a nNdM$ail di!+ &a feithi fairtbe a cend con !idfea na cotai$fe coimdi! in claidi!b a cordib combai$ aith cAlaib+ NM firba foraib $alna mo chlaidi!b+ :tan rM Pallach `folio ?,aa ria feraib hN >rend+ i liach do thoitim i roM rem!r,_ ^or #ergos fri hNAilill+ Coto$art Badb O B@ -@it O -@amain forro in aidchi in for 3irichO Irgirich, conid apad cAt lLech dMb ara Pathb@ + NMrbo M in adaich ba @imi! dLib+ 9aibid #ergus a !idi! a $ai ced O ima aM i in chath O $lanai berna cAt i in chath cona c hlaideb ina dMb l@m!ib+ 9abai 'edb Marom a $ai ced O forfLbair i in chath O maidter rempi fo thrM conad ed ro oM in cPal $aM fora cPl!+_ ^NM fetar,_ ^ol Conchobar fria m!intir b@tar imme,_ ^cia re a maid in cath frind atPaid+ 9eibidN i !nn in cath didi! co nNdecharN a fora chind+_ ^9AbmaNne Marom i mNbale i t@m,_ ^ar na hNLca,_ ^acht mani maidi in talam fo!nd nL an nem anPa foraind, nMcon mem amNne de !nd+_ ^Farr!mae Marom Conchobar ar cind #ergusa+ )Lcbaid in cMath fri +i+ ind Bcha<n cMath Conchobair+ CetheLra benna Lir fair, ceithre ethnecha Lir thairr e+ Benaid #ergus trM bAmind fair n@d comairnic cid bil a cAith dLN om fora cend+_ ^Cia dib !ltaib ar$ab in cMathZ_ ^ol #ergus+`HB( line 1?G1a

.2?2< _ ^Fer a ferr O+++_ ^ol Conchobar,_ ^O rodat!c for lon$e i nnNadba con alltai O indach O dotnin$Aba anndi! ar $ail $ai cid fiad feraib hN >rend+_ ^4nmidir #ergus la odain bAm nNdM$la d@ dMb l@maib for Conchobar co comr@nic $r@inni in chloidib fri talmain iarna chPl+ Focherd Cormac Con 1onges l@ma for !idi! O Madaid a dM l@mama ri$id+_ ^:inbchellach ainbchellach, a mo popa a #ergaisc_ ^ol Cormac+_ ^Foichleach nNairfoichlech in in, a popa #ergais+ N@imtidi in chairdine, hN !i e for n@imde+ Ro called for cairde+ Olcai bAmend benai, a popa a #ergais,_ ^ol Cormac+_ ^Cei t, cLich bM!Z_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^Ben a trM telcha tar i!+ )oM do l@im+ Sli$ imm!d do cach leithO nM nairle+ 4mr@id ainech nN!ladn@dcon f@rcbad+ NMcon f@icAbthar m!na f@cabtha tri!tN a indi!+ :ir$N i!na leath nNaill, a Conchobair,_ ^ol Cormac fria athair+_ ^NMcon mAla in fer a a baraind for !ltu nM b! mLo !nd+_ ^4m oM a #ergus+ :r li$i cAt lLech di !ltaib la in cAtna comroc co in claideb co comairnic fri Conall Cernach+_ ^Ba ramLr in brM$ in,_ ^ar Conall Cernach,_ ^for tPaith O cenAl ar thLin mn@ drPithi+_ ^Cei t, cid do$An, a fMrlaMchZ_ ^or A+_ ^Sli$ na t!lch! tairr i! O na d! ! imp!,_ ^or Conall Cernach+ Sli$i #ergus na t!lchai Marom coro ben a teLra m@ela 'idi d@ thrM bAimennaib+ Rocl!inethar C Chulaind la odain ina b!illi dobert #ergus for na t!lcha nL for cMath Conchobair fodei in+_ ^CLich bena na bailcbAmenda mLra imc hiana aZ_ ^or Cu Chulaind+_ ^4adai crP chridi+ Con car bara bith+ 'o `folio ?,bacara trait tPa$a+_ ^Fri $art 1eg co nNepert -_ ^Bent! for$! fear #ergus mac Rich rod@na+ F!ile formach nN@ir, an fer #ergus mac Reich+ Ro cleth claideb carpait hN i ithbi! con@ roacht eochraidi mo popa Conchobair mLrchath+_ ^4 and a bert C Chulaind-_ ^FPa ailc thrait tPa$a+ )!i$thir f!il fir!+ Firfidir clea claideb+ Caithfidir dA daMne+`HB( line 1B01a


.2GB< _ ^Scendit la odain a !ip e ca a a nNardai eiret tAiti !i eLc i nN@er O cendit a thPa$a da co mNb@dar i 'aig Thag la Condachta+ Rethaid immorro anaill ille a + 9abaid a f!ile er$raim de+ Oc! benaid cend ceachtair de in d@ inailte fri araile combo lMath ceachtar de de inchind a Aitche+ 5 'olotar do f@ $!ba fairN eom L 'eidb conroim iti a f!ile fair O do ebert madma for hN !ltu Otoitim #ergusa hNi frecor in chatha, ar adroa a thedachtN om i in chath+ 5 Ria dardha imbi O dobretha dL echt cne lAnti fichit no bMdi imbi fo thAtaib O refedaib oc teacht hNi cath, O $abaid a charpat fria ai cona chreit O a dMb fonnodaib O dofLbair dochom #ergusa timchell in chatha+_ ^)oM ille, a popa #ergais,_ ^ol C Chulaind+ Oc! nM frecart co fa thrM+_ ^)on$! do dia toin$the hN !laid,_ ^ol A,_ ^notnin! amail ne$ar forcor hi l!n$$!+ Re$a thor!t amail tAti bot tar catt+ :toti!rr amail a oirc ben baMd a mac+_ ^Cia do feraib hN >rend a ber frimN a oZ_ ^or #ergus+_ ^Cchulaind mac &oaltaim O mac ethar Conchobair,_ ^ol C Chulaind,_ ^O immomim$aibN ea,_ ^or A+ _ ^Ro $ella N sa cid ed Ln,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^'L d!it didi!,_ ^ol C Chulaind+_ ^Maith,_ ^ol #ergus+_ ^Romim$abai Nsi! in tan ba at trethollN a+_ ^(!id #ergus a Marom in tan in cona thrMchtaib cAt+ (otar didi! in 3ailein O na 'uimnich, O f@cbaid noM trMchaid cAt 'edba O AilellaO a echt mac i in chath+ MeadLn laM i and doll!idh C Chulain i in chath+ :mail dol!id $rian hNi folt feda i and ro memaid lai for in mN b!idin nNdAidenaich, conn@ t!airthet don charp!t acht dorn dona hNa naib imon creit O dorn dona fert ib imon droch+ )arraid C Chulaind Marom 'eidb oc teacht i in cath+_ ^Nomanai$c_ ^ol 'eadb+_ ^Cid $!in nod$onam ba deithbir dam,_ ^or C Chulaind+ Ro nanacht Marom hNPair n@d $onad mn@+ :dnai$ idnacol forr! Mar co lotar for =th 1ain # tairi didi!+ Beanaid trM bAmend cona c hlaidi!b for in licc i nnN=th 1ain+ 'elana =tha 1ain a nNainm+ :n tan tr@ ro memaid in cath, i and a bert 'eadb fri #ergus-_ ^Correcad lochta O f!lachta !nd indi!, a #ergais,_ ^ar M+`HB( line 1B.Ba

.0,1< _ ^4 bA ad,_ ^ol #ergus,_ ^do cach $rai$ remitAt l@ir, rot$ata, rotbrata, rotfeither a moMn hNi tLin mn@ mi rairlea tair+_ ^Foche ath tr@ in tarb i in maitin in in chatha co comarnic fri #indbeannach hNi Tarbga hNi 'uig A<i `folio ?1aa +i+ tarb$!ba nL tarb$leL+ Ro< $edond a chAtainm in chn!ic in+ Nach @en tr@ adroindi i in chath nM feith nM acht dAic in in d@ tarb oc comr!c+ BaM Bricriu -emhenga thMar ina thor iar mNbri i!d a chind do #ergus c! na feraib fithchilli+ 'ol!id la c@ch d@ nNdAic in %i% do d icsin in chomraic na tarb+ (otar in d@ tharb tar Bricrind ocon imforr@in combo marb de+ 4 A ai$id Bricrinn in+ Focairt a cho in $uind Chailngi ar adairc a chAle+ (@a co nNaidchi n@ t!c a c hoi fri conid$re #ergus O co nNimbert lait iarna ethnai$+_ ^Nip An,_ ^or #ergus,_ ^in en$amain troitech a t!cad !nn do f@$b@il a enach claindi O ceiniPil O imo f@r$aibthea mairb ili+_ ^(a odain do ren$a a choi fri co mebaid a fer$aire O co e cain a adarc dia chAle co mNbaM a ain tN lAib ina farrad+ &l@b n?Adarca Ln Marom dono+ Berti! riam Marom !ide l@ co nNaidche condocoro tor a in loch fil a t@eb Crachan co t!laid dL a co lPan O leithi! O tromchridi! a chAli for a dMb nNadarcaib+ 'olodar iar in ina lLi$ dia $!in+ NM lAi$ #ergus acht a thecht leth b!d mellach lai + 4 iar in doa caim doch!m a thMri+ 4bid di$ i #indleithiu ic t!idecht+ 4 and f@caib leithi a chAli+ #indleithiu didi! Marom ainm in tMri+ 4bi di$ nNaile i nnN=th 1ain+ F@caib lPan a chAli and+ 4 de it@ Ath 1ain+ :tnai$ a $Am nNa for Iraird Chuillind+ Roclo fLn cLiced nN!ile+ 4bi di$ i Tromuib+ 4 and docher tromchride a chAli dia dMb nNadarcaib+ 4 de it@ Troma+ 'oll!id do >tan Tairb+ 'obert a Atan fri in tealai$ oc =th $a ferta+ 4 de it@ >tan Tairb i 'uig 'uirrthemni+ (!id Marom for li$hidh 'idhlachra i Cuib 5 4 and no bMth la e cach $iri 5 O do$nM bPrach ann+ 4 de at@ 3ort m?Braig+ (!id Marom combo marb itir !lto OhN!a Echach ic $ruim Thairb+ $ruim Tairb dano ainm in p!irt in+ 'o$Ani Ailill O 'edb cLrae fri !ltu O fri Coin Culaind+ Secht mNblMadna iar in nM roibi $!in d!ine et!rr! i nnN >rind+ :naid #indabair la Coin Culaind O tMa$aid Connachta dia tMr O tMa$aid !laid do Emain 'acha cona mLrcho car+ Finit+ :men+ _


Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition

Tin B Calnge Recension 1 (Author 2unkno"n4)


Tin B Cailnge
: $reat army 3a m! tered by the Connachtmen, that i , by :ilill and Medb, and 3ord 3ent from them to the three other pro#ince + :nd :ilill ent me en$er to the e#en on of M@$!- :ilill, :nlPan, Moccorb, Cet, Un, Ba call and 'Lche, each 3ith hi fi$htin$ force of three tho! and, and al o to Cormac Conn (on$a the on of Conchobor, 3ho 3a billeted 3ith hi three h!ndred men in Connacht+ )hey all came on then !ntil they reached CrPachain :M No3 Cormac' men 3ere in three companie a they marched to CrPachain+ )he fir t band 3ore #ariNcolo!red cloa% 3rapped aro!nd them+ )heir hair 3a horn+ )hey had t!nic fallin$ to the %nee+ )hey carried lon$ hield , and each man bore in hi hand a broad, bri$ht pear on a lender haft+ )he econd band 3ore dar%N $rey cloa% and redNembroidered t!nic reachin$ do3n to their cal#e + )heir lon$ hair h!n$ do3n behind+ )hey carried 3hite hield , and in their hand they bore fi#eNpron$ed pear + ^4t i not Cormac a yet_, aid Medb+ )hen came the third band+ )hey 3ore p!rple cloa% and hooded redNembroidered t!nic reachin$ to their feet+ )heir trimmed hair fell do3n to their ho!lder + )hey

bore c!r#ed hield 3ith calloped rim , and each man carried a pear a $reat a the pillar of a palace in hi hand+ ^)hi i Cormac no3,_ aid Medb+ So then the fo!r pro#ince of 4reland 3ere $athered to$ether in CrPachain :M+ )heir prophet and dr!id did not permit them to $o thence, b!t %ept them for a fortni$ht a3aitin$ an a! picio! omen+ )hen, on the day that they et forth, Medb aid to her charioteerp+0,B

{translation of lines 25-62} All those who part here today fro !o rade and friend will !"rse e for it is # who ha$e "stered this hostin%&' (ait then)' said the !harioteer) "ntil the !hariot has t"rned ri%ht- handwise to stren%then the %ood o en so that we ay !o e *a!+ a%ain&' Ihen the charioteer t!rned bac% the chariot and they 3ere abo!t to de cend, they a3 in front of them a $ro3n maiden+ She had yello3 hair+ She 3ore a #ariN colo!red cloa% 3ith a $olden pin in it and a hooded t!nic 3ith red embroidery+ She had hoe 3ith $olden fa tenin$ + =er face 3a o#al, narro3 belo3, broad abo#e+ =er eyebro3 3ere dar% and blac%+ =er bea!tif!l blac% eyela he ca t a hado3 on to the middle of her chee% + =er lip eemed to be made of partaing+ =er teeth 3ere li%e a ho3er of pearl bet3een her lip + She had three plait of hair- t3o plait 3o!nd aro!nd her head, the third han$in$ do3n her bac%, to!chin$ her cal#e behind+ 4n her hand he carried a 3ea#er' beam of 3hite bronEe, 3ith $olden inlay+ )here 3ere three p!pil in each of her eye + )he maiden 3a armed and her chariot 3a dra3n by t3o blac% hor e + ^Ihat i yo!r name,_ a %ed Medb of the maiden+ ^4 am Feidelm, the poete of Connacht,_ aid the maiden+ ^Ihence do yo! comeZ_ a %ed Medb+ ^From :lbion after learnin$ the art of di#ination,_ an 3ered the maiden+ ^=a#e yo! the po3er of prophecy called imbas forosnaZ_ ^4 ha#e indeed,_ aid the maiden+ ^(oo% for me then and tell me ho3 it 3ill fare 3ith my ho tin$+_ )hen the maiden loo%ed and Medb aid- ^O Feidelm &rophete , ho3 do yo! ee the fate of the armyZ_ Feidelm an 3ered and aid- ^4 ee it bloody, 4 ee it red+_ ^)hat i not o,_ aid Medb, ^for Conchobor lie in hi debility in Emain to$ether 3ith the "l termen and all the mi$htie t of their 3arrior , and my me en$er ha#e come and bro!$ht me tidin$ of them+ O Feidelm &rophete , ho3 do yo! ee o!r ho tZ_ a %ed Medb a$ain+ ^4 ee it bloodN tained, 4 ee it red,_ aid the maiden+ ^)hat i not o,_ aid Medb, ^for Celtchar mac "thidir i in 'Pn (eth$lai e to$ether 3ith a third of the men of "l ter, and Fer$! mac Roeich meic Echdach i here in exile 3ith ! 3ith three tho! and men+ O Feidelm &rophete , ho3 do yo! ee o!r ho tZ_ ^4 ee it bloodN tained, 4 ee it red,_ an 3ered the maiden+ ^)hat matter not indeed,_ aid Medb,

^for in e#ery m! ter and in e#ery army a embled in a $reat encampment there are Q!arrel and

{translation of lines 63-106} strife and *loody wo"ndin%s& ,o loo+ on!e ore for "s) and tell "s the tr"th& - .eidel /rophetess) how do yo" see o"r host0' ^4 ee it bloodN tained, 4 ee it red,_ aid Feidelm and he po%e a follo3 1& # see a fair an who will perfor weapon-feats) with any a wo"nd in his flesh& A hero1s li%ht is on his *row& 2is forehead is the eetin%-pla!e of any $irt"es& 2& #n ea!h of his eyes are the se$en 3ewel-*ri%ht p"pils of a hero& 2is spearpoints405 are "nsheathed& 2e wears a red antle with !lasps& 3& 2is fa!e is *ea"tif"l& 2e a a6es wo en-fol+&7his lad of handso e !o"ntenan!e loo+s in the *attle li+e a dra%on& 4& 8i+e is his prowess to that of 9: 9h"lainn of ;"rthe ne&# +now not who is this 9: 9h"lainn of fairest fa e) *"t this # do +now) that *y hi the ar y will *e *loodily wo"nded& 5& # see a tall an in the plain who %i$es *attle to the host& #n ea!h hand he holds fo"r s all swords with whi!h to perfor %reat deeds& 6& 2e atta!+s with his ge bolga and also with his i$ory-hilted sword and his spear& 2e !an ply the on the host& <a!h weapon as he !asts it has its own spe!ial "se& 7& 7his an wrapped in a red antle sets his foot on e$ery *attlefield& A!ross the left wheel-ri of his !hariot he atta!+s the & 7he distorted one +ills the & # see that he has !han%ed fro the for in whi!h hitherto he has appeared to e& 8& 2e has o$ed forward to the *attle& =nless heed *e ta+en) there will *e destr"!tion& # thin+ that it is 9: 9h"lainn a! ,:aldai who now !o es to yo"&

9& 2e will lay low yo"r entire ar y& 2e will sla"%hter yo" in dense !rowds& >e will lea$e with hi a tho"sand se$ered heads& 7he prophetess .eidel does not !on!eal yo"r fate&

{translation of lines 107-138} 10& ?lood will flow fro heroes1 *odies& ;"!h har will *e wro"%ht *y the hand of this hero& 2e will +ill warriors@ the en of 9lanna Aedad ei! ,in will flee& ;en1s *odies will *e ha!+ed and wo en will weep *e!a"se of the 2o"nd of the , ith who # now see& a+ On the Monday after the a!t!mn fe ti#al of Samain they et o!t+ )hey tra#elled o!thNea t from CrPachain :M, pa t M!cc Cr!inb, pa t )erloch )eLra CrMch, pa t )Paim MLna, pa t CPil Silinne i+e+ (och CarrcMn], and $ot it name from Silend da!$hter of Madchar ) past .id) past ?ol%a) past 9oltain) past Bl"ne Ba*air) past ;a% 7re%o) past northern 7eth*a* i+e+ Cairpre ) past so"thern 7eth*a) past 7Carthe!hta) past -rd) so"thwards past ,lais) past #ndeDind) past 9arn) past -!htra!h) past ;ide) past .ind%lassa Assail) past Aelt) past Aelind) past ,aili%) past ,lai*re) past ,le!hta 4where they hewed down the trees5) past 9:il ,i*rinne) so"thwards past -!h"inn) northwards past Eata) past A"*) so"thwards past 9o "r) past 7ro a and eastwards past .othro a) past ,lFne and Bort ,lFni) so"thwards past Ar"i 8i!!e) past Gth Ba*la) past Arda!had) northwards past .Hraind) past .inda*air) so"thwards past Aisse) past Ar"i ,Flfind) past Ar"i 9aCn) past Ar"i a! nAe%a) past <Ddond ;Dr and <Ddond ?e!) past ;Hthe 7o%I aillJ and ;Hthe <Din@ past Ar"i 9Fe te!hta) past ,!:ap and # s!:ap) past 9end .erna) past ?aile) past Aile) past ?Fil ,!ena and AFil ,!ena) past .erste) past Koss 8o!had) past ,Fle) past 8o!h a!h) past Gn a%) past Aeind) past Aelt) past A"*%lais) past .id ;Dr

i+e+ )rPalli] ) past 9olptha) past 9rond in 9:ailn%e& .ro .inda*air in 9:ailn%e the ar ies of #reland spread o"t o$er the pro$in!e in L"est of the ?"ll& .or they had %one past all these pla!es *efore rea!hin% .inda*air& =ere end the introd!ctory part+ )he tory in d!e order no3 be$in + The &tor+ in $ue 5rder Ihen they had come on the fir t ta$e of their *o!rney from CrPachain to CPil Silinne, the ite of (och CairrcMn today, Medb told her charioteer to harne her nine chariot She 3a al3ay accompanied by nine chariot , o that the d! t rai ed by the $reat army ho!ld not oil her for her that she


{translation of lines 139-173} dri$e aro"nd the en!a p ent and see who a on% the was rel"!tant and who was %lad to %o on the hostin%& Mow his tent was pit!hed for Ailill and his eL"ip ent was pla!ed therein) *oth *eds and *lan+ets& .er%"s a! KDi!h was neNt to Ailill in his tent& 9or a! 9onn 8on%as) son of 9on!ho*or) was neNt to hi & 7hen !a e 9onall 9erna!h) with .Ca!ha a! .ir .he*e) the son of 9on!ho*or1s da"%hter) *eside hi & ;ed*) the da"%hter of <o!h" .eidle!h was on the other side of Ailill) with .inna*air) the da"%hter of Ailill and ;ed*) *eside her and .lidais neNt to .inna*air& 7his was not !o"ntin% the ser$ants and attendants& :fter he had !r#eyed the ho t, Medb came bac% and aid that it 3o!ld be #ain for the re t to $o on that expedition if the di#i ion of the 9ailiLin 3ent al o+ ^Ihy do yo! belittle the menZ_ a %ed :ilill+ ^4 am not belittlin$ them,_ aid Medb+ ^)hey are plendid 3arrior + Ihen the other 3ere ma%in$ their helter , the 9ailiLin had already fini hed thatchin$ their helter and coo%in$ their food+ Ihen the re t 3ere eatin$, they had already fini hed their meal and their harper 3ere playin$ to them+ So it i ! ele for them to $o on thi expedition,_ aid Medb, ^for it i they 3ho 3ill ta%e credit for the #ictory of the army+_ ^Het it i for ! they fi$ht,_ aid :ilill+ ^)hey hall not $o 3ith ! ,_ aid Medb+ ^(et them tay here then,_ aid :ilill+ ^4ndeed they hall not,_ aid Medb+ ^)hey 3ill o#erpo3er ! 3hen 3e ha#e come

bac% and eiEe o!r land+_ ^Iell then, 3hat hall be done 3ith them,_ a %ed :ilill, ^ ince neither their tayin$ nor their $oin$ plea e yo!Z_ ^Dill themc_ aid Medb+ ^4 hall not deny that i a 3oman' co!n el,_ aid :ilill+ ^Ho! pea% fooli hly,_ aid Fer$! in a lo3 #oice+ ^4t hall not happen !nle 3e are all %illed, for they are allie of ! "l termen+_ ^Ne#erthele ,_ aid Medb, ^3e co!ld do it+ For 4 ha#e here 3ith me my o3n ho! ehold retin!e n!mberin$ t3o di#i ion , and the e#en Maine are here, my e#en on , 3ith e#en di#i ion + )heir l!c% can protect them,_ aid he+ ^)heir name are Maine M@thramail, Maine :ithremail, Maine MLr$or, Maine Min$or, Maine Mo Epirt, 3ho i al o called Maine Mil cothach, Maine :ndLe and Maine Cota$eib "ile5he it i 3ho ha inherited the appearance of hi mother and hi father and the di$nity of them both _ ^)hat 3ill not be,_ aid Fer$! , ^)here are here e#en %in$ from M!n ter, allie of ! "l termen, and a di#i ion 3ith each %in$+

{translation of lines 174-209} # shall %i$e yo" *attle in the iddle of the en!a p ent where we now are) s"pported *y those se$en di$isions) *y y own di$ision and *y the di$ision of the BailiDin& ?"t # shall not ar%"e the point)' said .er%"s& (e shall arran%e the warriors of the BailiDin so that they shall not pre$ail o$er the rest of the ar y& ,e$enteen di$isions)' said .er%"s) is the n" *er here in o"r en!a p ent) not !o"ntin% the !a pfollowers and o"r *oys and o"r wo en- fol+Ofor ea!h !hief here in ;ed*1s !o pany has *ro"%ht his wife& 7he ei%hteenth di$ision is that of the BailiDin& 8et the *e distri*"ted thro"%ho"t all the host&' # !are not)' said ;ed*) pro$ided that they do not re ain in the !lose *attle array in whi!h they now are&' 7his then was done@ the BailiDin were distri*"ted a on% the host& MeNt ornin% they set o"t for ;Din 9holtna& 7here they et with ei%ht s!ore deer in a sin%le herd& 7hey en!ir!led the and +illed the & (here$er there was a an of the BailiDin) it was he who %ot a deer) for the rest of the host %ot only fi$e of the deer& 7hey !a e on then to ;a% 7re%o and there they en!a ped and prepared food for the sel$es& :ccordin$ to one #er ion it 3a then that '!bthach chanted thi lay1& Ad it that hitherto ye ha$e not heard nor listened to the tran!espee!h of A"*tha!h& A fier!e hostin% lies *efore yo") !ontendin% for .ind*enn) the *"ll of Ailill1s wife&

2& 7here will !o e a leader of ar ies who will try to re!o$er the !attle of ;"rthe ne& ?e!a"se of the !o panionship of the two swineherds) ra$ens on the *attle-field will drin+ en1s *lood& 3& 7he wat!hf"l ri$er 9rann will offer the resistan!e and will not let the !ross into ;"rthe ne "ntil the wor+ of warriors is finished in the o"ntain north of -!haCne& 4& P"i!+ly)' said Ailill to 9or a!) !o e and hold *a!+ yo"r son&' Mone !o es fro the plains where the !attle %ra6e *"t is affri%hted405 *y the din of the ar y& 5& #n d"e !o"rse a *attle will *e fo"%ht here with ;ed* and a third of the ar y& ;en1s !orpses will then lie here if the distorted one !o e to yo"&

{lines 210-251} 7here"pon the MH ain) that is) the war-%oddess) atta!+ed the & 7hat was not the L"ietest of ni%hts for the with the tran!e-spee!h of the *oorish A"*tha!h as he slept& 7he hosts rose "p at on!e and the ar y was thrown into !onf"sion "ntil ;ed* !a e and L"elled the & )hen, after the army had been led a tray acro bo$ and tream , they 3ent and pent the ni$ht in 9ranard in northern )ethba+ For the a%e of %in hip Fer$! ent a 3arnin$ to the "l termen 3ho 3ere till !fferin$ from their debility, all except CP Ch!lainn and hi father SPaltaim+ Ihen the 3arnin$ me a$e had come from Fer$! , CP Ch!lainn and hi father 3ent a far a 4rard C!illenn, that i , Cro a Cail, there to 3atch for the enemy ho t+ ^4 ha#e a premonition that the ho t 3ill arri#e toni$ht,_ aid CP Ch!lainn to hi father+ ^)a%e a 3arnin$ from ! to the men of "l ter+ 4 m! t $o to Feidelm NoMchride_5he meant to try t 3ith her handmaiden 3ho 3a ecretly CP Ch!lainn' conc!bine5^to f!lfil my o3n pled$e 3hich 4 $a#e her+_ )hen before he 3ent, he t3i ted a 3ithe into a rin$ and 3rote an o$am in cription on it pe$, and ca t it o#er the top of a pillarN tone+ )hen Fer$! 3a $i#en the ta % of leadin$ the army alon$ the path+ =e 3ent far a tray to the o!th to $i#e the "l termen time to complete the m! terin$ of their army+ )hi he did o!t of affection for hi o3n %in+ :ilill and Medb noticed thi , and Medb aid1& - .er%"s) this is stran%e& (hat anner of path do we tra$el0 (e %o astray to so"th and to north) past e$ery stran%e distri!t&

2& Ailill of ;a% AC with his ar y fears that yo" will *etray hi & =ntil now he heeded not where the path led& 3& #f yo" feel the p"ll of +inship) do not lead horses any lon%er& /erhaps so eone else ay *e fo"nd to %"ide "s on o"r way& .er%"s answeredQ 1& - ;ed*) what pert"r*s yo"0 7his is not anythin% rese *lin% trea!hery& - wo an) the land a!ross whi!h # shall lead yo" *elon%s to the en of =lster& 2& Mot with intent to har the hostin% do # %o in t"rn alon% ea!h de$io"s road) *"t that # ay a$oid the %reat one who %"ards ;a% ;"rthe ne&

{translation of lines 252-292} 3& #t is not to sa$e y ind fro weariness that # %o th"s aside fro the path) *"t # a tryin% to a$oid eetin% 9: 9h"lainn a! ,:altai e$en at a later ti e& )hey 3ent on then to 4rard C!ilenn, today called Cro a CaMl+ )he fo!r on of 4rard mac :nchinnel or the fo!r on of Nera mac NPada meic )accain, a i fo!nd in other #er ion ) <irr and #ndell with .oi!h and .o!hla their two !harioteers) were those who always pre!eded the hosts to prote!t their *roo!hes and their r"%s and their antles that the d"st raised *y the ar y i%ht not soil the & 7hese en fo"nd the withe 9: 9h"lainn had !ast and they noti!ed the %ra6in% ade *y the horses& .or ,:altai 1s two horses had !ropped the %rass to its roots in the earth while 9: 9h"lainn1s horses had li!+ed the soil down to the *edro!+ *eneath the %rass& 7hen these fo"r en sat still till the host !a e "p) and their "si!ians played to the & 7hey handed the withe to .er%"s a! KDi!h@ he read o"t the o%a ins!ription that was on it& Ihen Medb arri#ed he a %ed- ^Ihy are yo! 3aitin$ hereZ_ ^Ie are 3aitin$,_ aid Fer$! , ^beca! e of yonder 3ithe+ )here i on it pe$ an o$am in cription 3hich read - ^(et none $o pa t till there be fo!nd a man to thro3 a 3ithe made of one branch a it i in the ame 3ay 3ith one hand+ B!t 4 except my friend Fer$! +_ 4n

tr!th,_ aid Fer$! , ^it i CP Ch!lainn 3ho ha ca t it and it i hi hor e 3hich $raEed thi plain+_ :nd he p!t the 3ithe in the dr!id' hand and chanted thi on$1& 2ere is a withe& (hat is its essa%e for "s0 (hat is its se!ret eanin%0 And how any p"t it there0 (as it few or any0 2& (ill it *rin% r"in on the ar y if they %o past it0 .ind o"t) - ye dr"ids) why the withe was left there& A dr"id answeredQ 1& A hero !ast it there) the swift !"ttin%405 of a hero) a so"r!e of perpleNity to warriors) !ontain ent of !hiefs with their followers& -ne an !ast it there with one hand& 2& Aoes not the +in%1s ar y o*ey hi "nless they ha$e *ro+en faith0 # +now no reason why the withe was !ast there sa$e that one of yo" sho"ld !ast a withe e$en as one an did& 4d in o+c+ +

{translation of lines 293-326} )hen aid Fer$! to them ^4f ye flo!t thi 3ithe or if ye $o pa t it, tho!$h it be in a man' po e ion or in a loc%ed ho! e, it 3ill $o after the man 3ho 3rote the o$am in cription, and he 3ill %ill one of yo! before mornin$ !nle one of yo! ca t a 3ithe in li%e manner+_ ^Ie do not 3i h, ho3e#er, that any one of ! ho!ld be %illed trai$ht a3ay,_ aid :ilill+ ^(et ! $o to the end of yon $reat 3ood to the o!th of ! , Fid 'Pin+ Ie hall $o no farther than that+_ )he army then he3ed do3n the 3ood to ma%e a path for the chariot + )hat place i called Slechta+ 4t i there that the &artrai$e 7no38 li#e+ 5:ccordin$ to other , ho3e#er, it 3a here that the dialo$!e bet3een Medb and Feidelm Banfh@ith a 3e ha#e related abo#e too% place, and it 3a after the an 3er Feidelm made to Medb that the 3ood 3a c!t do3n+ )h! - ^(oo% for me,_ aid Medb, ^7to ee8 ho3 3ill my expedition fare+_ ^4t i hard for me,_ aid the maiden+ ^)he 3ood pre#ent me from eein$ them properly+_ ^)hat can be arran$ed,_ aid Medb+ ^Ie hall c!t do3n the 3ood+_ it 3a done, and Slechta i the name of that place+5 )hey pent the ni$ht then in CPil Sibrille, that i , Cennanna + =ea#y no3 fell on them, reachin$ to the $irdle of the men and the 3heel of the chariot + )hey ro e

early on the morro3+ )hat had not been a re tf!l ni$ht for them beca! e of the no3, nor had they prepared food for them el#e that ni$ht+ B!t CP Ch!lainn did not come early from hi try tC he remained !ntil he had 3a hed and bathed+ )hen he came on to the trac% of the army+ ^Io!ld that 3e had not $one thither nor betrayed the men of "l terc_ cried CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ie ha#e let the enemy ho t come !pon them !na3are + Ma%e an e timate of the ho t for ! ,_ aid CP Ch!lainn to (Le$, ^that 3e may %no3 their n!mber+_ (Le$ did o and aid to CP Ch!lainn ^4 am conf! ed+ 4 cannot e timate exactly+_ ^4f only 4 come, 4 hall not ee them conf! edly,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^9et o!t of the chariot,_ aid (Le$+ CP Ch!lainn $ot o!t of the chariot and for a lon$ time he e timated the n!mber of the ho t+ ^E#en yo!,_ aid (Le$, ^do not find it ea y+_ ^4t i ea ier for me, ho3e#er, than for yo!+ For 4 ha#e three $ift , namely, the $ift of i$ht, the $ift of !nder tandin$, the $ift

{translation of lines 327-355} of re!+onin%& # ha$e re!+oned "p the n" *ers here& )hi i one of the three cle#ere t yet mo t diffic!lt rec%onin$ e#er made in 4reland, the three bein$ thi rec%onin$ of the men of 4reland made by CP Ch!lainn in the )@in, the rec%onin$ made by (!$ of the Fomorian in the battle of Ma$ )!ired and the rec%onin$ of the army in Br!iden 'a 'er$a made by 4n$cAl, ;mar$inal note< 7here are here in n" *er ei%hteen di$isions) *"t the ei%hteenth di$ision) that is) the di$ision of the BailiDin) has *een distri*"ted a on% the whole host so that it is !onf"sin% to !o"nt the &' )hen CP Ch!lainn 3ent ro!nd the ho t !ntil he 3a at bth n9rencha+ )here he c!t do3n a for%ed branch 3ith one blo3 of hi 3ord and fixed it in the middle of the tream o that a chariot co!ld not pa it on thi ide or on that+ Ihile he 3a th! en$a$ed Eirr and 4ndell 3ith their t3o charioteer , FLich and Fochlam, came !p 3ith him+ =e c!t off their fo!r head and impaled them on the fo!r pron$ of the for%ed branch+ =ence the name bth n9abla+ that i , at the place called Beloch Caille MLire to the north of Cno$ba, ;mar$inal note< & )hen the hor e of the fo!r men 3ent to3ard the ho t, 3ith their blood tained trappin$ + )he ho t tho!$ht that there had been a battle in the ford before them+ :

band 3ent from them to !r#ey the fordC they a3 only the trac% of one chariot and the for%ed branch 3ith the fo!r head and an o$am in cription on it ide+ :t that point the 3hole army arri#ed+ ^:re yonder head tho e of ome of o!r peopleZ_ a %ed Medb+ ^)hey are of o!r people and of o!r choice men,_ aid :ilill+ One of them read alo!d the o$am in cription that 3a on the ide of the for%ed branch- ^One man ha ca t thi for%ed branch 3ith one hand, and ye hall not $o pa t it !nle one of yo!, b!t not Fer$! , ha ca t it 3ith one hand+_ ^4t i mar#ello! ,_ aid :ilill, ^ho3 Q!ic%ly the fo!r 3ere lain+_ ^'o not thin% that mar#ello! ,_ aid Fer$! , ^b!t rather the c!ttin$ of the for%ed branch from it root 3ith one blo3, and if it end ho3 one c!ttin$, it i all the $reater achie#ement, and 7it i mar#ello! 8 that it ho!ld ha#e been dri#en in in thi manner, for no hole 3a d!$ for it b!t it 3a ca t from the bac% of a chariot 3ith one hand+_ ^'eli#er ! in thi diffic!lty, Fer$! ,_ aid Medb+ ^9i#e me a chariot then,_ aid Fer$! , ^that 4 may p!ll the branch o!t o that it may be een if it end ho3 one c!ttin$+_ )hen Fer$! ma hed fo!rteen of their chariot b!t from hi o3n chariot he dre3 the for%ed branch o!t of the $ro!nd and he a3 that it end 3a one c!ttin$+

{translation of lines 356-387} (e "st ta+e heed of the nat"re of the people to who we are %oin%)' said Ailill& 8et all of yo" prepare food& 8ast ni%ht was not restf"l for yo" with the snow& And let so e of the ad$ent"res and stories of the people to who we %o *e related to "s&' ,o then they were told the ad$ent"res of 9: 9h"lainn& :ilill a %ed ^4 it Conchobar 3ho ha done thi Z_ ^4t i not indeed,_ aid Fer$! + ^=e 3o!ld not ha#e come to the marche !nle he 3a accompanied by a n!mber !fficient to $i#e battle+_ ^Ia it Celtchar mac "thidirZ_ ^4t 3a not indeed,_ aid Fer$! + ^=e 3o!ld not ha#e come to the marche 3itho!t a n!mber !fficient to $i#e battle aro!nd him+_ ^Ia it EL$an mac '!rthachtZ_ ^4t 3a not indeed,_ aid Fer$! + ^=e 3o!ld not ha#e come pa t the marche 3itho!t thirty cythed chariot + )he man 3ho 3o!ld ha#e done the deed i CP Ch!lainn,_ aid Fer$! + ^4t i he 3ho 3o!ld ha#e c!t do3n the tree 3ith one blo3 from it root, and he 3ho 3o!ld ha#e %illed the fo!r men a Q!ic%ly a they 3ere %illed, and he 3ho 3o!ld ha#e come to the border accompanied 7only8 by hi charioteer+_ The Eulog+ of C Chulainn ^Ihat manner of man,_ a %ed :ilill, ^i thi =o!nd 3hom 3e ha#e heard of amon$ the "l termenZ Ihat a$e i that famo! yo!thZ_ ^4 can tell yo! that,_ aid Fer$! +

^4n hi fifth year he 3ent to the boy in Emain Macha to play+ 4n hi ixth year he 3ent to learn feat of arm to Sc@thach and (ent to (oo )mer + 4n hi e#enth year he too% !p arm + :t the pre ent time he i e#enteen year old+_ ^4 he the mo t formidable amon$ the "l termenZ_ a %ed Medb+ ^More o than any one of them,_ an 3ered Fer$! + ^Ho! 3ill not enco!nter a 3arrior harder to deal 3ith, nor a pearNpoint harper or %eener or Q!ic%er, nor a hero fiercer, nor a ra#en more #oracio! , nor one of hi a$e to eQ!al a third of hi #alo!r, nor a lion more a#a$e, nor a helter in battle nor a led$eNhammer for mitin$, nor a protector in fi$htin$, nor doom of ho t , nor one better able to chec% a $reat army+ Ho! 3ill not find there any man hi eQ!al in a$e li%e !nto CP Ch!lainn in $ro3th, in dre , in fear omene , in

{translation of lines 388-424} spee!h) in splendo"r) in $oi!e and appearan!e) in power and harshness) in feats) in $alo"r) in stri+in% power) in ra%e and in an%er) in $i!tory and in doo - dealin% and in $iolen!e) in stal+in%) in s"reness of ai and in %a e-+illin%) in swiftness and *oldness and ra%e) with the feat of nine en on e$ery spear- point&' ^4 ree% little of that,_ aid Medb+ ^=e ha b!t one bodyC he !ffer 3o!ndin$C he i not beyond capt!re+ Moreo#er he i only the a$e of a $ro3n $irl and a yet hi manly deed ha#e not de#eloped+_ ^Nay,_ aid Fer$! + ^4t 3ere no 3onder that he ho!ld perform a $oodly exploit today, for e#en 3hen he 3a yo!n$er, hi deed 3ere tho e of a man+_ The Bo+hood $eeds ^=e 3a reared,_ aid Fer$! , ^by hi father and mother at the :ir$thech in Ma$ M!irthemne+ =e 3a told the famo! tale of the yo!th in Emain+ For,_ aid Fer$! , ^thrice fifty yo!th are ! !ally there en$a$ed in play+ )hi i ho3 Conchobor pend hi time of o#erei$nty- one third of the day pent 3atchin$ the yo!th , another third playin$ fidchell, another third drin%in$ ale till he fall a leep therefrom+ )ho!$h 3e ha#e been exiled by him, 74 till maintain that8 there i not in 4reland a 3arrior more 3onderf!l,_ aid Fer$! + ^CP Ch!lainn a %ed hi mother to let him $o to *oin the boy + ^Ho! hall not $o,_ aid hi mother, ^till yo! be e corted by ome of the "l ter 3arrior +_ ^4 thin% it too lon$ to 3ait for that,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^&oint o!t to me in 3hat direction i Emain+_ ^)o the north there,_ aid hi mother, ^and the *o!rney i hard+ SlMab FPait lie bet3een yo! and Emain+_ ^4 hall ma%e an attempt at it at all e#ent ,_ aid CP

Ch!lainn+ =e 3ent off then 3ith hi 3ooden hield and hi toy *a#elin, hi h!rley and hi ball+ =e %ept thro3in$ the *a#elin in front of him and catchin$ it by the point before it end to!ched the $ro!nd+_ ^)hen he 3ent to the boy 3itho!t bindin$ them o#er to protect him+ For no one ! ed to come to them in their playin$Nfield till hi protection 3a $!aranteed, b!t CP Ch!lainn 3a not a3are of the fact that thi 3a tab! for them+ ^)he boy in !lt ! ,_ aid Follomon mac Conchobair+ ^Het 3e %no3 he i of the "l termen+ :ttac% him+_ )hey thre3 their thrice fifty *a#elin at him, and they all t!c% in hi toy hield+ )hen they thre3 all their ball at him and he

{translation of lines 425-459} !a"%ht the ) e$ery sin%le *all) a%ainst his *reast& 7hen they threw their thri!e fifty h"rlin%-!l"*s at hi & 2e warded the off so that they did not to"!h hi ) and he too+ a load of the on his *a!+&' ^)here!pon he became di torted+ =i hair tood on end o that it eemed a if each eparate hair on hi head had been hammered into it+ Ho! 3o!ld ha#e tho!$ht that there 3a a par% of fire on each in$le hair+ =e clo ed one eye o that it 3a no 3ider than the eye of a needleC he opened the other !ntil it 3a a lar$e a the mo!th of a meadN$oblet+ =e laid bare from hi *a3 to hi ear and opened hi mo!th ribN3ide7Z8 o that hi internal or$an 3ere #i ible+ )he champion' li$ht ro e abo#e hi head+_ ^)hen he attac%ed the boy + =e %noc%ed do3n fifty of them before they reached the $ate of Emain+ Nine of them came pa t me and Conchobar 3here 3e 3ere playin$ che + CP Ch!lainn leapt o#er the che Nboard in p!r !it of the nine+ Conchobar eiEed him by the forearm+ ^)he boy are not 3ell treated+_ aid Conchobar+ ^4t 3a ri$ht for me 7to treat them o8, ma ter Conchobar,_ aid he+ ^4 came to play 3ith them from my home, from my father and mother, and they 3ere not %ind to me+_ ^Ihat i yo!r nameZ_ aid Conchobar+ ^4 am SAtanta the on of SPaltaim and of 'eichtire, yo!r i ter+ 4t 3a not to be expected that 4 ho!ld be tormented there+_ ^Ihy 3ere the boy not bo!nd o#er to protect yo!Z_ a %ed Conchobar+ ^4 did not %no3 of 7the need of8 that,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^"nderta%e to protect me a$ain t them+_ ^4 a$ree,_ aid Conchobar+ B!t then he t!rned a$ain and attac%ed the boy thro!$ho!t the ho! e+ ^Ihat ha#e yo! $ot a$ain t them no3Z_ a %ed Conchobar+ ^(et me be bo!nd o#er to protect them,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^"nderta%e it then,_ aid Conchobar+ ^4 a$ree,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ So they all 3ent into the playin$ field+ :nd tho e boy 3ho had been %noc%ed do3n there ro e to their feet, helped by their fo termother and their fo terN father +_

^:t one time,_ aid Fer$! , ^3hen CP Ch!lainn 3a a boy, he ne#er lept in Emain+ ^)ell me,_ aid Conchobar to him, ^Ihy do yo! not leepZ_

{translation of lines 460-491} # do not sleep "nless y head and y feet are eL"ally hi%h&' ,o a pillar-stone was pla!ed *y 9on!ho*ar at his head and another at his feet) and a spe!ial !o"!h was ade for hi *etween the & -n another o!!asion a !ertain an went to wa+e hi and with his fist 9: 9h"lainn str"!+ hi on the forehead) dri$in% the front of his forehead on to his *rain) while with his ar he +no!+ed down the pillarstone& ,"rely)' said Ailill) that was the fist of a warrior and the ar of a stron% anR'' .ro that ti e on)' said .er%"s) they ne$er dared to wa+e hi 4*"t left hi 5 till he wo+e of his own a!!ord&' The $eath of the Bo+s ^:nother time he 3a playin$ ball in the playin$Nfield ea t of Emain, he alone on one ide a$ain t the thrice fifty boy + =e %ept defeatin$ them in e#ery $ame in that 3ay all the time+ E#ent!ally the boy be$an to belabo!r them 3ith hi fi t and fifty of them died+ Ihere!pon he fled and hid !nder the pillo3 of Conchobar' co!ch+ )he "l termen ro e !p aro!nd him b!t 4 and Conchobar tood !p to defend him+ )he boy ro e to hi feet !nder the co!ch and on to the floor of the ho! e he thre3 from him the co!ch to$ether 3ith the thirty 3arrior 3ho 3ere in it+_ ^)hen the "l termen at aro!nd him in the ho! e and 3e arran$ed matter and made peace bet3een the boy and him,_ aid Fer$! + The #ight bet"een Egan mac $urthacht and Conchobar ^)here 3a trife bet3een the "l termen and EL$an mac '!rthacht+ )he "l termen 3ent to battle 3hile CP Ch!lainn 3a left behind a leep+ )he "l termen 3ere defeated+ Conchobar and CP craid Menn Macha and many other be ide 3ere left on the field+ )heir $roan a3o%e CP Ch!lainn+ )hen he tretched him elf o that the t3o fla$N tone 3hich 3ere abo!t him 3ere ma hed+ Bricri! yonder 3itne ed thi happenin$,_ aid Fer$! + ^)hen he aro e+ 4 met him in front of the fort a 4 came in e#erely 3o!nded+ ^=eyc Ielcomec ma ter Fer$! ,_ aid he+ ^Ihere i ConchobarZ_ ^4 do not %no3,_ aid 4+

{translation of lines 492-527} 2e went on his way then& 7he ni%ht was dar+& 2e ade for the *attlefield& 2e saw in front of hi a an with half a head !arryin% the half of another an on his *a!+&' ^^=elp me, CP Ch!lainnc_ aid he+ ^4 ha#e been 3o!nded and 4 ha#e bro!$ht half of my brother on my bac%+ )a%e a t!rn 3ith me in carryin$ him+_ ^4 3ill not,_ aid he+ Ihere!pon the other thre3 the b!rden he 3a carryin$ to him, b!t CP Ch!lainn ca t it off+ )hey 3re tled then and CP Ch!lainn 3a thro3n+ =e heard the 3arN $odde cryin$ from amon$ the corp e + ^&oor t!ff to ma%e a 3arrior i he 3ho i o#erthro3n by phantom c_ Ihere!pon CP Ch!lainn ro e to hi feet, and, tri%in$ off hi opponent' head 3ith hi h!rley, he be$an to dri#e the head li%e a ball before him acro the plain_+ ^^4 my ma ter Conchobar on thi battleNfieldZ_ Conchobar an 3ered him+ CP Ch!lainn 3ent to3ard him and a3 him in the ditch 3ith the earth aro!nd him on all ide hidin$ him+ ^Ihy ha#e yo! come to the battleNfield_ aid Conchobar, ^3here yo! may die of fri$htZ_ =e lifted Conchobar o!t of the ditch then+ Six of o!r tron$ men in "l ter co!ld not ha#e lifted him o!t more co!ra$eo! ly+ ^9o before ! to yonder ho! e,_ aid Conchobar, ^and ma%e a fire for me there+_ =e %indled a bi$ fire for him+_ ^^Iell,_ aid Conchobar, ^if 4 no3 had a roa t pi$, 4 ho!ld li#e+_ ^4 3ill $o and fetch one,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ =e 3ent off then and a3 a man at a coo%in$Npit in the middle of the 3ood, 3ith one hand holdin$ hi 3eapon , the other coo%in$ a pi$+ 9reat 3a the fear omene of the man+ Ne#erthele he attac%ed him and carried off hi head and hi pi$+ :fter3ard Conchobar ate the pi$+ ^(et ! $o to o!r ho! e,_ aid Conchobar+ )hey met CP craid mac Conchobair+ =e too bore e#ere 3o!nd , CP Ch!lainn carried him on hi bac%+ )he three of them 3ent on to Emain Macha+_ The fate of the t"ent+?se7en men and the reason "h+ none dared to "ound the !lstermen "hen the+ "ere in their debilit+6 ^On another occa ion the "l termen 3ere in their debility+ ^:mon$ ! ,_ aid Fer$! , ^3omen and boy do not !ffer from the debility nor doe anyone o!t ide the territory of "l ter, nor yet

{translation of lines 528-563} 9: 9h"lainn and his father) and so none dares to shed their *lood for whosoe$er wo"nds the at on!e s"ffers hi self fro the de*ility or he wastes away or his life-span is shortened&''

^)3entyN e#en men came to ! from the 4 le of Faiche+ Ihile 3e 3ere !fferin$ the debility they climbed o#er into o!r bac%co!rt+ )he 3omen in the fort cried o!t in 3arnin$+ )he boy 3ho 3ere in the playin$Nfield came on hearin$ the crie , b!t 3hen they a3 the dar% $loomy men, they all fled except CP Ch!lainn alone+ =e ca t handN tone at them and belabo!red them 3ith hi h!rley+ =e %illed nine of them b!t they dealt him fifty 3o!nd , and then they 3ent off_+ ^4f a man did tho e deed 3hen he 3a fi#e year old, it 3ere no 3onder that he ho!ld ha#e come to the marche , and c!t off the head of yon fo!r men+_ The killing of the &mithEs 0ound b+ C Chulainn and the reason "h+ he is called C Chulainn ^4ndeed 3e %no3 that boy_, aid Conall Cernach, ^and 3e %no3 him all the better in that he i a fo terlin$ of o!r + Not lon$ after the deed 3hich Fer$! ha *! t related, he performed another exploit+_ ^Ihen C!lann the mith prepared a fea t for Conchobar, he a %ed Conchobar not to brin$ a $reat cro3d 3ith him for the fea t he had made 3a not pro#ided by hi po e ion of land or e tate b!t 3a $ained by the 3or% of hi hand and hi ton$ + )hen Conchobar et off to$ether 3ith fifty chariotN3arrior , the noble t and mo t ill! trio! of the heroe +_ ^Conchobar #i ited the playin$Nfield then+ 4t 3a al3ay hi c! tom to pay the boy a fleetin$ #i it to a % a $reetin$ of them+ )here he a3 CP Ch!lainn playin$ ball a$ain t thrice fifty boy , and defeatin$ them+ Ihen they 3ere en$a$ed in dri#in$ the ball into the hole, he 3o!ld fill the hole 3ith hi ball and the boy 3o!ld not be able to 3ard him off+ Ihen it 3a they 3ho 3ere thro3in$ at the hole, he by him elf 3o!ld 3ard them off o that not e#en a in$le ball 3o!ld $o into it+ Ihen they 3ere 3re tlin$, he alone 3o!ld thro3 the thrice fifty boy , yet not all of them to$ether co!ld !rro!nd him to thro3 him+ Ihen they 3ere en$a$ed in the $ame of trippin$ one another, he 3o!ld trip them all tar%Nna%ed b!t they co!ld not e#en ta%e hi brooch from hi mantle+ Conchobor mar#elled at thi + =e a %ed if the boy' deed 3o!ld corre pond 7to hi pre ent one 8 3hen he attained the a$e of manhood+ )hey all aid that they 3o!ld+ Conchobor aid to CP Ch!lainn

{lines 564-595} 9o e with e to the feast to whi!h we are %oin% sin!e yo" are a %"est&' # ha$e not yet had y fill of play) aster 9on!ho*or)' said the *oy& # shall follow yo"&' (hen they had all !o e to the feast) 9"lann as+ed 9on!ho*arQ Ao yo" eNpe!t anyone to follow yo"0' Mo)' said 9on!ho*or&

2e did not re e *er the arran%e ent with his fosterlin% to !o e after hi & # ha$e a *lood ho"nd)' ;i6e6 a hound brought from o7erseas* i6e6 the "help of a mastiff6 < aid C!lann+ ^)here are three chain on him and three men holdin$ each chain+ =e 3a bro!$ht from Spain+ (et him be loo ed to $!ard o!r cattle and o!r toc% and let the fort be h!t+_ :t that point the boy arri#ed+ )he do$ made for him+ =e till %ept on 3ith the playC he 3o!ld thro3 hi ball and then thro3 hi h!rley after it o that it tr!c% the ball, neither tro%e bein$ $reater than the other+ :nd he thre3 hi toy pear after them and ca!$ht it before it fell+ :nd tho!$h the do$ 3a approachin$ him, it interfered not 3ith hi play+ Conchobor and hi ho! ehold 3ere o di mayed by thi that they co!ld not mo#e+ )hey tho!$ht they 3o!ld not reach him ali#e tho!$h the fort 3a open+ No3 3hen the ho!nd came to3ard the boy, he ca t a ide hi ball and hi h!rley, and he tac%led the do$ 3ith both hand , that i , he p!t one hand on the apple of the ho!nd' throat and the other at the bac% of hi head, and da hed him a$ain t the pillarN tone that 3a be ide him o that all the ho!nd' limb pran$ apart+ :ccordin$ to another #er ion, ho3e#er, he thre3 hi ball into the ho!nd' mo!th and it dro#e hi entrail o!t thro!$h him+_ ^)he "l termen ro e !p to fetch the boy, ome leapin$ o#er the 3all of the co!rt, other $oin$ o!t by the $ate+ )hey placed him in Conchobar' arm + : $reat alarm 3a rai ed by them at the tho!$ht that the on of the %in$' i ter had almo t been %illed+ :t that point C!lann entered the ho! e+_ ^^Ielcome, little lad, for yo!r mother' a%e+ B!t a for my elf, 3o!ld that 4 had not prepared a fea tc My li#elihood i no3 a li#elihood 3a ted, my h! bandry a h! bandry lo t 3itho!t my ho!nd+ That hound (as not one of the three hounds that (ere in the brain of Conganchness* as some hold* for it (as to ta+e ,engeance for C Ro$-s death on the men of .lster that Conganchness had gone and that happened long after the Cattle-Raid* but C Chulainn (as onl/ se,en /ears old (hen he +illed the smith-s hound% Thus the theor/ held b/ those people is false0 the smith-s hound had been brought from 1pain* as is asserted in the te2t of the tale + )he er#ant 3ho ha been ta%en from me, that i , my

{translation of lines 596-629} ho"nd) aintained life and hono"r for e& 2e was defen!e and prote!tion for y %oods and y !attle& 2e %"arded all y *easts for e in field and in ho"se&'' ^^)hat i no $reat matter,_ aid the boy+ ^: 3help of the ame litter 3ill be reared by me for yo!, and !ntil !ch time a that ho!nd $ro3 and i fit for action, 4

my elf hall be a ho!nd to protect yo!r cattle and to protect yo!r elf+ :nd 4 hall protect all Ma$ M!rthemneC neither floc% nor herd hall be ta%en thence from me 3itho!t my %no3in$ it+_ ^Ho!r name hall be CP Ch!lainn 7the =o!nd of C!lann8 then,_ aid Catbhad+ ^4 am $lad that it ho!ld be my name,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ 4t 3ere no ca! e of 3onder that one 3ho had done thi 3hen he 3a e#en, ho!ld ha#e performed a #aliant deed no3 that he i e#enteen year old,_ aid Conall Cernach+ The $eath of -echta &c@neEs Three &ons ^=e did till another exploit,_ aid Fiach! mac Fir Fhebe+ ^Cathbad the dr!id 3a 3ith hi on Conchobar mac Ne a+ )here 3ere 3ith him a h!ndred acti#e men learnin$ the dr!id' art5that 3a the n!mber that Cathbad ! ed to in tr!ct+ One of hi p!pil a %ed him for 3hat that day 3o!ld be of $ood omen+ Cathbad aid that if a 3arrior too% !p arm on that day, hi name for deed of #alo!r 3o!ld be %no3n thro!$ho!t 4reland and hi fame 3o!ld la t for e#er+ CP Ch!lainn heard thi + =e 3ent to Conchobar to a % for arm + Conchobar a %ed- ^Iho prophe ied $ood fort!ne for yo!Z_ ^Ma ter Cathbad,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ie %no3 him indeed,_ aid Conchobar+ =e $a#e him a pear and a hield+ CP Ch!lainn brandi hed them in the middle of the hall o that not one 3a left !nbro%en of the fifteen pare et of 3eapon 3hich 3ere %ept in Conchobar' ho! ehold to replace bro%en 3eapon or to pro#ide for the ta%in$ !p of arm by omeone+ Finally Conchobar' o3n arm 3ere $i#en to him+ )hey 3ith tood him, and he brandi hed them and ble ed the %in$ 3ho e arm they 3ere, ayin$- ^=appy the people and race o#er 3hom rei$n the o3ner of the e arm __ ^)hen Cathbad came to them and a %ed- ^4 the boy ta%in$ !p arm Z_ ^He ,_ aid Conchobar+

{translation of lines 630-668} 7hat is not l"!+y for the son of his other)' said he& (hy) was it not yo" who instr"!ted hi 0' #t was not # indeed)' said 9ath*ad& (hat "se is it for yo" to de!ei$e e so) yo" sprite0' said 9on!ho*ar to 9: 9h"lainn& - +in% of the .Can) it is no de!eit)' said 9: 9h"lainn& 2e prophesied %ood fort"ne for his p"pils this ornin% and # heard hi fro where # was on the so"th side of < ain) and then # !a e to yo"&' #t is indeed a day of %ood o en)' said 9ath*ad& #t is !ertain that he who ta+es "p ar s today will *e fa o"s and renowned) *"t he will) howe$er) *e short-li$ed&' A i%hty thin%R' said 9: 9h"lainn& /ro$ided # *e fa o"s) # a !ontent to *e only one day on earth&''

^On another day a certain man a %ed the dr!id for 3hat that day 3a a $ood omen+ ^)he name of one 3ho $oe 7for the fir t time8 into a chariot on thi day,_ aid Cathbad, ^3ill be famed thro!$ho!t 4reland for e#er+_ )hen CP Ch!lainn heard thi , and he came to Conchobar and aid to him- ^Ma ter Conchobar, $i#e me a chariot+_ Conchobar $a#e him a chariot+ CP Ch!lainn p!t hi hand bet3een the t3o haft and the chariot bro%e+ 4n the ame 3ay he ma hed t3el#e chariot + So finally Conchobar' chariot 3a $i#en to him and it 3ith tood the te t+ )hereafter he 3ent into the chariot 3ith Conchobar' charioteer+ )he charioteer, 3ho e name 3a 4bor, t!rned the chariot !nder him+ ^Come o!t of the chariot no3,_ aid the charioteer+ ^)he e are fine hor e +_ ^4 am fine too, lad,_ aid CP Cl!lainn+ ^T! t $o on aro!nd Emain and yo! hall be re3arded for it+__ ^)he charioteer dro#e off and CP Ch!lainn made him $o alon$ the road that he mi$ht $reet the boy , ^and o that the boy may 3i h me 3ell+_ )hen he be o!$ht him to $o bac% o#er the road a$ain+ Ihen they had come there CP Ch!lainn aid to the charioteer- ^&ly the $oad on the hor e +_ ^4n 3hat directionZ_ a %ed the charioteer+ ^: far a the road 3ill lead,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+_ ^)hence they came to SlMab FPait 3here they fo!nd Conall Cernach+ 4t had fallen to Conall to $!ard the pro#ince that day+ For each 3arrior of the "l termen pent a day in t!rn in SlMab

{translation of lines 669-703} .:ait) to prote!t anyone who !a e that way with poetry or with !hallen%e to *attle) so that there he i%ht *e en!o"ntered and so that no one sho"ld %o "nnoti!ed into < ain& # wish yo" prosperity) $i!tory and tri" phR' said 9onall& Bo to the fort) 9onall) and lea$e e here to wat!h now)' said 9: 9h"lainn& 7hat will do)' said 9onall) if it is 4 erely5 to "nderta+e the prote!tion of one !o in% with poetry& 2owe$er) if it *e to fi%ht so e one) it is still too soon for yo" to do that&' /erhaps it will not *e ne!essary at all)' said 9: 9h"lainn& ;eanwhile let "s %o to ta+e a loo+ at the sand-*an+ of 8o!h <!htra& 7here are "s"ally warriors stayin% there&' # a willin%)' said 9onall& ,o they set o"t&' ^CP Ch!lainn thre3 a tone from hi lin$ and the haft of Conall Cernach' chariot bro%e+ ^Ihy ha#e yo! thro3n the tone, ladZ_ a %ed Conall+ ^)o te t my hootin$ and the acc!racy of my hot,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^:nd it i the c! tom 3ith yo! "l termen that yo! do not dri#e on in a chariot 3hich i !n afe+ 9o bac% to Emain ma ter Conall, and lea#e me here to %eep 3atch+_ ^4 am 3illin$,_ aid Conall+ Conall Cernach did not $o pa t that pot after3ard +_

^CP Ch!lainn 3ent on to (och Echtra b!t they fo!nd no one there+ )he charioteer told CP Ch!lainn that they ho!ld $o to Emain to be in time for the fea tin$ there+ ^No,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ihat mo!ntain i that o#er thereZ_ ^SlMab Mond!irnd,_ aid the charioteer+ ^(et ! $o to it,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+_ ^)hen they 3ent to it, and 3hen they had reached the mo!ntain, CP Ch!lainn a %ed ^Ihat 3hite cairn i that o#er there on the mo!ntainNtopZ_ ^Finncharn,_ aid the charioteer+ ^Ihat plain i that yonderZ_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ma$ mBre$,_ aid the charioteer+_ ^So he told him the name of e#ery chief fort bet3een )emair and Cennanna + =e named, moreo#er, their meado3land and their ford , their reno3ned place and their d3ellin$ , their fort and their fortified hei$ht + =e ho3ed him too the fort of the three on of Nechta ScAne, from Inber 1cene+ 3er .lli mac "ugdach (as their father and 4echtan 1c ne their mother% The .lstermen had +illed their father (hich is the reason the/ (ere at (ar (ith the .lstermen to 3it, FLill, Fannall and )Pachell+

{translation of lines 704-738} #s it they who say)' as+ed 9: 9h"lainn) that there are not ore =lster en ali$e than they ha$e +illed of the 0' #t is they indeed)' said the !harioteer& 8et "s %o to eet the )' said 9: 9h"lainn& #t is dan%ero"s for "s)' said the !harioteer&' ^^4ndeed it i not to a#oid dan$er that 3e $o,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ )hen they et off, and they !nyo%ed their hor e at the confl!ence of a bo$ and a ri#er, on the o!th abo#e the fort of the on of Nechta ScAne+ :nd CP Ch!lainn ca t the 3ithe that 3a on the pillarN tone a far a hi arm co!ld thro3 it o!t into the ri#er and let it float do3n tream+ )hi #iolated a tab! 3hich bo!nd the on of Nechta ScAne 3ho noticed 3hat had been done and came to3ard them+ B!t CP Ch!lainn, after lettin$ the 3ithe drift 3ith the c!rrent, fell a leep at the pillarN tone, ha#in$ aid to the charioteer- ^'o not 3a%e me for a fe3, b!t 3a%e me for e#eral+__ ^=o3e#er the charioteer 3a no3 ore afraid, and he harne ed the chariot and he t!$$ed at the r!$ and %inNco#erin$ that 3ere !nder CP Ch!lainn, tho!$h he did not dare to 3a%en him beca! e CP Ch!lainn had pre#io! ly told him not to 3a%en him for a fe3+_ ^)hen came the on of Nechta ScAne+ ^Iho i hereZ_ aid one of them+ ^: little lad 3ho ha come on an expedition in a chariot today,_ an 3ered the charioteer+ ^May hi fir t ta%in$ !p of arm not brin$ him pro perity or !cce + =e m! t not tay in o!r land and the hor e m! t not $raEe here any lon$er,_ aid the 3arrior+

^)heir rein are ready in my hand+_ aid the charioteer+ ^Ho! had no rea on to ho3 yo!r elf !nfriendly to him, and any3ay,_ aid 4bor to the 3arrior, ^the lad i a leep+_ ^4 am no lad indeed,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^b!t the lad 3ho i here ha come to ee% battle 3ith a man+_ ^)hat plea e me 3ell,_ aid the 3arrior+ ^4t 3ill plea e yo! 3ell no3 in yonder ford,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)hi i fittin$ for yo!,_ aid the charioteer+ ^Be3are of the man 3ho come a$ain t yo!+ FLill 7Sly8 i hi name+ 4f yo! reach him not 3ith the fir t thr! t, yo! 3ill ne#er reach him+_ ^4 3ear by the $od by 3hom my people 3ear, he hall not play that tric% a$ain on "l termen if once the broad pear of my ma ter Conchobar reach him from my hand+ 4t 3ill mean an o!tla3' hand, that i , death, for him+_

{translation of lines 739-776} 7hen 9: 9h"lainn !ast the spear at .Dill so that his *a!+ *ro+e therefro and he !arried off his spoils and his se$ered head then&' ^^Be3are of the next man,_ aid the charioteer+ ^Fannall 7S3allo38 i hi name+ =e %im o#er 3ater a li$htly a a 3an or a 3allo3+_ ^4 3ear that he 3ill not play that tic% on "l termen a$ain,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ho! ha#e een ho3 4 tra#el acro the pool in Emain+_ )hen they met in the ford+ CP Ch!lainn %illed that man and carried off hi poil and hi head+_ ^^Be3are of the next man 3ho come to yo!,_ aid the charioteer+ ^)Pachell 7C!nnin$8 i hi name, and it i no mi nomer for no 3eapon 3o!nd him+_ ^=ere i the deil chlis for him to confo!nd him o that it may riddle him li%e a ie#e,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ )hen he ca t the pear at him and %noc%ed him do3n+ =e 3ent to3ard him and c!t off hi head+ =e carried off hi head and hi poil to hi o3n charioteer+ )hen he heard the cry of their mother, Nechta ScAne, be3ailin$ them+ =e carried off the poil and bro!$ht the three head 3ith him in hi chariot and aid ^4 3ill not part from the e to%en of my tri!mph !ntil 4 reach Emain+_ )here!pon they et forth 3ith their trophie + CP Ch!lainn aid to the charioteer^Ho! promi ed ! a $ood dri#e, and 3e need it no3 beca! e of the fi$ht and beca! e of the p!r !it behind ! +__ ^)hey dro#e on then to SlMab FPait+ So 3ift 3a the r!n they made acro Bre$a after hi !r$in$ of the charioteer that the chariotNhor e ! ed to o!t trip the 3ind and bird in fli$ht, and CP Ch!lainn ! ed to catch the tone he had thro3n from hi lin$ before it reached the $ro!nd+_ ^On reachin$ SlMab F!ait they fo!nd a herd of deer before them+ ^Ihat are tho e nimble cattle o#er thereZ_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^Iild deer,_ aid the charioteer+ ^Ihich 3o!ld the "l termen deem be t, that 4 ho!ld ta%e them to them ali#e or

deadZ_ ^4t i more 3onderf!l 7to ta%e them8 ali#e_ aid the charioteer+ ^Not e#ery one can do o, b!t there i not one of them 3ho cannot ta%e them dead+ B!t yo! cannot carry off any one of them ali#e,_ added the charioteer+ ^4ndeed 4 can,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^&ly the $oad on the hor e and dri#e them to the bo$+_

{translation of lines 777-812} 7he !harioteer did so) and the horses st"!+ fast in the *o%& 9: 9h"lainn spran% o"t of the !hariot and !a"%ht the deer that was nearest to hi and the finest of the herd& 2e lashed the horses thro"%h the *o% and s"*d"ed the deer i ediately and tied it "p *etween the two poles of the !hariot&' ^:$ain they a3 before them a floc% of 3an + ^Ihich 3o!ld the "l termen deem be t,_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn, ^that 4 ho!ld carry them ali#e to them or carry them deadZ_ ^)he bra#e t and mo t acti#e carry them off ali#e,_ aid the charioteer+ CP Ch!lainn then thre3 a mall tone at the bird and bro!$ht do3n ei$ht of them+ :$ain he thre3 a bi$ tone and tr!c% t3el#e of them+ :ll thi 3a done by hi ^ret!rnN tro%e_+ ^Collect the bird for me,_ aid CP Ch!lainn to hi charioteer+ ^4f 4 $o to $et them, the 3ild deer 3ill prin$ on yo!+__ ^^4t i not ea y for me to $o there,_ aid the charioteer+ ^)he hor e ha#e become 3ild o that 4 cannot $o pa t them+ Nor can 4 $o pa t the iron 3heel of the chariot beca! e of their harpne , and 4 cannot $o pa t the deer for hi antler ha#e filled all the pace bet3een the t3o pole of the chariot+_ ^Step from hi antler then,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4 3ear by the $od by 3hom the "l termen 3ear, that 4 hall o nod at him and o $lare at him that he 3ill not mo#e hi head to3ard yo! and 3ill not dare to tir+_ )hat 3a done then+ CP Ch!lainn fa tened the rein and the charioteer collected the bird + )hen CP Ch!lainn tied the bird to the trin$ and cord of the chariot+ 4n thi 3i e he 3ent to Emain Macha 3ith a 3ild deer behind hi chariot, a floc% of 3an fl!tterin$ o#er it and three e#ered head in hi chariot+_ ^)hey reached Emain then+ ^: chariotN3arrior i dri#in$ to3ard yo!c_ cried the 3atchman in Emain Macha+ ^=e 3ill hed the blood of e#ery man in the fort !nle heed be ta%en and na%ed 3omen $o o!t to meet him+__ ^)hen he t!rned the left ide of hi chariot to3ard Emain 3hich 3a tab! for it+ :nd CP Ch!lainn aid+ ^4 3ear by the $od by 3hom "l termen 3ear that, !nle ome man i fo!nd to fi$ht 3ith me, 4 hall hed the blood of e#eryone in the fort+_ ^Send forth na%ed 3omen to meet him c_ ordered Conchobor+ )hen the 3omenN fol% of Emain came forth to meet him led by M!$ain,

or by FArach, accordin$ to other #er ion ;$lo < the wife of 9on!ho*or

a! Messa) and they *ared their *reasts to hi &

{translation of lines 813-843} 7hese are the warriors who will en!o"nter yo" today)' said ;"%ain& or FArach ;$lo <] &' ^=e hid hi face+ )hen the 3arrior of Emain eiEed him and ca t him into a t!b of cold 3ater+ )hat t!b b!r t abo!t him+ )he econd t!b into 3hich he 3a pl!n$ed boiled hand hi$h therefrom+ )he third t!b into 3hich he 3ent after that he 3armed o that it heat and it cold 3ere properly ad*! ted for him+ )hen he came o!t and the Q!een, M!$ain, p!t on him a bl!e mantle 3ith a il#er brooch therein, and a hooded t!nic, and he at at Conchobor' %nee 3hich 3a hi re tin$Nplace al3ay after that+_ ^One 3ho did that in hi e#enth year,_ aid Fiach! mac Fir &ebe, ^it 3ere no 3onder that he ho!ld tri!mph o#er odd and o#ercome in fair fi$ht no3 that hi e#enteen year are complete today+_ A different Fersion up to the $eath of Brlm ^(et ! $o for3ard no3,_ aid :ilill+ )hen they reached Ma$ M!cceda+ )here CP Ch!lainn c!t do3n an oa%tree in their path and on it ide he 3rote an o$am in cription 3hich aid that none ho!ld $o pa t it !ntil a 3arrior ho!ld leap acro it in a chariot+ )hey pitched their tent at that pot and they came to leap acro it in their chariot + )hirty hor e fell in the attempt and thirty chariot 3ere bro%en there+ BAlach nbne i the name of that place e#er ince+ The $eath of #rech )hey remained there till the morro3+ Fr@ech 3a !mmoned to them+ ^=elp ! , Fr@ech,_ aid Medb+ ^'eli#er ! in thi trait+ 9o for ! to meet CP Ch!lainn to ee if perhap yo! may enco!nter him in battle+_ Fr@ech et forth, a company of nine men, early in the mornin$ and reached bth FPait+ =e a3 a 3arrior bathin$ in the ri#er+ ^Iait here,_ aid Fr@ech to hi follo3er , ^till 4 fi$ht 3ith yonder man+ =e i not $ood in 3ater+_ =e too% off hi clothe and 3ent into the 3ater to CP Ch!lainn+

^'o not come a$ain t me,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ho! 3ill die if yo! do and 4 ho!ld be orry to %ill yo!+_

{translation of lines 844-879} #ndeed # shall %o)' said .rFe!h) so that we ay eet in the water) and %i$e e fair play&' Arran%e that as yo" please)' said 9: 9h"lainn& 8et ea!h of "s !lasp the other 4and wrestle5)' said .rFe!h& .or a lon% ti e they +ept wrestlin% in the water) and .rFe!h was s"* er%ed& 9: 9h"lainn lifted hi "p a%ain& Mow this ti e will yo" yield and a!!ept yo"r life0' said 9: 9h"lainn& # will not)' said .rFe!h& CP Ch!lainn thr! t him do3n a$ain and Fr@ech died+ =e came to land+ =i people carried hi body to the encampment+ E#er after that ford 3a called bth FraMch+ )he 3hole encampment mo!rned for Fr@ech+ )hey a3 a band of 3omen dre ed in $reen t!nic bendin$ o#er the corp e of Fr@ech mac 4daid+ )hey carried him off into the fairy mo!nd 3hich 3a called SMd FraMch e#er after3ard + #ergus leapt across the oak?tree in his o"n chariot6 )hey 3ent on a far a bth )aiten+ )here CP Ch!lainn o#erthre3 ix of them, namely, the ix '!n$ail 4rr!i + )hence they 3ent on to Fornocht+ Medb had a yo!n$ ho!nd named Bai cne+ CP Ch!lainn thre3 a tone at it and too% it head off+ 'r!im Bai cne 3a the name of that place henceforth+ ^4t i a di $race for yo!,_ aid Medb, ^that yo! do not h!nt do3n that 3ic%ed hind 3ho i %illin$ yo!+_ So they 3ent in p!r !it of him then and the haft of their chariot bro%e in the h!ntin$+ The $eath of Brlm On the morro3 they 3ent o#er 4raird C!lenn+ CP Ch!lainn 3ent for3ard and came !pon the charioteer of Krl@m, on of :ilill and Medb, at a place called )amlachta Krl@im a little to the north of 'M ert (ochait 3here he 3a c!ttin$ 3ood+ :ccordin$ to another #er ion, ho3e#er, it 3a the haft of CP Ch!lainn' chariot that had bro%en and he had $one to c!t a ne3 haft 3hen he met the charioteer of OKac!teCrl@m+ B!t accordin$ to thi #er ion it 3a the charioteer 3ho c!t the haft + ^4t i a bold action on the part of the "l termen if it i they 3ho are yonder,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^3hile the army i on their trac%+_ =e 3ent to the charioteer to

reprimand him, thin%in$ he 3a one of the "l termen+ =e a3 the man c!ttin$ 3ood, that i , chariotN haft +

{translation of lines 880-915} ^Ihat are yo! doin$ hereZ_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^C!ttin$ chariotN haft ,_ aid the charioteer+ ^Ie ha#e bro%en o!r chariot h!ntin$ yon 3ild deer, CP Ch!lainn+ =elp me,_ aid the charioteer+ ^'ecide 3hether yo! 3ill collect the haft or trip them+_ ^4 3ill trip them,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ )hen CP Ch!lainn tripped the haft bet3een hi fin$er in the pre ence of the other, and he cleaned them both of bar% and of %not + ^4t 3a not yo!r proper 3or% that 4 et yo!,_ aid the charioteer 3ho 3a ore afraid+ ^Iho are yo!Z_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^4 am the charioteer of OKac!teCrl@m, on of :ilill and Medb,_ aid he+ ^:nd 3ho are yo!Z_ ^My name i CP Ch!lainn,_ aid he+ ^Ioe i me c_ aid the charioteer+ ^Fear nothin$,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ihere i yo!r ma terZ_ ^=e i on the mo!nd yonder,_ aid the charioteer+ ^Come on then 3ith me,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^for 4 do not %ill charioteer +_ CP Ch!lainn 3ent to OKac!teCrl@m, %illed him and c!t off hi head and brandi hed it before the ho t+ =e p!t the head then on the charioteer' bac% and aid- ^)a%e that 3ith yo! and $o th! to the camp+ 4f yo! do not $o th! , 4 hall ca t a tone at yo! from my lin$+_ Ihen the charioteer dre3 near the camp, he too% the head from hi bac%, and related hi ad#ent!re to :ilill and Medb+ ^4t i not li%e catchin$ a fled$lin$,_ aid he+ ^:nd he aid that if 4 did not brin$ the head to the camp on my bac%, he 3o!ld brea% my head for me 3ith a tone+_ The $eath of the three &ons of 3rach )hen the three Meic 9@rach remained at their ford+ )heir name 3ere (on, hal! and 'ili!, and Me (ir, Me (Lech and Me (ethan 3ere their three charioteer + )hey tho!$ht CP Ch!lainn had $one too far in doin$ 3hat he had done, namely, %illin$ the %in$' t3o fo terN on and hi on and brandi hin$ hi on' head before the ho t+ 7)hey came then8 that they mi$ht %ill CP Ch!lainn in re#en$e for OKac!teCrl@m and o that they mi$ht them el#e alone remo#e thi ca! e of anxiety from the ho t+ )hey c!t three 3ooden rod for their charioteer o that the ix of them to$ether mi$ht do battle 3ith CP Ch!lainn+ B!t then he %illed all of them for they had bro%en the term of fair play+

{translation of lines 916-948} :t that time OKac!teCrl@m' charioteer 3a tandin$ bet3een :ilill and Medb+ CP Ch!lainn thre3 a tone at him and hi head bro%e and hi brain $! hed o!t o#er hi ear + =i name 3a Fer )eidil+ So it i not tr!e that CP Ch!lainn ne#er le3 charioteer C b!t he did not %ill them !nle they 3ere at fa!lt+ The $eath of the 'arten and of the %et Bird CP Ch!lainn threatened in MAithe that, 3here#er after3ard he ho!ld ee :ilill or Medb, he 3o!ld ca t a tone from hi lin$ at them+ =e did o indeedC he thre3 a tone from hi lin$ and %illed the marten on Medb' ho!lder o!th of the ford+ =ence i the name MAithe )o$maill+ :nd north of the ford he %illed the bird that 3a on :ilill' ho!lder+ =ence the name MAithe nEoin+ 5Or, accordin$ to another #er ion, both marten and bird 3ere on Medb' ho!lder and their head 3ere tr!c% off by the tone ca t+ )hen RePin 3a dro3ned in hi la%eC hence the name (och ReLin+ ^Ho!r opponent i not far from yo!,_ aid :ilill to the Maine + )hey ro e to their feet and $aEed aro!nd+ Ihen they at do3n a$ain CP Ch!lainn tr!c% one of them and ma hed hi head+ ^)hat 3a no !cce f!l expeditionc 4t ill befitted yo! to boa t,_ aid MaenAn the *e ter+ ^4 ho!ld ha#e c!t hi head off+_ )hen CP Ch!lainn ca t a tone at him and ma hed hi head+ 4n thi manner then the e men 3ere %illed- fir t of all OKac!teCrl@m on hi hei$ht, then the three Meic 9@rach at their ford, Fer )eidil at hi dedil and MaenAn on hi hill+ ^4 3ear by the $od by 3hom my people 3ear,_ aid :ilill, ^that 4 hall c!t in t3ain 3hate#er man hall ma%e a moc% of CP Ch!lainn here+ Come on no3, 4 be$ yo!, tra#ellin$ by day and by ni$ht !ntil 3e reach CPailn$e+ )hat man 3ill %ill t3o third of yo!r army 7if he contin!e8 in thi 3ay+_ )hen the harper of CaMn Bile came to them from E R!aid to entertain them 3ith m! ic+ B!t they tho!$ht that the harper had come from the "l termen to py on them+ So they h!nted them !ntil they 3ent before them into the pillarN tone at (Ma MLr in the north, tran formed into deer, for 7in reality8 they 3ere dr!id po e ed of $reat occ!lt %no3led$e+ The $eath of 1ethan (ethan came on to hi ford o#er the NMth in Conaille, and he indeed 3aited to enco!nter CP Ch!lainn+ =e 3a $rie#ed by 3hat CP


{translation of lines 949-987} 9h"lainn had already done& 9: 9h"lainn !"t off his head and left it there *eside the *ody& 2en!e is the na e Gth 8ethan on the MCth& And their !hariots *ro+e when they et on the ford *eside it& 2en!e is the na e Gth 9arpat& ;"l!ha) 8ethan1s !harioteer) fell on the sho"lder of the hill that lies *etween Gth 8ethan and Gth 9arpat& 2en!e !o es the pla!e-na e B:ala ;"l!ha& Ihile the army 3a $oin$ o#er Ma$ mBre$ :llecto came for a 3hile, that i , the MLrrM$an, in the form of a bird 3hich perched on the pillarN tone in )emair CPailn$e and aid to the b!ll- ^'oe the re tle Blac% B!ll %no3 7it8 3itho!t de tr!cti#e fal ehoodZ +++ 4 ha#e a ecret that the Blac% B!ll 3ill %no3 if he $raEe7Z8 +++ on the $reen $ra +++ Fierce i the ra#en, men are dead, a orro3f!l ayin$ +++ e#ery day the death of a $reat tribe +++ _ )hen the b!ll 3ent 3ith fifty heifer to SlMab C!illinn, and hi herd man, For$aimen, follo3ed him+ )he b!ll thre3 off the thrice fifty boy 3ho ! ed to play on hi bac% and %illed t3o third of them+ :nd before he 3ent he pa3ed the earth in )ir Mar$Ani in CPailn$e+ CP Ch!lainn did not %ill anyone bet3een the Saili 4mdoirchi in the di trict of Conaille !ntil they reached CPailn$e+ CP Ch!lainn 3a then on the mo!ntain C!inche+ =e threatened that 3here#er he a3 Medb he 3o!ld ca t a tone at her head+ )hi 3a not ea y for him, for Medb tra#elled !rro!nded by half the army and 3ith a creen of hield o#er her head+ The $eath of 1cha : handmaid of Medb' called (Lcha 3ent 3ith a $reat company of 3omen to fetch 3ater+ CP Ch!lainn tho!$ht that he 3a Medb+ =e thre3 a tone at her from C!inche and %illed her on her plain+ =ence come the placeNname RAid (Lcha in CPailn$e+ From Findabair CPailn$e the army cattered and et the co!ntry on fire+ )hey $athered to$ether all the 3omen, boy , $irl and co3 that 3ere in CPailn$e and bro!$ht them all to Findabair+ ^Ho!r expedition 3a not !cce f!l,_ aid Medb+ ^4 do not ee that yo! ha#e the b!ll+_ ^=e i not in the pro#ince at all,_ aid they all+ (Lthar+ Medb' co3herd 3a !mmoned to them+ ^Ihere do yo! thin% the b!ll i Z_ he a %ed+ ^4 am afraid to tell,_ aid the co3herd+ ^)he ni$ht that the "l termen fell into their debility the b!ll 3ent a3ay 3ith ixty heifer and he i no3 in '!bchaire in 9lenn 9at+_

{translation of lines 988-1018} Bo)' said ;ed*) and ta+e a withe *etween ea!h pair of yo"&' 7hey did so then) and hen!e the %len is !alled Blenn Bat& 7hen they *ro"%ht the *"ll to .inda*air& (hen the *"ll !a"%ht si%ht of 8Dthar the !owherd) he r"shed at hi and dise *owelled hi with his horns& 7hen to%ether with his thri!e fifty heifers the *"ll ade for the en!a p ent and fifty warriors were +illed *y hi &7hat is the Aeath of 8Dthar on the .oray& )hen the b!ll 3ent a3ay from them o!t of the camp, b!t they %ne3 not 3here he had $one and they 3ere $rie#ed+ Medb a %ed the co3herd if he %ne3 3here the b!ll 3a + ^4 fancy that he mi$ht be in the rece e of SlMab C!illinn+_ So they t!rned bac% after ra#a$in$ CPailn$e b!t they did not find the b!ll there+ )he ri#er Cronn ro e !p a$ain t them a hi$h a the top of the tree + )hey pent the ni$ht by the ri#erNban%+ :nd Medb ordered ome of her people to $o acro + The $eath of Calu On the morro3 a #aliant hero called hal! 3ent and too% a $reat fla$ tone on hi bac% to $o acro the 3ater+ B!t the ri#er t!rned him o#er and he lay 3ith hi tone on hi belly+ =i $ra#e and hi head tone are on the road be ide the tream+ (ia halann i it name+ :fter3ard they 3ent ro!nd the ri#er Cronn a far a it o!rce, and they 3o!ld ha#e $one bet3een it o!rce and the mo!ntain only that Medb 3o!ld not allo3 it+ She preferred that they ho!ld $o acro the mo!ntain o that the trac% they made mi$ht remain there for e#er a an in !lt to the men of "l ter+ So they remained there three day and three ni$ht !ntil they had d!$ !p the earth in front of them 7to ma%e a pa thro!$h the mo!ntain8 3hich 3a called Berna BL CPailn$e+ )hen CP Ch!lainn %illed Cronn and CLemdele and fo!$ht a f!rio! 7Z8 combat+ : h!ndred 3arrior died by hi hand +++ to$ether 3ith Ro@n and Roae, the t3o hi torian of the )@in+ : h!ndred and fortyNfo!r %in$ 3ere lain by him be ide that ame tream+ :fter that they came thro!$h the pa Berna BL CPailn$e 3ith the toc% and cattle of CPailn$e, and they pent the ni$ht in 9lenn '@il 4mda in CPailn$e+ Botha i the name of that place beca! e they made h!t 7 botha8 to helter them there+ On the morro3 they 3ent on to the ri#er Colptha+ )hey heedle ly tried to cro it b!t it


{translation of lines 1019-1052} rose in flood a%ainst the and !arried off to sea a h"ndred of their !hariot- warriors& 9l"ain 9arpat is the na e of the distri!t where they were drowned& 7hey went ro"nd the ri$er 9olptha then to its so"r!e at ?elat AliDin and spent the ni%ht at 8iasa 8ia!& #t is so !alled *e!a"se they ade sheds 4liasa5 for their !al$es there *etween 9:ailn%e and 9onaille& 7hey !a e thro"%h Blenn Batlai% and the ri$er Blais Batlai% rose in flood a%ainst the & ?efore that its na e was ,e!haire) *"t fro that ti e it was !alled Blais Batlai% *e!a"se they had ta+en their !al$es a!ross *o"nd to%ether with wither& 7hey spent the ni%ht in Ar"i .Hne in 9onaille& )ho e then 3ere their *o!rneyin$ from CPailn$e to Machaire accordin$ to thi #er ion+ B!t other a!thor and boo% $i#e a different acco!nt of their 3anderin$ from Findabair to Conaille, 3hich i a follo3 The 0arr+ing of Cailnge Ihen they had all arri#ed 3ith their booty and a embled at Findabair CPailn$e, Medb aid ^(et the army be di#ided here+ :ll the cattle cannot be ta%en by one ro!te+ (et :ilill $o 3ith half of them by Sli$e MidlPachra+ Fer$! and 4 3ill $o by Berna BL n"lad+_ ^)he half of the dro#e that ha fallen to o!r hare i not l!c%y for ! ,_ aid Fer$! + ^)he cattle cannot be ta%en acro the mo!ntain !nle they are di#ided+_ So it 3a done+ Ihence come the name Berna BL n"lad+ )hen :ilill aid to C!illi! , hi charioteer- ^Spy for me today on Medb and Fer$! + 4 do not %no3 3hat ha bro!$ht them th! to$ether+ 4 hall be $lad if yo! can brin$ me a proof+_ C!illi! arri#ed 3hen they 3ere in Cl!ichri+ )he lo#er remained behind 3hile the 3arrior 3ent on ahead+ C!illi! came to 3here they 3ere, b!t they did not hear the py+ Fer$! ' 3ord happened to be be ide him and C!illi! dre3 it o!t of it cabbard, lea#in$ the cabbard empty+ )hen he came bac% to :ilill+ ^IellZ_ aid :ilill+ ^Iell indeed,_ aid C!illi! + ^=ere i a proof for yo!+_ ^)hat i 3ell,_ aid :ilill+ )hey exchan$ed mile + ^: yo! tho!$ht,_ aid C!illi! , ^4 fo!nd them both lyin$ to$ether+_

{translation of lines 1053-10901} ,he is ri%ht 4to *eha$e th"s5)' said Ailill& ,he did it to help in the !attle-dri$in%& ;a+e s"re that the sword re ain in %ood !ondition& /"t it "nder yo"r seat in the !hariot) wrapped in a linen !loth&'

)hen Fer$! ro e !p to loo% for hi 3ord+ ^:la c_ he cried+ ^Ihat ail yo!Z_a %ed Medb+ ^4 ha#e 3ron$ed :ilill,_ aid he+ ^Iait here !ntil 4 come o!t of the 3ood, and do not 3onder if it i a lon$ time !ntil 4 ret!rn+_ No3 in fact Medb did not %no3 of the lo of the 3ord+ Fer$! 3ent off, ta%in$ hi charioteer' 3ord in hi hand+ 4n the 3ood he c!t a 3ooden 3ord+ =ence the "l termen ha#e the placeN name Fid MLrdrPalle+ ^(et ! $o on after the other ,_ aid Fer$! + :ll their ho t met in the plain+ )hey pitched their tent + Fer$! 3a !mmoned to :ilill to play che + Ihen he came into the tent :ilill be$an to la!$h at him+ Fer$! aid- ^Iell for the man 3ho i bein$ la!$hed at if he be not del!ded by the fooli h #iolence of hi fatef!l deed+ By the point of my 3ord, halidom of Macha, 3iftly hall 3e 3rea% #en$eance on 3ord follo3in$ on a cry 7for help8 from the 9aileLin had not a 3oman' tri!mph mi directed 7me8C follo3in$ on a try t bloody and $ra#e tre3n and 3ith bl!ntNed$ed pear bet3een a $reat ho t 3ith ;their< commander , there hall be fo!$ht a battle ;extendin$< to the mo!ntain of Ne a' $rand on 7CP Ch!lainn8 by a to!t ho t, and the battle hall catter the headle tr!n% of men+_ )hen :ilill po%e- ^'o not 3a$e battle after the lo of yo!r 3ord +++ 4t defend Medb a$ain t many tribe +++ Sit do3n then,_ aid :ilill, ^ o that 3e may play a $ame of che + Ho!r arri#al i 3elcome+_ )hen :ilill aid ^&lay che and dra!$ht before a %in$ and a Q!een+ )hey ha#e prepared a $ame for $reat ea$er armie + 4t matter not7Z8 3hat ta%e yo! lay +++ 4 am 3ellN %illed+ &erhap in tr!th the fir t $!ilt 3ill lie on the 3omen +++ Findabair lo#e the bold Fer$! , Fer$! mac Ro a RLich 3ith lo3in$ cattle and $reat armie !rro!nded7Z8 by tribe 3ith $reat po e ion , Fer$! 3ith the bea!ty of a %in$, the fiercene of a dra$on, the #enemo! breath of a #iper, the po3erf!l blo3 of a lion+_ )hen they be$an to play che + )hey mo#ed the $old and il#er che men acro the bronEe che board+

{translation of lines 1091-1136} :ilill 3a heard pea%in$- ^4t i not the d!e of a %in$ +++ _ Medb 3a heard to ay^Cea e tho e !nco!th peeche + : noble lady i not the ecret lo#e of a tran$er +++ 4 am not $i#en to de tr!ction and !n*! t *!d$ment +++ _ )hen Fer$! 3a heard ayin$- ^:la c Iith many 3ord they 3a$e 3ar facin$ many tribe , and 3ith ecret co!n el they 3ill be no!ri hed7Z8 and 3ith trea !re they 3ill be be3itched7Z8, and 3ith pear they 3ill be cleared a3ay +++ that i , yo! 3ill be obeyed+_ )hey remained there that ni$ht and on the follo3in$ mornin$ they heard :ilill ay ^: $reat champion come to face the mi$hty army by Cronn, the ri#er of Ne a'

$rand on+ )he men of Connacht 3ill fi$ht a$ain t an opponent+ )here 3ill flo3 tream of blood from headle nec% in a bloody and $ra#eN tre3n meetin$ of heroe + Many 3ater ri e !p a$ain t the beardle champion 3ho 3ill come from "l ter to the fray+_ )hen Medb po%e- ^'o not contend, O arro$ant on of M@ta +++ men are herded to$ether, 3omen are carried off +++ $reat armie propo e to come from the battleN field of CPailn$e and the ho t leep on+_ Fer$! 3a heard- ^(et a $reat prince7Z8 be eiEed +++ (et them 3ear by their people, let them ma%e promi e to their Q!een , let them fi$ht a$ain t their enemie +_ Medb 3a heard ayin$- ^(et 3hat he ay be done, let it be done+_ Medb po%e- ^=e *!d$e in !bmi ion to yo! for many armie + (et them ad#ance 3hile :ilill i in yo!r po3er+++_ )hey et forth on their 3ay to the ri#er Cronn, and Mane mac :ilella 3a heard to ay- ^4f 4 am Q!ic%ly ent forth a$ain t a fair opponent of many feat , he 3ill 3ard off father and mother on horned cattle +++ _ )hen Fer$! 3a heard ayin$- ^'o not $o, O #aloro! boy+ )hey 3ill $i#e no other co!n el !ntil a beardle lad hall tri%e yo!r head from yo!r nec% +++ _ ^(et me $o in front 3ith the bani hed "l termen,_ aid Fer$! , ^to ma%e !re that the lad $et fair play, 3ith the cattle before ! and the army in o!r rear, and the 3omen fol% behind the army+_

{translation of lines 1137-1176} )hen Medb 3a heard ayin$- ^=ar%, O Fer$! c for the a%e of yo!r hono!r +++ 3ard off 7the enemy8 3ith yo!r fine army+ 'o not dri#e a3ay the "l termen +++ 4n Ma$ n:M yo! pre#ail o#er a meetin$ of companie +_ Fer$! po%e- ^:la c O fooli h Medb 3ho e #oice 4 do not hear +++ 4 am not the on of a 3ea%lin$ +++ 4 hall not tri%e a $reat blo3 !pon the tribe + Cea e to ca t tone at me +++ _ CP Ch!lainn came to bth Cr!inn to meet them+ ^My friend (@e$,_ aid he to hi charioteer, ^the armie are comin$ to3ard ! +_ (@e$ po%e- ^4 3ear by the $od that 4 hall perform a $reat deed in front of chariotN 3arrior in the mall remnant of the battle+ )hey are carried on lender teed 3ith il#er yo%e and $olden 3heel 7on their chariot 8 +++ Ho! 3ill march a$ain t %in$ + )hey 3ill conQ!er 3ith their po3er of leapin$+_


CP Ch!lainn po%e- ^)a%e heed, O (@e$, that yo! $ra p the rein 3ith the $reat #ictory of Macha +++ 4 be eech the ri#er to come to my help+ 4 call !pon hea#en and earth and e pecially the ri#er Cronn to aid me+_ 1& 7he plainti$e ri$er 9ronn offers the resistan!e and will not let the !ross into ;"irthe ne "ntil the wor+ of warriors is finished in the o"ntain north of -!haCne& )here!pon the ri#er ro e in flood a hi$h a the treeNtop + Maine, the on of :ilill and Medb came for3ard before the other + CP Ch!lainn la!$htered him on the ford and thirty hor emen of hi ho! ehold 3ere !bmer$ed in the 3ater+ CP Ch!lainn o#erthre3 thirtyNt3o of their bra#e 3arrior a$ain at the ri#er+ )hey pitched their tent at that ford+ (!$aid mac NLi !M (omairc :llchomai$ accompanied by thirty hor emen came on a fleetin$ #i it to parley 3ith CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ielcome, (!$aid,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4f bird fly o#er Ma$ M!rthemne yo! hall ha#e a barnacle $oo e and a half+ Or el e if fi h 3im into the e t!arie yo! hall ha#e a almon and a half+ Or el e yo! hall ha#e three pri$ , a pri$ of cre , a pri$ of la#er, a pri$ of ea3eed+ : man hall ta%e yo!r place 7to fi$ht8 at the ford+_ ^)hat i 3elcome,_ aid (!$aid+ ^4 3i h all $oodne of the tribe for the lad+_ ^Ho!r army i fine,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+

{translation of lines 1177-1214} >o" will not s"ffer e$en tho"%h the !o pany yo" *rin% a%ainst the is few)' said 8"%aid& Brant e fair play and %oodly !o *at)' said 9: 9h"lainn& - friend 8"%aid) do the ar y hold e in fear0' # swear *y the %od of y people)' said 8"%aid) that not one an or two dare %o o"tside the !a p to a+e water "nless they %o in !o panies of twenty or of thirty&' #t will *e a fine thin% for the )' said 9: 9h"lainn) if # *e%in to pelt the with stones fro y slin%& #f e$ery an1s stren%th is p"t forth a%ainst e) it will *e ri%ht for yo") 8"%aid) 4to re e *er5 yo"r allian!e with the en of =lster& 7ell e now what it is that yo" want&' # want a tr"!e fro yo" for y !o pany&' ^Ho! hall ha#e that pro#ided that they bear a pecial i$n 7that 4 may reco$niEe them+8 :nd tell my friend Fer$! that hi company too ho!ld bear a pecial i$n+ )ell the phy ician to ma%e their company al o bear a i$n and let them 3ear to pre er#e my life and end me food e#ery ni$ht+_ (!$aid left him then+ No3 it

chanced that Fer$! 3a in hi tent 3ith :ilill+ (!$aid called him o!t and $a#e him the me a$e+ :ilill 3a heard pea%in$- ^Cair i i ana aib +++ (et ! $o 3ith a mall army, to a choice tent and an encampment +++ _ ^4 3ear by the $od of my people that it i not o,_ aid Fer$! , ^!nle 4 a % the lad+ Come, (!$aid, $o and a % him if :ilill and hi di#i ion of three tho! and may *oin to$ether 3ith my company+ )a%e him an ox and a flitch of bacon and a barrel of 3ine+_ )hen (!$aid $oe to him and $i#e him that me a$e+ ^4 do not mind if he $o,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ So the t3o companie *oined them+ )hey remained there !ntil ni$ht+ CP Ch!lainn 3o!nded thirty of their 3arrior 3ith tone from hi lin$+ 5Or, a ome boo% tell it, they remained there for t3enty ni$ht + ^Ho!r *o!rneyin$ 3ill be !nplea ant,_ aid Fer$! + ^)he "l termen 3ill reco#er from their debility and they 3ill cr! h ! into the d! t and $ra#el+ Ie are illNplaced for battle+ Come on to CPil :irthir+_ 4t happened that CP Ch!lainn 3ent that ni$ht to pea% 3ith the men of "l ter+ ^Ihat tidin$ ha#e yo!Z_ a %ed Conchobar+ ^Iomen are ta%en capti#e,_ aid he, ^cattle are dri#en a3ay, men are lain+_

{translation of lines 1215-1251} (ho ta+es the !apti$e0 (ho dri$es the away0 (ho +ills the 0' &&& 7he an fore ost in sla"%hter and +illin%) Ailill a! ;Fta) !arries the off and .er%"s a! KDi!h) the *ra$e one) who wields a sword &&&' 7hat is not of "!h *enefit to yo")' said 9on!ho*ar& 7oday we ha$e *een s itten 4*y the cess5 as *efore&' )hereafter CP Ch!lainn left them+ =e a3 the army $oin$ forth+ :ilill po%e- ^:la c 4 ee a chariot 3ith bri$ht point +++ he 3ill lay men in ford and capt!re co3 , and the thirty 3ill act 3hen the army ha come from (ai$in+ Blood 3ill flo3 from headle nec% + )hey 3ill fall fi$htin$ for the cattle of the "l termen in the ford+_ CP Ch!lainn %illed thirty of their 3arrior at bth '!rn+ )hey made no top then !ntil at ni$htfall they reached CPil :irthir+ =e %illed thirty of them at that pot and they pitched their tent there+ :ilill' charioteer, C!illi! , 3a at the ford early in the mornin$ 3a hin$ the 3heel of the chariot+ CP Ch!lainn hit him 3ith a tone and %illed him+ =ence the placeNname bth C!illne in CPil :irthir+ )hey tra#elled on then and pent the ni$ht in 'r!im FAine in Conaille, a 3e ha#e related abo#e+ CP Ch!lainn attac%ed them there+ On each of the three ni$ht that

they 3ere there he %illed a h!ndred of them+ =e let fly at them 3ith hi OchaMne near them+

lin$ from

^O!r army 3ill not lon$ !r#i#e 3ith CP Ch!lainn attac%in$ ! in thi fa hion,_ aid :ilill+ ^(et an offer of term from ! be made to him, namely, that he hall ha#e an extent of Ma$ n:M eQ!al to Ma$ M!irthemne, the be t chariot in Ma$ n:M and the eQ!ipment of t3el#e men+ Or, if he prefer, thi plain in 3hich he 3a reared and thrice e#en cumala+ :nd all that ha been de troyed in hi ho! ehold or amon$ hi cattle hall be made $ood, and he hall be compen ated for it+ :nd let him ta%e er#ice 3ith me, it i better for him than to be in the er#ice of a princelin$+_ ^Iho 3ill $o on that mi ionZ_ they a %ed+ ^Mac Roth yonder+_ Mac Roth, the me en$er of :ilill and Medb5he it i 3ho co!ld $o all ro!nd 4reland in one day53ent to 'el$a on that mi ion, for Fer$! belie#ed that CP Ch!lainn 3a in 'el$a+ ^4 ee a man comin$ to3ard ! ,_ aid (@e$ to CP Ch!lainn+ ^=e ha yello3 hair+ =e 3ear the linen $arment of hi office+ 4n hi hand a $reat cl!b and at hi 3ai t an i#oryNhilted 3ord+ =e 3ear a hooded t!nic 3ith red in ertion+_

{translation of lines 1262-1286} 7hat is one of the +in%1s warriors)' said 9: 9h"lainn& Mac Roth a %ed (@e$ 3ho e #a al he 3a + ^Ja al to yonder man belo3,_ aid (@e$+ CP Ch!lainn 3a ittin$ tar%Nna%ed in the no3 3hich reached !p to hi thi$h , examinin$ hi hirt for lice+ So Mac Roth a %ed CP Ch!lainn 3ho e #a al he 3a + ^Ja al of Conchobor mac Ne a,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^=a#e yo! no more definite de criptionZ_ ^)hat i !fficient,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ihere i CP Ch!lainn thenZ_ a %ed Mac Roth+ ^Ihat 3o!ld yo! ay to himZ_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ So Mac Roth told him the 3hole me a$e a 3e ha#e 7already8 related+ ^E#en if CP Ch!lainn 3ere here near at hand, he 3o!ld not a$ree to that+ =e 3ill not exchan$e hi mother' brother for another %in$+_ Once a$ain CP Ch!lainn 3a #i ited 7by Mac Roth8 and he 3a told that he 3o!ld be $i#en the noble t of the 7capt!red8 3omen and the dry %ine on condition that he ho!ld not ply hi lin$ on them by ni$ht e#en if he %illed them by day+ ^4 3ill not a$ree,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4f o!r ba eNborn 3omen are carried off, then o!r noble 3omen 3ill 3or% at Q!ern , and if o!r milch co3 are ta%en a3ay 3e hall be left 3itho!t mil%+_ : third time CP Ch!lainn 3a #i ited by Mac Roth and he 3a told that he 3o!ld $et the ba eNborn 3omen and the milch co3 + ^4 3ill not a$ree,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)he "l termen 3ill ta%e their ba e born 3omen to bed and ba e

off prin$ 3ill be born to them, and they 3ill ! e their milch co3 for meat in the 3inter+_ ^4 there anythin$ el e thenZ_ a %ed the me en$er+ ^)here i ,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^b!t 4 hall not tell yo!+ 4t 3ill be a$reed to if ome one 7el e8 tell yo!+_ ^4 %no3 3hat it i ,_ aid Fer$! + ^)he man ha arran$ed that 4 ho!ld ma%e it %no3n+ B!t indeed it i of no ad#anta$e to yo!+ )he e then are the term - that for a day and a ni$ht the cattle hall not be ta%en a3ay from the ford on 3hich he hall fi$ht in in$le combat, in the hope that help may come from the "l termen to him+ :nd 4 find it tran$e,_ aid Fer$! , ^that they are o lon$ in reco#erin$ from their debility+_ ^4t i better for ! indeed,_ aid :ilill, ^to lo e one man e#ery day than a h!ndred men e#ery ni$ht+_

{translation of lines 1287-1322} The death of Etarcomol and the terms offered b+ the men of Ireland as told to C Chulainn b+ #ergus )hen Fer$! 3ent on that mi ion+ Etarcomol, the on of Ed and (eithrinn, fo ter on of :ilill and Medb, follo3ed Fer$! + ^4 do not 3i h yo! to $o,_ aid Fer$! , ^and it i not o!t of hatred of yo! that 4 ay o, b!t 4 di li%e the tho!$ht of a fi$ht bet3een yo! and CP Ch!lainn beca! e of yo!r pride and in olence and beca! e of the fiercene and #iolence, the boldne and f!ry of yo!r opponent, CP Ch!lainn+ No $ood 3ill come of yo!r enco!nter+_ ^Can yo! not protect me from himZ_ aid Etarcomol+ ^4 can,_ aid Fer$! , ^pro#ided that yo! do not pro#o%e a Q!arrel+_ )hey et off then for 'el$a in t3o chariot + :t that time CP Ch!lainn 3a playin$ dra!$ht 3ith (@e$- the bac% of hi head 3a to3ard them and (@e$ 3a facin$ them+ ^4 ee t3o chariot comin$ to3ard ! ,_ aid (@e$+ ^)here i a tall dar% man in the fir t chariot+ =e ha dar% b! hy hair+ =e 3ear a p!rple cloa% in 3hich i a $olden brooch, and a hooded t!nic 3ith red in ertion+ =e carrie a c!r#ed hield 3ith a calloped rim of 3hite $old+ 4n hi hand he hold a broad pear 3ith perforation from point to !pper haft 7Z8+ :cro hi thi$h a 3ord a lon$ a a boat' r!dder+_ ^)hat $reat r!dder carried by my ma ter Fer$! i empty,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^for there i no 3ord in the cabard, only a 3ord of 3ood+ 4 ha#e been told,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^that :ilill came !na3are !pon Fer$! and Medb a they lept, and he too% a3ay Fer$! ' 3ord and $a#e it into the %eepin$ of hi charioteer, and a 3ooden 3ord 3a p!t into it cabbard+_ :t that point Fer$! arri#ed+ ^Ielcome, ma ter Fer$! ,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4f fi h 3im into the e t!arie yo! hall ha#e a almon and a halfC or el e if a floc% of bird fly o#er the plain yo! hall

ha#e a barnacle $oo e and the half of anotherC or yo! hall ha#e a handf!l of cre or ea3eed, a handf!l of la#er, a drin% from the and+ 4 hall to $o the ford to enco!nter an opponent if he challen$e 7yo!8 and yo! hall be $!arded !ntil yo! hall ha#e lept+_ ^4 tr! t yo!r 3elcome,_ aid Fer$! , ^b!t it i not for food that 4 ha#e come+ 4 %no3 3hat pro#i ion yo! ha#e here+_ )hen CP Ch!lainn recei#ed the me a$e from Fer$! , and Fer$! departed+ Etarcomol remained behind $aEin$ at CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ihat are yo! loo%in$ atZ_ aid CP Ch!lainn+

{translation of lines 1323-1360} >o")' said <tar!o ol& An eye !an soon %lan!e o$er that)' said 9: 9h"lainn& ,o # see)' answered <tar!o ol& # see no reason why anyone sho"ld fear yo"& # see in yo" no horror or fearf"lness or s"periority in n" *ers& >o" are erely a handso e yo"th with wooden weapons and fine feats of ar s&' 7ho"%h yo" re$ile e' said 9: 9h"lainn) # will not +ill yo" *e!a"se of .er%"s& ?"t for yo"r *ein% "nder his prote!tion) # wo"ld ha$e sent *a!+ yo"r distended loins and yo"r dis e *ered *ody *ehind yo"r !hariot to the en!a p ent&' Ao not threaten e th"s)' said <tar!o ol& As for the wonderf"l a%ree ent yo" ade) na ely) to en%a%e in sin%le !o *at) it is # who will *e the first of the en of #reland to fi%ht with yo" to orrow&' 7hen he went away) *"t he t"rned *a!+ a%ain fro ;Hithe and 9eithe) sayin% to his !harioteerQ # *oasted in the presen!e of .er%"s that # wo"ld en!o"nter 9: 9h"lainn to orrow& #t is not easy for e) howe$er) to wait "ntil then& 7"rn the horses *a!+ a%ain fro the hill&' (@e$ a3 3hat 3a happenin$ and aid to CP Ch!lainn ^)he chariot i comin$ a$ain and ha t!rned it left ide to ! +_ ^)hat i a challen$e 3hich m! t be met,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^(et ! $o do3n to meet him at the ford and find o!t 73hat he 3ant 8+_ ^4 do not 3i h to do 3hat yo! a %,_ aid CP Ch!lainn 7to Etarcomol8+ ^Ho! m! t do it, ho3e#er,_ aid Etarcomol+ CP Ch!lainn tr!c% the od beneath hi feet and he fell pro trate 3ith the od on hi belly+ ^Be$onec_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4 am loath to dip my hand in yo!r blood+ 4 ho!ld ha#e c!t yo! into piece *! t no3 b!t for Fer$! +_ ^Ie hall not part li%e thi ,_ aid Etarcomol, ^!ntil 4 carry off yo!r head or !ntil 4 lea#e my head 3ith yo!+_ ^)he latter i 3hat 3ill happen,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ )hen CP Ch!lainn tr!c% him 3ith hi 3ord !nder hi armpit o that hi $arment fell off him, b!t he did not c!t hi %in+ ^Be$one thenc_ aid CP Ch!lainn+

^No,_ aid Etarcomol+ CP Ch!lainn to!ched him then 3ith the ed$e of hi 3ord and c!t hi hair off a cleanly a if it had been ha#ed off 3ith a raEor+ =e did not e#en cratch hi %in+ )hen ince the fello3 3a tro!ble ome and pertinacio! , he tr!c% him on the cro3n of hi head and clo#e him do3n to the na#el+

{translation of lines 1361-1397} Fer$! a3 the chariot $o pa t 3ith only one man in it+ =e t!rned bac% to cold CP Ch!lainn+ ^4t 3a 3ic%ed of yo!, yo! 3hipper napper,_ aid he, ^to #iolate my protection 7of Etarcomol8+ Ho! thin% my cl!b i hort+_ ^'o not be an$ry 3ith me, ma ter Fer$! ,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^+++'o not reproach me, ma ter Fer$! +_ =e bo3ed do3n and let Fer$! ' chariot $o pa t him three time + ^: % hi charioteer if 4 3a the one 3ho in ti$ated the fi$ht+_ ^4ndeed it 3a not yo!,_ aid Etarcomol' charioteer+ ^=e aid,_ 3ent on CP Ch!lainn, ^that he 3o!ld not $o a3ay till he carried off my head or left hi o3n head 3ith me+ Ihich 3o!ld yo! prefer, ma ter Fer$! Z_ ^4ndeed 4 prefer 3hat ha been done,_ aid Fer$! , ^for it i he 3ho 3a in olent+_ )hen Fer$! p!t a pancelin$ band thro!$h Etarcomol' heel and dra$$ed him behind hi o3n chariot to the camp+ Ihene#er Etarcomol' body 3ent o#er roc% , one half 3o!ld part from the otherC 3hen the path 3a mooth, the t3o part 3o!ld come to$ether a$ain+ Medb loo%ed at him+ ^)hat 3a not %ind treatment for a yo!n$ ho!nd, Fer$! ,_ aid Medb+ ^4t i no o!rce of annoyance to me,_ aid Fer$! , ^that the mon$rel ho!ld ha#e 3a$ed battle 3ith the $reat ho!nd for 3hom he 3a no match+_ )hen Etarcomol' $ra#e 3a d!$ and hi head tone 3a planted in the $ro!ndC hi name 3a 3ritten in o$am and he 3a mo!rned+ )hat ni$ht CP Ch!lainn did not attac% them 3ith hi lin$+ The $eath of -ad Crantail ^Ihat man ha#e yo! $ot to enco!nter CP Ch!lainn tomorro3Z_ a %ed (!$aid+ ^)hey 3ill $i#e yo! him tomorro3,_ aid Maine on of :ilill+ ^Ie can $et no one to enco!nter him,_ aid Medb+ ^(et ! ma%e a tr!ce 3ith him till a man be o!$ht for him+_ : tr!ce 3a $ranted them+ ^Ihither 3ill yo! end,_ a %ed :ilill, ^to ee% a man to enco!nter CP Ch!lainnZ_ ^)here i no one in 4reland to be $ot for him,_ aid Medb, ^!nle CP RoM mac '@ire or Nad Crantail the 3arrior be bro!$ht+_

{translation of lines 1398-1434} One of CP RoM' follo3er 3a in the tent+ ^CP RoM 3ill not come,_ aid he+ ^=e thin% that eno!$h of hi people ha#e already come+_ ^(et a me a$e be ent to Nad Crantail then+_ Maine :ndoM 3ent to Nad Crantail+ )hey related their tidin$ to him+ ^Come 3ith ! for the a%e of the hono!r of Connacht+_ ^4 3ill not,_ aid he, ^!nle Findabair i $i#en to me+_ =e came 3ith them then+ )hey bro!$ht hi 3eapon in a cart from the ea t of Connacht to the encampment+ ^Ho! hall $et Findabair,_ aid Medb, ^a a re3ard for enco!nterin$ yonder man+_ ^4 hall do o,_ aid he+ )hat ni$ht (!$aid came to CP Ch!lainn+ ^Nad Crantail i comin$ to meet yo! tomorro3+ :la for yo!c Ho! 3ill not tand o!t a$ain t him+_ ^)hat i no matter,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ 5:ccordin$ to another #er ion it 3a then that CP Ch!lainn chanted the #er e- ^4f Nad Crantail ho!ld fall+_5 On the morro3 Nad Crantail 3ent forth from the camp, ta%in$ 3ith him nine ta%e of holly, harpened and charred+ CP Ch!lainn 3a there en$a$ed in fo3lin$, 3ith hi chariot be ide him+ Nad Crantail ca t a ta%e at CP Ch!lainn+ CP Ch!lainn pran$ on to the top of that ta%e b!t it did not hinder him in hi fo3lin$+ Similarly 3ith the other ei$ht ta%e + Ihen Nad Crantail ca t the ninth ta%e, the floc% of bird fle3 a3ay from CP Ch!lainn 3ho 3ent in p!r !it of them+ )hen, li%e a bird him elf, he tepped on to the point of the ta%e , $oin$ from one ta%e to another, p!r !in$ the bird that they mi$ht not e cape him+ )hey 3ere all certain, ho3e#er, that CP Ch!lainn 3a fleein$ from Nad Crantail+ ^)hat CP Ch!lainn of yo!r ,_ aid Nad Crantail, ^ha ta%en to fli$ht before me+_ ^4t 3a to be expected,_ aid Medb, ^if $oodly 3arrior oppo ed him, that the prite 3o!ld not hold o!t a$ain t bold men+_ Fer$! and the "l termen 3ere $rie#ed to hear thi + FMacha mac Fir Fhebe 3a ent by them to !pbraid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)ell him,_ aid Fer$! , ^that it 3a fine for him to attac% the 3arrior a lon$ a he acted bra#ely+ 4t i better for him, ho3e#er, to hide him elf 3hen he flee from a in$le opponent, for it i no $reater di hono!r for him than for the re t of the "l termen+_ ^Iho boa ted that 4 fledZ_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^Nad Crantail,_ aid FMacha+

{translation of lines 1435-1469} #f he had *oasted of the feat # had perfor ed in his presen!e@ it wo"ld ha$e *e!o e hi *etter)' said 9: 9h"lainn& ?"t he wo"ld not *oast if only he had a weapon in his hand& >o" +now that # +ill no an "nar ed& ,o let hi !o e to orrow and stand

*etween -!haCne and the sea) and howe$er early he !o e) he shall find e waitin% there and # shall not flee fro hi &' CP Ch!lainn ended the meetin$, and he ca t hi mantle aro!nd him after hi ni$ht 3atch, b!t he did not notice the $reat pillarN tone a bi$ a him elf 3hich 3a be ide him and he co#ered it o#er bet3een him elf and hi mantle and at do3n be ide it+ )hen Nad Crantail arri#ed+ =i 3eapon 3ere bro!$ht by him in a 3a$on+ ^Ihere i CP Ch!lainnZ_ he a %ed+ ^)here he i o#er there,_ aid Fer$! + ^)hat i not ho3 he appeared to me ye terday,_ aid Nad Crantail+ ^:re yo! the famo! CP Ch!lainnZ_ ^:nd 3hat if 4 amZ_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4f yo! are,_ aid Nad Crantial, ^then !ntil 4 carry the head of a little lamb to the camp, 4 hall not ta%e bac% yo!r head 3hich i the head of a beardle boy+_ ^4 am not CP Ch!lainn at all,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^9o ro!nd the hill to him+_ CP Ch!lainn came to (@e$+ ^Smear a fal e beard on me+ )he champion ref! e to fi$ht 3ith me ince 4 am beardle +_ So it 3a done for him+ =e 3ent to meet Nad Crantail on the hill+ ^4 thin% that better,_ aid Nad Crantail+ ^9rant me fair play no3+_ ^Ho! hall ha#e it pro#ided that 3e %no3 it+_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4 3ill thro3 a ca t at yo!,_ aid Nad Crantail, ^and do not a#oid it+_ ^4 hall a#oid it only by leapin$ !p3ard ,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ Nad Crantail thre3 a ca t at him and CP Ch!lainn leapt !p3ard a it came+ ^Ho! do ill to a#oid the ca t,_ aid Nad Crantail+ ^:#oid my ca t !p3ard al o,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ CP Ch!lainn thre3 the pear at him b!t it 3a !p3ard he thre3 o that the pear came do3n on the cro3n of Nad Crantail' head and 3ent thro!$h him to the $ro!nd+ ^4ndeed,_ he cried, ^yo! are the be t 3arrior in 4relandc 4 ha#e t3entyN fo!r on in the encampment+ (et me $o and tell them 3hat

{translation of lines 1470-1503} hidden treas"res # ha$e& And # shall !o e *a!+ so that yo" ay *ehead e for # shall die if the spear is ta+en o"t of y head&' Bood)' said 9: 9h"lainn) pro$ided that yo" !o e *a!+ a%ain&' )hen Nad Crantail 3ent to the encampment+ )hey all came forth to meet him+ ^Ihere i the head of the di torted one that yo! ha#e bro!$htZ_ they all a %ed+ ^Stay, O 3arrior , !ntil 4 tell my tale to my on and $o bac% a$ain to fi$ht 3ith CP Ch!lainn+_ =e 3ent off to meet CP Ch!lainn and ca t hi 3ord at him+ CP Ch!lainn leapt !p o that the 3ord tr!c% the pillarN tone and bro%e in t3o+ CP Ch!lainn 3a

di torted a he had been 3hen 3ith the boy in Emain+ )here!pon CP Ch!lainn leapt on to Nad Crantail' hield and c!t off hi head+ =e tr!c% him a$ain on hi headle nec% 7and plit him8 do3n to the na#el and Nad Crantail fell in fo!r ection to the $ro!nd+ )hen CP Ch!lainn po%e the e 3ord 1& #f Mad 9rantail has fallen) there will *e in!rease of strife& Alas that # do not now %i$e *attle to ;ed* with a third of the hostR The #inding of the Bull according to this Fersion )hen Medb 3ent 3ith a third of the army to C!ib in earch of the b!ll and CP Ch!lainn follo3ed them+ She 3ent alon$ Sli$e MidlPachra then a far a 'Pn Sobairche to harry the "l termen and the Cr!ithne+ CP Ch!lainn ca!$ht i$ht of B!ide mac B@in from SlMab C!ilinn 3ith the b!ll and fifteen heifer + Sixty 3arrior of :ilill' ho! ehold formed hi company, each man 3rapped in a mantle+ CP Ch!lainn came to3ard them+ ^Ihence ha#e yo! bro!$ht the cattleZ_ a %ed he+ ^From yonder mo!ntain,_ an 3ered the 3arrior+ ^)ell me, 3here i their co3N herdZ_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^=e i 3here 3e fo!nd him,_ aid the 3arrior+ CP Ch!lainn $a#e three leap to follo3 them a far a the ford, ee%in$ to ha#e peech 3ith them+ )hen he po%e to their leader+ ^Ihat i yo!r nameZ_ aid he+ ^One 3ho hate yo! not, 3ho lo#e yo! not, B!ide mac B@in,_ aid he+ ^=ere i thi pear for B!ide,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+

{translation of lines 1504-1539} 2e !ast a s all spear at hi and it went into his ar pit) and his li$er on the other side *ro+e in two at the i pa!t of the spear& 9: 9h"lainn +illed hi at his ford& 2en!e the pla!e-na e Gth ?"ide& 7here"pon the *"ll was *ro"%ht into the en!a p ent& 7hen they de!ided in de*ate that if 9: 9h"lainn were depri$ed of his 3a$elin) he wo"ld *e no ore for ida*le 4than anyone else5& The $eath of Redg the &atirist )hen Red$ the atiri t 3ent, on :ilill' ad#ice, to a % CP Ch!lainn for the *a#elin, that i , CP Ch!lainn' pear+ ^9i#e me yo!r pear,_ aid the atiri t+ ^No indeed,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^b!t 4 3ill $i#e yo!r trea !re+_ ^4 hall not accept that,_ aid the atiri t+ So he 3o!nded the atiri t ince he did not accept 3hat 3a offered him, and Red$ aid that he 3o!ld brin$ di hono!r on him 7by atire8 !nle he $ot the *a#elin+ So CP Ch!lainn thre3 the *a#elin at him and it 3ent ri$ht thro!$h hi head+

^)hi trea !re 3a Q!ic%ly deli#ered indeed,_ aid the atiri t+ =ence the name bth )olam SAt+ )here i al o a ford to the ea t of that place 3here the copper from the pear landed+ "marrith 7"ma hr!th8 i the name of that ford+ 4t 3a in C!ib that CP Ch!lainn %illed all tho e that 3e ha#e mentioned, namely, Nath Coirpthe at hi tree , Cr!then on hi ford, Meic BPachalla at their cairn, Marc on hi hill, Meille in hi tron$hold, Bodb in hi to3er, Bo$aine in hi mar h+ CP Ch!lainn t!rned bac% a$ain into Ma$ M!irthemne+ =e preferred to $!ard hi o3n homeland+ :fter $oin$ there he %illed the men of Crochen 7or CrLnech8, that i , Focherda, he ca t off t3enty men+ =e come !pon them a they 3ere ettin$ !p camp, ten c!pbearer and ten 3arrior + Medb t!rned bac% a$ain from the north 3hen he had remained there for a fortni$ht, ra#a$in$ the pro#ince, and 3hen he had fo!$ht a battle a$ain t FindmLr the 3ife of Celtchar mac "thidir+ :fter the de tr!ction of 'Pn Sobairche in the territory of '@l Riada a$ain t FindmLr he carried off fifty 3omen capti#e + Ihere#er in C!ib Medb planted her hor e3hip i named Bile Medba+ E#ery ford and e#ery hill by 3hich he pent the ni$ht i named bth Medba and 'ind$na Medba+ )hen they all met at Focherd, :ilill and Medb and the men 3ho dro#e the b!ll+ =i herd man too% the b!ll from them b!t by beatin$ their hield 3ith tic% they dro#e the b!ll acro into a

{translation of lines 1540-1577} narrow pass and the !attle tra pled the herds an into the %ro"nd& 2is na e was .or%e en& And the hill there is !alled .or%e en& )heir only anxiety that ni$ht 3a to $et ome one from amon$ them to contend 3ith CP Ch!lainn at the ford+ ^(et ! a % CP Ch!lainn for a tr!ce,_ aid :ilill+ ^(et (!$aid $o on that mi ion,_ aid they all+ So (!$aid 3ent to pea% 3ith him+ ^Ihat do the army thin% of me no3Z_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^)hey thin% that the reQ!e t yo! made of them i a $reat di $race, namely, that they ho!ld ret!rn to yo! yo!r 3omen and $irl and half yo!r cattle+ B!t they thin% it more $rie#o! than anythin$ el e that yo! ho!ld $o on %illin$ them and yet be pro#ided 3ith food by them+_ )hen e#ery day for a 3ee% a man fell there at CP Ch!lainn' hand + )erm of fair play 3ere bro%en a$ain t himC t3enty men 3ere ent to attac% him all to$ether, b!t he %illed them all+


^9o to him, Fer$! ,_ aid :ilill, ^and a % if he 3ill allo3 ! to mo#e camp+_ So they 3ent then to CrLnech+ 4n that place there fell by him in in$le combat t3o men called Roth, t3o called (Pan, t3o female thie#e , ten *e ter , ten c!pbearer , ten men called Fer$! , ix called Fedelm and ix called Fiachrach+ :ll the e 3ere %illed by him in in$le combat+ )hen 3hen they had pitched their tent in CrLnech, they debated a to 3hat they ho!ld do abo!t CP Ch!lainn+ ^4 %no3 3hat i ri$ht in thi matter,_ aid Medb+ ^Send a me a$e a %in$ him to $rant a tr!ce 3ith the ho t and ay that he hall ha#e half the cattle that are here+_ )hat me a$e 3a ta%en to him+ ^4 hall do o,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^on condition that yo! do not #iolate the a$reement+_ The 'eeting of C Chulainn and #innabair :ithremail 3ent to him, and he 3ent fir t to (@e$+ ^Iho e #a al are yo!Z_ he a %ed+ (@e$ did not addre him+ Maine a %ed him the ame Q!e tion three time + ^4 am CP Ch!lainn' #a al,_ aid (@e$, ^and do not pla$!e me le t perchance 4 tri%e yo!r head off+_ ^Ihat a badNtempered fello3 c_ aid Maine t!rnin$ a3ay from him+

{translation of lines 1578-1611} ,o then ;aine went to spea+ to 9: 9h"lainn& 9: 9h"lainn had ta+en off his shirt and was sittin% in the snow "p to his waist while aro"nd hi the snow had elted a an1s len%th) so %reat was the fier!e ardo"r of the warrior& ;aine as+ed hi three ti es in the sa e way whose $assal he was& 9on!ho*or1s $assal) and do not pla%"e e& #f yo" *other e any ore) # shall !"t off yo"r head as the head is !"t off a *la!+*ird'& #t is not easy to spea+ to these two)' said ;aine& =e left them then and told :ilill and Medb 3hat had happened+ ^(et (!$aid $o to him,_ aid :ilill, ^and pea% to him 7and offer him8 the maid+_ So (!$aid 3ent and $a#e CP Ch!lainn the me a$e+ ^Friend (!$aid,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^thi i a tric%+_ ^4t i the 3ord of a %in$,_ aid (!$aid+ ^)here 3ill be no tric%ery+_ ^So be it done,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ )here!pon (!$aid 3ent from him and told that an 3er to :ilill and Medb+ ^(et the *e ter $o di $!i ed a me,_ aid :ilill, ^3earin$ a %in$' cro3n on hi head+ :nd let him tand far a3ay from CP Ch!lainn that he may not reco$niEe him+ :nd the $irl hall $o 3ith him and he hall betroth her to CP Ch!lainn+ )hey hall come a3ay Q!ic%ly then and #ery li%ely yo! 3ill decei#e CP Ch!lainn in that 3ay and he

3ill not hinder yo! !ntil !ch time a he come 3ith the "l termen to the $reat battle+_ So the *e ter 3ent, accompanied by the maid, to CP Ch!lainn and from afar off he addre ed him+ CP Ch!lainn 3ent to meet them+ B!t in fact he reco$niEed by the man' peech that he 3a a *e ter+ =e thre3 at him a lin$N tone 3hich he had in hi hand and it 3ent into the *e ter' head and dro#e hi brain o!t+ =e came to the $irl+ =e c!t off her t3o plait and thr! t a tone thro!$h her mantle and her t!nic+ )hen he thr! t a tone thro!$h the middle of the *e ter+ )heir t3o pillarN tone are till there, Finnabair' tone and the *e ter' tone+ CP Ch!lainn left them th! + Me en$er came from :ilill and Medb in earch of their people, for it eemed to them that they had lon$ been $one+ )hey 3ere fo!nd in that pli$ht+ )he 3hole tory pread thro!$h the camp+ )hereafter there 3a no tr!ce bet3een them and CP Ch!lainn+ The Combat of 'unremar and C Ro< Ihen the ho t 3ere there in the e#enin$, they a3 one tone thro3n at them from the ea t and another thro3n to meet it from the

{translation of lines 1612-1644} west& 7he stones !ollided in the air and they +ept fallin% *etween .er%"s1s !a p and that of Ailill and that of the Srainn& 7his perfor an!e went on "ntil the sa e ti e neNt day) and the hosts were standin%) holdin% their shields o$er their heads to prote!t the fro the *attle-stones) "ntil the plain was f"ll of stones& 2en!e the na e ;a% 9lo!hair& #n fa!t it was 9: K"C a! AFire who had done this@ he !a e to help his followers and he was in 9otail fa!in% ;"nre ar a! Berr!inn& ;"nre ar had !o e fro < ain ;a!ha to Ard KDi!h to the assistan!e of 9: 9h"lainn& 9: KoC +new that there was no one in the ar y who !o"ld withstand ;"nre ar& ,o they *oth !arried on this perfor an!e 4with the stones5& 7he host *e%%ed the to desist& 7hen ;"nre ar and 9: KoC ade pea!e and 9: KoC went to his ho"se while ;"nre ar ret"rned to < ain ;a!ha and did not !o e 4a%ain5 "ntil the day of the %reat *attle& 9: KoC) howe$er) did not !o e "ntil the fi%ht with .er Aiad& ^: % CP Ch!lainn,_ aid Medb and :ilill, ^to allo3 ! to mo#e camp+_ )hey 3ere $i#en permi ion and they mo#ed camp+ By thi time the debility of the "l termen

3a at an end+ : they a3o%e from their torpor, ome of them %ept till attac%in$ the army !ntil they 3ere once more mitten by their affliction+ The $eath of the Gouths )hen the yo!th of "l ter too% co!n el to$ether in Emain Macha+ ^:la for ! ,_ aid they, ^that o!r friend CP Ch!lainn ho!ld be left !naidedc_ ^)ell me,_ aid Fiachna F!ilech mac Fir Fhebi, a brother of FMachach Fiald@na mac Fir Fhebi, ^ hall 4 ha#e a band of fi$hter from amon$ yo! o that 4 may $o and help him th! Z_ )hrice fifty boy , a third of the yo!th of "l ter, 3ent 3ith him, carryin$ their h!rley + )he army a3 them approachin$ acro the plain+ ^)here i a $reat ho t comin$ to3ard ! acro the plain,_ aid :ilill+ Fer$! 3ent to ee them+ ^)ho e are ome of the boy of "l ter,_ he aid, ^and they are comin$ to help CP Ch!lainn+_ ^(et a band of armed men $o to meet them,_ aid :ilill, ^b!t 3itho!t CP Ch!lainn' %no3led$e, for if they meet 3ith him, yo! 3ill not 3ith tand them+_

{translation of lines 1645-#678} 7hri!e fifty warriors went to en!o"nter the & ?oth sides fell and not one of those splendid *oys es!aped ali$e at 8ia 7oll& 2en!e the pla!e-na e 8ia .ia!hra!h ei! .ir .he*i for it is here he fell& 7a+e !o"nsel)' said Ailill& As+ 9: 9h"lainn to let yo" lea$e this pla!e for yo" will hardly es!ape fro hi now that his hero1s fla e has spr"n% forth&' For it 3a ! !al 3ith him that 3hen hi hero' flame pran$ forth hi feet 3o!ld t!rn to the bac% and hi ham t!rn to the front and the ro!nd m! cle of hi cal#e 3o!ld come on to hi hin , 3hile one eye an% into hi head and the other protr!ded+ : man' head 3o!ld $o into hi mo!th+ E#ery hair on him 3o!ld be a harp a a pi%e of ha3thorn and there 3o!ld be a drop of blood on e#ery hair+ =e 3o!ld reco$ni e neither comrade nor friend + =e 3o!ld attac% ali%e before him and behind him+ =ence the men of Connacht named CP Ch!lainn the 'i torted One+ The Bloodless #ight of Rochad CP Ch!lainn ent hi charioteer to Rochad mac Fathemain of "l ter to a % him to come to hi aid+ No3 it happened that Finnabair 3a in lo#e 3ith Rochad for he 3a the hand ome t of the "l ter 3arrior of the day+ )he charioteer 3ent to Rochad and a %ed him to come and help CP Ch!lainn if he had reco#ered from hi debility, and he !$$e ted that they ho!ld et a nare for the ho t to entrap ome of them and %ill them+ Rochad came from the north 3ith a h!ndred men+ ^Scan the plain for ! today,_ aid :ilill+ ^4 ee a troop comin$ acro the plain,_ aid the

3atchman, ^and a yo!thf!l 3arrior amon$ them+ =e to3er the other 3arrior +_ ^Iho i that, Fer$! Z_ a %ed :ilill+

ho!lderNhi$h abo#e

^Rochad mac Fathemain,_ aid he, ^and he come to help CP Ch!lainn+ 4 %no3 3hat yo! m! t do,_ aid Fer$! + ^Send a h!ndred men 3ith the maid yonder a far a the middle of the plain, and let the maid $o in front of them+ : me en$er hall $o and pea% to Rochad and a % him to come alone to tal% to the maid, and then let him be eiEed and that 3ill a#e ! from attac% by hi follo3er +_ )hi 3a done then+ Rochad 3ent to meet the me en$er+ ^4 ha#e come to yo! from Finnabair to a % yo! to $o and pea% 3ith her+_

{translation of lines 1679-1708} ,o he went alone to spea+ with her& 7he host r"shed a*o"t hi on all sides@ he was !apt"red and sei6ed& 2is followers too+ to fli%ht& Afterwards he was released and *o"nd o$er not to atta!+ the host "ntil he !a e with all the =lster en& 2e was pro ised that .inna*air sho"ld *e %i$en to hi ) and then he went away fro the & 7hat is the ?loodless .i%ht of Ko!had& The $eath of the Ro+al 'ercenaries ^(et CP Ch!lainn be a %ed for a tr!ce for ! ,_ aid :ilill and Medb+ (!$aid 3ent 3ith that me a$e and CP Ch!lainn $ranted the tr!ce+ ^Send a man to the ford for me tomorro3,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ )here 3ere 3ith Medb ix royal mercenarie , that i , ix royal heir of Clanna 'edad, to 3it, three called '!b from 4mlech, and three called 'er$ from Sr!thair+ ^Ihy ho!ld 3e not $o a$ain t CP Ch!lainnZ_ aid they+ So they 3ent to meet him on the morro3 and CP Ch!lainn %illed the ix of them+ The $eath of Cr )hen CPr mac 'a (ath 3a a %ed by them to enco!nter CP Ch!lainn+ =e from 3hom CPr dre3 blood died before the ninth day+ ^4f he %ill CP Ch!lainn,_ aid Medb, ^it mean #ictory+ 4f he i him elf %illed, it 3ill be a relief to the ho t+ 4t i not plea ant to con ort 3ith CPr eatin$ and leepin$+_ So CPr 3ent forth+ B!t he di li%ed $oin$ to enco!nter a beardle of a boy+ 3hipperN napper


^4n tr!th,_ aid he, ^ye ma%e little acco!nt of me+ =ad 4 %no3n that 4 3a ent a$ain t thi man, 4 ho!ld not ha#e tirred to meet him+ 4 ho!ld thin% it eno!$h to end a boy of hi o3n a$e from my follo3er to enco!nter him+_ ^Nay,_ aid Cormac Cond (on$a + ^4t 3o!ld be a 3onderf!l thin$ for ! 3ere yo! yo!r elf to repel him+_ ^=o3e#er that be,_ aid CPr, ^ ince 4 ha#e been entr! ted 3ith thi ta %, ye hall $o on yo!r 3ay early tomorro3 for it 3ill not ta%e me lon$ to %ill that yo!n$ deer+_

{translation of lines 1709-1740} ,o early in the ornin% on the orrow he went to eet 9: 9h"lainn) and he told the host to start on their 3o"rney for it wo"ld *e a 3oyf"l eNpedition for hi to %o and eet 9: 9h"lainn& ,o he went off& 9: 9h"lainn at that ti e was pra!tisin% feats& A 1ist of the #eats )he ballNfeat, the bladeNfeat, the feat 3ith horiEontallyNheld hield, the *a#elinNfeat, the ropeNfeat, the feat 3ith the body, the catNfeat, the hero' almonNleap, the ca t of a 3and, the leap acro +++, the bendin$ of a #aliant hero, the feat of the gae bolga, the feat of Q!ic%ne 7Z8, the 3heelNfeat, the ei$htNmen feat, the o#erbreath feat, the br!i in$ 3ith a 3ord, the hero' 3arNcry, the 3ellNmea !red blo3, the ret!rnN tro%e, the mo!ntin$ on a pear and trai$htenin$ the body on it point, 3ith the bond of a #aliant champion+ For a third of the day CPr 3a plyin$ hi 3eapon a$ain t him protected by the bo of hi hield, and no blo3 or thr! t reached CP Ch!lainn in the 3ild excitement of hi feat , nor did he reali e that the man 3a attac%in$ him !ntil FMacha mac Fir Fhebe cried to him- ^Be3are of the man 3ho i attac%in$ yo!c_ CP Ch!lainn $lanced at CPr and ca t the ballNfeat 3hich he held in hi hand o that it 3ent bet3een the bo and the centre of the hield and bac% thro!$h the fello3' head+ 5:ccordin$ to another #er ion it 3a in 7the battle of8 4m hli$e 9lendamnach that CPr fell+5 Fer$! t!rned to the ho t+ ^4f yo!r !rety bind yo!,_ aid he, ^ tay here !ntil tomorro3+_ ^Not here,_ aid :ilill, ^b!t 3e hall $o bac% to o!r encampment+_ )hen (@th mac 'a BrL 3a a %ed to fi$ht him e#en a CPr had been a %ed+ =e too fell+ Fer$! t!rned a$ain to enforce their !rety+ So they remained there !ntil there 3ere lain CPr mac 'a (ath and (ath mac 'a Bro and Foirc mac )rM n:i$nech and Sr!b$aile mac ELbith+ )he e men 3ere all %illed in in$le combat+ The $eath of #er Baeth

^9o for me, friend (@e$, to the encampment and con !lt (!$aid mac NLi !M (omairc, and find o!t 3ho i comin$ to fi$ht me tomorro3+ X!e tion him clo ely and $reet him+_

{translation of lines 1741-1777} 8Fe% went off then& (el!o eR' said 8"%aid& 9: 9h"lainn is indeed in "nl"!+y pli%ht) fi%htin% sin%le handed a%ainst the en of #reland&' (ho is !o in% to fi%ht hi to orrow0' #t is .er ?FethO *ad l"!+ to hi in his fi%htin%ROwho %oes to eet hi to orrow) .er ?Feth) the !o rade of "s *oth& 2e has *een %i$en .inna*air for doin% so and sway o$er his own people&' 8Fe% ret"rned to where 9: 9h"lainn was& ^My friend (@e$ i not $lad of the an 3er he $ot,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ (@e$ reco!nted it all to him, tellin$ him ho3 Fer B@eth had been !mmoned to :ilill and Medb in their tent and told to it be ide Finnabair and that he 3o!ld be $i#en to him a a re3ard for fi$htin$ 3ith CP Ch!lainn, for he 3a her cho en lo#er+ )hey con idered that he 3a a match for CP Ch!lainn for they had both learnt the ame art of 3ar 3ith Sc@thach+ Fer B@eth 3a plied 3ith 3ine !ntil he 3a intoxicated+ =e 3a told that they priEed that liQ!or for only fifty 3a$onNload of it had been bro!$ht by them+ :nd the maiden ! ed to er#e him hi hare of the 3ine+ ^4 do not 3i h to $o,_ aid Fer B@eth+ ^CP Ch!lainn i my fo ter brother and bo!nd to me by olemn co#enant+ Ne#erthele 4 hall $o and oppo e him tomorro3 and c!t off hi head+_ ^Ho! 3ill be the man to do it,_ aid Medb+ CP Ch!lainn told (@e$ to $o and a % (!$aid to come and pea% 3ith him+ (!$aid came to him+ ^So it i Fer B@eth 3ho come to oppo e me tomorro3,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4t i he indeed,_ aid (!$aid+ ^4t i an e#il day,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4 hall not !r#i#e thi enco!nter+ Ie t3o are of eQ!al a$e, of eQ!al 3iftne and of eQ!al 3ei$ht+ (ea#e me no3 o that 3e may meet, and tell him that it i !n3orthy of hi #alo!r that he ho!ld come a$ain t me+ : % him to come and meet me and pea% to me toni$ht+_ (!$aid told thi to Fer B@eth+ Since Fer B@eth did not a#oid the conflict, he 3ent that ni$ht accompanied by FMacha mac Fir Fhbe, to reno!nce hi friend hip 3ith CP Ch!lainn+ CP Ch!lainn ad*!red him by hi fo terNbrotherhood and by their common fo terNmother Sc@thach+ ^4 m! t fi$ht,_ aid Fer B@eth+ ^4 ha#e promi ed to do o+_ ^Reno!nce yo!r bond of friend hip then,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ CP Ch!lainn 3ent a3ay from him in an$er+ =e trampled a harp hoot of holly into hi foot and it came !p to hi %nee and appeared there+ CP Ch!lainn p!lled it o!t+



{translation of lines 1778-1817} Ao not %o away) .er ?Feth) "ntil yo" see what # ha$e fo"nd&' 7hrow it here)' said .er ?Feth& )hen CP Ch!lainn thre3 the holly hoot after Fer B@eth and it tr!c% the depre ion at the bac% of hi nec% and 3ent o!t thro!$h hi mo!th, and he fell on hi bac% in the $len+ ^)hat i indeed a thro3,_ aid Fer B@eth+ From thi come the placeNname Focherd M!irthemne+ 5Or 7accordin$ to another #er ion8, FMacha aid- ^Ho!r thro3 i l!c%y today, CP Ch!lainn+_ Ihence the placeNname Focherd M!irthemne+5 Fer B@eth fell dead at once in the $len+ Ihence the placeNname 9lend Fir BaMth+ Fer$! 3a heard ayin$1& - .er ?Feth) foolish is yo"r eNpedition on this spot wherein is yo"r %ra$e& K"in has rea!hed yo" there &&& in 9rDen 9orand& 7he hill is na ed .rCthe@ fore$er it will *e 9rDene!h in ;"irthe ne& 2en!eforth its na e will *e .o!herd) the pla!e in whi!h yo" fell) a Fer B@eth ^Ho!r opponent ha fallen,_ aid Fer$! + ^)ell me, 3ill that man $i#e compen ation tomorro3Z_ ^=e 3ill indeed,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ CP Ch!lainn ent (@e$ a$ain to find o!t ho3 matter tood in the camp and 3hether Fer B@eth 3a ali#e+ (!$aid aid- ^Fer B@eth ha died, and tell CP Ch!lainn to come pre ently to tal% 3ith me+_ The Combat of 1ir<ne mac -is ^(et one of yo! $o peedily tomorro3 to meet yo!r opponent,_ aid (!$aid+ ^No one 3ill be $ot,_ aid :ilill, ^!nle ye employ ome tric%ery in thi matter+ 9i#e 3ine to e#ery man that come to yo! !ntil he i $laddened in mind, and tell him^)hat i all that i left of the 3ine that 3a bro!$ht from CrPachain+ Ie are $rie#ed that yo! ho!ld ha#e only 3ater to drin% in the camp+_5and let Finnabair be placed at hi ri$ht hand, and tell him- ^Ho! hall ha#e her if yo! brin$ bac% to ! the head of the di torted one+__ : me a$e 3a ent to each 3arrior on hi ni$ht, and he 3a told that+ B!t CP Ch!lainn %illed each of them in t!rn+ :t la t no one co!ld be $ot to oppo e him+

{translation of lines 1818-1850} 8FrCne a! MDis) *rother of 8"%aid Tin% of ;"nster) was s" oned to the & 2is pride was o$er-weenin%& 2e was plied with wine and .inna*air was pla!ed at his ri%ht hand& ;ed* loo+ed at the two& # thin+ that !o"ple well at!hed)' said she& A arria%e *etween the wo"ld *e fittin%&' # shall not oppose yo")' said Ailill& 2e shall ha$e her if he *rin% e the head of the distorted one&' # shall do so indeed)' said 8FirCne& 7here"pon 8"%aid arri$ed& ^Ihat man ha#e ye $ot to end to the ford tomorro3Z_ ^(@irMne i $oin$,_ aid :ilill+ )hen (!$aid 3ent to pea% 3ith CP Ch!lainn+ )hey met in 9lend Fir BaMth+ Each $reeted the other in friendly fa hion+ ^)hi i 3hy 4 ha#e come to pea% 3ith yo!,_ aid (!$aid+ ^)here i a boori h fello3, fooli h and arro$ant, yonder, my brother 3ho i called (@irMne+ =e i bein$ tric%ed abo!t the ame $irl+ By o!r friend hip do not %ill him, do not lea#e me 3itho!t my brother, for he i bein$ ent to yo! in order that 3e t3o may Q!arrel+ B!t 4 am 3illin$ for yo! to $i#e him a o!nd thra hin$, for it i a$ain t my 3i he he $oe +_ On the morro3 (@irMne came to meet CP Ch!lainn and the maiden came 3ith him to enco!ra$e him+ CP Ch!lainn came !narmed to attac% him, and forcibly too% hi 3eapon from (@irMne+ )hen he eiEed him 3ith both hand and Q!eeEed him and hoo% him !ntil he dro#e hi excrement o!t of him and the 3ater of the ford 3a t!rbid 3ith hi d!n$ and the air of the firmament 3a poll!ted 3ith hi tench+ )hen CP Ch!lainn thre3 him into (!$aid' arm + : lon$ a (@irMne li#ed, hi in3ard part ne#er reco#ered+ =e 3a ne#er 3itho!t che tNdi ea eC he ne#er ate 3itho!t pain+ Het he i the only man of all tho e 3ho met CP Ch!lainn on the )@in 3ho e caped from him, e#en tho!$h it 3a a poor e cape+ The Con7ersation of the 'rr<gan "ith C Chulainn CP Ch!lainn a3 comin$ to3ard him a yo!n$ 3oman of !rpa in$ bea!ty, clad in clothe of many colo!r + ^Iho are yo!Z_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^4 am the da!$hter of BPan the %in$,_ aid he+ ^4 ha#e come to yo! for 4 fell in lo#e 3ith yo! on hearin$ yo!r fame, and 4 ha#e bro!$ht 3ith me my trea !re and my cattle+_

{translation of lines 1851-1885} #t is not a %ood ti e at whi!h yo" ha$e !o e to "s) that is) o"r !ondition is ill) we are star$in% 405& ,o it is not easy for e to eet a wo an while # a in this strife&' # shall help yo" in it&' #t is not for a wo an1s *ody that # ha$e !o e&'

^4t 3ill be 3or e for yo!_, aid he, ^3hen 4 $o a$ain t yo! a yo! are fi$htin$ yo!r enemie + 4 hall $o in the form of an eel !nder yo!r feet in the ford o that yo! hall fall+_ ^4 prefer that to the %in$' da!$hter,_ aid he+ ^4 hall eiEe yo! bet3een my toe o that yo!r rib are cr! hed and yo! hall !ffer that blemi h !ntil yo! $et a *!d$ment ble in$+_ ^4 hall dri#e the cattle o#er the ford to yo! 3hile 4 am in the form of a $rey heN3olf+_ ^4 hall thro3 a tone at yo! from my lin$ o and ma h yo!r eye in yo!r head, and yo! hall !ffer from that blemi h !ntil yo! $et a *!d$ment ble in$+_ ^4 hall come to yo! in the $!i e of a hornle red heifer in front of the cattle and they 3ill r! h !pon yo! at many ford and pool yet yo! 3ill not ee me in front of yo!+_ ^4 hall ca t a tone at yo!,_ aid he, ^ o that yo!r le$ 3ill brea% !nder yo!, and yo! hall !ffer th! !ntil yo! $et a *!d$ment ble in$+_ Ihere!pon he left him+ 57:ccordin$ to one #er ion8 he 3a a 3ee% at bth n9reacha and e#ery day a man fell by him at bth n9rencha, that i , at bth 'artei c+ The $eath of 1ch 'ac 'o #emis )hen (Lch mac Emoni 3a !mmoned li%e the other and he 3a promi ed the extent of Ma$ M!irthemne in the arable land of Ma$ n:M, the eQ!ipment of t3el#e men, and a chariot 3orth e#en cumala+ B!t he corned to enco!nter a mere lad+ =e had a brother, namely (on$ mac Eboni + )he ame payment 3a offered to him, the maiden, the raiment, chariot and land+ (on$ 3ent to meet CP Ch!lainn+ CP Ch!lainn %illed him and he 3a bro!$ht bac% dead and et do3n before hi brother (Lch+ )hen (Lch aid that if he %ne3 that it 3a a bearded man 3ho %illed hi brother he 3o!ld him elf %ill him in re#en$e+ ^:ttac% him #i$oro! ly,_ aid Medb to her men, ^o#er the ford from the 3e t, o that ye may cro the ri#er, and let term of fair play be bro%en a$ain t him+_

{translation of lines 1886-1925} 7he se$en ;aines) the warriors) went first and saw hi on the *rin+ of the ford to the west& 7hat day 9: 9h"lainn p"t on his festi$e apparel& 7he wo en +ept !li *in% on the en1s sho"lders to %et a %li pse of hi & # a %rie$ed)' said ;ed*) that # do not see the lad aro"nd who they %ather there&' >o" wo"ld *e no ore 3oyf"l for seein% hi )' said 8ethrend) Ailill1s %roo & ,he !a e then to the ford where he was& ^Iho i that man yonder, Fer$! Z_ a %ed Medb+ ^: lad 3ho defend 3ith 3ord and hield +++ if it be CP Ch!lainn+_ So Medb too climbed on the men to $et a loo% at him+ )hen the 3omen told CP Ch!lainn that he 3a *eered at in the camp ince

he 3a beardle and $oodly 3arrior did not oppo e him, only mere boy + 4t 3ere better for him to p!t on a beard of blac%berry *!ice+ So thi he did in order to ee% combat 3ith a $ro3n man, that i , 3ith (Lch+ )hen CP Ch!lainn too% a handf!l of $ra and chanted a pell o#er it and they all tho!$ht that he had a beard+ ^He ,_ aid the 3omen, ^CP Ch!lainn i bearded+ 4t i fittin$ that a 3arrior ho!ld fi$ht 3ith him+_ )hi they aid in order to $oad (Lch+ ^4 hall not fi$ht 3ith him !ntil the end of e#en day from today,_ aid (Lch+ ^4t i not ri$ht for ! to lea#e him !nattac%ed for that len$th of time,_ aid Medb+ ^(et ! end a band of 3arrior to ee% him o!t e#ery ni$ht in the hope of catchin$ him !na3are +_ 4t 3a done th! + E#ery ni$ht a band of 3arrior 3o!ld $o loo%in$ for him and he ! ed to %ill them all+ )he e are the name of tho e that fell there- e#en called Conall, e#en called Ken$! , e#en called har$! , e#en called Celtre, ei$ht called Fiac, ten called :ilill, ten called 'elbaeth, ten called )a ach+ )ho e 3ere hi deed d!rin$ that 3ee% at bth n9rencha+ Medb o!$ht co!n el a to 3hat he 3o!ld do a$ain t CP Ch!lainn, for he 3a orely pert!rbed by the n!mber of her army that 3a lain by him+ )he plan he decided on 3a to end bra#e and arro$ant men to attac% him all to$ether 3hen he ho!ld come to a rendeEN#o! 3ith her to parley 3ith her+ For he had made a try t 3ith CP Ch!lainn for the next day to ma%e a moc% peace 3ith him and o capt!re him+ She ent a me en$er to him a %in$ him to come and meet her, and tip!lated that he ho!ld come !narmed for he her elf 3o!ld come to him accompanied only by her 3omen attendant +

{translation of lines 1926-1972} 7he essen%er) 7rai%thrHn) went to where 9: 9h"lainn was and %a$e hi ;ed*1s essa%e& 9: 9h"lainn pro ised that he wo"ld do as she as+ed& 2ow do yo" intend to %o and eet ;ed* to orrow) 9: 9h"lainn)' as+ed 8Fe%& As ;ed* as+ed e)' said 9: 9h"lainn& ;any are ;ed*1s trea!hero"s deeds)' said the !harioteer& # fear that she has help *ehind the s!enes&' (hat sho"ld we do then0' said he& Bird yo"r sword at yo"r waist)' said the !harioteer) so that yo" ay not *e ta+en "nawares& .or if a warrior is witho"t his weapons) he has no ri%ht to his hono"r-pri!e) *"t in that !ase he is entitled only to the le%al d"e of one who does not *ear ar s&' 8et it *e done so then)' said 9: 9h"lainn& )he meetin$ 3a in :rd :i$nech, 3hich i today called Fochaird+ )hen Medb came to the meetin$ and he et in amb! h for CP Ch!lainn fo!rteen men, the mo t #aloro! of her o3n ho! ehold+ )he e are they- t3o called 9la Sinna, on of

Briccride, t3o called :rd@n, on of (icc, t3o called 9la O$na, on of Crond, 'rPcht and 'elt and 'athen, )Aa and )a c!r and )!alan$, )a!r and 9le e+ )hen CP Ch!lainn came to meet her+ )he men ro e !p to attac% him and all to$ether they thre3 fo!rteen pear at him+ CP Ch!lainn too% helter from them and not a pear to!ched hi %in or !rface+ )hen he attac%ed them and %illed the fo!rteen men+ )ho e are the fo!rteen men of Fochaird, and they are 7al o8 the men of CrLnech for they 3ere %illed in CrLnech at Fochaird+ Of thi deed CP Ch!lainn aid 1& ,plendid is y heroi! deed& # stri+e fearso e *lows a%ainst a *rilliant spe!tral ar y& # wa%e *attle a%ainst any hosts to destroy $aliant warriors to%ether with Ailill and ;ed* &&& 7here !o es trea!hery) !oldly i pet"o"s) to stri+e a%ainst $aliant warriors who ta+e wise well-3"d%ed !o"nsel fro one who !an well ad$ise the to perfor heroi! deeds& ,o it was fro that eNploit that .o!herd re ained as the na e of the pla!e) that is) fD !erd) %ood was the feat of ar s whi!h 9: 9h"lainn perfor ed there& 7hen 9: 9h"lainn !a e and fo"nd the pit!hin% !a p and he +illed two en !alled Aai%re) two !alled Gnle and fo"r A:n%ais # li!h a on% the & ,o ;ed* *e%an to in!ite 8D!h& #t is a %reat sha e for yo")' said she) that the an who +illed yo"r *rother sho"ld *e destroyin% o"r ar y and that yo" do not %o to do *attle with hi & .or we are s"re that a sharp) *oastf"l lad

{translation of lines 1973-2010} li+e yonder fellow will not stand o"t a%ainst the ra%e and f"ry of s"!h as yo") and anyway it was the sa e foster other and tea!her who ta"%ht yo" *oth the arts of war&' So (Lch, ince he a3 that CP Ch!lainn had a beard, came to attac% him to a#en$e hi brother' death+ ^Come to the !pper ford,_ aid (Lch+ ^Ie hall not meet in the poll!ted ford 3here (on$ fell+_ Ihen CP Ch!lainn came to the ford, the men dro#e the cattle acro + ^)here 3ill be lac% of 3ater here today,_ aid 9abr@n, the poet+ =ence the name bth 'artei c and )Mr MLr 'artei c e#er ince for that place+ )hen 3hen the combatant met on the ford and be$an to fi$ht and to tri%e one another and 3hen each be$an to belabo!r the other, the eel t3ined it elf in three coil ro!nd CP Ch!lainn' feet o that he fell pro trate ath3art the ford+ (Lch attac%ed him 3ith the 3ord !ntil the ford 3a bloodNred 3ith hi $ore+ ^)hat i indeed a

3retched performance in the pre ence of the enemyc_ aid Fer$! + ^(et one of yo! ta!nt the man, my men,_ aid he to hi people, ^le t he fall in #ain+_ Bricri! Nemthen$a mac Carbada ro e !p and be$an to incite CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ho!r tren$th i exha! ted,_ aid he, ^if a p!ny opponent o#erthro3 yo! no3 that the "l termen are on their 3ay to yo!, reco#ered from their torpor+ 4t i hard for yo! to !nderta%e a hero' deed in the pre ence of the men of 4reland and to 3ard off a formidable opponent 3ith yo!r 3eapon in that 3ay+_ Ihere!pon CP Ch!lainn aro e and tr!c% the eel and it rib 3ere bro%en 3ithin it, and the cattle r! hed ea t3ard o#er the army, carryin$ off the tent on their horn , o $reat 3a the th!nderNfeat of the t3o 3arrior in the ford+ )he heN3olf attac%ed him and dro#e the cattle on him 3e t3ard + =e thre3 a tone from hi lin$ and her eye bro%e in her head+ )hen he 3ent in the $!i e of a red hornle heifer and the cattle tampeeded into the tream and ford + CP Ch!lainn aid then- ^4 cannot ee the ford for the tream +_ =e ca t a tone at the red hornle heifer and her le$ bro%e+ )here!pon CP Ch!lainn chanted1& # a here all alone) %"ardin% the flo!+s& # neither hold the *a!+ nor let the %o& #n the !old ho"rs # stand alone to oppose any peoples&

{translation of lines 2011-2048} 2& 8et so e one tell 9on!ho*ar that it is ti e for hi to !o e to y aid& 7he sons of ;F%" ha$e !arried off their !ows and shared the o"t a on%st the & 3& -ne an alone ay *e defended *"t a sin%le lo% will not !at!h fire& #f there were two or three) then their fire*rands wo"ld *la6e "p& 4& ;y ene ies ha$e al ost o$er!o e e) so any sin%le !o *ats ha$e # fo"%ht& # !annot now wa%e *attle a%ainst splendid warriors as # stand here alone& )hen it 3a that CP Ch!lainn did a$ain t the MLrrM$an the three thin$ that he had threatened her 3ith in the )@in BL Re$amna+ :nd he o#ercame (Lch in the ford 3ith the ge bolga 3hich the charioteer thre3 to him do3n tream+ =e attac%ed him 3ith it and it entered hi body thro!$h the an! , for (Lch had a horn %in 3hen he 3a fi$htin$ 3ith an opponent+ ^Retreat a tep from me,_ aid (Lch+ CP

Ch!lainn did o, o that it 3a on the other ide 7of the ford8 that (Lch fell+ =ence the placeNname bth )rai$ed in )Mr MLr+ )hen the term of fair play 3ere #iolated a$ain t CP Ch!lainn on that day 3hen fi#e men came im!ltaneo! ly to attac% him, namely, t3o called CrPaid, t3o called Calad and one named 'erothor+ Sin$leNhanded CP Ch!lainn le3 them+ )he place i called CLic i! Focherda and CLicer Ken$oirt+ Or el e it i beca! e CP Ch!lainn 3a fifteen day in Focherd that the name CLic i! Focherda come in the )ain+ CP Ch!lainn pelted them 73ith lin$N tone 8 from 'el$a o that no li#in$ creat!re, neither man nor bea t, co!ld $et pa t him to the o!th bet3een 'el$a and the ea+ The 0ealing of the 'rr<gan Ihile CP Ch!lainn lay th! in $reat 3earine , the MLrrM$an came to him in the $!i e of an old crone, oneNeyed and halfNblind and en$a$ed in mil%in$ a co3 3ith three teat + =e a %ed her for a drin%+ She $a#e him the mil% of one teat+ ^She 3ho $a#e it 3ill at once be 3hole,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)he ble in$ of $od and of nonN $od be on yo!c_ 5)he ma$ician 3ere their $od b!t the h! bandmen 3ere their nonN $od +5 )here!pon her head 3a made 3hole+ )hen he $a#e him the mil% of the econd teat, and her eye 3a healed+ She $a#e him the mil% of the third teat, and her le$ 3a c!red+

{translation of lines 2049-2082} OAnd it is s"%%ested that on ea!h o!!asion he saidQ 7he 3"d% ent of *lessin% *e on yo"R'O ?"t yo" told e)' said the ;DrrC%an) that # sho"ld ne$er %et healin% fro yo"&' 2ad # +nown that it was yo")' said 9: 9h"lainn) # sho"ld ne$er ha$e healed yo"&' O#n another $ersion the na e of this tale in the 7Fin is KCa dron% 9on 9"lainn for 7arthes!&O )hen Fer$! demanded of hi !retie that CP Ch!lainn ho!ld $et fair play+ So they came to oppo e him in in$le combat, and he %illed the fi#e men of Cend Cori or of 'Pn Chind Coro 3hich i no3 called 'el$! M!rthemne+ )hen CP Ch!lainn %illed Fota in hi fieldC BL Mailce on hi fordC Salach in hi mar h, M!inne in hi tron$holdC (Par in (ethbera and Fer )oMthle in )oMthle+ Ihere#er any one of tho e men fell their name ha#e remained for e#er in tho e di trict + CP Ch!lainn al o %illed )rai$ and 'orna and 'erna, Col and Mebal and Erai e at MAthe and Cethe on thi ide of bth )Mre MLir+ )he e 3ere three dr!id and their 3i#e + )hen Medb ent o!t a h!ndred men of her ho! ehold to %ill CP Ch!lainn b!t he le3 them all at bth ChAit ChPile+ Ihere!pon Medb aid- ^4ndeed 3e deem

it a crime that o!r people ho!ld be lainc_ Ihence the placeNname 9lai ChrL and C!illenn Cind 'Pin and bth ChAit ChPle+ The &c+thed Chariot and Breslech 'r 'aige 'uirthemne )hen the fo!r pro#ince of 4reland pitched their camp at the place called Bre lech MLr in Ma$ M!irthemne+ )hey ent their hare of the cattle and booty on ahead o!th3ard to Clithar BL "lad+ CP Ch!lainn too% !p po ition at the mo!nd in (er$a clo e be ide them, and hi charioteer, (@e$ mac RMan$abra, %indled a fire for him in the e#enin$ of that ni$ht+ CP Ch!lainn a3 afar off, o#er the head of the fo!r pro#ince of 4reland, the fiery $litter of the bri$ht $old 3eapon at the ettin$ of the !n in the clo!d of e#enin$+ :n$er and ra$e filled him 3hen he a3 the ho t, beca! e of the m!ltit!de of hi foe and the $reat n!mber of hi enemie + =e eiEed hi t3o pear and hi hield and hi 3ord+ =e hoo% hi hield and brandi hed hi pear and 3a#ed hi 3ord, and he !ttered a hero' ho!t deep in hi throat+ :nd the $oblin and

{translation of lines 2083-2116} sprites and spe!tres of the %len and de ons of the air %a$e answer for terror of the sho"t that he had "ttered& And MH ain) the war %oddess) atta!+ed the host) and the fo"r pro$in!es of #reland ade a !la o"r of ar s ro"nd the points of their own spears and weapons so that a h"ndred warriors a on% the fell dead of fri%ht and terror in the iddle of the en!a p ent on that ni%ht& : (@e$ 3a there he a3 a in$le man comin$ trai$ht to3ard him from the northNea t acro the encampment of the men of 4reland+ ^: in$le man approache ! no3, little CP,_ aid (@e$+ ^Ihat manner of man i thereZ_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^: man fair and tall, 3ith a $reat head of c!rly yello3 hair+ =e ha a $reen mantle 3rapped abo!t him and a brooch of 3hite il#er in the mantle o#er hi brea t+ Neat to hi 3hite %in he 3ear a t!nic of royal atin 3ith redN$old in ertion reachin$ to hi %nee + =e carrie a blac% hield 3ith a hard bo of 3hiteNbronEe+ 4n hi hand a fi#eNpointed pear and next to it a for%ed *a#elin+ Ionderf!l i the play and port and di#er ion that he ma%e 73ith the e 3eapon 8+ B!t none acco t him and he acco t none a if no one co!ld ee him+_ ^)hat i tr!e, lad,_ aid he+ ^)hat i one of my friend from the fairy mo!nd come to commi erate 3ith me, for they %no3 of my ore di tre a 4 tand no3 alone a$ain t the fo!r $reat pro#ince of 4reland on the Foray of CPailn$e+_ 4t 3a indeed a CP Ch!lainn aid+ Ihen the 3arrior reached the pot 3here CP Ch!lainn 3a he

po%e to him and commi erated 3ith him+ ^Bra#o, CP Ch!lainn,_ aid he+ ^)hat i not m!ch indeed,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4 hall help yo!,_ aid the 3arrior+ ^Iho are yo!Z_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^4 am yo!r father, (!$ mac Ethlend, from the fairy mo!nd +_ ^My 3o!nd are indeed $rie#o! + 4t 3ere time that 4 ho!ld be healed+_ ^Sleep no3 for a little 3hile, CP Ch!lainn,_ aid the 3arrior, ^yo!r hea#y l!mber at the mo!nd in (er$a for three day and three ni$ht , and d!rin$ that time 4 hall fi$ht a$ain t the ho t +_ )hen he chanted a lo3 melody to him 3hich l!lled him to leep !ntil (!$ a3 that e#ery 3o!nd he bore 3a Q!ite healed+ )hen (!$ po%ep+0G.

{translation of lines 2117-2164}

The Incantation of 1ug

^:ri e, O on of mi$hty "l ter no3 that yo!r 3o!nd are healed +++ =elp from the fairy mo!nd 3ill et yo! free +++ : in$le lad i on hi $!ard +++ Stri%e +++ and 4 hall tri%e 3ith yo!+ )hey ha#e no tron$ len$th of life, o 3rea% yo!r f!rio! an$er mi$htily on yo!r #ile7Z8 enemie + Mo!nt yo!r afe chariot, o then ari e+_ For three day and three ni$ht CP Ch!lainn lept+ 4t 3a ri$ht that the len$th of hi leep ho!ld corre pond to the $reatne of hi 3earine + From the Monday after Samain !ntil the Iedne day after the fe ti#al of Sprin$ CP Ch!lainn had not lept except 3hen he doEed for a little 3hile after midday, leanin$ a$ain t hi pear 3ith hi head re tin$ on hi clenched fi t and hi fi t holdin$ hi pear and hi pear on hi %nee, b!t he %ept tri%in$ and c!ttin$ do3n, layin$ and %illin$ the fo!r $reat pro#ince of 4reland d!rin$ all that time+ )hen the 3arrior from the fairy mo!nd p!t plant and healin$ herb and a c!rin$ charm in the 3o!nd and c!t , in the $a he and many in*!rie of CP Ch!laihn o that he reco#ered d!rin$ hi leep 3itho!t hi percei#in$ it at all+ 4t 3a at thi time that the yo!th came o!th3ard from Emain Macha, thrice fifty of the %in$ ' on of "l ter led by Fallamain, the on of Conchobar+ )hrice they $a#e battle to the ho t and three time their o3n n!mber fell by them, b!t the yo!th fell too, all except Fallamain mac Conchobair+ Fallamain #o3ed that he 3o!ld ne#er $o bac% to Emain !ntil he carried off :ilill' head 3ith it $olden diadem+ No ea y ta % 3a it that faced him+ For the t3o on of Beithe mac B@in, the on of :ilill' fo termother and fo terfather, came !p 3ith him and 3o!nded him o that he fell dead at their hand + )hat i the 'eath of the Ho!th from "l ter and of Fallamain mac Conchobair+6&;$t < CP Ch!lainn, ho3e#er, lay in a deep leep at the mo!nd in (er$a !ntil the end of three day and three ni$ht + )hen he ro e !p from hi leep and pa ed hi hand

o#er hi face and bl! hed crim on from head to foot+ =i pirit 3ere a hi$h a if he 3ere $oin$ to an a embly or a march or a try t or a fea t or to one of the $reat a emblie of 4reland+ ^=o3 lon$ ha#e 4 been a leep no3, O 3arriorZ_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^)hree day and three ni$ht ,_ an 3ered the 3arrior+ ^Ioe i me thenc_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ihy i thatZ_ a %ed the 3arrior+ ^Beca! e the ho t ha#e been left !nattac%ed for that len$th of time,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+

{translation of lines 2166-2203} 7hey ha$e not indeed)' said the warrior& (hy) how was that0' as+ed 9: 9h"lainn& 7he yo"ths !a e so"th fro < ain ;a!ha) thri!e fifty of the +in%s1 sons of =lster) led *y .alla ain a! 9on!ho*air and d"rin% the three days and three ni%hts that yo" were asleep) they fo"%ht three ti es with the hosts) and three ti es their own n" *er fell *y the and the yo"ths the sel$es fell) all eN!ept .alla ain a! 9on!ho*air& .alla ain swore that he wo"ld !arry off Ailill1s head) *"t that pro$ed no easy tas+ for he was +illed hi self&' Alas that # was not in y f"ll stren%th) for had # *een) the yo"ths wo"ld not ha$e fallen as they did) nor wo"ld .alla ain ha$e fallen&' .i%ht on) little 9:) it is no reproa!h to yo"r hono"r) no dis%ra!e to yo"r $alo"r&' ,tay here with "s toni%ht) warrior)' said 9: 9h"lainn) that to%ether we ay ta+e $en%ean!e on the host for the death of the *oys&' ^4ndeed 4 hall not tay,_ aid the 3arrior, ^for tho!$h a man do many #aloro! and heroic deed in yo!r company, the fame and $lory of them 3ill redo!nd not on him b!t on yo!+ )herefore 4 hall not tay+ B!t exert yo!r #alo!r, yo!r elf alone, on the ho t , for not 3ith them lie any po3er o#er yo!r life at thi time+_ ^Ihat of the cythed chariot, my friend (@e$Z_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^Can yo! yo%e it and ha#e yo! it eQ!ipmentZ 4f yo! can yo%e it and ha#e it eQ!ipment, then do o+ B!t if yo! ha#e not it eQ!ipment, do not yo%e it+_ )hen the charioteer aro e and p!t on hi 3arli%e o!tfit for chariotNdri#in$+ Of thi o!tfit 3hich he donned 3a hi mooth t!nic of %in , 3hich 3a li$ht and airy, !pple and filmy, titched and of deer %in, 3hich did not hinder the mo#ement of hi arm o!t ide+ O#er that he p!t on hi o#ermantle blac% a ra#en' feather + Simon Ma$! had made it for 'ari! Din$ of the Roman , and 'ari! had $i#en it to Conchobar and Conchobar had $i#en it to CP Ch!lainn 3ho $a#e it to hi charioteer+ )hi charioteer no3 p!t on hi helmet, cre ted, flatN !rfaced, rectan$!lar 3ith #ariety of e#ery colo!r and form, and reachin$ pa t the middle of hi ho!lder + )hi 3a an adornment to him and 3a not an enc!mbrance+ =i

hand bro!$ht to hi bro3 the circlet, redNyello3 li%e a redN $old plate of refined $old melted o#er the ed$e of an an#il, 3hich 3a a i$n of hi charioteer tat! to di tin$!i h him from hi ma ter+ 4n hi ri$ht hand he too% the lon$ pancel of hi hor e and hi ornamented $oad+ 4n hi left he $ra ped the thon$ to chec% hi hor e , that i , the rein of hi hor e 3hich controlled hi dri#in$+

{translation of lines 2204-2240} 7hen he p"t on his horses their iron inlaid ar o"r) !o$erin% the fro forehead to forehand and set with little spears and sharp points and lan!es and hard points) and e$ery wheel of the !hariot was !losely st"dded with points) and e$ery !orner and ed%e) e$ery end and front of the !hariot la!erated as it passed& )hen he ca t a protecti#e pell o#er hi hor e and o#er hi companion, o that they 3ere not #i ible to anyone in the camp, yet e#eryone in the camp 3a #i ible to them+ 4t 3a ri$ht that he ho!ld ca t thi pell, for on that day the charioteer had three $reat $ift of charioteerin$, to 3it, l@im dar boilg, foscul nd<rich and imorchor ndelind+ )hen the champion and 3arrior, the mar halled fence of battle of all the men of earth 3ho 3a CP Ch!lainn, p!t on hi battleNarray of fi$htin$ and conte t and trife+ Of that battleNarray 3hich he p!t on 3ere the t3entyN e#en hirt , 3axed, boardNli%e, compact, 3hich ! ed to be bo!nd 3ith trin$ and rope and thon$ next to hi fair body that hi mind and !nder tandin$ mi$ht not be deran$ed 3hene#er hi ra$e ho!ld come !pon him+ O!t ide the e he p!t on hi hero' battleN $irdle of hard leather, to!$h and tanned, made from the choice t part of e#en yearlin$ oxNhide 3hich co#ered him from the thin part of hi ide to the thic% part of hi armpit+ =e 3ore it to repel pear and point and dart and lance and arro3 , for they ! ed to $lance from it a if they had tr!c% on tone or roc% or horn+ )hen he p!t on hi apron of filmy il% 3ith it border of #arie$ated 3hite $old a$ain t the oft lo3er part of hi body+ O!t ide hi apron of filmy il% he p!t on hi dar% apron of pliable bro3n leather made from the choice t part of fo!r yearlin$ oxNhide 3ith hi battleN$irdle of co3 ' hide abo!t it+ )hen the royal hero too% !p hi 3eapon of battle and conte t and trife+ Of the e 3eapon 3ere hi ei$ht mall 3ord to$ether 3ith hi i#oryN hilted bri$htNfaced 3ord+ =e too% hi ei$ht little pear 3ith hi fi#eNpron$ed pear+ =e too% hi ei$ht little *a#elin 3ith hi i#oryNhandled *a#elin+ =e too% hi ei$ht little dart to$ether 3ith hi deil chliss+ =e too% hi ei$ht hield to$ether 3ith hi c!r#ed dar%Nred hield into the bo of 3hich a ho3 boar 3o!ld fit, 3ith it harp, %een raEorNli%e rim all aro!nd it, o harp and %een and raEorNli%e that it 3o!ld c!t a hair a$ain t the c!rrent+ Ihene#er the 3arrior did the ^ed$eNfeat_ 3ith it, he 3o!ld la h ali%e 3ith hield or pear or

3ord+ )hen he p!t on hi head hi cre ted 3arNhelmet of battle and trife and conflict+ From it 3a !ttered the ho!t of a h!ndred 3arrior 3ith a lon$Ndra3nNo!t cry from e#ery corner and an$le of it+ For there ! ed to cry from it ali%e $oblin and prite , pirit of the $len and demon of the air

{translation of lines 2241-2278} *efore hi and a*o$e hi and aro"nd hi where$er he went) prophesyin% the sheddin% of the *lood of warriors and !ha pions& 2e !ast aro"nd hi his prote!ti$e !loa+ ade of rai ent fro 7Cr 7airn%ire) *ro"%ht to hi fro his tea!her of wi6ardry& )hen a $reat di tortion came !pon CP Ch!lainn o that he became horrible, manyN haped, tran$e and !nreco$niEable+ :ll the fle h of hi body Q!i#ered li%e a tree in a c!rrent or li%e a b!lr! h in a tream, e#ery limb and e#ery *oint, e#ery end and e#ery member of him from head to foot+ =e performed a 3ild feat of contortion 3ith hi body in ide hi %in+ =i feet and hi hin and hi %nee came to the bac%C hi heel and hi cal#e and hi ham came to the front+ )he ine3 of hi cal#e came on to the front of hi hin , and each h!$e ro!nd %not of them 3a a bi$ a a 3arrior' fi t+ )he ine3 of hi head 3ere tretched to the nape of hi nec% and e#ery h!$e immea !rable, #a t, incal!lable ro!nd ball of them 3a a bi$ a the head of a monthNold child+ )hen hi face became a red hollo3 7Z8+ =e !c%ed one of hi eye into hi head o deep that a 3ild crane co!ld hardly ha#e reached it to pl!c% it o!t from the bac% of hi %!ll on to hi chee%+ )he other eye pran$ o!t on to hi chee%+ =i mo!th 3a t3i ted bac% fear omely+ =e dre3 bac% hi chee% from hi *a3bone !ntil hi in3ard part 3ere #i ible+ =i l!n$ and hi li#er fl!ttered in hi mo!th and hi throat+ =i !pper palate cla hed a$ain t the lo3er in a mi$hty pincerNli%e mo#ement7Z8 and e#ery tream of fiery fla%e 3hich came into hi mo!th from hi throat 3a a 3ide a a ram' %in+ )he lo!d beatin$ of hi heart a$ain t hi rib 3a heard li%e the bayin$ of a bloodho!nd +++ or li%e a lion attac%in$ bear + )he torche of the 3arN$odde , #ir!lent rainNclo!d and par% of blaEin$ fire, 3ere een in the air o#er hi head 3ith the eethin$ of fierce ra$e that ro e in him+ =i hair c!rled abo!t hi head li%e branche of red ha3thorn ! ed to reNfence a $ap in a hed$e+ 4f a noble appleNtree 3ei$hed do3n 3ith fr!it had been ha%en abo!t hi hair, carcely one apple 3o!ld ha#e reached the $ro!nd thro!$h it, b!t an apple 3o!ld ha#e tayed impaled on each eparate hair beca! e of the fierce bri tlin$ of hi hair abo#e hi head+ )he hero' li$ht ro e from hi forehead, a lon$ and a thic% a a hero' fi t and it 3a a lon$ a hi no e, and he 3a filled 3ith ra$e a he 3ielded the hield and !r$ed on the charioteer and ca t lin$N tone at the ho t+ : hi$h, a thic%, a tron$, a po3erf!l and a lon$ a the ma t of a $reat hip 3a the trai$ht tream of dar% blood 3hich ro e !p from the #ery

top of hi head and di ol#ed into a dar% ma$ical mi t li%e the mo%e of a palace 3hen a %in$ come to be 3aited on in the e#enin$ of a 3inter' day+

{translation of lines 2279-2315} :fter bein$ th! di torted, the hero CP Ch!lainn pran$ into hi cythed chariot, 3ith it iron point , it thin harp ed$e , it hoo% and it teel point , 3ith it nail 3hich 3ere on the haft and thon$ and loop and fa tenin$ in that chariot+ )h! 3a the chariot- it had a frame3or% of narro3 and compact openin$, hi$h eno!$h for $reat feat , 3ordN trai$ht, 3orthy of a hero+ 4n it 3o!ld fit ei$ht et of royal 3eapon , and it mo#ed a 3iftly a a 3allo3 or a the 3ind or a a deer acro the le#el plain+ 4t 3a dra3n by t3o 3ift hor e , fierce and f!rio! , 3ith mall ro!nd pointed head , 3ith pric%ed ear , 3ith broad hoof , 3ith roan brea t, teady, plendid, ea ily harne ed to the bea!tif!l haft 7Z8 of CP Ch!lainn' chariot + One of the e hor e 3a lithe7Z8 and 3iftNleapin$, ea$er for battle, arched of nec%, 3ith $reat hoof 3hich cattered the od of the earth+ )he other hor e had a c!rlin$ mane, and narro3, lender feet and heel + )hen CP Ch!lainn performed the th!nderfeat of a h!ndred and the th!nderfeat of t3o h!ndred, the th!nderfeat of three h!ndred and the th!nderfeat of fo!r h!ndred+ :nd at the th!nderfeat of fi#e h!ndred he cea ed for he tho!$ht that that 3a a !fficient n!mber to fall by him in hi fir t attac% and in hi fir t conte t of battle a$ain t the fo!r pro#ince of 4reland+ :nd in that manner he came forth to attac% hi enemie and dro#e hi chariot in a 3ide circ!it o!t ide the fo!r $reat pro#ince of 4reland+ :nd he dro#e hi chariot f!rio! ly o that the iron 3heel an% deep into the $ro!nd ca tin$ !p earth !fficient to pro#ide fort and fortre , for there aro e on the o!t ide a hi$h a the iron 3heel dy%e and bo!lder and roc% and fla$ tone and $ra#el from the $ro!nd+ =e made thi 3arli%e encirclement of the fo!r $reat pro#ince of 4reland o that they mi$ht not flee from him nor di per e aro!nd him !ntil he pre ed them clo e to ta%e #en$eance on them for the death of the yo!th of "l ter+ :nd he came acro into the middle of their ran% and three time he thre3 !p $reat rampart of hi enemie ' corp e o!t ide aro!nd the ho t+ :nd he made !pon them the attac% of a foe !pon hi foe o that they fell, ole of foot to ole of foot, and headle nec% to headle nec%, !ch 3a the den ity of the carna$e+ )hree time a$ain he encircled them in thi 3ay lea#in$ a layer of ix corp e aro!nd them, that i , the ole of three men to the nec% of three men, all aro!nd the encampment+ So that the name of thi tale in the )@in i Se rech Bre li$e, the Sixfold Sla!$hter+ 4t i one of the three la!$hter in 3hich the #ictim cannot be n!mbered, the three bein$ Se rech Bre li$e and 4m hli$e 9lennamnach and the battle at 9@irech and 4r$@irech+ B!t on thi occa ion ho!nd and hor e and man !ffered ali%e+


{translation of lines 2316-2347} O-ther $ersions say that 8"% fo"%ht *eside 9: 9h"lainn in the *attle of ,esre!h ?resli%e&

a! <ithlend

)heir n!mber i not %no3n nor i it po ible to co!nt ho3 many of the common oldiery fell there, b!t their leader alone ha#e been rec%oned+ =ere follo3 their name - t3o men called CrPaid, t3o called Calad, t3o called CMr, t3o called CMar, t3o called Ecell, three called Crom, three called Ca!rath, three called Combir$e, fo!r called Feochar, fo!r called F!rachar, fo!r called Ca , fo!r called Fota, fi#e called Ca!rath, fi#e called Cerman, fi#e called Cobthach, ix called Saxan, ix called '@ch, ix called 'aMre, e#en called Rochaid, e#en called RLn@n, e#en called RPrthech, ei$ht called Rochlad, ei$ht called Rochtad, ei$ht called Rindach, ei$ht called Cairpre, ei$ht called M!lach, nine called 'ai$ith, nine called '@ire, nine called '@mach, ten called Fiac, ten called FMacha, ten called Fedelmid+ Se#en core and ten %in$ did CP Ch!lainn lay in the battle of Bre lech MLr in Ma$ M!irthemne, and a co!ntle n!mber be ide of ho!nd and hor e , of 3omen and boy and children, and of the common fol%+ For not one man in three of the men of 4reland e caped 3itho!t hi thi$hNbone or the ide of hi head or one eye bein$ bro%en or 3itho!t bein$ mar%ed for life+ )hen CP Ch!lainn, after he had fo!$ht that battle a$ain t them, came from them 3ith no 3o!nd or $a h inflicted !pon him elf or hi charioteer or on either of hi hor e + The $escription of C Chulainn CP Ch!lainn came on the morro3 to !r#ey the ho t and to di play hi $entle and bea!tif!l form to 3omen and $irl and maiden , to poet and men of art, for he held not a hono!rable or di$nified the dar% ma$ical appearance in 3hich he had appeared to them the pre#io! ni$ht+ So for that rea on he no3 came on thi day to di play hi bea!tif!l fair appearance+ Bea!tif!l indeed 3a the yo!th 3ho th! came to di play hi form to the ho t , namely, CP Ch!lainn mac SPaltaim+ =e eemed to ha#e three %ind of hair- dar% next to hi %in, bloodNred in the middle and hair li%e a cro3n of $old co#erin$ them o!t ide+ Fair 3a the arran$ement of that hair 3ith three coil in the hollo3 in the nape of hi nec%, and li%e $old thread 3a each fine hair, loo eflo3in$, bri$htN$olden, excellent, lon$Ntre ed, plendid and of bea!tif!l colo!r, 3hich fell bac% o#er hi ho!lder + : h!ndred bri$ht crim on rin$let of flamin$ redN$old encircled hi nec%+


{translation of lines 2348-2387} Aro"nd his head a h"ndred strin%s interspersed with !ar*"n!le%e s& .o"r shades 405 in ea!h of his !hee+s) a yellow shade and a %reen) a *l"e shade and a p"rple& ,e$en *rilliant %e li+e p"pils in ea!h of his no*le eyes& ,e$en toes on ea!h of his feet@ se$en fin%ers on ea!h of his hands with the %rasp of a haw+1s !laws and the %rip of a hed%ho%1s !laws in ea!h separate toe and fin%er& So on that day he donned hi fe ti#e apparel, namely, a fair mantle, 3ellN fittin$, bri$ht p!rple, frin$ed, fi#eNfolded+ : 3hite brooch of il#er in et 3ith inlaid $old o#er hi 3hite brea t a it 3ere a bri$ht lantern that men' eye co!ld not loo% at by rea on of it brilliance and plendo!r+ Next to hi %in he 3ore a t!nic of il%y atin reachin$ to the top of hi dar% apron, dar%N red, oldierly, of royal atin+ =e carried a dar%Nred p!rple hield 3ith fi#e concentric circle of $old and a rim of 3hite bronEe+ :t hi $irdle h!n$, ready for action, a $oldenNhilted, ornamented 3ord 3ith $reat %nob of red $old at it end+ 4n the chariot be ide him 3a a lon$ hinin$Ned$ed pear to$ether 3ith a harp attac%in$ *a#elin 3ith ri#et of b!rnin$ $old+ 4n one hand he held nine head , in the other ten, and the e he brandi hed at the ho t + )ho e 3ere the trophie of one ni$ht' fi$htin$ by CP Ch!lainn+ )hen the 3omen of Connacht climbed !p on the ho t and the 3omen of M!n ter climbed on men' ho!lder that they mi$ht behold the appearance of CP Ch!lainn+ B!t Medb hid her face and dared not ho3 her co!ntenance, b!t thro!$h fear of CP Ch!lainn he heltered !nder a co#er of hield + )hat i 3hy '!bthach 'Lel "lad aid 7the e #er e 81& #f this is the distorted one) en1s !orpses will lie here and !ries will *e heard aro"nd the !o"rts& 7here will *e tales in the lands405& 2& 2eadstones will *e ere!ted o$er %ra$es& ;ore and ore +in%s will *e slain& Mot well do ye fi%ht on the *attle-field a%ainst that !ha pion& 3& # see how he dri$es aro"nd with ei%ht se$ered heads on the !"shions of his !hariot& # see the shattered spoils he *rin%s and ten heads as trophies& 4& # see how yo"r wo an-fol+ raise their heads a*o$e the *attle 4to see hi 5) *"t # see that yo"r %reat L"een does not see+ to !o e to the fi%ht&

{translation of lines 2388-2427} 5& (ere # yo"r !o"nseller) then warriors wo"ld lie in a *"sh all aro"nd hi so that they i%ht !"t short his life) if this is the distorted& one& 7hen .er%"s !hanted these $ersesQ 1& 7a+e A"*tha!h AHolten%aid away& Ara% hi to the rear of the ar y& 2e has done no"%ht of %ood sin!e he slew the aidens 4in =lster5& 2& 2e perfor ed a wi!+ed and ill-o ened deed when he +illed .Ca!ha) the son of 9on!ho*ar& Mor was the slayin% of 9oirpre) son of .edel id) any less wi!+ed& 3& A"*tha!h) the son of 8"%aid a! 9asr"*a) does not !ontend for the lordship of =lster) *"t this is how he treats the @ those not +illed he sets at lo%%erheads& 4& 7he =lster eNiles will %rie$e if their *eardless lad is slain& #f the =lster ar y !o e "pon yo") they will t"rn *a!+ the herds& 5& 7he de*ility of the =lster en will *e %reately prolon%ed *efore they finally re!o$er& 6& ;essen%ers will *rin% %reat tidin%s& Breat L"eens will *e there& ;en1s wo"nded *odies will *e an%led and any sla"%htered& 7& 9orpses will *e tra pled "nderfoot& U"lt"res will feast& ,hields will lie flat on the *attle fields& ;ara"ders will find shelter& 8& (arriors1 *lood will *e spilt on the %ro"nd *y this ar y of !"rs in h" an shape& #f they %et there) the eNiles will penetrate far into =lster& 2e !annot heed the prophe!y of what lies *efore yo"& 7a+e A"*tha!h ADelten%a away& 9& 7here"pon .er%"s h"rled A"*tha!h away fro hi landed flat on his fa!e o"tside those who stood there&

and he

{translation of lines 2428-2471} 7hen Ailill was heard sayin%Q - .er%"s) do not fi%ht a%ainst the wo en and !attle of =lster& # !an see *y their o"ntain

passes that any will *e +illed there& ,tri+e e$en tho"%h they will *e str"!+ down only one *y one& 2e slays the in the ford e$ery day&' 7hen ;ed* was heardQ - Ailill) arise with war-*ands &&& 4>o"r5 sons will +ill in passes405 and on fords) in %reat sandy pla!es and in dar+ pools& And .er%"s the *ra$e and the eNiled warriors will *e $i!torio"s& After the *attle there will *e restit"tion &&&' 7hen .er%"s spo+eQ Ao not listen to the foolish !o"nsels of a wo an& 2ear the not&&&' 7hen Ba*rFn the poet spo+eQ ,pea+ no words &&& do not earn hatred&' Kef"se not yo"r opponent& 9o e to eet hi at the ford)' said .er%"s& 2ear AilillR' said ;ed*& Ailill was heard spea+in%Q .er%"s +nows &&&' 7hen .er%"s was heardQ - ;ed*) do not send the %reat heroes of yo"r i%hty eNiles&&&' The 'is?thro" at Belach Ein FMacha FMald@na 'imraith came to ha#e peech 3ith the on of hi mother' i ter, 3ho e name 3a Maine :ndLe+ 'Lcha mac M@$ach came 3ith Maine :ndLe and '!bthach 'Lel "lad came 3ith FMacha FMald@na 'imraith+ 'Lcha ca t a pear at FMacha and it 3ent into '!bthach+ )hen '!bthach ca t a pear at Maine and it 3ent into 'Lcha+ )he mother of '!bthach and 'Lcha 3ere al o t3o i ter + =ence the name 4mroll Belai$ EPin, the Mi ca t at Belach EPin+ 5Or, accordin$ to another #er ion, the ori$in of the name 4mroll Belai$ EPin i a follo3 )he ho t came to Belach ELin+ Both armie halted there+ 'iarmait mac Conchobair came from the north from "l ter+ ^Send a me en$er,_ aid 'iarmait, ^a %in$ Maine to come 3ith one man to parley 3ith me, and 4 hall $o 3ith one man to meet him+_ )hen they met+ ^4 ha#e come from Conchobar,_ aid 'iarmait, ^to a % yo! to tell Medb and :ilill that they m! t let all the cattle 7they ha#e ta%en8 $o and their depredation 3ill be o#erloo%ed+ :nd let the b!ll from

{translation of lines 2472-2504} the west *e *ro"%ht hither to the *"ll 4Aonn 9:ailn%e5 that they ay en!o"nter ea!h other) for so ;ed* has pro ised&' # shall %o and tell the )' said ;aine& ,o he %a$e the essa%e to ;ed* and Ailill& 7hese ter s !annot *e %ot fro ;ed*)' said ;aine& (ell then) let "s eN!han%e weapons)' said Aiar ait) if yo" prefer&' # a willin%)' said ;aine& <a!h of the !ast a spear at the other and *oth of the died) so that # roll


?elai% <Din is the na e of that pla!e& 7he ar y r"shed "pon the opposin% for!e& 7hree s!ore of the fell on ea!h side& 2en!e the na e Ard in ACr a& The $eath of Taman the Hester :ilill' people p!t hi %in$' cro3n on )aman the Te ter+ :ilill him elf did not #ent!re to 3ear it+ CP Ch!lainn ca t a tone at him at the place called bth )am!in and ma hed hi head+ Ihence the name bth )am!in and )!$a im )ham!n+ The $eath of Bengus mac Benlime )hen Ken$! mac Kenl@ime 9aibe, a bold 3arrior of the "l termen, t!rned bac% the 3hole army at Moda (o$a 73hich i the ame name a (!$mod8 a far a bth 'a Fherta+ =e did not allo3 them to $o farther and he pelted them 3ith tone + (earned men ay that he 3o!ld ha#e dri#en them on before him to be p!t to the 3ord at Emain Macha if only they had enco!ntered him in in$le combat+ B!t they did not $rant him fair play+ )hey %illed him a he fo!$ht a$ain t odd + The 'eeting of #ergus and C Chulainn ^(et one of yo! come to meet me at bth 'a Fherta,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4t 3ill not be 4c_ ^4t 3ill not be 4c_ cried one and all from the place 3here they 3ere+ ^No cape$oat i o3ed by my people, and e#en if he 3ere, it i not 4 3ho 3o!ld $o in hi tead a a #ictim+_ )hen Fer$! 3a be$$ed to $o a$ain t him+ B!t he ref! ed to enco!nter hi fo terN on, CP Ch!lainn+ =e 3a plied 3ith 3ine then !ntil he 3a $reatly intoxicated, and a$ain he 3a a %ed to $o and fi$ht+ So then he 3ent forth ince they 3ere o earne tly import!nin$ him+

{translation of lines 2505-2538} 7hen 9: 9h"lainn said #t is with 4a feelin% of5 se!"rity yo" !o e a%ainst e) aster .er%"s) seein% that yo" ha$e no sword in yo"r s!a**ard&' O.or) as we ha$e already told) Ailill had stolen it fro the s!a**ard&O # !are not indeed)' said .er%"s& <$en if there were a sword in it) it wo"ld not *e wielded a%ainst yo"& Ketreat a step fro e) 9: 9h"lainn&' >o" in t"rn will retreat *efore e)' said 9: 9h"lainn& <$en so indeed)' answered .er%"s& )hen CP Ch!lainn retreated before Fer$! a far a 9rellach 'oll!id o that on the day of the $reat battle Fer$! mi$ht retreat before him+ :fter3ard CP Ch!lainn di mo!nted 7from hi chariot8 in 9rellach 'oll!id+ ^9o after him, Fer$! c_ they all

cried+ ^Nay,_ aid Fer$! + ^"ntil my t!rn come ro!nd 4 hall not $o, for it i no ea y ta % for me+ )hat man i too li#ely for me+_ )hey 3ent on then and pitched camp in CrMch Roi + FerchP (oin$ ech, 3ho had been exiled by :ilill, heard of thi and came to enco!nter CP Ch!lainn+ )hirteen men 3a the n!mber of hi force+ CP Ch!lainn %illed them at the place called Cin$it Ferchon+ )heir thirteen head tone mar% the pot+ The #ight "ith 'and Medb ent Mand M!re ci, the on of '@ire of the 'omnannai$, to fi$ht a$ain t CP Ch!lainn+ Mand 3a o3n brother to 'am@n, the father of Fer 'iad+ )hi Mand 3a a #iolent fello3, exce i#e in eatin$ and leepin$+ =e 3a c!rrilo! and fo!lN po%en li%e '!bthach 'Lel "lad+ =e 3a tron$ and acti#e and mi$hty of limb li%e M!nremar mac Errcind+ =e 3a a fierce champion li%e )ri cod, the tron$ man of Conchobar' ho! ehold+ ^4 hall $o forth !narmed and cr! h him in my bare hand , for 4 corn to ! e 3eapon a$ain t a beardle 3hipper napper+_ So Mand 3ent to attac% CP Ch!lainn 3ho, 3ith hi charioteer, 3a on the plain %eepin$ a loo%No!t for the ho t+ ^: man come to3ard ! ,_ aid (@e$ to CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ihat manner of manZ_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^: dar%, tron$, fierce man 3ho come !narmed+_ ^(et him $o pa t,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ )here!pon Mand came to them+

{translation of lines 2539-2570} # ha$e !o e to fi%ht a%ainst yo")' said ;and& 7hen they fell to wrestlin% for a lon% ti e and thri!e did ;and throw 9: 9h"lainn) so that the !harioteer "r%ed hi on) sayin%Q #f yo" were stri$in% for the hero1s portion in < ain)' said 8Fe%) yo" wo"ld *e powerf"l o$er the warriors there&' ,o then his hero1s ra%e and his warrior1s f"ry arose in 9: 9h"lainn) and he dashed ;and a%ainst the pillarstone and shattered hi into fra% ents& 2en!e the na e ;a% ;anda!hta) that is) ;and S!hta) whi!h eans the death of ;and was there& )he next day Medb ent t3entyNnine men a$ain t him to CP Ch!lainn' bo$+ F!iliarn i the name of the bo$ 3hich i on thi ide of bth Fhir 'iad+ )he e men 3ere 9aile '@ne and hi t3entyN e#en on and hi i ter' on, 9la mac 'el$na+ :t once they ca t their t3entyNnine pear at CP Ch!lainn+ )hen a they all reached for their 3ord , FMacha mac Fir Fhebe came after them o!t of the encampment+ =e leapt from hi chariot 3hen he a3 all their hand rai ed a$ain t CP Ch!lainn, and he tr!c% off their t3entyNnine forearm + )hen aid CP Ch!lainn ^Ihat yo! ha#e done i timely help+_ ^E#en thi little,_ aid FMacha, ^i in breach of o!r co#enant for ! "l termen+ 4f any one of them reach the encampment 7to tell of it8, o!r 3hole

di#i ion 3ill be p!t to the 3ord+_ ^4 3ear my people' oath,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^that no3 that 4 ha#e dra3n my breath, not one of tho e men hall $et there ali#e+_ )here!pon CP Ch!lainn %illed the t3entyNnine men, 3ith the t3o on of Ficce helpin$ him in the %illin$+ )he e 3ere t3o bra#e 3arrior of "l ter 3ho had come to exert their mi$ht a$ain t the ho t+ )hat 3a their exploit on the Foray !ntil they came 3ith CP Ch!lainn to the $reat battle+ 4n the tone in the middle of the ford there i till the mar% of the bo of their 7t3entyNnine8 hield and of their fi t and %nee + )heir t3entyNnine head tone 3ere erected there+ The #ight of #er $iad and C Chulainn )hen they debated amon$ them el#e a to 3hich man 3o!ld be capable of repellin$ CP Ch!lainn+ )he fo!r pro#ince of 4reland named and confirmed and decided 3hom they ho!ld end to the

{translation of lines 2571-2605} ford to eet 9: 9h"lainn& 7hey all de!lared that it was the horns+inned an fro #rr"s Ao nann) the one whose atta!+ !annot *e end"red) the *attle-stone of doo ) 9: 9h"lainn1s own dear foster*rother& 9: 9h"lainn possessed no feat that .er Aiad had not) eN!ept only the feat of the ge bulga& And they tho"%ht that .er Aiad !o"ld a$oid e$en that and prote!t hi self fro it) for he had a horn-s+in whi!h weapons and swords !o"ld not pier!e& ;ed* sent essen%ers for .er Aiad) *"t he did not !o e with those essen%ers& 7hen ;ed* sent to fet!h hi poets and artists and satirists who i%ht satirise hi and dis%ra!e hi and p"t hi to sha e) so that he wo"ld find no restin%- pla!e in the world "ntil he sho"ld !o e to the tent of ;ed* and Ailill on the .oray& ,o for fear that he sho"ld *e p"t to sha e *y the .er Aiad !a e with those essen%ers& Finnabair, the da!$hter of Medb and :ilill 3a placed at hi ide+ 4t 3a he 3ho handed Fer 'iad e#ery $oblet and c!pC it 3a he 3ho $a#e him three %i e 3ith e#ery one of tho e c!p C it 3a he 3ho $a#e him fra$rant apple o#er the bo om of her t!nic+ She %ept ayin$ that Fer 'iad 3a her belo#ed, her cho en lo#er from amon$ all the men of the 3orld+ Ihen Fer 'iad 3a ated and cheerf!l and merry, Medb aid ^Iell no3, Fer 'iad, do yo! %no3 3hy yo! ha#e been !mmoned to thi tentZ_ ^4 %no3 not indeed,_ aid Fer 'iad, ^except that the noble of the men of 4reland are here, o 3hy ho!ld it be le fittin$ for me to be here than any other noblemanZ_ ^)hat i not 3hy, indeed,_ aid Medb, ^b!t 7yo! ha#e been !mmoned for ! 8 to $i#e yo! a chariot 3orth thrice e#en cumala, the eQ!ipment of t3el#e

men, the eQ!i#alent of Ma$ M!irthemne in the arable land of Ma$ n:M, permi ion to remain at all time in CrPach! 3ith 3ine po!red for yo! there, and yo!r de cendant and yo!r race to be free for e#er from tax or trib!te, and my leafN haped brooch of $old in 3hich there are ten core o!nce and ten core halfN o!nce and ten core cro ach and ten core Q!arter be to3ed on yo!, and Finnabair, my da!$hter and :ilill' , a yo!r 3edded 3ife, and my o3n intimate friend hip+ :nd in addition to that, if yo! reQ!ire it, yo! 3ill $et the $od a $!arantee+_ ^)ho e $ift are $reat,_ aid they all+ ^)hat i tr!e,_ aid Fer 'iad+ ^)hey are indeed $reat+ B!t $reat tho!$h they be, Medb, yo! 3ill %eep them yo!r elf if 4 am to $o and fi$ht 3ith my fo terNbrother+_

{translation of lines 2606-2662} - y en)' said ;ed*) intendin% to stir "p strife and dissension and spea+in% as if she had not heard .er Aiad at all) what 9: 9h"lainn said is tr"e&' (hat did he say) ;ed*0' as+ed .er Aiad& 2e said) y friend) that he tho"%ht yo" sho"ld fall *y his !hoi!est feat of ar s in the pro$in!e to whi!h he wo"ld %o&' #t was not ri%ht for hi to say that for he ne$er fo"nd wea+ness or !owardi!e in e) day or ni%ht& # swear *y y people1s %od that # shall *e the first an to !o e to orrow ornin% to the ford of !o *at&' A *lessin% on yo"R' said ;ed*& # prefer that rather than findin% wea+ness or !owardi!e in yo"& <$ery an has +indly feelin% for his own people& ,o is it any ore fittin% for hi to wor+ for =lster1s weal sin!e his other was of =lster) than for yo" to see+ the %ood of 9onna!ht) for yo" are the son of a 9onna!ht +in%0' E#en a they bo!nd their co#enant and made thi compact, they made a on$ there1& >o" shall ha$e a reward of any *ra!elets) and a share of plain and forest) to%ether with freedo for yo"r posterity fro today "ntil doo sday& - .er Aiad a! Aa Fin) yo" shall re!ei$e *eyond all eNpe!tation& #t is ri%ht for yo" to a!!ept what all others a!!ept& 2& # shall not a!!ept anythin% witho"t s"rety for no warrior witho"t s+ill in !astin% a #& #t will *e an oppressi$e tas+ for e to orrow& 7he eNertion will *e hard for e& A 2o"nd !alled the 2o"nd of 9"lann) it will not *e easy to resist hi & 2ard the tas+) %reat the disaster&

3& (hat a$ails it for yo" to delay0 ?ind it as it ay please yo" *y the ri%ht hand of +in%s or prin!es who will %o s"rety for yo" &&& >o" shall ha$e all that yo" as+) for it is !ertain that yo" will +ill hi who will !o e to en!o"nter yo"& 4& # shall not !onsent "nless # %et siN s"retiesOlet it not *e lessO *efore perfor in% y eNploits in the presen!e of the ar y& (ere # to ha$e y wish &&& # shall %o to fi%ht with *ra$e 9: 9h"lainn& 5& - ;ed* %reat in *oastf"lnessR 7he *ea"ty of a *ride%roo does not to"!h yo"& # a !ertain that yo" are aster in 9r:a!h" of the o"nds& 8o"d yo"r $oi!e) %reat yo"r fier!e stren%th& ?rin% e satin ri!hly $arie%ated& Bi$e e yo"r %old and yo"r sil$er in the a o"nt that they were offered to e&

{translation of lines 2663-2708} 6& 7a+e landowner or rea$er) ta+e the *ardi! fol+ as s"reties& >o" will !ertainly ha$e the & 7a+e ;orand as se!"rity if yo" wish for f"lfil ent 4of y pro ises5&7a+e 9air*re Mia ;anand) and ta+e o"r two sons& 7& # shall ta+e those s"reties as %"arantees) and # shall sin% a reL"ie for *ra$e 9: 9h"lainn& 8& >o" are the heroi! leader to who # shall %i$e y !ir!"lar *roo!h& >o" shall ha$e "ntil ,"nday) no lon%er shall the respite *e& - stron% and fa o"s warrior) all the finest treas"res on earth shall th"s *e %i$en to yo"& >o" shall ha$e the all& 9& .inna*air of the !ha pions) the L"een of the west of #nis <l%a) when the 2o"nd of the , ith has *een +illed) yo" shall ha$e) - .er Aiad& : 3onderf!l 3arrior of the "l termen, Fer$! mac RLi$, 3a pre ent 3hen they made that compact+ Fer$! came to hi tent+ ^Ioe i me for the deed that 3ill be done tomorro3 mornin$c_ ^Ihat deed i thatZ_ a %ed tho e in the tent+ ^)he %illin$ of my noble fo terN on, CP Ch!lainn+_ ^Ihy, 3ho ma%e !ch a boa tZ_ ^=i o3n dear fo terN brother, Fer 'iad mac 'am@in+ Ihy do ye not ta%e my ble in$ and one of yo! $o

3ith a friendly 3arnin$ to CP Ch!lainn in the hope that he mi$ht not come to the ford tomorro3 mornin$+_ ^Ie 3ear,_ aid they, ^that e#en if yo! yo!r elf 3ere at the ford, 3e 3o!ld not $o there to yo!+_ ^Iell, dri#er,_ aid Fer$! , ^harne o!r hor e and yo%e the chariot+_ )he charioteer aro e and harne ed the hor e and yo%ed the chariot+ )hey came for3ard to the ford of combat 3here CP Ch!lainn 3a + ^: in$le chariot i comin$ to3ard ! , little CP,_ aid (@e$+ For the charioteer had hi bac% t!rned to hi ma ter+5=e ! ed to 3in e#ery econd $ame of dra!$ht and che from hi ma ter+ :part from that he acted a entinel and 3atchman on the fo!r airt of 4reland+ ^Ihat manner of chariotZ_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^: chariot li%e a $reat palace, 3ith yo%e of olid $old and a tron$ panel of copper, 3ith it haft of bronEe, it frame 3ith

{translation of lines 2709-2748} narrow !o pa!t openin%) hi%h and swordstrai%ht) fit for a hero) drawn *y two *la!+ horses) a!ti$e) spirited) $i%oro"s) easily yo+ed) &&& A sin%le royal) wide-eyed warrior is dri$en in the !hariot& 2e has a thi!+) for+ed *eard rea!hin% down past the soft lower part of his na$el& #t wo"ld prote!t fifty warriors on a day of stor and rain if they were "nder the deep shelter of the hero1s *eard& 2e !arries a !"r$ed $arie%ated shield with white sho"lder pie!e and three *ea"tif"l !on!entri! !ir!les& A litter-*ed for fo"r *ands of ten en wo"ld fit "pon the hide whi!h stret!hes a!ross the *road !ir!" feren!e of the warrior1s shield& 2e has a lon%) harded%ed) *road) red sword in a sheath with interla!ed desi%n of *ri%ht sil$er &&& -$er the !hariot he holds a stron%) three rid%ed spear with rin%s and *ands of p"re white sil$er&' #t is not hard to re!o%ni6e hi )' said 9: 9h"lainn& 7hat is y aster .er%"s) !o in% to %i$e e a friendly warnin% a%ainst all the fo"r pro$in!es of #reland&' Fer$! arri#ed and de cended from hi chariot+ CP Ch!lainn bade him 3elcome+ ^Ho!r arri#al i 3elcome, ma ter Fer$! ,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4 tr! t that 3elcome,_ aid Fer$! + ^Ho! may 3ell tr! t it,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4f a floc% of bird fly acro the plain, yo! hall ha#e a 3ild $oo e and a half- or if fi h come to the e t!arie , yo! hall ha#e a almon and a half, or el e a handf!l of 3atercre , a handf!l of la#er and a handf!l of ea3eed, and after that a drin% of cold andy 3ater+_ ^)hat i a meal fit for an o!tla3,_ aid Fer$! + ^)hat i o+ 4 ha#e an o!tla3' portion,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^for from the Monday after Samain !ntil no3 4 ha#e not pent a ni$ht entertained a $!e t, b!t ha#e been tron$ly holdin$ bac% the men of 4reland on the Foray of CPailn$e+_ ^4f 3e had come for ho pitality,_ aid Fer$! , ^3e ho!ld be all the better plea ed to $et it, b!t that i not 3hy 3e ha#e come+_

^Ihy then ha#e yo! comeZ_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^)o tell yo! that a 3arrior 3ill come to fi$ht and do combat 3ith yo! tomorro3 mornin$,_ aid Fer$! + ^(et ! %no3 3ho it i and hear it from yo!,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4t i yo!r o3n fo terN brother, Fer 'iad mac 'am@in,_ ^4 #o3 that he i not the one 3e 3o!ld prefer to meet,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^not thro!$h fear of him indeed, b!t rather beca! e of o!r $reat lo#e for him+_ ^4t i ri$ht to fear him,_ aid Fer$! , ^for he ha a hornN %in 3hen he fi$ht 3ith an opponent, and neither 3eapon nor harp point can pierce it+_

{translation of lines 2749-2793} ^'o not ay that,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^for 4 3ear the oath of my people that hi e#ery *oint and limb 3ill bend beneath my 3ordpoint a pliantly a a r! h in midN tream, if he once appear before me on the ford+_ : they po%e th! , they made a lay1& - 9: 9h"lainnO!lear !o$enantO# see that it is ti e for yo" to rise& .er Aiad a! Aa Fin of the r"ddy !o"ntenan!e !o es here to eet yo" in his wrath& 2& # a here stron%ly holdin% *a!+ the en of #relandOno easy tas+& # do not retreat one step to a$oid en!o"nter with a sin%le opponent& 3& #t is not that # attri*"te !owardi!e to yo") - fa ed 9: 9h"lainn) *"t .er Aiad of the any followers has a horns+in a%ainst whi!h no fi%ht or !o *at !an pre$ail& 4& (hen # and .er Aiad the $aloro"s eet at the ford) it will not *e a fi%ht witho"t fier!eness& -"r sword-fi%ht will *e wrathf"l& 5& ,tron% is his hand whi!h wrea+s his an%er with his hard red sword& 7here is the stren%th of a h"ndred in his *ody@ *ra$e is the hero& 7he point of weapons wo"nds hi not) the ed%e of weapons !"ts hi not& 6& 2old yo"r pea!eR Ao not ar%"e the atter) - .er%"s of the i%hty weapons& -$er e$ery land and territory there will *e no fi%ht a%ainst o$erwhel in% odds for e&


7& - 9: 9h"lainn of the red sword) # sho"ld prefer a*o$e any reward that yo" were the one to ta+e the spoils of pro"d .er Aiad eastwards& 8& # $ow !learly) tho"%h # a not %i$en to $a"ntin%) that # shall *e the one to tri" ph o$er the son of Aa Fn a! AFire& 9& #t was # who) in reL"ital for the wron% done e *y the =lster an) !olle!ted and *ro"%ht these for!es to the east& (ith e the heroes and the warriors !a e fro their own lands& 10& (ere it not that 9on!ho*ar lies in his de*ility) o"r eetin% wo"ld indeed *e hard& ;ed* of ;a% in ,!Fil has ne$er !o e on a ore "proario"s ar!h&

{translation of lines 2794-2832} 11& A %reater deed now awaits yo"r hand-to fi%ht with .er Aiad a! Aa Fin& 2a$e with yo") - 9: 9h"lainn) weapons harsh and hard and fa ed in son%& :fter that, CP Ch!lainn a %ed- ^Ihy ha#e yo! come, ma ter Fer$! Z_ ^)hat i my me a$e,_ aid Fer$! + ^4t i a happy a!$!ry,_ aid CP Ch!lainn, ^that it 3a not omeone el e from amon$ the men of 4reland 3ho bro!$ht that me a$e+ B!t !nle all the fo!r pro#ince of 4reland *oin to$ether 7to attac% me8, 4 thin% nothin$ of a 3arnin$ a$ain t the comin$ of a in$le 3arrior+_ )hereafter Fer$! came bac% to hi tent+ Concernin$ CP Ch!lainn- ^Ihat 3ill yo! do toni$htZ_ a %ed (@e$+ ^Ihat indeedZ_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^Fer 'iad 3ill come a$ain t yo! fre hly bea!tified, 3a hed and bathed, 3ith hair plaited and beard horn, and the fo!r pro#ince of 4reland 3ill come 3ith him to 3atch the fi$ht+ 4 ho!ld li%e yo! to $o to 3here yo! 3ill $et the ame adornin$, to the pot 3here Emer FholtchaMn i , to Cairthenn ClPana 'a 'am in SlMab F!ait+_ So on that ni$ht CP Ch!lainn came to that place and pent the ni$ht 3ith hi o3n 3ife+ =i doin$ apart from that are not recorded here no3, b!t tho e of Fer 'iad+ Fer 'iad came to hi tent+ S!llen and di pirited 3ere tho e in Fer 'iad' tent that ni$ht+ )hey felt certain that 3hen the t3o 3orld champion met, they 3o!ld both fall, or el e that the re !lt 3o!ld be the fall of their o3n lord+ For it 3a no ea y matter to enco!nter CP Ch!lainn on the Foray+


)hat ni$ht $reat anxietie preyed !pon Fer 'iad' mind and %ept him a3a%e+ One $reat anxiety 3a the fear that he 3o!ld lo e all the trea !re and the maid offered to him for en$a$in$ in in$le combat+ For if he did not fi$ht that one man, he m! t fi$ht 3ith ix 3arrior on the next day+ B!t there 3ei$hed !pon him a $reater anxiety than all that- he 3a !re that if he once appeared before CP Ch!lainn on the ford, he 3o!ld no lon$er ha#e po3er o#er hi o3n body or o!l+ :nd Fer 'iad aro e early on the morro3+ ^My lad,_ aid he, ^harne o!r hor e and yo%e the chariot+_ ^On my 3ord,_ aid the charioteer, ^it i no more ad#i able for ! to $o on thi expedition than not to $o at all+_

{translation of lines 2833-2880} As .er Aiad spo+e to the !harioteer) he ade this little son% to "r%e hi onQ 1& 8et "s %o to this en!o"nter) to !ontend with this an) "ntil we rea!h that ford a*o$e whi!h the war-%oddess will shrie+& 8et "s %o to eet 9: 9h"lainn) to wo"nd his slender *ody) so that a spear-point ay pier!e hi and he ay die thereof& 2& #t were *etter for "s to stay here& 7he threats ye will eN!han%e will not *e ild& 7here will *e one to who sorrow will !o e& >o"r fi%ht will *e short& An en!o"nter with a fosterlin% of the =lster en is one fro whi!h har will !o e& #t will lon% *e re e *ered& (oe to hi who %oes on that !o"rseR 3& (hat yo" say is wron%) for diffiden!e does not *e!o e a warrior& >o" "st not show ti idity& (e shall not stay here for yo"& ?e silent) ladR (e shall presently *e *ra$e) for sto"tness of heart is *etter than !owardi!e& 8et "s %o to the en!o"nter& )he charioteer harne ed the hor e and prepared the chariot, and they dro#e for3ard o!t of the camp+ ^My lad,_ aid Fer 'iad, ^it i not ri$ht for ! to $o 3itho!t biddin$ fare3ell to the men of 4reland+ )!rn bac% the hor e and chariot to face the men of 4reland+_ )hree time the charioteer t!rned hor e and chariot to face the men of 4reland+ Medb 3a !rinatin$ on the floor of the tent+ ^4 :ilill a leep no3Z_ a %ed Medb+ ^No indeed,_ aid :ilill+ ^'o yo! hear yo!r ne3 onNinN la3 biddin$ yo! fare3ellZ_ ^4 that 3hat he i doin$Z_ a %ed :ilill+ ^4t i indeed,_ aid Medb+ ^B!t 4 3ear my people' oath that he 3ho i o biddin$ yo! fare3ell 3ill not ret!rn to yo! on hi o3n feet+_ ^Beca! e of 3hat 3e ha#e $ained by thi marria$e,_ aid :ilill, ^3e care not if both of them fall, pro#ided that CP Ch!lainn i %illed by him+ B!t indeed 3e ho!ld be the better plea ed if Fer 'iad e caped+_

Fer 'iad came for3ard to the ford of combat+ ^(oo% and ee, lad, if CP Ch!lainn i at the ford+_ aid Fer 'iad+ ^=e i not,_ aid the charioteer+ ^(oo% clo ely for ! ,_ aid Fer 'iad+ ^CP Ch!lainn i no mall hidden trifle, 3here#er he mi$ht be+_ aid the charioteer+

{translation of lines 2881-2920} 7hat is so) dri$er& =ntil today 9: 9h"lainn ne$er heard of a *ra$e warrior or a no*le opposin% hi on the .oray) and when he did hear of one) he went fro the ford&' #t is sha ef"l to re$ile hi in his a*sen!e) for do yo" re e *er how ye *oth fo"%ht a%ainst Ber Fn Bar*%las a*o$e the shores of the 7yrrhene ,ea and yo" left yo"r sword with the ene y hosts) and how 9: 9h"lainn slew a h"ndred warriors to %et it *a!+ for yo") and how he %a$e it to yo"0 And do yo" re e *er where we were that ni%ht0' # do not +now)' said .er Aiad& (e were in the ho"se of ,!Ftha!h1s steward)' said the !harioteer) and yo" were the first of "s to %o ea%erly and pro"dly into the ho"se& 7he !h"rlish fellow str"!+ yo" in the s all of yo"r *a!+ with the three-pron%ed for+ and pit!hed yo" o"t the door& 9: 9h"lainn !a e in and str"!+ the fellow with his sword and !lo$e hi in twain& As lon% as ye re ained in that stead) # a!ted as yo"r steward& #f it were that day now) yo" wo"ld not say that yo" were a *etter warrior than 9: 9h"lainn&' >o" ha$e done wron% 4not to spea+ *efore this5) dri$er)' said .er Aiad) for if yo" had told e that at first) # sho"ld not ha$e !o e to the fi%ht& (hy do yo" not p"ll the shafts of the !hariot "nder y side and the s+in- !o$erin%s *eneath y head that # ay sleep a while0' AlasR' said the !harioteer) s"!h a sleep is the sleep of a doo ed one fa!ed *y sta% and ho"nds&' (hy then) dri$er) are yo" not !apa*le of +eepin% wat!h for e0' # a )' said the dri$er) and "nless they !o e o"t of the !lo"ds and the air to atta!+ yo") none shall !o e fro east or fro west to fi%ht with yo" witho"t d"e warnin%&' 7he shafts of his !hariot were p"lled *eneath his side) and his s+in-!o$erin%s pla!ed "nder his head) and yet he slept not at all& No3 a re$ard CP Ch!lainn ^9ood, my friend (@e$, harne the hor e and prepare the chariot+ 4f Fer 'iad i a3aitin$ ! , he 3ill deem it lon$+_ )he charioteer aro e+ =e harne ed the hor e and he yo%ed the chariot+ CP Ch!lainn mo!nted the chariot and they dro#e for3ard to3ard the ford+ : for Fer 'iad' charioteer, he 3a not lon$ on the 3atch 3hen he heard the r!mble of a chariot approachin$ them+ : he a3o%e hi ma ter, he made thi lay156

1& # hear the so"nd of a !hariot with fair yo+e of sil$er& 4# per!ei$e5 the for of a an of %reat si6e) risin% a*o$e the front of the stron% !hariot&

{translation of lines 2921-2963} /ast ?roinfeirste ?roine they ad$an!e alon% the road) past the side of ?aile in ?ile& Ui!torio"s is their tri" ph& 2& A pl"nderin% 2o"nd dri$es) a *ri%ht !hariot-fi%hter harnesses) a no*le haw+ lashes his steeds towards the so"th& # a !ertain that he will !o e &&& 2e will %i$e "s *attle& 3& (oe to hi who is on the hill awaitin% the worthy 2o"nd& 8ast year # foretold that he wo"ld !o e at so e ti e) the 2o"nd of < ain ;a!ha) the 2o"nd with *ea"ty of e$ery !olo"r) the 2o"nd of spoils) the 2o"nd of *attle& # hear hi and he hears4"s5& A description of C ChulainnEs chariot* one of the three principal chariots in stor+?telling* on the #ora+ of Cailnge ^=o3 doe CP Ch!lainn loo% to yo!Z_ aid Fer 'iad to hi charioteer+ ^4 ee,_ he an 3ered, ^a bea!tif!l roomy chariot of 3hite cry tal, 3ith olid $old yo%e, 3ith $reat ide of copper, 3ith haft of bronEe, 3ith lungeta of 3hite $old, 3ith frame3or% of narro3 compact openin$ and fair a3nin$, a frame3or% in 3hich heroic feat are di played and 3hich 3o!ld hold e#en et of 3eapon fit for prince + Bea!tif!l i the eat for it lord 3hich that chariot contain , the chariot of CP Ch!lainn 3hich tra#el 3ith the 3iftne of a 3allo3 or a $reat deer ha tenin$ acro a plain on hi$h $ro!nd, !ch i the peed and 3iftne 3ith 3hich they dri#e for it i to3ard ! they tra#el+ )hat chariot i dra3n by t3o hor e 3ith mall ro!nd head , ro!ndNeyed, pric%Neared, broadNhoofed, redche ted, teady, plendid, ea ily harne ed +++ One of the e hor e i tron$, 3iftN*!mpin$, battle ome, 3ith $reat hoof and %itti h +++ )he other hor e ha c!rlin$ mane, narro3 lender feet, mall heel , +++ )he chariot ha t3o dar% blac% 3heel and there i a chariotpole of bronEe 3ith enamel of bea!tif!l colo!r+ )here are t3o ornamented $olden bridle +_ ^4n the chief place in that chariot i a man 3ith lon$ c!rlin$ hair+ =e 3ear a dar% p!rple mantle and in hi hand he $ra p a broadheaded pear, blood tained, fiery, flamin$+ 4t eem a if he ha three head of hair, to 3it, dar% hair next to the %in of hi head, bloodNred hair in the middle and the third head of hair co#erin$ him

li%e a cro3n of $old+ Bea!tif!lly i that hair arran$ed, 3ith three coil flo3in$ do3n o#er hi ho!lder + (i%e $olden thread 3ho e colo!r ha been hammered o!t on an an#il or li%e the yello3 of bee

{translation of lines 2964-3010} in the s"nshine of a s" er day see s to e the %lea of ea!h separate hair& ,e$en toes on ea!h of his feet@ se$en fin%ers on ea!h of his hands& : 3arrior' $ra p in each of hi hand 7$lo 8 & #n his eyes the *la6in% of a h"%e fire& 2is horses1 hoofs pa!e&' aintain a steady

^4n front of him i a charioteer f!lly 3orthy of hi ma ter+ =e ha c!rlin$ *etNblac% hair, a $reat head of hair+ =e 3ear a f!ll %irted hooded cape 3ith an openin$ at hi elbo3 and a li$htN$rey mantle+ 4n hi hand he hold a bea!tif!l $olden hor e3hip 4n hi hand a $oad of 3hite il#er 7alternati#e readin$ incorporated in text8 with whi!h he %oads the horses alon% whate$er road the $aloro"s warrior =e i hi friend 7$lo , incorporated in text8 in the !hariot tra$els&&&' And .er Aiad said to his !harioteerQ Arise) lad)' said .er Aiad& 7oo hi%hly do yo" eNtol that an& /repare the weapons for o"r en!o"nter with hi at the ford&' #f # were to t"rn y fa!e in the dire!tion to whi!h y *a!+ is now t"rned) # thin+ that the shafts of the !hariot wo"ld pier!e the nape of y ne!+&' - lad)' said .er Aiad) too hi%hly do yo" eNtol 9: 9h"lainn) for he has not %i$en yo" a reward for yo"r praise&' And as he des!ri*ed hi ) he said 1& #t is ti e now for help for this is no deed of friendship 40 5& ?e silent& Ao not praise hi for he is no o$erhan%in% doo & #f yo" see the hero of 9:ailn%e with his pro"d feats) then he shall *e dealt with *y "s& ,in!e it is for reward) he shall soon *e destroyed& 2& #f # see the hero of 9:ailn%e with his pro"d feats) he does not flee fro "s *"t towards "s he !o es& 7ho"%h s+ilf"l) he is not

%r"d%in%& .or his eN!ellen!e we praise hi & 2e r"ns and not slowly *"t li+e the swift th"nder*olt& 3& ,o %reatly ha$e yo" praised hi that it is al ost %ro"nd for a L"arrel& (hy ha$e yo" !hosen hi 4for praise5 sin!e he !a e forth fro his dwellin%0 Mow they are !hallen%in% hi and atta!+in% hi ) and only !owardly !h"rls !o e to atta!+ hi & Not lon$ after3ard they met in the middle of the ford, and Fer 'iad aid to CP Ch!lainn ^Ihere do yo! come from, CPaZ_

{translation of lines 3011-3064} .or 9:a is the word for sL"intin% in old #rish and 9: 9h"lainn had se$en p"pils in his royal eyes) two of whi!h were asL"int& ?"t this was ore an adorn ent than a disfi%"re ent to 9: 9h"lainn) and if he had had a %reater *odily *le ish) .er Aiad wo"ld "ndo"*tedly ha$e ta"nted hi with that& And as .er Aiad pro!lai ed this) he ade a lay and 9: 9h"lainn ade answer "ntil the lay was ended& 1& (hen!e do yo" !o e) - 9:a) to fi%ht with fresh stren%th0 >o"r flesh will *e *lood-red a*o$e the stea of yo"r horses& (oe to hi who !o es as yo" do) for it will *e as $ain as the +indlin% of a fire with one sti!+ of firewood& >o" will *e in need of healin% if yo" rea!h yo"r ho e a%ain& 2& # ha$e !o e) a wild *oar of troops and herds) *efore warriors) *efore *attalions) *efore h"ndreds) to thr"st yo" *eneath the waters of the pool& #n an%er a%ainst yo" and to pro$e yo" in a any-sided en!o"nter) so that har ay !o e to yo" as yo" defend yo"r life& 3& 2ow shall we eet0 ,hall we %roan o$er !orpses as we eet at the ford0 ,hall it *e with stron% spear-points or with hard swords that yo" will *e slain *efore yo"r hosts if yo"r ti e has !o e0 4& ?efore s"nset) *efore ni%htfall) if yo" are in straits &&& (hen yo" eet with ?oir!he) the *attle will *e *loody& 7he =lster en are !allin% yo"& 7hey ha$e ta+en yo" "nawares405 <$il will *e the si%ht for the & 7hey will *e "tterly defeated&

5& >o" ha$e !o e to the %ap of dan%er& 7he end of yo"r life is at hand& ,harp weapons will *e wielded on yo"& #t will *e no %entle p"rpose& A %reat !ha pion will slay 4yo"5& 7wo shall eet in !onfli!t& >o" shall not *e the leader of e$en three en fro now "ntil doo sday& 6& (hen we were with ,!Ftha!h) *y dint of o"r wonted $alo"r we wo"ld fare forth to%ether and tra$erse e$ery land& >o" were y lo$ed !o rade) y +ith and +in& Me$er fo"nd # one dearer to e& ,ad will *e yo"r death&

{translation of lines 3065-31131} 7& 8ea$e off yo"r warnin%& >o" are the ost *oastf"l an on earth& >o" shall ha$e neither reward nor re ission for yo" are no o"tstandin% hero& (ell # +now that yo" are *"t a ner$o"s lad) yo" with the heart of a fl"tterin% *ird) witho"t $alo"r) witho"t $i%o"r& 8& 7oo "!h do yo" ne%le!t yo"r hono"r that we ay not do *attle) *"t *efore the !o!+ !rows yo"r head will *e i paled on a spit& - 9: 9h"lainn of 9:ailn%e) fren6y and adness ha$e sei6ed yo"& All e$il shall !o e to yo" fro "s) for yo"rs is the %"ilt& )hen CP Ch!lainn a %ed hi charioteer to !r$e him on 3hen he 3a o#ercome and to prai e him 3hen he 3a #ictorio! fi$htin$ a$ain t hi opponent+ So hi charioteer aid to him ^Ho!r opponent $oe o#er yo! a a tail $oe o#er a cat+ =e belabo!r yo! a fla$Nhead 7Z8 are beaten in a pond+ =e cha ti e yo! a a fond 3oman cha ti e her on+_ )hen they betoo% them el#e to the ^fordNfeat,_ and did all that Sc@thach had ta!$ht both of them+ )hey performed 3onderf!l feat + :fter that CP Ch!lainn leapt on to Fer 'iad' hield, and Fer 'iad ca t him off three time into the ford, o that the charioteer %ept on incitin$ him once more+ CP Ch!lainn 3elled and $re3 bi$ a a bladder doe 3hen inflated+ =i iEe increa ed o that he 3a bi$$er than Fer 'iad+ ^(oo% o!t for the ga< bulgac_ cried the charioteer and ca t it to him do3n tream+ CP Ch!lainn ca!$ht it bet3een hi toe and ca t it at Fer 'iad into hi an! + 4t 3a a a in$le barb it entered b!t it became t3entyNfo!r 7in Fer 'iad' body8+ )here!pon Fer 'iad lo3ered hi hield+ CP Ch!lainn tr!c% him 3ith the pear abo#e the hield, and it bro%e hi rib and pierced Fer 'iad' heart+

1& ,tron% is the spear-shaft !ast *y yo"r ri%ht hand& ;y ri*s li+e spoils are *ro+en@ y heart is %ore& (ell did # fi%ht) *"t # ha$e fallen) - 9:aR 2& Alas) - no*le warriorR - *ra$e .er AiadR - stron% and *ea"tif"l s iter) yo"r ar was $i!torio"s& 3& -"r friendship was fair) - deli%ht of y eyesR >o"r shield had a %olden ri & >o"r sword was *ea"tif"l&

{translation of lines 3114-3157} 4& >o"r rin% of white sil$er on yo"r no*le hand& >o"r !hess-set of %reat worth& >o"r !hee+s were rosy and *ea"tif"l& 5& >o"r !"rlin% yellow hair was thi!+Oa fair 3ewel& >o"r %irdle) s"pple and orna ented) yo" wore aro"nd yo"r side& 6& AlasR y lo$ed one) that yo" sho"ld fall at the hand of 9: 9h"lainnR >o"r shield whi!h yo" wore a%ainst for!e afforded yo" no prote!tion& 7& -"r fi%ht &&& o"r sorrow) the din of o"r *attle& .ine was the %reat !ha pion& <$ery ar y was defeated and tra pled "nderfoot& AlasR - no*le warrior) .er AiadR 1& All was play and pleas"re "ntil # et with .er Aiad in the ford& Alas for the no*le !ha pion laid low there at the ford& 2& All was play and sport "ntil # et with .er Aiad at the ford& # tho"%ht that *elo$ed .er Aiad wo"ld li$e after e for e$er& Ihile the enemy ho t 3ere $oin$ o!th from bth Fhit 'iad, CP Ch!lainn lay there 3o!nded !ntil Senoll hathach came to him ahead of the other and Senoll 3a there 3ith the t3o Meic Fhice+ )hey bro!$ht CP Ch!lainn bac% to the tream of Conaille M!irthemne to heal and bathe hi 3o!nd therein+ )he e are the name of tho e ri#er - S@ , B!an Bith hl@n, Finn$la , 9leLir, Bed$, )ad$, )alamAd, Rind, Bir, Breinide, C!man$, Cellend, 9aenemain, 'ich!, M!ach, Mili!c, 'en, 'elt, '!b$lai e+ Ihile CP Ch!lainn 3ent to bathe in tho e ri#er , the army 3ent o!th pa t him and made their encampment at 4morach Smiromrach+ Mac Roth left the army and 3ent north to 3atch o!t for the men of "l ter, and he came to SlMab FPait

to find o!t if he mi$ht ee anyone p!r !in$ them+ =e told them that he a3 only one chariot+ The Chief Episodes of the Tin )he =ard Fi$ht of Cethern mac Fintain, the )oothNfi$ht of Fintan, the Red Shame of Mend, the Bloodle Fi$ht of Rochad, the =!moro! Fi$ht of 4liach, the Mi ileNthro3in$ of the Charioteer , the )rance of :imir$in, the Repeated Iarnin$ of SPaltaim, the

{translation of lines 3158-3190} ;"sterin% of the =lster en) the 7ran!e of A"*tha!h) the 7ran!e of 9or a! 9on 8on%es) the Array of the 9o panies) the .inal Ae!ision in ?attle) the .i%ht of the ?"lls) the Ad$ent"res of A"* 9:ailn%e on the .oray& The 0ard #ight of Cethern ^4 ee a chariot comin$ acro the plain from the north today,_ aid Mac Roth, ^and 7in the chariot8 a $reyNhaired man, !narmed except for a il#er pi%e 3hich he hold in hi hand+ 4t eem a if the mi t of May !rro!nd the chariot+ Iith the pi%e he pric% both charioteer and hor e , for he thin% he 3ill carcely reach the ho t ali#e+ Before him r!n a brindled h!ntin$Ndo$+_ ^Iho i that, Fer$! Z_ a %ed :ilill+ ^4 it li%ely to be Conchobar or CeltchairZ_ ^4t i not li%ely,_ aid Fer$! + ^B!t 4 thin% it mi$ht be Cethern, the $enero! , redN 3orded on of Fintan+_ :nd o indeed it 3a + )hen Cethern attac%ed them thro!$ho!t the encampment and %illed many+ :nd he him elf 3a $rie#o! ly 3o!nded and came from the fi$htin$ to CP Ch!lainn, 3ith hi entrail lyin$ abo!t hi feet+ CP Ch!lainn had compa ion on him for hi 3o!ndin$+ ^9et me a phy ician,_ aid Cethern to CP Ch!lainn+ : litterNbed of fre h r! he 3ith a pillo3 on it 3a prepared for him+ )hen CP Ch!lainn ent (@e$ to Fiacha mac Fir Fhebe in the encampment of the bani hed "l termen to ee% phy ician , and aid that he 3o!ld %ill them all e#en if they 3ere to ta%e ref!$e !nder$ro!nd in the encampment !nle they came to him to c!re Cethern+ )he phy ician fo!nd thi no plea ant pro pect for there 3a none in the camp 3hom Cethern 3o!ld not 3o!nd+ =o3e#er the phy ician came forth to ee Cethern+ )he fir t phy ician 3ho came to him examined him+ ^Ho! 3ill not li#e,_ aid he+ ^Neither 3ill yo!,_ aid Cethern, and tr!c% him a blo3 3ith hi fi t 3hich ca! ed hi brain to $! h o!t o#er hi ear + 4n the ame 3ay he %illed fifty phy ician , or he %illed fifteen of them+ )he la t man recei#ed only a

$lancin$ blo3 3hich ca! ed him to 3oon+ =e 3a later re c!ed by CP Ch!lainn+ )hey ent me en$er then to FMn$in, the eerNphy ician, Conchobar' o3n phy ician, a %in$ him to come and examine CP Ch!lainn and Cethern+

{translation of lines 3191-3224} #t is not ri%ht for yo")' said 9: 9h"lainn to 9ethern) to +ill the physi!ians& #t will not *e possi*le to %et any 4 ore5 of the to !o e to yo"&' #t was not ri%ht for the to %i$e e a *ad pro%nosis&' .or ea!h physi!ian who eNa ined hi "sed to say that he wo"ld not li$e) that he was not !"ra*le) so then 9ethern "sed to stri+e hi with his fist& 7hey saw .Cn%in1s !hariot approa!hin%) for he had *een told that 9: 9h"lainn and 9ethern were in distress& 9: 9h"lainn went to eet hi & <Na ine 9ethern for "s)' said 9: 9h"lainn) *"t do so fro a distan!e) for he has +illed fifteen of their physi!ians&' .Cn%in !a e to 9ethern& 2e eNa ined hi fro afar off& ^Examine me,_ aid Cethern+ ^)hi fir t thr! t that 4 recei#ed 4 find painf!l+_ ^)ho e are 3o!nd inflicted by a pro!d and fooli h 3oman,_ aid FMn$in+ ^4t i li%ely that it i o,_ aid Cethern+ ^)here came to me a tall bea!tif!l 3oman 3ith pale, tender face and lon$ chee% + She had lon$ fair hair and t3o $olden bird on her ho!lder+ She 3ore a dar% p!rple hooded mantle+ On her bac% he carried a hield fi#e hand in breadth and o#erlaid 3ith $old+ 4n her hand a *a#elin, %een, harpNed$ed and li$ht+ : 3ord 3ith pointed hilt acro her ho!lder + 9reat 3a her bea!ty+ She it 3a 3ho fir t came to me and 3o!nded me+_ ^:ye indeed,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)hat 3a Medb from CrPach!+_ ^)he e are li$ht 3o!nd inflicted !n3illin$ly by a %in man+ )hey 3ill not pro#e fatal,_ aid the phy ician+ ^)hat i o,_ aid Cethern+ ^: 3arrior came to me+ =e carried a c!r#ed hield 3ith calloped rim+ 4n hi hand a pear 3ith bent point, acro hi ho!lder an i#oryNhilted 3ord+ =e had a cre t of hair and 3ore a bro3n cloa% in 3hich 3a a il#er pin 3rapped abo!t him+ =e $ot a li$ht 3o!nd from me+_ ^4 %no3 him,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)hat 3a 4llann, the on of Fer$! mac RLi$+_ ^)hi i the attac% of t3o 3arrior ,_ aid the phy ician+ ^)hat i tr!e,_ aid Cethern+ ^)3o men came to me+ )hey bore lon$ hield , each 3ith t3o hard chain of il#er and a il#er bo + )hey had t3o fi#eNpron$ed pear ro!nd 3hich 3a a il#er rin$+ )hey had thic% head of hair and each man 3ore a nec%let of il#er+_ ^4 %no3 them,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)ho e 3ere Oll and Oichne, the t3o fo terN on of :ilill and Medb+ )hey ne#er $o to an

{translation of lines 3225-3257} asse *ly *"t that they are s"re to +ill so eone& #t was they who wo"nded yo"&' ^)3o other 3arrior came to me,_ aid Cethern+ ^)hey had plendid bri$ht eQ!ipment and they them el#e 3ere manly+_ ^4 %no3 them,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)ho e 3ere B!n and Mecon of the %in$' ho! ehold+_ ^)he e 3o!nd are $ra#e,_ aid the phy ician+ ^)hey ha#e $one ri$ht thro!$h yo!r heart and pierced it tran#er ely+ 4 cannot !nderta%e to heal them+ Het 4 ha#e !ch %ill that they may not pro#e fatal+_ ^)hi i the bloody on et of the t3o on of the Din$ of Caill,_ aid the phy ician+ ^)hat i tr!e,_ aid Cethern+ ^)here came to me t3o $reyNhaired 3arrior , each carryin$ a 3ooden #e el on hi bac%+ 4ndeed,_ aid Cethern, ^thi pear pierced one of them+_ ^4 %no3 them,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)hey 3ere noble 3arrior from Medb' $reat ho! ehold+ )hey 3ere BrLen and (@irAne, the t3o on of three li$ht , the t3o on of the Din$ of Caill+_ ^)hi i the attac% of three 3arrior ,_ aid FMn$in, the phy ician+ ^)hat i tr!e,_ aid he+ ^)here came to me three men of eQ!al iEe, lin%ed to$ether 3ith a chain of bronEe +++ _ ^)ho e 3ere the three 3arrior of Banba, follo3er of CP RaM mac '@ire+_ ^)hi i the on et of three champion ,_ aid FMn$in+ ^)hat i tr!e,_ aid he+ ^)hree champion came to me bearin$ the eQ!ipment of 3arrior + Each had a il#er chain aro!nd hi nec% and carried a handf!l of *a#elin + Each man of them thr! t a pear into me, and 4 thr! t thi pear into each of them+_ ^)ho e 3ere three of the 3arrior of 4rPath,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^For their fiercene they 3ere cho en to %ill yo!,_ aid the phy ician+ ^4ndeed they ha#e e#ered the ine3 of yo!r heart 3ithin yo! o that it roll abo!t in yo! li%e a ball of thread in an empty ba$+_ ^4 cannot c!re 7yo!8 7Z8,_ aid FMn$in+ ^)hi i the attac% of three bloodyNminded men,_ aid FMn$in+ ^)hat i o,_ aid Cethern+ ^)hree tall to!t men came to me+ )hey 3ere incitin$ me e#en before they reached me+ )hey had three $rey head of hair+_ ^)ho e 3ere the three te3ard of Medb and :ilill, Scenb and Rand and Fodail,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)he e are three ho tile blo3 ,_ aid FMn$in

{translation of lines 3258-3290} 7r"e)' said 9ethern& 7hree warriors !a e to e& <a!h had a head of thi!+ *la!+ hair and wore a $ari-!olo"red !ape& 7hey !arried in their hands three iron !l"*s&' 7hose were the three !alled .rFe!h ?aCs!ne) the three ta*leser$ants of ;ed*)' said 9: 9h"lainn& ^)hi i the attempt of t3o brother ,_ aid FMn$in+ ^)hat i tr!e,_ aid Cethern+ ^)here came to me t3o choice 3arrior + )hey 3ore dar%N$rey mantle and carried c!r#ed hield 3ith calloped rim+ Each had in hi hand a broad hinin$ pear on a lender haft+_ ^4 %no3 them,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)hey 3ere Cormac Colomon ind

RM$, and Cormac MaMle O$ath+_ ^N!mero! indeed are the 3o!nd they both inflicted on yo!,_ aid the phy ician+ ^)hey ha#e pierced yo!r throat and their pear mo#ed abo!t 3ithin yo!+_ ^)he e are the 3o!nd inflicted by t3o brother ,_ aid the phy ician+ ^)hat i li%ely,_ aid Cethern+ ^)3o 3arrior came to me+ One had c!rlin$ yello3 hair, the other c!rlin$ bro3n hair+ )hey bore 3hite hield ornamented 3ith animal de i$n in $old+ Each had a 3hiteNhilted 3ord acro hi ho!lder+ )hey 3ore hooded t!nic 3ith red in ertion+_ ^4 %no3 them,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)ho e 3ere Maine :ithremail and Maine M@ithremail+_ ^)he e are the thr! t deli#ered by father and on,_ aid the phy ician+ ^)hat i o,_ aid Cethern+ ^)here came to me t3o h!$e men 3ith hinin$ eye , 3earin$ $olden diadem on their head + Each man had at hi 3ai t a $oldenN hilted 3ord+ Scabbard reachin$ to the haft of each 3ord and a ring of #arie$ated $old aro!nd each+_ ^4 %no3 them,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)hat 3a :ilill 3ith hi on, Maine Conda $eb "ile+_ ^Ihat pro$no i do yo! $i#e me, ma ter FMn$inZ_ a %ed Cethern+ ^4n tr!th,_ aid FMn$in, ^yo! ho!ld not exchan$e yo!r $ro3n co3 for yearlin$ no3+ : lon$ a yo!r attac%er 3ere n!mbered only in t3o and three , it 3ere ea y to c!re yo!+ B!t 3hen yo! bear 3o!nd inflicted by many, yo! are de tined to die in any ca e,_ Iith that FMn$in t!rned the chariot a3ay from him+ ^Ho! prono!nce *!d$ment on me li%e the re t,_ 7 aid Cethern8+ So he tr!c% FMn$in a blo3 of hi fi t o that he fell acro the haft of the chariot and the 3hole chariot re o!nded+

{translation of lines 3291-3327} )hen aid CP Ch!lainn ^)hat i a 3ic%ed %ic% of yo!r for an old man 7Z8+_ =ence i till the name hCachtar (Pa in CrMch Roi + ^Ho! ho!ld ha#e attac%ed enemie rather than phy ician ,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ )hen the phy ician FMn$in offered Cethern a choice- either to lie ic% for a year and then !r#i#e, or trai$hta3ay to ha#e !fficient tren$th for three day and three ni$ht to attac% hi enemie + )he latter i 3hat Cethern cho e+ )hen CP Ch!lainn a %ed for marro3 for the phy ician to c!re Cethern+ =e made a marro3Nma h from the bone of the cattle he enco!ntered+ =ence the name Smirommair in CrMch Roi + :fter ab orbin$ the marro3, Cethern lept for a day and a ni$ht+ ^4 ha#e no rib ,_ complained Cethern+ ^&!t the rib of the chariot frame in me+_ ^Ho! hall ha#e that,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^4f 4 had my o3n 3eapon ,_ aid Cethern, ^the deed 4 ho!ld perform 3o!ld be remembered for e#er+_ ^Ihat 4 ee no3 eem fine,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^Ihat do yo! eeZ_ a %ed Cethern+ ^4 thin% it i the chariot of yo!r 3ife Find Bee, the da!$hter of Eoch!, comin$ to3ard ! +_


)hey a3 the 3oman brin$in$ Cethern' 3eapon in the chariot+ Cethern eiEed hi 3eapon and attac%ed the ho t then 3ith the frame3or% of hi chariot bo!nd to hi belly to $i#e him more tren$th+ )hat phy ician, 3ho had e caped from Cethern and lain !ncon cio! amon$ the corp e of the other phy ician no3 carried a 3arnin$ of Cethern' arri#al into the encampment+ )hen thro!$h fear of Cethern, :ilill' cro3n 3a p!t !pon the pillarN tone+ Cethern r! hed at the pillarN tone and dro#e hi 3ord thro!$h it and hi fi t after the 3ord+ =ence the placeNname (ia )oll in CrMch Roi + ^)hi i a tric%c_ he cried+ ^4 hall not cea e to attac% yo! !ntil 4 ee thi diadem of :ilill on one of yo!+_ )hen for a day and a ni$ht he attac%ed them, !ntil Maine p!t the diadem on hi head and came for3ard in hi chariot+ Cethern thre3 after Maine hi hield 3hich plit him and hi charioteer and 3ent ri$ht thro!$h the hor e into the $ro!nd+ )hen the ho t hemmed Cethern in on all ide and he attac%ed them and fell dead amon$ them o doin$+

{translation of lines 3328-3356} The Tooth?#ight of #intan Fintan came then to a#en$e hi on' death on them+ )hrice fifty armed men 3a the n!mber of hi company+ )hey had t3o pearNhead on each haft and they 3ere 3rapt in mantle + Fintan fo!$ht e#en battle 3ith the enemy and none of hi men e caped, only he him elf and hi on+ )hen thro!$h fear of Fintan hi on 3a eparated from him and 3a re c!ed by :ilill !nder a helter of hield on condition that Fintan ho!ld not attac% them !ntil he came 3ith Conchobar to the $reat battle+ So Fintan made a tr!ce 3ith them for deli#erin$ hi on to him+ The Red &hame of 'end )hen there came to them Mend mac S@lchada 3ith a band of thirty armed men+ )3el#e of them fell at Mend' hand and t3el#e of hi o3n people fell too+ Mend him elf 3a $rie#o! ly 3o!nded 3hile hi men 3ere red 3ith blood+ =ence the name R!adr!cca Mind, the Red Shame of Mend+ :fter3ard they e#ac!ated the encampment for Mend and he %illed no more of them a#e only the t3el#e+ =e 3a told that no $!ilt attached to them for they had not $one near hi d3ellin$ by the Boyne in Coirenna+ For in fact it 3a no di $race to yield the encampment to him !ntil he ho!ld come 3ith Conchobar to the $reat battle+ The Bloodless #ight of Rochad )hen there came to them Rochad Ri$der$ mac Faithemain of "l ter 3ith thirty armed men+ =e too% !p hi po ition on a hilloc% near them, and hi arri#al 3a

anno!nced in the encampment+ )hen Finnabair aid that he 3a her fir t lo#e+ ^4f yo! ha#e lo#ed him,_ aid :ilill and Medb, ^cra#e a tr!ce of him !ntil !ch time a he come 3ith Conchobar to the $reat battle, and pend tomorro3 ni$ht 3ith him+_ :ll thi 3a done, tho!$h it 3a not ea y to $et him to come+ Rochad' tent 3a pitched for him at the place called Finnabair, and he pent the ni$ht 3ith the $irl+ )hi 3a told to the e#en %in$ from M!n ter+ One of them aid- ^4 3a promi ed thi $irl on the !rety of fifteen men, in reQ!ital for comin$ on thi ho tin$+_

{translation of lines 3357-3390} All se$en of the !onfessed that the sa e *ar%ain had *een ade with ea!h of the & ,o they went to ta+e re$en%e for it on the sons of Ailill in Blenn Ao ain where they were %"ardin% the rear of the ar y& ;ed* r"shed to the res!"e& ,o did the di$ision of the 8einster en& ,o too Ailill and .er%"s& ,e$en h"ndred fell there in the *attle of Blenn Ao ain& 7hat is ?Fn%leD Ko!hada and # shli%e Blenndo na!h& .inna*air heard of this) na ely) that se$en h"ndred en had died *e!a"se of her& ,he fell dead there of sha e& 2en!e the pla!e-na e .inna*air ,lHi*e& The 0umorous #ight of Iliach )here came then to them at bth Feidle 4liach, the $randfather of (Le$aire BPadach 3ho 3a on of Connad B!ide meic 4liach+ 4liach 3a bein$ cared for 3ith filial piety by hi $rand on in R@ith 4mmail+ =e anno!nced to the ho t that they 3o!ld die at hi hand in re#en$e+ So he came in thi 3i e- in hi ha%y, 3ornNo!t chariot, 3itho!t r!$ or co#erin$, dra3n by t3o old orrel na$ + :nd he filled hi chariot 3ith tone a hi$h a the %inNco#erin$ + =e %ept tri%in$ all tho e 3ho came to $aEe at him, tar%Nna%ed a he 3a , lon$N membered, 3ith the clapar do3n thro!$h the frame of the chariot+ )hen the ho t noticed in 3hat manner he came and they moc%ed the na%ed man+ 'Lcha mac M@$ach chec%ed the *eerin$ of the rabble+ :nd for that 4liach told 'Lcha that at the day' end he, 'Lcha, ho!ld ta%e 4liach' 3ord and tri%e hi head off, pro#ided only that 4liach had exerted all hi tren$th a$ain t the ho t+ :t that point 4liach noticed the marro3Nma h+ =e 3a told that it had been made from the bone of the co3 of "l ter+ So then he made another marro3Nma h from the bone of the men of Connacht be ide it, o that the t3o marro3Nma he are there to$ether+ )hen in the e#enin$ 'Lcha tr!c% off 4liach' head and carried it to hi $rand on+ =e made peace 3ith him and (@e$aire %ept 4liach' 3ord+ )hat i Mell$leL 4iach, 7 o called8 beca! e the ho t la!$hed at him+

The 'issile?thro"ing of the Charioteers )he army came to )ailti! then+ )he charioteer of "l ter, in n!mber thrice fifty, attac%ed them+ )hree time their o3n n!mber fell by the charioteer , and they them el#e fell+

{translation of lines 3391-3418} KoC Arad is the na e of the spot where they fell to%ether with their ta!+le on the .oray& The Trance of Aimirgin )hi then i the trance of :imir$in in )ailti!+ 4n hi trance :imir$in pelted them o that no man co!ld be fo!nd to rai e hi head in )ailti!+ )hen came CP RaM mac '@ire to the ho t to fi$ht a$ain t CP Ch!lainn+ =e 3a told ho3 CP Ch!lainn had oppo ed the men of 4reland in$leNhanded d!rin$ the three month of 3inter+ CP RaM tho!$ht it did not befit a man to attac% one tabbed and 3o!nded, for CP Ch!lainn had been 3o!nded and lo t m!ch blood+ So then CP RaM h!rled tone directly a$ain t :imir$in, in tead of CP Ch!lainn, and the tone collided in the air+ CP RaM a %ed :imir$in to let the cattle $o pa t )ailti!+ :imir$in permitted it+ =o3e#er it 3a not to be 3ondered at that they 3ere carried off 3ith diffic!lty+ CP RaM promi ed :imir$in that he 3o!ld not remain 3ith the ho t from that time on+ So it 3a done+ CP RaM 3ent a3ay from the ho t at once+ Ihen :imir$in a3 that they challen$ed him by t!rnin$ the left board of their chariot to )ailti! and R@ith :irthir, he be$an once more to pelt them+ )hi i one of the three 7 la!$hter 8 3hich cannot be co!nted, namely, the $reat n!mber of them that he %illed+ :nd hi on Conall Cernach remained by him, f!rni hin$ him 3ith tone and dart + The Repeated Iarning of &altaim Ihile the e e#ent 3hich 3e ha#e related 3ere ta%in$ place, SPaltaim from R@ith SPaltaim in Ma$ M!irthemne heard ho3 hi on had been hara ed by the t3le#e on of 9aile '@na and hi i ter' on+ )hen aid SPaltaim- ^4 it the %y that crac% , or the ea that o#erflo3 it bo!nderie , or the earth that plit , or i it the lo!d cry of my on fi$htin$ a$ain t odd Z_ )hen he 3ent to hi on+ B!t CP Ch!lainn 3a not plea ed that he ho!ld come to him, for tho!$h he 3a 3o!nded, SPaltaim 3o!ld not be tron$ eno!$h to a#en$e him+

{translation of lines 3419-3453} Bo to the en of =lster)' said 9: 9h"lainn) and let the %i$e *attle to the warriors at on!e& #f they do not) $en%ean!e will ne$er *e ta+en on the &' 7hen his father saw that there was not on 9: 9h"lainn1s *ody a spot whi!h the tip of a r"sh !o"ld !o$er whi!h was not pier!ed) and e$en his left hand whi!h the shield prote!ted *ore fifty wo"nds& ,:altai !a e to < ain and !alled o"t to the en of =lster ;en are slain) wo en !arried off) !attle dri$en awayR' 2is first sho"t was fro the side of the !o"rt) his se!ond fro the ra parts of the royal residen!e) his third fro the ;o"nd of the 2osta%es in < ain& Mo one answered) for it was ta*" for the =lster en that any of the sho"ld spea+ *efore 9on!ho*ar) and 9on!ho*ar) spo+e only *efore the three dr"ids& (ho !arries the off0 (ho dri$es the away0 (ho slays the 0' as+ed the dr"id& Ailill a! ;Fta slays the ) !arries the off) dri$es the away) with the %"idan!e of .er%"s a! KDi%)' said ,:altai & >o"r people ha$e *een harassed as far as A:n ,o*air!he& 7heir !ows) their wo en-fol+ and their !attle ha$e *een !arried off& 9: 9h"lainn has not let the !o e into ;a% ;"irthe ne and 9rC!h Kois d"rin% the three onths of winter& ?ent hoops 4of wood5 hold his antle 4fro to"!hin% hi 5& Ary wisps pl"% his wo"nds& 2e has *een wo"nded and *led prof"sely 405&' #t were ri%ht)' said the dr"id) that one who so in!ited the +in% sho"ld die&' #t is ri%ht that he sho"ld)' said 9on!ho*ar& #t is ri%ht)' said the =lster en& (hat ,:altai says is tr"e)' said 9on!ho*ar& .ro the ;onday on the e$e of ,a ain "ntil the ;onday on the e$e of ,prin% we ha$e *een ra$a%ed&' )here!pon SPaltaim leapt forth, !n ati fied 3ith the an 3er he had $ot, and he fell on to hi hield and the calloped rim of the hield c!t off hi head+ )he hor e bro!$ht hi head on the hield bac% into Emain, and the head !ttered the ame 3ord +5)ho!$h other ay that he had been a leep on the tone and on 3a%in$ had fallen from it on to hi hield+ ^)oo lo!d 3a that ho!t indeed,_ aid Conchobar+ ^74 3ear by8 the ea before them, the %y abo#e them, the earth beneath them that 4 hall re tore e#ery co3 to it byre and e#ery 3oman and boy to their o3n home after #ictory in battle+_ )hen Conchobar laid an in*!nction on hi on Findchad Fer Bend+5=e 3a o called beca! e he bore horn of il#er+

{translation of lines 3454-3497} The 'uster of the !lstermen


^:ri e, O Findchadc 4 end yo! to 'edad in hi inlet, to (eamain, to Fallach, to 4llann mac Fer$! a, to 9abar, to 'orl!n a, to 4mchl@r, to Feidlimid Cilair CAtai$, to F@elad@n, to Rochaid mac Faithemain at Ri$donn, to (!$aid, to (!$da, to Cathbath in hi inlet, to the three Cairpre , to :ela, to (@e$ at hi ca! e3ay, to 9eimen in hi #alley, to Senoll hathach at 'iab!l :rda, to Cethern mac Fintain at Carla$, to )orathor, to M!lai$ in hi fortre , to the royal poet :imir$in, to the hlathadach Fodoblaid, to the MLrri$an at 'Pn Sobairche, to 4eth, to Roth, to Fiachna at hi mo!nd, to 'am 'remed, to :ndiaraid, to Maine mac Braithar$e, to 'am 'er$, to Mod, to Maithe , to 4rmaithe , to Corp Cliath, to 9abarlei$ in (Mne, to Eochaid Sainmech in Saimne, to Eochaid (athach at (atharna, to "ma mac Remarbi i in Fedan, to M!inrem!r mac 9err$ind, to Senlobair at Canainn 9all, to Follamain, to (!$aid rM Fer mBolc, to (ai$e (Mne, to BPaid$alach, to :mbPach, to Fer$na, to Barrene, to bine, to Err$i EchbAl at hi hill, to Celtchar mac C!ithechair in (eth$lai , to (@e$aire MilbAl at Breo (@e$airi, to the three on of 'rom calt mac 're$amm, to 'renda, to 'renda , to Cimb, to Cimlin$, to Cimmene, to F@na Caba, to Fachtna mac Senchath in hi rath, to Senchaid at Senchairthe, to Briccir, to Bricirne, to Breic, to B!an, to Bairech, to Ken$! mac (eiti, to Fer$! mac (eiti, to Ken$! Fer mBol$, to Br!ach!r, to :lamiach the 3arrior at Sl@n$e, to the three on of Fiachna in CPailn$e, to Conall Cernach in MidlPachair, to Connad mac Morna in Callainn, to CP Ch!lainn mac SPaltaim in M!irthemne, to :imir$in at Ea RPaid, to (Le$, to (Airi, to Menn mac Salcholca at Coirenna, to CP RM mac :rmar$in in hi rath, to Ken$! Fer Berm "mai, to O$ma 9rianainech, to Brecc, to Eo mac Oircne, to )oillchenn to Saithe, to Mo$oll EchbAl in Ma$na, to Conla S@eb, to Carba, to (@e$aire B!adach in 4mmail, to :lile :mar$ine in )ailti!, to F!rbaide Fer Benn, to Seil, to Mane , to C! craid Menn Macha, to FMn$in at Finn$abra, to Cremath, to Blae Fichit, to Blae Br!$aich, to Fe air, to EL$an mac '!rthacht in Fernma$, to Ord, to Seirid, to Serthe, to Obl@n, to C!ilAn, to C!rether at (iana, to Eithbenne, to FernAl, to Finnchath at SlMab Betha, to )al$obain at Berna , to Menn mac Fer Calca, of Mai$ '!la, to droll, to Bl@iri$e at )ibraite mac :ilchatha, to 4alla 4n$raimme of Ma$ 'obla, to Ro mac :ilchatha, to Mane mac Cr!inn, to Nindich mac Cr!inn, to 'ip emilid, to M@l mac Rochraidi, to M!inne mac M!nremair, to Fiatach Fer n'ohre mac '!bthai$, to M!irne Menn+_

{translation of lines 3498-3533} 4t 3a not diffic!lt, ho3e#er, for Findchad to deli#er that !mmon , for all of the pro#ince of Conchobar, e#ery lord amon$ them, 3a a3aitin$ Conchobar+ :ll tho e 3ho 3ere ea t or north or 3e t of Emain came no3 to Emain Macha+ Ihen they had a embled they heard that Conchobar had reco#ered from hi debility in Emain+ )hey 3ent on pa t Emain to the o!th in p!r !it of the 7enemy8 ho t+ )he fir t ta$e of their *o!rney 3a from Emain to 4raird C!illenn+ ^Ihat are yo!

3aitin$ for hereZ_ a %ed Conchobar+ ^Ie are 3aitin$ for yo!r on ,_ aid the ho t+ ^)hey ha#e $one 3ith a company of oldier to )ara to ee% Erc, the on of Cairbre Nia Fer and of Feidelm NoMchride+ Ie hall not lea#e thi pot, !ntil the t3o companie come to *oin ! +_ ^4 hall not 3ait, indeed,_ aid Conchobar, ^!ntil the men of 4reland learn that 4 ha#e reco#ered from the debility in 3hich 4 ha#e been+_ So Conchobar and Celtchair 3ent off 3ith thrice fifty chariot fi$hter , and bro!$ht bac% ei$ht core 7enemy8 head from bth :irthir Mide+ =ence the name bth FAne+ )he e men had been there %eepin$ $!ard a$ain t Conchobar' army+ )heir hare of the booty 3a ei$ht core 3omen+ )heir head 3ere bro!$ht there and Conchobar and Celtchair ent them to the encampment+ )hen Celtchair aid to Conchobar^Rampart 3ith blood tained ide and a #aloro! %in$ +++ 3ith poil of 3ar +++ On Conchobar' behalf 3e prepare for battle+ =i 3arrior ro! e them el#e + Battle 3ill be fo!$ht7Z8 at 9@irech and 4r$@irech,_ aid he+ 5Or it may ha#e been CP craid Menn Macha, the on of Conchobar, 3ho chanted thi on$ of exhortation on the ni$ht before the $reat battle, after (@e$aire B!adach had chanted hi on$ ^:ri e, %in$ of Macha+ Be on yo!r $!ard etc+_, and it may ha#e been !n$ in the ea tern encampment+ )hat 3a the ni$ht 3hen '!bthach 'Lel Mad a3 a #i ion in 3hich the army tood at 9@irech and 4r$@irech, and in hi trance he po%eThe Fision of $ubthach

^: 3onderf!l mornin$ for a battle, a 3onderf!l time 3hen armie 3ill be thro3n into conf! ion, %in$ 3ill be o#erthro3n, men' nec% 3ill be bro%en and the and 3ill be red 3ith blood+ )hree armie 3ill be o#ercome in the 3a%e of the army led by Conchobar+

{translation of lines 3534-3568} 7hey will defend their wo enfol+& 7heir herds will !o e on the ornin% after& 2eroes will *e slain& 2o"nds will *e !he!+ed& 2orses will *e destroyed &&& fro the asse *lies of %reat tri*es&' 7here"pon he awo+e fro his tran!e& 7he war-%oddess atta!+ed the host& A h"ndred of the fell dead& (hen they fell silent405 they heard 9or a! 9on 8on%es on!e oreO-r it ay ha$e *een Ailill a! ;Fta !hantin% in the en!a p ent in the west& The Trance of Ailill


^9reat i the tr!ce, the tr!ce of C!illenn+ 9reat the parley , the parley of 'elend+ 9reat the ca#alcade 7Z8, the ca#alcade of : al+ 9reat the affliction , the affliction of )Path Bre i+_ The 'arch of the Companies No3 3hile the e prophetic #i ion 3ere happenin$ the men of Connacht, on the ad#ice of :ilill and Medb and Fer$! , decided to end me en$er to ee if the men of "l ter had reached the plain+ )hen aid :ilill- ^9o, Mac Roth, and find o!t for ! if tho e men are in thi plain of Meath 3here 3e no3 are, 4 ha#e carried off their cattle and their prey+ )hey 3ill $i#e me battle if they o 3i h+ B!t if they ha#e not reached the plain, 4 hall not a3ait them here any lon$er+_ So Mac Roth 3ent to reconnoitre the plain+ =e ret!rned a$ain to :ilill and Medb and Fer$! + )he fir t time Mac Roth $aEed into the di tance aro!nd SlMab FPait, he a3 that all the 3ild bea t had come o!t of the 3ood into the 3hole plain+ ^)he econd time 4 loo%ed o!t o#er the plain,_ aid Mac Roth, ^4 a3 that a den e mi t had filled the $len and #alley , o that the hill bet3een them ro e !p li%e i land in la%e + )hen 4 a3 par% of fire fla hin$ in that den e mi t, and 4 eemed to ee the #arie$ation of e#ery colo!r in the 3orld+ )hen 4 a3 the li$htnin$ and 4 heard the din and the th!nder, and 4 felt a $reat 3ind 3hich almo t ble3 the hair from my head and thre3 me on my bac%, and yet the 3ind that day 3a not tron$+_ ^Ihat 3a that, Fer$! Z_ aid :ilill+ ^4dentify it+_ ^4t i not hard for me to reco$niEe 3hat it i ,_ aid Fer$! + ^)ho e are the men of "l ter no3 reco#ered from their debility+ 4t 3a they 3ho r! hed into the 3ood+ 4t 3a the m!ltiti!de, the $reatne and the #iolence of the 3arrior that hoo% the 3ood+ 4t i

{translation of lines 3669-3602} fro the the wild *easts fled into the plain& 7he dense ist yo" saw whi!h filled the $alleys was the *reath of those !ha pions whi!h filled the %lens and ade the hills to rise a on% the li+e islands in la+es& 7he li%htnin% and the flashes of fire and the $aried !olo"rs that yo" saw) ;a! Koth') said .er%"s) were the eyes of the warriors flashin% in their heads li+e spar+s of fire& 7he th"nder and the din and the %reat "proar that yo" heard) that was the whistlin% of swords and i$ory-hilted rapiers) the !latter of weapons) the !rea+in% of !hariots) the hoof-*eats of the horses) the i%ht of the !hariot- fi%hters) the lo"d roarin% of the warriors) the sho"ts of the soldiers) the ardo"r and an%er and fier!eness of the heroes as they r"shed in f"ry to *attle& ,o %reat is their an%er and eN!ite ent that they thin+ they will ne$er arri$e&' (e shall await

the )' said Ailill& (e ha$e warriors to en!o"nter the &' >o" will need the )' said .er%"s& .or not in all #reland nor in the western world fro Bree!e and ,!ythia westwards to the -r+neys and the /illars of 2er!"les and to 7or ?reo%ain and the #slands of Bades) will anyone *e fo"nd who !an withstand the en of =lster when they are in their ra%e and an%er&' :fter that Mac Roth 3ent once more to !r#ey the march of the men of "l ter and came to their encampment in Slemain Mide+ =e came bac% to :ilill and Medb and Fer$! , and $a#e them a detailed de cription, and de cribin$ them he po%e a follo3 - ^)here came on to the hill at Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth, ^a $reat company, fierce, po3erf!l, pro!d+ 4 thin% that it n!mbered three tho! and+ :t once they ca t off their $arment and d!$ !p a t!rfy mo!nd a a eat for their leader+ : 3arrior, fair, lender, tall, plea ant, led that company+ Faire t in form amon$ %in$ 3a he+ =e had yello3 hair, c!rled, 3ellNarran$ed, trimmed and 3a#y, 3hich reached to the hollo3 bet3een hi ho!lder + =e 3ore a p!rple mantle 3rapped abo!t him 3ith a bea!tf!l brooch of red $old in the mantle o#er hi brea t+ =e had hinin$, bea!tif!l eye + =i co!ntenance 3a crim on and comely, narro3 belo3, broad abo#e+ =e had a for%ed beard, #ery c!rly, $oldenNyello3+ =e 3ore a 3hite hooded t!nic 3ith red in ertion+ :cro hi ho!lder he had a $oldNhilted 3ord, and he carried a 3hite hield 3ith animal de i$n in $old+ 4n hi hand he held a broad hinin$ pear on a lender haft+ =i array 3a the fine t of all the prince of the 3orld, ali%e a re$ard follo3er and fiercene and bea!ty, eQ!ipment and $arment , a re$ard terror and battle and tri!mph, pro3e and fear omene and di$nity+_

{translation of lines 3603-3634} ^)here came too another company,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^)hey 3ere almo t the ame a the other in n!mber and arran$ement and eQ!ipment, in dreadf!lne and fear omene + : fair heroic 3arrior in the #an of that company+ : $reen cloa% 3rapped abo!t him and a $olden brooch on hi ho!lder+ =e had yello3 c!rlin$ hair+ =e carried an i#oryNhilted 3ord at hi left ide+ =e 3ore a bordered7Z8 t!nic reachin$ to hi %nee+ =e carried a mitin$ hield 3ith calloped rim+ 4n hi hand a pear li%e a palace torch 3ith a il#er band aro!nd it 3hich r!n no3 bac% from haft to pearhead, no3 do3n a$ain to the $rip+ )hat company too% !p po ition on the left hand of the leader of the fir t band+ :nd the po ition they too% 3a 3ith %nee to $ro!nd and hieldNrim held to chin+ 4t eemed to me that the tall ha!$hty 3arrior 3ho led that band tammered in hi peech+_


^)here came yet another band,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^4t loo%ed to be more than three tho! and+ : #aliant man, hand ome and broad headed, 3a in the #an+ =e had bro3n c!rlin$ hair and a lon$, for%ed, fineNhaired beard+ : dar%N$rey frin$ed cloa% 3a 3rapped abo!t him, 3ith a leafN haped brooch of 3hite $old o#er hi brea t+ =e 3ore a 3hite hooded t!nic reachin$ to hi %nee+ =e carried a #arie$ated hield 3ith animal de i$n + : 3ord of bri$ht il#er 3ith ro!nded hilt at hi 3ai t, and a fi#eNpron$ed pear in hi hand+ =e at do3n in front of the leader of the fir t company+_ ^Iho 3ere tho e, Fer$! Z_ a %ed :ilill+ ^Ie %no3 tho e companie indeed,_ aid Fer$! + ^4t 3a Conchobar, the %in$ of a pro#ince in 4reland, 3ho at do3n on the mo!nd of t!rf+ 4t 3a Sencha mac :ilella, the eloQ!ent pea%er of "l ter, 3ho at do3n in front of Conchobar+ 4t 3a CP craid Menn Macha, Conchobar' on, 3ho at at hi father' hand+ )hat pear 3hich CP craid ha i 3ont to beha#e th! before #ictoryC at no other time doe the rin$ r!n 7!p and do3n8+ )ho e 3ho came there 3ere $oodly men to inflict 3o!nd in the attac% of e#ery conflict,_ added Fer$! + ^)hey 3ill find men to an 3er them here,_ aid Medb+ ^4 3ear by my people' $od,_ aid Fer$! , ^that !ntil no3 there ha not been born in 4reland an army 3hich co!ld e#er chec% the "l termen+_ ^)here came till another company,_ aid Mac Roth, ^in n!mber more than three tho! and+ 4n the #an 3a a tall, #aliant 3arrior, hideo! , fear ome, 3arthy and 3ith fiery co!ntenance+ =e had dar% bro3n hair 3hich lay mooth and fine o#er hi forehead+ =e carried a c!r#ed hield 3ith calloped rim+ 4n hi hand he had a

{translation of lines 3635-3670} fi$e-pron%ed spear and with it a pron%ed 3a$elin& 2e *ore a!ross his *a!+ a *loodstained sword& Aro"nd hi was wrapped a p"rple antle with a %olden *roo!h on his sho"lder& 2e wore a white hooded t"ni! rea!hin% to his +nee&' (ho was that) .er%"s0' as+ed Ailill& 2e who !a e there is the startin% of strife) a warrior for !onfli!t) the doo of ene ies) to wit) <D%an a! A"rrtha!ht) Tin% of .arney)' said .er%"s& ^:nother $reat, ha!$hty band came on to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^)hey ca t off their $arment + 4n tr!th they marched #aliantly to the hill+ 9reat the horror and #a t the fear they bro!$ht 3ith them+ )errible the clatter of arm they made a they marched+ 4n the #an of the company a man, bi$headed, #aliant, heroic, fierce and hideo! + =e had fine $riEEled hair and $reat yello3 eye + : yello3 mantle 3ith a 3hite border 3rapped aro!nd him+ O!t ide thi he carried a mitin$ hield 3ith calloped rim+ 4n hi hand he held a pear, broadNbladed and

lon$headed 3ith a drop of blood on it haft, and a imilar pear 3ith the blood of enemie alon$ it ed$e+ : $reat mitin$ 3ord acro hi ho!lder +_ ^Iho 3a that, Fer$! Z_ a %ed :ilill+ ^)he 3arrior 3ho came there h!n not battle nor conflict nor conte t+ 4t 3a (Le$aire BPadach mac Connaid meic 4liach from 4mmail in the north,_ aid Fer$! + ^:nother $reat company came to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^: hand ome 3arrior, thic%Nnec%ed, corp!lent, led that company+ =e had blac% c!rlin$ hair and he 3a 3arthyNfaced 3ith r!ddy chee% + Shinin$ $rey eye in hi head+ =e 3ore a d!ncolo!red mantle of c!rly 3ool in 3hich 3a a brooch of 3hite il#er+ =e carried a blac% hield 3ith bo of bronEe, and in hi hand he held a himmerin$ perforated7Z8 pear+ =e 3ore a plaited t!nic 3ith red in ertion+ O!t ide hi $arment he carried an i#oryhilted 3ord+_ ^Iho 3a that, Fer$! Z_ a %ed :ilill+ ^=e 3ho came i the tirrin$ !p of trife+ =e i the tormy 3a#e 3hich o#er3helm treamlet + =e i the man of three ho!t + =e i the threatenin$ doom of enemie ,_ aid Fer$! + ^)hat 3a M!nrem!r mac 9errcind from Modorn in the north+_ ^)here came till another $reat company to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^: company bea!tif!l and plendid in n!mber and arran$ement and eQ!ipment+ &ro!dly they made for the hill+ )he clatter of arm they made a they ad#anced hoo%

{translation of lines 3671-3704} the whole ar y& A handso e and no*le warrior led that !o pany& ;ost *ea"tif"l of en was his appearan!e) ali+e for hair and eyes and s+in) ali+e for eL"ip ent and appearan!e) and $oi!e and fairness) for di%nity) si6e and hono"r) for ar s and eN!ellen!e and for %ar ents and weapons and proportion) for worth and wisdo and linea%e&' 7hat is his 4eNa!t5 des!ription)' said .er%"s& 7hat handso e an .eidli id who !a e there is the *rillian!e of fire) the pro"d hero) the stor y wa$e whi!h en%"lfs) the for!e) whi!h !annot *e end"red) with $i!tories in other lands after he has sla"%htered his ene ies 4at ho e5& 7hat was .eidli id 9ilair 9Htai%&' ^)here came till another band to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth, ^no fe3er than three tho! and in n!mber+ 4n the front of the band a tall, #aliant 3arrior, of d! %y complexion, 3ellNproportioned +++ =e had blac% c!rlin$ hair, ro!nd eye , d!ll and ha!$hty in hi head+ =e 3a a tron$, b!llN li%e, ro!$h man+ =e 3ore a $rey mantle 3ith a il#er pin on hi ho!lder, and a 3hite hooded t!nic 3a

3rapped aro!nd him+ =e carried a 3ord on hi thi$h and bore a red hield 3ith a bo of hard il#er+ 4n hi hand 3a a broadNbladed pear 3ith three ri#et +_ ^Iho 3a that, Fer$! Z_ a %ed :ilill+ ^=e 3ho came there i the fierce ardo!r of an$er, the one 3ho dare 7Z8 e#ery conflict, 3ho 3in e#ery battle+ )hat 3a Connad mac Mornai from Callann,_ aid Fer$! + ^)here came till another company to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^4n iEe it appear an army+ Not often i fo!nd a hero finer in form and eQ!ipment and $arment than the leader in the #an of that company+ =e had trimmed a!b!rn hair+ =i face 3a comely, r!ddy, 3ellNproportioned, a face narro3 belo3 and broad abo#e+ =i lip 3ere red and thin, hi teeth hinin$ and pearlNli%e, hi #oice lo!d and clear+ =i 3a the mo t bea!tif!l of the form of men+ =e 3ore a p!rple mantle 3rapped aro!nd him 3ith a brooch inlaid 3ith $old o#er hi 3hite brea t+ On hi left ide a c!r#ed hield 3ith animal emblem in many colo!r and a bo of il#er+ 4n hi hand a lon$ pear 3ith hinin$ ed$e and a harp, a$$re i#e da$$er+ On hi bac% a 3ord 3ith $olden hilt+ : t!nic, hooded and 3ith red in ertion, 3rapped abo!t him+_ ^Iho 3a that, Fer$! Z_ a %ed :ilill+ ^Ie %no3 him indeed,_ aid Fer$! + ^=e 3ho came there i indeed a 3orthy ad#er ary, he i the di#idin$ of a combat, he i the fierce ardo!r of a bloodN ho!nd+ )hat 3a Rochaid mac Faithemain from Bri$ '!mae, yo!r onNinNla3, he 3ho 3edded yo!r da!$hter Finnabair+_

{translation of lines 3705-3739} ^)here came till another company to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^: 3arrior bra3nyNle$$ed, thic%Nthi$hed and tall in the forefront of that company+ Each of hi limb 3a almo t a thic% a a man+ 4n tr!th he 3a e#ery inch a man,_ aid he+ ^=e had blac% hair and a r!ddy, carred co!ntenance+ : noble eye of many colo!r in hi head+ : plendid, ea$er man 3a he th! 3ith fear omene and horror+ =e had 3onderf!l eQ!ipment in clothe and 3eapon and raiment and plendo!r and attire +++ 3ith the tri!mphant exploit of a 3arrior, 3ith plendid deed , 3ith ea$er pride, a#oidin$ eQ!al combat to #anQ!i h o#er3helmin$ n!mber , 3ith fierce an$er to3ard enemie , attac%in$ many enemy land 3itho!t protection 7Z8+ 4n tr!th the company came boldly to Slemain Mide+_ ^=e had7Z8 #alo!r and pro3e indeed,_ aid Fer$! , ^he had7Z8 hotN bloodedne and #iolence, tren$th and di$inity in the armie and troop + 4t 3a my o3n fo terNbrother, Fer$! mac (eiti, Din$ of (Mne, the point of perfection in battle in the north of 4reland+_ ^)here came another $reat, ha!$hty company to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^)hey 3ore 3onderf!l $arment + : hand ome, noble 3arrior in the #an+

=e had e#ery endo3ment of bea!ty in hair and eye and fairne , in iEe and demeano!r and proportion+ =e carried a hield made of fi#e concentric circle of $old+ =e 3ore a $reen mantle 3rapped abo!t him 3ith a $olden brooch in the mantle abo#e hi ho!lder, and a 3hite hooded t!nic+ : pear li%e the t!rret of a royal palace in hi hand, a $oldNhilted 3ord acro hi ho!lder +_ ^Fierce i the an$er of the #ictorio! hero 3ho came there,_ aid Fer$! + ^)hat 3a :mor$ene mac Eccet alai$ from BPa in the north+_ ^)here came another company on to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth, ^in iEe li%e the o#er3helmin$ ea, in bri$htne li%e fire, in fiercene li%e a lion, in n!mber a battalion, in $reatne li%e a cliff, in tren$th li%e a roc%, in combati#ene li%e doom, in #iolence li%e th!nder+ : coar eN#i a$ed, fear ome 3arrior in the forefront of that company, bi$Nbellied, thic%Nlipped, bi$Nno ed, redlimbed, 3ith coar e $riEEled hair+ =e 3ore a triped cloa% pinned 3ith an iron ta%e, and carried a c!r#ed hield 3ith calloped rim+ =e 3ore a ro!$h plaited t!nic and in hi hand he held a $reat $rey pear 3ith thirty ri#et + :cro hi ho!lder he carried a 3ord tempered e#en time by fire+ :ll the army ro e !p to meet him and the ho t 3a thro3n into conf! ion a he 3ent to3ard the hill+_

{translation of lines 3740-3772} 2e who !a e there is the leader of *attle)' said .er%"s& 2e is a worthy ad$ersary& 2e is a hero in prowess& 2e is 4li+e5 a stor y wa$e whi!h o$erwhel s& 2e is 4li+e5 the sea po"rin% a!ross *o"ndaries& 7hat was 9elt!hair a! 9"ithe!hair fro A:n 8eth%laise in the north&' ^)here came till another company to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^: 3arrior, alto$ether fair led them+ Fair in all point 3a he, hair and eyebro3 and beard and clothin$+ =e carried a hield 3ith $olden bo and a 3ord 3ith i#ory hilt+ 4n hi hand he had a $reat perforated pear+ Bra#ely did the troop ad#ance+_ ^Splendid indeed i the tron$N mitin$ hero 3ho came there,_ aid Fer$! , ^the #aliant 3arrior 3ho perform $reat deed a$ain t enemie and de troy menc )hat 3a Feradach Find Fechtnach from Nemed SlAibe FPait in the north+_ ^)here came till another company to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^: fear ome 3arrior in front of that company, bi$bellied, thic%Nlipped+ =i lip 3ere a thic% a tho e of a hor e+ =e had bro3n c!rlin$ hair, bri$ht chee% too, and a broad head and lon$ arm + : blac% 3in$in$ mantle aro!nd him 3ith a ro!nd brooch of bronEe o#er hi ho!lder+ : $rey hield acro hi left ide+ : $reat pear 3ith nec%Nrin$ in hi ri$ht hand, a lon$ 3ord acro hi ho!lder +_ ^=e 3ho came i 7li%e8 a lion fiercely combati#e 3ith blood tained pa3 ,_ aid Fer$! + ^=e i the 3arli%e,

#aloro! hero of heroic deed + =e i 7li%e8 a fiery, !nend!rable bla t of heat acro the land+ )hat 3a Eirr$e EchbAl from BrM Eirr$e in the north,_ aid Fer$! + ^)here came till another company to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth, ^led by t3o fair, yo!thf!l 3arrior , both ali%e+ )hey had yello3 hair+ )hey carried t3o 3hite hield 3ith animal de i$n in il#er+ : li$ht difference of a$e bet3een them+ )o$ether they rai ed and et do3n their feetC it i not their 3ont for one to lift hi foot before the other+_ ^Iho are tho e, Fer$! Z_ a %ed :ilill+ ^)ho e are t3o 3arrior , t3o bri$ht flame , t3o point of perfection in battle, t3o heroe , t3o combati#e chief , t3o dra$on , t3o fiery one , t3o champion , t3o fi$hter , t3o cion , t3o bold one , the t3o belo#ed by the "l termen aro!nd their %in$+ )hey are Fiachna and FMacha, t3o on of Conchobar mac Ne a, the t3o lo#ed one of the north of 4reland+_ ^)here came till another company to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^:t their head three noble, fiery 3arthyNfaced

{translation of lines 3773-3806} warriors& 7hey had three heads of lon% yellow hair& 7hree antles of the sa e !olo"r wrapped a*o"t the with three %olden *roo!hes a*o$e their sho"lders& 7hey wore three &&& t"ni!s with red insertion& 7hey !arried three si ilar shields) with %olden-hilted swords a!ross their sho"lders and *road shinin% spears in their ri%ht hands& 7here was a sli%ht differen!e of a%e *etween the &' 7hose are the three %reat !ha pions of 9"i*) the three $aloro"s ones of ;idl:a!hair) the three !hiefs of Koth) the three $eterans of Airther .:ata@' said .er%"s& 7hose are the three sons of .ia!hna who ha$e !o e in p"r"sit of the ?"ll) to wit) K"s and AFire and # !had)' said .er%"s& ^)here came till another company to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^: fine and fierce man in the forefront+ Red eye f!ll of co!ra$e in hi head+ : #ariN colo!red mantle aro!nd him in 3hich 3a a circ!lar brooch of il#er+ =e carried a $rey hield on hi left ide, a 3ord 3ith il#er hilt on hi thi$h, and in hi a#en$in$ ri$ht hand a plendid pear 3ith harp point 7Z8+ =e 3ore a 3hite hooded t!nic reachin$ to hi %nee+ :ro!nd him 3a a company blood tained and 3o!nded, and he too 3a co#ered 3ith blood and 3o!nd +_ ^)hat,_ aid Fer$! , ^i the bold and r!thle one+ =e i the darin$ one 7Z83ho rend + =e i the boar7Z8 of battle+ =e i the mad b!ll+ =e i the #ictorio! one from Baile, the #aloro! one from Berna , the champion of Colptha, the protector of the north of 4reland,

namely, Menn mac S@lchada from Coranna+ 4t i to ta%e #en$eance on yo! for their 3o!nd that that man ha come+_ ^)here came till another company to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth, ^and they 3ere heroic and ea$er+ :t their head a tall, allo3Nfaced, lon$Nchee%ed 3arrior+ =e had bro3n, b! hy hair+ =e 3ore a red mantle of fine 3ool and a $olden brooch in the mantle o#er hi ho!lder+ =e 3ore a fine t!nic+ On hi left ide he had a plendid 3ord 3ith bri$ht il#er hilt+ =e carried a red hield and in hi hand he held a broad hinin$ pear on a bea!tif!l haft 7Z8 of a h+_ ^4t 3a the man of three to!t blo3 3ho came there,_ aid Fer$! , ^the man of three road , the man of three path , the man of three hi$h3ay , the man of three tri!mph , the man of three battleNcrie 3ho i #ictorio! o#er foe in other land + )hat 3a Fer$na mae FindchoMme from Coronn+_ ^)here came till another company to the hill in Slemain Mide,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^4t appeared $reater than three tho! and in n!mber+ : hand ome, fairN brea ted 3arrior in the #an of that

{translation of lines 3807-3841} !o pany& 2e was li+e Ailill yonder in si6e and di%nity) in dress and eL"ip ent& 2e wore a %olden diade on his head& A *ea"tif"l !loa+ was wrapped aro"nd hi with a %olden *roo!h in the !loa+ o$er his *reast& 2e wore a t"ni! with red insertion& 2e !arried a s itin% shield with %olden ri s and in his hand a spear li+e the t"rret of a pala!e& A!ross his sho"lders he had a %oldhilted sword&' 7he an who !a e there is 4li+e5 the sea in"ndatin% ri$ers)' said .er%"s& #t is the fier!e ardo"r of a warrior& 2is ra%e a%ainst his foes !annot *e *orne& 7hat was ."r*aide .er ?enn&' ^)here came till another company to the hill in Slemain Mide, heroic, co!ntle in n!mber,_ aid Mac Roth+ ^)hey 3ore tran$e $arment !nli%e tho e of the other companie + 9lorio! 3ere their 3eapon and their eQ!ipment and their raiment a they came+ 4n thi company 3a a $reat, pro!d army led by a little frec%led lad+ =i form 3a the mo t bea!tif!l of all men' form + 4n hi hand a 3hiteNbo ed, $oldN t!dded hield 3ith rim of $old+ =e held a li$ht harp pear 3hich himmered+ =e 3a 3rapped in a p!rple, frin$ed mantle, 3ith a il#er brooch in the mantle o#er hi brea t+ =e 3ore a 3hite hooded t!nic 3ith red in ertion and carried o!t ide hi $arment a $oldenNhilted 3ord+_ )here!pon Fer$! fell ilent+ ^4ndeed 4 %no3 not,_ aid Fer$! , ^anyone li%e that little lad amon$ the "l termen, b!t in fact 4 ho!ld thin% it li%ely that tho e mi$ht be the men of )ara 3ith the fine,

noble lad 3ho i Erc, the on of Cairpre Nia Fer and of Conchobar' da!$hter +++ Iitho!t a %in$ permi ion of hi father, that boy ha come to the a i tance of hi $randfather+ 4t i beca! e of that lad that yo! 3ill be defeated in battle+ =e 3ill experience neither dread nor fear a he ma%e for yo! in the middle of yo!r o3n army+ Bra#ely 3ill the 3arrior of "l ter roar a they he3 do3n the army before them, r! hin$ to re c!e their belo#ed lad+ )hey 3ill all feel the tie of %in hip 3hen they ee the boy in that $reat conflict+ (i%e the bayin$ of a bloodNho!nd 3ill be heard the o!nd of Conchobar' 3ord a he come to the boy' re c!e+ CP Ch!lainn 3ill ca t !p three rampart of 7dead8 men aro!nd the battle a he r! he to3ard that little lad+ Mindf!l of their %in hip 3ith the boy, the 3arrior of "l ter 3ill attac% the #a t 7enemy8 ho t+_ ^4 find it tedio! ,_ aid Mac Roth, ^to reco!nt all that 4 a3, b!t 4 ha#e come at any rate to brin$ yo! tidin$ +_ ^Ho! ha#e 7indeed8 bro!$ht 7tidin$ 8,_ aid Fer$! +

{translation of lines 3842-3877} 9onall 9erna!h) howe$er) did not !o e with his %reat !o pany)' said ;a! Koth) nor did the three sons of 9on!ho*ar with their three di$isions& Mor did 9: 9h"lainn !o e for he has *een wo"nded fi%htin% a%ainst odds& <N!ept only that a sin%le !hariotwarrior who !a e there is pro*a*ly he&' ^)he chariot 3a dra3n by t3o tron$Nha!nched teed , 3ith flo3in$ tail and broad hoof , broad in bac% and thin in flan%, 3ith head held hi$h and arched nec%, 3ith thin mo!th and flarin$ no tril + )3o blac%, firm7Z8 3heel , mooth ea ilyN r!nnin$ rim , frame3or% hi$h and crea%in$ and a $reen ornamented a3nin$+ )here 3a a 3arrior, broad, r!ddyNfaced, in that chariot+ =e had a c!rly *etN blac% head of hair reachin$ to the hollo3 bet3een hi ho!lder + =e 3ore a red $irded mantle+ 4n each hand he carried fo!r da$$er and at hi left ide a $oldN hilted 3ord+ =e had both hield and pear+ =e 3ore t3entyNfo!r hirt tied 3th cord and rope + 4n front of him 3a a charioteer 3ho e bac% 3a t!rned to the hor e and 3ho held the rein bet3een hi fin$er in front of him+ : che Nboard pread bet3een the t3o, half the che men of yello3 $old, the other half of 3hite $old+ =i thi$h re ted on another board$ame, a banbach+ =e ca t nine feat aloft 7Z8+_ ^Iho 3ere tho e, Fer$! Z_ a %ed :ilill+ ^Ea y to tell,_ aid Fer$! + ^)ho e 3ere CP Ch!lainn the on of SPaltaim from the fairy mo!nd and (Le$ mac Rian$abra, CP Ch!lainn' charioteer+_ ^Many h!ndred indeed and many tho! and ,_ aid Mac Roth, ^came to thi encampment of the "l termen+ Many heroe and champion and 3arrior raced their hor e to the a embly+ Many more companie 3ho had not arri#ed at the encampment 3hen 4 7fir t8 came 3ere comin$ there no3+ B!t indeed 3here#er my eye fell on hill or hei$ht in all the pace #i ible to me bet3een bth Fhir 'iad and Slemain Mide, 4 a3 nothin$ a#e men and hor e +_

^4t 3a indeed a bra#e7Z8 company that yo! a3,_ aid Fer$! + )hen Conchobar and hi army 3ent and made camp be ide the other + =e a %ed :ilill for a tr!ce !ntil !nri e on the morro3, and :ilill $!aranteed it on behalf of the men of 4reland and the exiled "l termen 3hile Conchobar $!aranteed it for the men, of "l ter+ )he men of Ireland-s tent 3ere pitched, and before !n et there 3a carcely a bare patch of earth bet3een them and the encampment of the .lstermen + )hen the MLrrM$an po%e in the d! % bet3een the t3o encampment , ayin$

{translation of lines 3878-3920} Ka$ens %naw the ne!+s of en& ?lood flows& ?attle is fo"%ht &&& 2ail to the en of =lsterR (oe to the SrainnR (oe to the en of =lsterR 2ail to the SrainnR' 7hese were the words she whispered to the Srainn Q (oe to the en of =lster for they ha$e not won405 the *attle&' CP Ch!lainn 3a be ide them in Fedain Collna+ Food 3a bro!$ht to him from the ho pitaller that ni$ht+ )hey ! ed to $o and con#er e 3ith him by day+ =e %illed no one north of bth Fhir 'iad+ ^See a little floc% comin$ from the 3e tern encampment to the encampment in the ea t,_ aid the charioteer to CP Ch!lainn, ^and ee a band of yo!th come to meet them+_ ^)ho e yo!th 3ill meet and the floc% 3ill $o acro the plain+ =e 3ho 3ill not accept Q!arter 3ill $o to help the yo!th +_ 4t happened after3ard a CP Ch!lainn had aid+ ^=o3 do the yo!th of "l ter fi$ht the battleZ_ ^Bra#ely,_ aid the charioteer+ ^4t 3ere ri$ht that they ho!ld fall in re c!in$ their floc%,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^:nd no3Z_ ^)he beardle yo!n$ 3arrior are fi$htin$ no3,_ aid the charioteer+ ^=a a bri$ht clo!d come acro the !n yetZ_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^No indeed,_ aid the charioteer+ ^:la that 4 ha#e not the tren$th to $o to themc_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ ^)here i fi$htin$ here already today,_ aid the charioteer at !nri e+ ^4t i pro!d fol% 3ho are no3 fi$htin$ the battle, b!t there are no leader for they are till a leep+_ 4t 3a at !nri e that Fachtna po%e+ 5Or 7accordin$ to another acco!nt8 Conchobar chanted the e 3ord in hi trance- ^:ri e, O #aliant %in$ of Macha, $enero! peoplec Sharpen yo!r 3ord + Fi$ht the battle+ 'i$ a trench+ Stri%e yo!r hield + Men' hand are 3eary+ )heir floc% are lo!d #oiced +++ )hey all fi$ht 3ith one another +++ Sorro3 3ill fill the heart of their Q!een o that the $ra y od on 3hich they mi$ht tri%e, and on 3hich they mi$ht $o ho!ld be co#ered 3ith blood+ :ri e, %in$ of Macha+_ ^Iho ha chanted the e 3ord Z_ a %ed they all+ ^Conchobar mac Ne a,_ they an 3ered+ ^Or Fachtna chanted them+ 5Sleep on, leep on b!t et yo!r entinel +_ (@e$aire BPadach 3a heard pea%in$- ^:ri e, %in$ of Macha+ Stri%e yo!r %ine 3ith the 3ord+ &rotect yo!r booty +++ =e 3ill mite all the 3orld on the plain of 9@irech+_


{translation of lines 3921-3956} (ho has !hanted that0'they all as+ed& 8Fe%aire ?:ada!h a! 9onnaid ?"idi ei! #lia!h& ,leep on) sleep on *"t set yo"r sentinels&' (ait on a while)' said 9on!ho*ar) "ntil the s"n has risen well a*o$e the %lens and o"nds of #reland&' (hen 9: 9h"lainn saw the !hiefs fro the east p"ttin% on their diade s and !o in% to the res!"e of the troops) he told his !harioteer to aro"se the en of =lster& )he charioteer po%e+ 5Or el e it 3a the poet :mar$in mac Eicit 3ho po%e^:ri e, #aliant %in$ of Machac : $enero! people+ )he 3ar$odde de ire the %ine of 4mmail+ )he blood from men' heart pread aro!nd +++ None li%e CP Ch!lainn 3a fo!nd+ :ri ec_ ^4 ha#e aro! ed them,_ aid the charioteer+ ^)hey ha#e come into battle tar%Nna%ed except for their 3eapon + =e 3ho e tentNopenin$ face ea t, ha 7in hi ea$erne 8 come o!t 3e t3ard thro!$h the tent+_ ^)hat i peedy help in time of need,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ )he doin$ of the men of "l ter are not de cribed for a 3hile+ B!t a for the men of 4reland, Badb and BA NAit and NAmain hrie%ed abo#e them that ni$ht in 9@irech and 4r$@irech o that a h!ndred of their 3arrior died of terror+ )hat 3a not the mo t peacef!l ni$ht for them+ The 'uster of the 'en of Ireland )hat ni$ht before the battle :ilill mac M@ta chanted the e 3ord - ^:ri e, O )rai$thrAnc 4 end yo! to the three Conaire from SlMab Mi , the three (e find from (PachairC the three Meid Corpthe (o te, the three called Bodar from the ri#er BPa , the three called Bodb from the ri#er BPaidnech, the three called BPa$eltach from the ri#er Barro3, the three M!iredach from Mair$e, the three (@e$aire from (ee 'er$, the three S!ibne from the ri#er S!ir, the three Uchtach from bine, the three 'oMl Eirri$, the three called 'amach from (och 'er$, the three BratrPaid from (o!$h Ree, the three Mielleth from (o!$h Erne, the three called Bre al Bod$na, the three :mal$aid from Ma$ n:M, the three Fiachra from Fid NAmain, the three Nechtan from Ma$ M!iri ce, the three Mac :mra from E RPaid, the three R!irech from CrPacha :i$le, the three called Br!char from 9lai Febrat, the three Conall from Collamair, the three called Fiac from Finnabair, the three Cairbre


{translation of lines 3957-3986} of 9lC") the three !alled ;ane ;ils!oth) the three Aes!erta!hs of Aro .orno!hta) the three .intans fro .e en) the three Katha!hs fro ;a% Kai%ne) the three <ters!Hls of <tar*Fn) the three B"aires of .id Bai*le) the three Aeds fro ;a% nAidne) the three ;on%a!hs of ;itain) the three A:adaid Gine) the three Bair* Bl"nnaidi) the three Aeis!irt =a%a) the three 8ethl"ind 8inti) the three 9oin!hind ,hile) the three Aa"i!h of 8Ca ain) the three 9elt!hair of = all) the three 9os!ra!hs of 9lothra) the three ?arr!hais fro <ille) the three AFires fro 7ipra .ind) the three Arts fro Ard 8adrann) the three ;"ireda!hs fro ;a% .e in) the three 9on%*aidi of 9li") the three ;orda ;osad) the three Koir of Kos ?"ite) the three Gnrad of 7rFi% 7h"ir*e) the three <ters!Hls of 7ara) the three Bal%aidi Boain) the three .eradai% .holt!hais) the three .eid ni% Kotail) the three ,!Fil ,o*ail) the three Ailill =aiti) the three Bortai% Branais!) the three ;esai% ;aethla) the three =illeith of Ard Airthir) the three !alled 9or* fro 9lFr) the three !alled Art fro Ard) the three !alled .oi de!h fro #rr"s) the three #llands of #reland) the three ,o!haide fro ,hannon) the three ?rDna!hs fro ?ethra) the three ;on%a!hs fro ;a% ;"!r" a) the three ;o!h aidne fro ;a% nAC) the three !alled 7i%e as fro 7:ath A *rais) the three S!hta!hs fro .inna*air) the three 9or a!s of =is!re) the three !alled -dar fro ?"aile) the three K"is K"s!ae) the three .erad .ind) the three Ath!h"irp 7"l!ha) the three 7"athail 7anni) the three ;a!!Fe!h .e ra%) the three 8Fe%aires fro ?erra ain) the three .idai% ,ai%thi) the three !alled 9or a! 9:ana!h) the three !alled 9air*re 8"in%i) the three !alled -dar 9on!ho*air) the three Blais ei! 9ath*ad) the three A"i* Ar:ad) the three Airri% 9l"i!hi"r) the three 8aitne 8"i%ed) the three !alled 9on!ho*ar 9ollsen) the three <lair Aei"ais) the three .iadail A"iner%in 405) the three Airi% #nse =an) the three MCths fro Gth 9rai*e) the three !alled Ven%"s =is!e) the three .ia!h .e a n# *ais) the three !alled Ao ) the three ?ail!*roindi fro ;Den a%) the three 9ais 9"ile) the three !alled 7rHn fro ;a% Sle) the three !alled ,r"th ar fro ;a% n-!htair) the three !alled Blonn ar fro ;a% 8ethan) the three !alled Aorn ar fro ;a% n=is!i) the three Blaisder% fro 7eth*a) the three 7i%irn 7ain!e fro 7iprait 7alindi&' )he e triad made !p 3hat 3a called the #erchuitred of the men of 4reland, not co!ntin$ tho e of them 3hom CP Ch!lainn had pre#io! ly %illed+ )idin$ of CP Ch!lainn are no3 told- ^(oo% for ! , my friend (@e$, and ee ho3 are the men of "l ter fi$htin$ no3+_


{translation of lines 3987-4019} ?ra$ely 4they fi%ht5)' answered the !harioteer) #f # were to %o today in y !hariot and Ven) the !harioteer of 9onall 9erna!h) in his !hariot and if we were to tra$el fro one win% 4of the ar y5 to the other) no hoof of horse or wheel of !hariot wo"ld %o thro"%h 4to the %ro"nd5&' 7he a+in%s of a %reat fi%ht are there)' said 9: 9h"lainn& 8et nothin% *e done in the *attle)' said he to his !harioteer) that # shall not hear an a!!o"nt of fro yo"&' 7hat will *e so insofar as # !an do it)' said the !harioteer& Mow as for the warriors fro the west) they a+e a *rea!h eastwards thro"%h the *attle- line& 7he sa e n" *er of warriors fro the east *rea!h the *attle-line westwards&' Alas that # a not healed)' said 9: 9h"lainn) or y *rea!h too wo"ld *e !learly seen there li+e that of all the others&' )hen came the ferchuitred, the triad of that econd m! terin$+ Ihen the 3arrior came after3ard to the battle at 9@irech and 4r$@irech, there al o arri#ed the nine chariot of the 3arrior from 4rPath+ 4n front of them 3ere three men on foot 3ho tra#elled no more lo3ly than the chariot + Medb allo3ed them into battle only to dra$ :ilill o!t of the conflict if the enemy defeated him, or to %ill Conchobar if it 3ere he 3ho 3a o#ercome+ )hen hi charioteer told CP Ch!lainn that :ilill and Medb 3ere be$$in$ Fer$! to $o into battle+ )hey aid that it 3a not 3ron$ of him to do o for they had ho3n him $reat $enero ity in hi exile+ ^4f 4 had my o3n 3ord,_ aid Fer$! , ^men' head c!t off by me 3o!ld be a n!mero! on their hield a hail tone in a 3amp to 3hich the %in$' hor e come 3hen they ha#e tra#elled 3iftly into the land+_ )hen Fer$! 3ore thi oath^4 3ear my people' oath that 4 3o!ld tri%e men' *a3bone from their nec% , men' nec% from ho!lder , men' ho!lder from elbo3 , men' elbo3 from forearm , men' forearm and their fi t , men' fi t and their fin$er , men' fin$er and their nail , men' nail and the cro3n of their head , men' cro3n and their tr!n% , men' tr!n% and their thi$h , men' thi$h and their %nee , men' %nee and their cal#e , men' cal#e and their feet, men' feet and their toe , men' toe and their nail + )heir headle nec% 3o!ld o!nd in the air7Z8 li%e a bee flyin$ to and fro on a day of fine 3eather+_ )hen aid :ilill to hi charioteer- ^Brin$ me the 3ord that c!t 7men' 8 fle h+ 4 3ear the oath of my people that, if it condition be 3or e 3ith yo! today than on

{translation of lines 4020-4055} the day # %a$e it to yo" on the hillside in the territory of =lster) e$en tho"%h the en of #reland were prote!tin% yo" a%ainst e) they wo"ld not sa$e yo"&'& 7hen his sword was %i$en to .er%"s and Ailill saidQ 7a+e yo"r sword& 7ho"%h yo" ay s ite #reland) a %reat warrior of her sons will fi%ht at BFire!h &&& .or hono"r1s sa+e do not wrea+ yo"r fier!e an%er on "s in the presen!e of the !hariot-fi%hters of =lster&&&' (el!o e) - hard *lade) the sword of 8eiteR &&& ;y sword shall not infli!t sla"%hter on yo"& # a a pro"d leader as # stand *efore the en of #reland&' A pity that yo" sho"ld fall on a !rowded405 field of *attleR' said .er%"s to Ailill& 7hat ni%ht ?ad* and ?H MHit and ;H ain shrie+ed a*o$e the at BFire!h and #r%Fire!h so that a h"ndred of their warriors fell dead of fri%ht& 7hat was not the ost pea!ef"l ni%ht for the & )hen Fer$! eiEed hi 3eapon and t!rned to3ard the fi$htin$, and holdin$ hi 3ord in both hand he cleared a pa a$e for a h!ndred thro!$h the line of battle+ Medb too, too% !p her 3eapon and r! hed into battle+ )hrice he 3a #ictorio! !ntil a phalanx of pear t!rned her bac%+ ^4 3onder,_ aid Conchobar to hi people, ^3ho i it 3ho i #ictorio! in the fi$ht a$ain t ! in the north+ 'o ye tay here in the battle !ntil 4 $o a$ain t him+_ ^Ie hall hold the pot 3here 3e no3 tand,_ aid the 3arrior , ^b!t !nle the $ro!nd Q!a%e beneath ! or the hea#en fall do3n on ! , 3e hall not flee from here+_ )hen Conchobar 3ent to meet Fer$! + =e rai ed a$ain t him hi hield, the KchaMn, 3hich had fo!r $olden point and fo!r co#erin$ of $old+ Fer$! tr!c% three blo3 on it b!t not e#en the rim of the hield abo#e hi head to!ched Conchobar+ ^Iho of the men of "l ter rai e the hield 7a$ain t me8Z_ a %ed Fer$! + ^One 3ho i better 7than yo!8,_ aid Conchobar+ ^One 3ho dro#e yo! into exile to d3ell 3ith 3ol#e and foxe , one 3ho today 3ill hold yo! at bay in the pre ence of the men of 4reland by dint of hi o3n pro3e +_ )here!pon Fer$! , holdin$ the 3ord in both hand , aimed a #en$ef!l blo3 at Conchobar, and the point of the 3ord to!ched the $ro!nd behind him 7a he 3!n$ it bac%8+ Cormac Con (oin$e laid hand on him and $ra ped him by the arm+

{translation of lines 4056-4088} 7hat is harsh yet not harsh) friend .er%"s)' said 9or a!& 7hat is !a"tio"s yet not o$er-!a"tio"s) friend .er%"s& .riendship pro$es hostile& ?ehold yo"r ene ies) yo"r friends ha$e *een destroyed& (i!+ed are these *lows that yo" stri+e) friend .er%"s&' 7ell e)' said .er%"s) who shall # stri+e0' ,tri+e the three hills a*o$e the & 7"rn

yo"r hand and stri+e on all sides of yo"& 2eed the not 405& Ke e *er the hono"r of the =lster en whi!h has not *een lost& #t will not *e lost "nless it *e thro"%h yo"r fa"lt today&' Bo in so e other dire!tion) 9on!ho*ar)' said 9or a! to his father& 7his an will no lon%er wrea+ his fier!e an%er here on the en of =lster&' Fer$! t!rned a3ay+ Iith hi 3ord he le3 a h!ndred 3arrior amon$ the "l termen in hi fir t on la!$ht, !ntil he came face to face 3ith Conall Cernach+ ^)oo $reat i that force 3hich yo! exert a$ain t 7yo!r o3n8 people and race, follo3in$ a 3anton 3oman a yo! do,_ aid Conall Cernach+ ^Ihat hall 4 do, O 3arriorZ_ a %ed Fer$! + ^Stri%e the hill beyond them and the tree abo!t them,_ aid Conall Cernach+ )hen Fer$! mote the hill and 3ith three blo3 tr!c% off the 7top of the8 three hill in Meath 7no3 called8 M@ela Midi, the flattopped hill of Meath+ CP Ch!lainn heard the blo3 3hich Fer$! had tr!c% on the hill , or 7tho e he had tr!c%8 on the hield of Conchobar+ ^Iho tri%e tho e $reat tron$ blo3 in the di tanceZ_ a %ed CP Ch!lainn+ ^Blood eal !p the heart+ :n$er de troy the 3orld+ X!ic%ly it loo en the dre in$ of my 3o!nd +_ (@e$ an 3ered ayin$- ^)he fine t of men tri%e them, Fer$! mac RLi$, the da!ntle + )he 7comin$ of the8 hero Fer$! mac RLi$ mean 3o!nd and increa e of la!$hter+ )he 3ord 3a hidden in the chariotNpole o that the ca#alcade of my ma ter Conchobar did not arri#e at the $reat battle+_ )hen aid CP Ch!lainn- ^X!ic%ly !nfa ten the hoop o#er my 3o!nd + Men are co#ered in blood+ S3ord 3ill be 3ielded+ Men' li#e 3ill be ended+_ )here!pon the dry 3i p 3hich pl!$$ed hi 3o!nd pran$ o!t of him 7and ro e !p8 a hi$h a a lar% oar in the air, and the 3ooden hoop 7taga8 pran$ from him a far a Ma$ )Pa$ in Connacht+ )hey fle3 o!t of him in all direction + =i 3o!nd

{translation of lines 4089-4122} too+ $iolent effe!t on hi and he str"!+ the heads of the two hand aidens one a%ainst the other so that ea!h of the was %rey with the *rains of the other& O7hese hand aidens had *een sent *y ;ed* to pretend to la ent o$er hi so that his wo"nds i%ht *rea+ o"t afresh and to tell hi that the =lster en had *een defeated and that .er%"s had fallen opposin% the *e!a"se 9: 9h"lainn had *een "na*le to 3oin the *attle& O7hen 9: 9h"lainn was distorted 4with ra%e5& 7he twentyse$en shirts whi!h he "sed to wear %oin% into *attle) tied to hi with ropes and !ords) were now *ro"%ht to hi ) and he too+ on his *a!+ his !hariot with its fra ewor+ and two wheels and went ro"nd the *attle towards .er%"s& 7"rn hither) aster .er%"sR' !ried 9: 9h"lainn) *"t 4tho"%h he

said this5 three ti es .er%"s did not answer& # swear *y the %od *y who =lster en swear)' said 9: 9h"lainn) that # shall dr"* yo" as flaN-heads405 are *eaten in a pool& # shall %o o$er yo" as a tail %oes o$er a !at& # shall s ite yo" as a fond wo an s ites her son&' (ho a on% the en of #reland spea+s to e th"s0' said .er%"s& 9: 9h"lainn a! ,"Fltai ) the son of 9on!ho*ar1s sister)' said 9: 9h"lainn) and hold *a!+ fro e now&' # ha$e pro ised to do that)' said .er%"s& ?e%one then)' said 9: 9h"lainn& # a%ree)' said .er%"s) for yo" ref"sed to en!o"nter e when yo" were pier!ed with wo"nds&' ,o at that 3"n!t"re .er%"s and his di$ision of three tho"sand went away& 7he en of 8einster and the en of ;"nster went away too) and nine di$isions) those of ;ed* and of Ailill and of their se$en sons) were left in the *attle& #t was idday when 9: 9h"lainn !a e to the *attle& (hen the s"n was sin+in% *ehind the trees in the wood) he o$er!a e the last of the *ands) and of the !hariot there re ained only a handf"l of the ri*s of the fra ewor+ and a handf"l of the shafts ro"nd the wheel& )hen CP Ch!lainn o#ertoo% Medb $oin$ from the battleNfield+ ^Spare mec_ cried Medb+ ^4f 4 3ere to %ill yo!, it 3o!ld be only ri$ht for me,_ aid CP Ch!lainn+ B!t he pared her life then beca! e he ! ed not to %ill 3omen+ =e con#oyed them 3e t to bth (Pain and acro the ford too+ =e tr!c% three blo3 of hi 3ord !pon the fla$ tone in bth (!ain+ )hey 7i+e+ the hill 8 are called M@elana bth (Pain+ No3 3hen they 3ere finally ro!ted Medb aid to Fer$! - ^Men and le er men7Z8 meet here today, Fer$! +_

{translation of lines 4123-4156} 7hat is what "s"ally happens)' said .er%"s) to a herd of horses led *y a are& 7heir s"*stan!e is ta+en and !arried off and %"arded as they follow a wo en who has isled the &' #n the ornin% after the *attle the *"ll was ta+en away) and he et the *"ll .inn*enna!h in !o *at in the pla!e now !alled 7ar*%a in ;a% nAC&O 7ar*%a eans ?"ll-sorrow or ?"ll-*attle&OKoC Aedond was the for er na e of that hill& <$eryone who had s"r$i$ed the *attle now did nothin% eN!ept to wat!h the two *"lls fi%htin%& ?ri!ri" Me then%a had *een in the west !on$ales!in% after .er%"s had fra!t"red his s+"ll with the !hess en& 2e !a e now with all the rest to wat!h the *"lls1 fi%ht& #n their $iolent str"%%le the two *"lls tra pled on ?ri!ri" and so he died& 7hat is the tra%i!al death of ?ri!ri"&

)he 'onn CPailn$e' foot 3a impaled on the horn of the other b!ll+ For a day and a ni$ht he did not dra3 hi foot a3ay, !ntil Fer$! !r$ed him on and tr!c% hi hide 3ith a rod+ ^4t 3a bad l!c%,_ aid Fer$! , ^that the belli$erent old calf that 3a bro!$ht here and beca! e of 3hom many no3 lie dead ho!ld di hono!r hi clan and linea$e+_ )here!pon 'onn CPailn$e dre3 bac% hi foot+ =i le$ bro%e and hi opponent' horn pran$ o!t on to the mo!ntain be ide him+ So SlMab n:darca 3a after3ard the name of that place+ =e carried off the Finnbennach then for a day and a ni$ht' *o!rney and pl!n$ed into the la%e be ide Cr!ach!, and he came o!t of it 3ith the loin and ho!lder blade and li#er of hi opponent on hi horn + )he ho t ad#anced then 3ith intent to %ill him, b!t Fer$! did not allo3 it and in i ted that he ho!ld $o 3here#er he plea ed+ So then the b!ll made for hi o3n land+ : he came he dran% a dra!$ht in Finnleithe and left there the ho!lderNblade of hi opponent+ )hat land 3a after3ard called Finnleithe+ =e dran% another dra!$ht at bth (Pain and left the other b!ll' loin there+ =ence the name bth (Pain+ :t 4raird C!illinn he bello3ed o lo!dly that he 3a heard thro!$ho!t the pro#ince+ =e dran% a$ain in )roma+ )here the li#er of hi opponent fell from hi horn + =ence the name )roma+ =e 3ent then to the place called Utan )airb and re ted hi forehead a$ain t the hill at bth '@ Fherta+ =ence the name Utan )airb in Ma$ M!irthemne+ )hereafter he tra#elled alon$ Sli$e MidlPachra to C!ib5it 3a in C!ib he ! ed to abide 3ith the dry co3 of '@ire5and there he pa3ed !p the earth+ =ence the placeNname 9ort mBPrai$+ )hen he 3ent on and died in 'r!im )airb bet3een "l ter and "M Echach+ )hat place i called 'r!im )airb+

{translation of lines 4166-4169} Ailill and ;ed* ade pea!e with the =lster en and 9: 9h"lainn& .or se$en years after that no one was +illed *etween the in #reland& .inna*air re ained with 9: 9h"lainn and the en of 9onna!ht ret"rned to their own land) while the =lster en went in tri" ph to < ain ;a!ha& Finit+ :men+