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ii (ii) Description of the serial dilution procedure and rationale for the design of the dilution procedures (iii) Calculate the concentrations (only molarity , ppm and w/v%) for allthe solutions based onlyon the procedures that you designed(i.e. WITHOUT using Beer's law). (iv) The value for the molar absorptivity constantfor the Brilliant Blue FCF is reported in the literature is 92900 M -1 cm -1 (3 significant figures) at 620nm. Using this value and the measured absorbances (at 620nm) that you collected in the lab, calculate the experimental concentrations (M) forthe threemost diluted solutions. You may assume L=1.20cm. make solution 1 wih the solvent distilled water and tehn put the stupid thing i mean dye into the water and then its like 100 ml or something idk. then you take the pipet thats like 10 ml i think who knoesw and you take thte sol 1 nad put in a new flask thats also 100ml because thas what the preocduer says ok dont question it then after that they let you choose hwihc equip you want so that the concentration is within that range so obv you use the ones that let you be lazy laaoal.. Serial dilution is performed so that each solutions concentration is gradually decreased. Solution 1 was created Serial dilution was performed by diluting a primary standard solution and