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Daphnie Peterson 12/3/13 Literacy Vocab lesson

To be used by the teacher candidate after the observation and post conference. Directions: Reflect upon the overall lesson. Think about the student engagement, the content of the lesson itself, the materials, your preparation, the timing, student behavior and the learning outcomes. Write a summary of your conclusions.

What went well? What were your areas of strength?

I felt that my overall lesson went very well. The students were engaged and were at some sense of comfort since we reviewed what they had already learned. I felt my introduction of present tense verbs was good and easy to follow. I then used a worksheet from the same workbook the students had been using all semester. I gave them time to work through the sheet and then I assessed their understanding by going over the sheet as a class. After the lesson we concluded by doing a couple of mad lids. This I felt was awesome since the class didn’t get up and leave when their lunch bell rang. Instead they choose to stay and finish the activity.
What are some areas for improving student learning (materials, pacing, learning styles, etc.)?

I would have liked to have additional time in which to present my lesson. There was more that I would have done to review their previous learning on verbs, nouns, plural nouns, adjectives etc..
What will you do differently next time?

The other thing I would have done was give the students each a blank list of what was going to be asked on the mad lib. It would have improved the overall flow of the activity. In addition I should have printed up the mad lib instead of trying to read it from my phone. This was difficult to do, but was still a success.
What are some areas for growth which you will target for development between now and your next lesson?

My next lesson is directly after this one; however, if I had time in between the two I think I would ask to have more time. More time to be engaged and more time to enjoy what was going on in the classroom. It would help my nerves and then I would be able to focus more on my language and demeanor. Overall I felt this lesson went well.