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Week 1
Ive learned that social Media is designed to be shared among people, societies and nations and sharing means that it is easy to comment on and easy to send, there are no costs associated with viewing the media and it is always available. It enables people to share information with friends and colleges using the Internet. Using the Social Media options in an appropriate way by setting guide lines for Social Media use. I created a profile on Linkedin and I faced some difficulties because I didnt get the idea of this web site but later on I got what this web site made for and I recognized how it can benefit me. Thru using it I met lots of experts in different field. At the end of week one me and my group present a presentation on what we learned and the presentation consist of the social media rules for example in using the social media we have to not being racism to any group of people or a group of religious and we have to respect our country ruler and other countries rulers.

Week 2
In my future workplace I must be professionalism employee and have human relations such as interact with people and get along with my colleagues. By being a professionalism positive employee in my workplace I will influence the future productivity. I must get rid of my negative BAGGAGE and replace it with the positive BAGGAGE because Negative BAGGAGE will effect on my work performance. By setting goals I will be more successful in my career because goals help to make career plans more clear and meaningful. There are two types of goals long-term and short-term, long-term goals starts with thinking of what I want to accomplish in my life and short-term goals sets to help reaching my long-term goals. I will add professionalism in my new skills list and I will work hard to improve it, is all about steady step by step and before i know it I will be half way towards being professionalism employee.

Week 3
In this week I have learned what is Curriculum Vitae in a sample words it is a document used to apply for position a job contain our professional history. There are two types the first one is Curriculum Vitae and the second it Resume, the different between them is that Curriculum Vitae is used in professional positions but the Resume is used for work experiences in NON professional jobs. The problem that I face that I always forget to update my Curriculum Vitae, but now I always keep it updated and saved in a flash and my iPhone. The skill that I gained is how to write the Curriculum Vitae in a professional way, and that made me help my brother to start and write his Curriculum Vitae. While writing the Curriculum Vitae we have to market our qualifications, skills, education, languages, honors and awards it have to reflect your best characteristics and assets. In the second session I learned how to write a cover letter to RAK Bank for a Bank Teller position and I used it in my mock interview. It was my first cover letter and I write it professionally. In a sample words cover letter is a document sent with my Curriculum Vitae to provide additional information on my skills and experience.

Week 4
In this week I and my class mates have gathered with Ms. Dina in our class to give us a workshop on writing our Curriculum Vitae. Ms. Dina gave us a brief introduction about Curriculum Vitae and she mentioned the content of the Curriculum Vitae for example, the Curriculum Vitae is a brief description of your education, employment history, and experiences that are relevant to a particular job for which you are applying, it include contact information, objective, education, experience, skills, extra-curricular activities, interests & hobbies and references. There are a list of what we should include in the Curriculum Vitae and what we should not include in the Curriculum Vitae, for example the Dos are create content that sells, use a design that grabs attention and keep it short- no more than 2 pages and the Donts list avoid grammatical errors, Information overload and stay away from computer-generated Curriculum Vitaes. At the end of the workshop Ms. Dina showed us some sample of good Curriculum Vitaes.

Week 5
Week 5 is the online application week; Ms. Fatma made us do our first online application thru Dubai Trade center online application page. These days the companies use online applications because they are ease and convenience. The online applications structure makes it easier to the employers to deliver a good structured format for applicants; it also helps the recruiters to find answers about a role from the candidate. I learned what are the dos and the donts in doing the online application for example we have to Focus on the job we are applying for, and match our Curriculum Vitae and application as closely as possible to the job description. Secondly make sure to include relevant keywords that relate to the job description and industry and finally ensure that employment dates are correct, our qualifications and educational establishments matches. While I and my class mates doing the online in Dubai trade center we had to register and to build an employment profile. Once we have built a profile, we can apply for jobs and set up job search agents to email us when new jobs are added to the system.

Week 7
We have gathered with Ms. Atheeja for a second curriculum vitae writing workshop in the student center building to talk, learn, correct and update our curriculum vitae. In this workshop my curriculum vitae has improved in a very good way, Ms. Atheeja corrected some small mistakes in my curriculum vitae then she talked about some good information that can be included in our curriculum vitae such as Contact information, objective, education, experience, and skills (professional & technical) skills, certificates, extra-curricular activities (awards & achievements), languages, interests & hobbies and references. She also mentioned what Ms. Dina told us the Dos and Donts list and she add for the Dos list that we have to consider adding a paragraph which explains our key skills, and competencies, these should closely match the wording of the job description. Also she add for the donts list that we have to be tempted to use the information from someone else's application or CV, these systems make comparisons and will pick up on multiple variations of applications.

Week 8
In week 8 I learned to be ready and how to prepare myself for a job interview, Ms. Fatma has showed us some great YouTube video on how we prepare ourselves. I learned from the video that the preparation is the key to success, first of all I have to update my CV and check if there is any mistake, and secondly I have to do some researches about the organization and I have to list and prepare a questions and not least I should practice. The interviewer will test me and watch my body language so I have to relax and smile and the most important thing that I have to do is make an eye contact to show the interviewer that I am a confidant person. I have to review the typical questions and practice on them. There is always what creates a bad impression and I learned that I should avoid poor personal appearance, Negative attitude by using excuses, Lack of interest and enthusiasm and preparation.

Week 9
In is week Ms. Fatma asked as to enter the Emirates group career page and select a job and write a cover letter on it. I have selected an Administrative Assistant position, this position required me to maintain and update department files in an accurate and timely manner, ensure that documents are available easily to provide general office. So I wrote the cover letter in a very good way with some guides from Ms. Fatma and I posted in the Emirates Group career page. In the second session we made a mock interview with our class mates to practice for the mock interview.

Week 10
In week 10 we have done some more cover letter for practice, and later on we have watched some video about how we should be in the interview and we have do some general review on all what we have covered in the past few weeks. In the second session we have talk about the efolio and what are the steps to do it. Ms. Fatma showed us the criteria of reflection and what we have to include and mention while we are writing our summary of reflection that will talk about the whole course.

Week 11
We started our week 11 with a mock practice interview by our class mate (Amna, Roudha, Shamma, and Muna), they had a good interview with some notes on Shamma and Muna performance but overall it was a good mick interview. In my view we should always practice to get a good result of what we want to succeed in. in the second class Ms. Fatma gave us a project time to start and focus on our project.

Week 12
The week 12 they gave us the major choice paper that explains everything clearly about the major that we can choice for year 4. I read the major choice paper and I liked Quality & Strategic Management, I found this major very interesting. The next class we had the project time to work on our project, and also we had an online work as a team.

Week 13
On week 13 Ms. Fatma talk about our cover letters and she gave us her feedback on it and mentioned what we have do and dont. Then we had a project time to work on our project in the class. Also we had project time in the next session.

Summary of Reflection 200-300

In the creating your future course in gained lots of valuable informations, I learned how to write my cv in the most professional way and how to write a cover letter to a jobs I want to apply for. I learned how to prepare myself for a job interview. Thru this course I have added new skills in my skills lists. I have learned also the strategy for a successful job search that identifies the type of job Im looking for. I have made a page in Likedin in a professional way that has opened for me doors to meet people and experts form overseas. I consider myself now ready to start my job career. Thru this course I have made my choice in choosing my major for year 4 and the kind of jobs I want to apply for. I have understood and demonstrate life skills for employment success including communication and networking in the workplace and decision making. I also have demonstrated the skills and the strategies that are necessary to succeed in a job interview. And at the end of this course I had a job offer in a bank that I dream to work in. That is all because of the great informations I gained thru this course.