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A Lesson Plan in English

Grade 8 Time Frame: 3 days I. Objectives At the end of the topic, the students are expected to: A. determine the similarities and differences of Thailand and Philippines in terms of customs, traditions, and beliefs; B. identify the meaning of words through visual context; C. formulate responses to the given questions; and D. show understanding and appreciation towards their customs, traditions and beliefs. II. Subject Matter A. Topic: Tracing Our Roots B. Materials: pictures, manila paper, reading selection C. Reference: Learning Module for English 8 D. Values: appreciation and respect III. Procedure A. Introduction about Thailand The teacher will give a short introduction about Thailand. B. Presentation of pictures of Thailands landmarks/ attractions. The teacher will ask some questions in relation to the presented photos. The students will formulate responses to the given questions. Then, the teacher will explain how those photos define the culture of Thailand. C. Discussion about the customs, traditions and beliefs of the Philippines and Thailand. The teacher will present and explain the similarities and differences of Thailand and Philippines in terms of their customs, traditions, and beliefs.

D. Vocabulary Building Before presenting a reading selection, the teacher will show another set of pictures (attractions of Thailand), set of words, and meanings. The students will work on the vocabulary by matching the words and meanings that describe the given pictures. E. Discussion about the reading selection entitled Sawatdee Hello, Beautiful Bangkok by Ethel Soliven- Timbol F. Activities and Drills 1. Reporting The teacher will divide the class into two groups. Each group will have their own task in relation to the topic. Group 1. Culture of Thailand Group 2. Culture of Philippines 2. Reporting Task: The students will find out what Filipino culture, traditions and beliefs are practiced by Thais as depicted in the selection G. Generalization The teacher will ask some questions about the lesson being discussed and elaborate how each culture of both countries are being valued and appreciated. IV. Evaluation Answer the following questions: 1. In terms of customs, traditions and belief, give examples where Philippines and Thailand are similar. (Write as many as you can.) 2. In the given reading selection, what can you say about the different landmarks in Thailand being described by the author?

V. Assignment In a bond paper, draw an interesting customs, traditions, or even landmarks that can be found in Thailand. Explain your drawing in five sentences.