This is the fourth rainy day, I walk outside, nothing but water in my way I walk into a building, for an interview, Worry u on worry, why would they ever i!k you The elevator door o ens wide, "nd the sun burst out from inside There you were, #ust too !ute, Cherry red !andy li s and !ute bubble !aboose $our eyes, dee ools, in a blue lagoon,

%y interview, flew away, like a lost balloon &ut I don't !are, that don't matter to me, &e!ause I #ust meant an angel and she's all I !an see Two years later we were married, $es over the thresh hold, she I !arried "nd we had two !hildren to butte, $es you guest it, they both were #ust too !ute

by Tim Thayer

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