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Name: Daphnie Peterson

Date: 11/12/13


Grade: 2

Lesson Activities: I Do (teacher instruction) Teach and support Sarah to properl check schedule and move to next activit or task and when appropriate re!uest preferred items" activities#

Lesson Checks for Understanding and Assessments: $hat is next on our schedule% &et's go check# get up and go check

Student will ph sicall schedule

We Do (class/group activity) Teacher and Sarah will check her visual schedule and then move onto next activit or task listed

This should occur with little to no behavior# $hen Sarah demonstrates the desired behavior praise will be given# If undesired behavior is demonstrated Sarah will be redirected and rechecking of visual schedule will occur#

You Do (student practice) Sarah will with a non-verbal prompt from teacher to check visual schedule and next activit or task will be started independentl # • • • Use of visual schedule showing predictable next task If Sarah shows unwanted behavior will use nonverbal instruction to re-direct Connect expected behavior with wanted behavior If Sarah is compliant and (ero to minimal behaviors are seen) Sarah will be provided with choices when appropriate to provide her with a sense of control# Classroom Management This will be a 1:1 interaction of a replacement behavior with teacher and student


Name: Daphnie Peterson !"tended #earning/Re$teaching:

Date: 11/12/13


Grade: 2

If negative or problem behaviors are continuing# Teacher will re- direct Sarah to what is accepted and begins the lesson over again# This re-teaching techni!ue will continue until goal is reached#

Antici%ator& 'et ()W#/ What I *now+
Student understands that her negative behaviors allow her to get out of work Student use of a visual schedule is alread in place#

* conse!uence → +raise- use of reward for wanted behavior − conse!uence → ,e-direct) ignore and"or personal space

Reflection: Who didn’t meet the objective? What would I change? ow did I differentiate?