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This is the steps that you may follow when you set up your goals: Determine the need Create specific goals create and implement strategies monitor the progress Determine whether the goal is achieve What are your needs in this term? - good score - good behavior - more friends - good time management - more organized - more active - Gods blessings - more attention - more money - more fun - more time to study - less forgetful - less time to play

What is your goal then (based on the needs)? At the end of this term I want to get a good score in each subject and I want to see it in my term report card ( all scores must be above 85)

What are your strategies and how to implement them? - plan schedule to study - extra lesson - measure your time for study and play and compare them - no watching tv - make a commitment to study more - make a study group - spare more time to rest -

How do you monitor your progress? - record all your test result

How do you determine whether your goal is achieve or not?

- See it in Report Card; all 85 = your goal is achieved, otherwise is not achieved