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Good _________ ORDER ###### I have just placed an order for two custom design hard cases.

Before I state m !usiness" I would li#e to e$press m level of gratitude towards this compan . In %&'%" I placed an order for a custom design i(hone ) hard case. I ordered a #ic# ass Darth *ader case. It lasted me for almost % ears" and that case was the sole reason wh m phone survived a terri!le fall down five flights of stairs in a par#ing garage... I+m not #idding... ,I*E flights- .ith our product" not onl did m phone continue to wor#" !ut it onl suffered minor cosmetic damages- /adl " the phone soon died months later" !ut I can honestl sa that it was our phone 0and perhaps the ,orce1 that saved m phone that fateful da . /o than# ou gu s /O 2345-/ince I have had such a great e$perience with these cases" as I now have a new i(hone" I would li#e to place another order. I spo#e with one of our emplo ees a few wee#s ago6 sadl I cannot remem!er her name. /he was ver helpful as I spo#e with her a!out m upcoming order. 2 friend and I want to have matching i(hone cases" and since the are custom made" I reali7e this is hard to do. I have a picture of 8imon and (um!aa" from 8he 9ion :ing" that I have ta#en" edited" and also split in half" so that each of us have a portion of the picture. Our desire is that if our phones are placed side ! side" the cases would complete the picture" as a pu77le would 0e$cept there are onl two pu77le pieces1. ;lthough I have limited graphic design e$perience" I am no e$pert" so I am not sure if I am doing this correctl . ;lso" the sides of the i(hone case are ma#ing this also ver difficult" as this was not a factor in our initial planning. .hen I spo#e to our emplo ee" she said to send a message after I have placed an order with m order num!er e$plaining what I would li#e" so the designers could get a !etter understanding of what I want" and perhaps contact me if there are an pro!lems. /ince these cases are <=>" I would li#e to ensure that the are done properl . (lease do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email? @'=ABC=AC@== el se.; 8han# ou so much" and I cannot wait for the finished products4heers" El se