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12616 L Road, Stromsburg, NE 68666402-764-8172 or View online portfolio at christineannchurch.weebly.


Christine Church
Professional Goals
To educate students in a positive classroom where they can learn in their own individual learning style.

2011-2013 Bachelors of Science-Education Elementary/Special Education Concordia University Seward, NE GPA 3.9

College Activities/Activities __________________________________

Phi Theta Kappa, Campus Crusade, SAC, Awana leader for two boys with disabilities, Girl Scout leader, Boy Scout leader, 4-H leader, kids choir director, choir director, band parents president and piano teacher.

Career Related Experience

Student teacher in Success Room York Elementary

York, NE

Adapted tests for students with special needs. Instructed paras on how to create an individual schedule on the Ipads with the program Choiceworks. Administered strategies of heavy work and sensory to meet the needs of children with autism.

Student teacher in 2nd grade Cross County Community

Created Social Studies lessons for smartboard. Led students in hands-on activities for Science.

Stromsburg, NE

Student teacher-3rd grade Seward Elementary

Developed a lesson plan to teach students to tell time. Created folder games for students to practice telling time Designed powerpoints to teach students Social Studies and Science lessons. Cross County Schools-Stromsburg, NE

Seward, NE


Para-educator in Preschool

Assisting teacher Assisting students with special needs

402-764-8172 or

Christine Church
Prof. Amanda Geidel 402-641-5054 Shelli Hackenkamp 402-366-4476 Cindy Kutschkau 402-764-6666 Peggy Lovgren 402-366-9463 Director of Special Education email: Cross County Schools- Preschool teacher email: Cross County Schools-First grade teacher email: Mother to children with special needs email: