Johnson Baby Oil

Johnson Baby Oil

7 C’s of Communication

1-: Completeness
 The necessary information is carried in the advertisement.  The product shows its importance for a child.

2-: Conciseness
 The message is conveyed within a short span.  The ad relevantly expresses itself in 35 seconds.

3-: Consideration
 It keeps in mind the target group.  It targets the affection of mothers towards there child.

 It uses specific facts along with word carrying images.  It shows the utility of vitamin-D.

5-: Clarity
 The message conveyed is very clear.  It highlights the usefulness of product for a child.

6-: Courtesy
 It shows awareness for not only of the perspective of others but also there feelings.  It shows the emotions of mother towards her child.

7-: Correctness
 The accuracy of fact is also present in the advertisement.  It shows that the product is enriched in vitamin-D.

 Therefore we can say that the presented advertisement is well equipped with the 7 C’s of Communication.


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