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The Life of a

By Star Sarah

Authors Note

This story is based in Hollywood, though there is no explanation why the setting is two islands connected by a bridge. t is !ust how i"agined the story. There is also a star, To" #ason, who is fictional. !ust couldnt pic$ out a celebrity that fit the part, so "ade "y own% &lease en!oy the story anyways, anything that see"s wrong is !ust how i"agined the story. 'n!oy%

(hapter )ne Hollywood

As Allie Starrs yellow cab crossed o*er the bridge, the bright lights of Hollywood da++led bac$ at her. This is where Im meant to be, she thought to herself as she breathed in the dense fu"es of the city and listened to the roars of hea*y traffic. Her bright blue, al"ost white eyes gli""ered with excite"ent and her pin$ish,red lips puc$ered with interest. She pulled bac$ a wisp of her auburn hair that was pulled into a ponytail that, in a way, "ade her loo$ li$e a celebrity. She ner*ously played with her sil*er nec$lace, that so"ehow clashed with her blac$ slee*eless shirt -with lace in the bac$. and !eans AN/ "uddy heels.