ENKI SPEAKS (PART 1 OF 6) Ancient Astronauts From The Planet Nibiru Engineer s Earthlings to Sla!

e" b# Sasha $essin% Ph& '& sashalessin(h)* aol&com +ase) on ,echaria Sitchin-s .//. e(ic The $ost +oo0 o1 En0i2 3emoirs an) Pro(hecies o1 an E4traterrestrial 5o) Prologue "At the end of days a day of judgment there shall be.The earth shall quake and the rivers change course,and there shall be a darkness at noon and a fire in the heavens in the night, the day of the returning celestial god [Nibiru, the far-orbiting !th "lanet of our solar system# $ill it be. "And $ho shall survive and $ho shall "erish, $ho shall be re$arded and $ho $ill be "unished,gods [astronauts from Nibiru# and men alike, on that day it shall be discovered% "&or $hat shall come to "ass by $hat had "assed shall be determined% and $hat $as destined shall in a cycle be re"eated, and $hat $as fated and only by the heart's $ill occurring for good or ill shall for judgment come. "The record read, the "ast remembered, the future as "ro"hesy understand, let the future of the "ast the judgment be(' These are the $ords of )nki, &irstborn of Anu of Nibiru" &rom The *ost +ook of )nki, -emoirs and .ro"hecies of an )/traterrestrial 0od, by 1echaria 2itchin 3r. 2asha 4Ale/5 *essin 4a 67*A Anthro"ology .h.3.5, guides you though 1echaria 2itchin's revolutionary "roofs 4and their im"lications for us5 of the history of our solar system and on )arth from 8!!,!!! years ago until 9!9: +.7.. 2itchin archeologically documents events, from the atmos"heric crisis on Nibiru, the solar system's far-orbiting tenth "lanet "ro"elled the noble )nki and ;!! miners and :!! shuttle cre$men to )arth <<8,!!! years ago for gold for Nibiru's atmos"heric shield. :!!,!!! years ago, )nki res"onded to a mutiny in the goldmines by genetically altering homo erectus, a local "rimate, into )arthlings-- =omo Neanderthalensis and =omo 2a"iens-- to tend mines, cro"s and livestock of )arth's Nibiran colonists. >n 2umer 4>raq5 after the universal deluge, Nibirans *ords taught )arthlings astronomy, math, agriculture, herding, $riting, massive architecture, geological information about "lanets and moons--to better serve. )arthlings obeyed the *ords% e/cess earthlings esca"ed into the hinterlands, a$ay from the $ars *ords fought $ith )arthling soldiers, >n 9!9: +.7. these $ars clima/ed in thermonuclear genocide of )arthlings in 7aanan and -eso"otamia. The fallout from the nuking "rom"ted the lords to scatter over or e/it )arth.

?ecords the lords left us include stone-carved star charts that ma" Ne"tune, 6ranus, .luto--three "lanets beyond eye-range from )arth. The ma"s sho$ rocket routes through our solar system. The ma"s sho$ accurate geogra"hical details of the entire )arth. The ma"s sho$ the landmass under the Antarctic icesheet. The *ords ma""ed Antarctic land after ,!!! +.7., $hen the sheet slid into the @cean, caused the 3eluge and dro$n most of their )arthlings. @ur science confims the Nibiran goldminers' scientific, athematic, astronomical accounts. >n our museums and hinterland caves earthlings have dra$n 2umerian rocketshi"s. -odern biology validates 2umerian engravings of )nki s"licing 3NA to create an )arthling $orker. @ur science still hasn't deci"hered ho$ the Nibirans moved giant rocks better than $e can to build their navigational landmarks--the 0iAa "yramids, monuments on our moon, -ars and on -ars' moon, .hoebos. Bith 2itchin's evidence $e free ourselves to create a ne$ "aradigm, a "aradigm unfettered by the"gods"ell". 0ods"ell is "hiloso"her Neal &reer's $ord for the yearning of )arthlings for the return of their *ords. @ur yearning for such "divine" lead created religions $hich mandate murder of millions for their "articular gods. And the gods, remember, are merely long-lived, technologically advanced humans $ith a $ide range of individual quirks and a hierarchic, largely "atriarchal, $arlike culture. They $ere, by and large, obsessed $ith genealogy and male su"eriority. -any *ords $ere "etty, murderous slavers, contem"tuous of )arthlings' consciousness. And genetically $e're half Nibiran. @ur other half, the =omo )rectus in us--the evolving hominid the Nibirans altered--resonates $ith 0aia, this "lanet. @ur 0aia as"ect coo"erates more than our Nibiran as"ect. Be kno$ and balance both $ithin us, $e break the gods"ell and become "eers rather than servants. T6E 7E$ESTIA$ +ATT$E2 NI+IR 3EETS SO$ARIS AN' TIA3AT (PROTO EART6) 2i/ thousand years ago, astronautC"ioneers from the "lanet Nibiru dictated )numa elish--the 7reation )"ic--to the 2umerians. The 2umerians $rote on clay tablets $hat the Nibirans told them about ho$ our solar system formed [2itchin, 1., 0enesis ?evisited, "age !D#. The 7reation )"ic says 2olaris, our 2un, then a solitary star, first created a "lanet the Nibirans called Tiamat. Tiamat $as the "roto-)arth. >t orbited 2olaris counterclock$ise. Ne/t, 2olaris, called A"su, created -ercury and "ro"elled -ercury $ith $ater and gold to Tiamat. .lanet-"airs formed, Eenus $ith -ars, Fu"iter $ith 2aturn, 6ranus $ith Ne"tune. These "lanetary "artners, say the )numa elish, orbited the 2un counterclock$ise, the same direction Tiamat follo$ed. Tiamat lacked a "artner-"lanet, but one of her moons, Gingu, enlarged. Gingu "re"ared to "artner $ith Tiamat. Then Gingu could orbit the 2un, rather than Tiamat. +ut, four billion years ago, before Gingu could attain "lanetary orbit around 2olaris, some <.; billion years ago Nibiru invaded the 2olar 2ystem clock$ise.

The gravitational "ull of Nibiru tore a "iece of Ne"tune into s"ace. That's ho$ Nibiru created Ne"tune's moon, Triton. Triton, unlike other moons in the inner 2olar 2ystem, orbits its "lanet clock$ise. As Nibiru "ierced the 2ystem, it lost three moons. +ut Nibiru gained four. Nibiru ri""ed four moons from 6ranus. Not only that, but the invader tilted "oor 6ranus' orbit. Nibiru slung 0aga, 2aturn's largest moon, into clock$ise orbit 4bet$een Ne"tune and 6ranus5. Be call 0aga .luto. @ne of Nibiru's moons slammed into Tiamat end gouged out huge chunks. These chunks of Tiamat careened into s"ace. The huge gouge in Tiamat $here Nibiru's moon hit is no$ the .acific +asin. The chunks of Tiamat that e/"loded into s"ace are no$ asteroids and comets. Bhat's left of Tiamat is our "resent )arth. >n the .acific, $aters and life-seeds of Nibiru and Tiamat evolved together. Nibiru's gravity gri""ed and took $ith it all Tiamat's moons e/ce"t Gingu, the moon $hich, just before Gingu invaded, verged on creating its o$n orbit around 2olaris. +ut Nibiru's invasion left Gingu lifelessly orbiting )arth, rather than 2olaris. Tiamat's other moons became satellites of Nibiru. Nibiru stabiliAed into a clock$ise orbit 4equal to :,;!! orbits of )arth around the 2un5. 7orroborating )vidence, A s"acema" recorded by 2umerians for the Nibiran *ords sho$s the route to Nibiru to )arth. The route "asses bet$een Fu"iter and -ars. The stages of the route are arranged on ma" segments to guide a rocket that a""roached )arth at a <8 degree angle from )arth's ecli"tic. The ma" de"icts a s"aceshi" coming though va"or. [2itchin DHI, 0enesis ?evisited, "age H<# A 2umerian seal de"icts, long before 7o"ernicus, our solar system, including "lanets beyond unaided human eyesight. [Near )ast 2ection, 2tate -useum, )ast +erlin, de"icted in 2itchin, 1., DD!, 0enesis ?evisited, "age <# The 7reation )"ic "roves 2umerians kne$ and $rote of an advanced civiliAation- -Nibiran-on a "lanet--Nibiru- -that had been in a different solar system than that of )arth, around 2olaris. Nibiru, 2umerians $rote, orbited, according to the astronauts, around a "ulsar. The "ulsar $as the star that, before it colla"sed, $as the sun around $hich Nibiru had orbited. 2umerians, lacking even telesco"es, could only get such a conce"t from those $hose astronomical kno$ledge far e/ceeded their o$n.

The Niburan astronauts, the *ords, had their 2umerian scribes $rite--only lately confirmed by our scientists-- of the com"osition and movement of the astronomical bodies of 2olaris' system. The *ords told the 2umerians that there $as $ater on asteroids, comets, Ne"tune, 6ranus, Eenus, -ars, 2aturn, Fu"iter, also on the rings of 2aturn and 2aturn's and Fu"iter's moons as $ell. @ur astronomers recently confirmed $hat the *ords dictated. The 2umerian 7reation )"ic lends com"elling evidence for the e/traterrestrial settlement of )arth by Nibirans, the human astronauts $ho came to be regarded as the gods of )arth. JJJ -illennia "assed after Nibiru and the solar system stabiliAed around 2olaris. *ife on Nibiru evolved a technologically-so"histicated, long-lived =omo 2a"iens, the humans of Nibiru. The Nibirans fought disastrous nuclear $ars, then unified under a single, "lanet-$ide kingshi". PRIN7E A$A$ KI$$S NI+IR -S KIN5 $A63A The Nibirans fought disastrous nuclear $ars, then unified under a single, "lanet-$ide Gingshi". Ging *ahma, Ging of Nibiru 8!!,!!! years ago, confronted environmental disaster. Nibiru $as losing its atmos"here, critical to heat regulation and survival. Ging *ahma vacillated. 2hould he nuke the volcanoes to rene$ the atmos"hereK @r send miners to 2olaris' Asteroids, $here "robes sho$ed goldK =is scientists said they could "o$der and s"read gold to hold Nibiru's atmos"here. *ahma s"ent centuries "ondering o"tions $hile Nibiru's "recious o/ygen bled into s"ace. [2itchin, 1., The *ost +ook of )nki "ages :9 - ::# .rince Alalu, e/as"erated by *ahma's inaction and des"erate to save Nibiru, "ushed *ahma off a to$er. A$A$ 5I8ES 'A 56TER TO EA FOR FEA$T9 FRO3 AN *ahma's heir, Anu, agreed at first to Alalu's rule. Alalu and Anu sealed their alliance $hen Anu's firstborn son, )aC)nki 4$hose autobiogra"hy, com"iled by 2itchin, is the "rinci"al authority for our tale5, married 3amkina, Alalu's 3aughter. Anu had earlier denied )a his bride-to-be, Ninmah. Anu had decreed Ninmah, another of his children, betrothed to )a, $ho $as her half-brother. +ut Ninmah defied Anu and bore a child, Ninurta, to still another of Anu's royal children, her brother )nlil. Their father, Anu, angrily forbade Ninmah marriage to )a or anyone else ever. )nlil, im"regnating Ninmah, had denied )a his bride% this $as to be the first of an ongoing sequence of frustrations )a $as to suffer due to )nlil. Anu $ed son )a to 3amkina instead of Ninmah. Anu "ledged fealty to Alalu, becames Alalu's cu"bearer.

>n e/change Anu's son )a and Alalu's 3aughter 3amkina $ill begat the heir to the Nibiran Throne. [2itchin, 1., The Bars of 0ods and -en, DI8, "age I<# Anu, married )a and 3amkina and "roclaimed his fealty to Alalu. The first male born of )a and 3amkina $ould rule of Nibiru. bringing together the descent lines of both grandfathers, Alalu and Anu. )a and 3amkina did indeed have a boy% his name, 3ar)u0. A$A$ % 'EPOSE' +9 AN % N KES TO EART6% FIN'S 5O$'% T6REATENS NI+IR Ging Alalu nuked the volcanoes, but this failed to re-establish Nibiru's atmos"here. =e also failed to get gold for an atmos"heric shield from the Asteroids% en route, the rocket of goldminers he sent crashed $ithout survivors. &or nine more Nibiran years 4nine orbits of Nibiru around 2olaris L :9,<!! )arth years5, Alalu's rule failed to sto" Nibiru's air loss. Anu, rightful king, he said, by Nibiran tradition, raged at Alalu's failure to "rotect and re"lenish Nibiru's atmos"here. =e challenged Alalu. "Anu gave battle to Alalu. To hand-to-hand combat, $ith bodies naked, Alalu he challenged. Alalu in combat $as defeated% by acclaim Anu $as hailed as king." [2itchin, 1., The *ost +ook of )nki "ages 9< - :D# Alalu stole a rocketshi" loaded $ith nuclear missiles his men had used in their failed attem"t to stimulate Nibiru's volcanoes to regenerate an atmos"heric shield for the "lanet. Alalu launched the stolen rocket for )arth. =e blasted his $ay through the stones of the Asteroid +elt, nuking them from his "ath $ith some of the missiles. =e landed in the .ersian 0ulf, anchored his rocket, and made his $ay to shore. Alalu confirmed gold in the 0ulf. &rom )arth, he controlled the gold Nibiru needed to survive. The gold gave him "o$er over the home "lanet. >n addition, Alalu "ositioned his nukes to blast Nibiru on its ne/t "ass by )arth. Alalu thus dangled gold as a carrot and menaced missiles as a stick. "The 2"eaker-of-Bords he stirred u"% to$ard Nibiru the $ords to carry." To Anu on Nibiru he beamed," "@n another $orld > am, the gold of salvation > have found. The fate of Nibiru is in my hands. To my conditions you must give heed( ?eturn my throne" [2itchin, The *ost +ook of )nki "age ;!# +ack on Nibiru, the 7ouncil heard Alalu's demands. )nlil, Ging Anu's &oremost 2on, beamed Alalu back, .rove there's am"le gold on )arth. Alalu transmitted his data to Nibiru. )nlil im"ugned Alalu's data. )nlil and the 7ouncil begged Anu to resist Alalu's attem"t to regain rule.

$ho'd $anted the )arth mission. Thus all in the 7ouncil listened intently to )a address the threat and "romise Alalu offered them. a "ath through the +racelet [Asteroids# $ith $ater. $as second in succession to Anu's throne. but it had an atmos"here too. $as Anu's half-sister. $ith $ater from his shi". said )a. a shield for Nibiru its atmos"here to save. Antu. from the $aters let me the "recious gold to obtain% to Nibiru back it $ill be sent. their "ro"ulsion system $ould fail. not )a. )a "ro"osed that he. EA +$ASTS TO EART6 :IT6 :ATER )a rocketed from Nibiru to$ard )arth. )a. )nlil. 2o )a and AnAu landed on -ars.NI+IRAN 7O N7I$ SEN'S EA% NOT EN$I$ TO EART6 The scientist )a. As Alalu's son-in-la$ as $ell as Anu's &irstborn.cit." $hich means they needed ")agle's helmets to breathe" [Tellinger. . the &oremost 2on. Bater from -ars could save them. )a thus "re-em"ted the heroic mission to )arth.# Ging Anu endorsed )a's "lan and sent him $ith Alalu's kinsman. let Alalu )arth rule as Ging. ?emember )a. . The *ost +ook of )nki o". >f they didn't re"lenish their $ater su""ly. Asteroid-+elt rocks in his "ath. verify gold on )arth. [2umerian records on clay tablets unambiguously indicate $ater on -ars 4long before T$enty-&irst 7entury scientists documented $ater's "resence there5#. 9!!9. addressed the 7ouncil. Anu's &oremost 2on by Nibiru succession rules. 2lave 2"ecies of god. seethed $hile )a and AnAu rocketed through s"ace to their meeting $ith Alalu on )arth. though Anu's &irstborn 2on. $as king Anu's legal successor. Anu's ?oyal 2"ouse. Not only did -ars have $ater.. married 3amkina. they dre$ $ater from a lake. )nlil. =e shot. "ilot AnAu. though only &irstbornMnot &oremost--2on. "The $ater $as good for drinking but the air $as insufficient for breathing. 1. )nlil $as first in succession because his mother. This made )nlil. and fifty male astronauts to )arth. in "erson.. "age <:9# @n -ars..ilot AnAu $arned that they'd de"leted their $ater. @n )arth. Alalu's 3aughter. [2itchin. &irstborn 2on of Anu. *et me in a chariot [rocket# to )arth journey. let him $restle Anu. >f from gold dust of )arth. not fire [Alalu used nuclear missiles to get through the Asteroids# > shall fashion. . "age. -. )a could mediate bet$een Anu and Alalu. &or kingshi" on Nibiru.

&rom 0ulf $aters. ?e"laced as inter"lanetary "ilot you are AnAu. This rocket you cannot $ith your attitude "ilot. they re"orted. 9!!. sa$ no missiles $hen he came to ready Alalu's rocket to return to Nibiru. to sky$ard launch it $as hauled a$ay. fle$ all over the "lanet searching for more gold. )a blasted for )arth.. Anu beamed )arth. equal to :. The *ost +ook of )nki. send us Alalu's shi" $ith all gold you gathered. 9!!9. Nibiran scientists "o$dered the gold into fine dust and e/"erimented $ith it% they could use it. A+5A$ 6I'E A$A$ -S N KES IN AFRI7A 2o )a and Abgal entered Alalu's s"acecraft. $ho "ilots my craft. &ores$orn is the $ea"ons' use. AnAu. to dis"erse as contrails in the air and shield Nibiru's atmos"here. EA . by crystals' beams $as it dis"ersed. Abgal. [Tellinger. A 2har [one orbit of Nibiru around the 2un.?ocket's $ater re"lenished. "age I9#. only $ater cannon did $e use to blast through the Asteroids. $ill return Alalu's shi" to Nibiru $hile here on )arth $ith your kinsman Alalu you. )arth's gravity gri""ed the rocket and s"ed it too fast for a dry landing. =e built a "lane.. EA FIRES PI$OT AN. Bith rockets $as the dust heaven$ard carried. a 2har did the testing continue. nearly killing our engine due to $ater $asted blasting rocks. .ersian 0ulf. near modern +asara. )a retorted.ersian 0ulf. at the head of the .!! )arth years% Nibirans live so long they seem immortal by our standards# did the fashioning last. 1. $ho rocketed sam"le gold back to Nibiru to test as an atmos"heric shield. nuclear missiles you took from this shi" are needed. )ridu. they s"lashed into the . "its gold Nibiru's fate for salvation or doom containing. must remain. -. >n it they found seven nuclear missiles. they said. he e/tracted some gold. 1. )a "rogrammed a return route through the Asteroids for Abgal. And $ith $ater cannon only shall Abgal navigate the asteroids. Alalu guided them ashore. Bhen to )arth $e fle$. @n Nibiru. The *ost +ook of )nki "age H # "The chariot must be slo$ed or in )arth' thick atmos"here it $ill "erish" AnAu the "ilot to )a said. [2itchin. )a built a settlement. AnAu confronted )a.. They circled )arth a fe$ times to slo$ the shi".!!! years ago. "age <<:# 2o. Then they entered the atmos"here and hurtled to$ard "lanetfall.. scientists "rocessed the gold "to make of it the finest dust. They hid the nukes in a cave in the African 0reat *akes area. 2lave 2"ecies of god." [2itchin.. To return to Nibiru. the inter"lanetary "ilot. 0et more gold quick. and $ith his "ersonal "ilot. % APPOINTS A+5A$ STARS6IP 7APTAIN AnAu. Abgal. <<:.

" [2itchin. be your &irstborn son. To )arth > order you. more settlements to establish. huge veins of it. "ros"ecting for gold. in southeast Africa 4AbAu5. )nlil made landfall on )arth and e/amined )a's find. one lot $ould besto$ rule over Nibiru% another lot $ould give its holder rule of )arth and control the . . )arth "robably had gold enough to save Nibiru's atmos"here. though. not just of gold. Fubilant. unha""y $ith )nlil's com"laints about )a. he announced his find to Nibiru. "age I. AN % EN$I$ . Anu fle$ to )arth and dre$ lots $ith )a and )nlil. angry still that brother )a led the )arth -ission. des"ite his initial doubts. he said. that >. )nlil beamed from )arth to Nibiru. )nlil beamed back to Nibiru that. Ging Anu and )nlil received )a's ne$s of vast veins of gold. &alse ho"e. 1. $ho claims rule here over Nibiru too. said Anu. your son by your o$n half-sister Antu. to be *ord of 7ommand.. 7ome. but of lots of gold. Bhen he got to )arth. your eldest son. )nlil. At the dra$ing Anu decreed. the leader to be.ersian 0ulf's yield. Abgal learned )a'd e/tracted little gold. +ut the basic rivalry bet$een )a and )nlil 4that "lagues )arth to this day5 surfaced again.# Ging Anu sent Abgal back to )arth for more gold. the breach to bigness returned. the golden dust $as by its rays disturbed% the healing in the atmos"here $as d$indled. Then )a found gold. The Ging. Take charge there and the sco"e of )a's gold find assess. )nlil. @f all the lands until they the bar of the seas encounter.."[+ut# $hen Nibiru near the 2un came. 2o. he. )a again sent Abgal to Nibiru $ith the . of the skyshi"s and their heroes charge to take. "recede and have authority over )a. to )arth in "erson and deal $ith Alalu. demanded "roof. !!! years ago. )nlil im"lored. )a fle$ over Africa. EA 'RA: FOR NI+IR % EART6% SEAS . < . its ruler on the throne to remain. gave )nlil the order he $anted. by the *a$ of 2uccession. )a gave already that gold enough could from )arth's $aters could Nibiru's atmos"here save. +ack on Nibiru. +y their lots the tasks they divided% Anu to Nibiru to return. 3ININ5 &ather Anu. affirm. Bater e/traction yielded "itifully little. The *ost +ook of )nki. "The )din [-eso"otamia# to )nlil $as allotted.ersian 0ulf headquarters% the last lot $ould give res"onsibility for African mining o"erations and sea trans"ort. too.

"age D:# Anu $restled Alalu. 1. "ages D9 -D:# )nlil's first act $as to a$ard )nki his initial settlement.. The *ost +ook of )nki. The Bars of 0ods and -en. "$ill slo$ly die from my seed. 1.ersian 0ulf. "&or$ard to$ard Anu Alalu ste""ed. =e ordered continuous freight rockets to and from )arth. "age I. "There $as a""arently something in the "flesh" of others that killed anyone $ho consumed it. [2itchin..'" [2itchin. "s$iftly he the manhood of Anu bit off. NIN3A6% ENRO TE TO EART6% SA8ES AN.'" +ut $hen Anu lifted his foot from Alalu." [Tellinger. AN 'EFEATS A$A$ % +ANIS6ES 6I3 TO 3ARS :IT6 AN.. )arth's -oon. The *ost +ook of )nki. ON 3ARS% STARTS 3ARS+ASE Bhen Ging Anu got back on Nibiru . N -astery of )arth to me $as allotted% that $as the "romise $hen the gold finds to Nibiru > announced( Nor have > the claim to Nibiru's throne forsaken. )ridu. then. the malehood of Anu Alalu did s$allo$. N> am Ging. The Bars of 0ods and -en."To )a the seas and the oceans as his domain $ere granted. in "er"etuity.. Anu also left Alalu's kinsman.. shouted. he told the 7ouncil his "lans to hunt throughout the solar system. other "lanets and satellites bet$een Nibiru and the 2un. on his $ay back to Nibiru. -. $here he freed the dying Alalu $ith food and tools." [2itchin."J Anu condemned the sickened and doomed Alalu to suffer his last days on -ars.to tend Alalu's last days.. The Nibirans kne$ Alalu $ould die soon from biting Anu's "enis. . in the AbAu [southeastern Africa# to be the master. sto""ed on -ars. "Alalu.. AnAu--the inter"lanetary "ilot )a had discharged-.# "Anu on the chest of Alalu $ith his foot "ressed do$n. 2lave 2"ecies of god. =e said rockets $ould huttle among $ay-stations on -ars. "age <:I# 2o Anu. on the . They gra""led. "age D<# )nlil tied Alalu u" $hile )a gave Anu first-aid. $ith ingenuity the gold to "rocure." Anu groaned..(" [2itchin. lands beyond the bar of the $aters by him to be governed. victory in the $restling thereby declaring. 9!!. No sooner did Anu and his sons divide rule of Nibiru and )arth..

They attacked )nlil and his "eo"le on )arth. Gumarbi's son by one of the female astronauts. AdadCTeshub incited Gumarbi. $hen she learned )nlil's sons o""osed )nki's mission. )nlil's younger son." [2itchin. 2eventy of )nlil's men fle$ aircraft against Gumarbi and the >gigi. rallied the >gigi again. Gumarbi bit Anu's "enis. Anu took Gumarbi to )arth to $atch him. [2itchin. )nlilite cham"ions Ninurta and Adad defeated 6llikumi and the astronauts. 2to" on the $ay. "The image of Alalu u"on the great rock mountain [7yndonia# $ith beams they carved. >t $as too late for the condemned Alalu. for mediation. )a took Gumarbi in a rocket for Nibiru to "lead $ith *ama. :I!. +ut on )arth. Anu then forced Gumarbi to s$allo$ "oisonous stones but Gumarbi managed to s"it them out. They sho$ed him $earing an eagle's helmet% his face they made uncovered.!! years ago. >n the =ittite version. he said. give him men to start a base there. Ninmah and AnAu. +ut *ama. sent "lightening $inds" against )a's s"acecraft and forced him and Gumbari back to )arth. Anu a""ointed Alalu's grandson Gumarbi his cu"bearer 4as Alalu had a""ointed Anu to be his cu"bearer5.Ging Anu sent his daughter Ninmah $ith female health officers to )arth. 1. Gumbari returned to -ars +ase and agitated among the >gigi 4astronauts5. @n -ars Ninmah found Alalu and AnAu dead. Ninmah gave AnAu t$enty of the astronauts from her com"any and ordered him to build the first $ay station for the gold freighters. They defeated Gumarbi but 6llikumi. >ndiraCErita and TitanC1eus are based on the AnAuCNinurta and Adad tale the Nibirans dictated to the 2umerians. "age !<#. +efore she left -ars for )arth. Gumarbi visited )aC)nki. 1.. his sister's husband on )arth.! # . [>n the later =ittite version of this tale. "ages D . DI8. To commemorate Alalu $ho discovered the gold that can save Nibiru. the ancestress of both Alalu's and Anu's lines. 6llikumi 4&illing the role of AnAu in the 2umerian account5 led the >gigi as they attacked the "$hirlbirds" of the )nlilites. The*ost +ook of )nki.. Adad bragged ho$ he and big brother Ninurta $ould get "rivileges of kno$ledge and "o$er Gumarbi $ouldn't. but Ninmah revived AnAu. The Bars of 0ods and -en. >f AnAu lives. at -ars. 2itchin identifies the battles bet$een Alalu and his descendants the basis for later >ndian tales of the battles >ndira vs Erita fight even later 0reek tales of the Titans vs 0ods Bar.

. ")nlil by Antu. Ninurta. "ages 9. full of $isdom.rincess Ninmah rocketed her com"any of female health officers from Nibiru first to -ars 4$here she left AnAu to start a gold-transfer station5 then to )arth. thereby their offs"ring son the legal successor thereafter to become. an heir to them $as born. Be left her on -ars. 7ommander of the )arth "roject. the head of the .... one quick to learn.. $as enamored% by him she $as seduced. =e reveals his "erce"tion of his rival. -arduk.. his sister Ninmah. the s"ouse of Anu. a half sister of the t$o half brothers she $as. by different mothers. to this day. The *ost +ook of )nki."5 "A son from )nlil's seed Ninmah bore. dashing commander. at )ridu..-to )arth from Nibiru. 4The rivalry bet$een )a and )nlil--the critical com"etition that affects )arth.. sho$s here.. 7ommander )nlil fle$ his sister Ninmah to his home in *ebanon so she could "lant seeds she'd brought. 9!!9. Ninmah of )nlil." [2itchin..EA% NIN3A6 . 3es"ite these "romises and intense courting.. "ages 9. 9!!9. $as born% the *egal =eir he thus became. 7hief -edical @fficer for the )arth -ission. )nlil failed to seduce Ninmah. their brother )nlil. ")nki and )nlil and Ninmah. )nlil also "ledged to build a health sciences center in -eso"otamia for Ninmah's health officers. as )nki $as then named. )nlil "romised Ninmah he'd send their son together--Ninurta. by Anu to es"ouse Ninmah $as chosen. as )a refers to the se/ual connection bet$een his fiancO Ninmah and their halfbrother. The *ost +ook of )nki. . as "seduction.ersian 0ulf.:# Be return from our genealogical segue to Ninmah's journey to )arth.. &rom )ridu..0reatly beautiful she $as.:# )a dictates to his scribe. "Ninmah by another concubine $as mothered. 7ommander )nlil... ")a. ")nki $as the &irstborn 2on% a concubine of Anu's $as his mother.. 2he said the seeds $ould gro$ into "lants that bare a fruit from $hich a "eu"horic eli/er" could be made. EN$I$ )a tells us ho$ he sees his love. 1. "" [2itchin. Anu angered% as "unishment he Ninmah ever to be a s"ouse forbade( )a his bride-to-be by Anu's decree abandoned% a "rincess named 3amkina [Alalu's daughter# he instead es"oused% a son.@ffs"ring of Anu the three leaders $ere. . 1.

" +ut ">nto her $omb his semen he did not "our. Abgal told )nlil. in $hat The 2even had decreed must be "a *and of No ?eturn". &or your deed judgement you shall face.lace [*ebanon#% Abgal $as his "ilot. 2ud's $omb s$elled from )nlil's ra"e.. "Take the $ea"ons into your "ossession. )nlil mooned about his gardens at the *anding .. 1. =is semen into her $omb he "oured. his old "atron and aligned $ith )nlil against )nki. bathing in his stream $ith other young $omen from the medical team. . )nki and the tribunal asked 2ud if she'd marry )nlil if she $ere his official s"ouse. "@nce inside. The *ost +ook of )nki. as a "erfect "lace to "lant her seeds.. " EN$I$ +ANIS6E' FOR RAPE ">n the "resence of fifty Anunnaki. =e $atched 2ud. she remained se/ually aloof from )nlil. The *ost +ook of )nki... The *ost +ook of )nki.<# Abgal.latform. 6n$illing $as the lass. )nlil drank too% to her )nlil of intercourse $as s"eaking. )nlil invited 2ud to get high on eli/ir made from seeds Ninmah brought from Nibiru and "lanted in his garden. A+5A$ +ETRA9S ENKI% S6O:S EN$I$ A$A$ -S N KES Abgal fle$ )nlil to e/ile in Africa.. *et )nlil from all cities be banished. @n )nlil a "unishment decreed. +y her loins he grabbed her. 2o did Ninmah to )nlil in anger say. Abgal told )nlil he'd chosen )nlil's banishment site near the missiles so )nlil could regain rule of )arth. $ith the $ea"ons your freedom obtain("[2itchin.. 1. 2ud's commander. Ninmah's gorgeous Assistant =ealth @fficer there. *et him e/iled be. =urt $hen Ninmah's rejected him se/ually. )nlil embraced her. my beloved(' )nlil to her $his"ered. >n a skychamber they made )nlil leave the *anding . 2even Bho Fudge $ere assembled. )nlil could intimidate all rivals $ith the missiles )nki believed securely hidden. "To Ninmah. had hel"ed )nki hide Alalu's nuclear missiles. '@h my sister. the immoral deed $as re"orted. "age !I# Though he "romised her a healing city and said he'd bring their son Ninurta to )arth. "ages <# -ean$hile. remember. )nlil." [2itchin. immoral one.)nlil laughed and embraced her." [2itchin. Abgal sho$ed )nlil the cave $here he'd hel"ed )nki hide the nukes. 2he agreed to $ed )nlil only if she $ere his ?oyal Bife..)nlil lured Ninmah into his air"lane and fle$ her to his house "by the 7edar &orest" [*ebanon#. $ith fervor he kissed Ninmah. kissed her. +ut in Africa. "ages 9. Abgal thus secretly betrayed )aC)nki. 1. "2ud drank.

NIN3A6 +REE' 5IR$S TI$$ S6E 7 RSES 6I3 Ninmah s"urned 7ommander )nlil.2o the tribunal and even Ninmah "ardoned )nlil and he and 2ud married.o$erful grou"s of "atrilineally 4through-men5 .# EN$I$ . )nlil returned to *ebanon and his command of the Nibirans on )arth $ithout disclosing his kno$ledge of the missles' locale in Africa. '0ive me a son. The first son of 3amkina and )a $as -arduk. the first Nibiran ?oyal born on )arth." >n Africa. Bhen Ninmah sto""ed )nki from im"regnating her again.. ")nki to her $ords of loving s"oke. another daughter. MARDUK. immediately. then. 3amkina 4Ninki5. she caused his "hallus to $ater. her former fiancee. Bith them. 'Pou are still my beloved' to her he said.. The *ost +ook of )nki. 2o -arduk. he kissed her. . your adoration of )nlil abandon. To the )din Ninmah returned.-N)?0A*. +ut Anu de"osed and condemned Alalu. N>N0>2=1>33AC T=@T= and 36-61>--and their "rogeny. 1." [2itchin.' he cried. -arduk.)nlil consented. -arduk 4Anu and Alalu agreed5 $ould one day reign as Ging of Nibiru. )nki sent to Nibiru for his $ife. recall. s$eet $ords he s"oke. "age +ut Ninmah bore )nki a daughter. 0>+>*. the son of )nki and 3amkina. 3amkina. ENKI +REE' 7O3PETIN5 $INEA5ES :IT6IN AN -S 7$AN )nki's *ineage. and $ith the children 3amkina bore him on )arth. 9!!9. =e embraced her. No$ she could e/"lore her relation $ith )nki.)nki told Ninmah. )nki and )nlil bred lineages.. Bhen Alalu seiAed the Nibiran Throne he besto$ed his daughter. Bhen he insisted on again im"regnating her. and their son. )nki his semen into the $omb of Ninmah "oured.related kin $ho com"eted for "o$er in @"eration 0old 3ust. "7ome $ith me in the AbAu [Africa# . )nki's eldest son.. $as su""osed to inherit the Nibiran throne." [The *ost +ook of )nki. on Anu's son )nkiC)a. 8# . $hatever food he ate $as "oison in his innards. ENKI . @n )arth.. "To distance himself from Nimmah's vulva )nki by raised arm s$ore% from her curse )nki $as freed. "Ninmah against )nki a curse uttered. $as grandson of Alalu.. sent )nki and )nki's siblings Ninmah and )nlil to )arth. caressing. 2ud reigned $ith )nlil% she $as given the title Ninti and bore NannarC2in. )nki built his clan---arduk's )arthborn half-brothers. "age .

the >gigi. kinsman to the de"osed and deceased Ging Alalu. Ging Anu beamed orders from Nibiru for AnAu to go to )nlil on )arth. )nki. Their sons together-. AnAu shut do$n vital services at headquarters 4Nibru-ki5 and cut communication bet$een )arth and Nibiru. "age H# The >gigi. AnAu forced )a's "ilot Abgal to take him to the s"ace"ort. AnAu sli""ed into the control room and stole the com"uter crystals that ran the s"ace"ort and the astronaut cities in -eso"otamia.!!! years ago. @n Nibiru. )nlil had built seven -ission 7enters in -eso"otamia. commanded :!! Nibirans on -ars +ase and in the shuttle service. )nlil bred his lineage on )arth $ith his $ife.ru. -ission 7ontrol% +adtibira. -ed 7enter. $here )nki's sea vessels brought it from Africa."ak. 9!!9. led by AnAu. 2o )nlil admitted AnAu to his chambers. The centers. "2lo$ly $as the breach in the heavens healing. )nlil believed he alone bossed the entire )arth o"eration% AnAu and the astronauts must obey. 2i""ar the 2"ace"ort% Ni""ur. NIN RTA 'EFEATS AN. @ur father. says to convince AnAu to kee" his men on the job. Ging Anu.. Alalu. -etalurgical 7enter% 2hurru"ak.NANNA?C2>N and >2=G6?CA3A3C T)2=6+-reinforced him and his eldest son. Ging Anu. )nlil's father. +ut $hen )nlil undressed and set do$n the key to his control room. ho$ever. The *ost +ook of )nki. rocketed gold from -eso"otamia. )nlil must. )nlil stalled. )nlil insisted he--not AnAu--gave orders to the Astronauts. scientists "o$dered the gold and seeded it into the air. AnAu landed at Ni""ur. There. said )nki. refining and trans"ort system to AnAu. No$ AnAu incited the >gigi. sho$ AnAu the entire mining o"eration so he'd understand $hy the >gigi must "ersevere. 1. AnAu. 2udCNinti. AnAu "urloined the key. more eli/ir from the fruit Ninmah gre$ and a rest facility on )arth. demanded )nlil grant them better $orking conditions.)nlil's *ineage. "ersuaded )nlil to e/"lain the gold mining. AnAu's men declared him Ging of )arth and -ars. ASTRONA T 7ORPS +y some <!!. 2hu. ." [2itchin. N>N6?TA 4)nlil's illicit child $ith Ninmah5 in their struggles $ith the )nkiites. Though Anu'd ordered him to sho$ his o"erations to AnAu. =is men. . had killed AnAu's kinsman. AnAu's men on -ars transferred the gold to s"aceshi"s bound for Nibiru. the Ging ordered. )nil's 7a"itol. not challenge him.

)arth's climate $armed dramatically... AnAu. to $hat's no$ 1imbab$e. in 0enesis ?evisited ["ages !H . ca"tured AnAu and retrieved the crystals. "a $ea"on $ith fifty killing heads." enforced )nlil's rule over the entire system of gold e/traction.!!! years ago. --"ledged to honor Ninurta as )nlil's successor on )arth. and trans"ortation to Nibiru. little eli/ir. his legal s"ouse5 directed AnAu's revolt. DI8. 3amkinaCNinki. To make sure Ninurta's obeyed.3 TIN9% 5RAFTS NI+IRAN .Ninurta 4)nlil and Ninmah's son5 shot AnAu do$n in an s"ectacular air battle. 1. )nlil therefore e/iled Nannar from 6r. -arduk. Ninurta then freed Abgal. NannarC2in. The Bars of 0ods and -en. "age DD# 2itchin. +efore. >n Africa. )nlil's son $ith 2ud. The Bars of 0ods and -en. after )nlil's son Ninurta defeated the >gigi and e/ecuted their leader.. DI8." [2itchin. "rocessing. "ages D8 . There. )nlil's *egal =eir 4)nlil's first son by 2udCNinti.# $rote that Nannar. intended the revolt as a challenge to his half-brother Ninurta 4)nlil's &irstborn5 for 7ommand of )arth. 1. to -ars take AnAu and there bury him that the >gigi see it is > alone they must obey or die as did AnAu. ho$ever. intimidate the Nibirans $orking the goldmines )nki $as su""osed to be su"ervising in Africa." [2itchin. >m"rove conditions and boost morale there but let them see the $ages of rebellion.. 6O3O ERE7T S 5ENES TO 3AKE PRI3ITI8E :ORKERS :!!. The 2even Bho Fudge--)aC)nki. asserted their authority $ithin the )nlil lineage and could no$. Ninurta $as )nlil's successor only on Nibiru% )nlil's successor on )arth had been Nannar. all the Nibiran leaders--including Nannar. -ardukC?a. Ninurta. DI8. )nlil gave him the >+ missile. ENKI RESPON'S TO 3INERS. Nannar. $ith his AnAu as his agent. "age !9# -arduk. sym"athiAed $ith the >gigi com"laint that made them revoltMno ?Q? facilities on )arth. )nki and his son NingshiAidda set u" a lab to study some of the s"ecies evolved on )arth in the four billion or so years since the $aters of )arth and Nibiru mi/ed. )nlil and Ninurta thus defeated the Astronauts. . )nlil ordered. [2itchin. Nonetheless. )nki left goldmines to &oreman )nnugi. $ith unmatched fire"o$er from the multi-headed missles. no$ )nlil's "&oremost Barrior. )nlilCPa$heh. The Bars of 0ods and -en.!9#. )nki $ent North. NinmahCNinharsag and Ninurta--ordered AnAu e/ecuted "$ith a killing ray. infrequent rotations back to Nibiru.

. "ages 9<# >nvite )nlil to the mines. "'*et us unnerve )nlil'. thereby a *ulu. The a"emen freed animals from )nki's tra"s. $ith tools as torches. The Ging also sym"athiAed $ith the miners. "*et us create a *ulu. The +eing that $e need. *et us "roclaim $ar. *et the 7ommander see ho$ miners suffer. +ack at the African goldmining center. a . Ninurta $anted better equi"ment for ne$ miners from Nibiru. "ages 9< . $ith hostilities let us gain relief. )nki believed =omo)rectus $ould. )nki secretly coached the miners to tra" 7ommander )nlil and mani"ulate him to acce"t a "lan he 4)nki5 had for the a"emen. Nusku.. the hardshi" to take over. our genes#.rimitive Borker shall be created(" [The *ost +ook of )nki. a "rimitive $orker. the s"ecies of the Nibirans. Ninurta and )nnugi heard miner-com"laints. Anu arrived in Africa and conducted an inquiry.mine. fire to their a/es they "ut. The miners follo$ed )nki's "lan. '@f the heavy $ork let him relieve us. All that $e have to do is "ut on it the mark of our essence [ie. )nlil sent Ninurta to investigate and )nki returned to the mines. At the mines. Bhen )nlil and his EiAier. let the +eing the toil of the Anunnaki [astronaut-"ioneers # carry on his back. it already e/ists.9H# ..=omo)rectus "articularly fascinated )nki and NingiAidda. +ut )nki had another solution." [The *ost +ook of )nki. in the e/cavations they $ere grumbling. +ut no miner revealed leaders or instigator. arrived. )nki suggested to Ninurta. miners com"lained that )nnugi $orked them too hard. '6nbearable is the toil. evolve into =omo 2a"iens 2a"iens.$orking heroes shouted. in a fe$ million years. but )nki sym"athiAed $ith the miners. they drastically reduced their shi"ments of gold to Ninurta in +adtibira. )nki told NingishAidda.." They held -ine +oss )nnugi hostage and. surrounded the house )nlil occu"ied. )nlil beamed Ging Anu to shuttle to )arth and e/ecute the miners' leaders and their instigator 4im"lying )nki5. =omo)rectus a"emen's intelligence and their com"assion for other animals dre$ )nki's interest. )nnugi radioed )nki.. The miners "$ere backbiting and lamenting.' To their tools they set fire. &irst.

Ging and the council ruled. The brother rivals.8# )nki and NingishAidda co"ulated $ith a"e$omen. "NingishAiddha. "ages :!#. DD!.lanetary Fourneys. beamed their dis"ute to Ging Anu and the 7ouncil on Nibiru. The Bars of 0ods and -en.rimitive Borker shall be created. [2itchin. )arthlings $e create... let Nibiru be aved. . 1. not slaves. )nki. Bhen $ith our life essence shall be combined. a ne$ s"ecies create $e shall not% the A"eman of )arth [=omo )rectus# is in his fashoning essence [genoty"e# as $e of Nibiru [=omo 2a"iens.//.. The *ost +ook of )nki. )nlil still "rotested. )ach brother had his say on $hether )nki's team should develo" hybrid $orkers. @ur commands $ill he understand. *et the +eing be fashioned( The 7ouncil decided.)nki sho$ed the a"emen to )nlil and Ninurta. 3on't create a NibiranCA"eman slave class here on )arth. their fashioning essence [3NA structure# has tested% akin to ours it is. 2a"iens# are. To clone hybrid beings is in The ?ules @f .lanet Fourneys forbidden. not slaves. shall hel"ers. tools are slaves. 1. )nki should make machines.. my son.. o1 6) 2 NI+IRAN ASTRONA TS +RE' S% <//%/// 9EARS A5O% TO S$A8E Sasha $essin% Ph&'& PART . )nki res"onded..&orsake The ?ules of . "@n our "lanet [Nibiru#. the toil in the e/cavations he shall "erform."[2itchin. o1 6 sashalessin(h)* aol&com base) on . "0old must be obtained. Ninmah and NingishAiddha. e(ic The $ost +oo0o1 En0i2 3emoirs an) Pro(hecies o1 an E4traterrestrial5o) ENKI% NIN5IS6.I''A . NIN3A6 7REATE SER8ANT SPE7IES )nlil objected to )nki's "lan. our mark u"on them shall be. DI8. @ur ancestor the A"eman is% into us he evolves. s"eed him but some millions of years to $hat has only al$ays been his destiny. )nki and )nlil. @ur tools he $ill handle. like t$o ser"ents it is ent$ined. 9!!9. Ninurta added that to get gold better." [2itchin. a . Bhen no "regnancies follo$ed. 0enesis ?evisited. be.< . slavery has long ago been abolished. )nki and NingishAidda collected their o$n seed and used it to fertiliAe a"e$oman ova and create Aygotes in test tubes. 1. to the Anunnaki in the AbuAu [Africa# relief shall come. +ut this Aygote develo"ed into a hybrid )arthling $ho . not other beings. "ages :9#. hand de/terity or internal functioning. They surgically im"lanted the Aygotes in a"e$omen. +ut the hybrid babies born of the a"e$omen lacked vision.. 1. DI8. Ninmah overcame some of the deficiencies $hen she added co""er and clay of )arth to the vessels for the ne/t Aygote.echaria Sitchin-s .-The research team---created many combinations of a"eman and other creatures 4de"icted by our ancients as hybrids such as centaurs5 in their lab in Africa.." [2itchin. )nki re"ied. The Bars of 0ods and -en. "age :!# ENKI SPEAKS (Part . )nlil reminded )nki. 2"eed A"eman shall $e.

the "rototy"e for the "rimitive $orker. )nki's s"ouse. to see if the baby Ninmah bore could s"eak. 9!!9. "To a male child Ninmah birth $as giving. The *ost +ook of )nki "age :D# @nce she had Adamu. by )nki's account. "re"ared the Aygotes. '*et this a 2ign of *ife be% that &lesh and 2oul have combined let it forever "roclaim. NingishiAidda cloned Ti-Amat's essence into seven test-tube Aygotes. '*et the )arthling from us Anunnaki by this foreskin be distinguished. 1.. 9!!9. The Bars of 0ods and -en. unlike that of Anunnaki malehood it $as.. "age < # The birth heroines delivered. 1. DI8.' >n the $ombs of the birth-giving heroines the fertiliAed ovals $ere inserted." [2itchin. '>n this clay's admi/ture. =e "lanted this Aygote in Ninki. Ninmah and NingishAidda. the Aygotes. # 69+RI'% N$IKE NI+IRAN ON$9 +9 FORESKIN% 7ONE' The baby. a sandy-blonde. 1. =e "lanted them in the same -ed 7or"$omen $ho'd borne the hybrid males. by caesarian. the oval of an )arth female $ith Anunnaki male essence they "ut together. seven little clones of Adamu. =is "enis differed from that of a Nibiran baby. 1. 2he and her volunteers "ledged unity $ith the )arthlings they'd create. ' 2o $as )nki saying. Ninmah ovals of the t$o-legged females "laced. by a skin $as its fore"art surrounded. "=e handed the ne$born to Ninmah.." [2itchin.0enesis ?evisited. "They looked at its malehood% odd $as its sha"e. [2itchin." [2itchin. "ages :I . . seven male hybrids. one dro" in each vessel to the admi/ture she added. There $as conce"tion.:D#. [@ur ancestors $ere. The *ost +ook of )nki. "age :89#.. together be brought. =e sla""ed the ne$born on his hind"arts% the ne$born uttered "ro"er sounds. )nki the boy child held in his hands.' so $as )nki saying. ">n seven vessels of the clay of AbAu [Africa# made. ">n the clay vessel the admi/ture they made. $as Ti-Amat [-other of *ife#. the image of "erfection $as he. "'=is essence alone as a mold shall be(. The hybrid Ninki bore and Ninmah delivered by caesarian. Ninmah sent for seven $omen from her -edical 7or"s in 2hurubak to be $omb-mothers to Adamu's clones. To a unity shall the t$o essences. 9!!9. The fertiliAed egg into the $omb of Ninmah by )nki $as inserted. rather than the $omb of an a"e$oman. one of )arth. The *ost +ook of )nki.' 2he squeeAed the male"art for blood." [2itchin. NingishAidda ne/t created a female Aygote to clone." The fertiliAed ova. one of =eaven. dark red blood-colored skin and black-hair. "age < # Ninmah assembled her volunteers. )arthling $ith Anunnaki shall be bound. Adamu [@ne Bho's *ike )arth's 7lay# had smooth. )nki im"lanted a test-tube-gro$n Aygote formed from his s"erm and an a"e$oman ovum in Ninmah's $omb.lacked s"eech ca"acity. '-y hands have made it(' victoriously she shouted.-correct. )volutionists and 7reationists are both--"artially. 1. Then in the male"art of Adamu an incision she made. "The life essences of Adamu she e/tracted bit by bit in the vessels she it inserted. the result of both evolution 4)rectus had evolved in a million years from Australo"ithecinae5 and creation by )nki." =e could s"eak.. a dro" of blood to let out. had been fertiliAed 4$ith s"erm from her brother )nki and his son NingishAidda5 in the clay jars.

2o NigishAidda searched for the genes that allo$ed re"roduction. NingishAiddha found the loci on the Nibiran genoty"e that allo$ed re"roduction. =e left the seven female and the eight male hybrids cloned from Adamu and Ti-Amat together in an enclosure at his African lab. NingishiAidda told the surrogates he needed their $ombs again. At the -ed 7enter in 2hurubak. but the females didn't conceive. 9!!9. Ninmah and NingishAiddha ke"t their alteration of Ti-Amat secret. to their essence tree $as not. "age <I# )nki. )nlil raged." NIN5IS6. )nki brought Adamu and Ti-Amat to )din. 'To their Tree of *ife t$o branches have been added.ersian 0ulf. the mouth of the . =e demanded )nki e/"lain. "The last bit of our life essence to these creatures you have given. again delivered by caesarian. o". Nibiran females had a recessive RP chromomsomal allele in their genoty"e $hereas Ti-Amat had only RR. cit. the branch of *ong *iving. The *ost +ook of )nki. &rom the rib of Ninmah the life essence he e/tracted% into the rib of Ti-Amat the life essence he inserted. "age <D# 2itchin $rites that )nki's genetic team s"ed hominid evolution that $ould have occurred . EN$I$ E=PE$S A'A3 . "&rom the rib of )nki the life essence he e/tracted% into the rib of Adamu the life essence he inserted.All of the surrogate mothers carried female hybrids. Ninmah and Ti-Amat." "Then let them be $here they are needed. $ith "rocreating "o$ers their life essences are no$ ent$ined. )nki confessed. Bhen he com"ared genes of breeding Nibirans and the genes of Adamu and Ti-Amat.ersian 0ulf. NingishAidda then anesthetiAed )nki. =e "roudly declared. 1. Ti-Amat and Adamu $andered in )nki's orchard in the )din. 2he made leaf-a"rons for herself and Adamu. $hileTi-Amat' s "regnancy "rogressed.I''6A ASS RES EN$I$ 6E :IT66E$' $ON5E8IT9 5ENES FRO3 69+RI' EART6$IN5S "-y lord )nlil. let them be e/"elled. Too fe$ are the heroines to bare numbers enough to $ork mines. NingishAidda com"ared Nibiran genes and genes from Adamu and Ti-Amat." [2itchin. +ut Ninmah objected. The hybrids co"ulated frequently. "erchance our [millions of years# life cycles on them to besto$." NingishAiddha $as saying. "kno$ing for "rocreation they $ere given. Astronauts $ho $orked the mines and shuttled gold threatened mutiny if )nki and NingishAiddha didn't deliver $orkers to relieve them. to be like us in "rocreation kno$ing.. &or my heroines too burdensome is baring more )arthlings. TI>A3AT FRO3 E'EN TO AFRI7A )nlil noticed Ti-Amat and Adamu $ore a"rons." )nlil $ith anger said. his "lace at the head of the . "To the AbAu [Africa# a$ay from the )din.' " [2itchin.

)nlil rebuked NingishAiddha. des"erate for the ne$ "rimitive $orkers to mine )arth's gold to save Nibiru's atmos"here. 7ommander of the -ission. The seven female and the eight male hybrid clones $ere "ut together in cages in the African lab. After several unsuccessful attem"ts to create )arthling $orkers."[2itchin. [0enesis ?evisited.. "-odern man $ould have undoubtedly evolved on )arth just as he had done on Nibiru. The clones co"ulated frequently. "ages . 2he bore other children $ho interbred and multi"lied till they took over the $ork in the goldmines. of backbreaking they did not grumble. 1. both having come from the same 'seed of life. NingishiAAida cloned Ti-Amat's essence into test-tube Aygotes and im"lanted them in the same seven -ed 7or"s $omen $ho bore the hybrid males.To be $ith the Anunnaki [Nibiran astronauts# they $ere eager. The *ost +ook of )nki. 2"urred by mutiny of Nibirans toiling in the goldmines of 1imbab$e. Adamu and the seven hybrid males back to 1imbab$e to breed as miners. All of the surrogate mothers carried female hybrids. "The )arthlings $ere "roliferating. )nlil angrily e/"elled Ti-Amat. )nki settled Adamu and Ti-Amat in a forest enclosure. @f heat and dust they did not com"lain. =e.. )nlil discovered Ti-Amat's "regnancy. Ninmah and NingishAiddha concealed the fact that they'd genetically changed Ti-Amat so she could re"roduce. again delivered by caesarian. Ti-Amat and Adamu $andered in )nki's orchard at the head of the . )nlil a""ealed to the 7ouncil on Nibiru. Nibiru's atmos"here $as slo$ly healing. There Ti-Amat bore the t$ins she'd conceived $ith Adamu. a sandy-blonde female. NingishAidda then created a Aygote to develo" into a female hybrid. +ut NingishAiddha said he'd $ithheld the Nibiran longevity gene from the hybrids. )nlil. Ninki carried the fetus.ersian 0ulf $hile Ti-Amat's fetus. >n 1imaba$e. &rom the rib of Ninmah the life essence he e/tracted% into the rib of Ti-Amat the life essence he inserted. Ninmah and NingishAidda to graft Nibiran genes $ith =omo )rectus and clone )arthling $orkers to re"lace Nibiran goldminers. 9!!9. )nki's team had e/ceeded its mandate to make $orkers. "&rom the rib of )nki the life essence he e/tracted% into the rib of Adamu the life essence he inserted.# To reiterate )nki's narrative so far.. NingishAidda discovered the genes in the Nibiran genoty"e that allo$ re"roduction. realiAing the hybid's could henceforth breed among themselves. the first bred from hybrids. but the Nibiran 7ouncil. $ho emerged as Ti-Amat.ersian 0ulf. 2he delivered the child. did not authoriAe )nki's team to create a ne$ s"ecies.8 . =e im"lanted this Aygote into )nki's s"ouse. The *ost +ook of )nki.. the team im"lanted a Aygote 4female )rectus ovum fertiliAed in a test tube by male Nibiran s"erm5 in Ninmah's $omb. >n a fe$ thousand years. gre$ inside her. "age <I# )nki." [2itchin. The vital gold to Nibiru $as coming. . =e raged. 1.any$ay. @f hardshi"s of $ork the Anunnaki $ere relieved. "age 8 # . Nibiru's Ging Anu and his 7ouncil allo$ed )nki.' " )nki and com"any hastened our evolution by one to forty million years. )nki brought Ti-Amat and Adamu to his "lace at the head of the . Ninmah im"lanted test-tube hybrid Aygotes from )rectus eggs fertiliAed by Nibiran s"erm in the $ombs of seven female astronauts from her -edical 7or"s. To du"licate Adamu. All the resultant seven hybrids $ere male. for food rations they toiled $ell. ratified breeding hybrids. but the females did not conceive. named it Adamu. Be resume )nki's narrative.. 9!!9..

they e/hausted their o$n food su""ly and created food shortages for the Nibirans as $ell. most of the Nibirans in -eso"otamia. Anu ruled )arthlings multi"lying in AbAu [Africa# must assist e/cavation. )nki said he'd introduce "lants and domestic animals for the )arthlings to tend.Nibiru. refining gold till after several shars [:. . @ne of Nibiru's orbital nearings to the 2un disturbed the atmos"here. he believed. )nlil let his clansmen kee" and breed the ca"tured )arthling slaves for no$. forty "erigees# of the home"lanet. demanded )nki do something to solve the food crisis his genetic meddling "roduced.. of his "o$er base on -ars. )nki's eldest son and heir. The hybrids in the )din "roliferated and. Then home shall the heroes [astronauts# from )arth return.!!! years. trans"ort. NIN RTA RET RNS EART6$IN5 S$A8ES TO E'IN +ut after forty orbit nearings [ <<. Ging Anu further favored )nlil's lineage% he a$arded rule of ne$ s"ace"ort 4from $hich the gold $as to be directly rocketed to Nibiru5 at 2i""ar to )nlil's son's son 6tu 4the first )arthborn Nibiran5. As their numbers gre$. since all Nibirans $ould. +ut also at "erigee. Ging Anu visited )arth from Nibiru and ins"ected damage. The naked )arthlings cavorted. soon leave )arth any$ay. >n res"onse. )nlil's eldest son Ninurta and fifty of his men raided Africa and caught hybrid )arthlings to $ork orchards and cities back in -eso"otamia. Anu sus"ected )nki of abetting revolts by Alalu's kinsman AnAu and the Astronaut 7or"s and also instigating the miners' revolt in Africa. Nibiru $as close enough to )arth for her rockets to easily visit )arth. Bhen closest to the 2un 4"erigee5.. =is decision favored the )nlil lineage--sons of )nlil and their children--over the )nki lineage. foraged all over -eso"otamia. )nki sym"athiAed $ith his son -ardu and "ledged that -arduk $ould one day rule )arth. recall.!! year revolutions of Nibiru around 2olaris# sufficient $ill be the shield of )arth's gold "o$der to save Nibiru. Nibiru 's netforce sometimes disturbed the "lanets of the inner solar system. volcanoes and earthquakes on )arth and -ars. co"ulated and bred every$here. )nlil. Bhen Anu ended gold transfer on -ars he de"rived -arduk. in addition to slaving for the Nibirans. +ut )nki ke"t to himself a "lan he'd concocted to u"grade hybrid intelligence $ith his o$n genes.-but not their boss. )nlil--$anted )arthlings to $ork for them too. The Ging decided to end transshi"ment of gold from -ars. already angry at )nki for creating the fertile hybrids. revolves around the 2un every :.!! years in a long elli"tical clock$ise orbit.

a tree fruit she offered him. 2$eet $ere her li"s. 3ivine )ncounters. mated. in a most delightful $ay. on her li"s he kissed her. the already hybrid A3A-ite girls )nki im"regnated. the first A3A. The Adamite )arthlings foraged $idely for food and thereby e/acerbated food shortages.. from e$es shee" they $ill she"herd. 1." su"ervised the bakers. A'APA% ENKI-S +RI$$IANT SON% O8ERSEES EART6$IN5S Ada"a and Titi.ersian 0ulf# and tended offerings" [2itchin. 3amkina 4Ninki5 "to Titi took a liking% all manner of crafts $as she teaching. firm $ith ri"eness $ere her breasts. )nki's $ife. &rom seed they from food $ill gro$. a burning desire he had. in charge of the services for $hich the "rimitive $orkers $ere brought over to the )din. A ne$ kind of )arthling from my seed has been created. 9!!9 The *ost +ook of )nki. Titi bore t$ins. @ne of Nibiru's a""roaches. 1.in Ada-ite#. to u"level the hybrids' intelligence. Bith him $as only >smud. )nki "lanned. @ne of the Adamite girls bore a boy. The Adamites "roliferated in )nki's Africa. assured $ater su""lies. 1. oversa$ the fishing for )ridu [)nki's estate on the .ENKI +E5ATS 6I56ER EART6$IN5 69+RI'S ON EART6$IN5 S$A8E 5IR$S =ybrid )arthling slaves descended from Adamu and Ti-Amat are A3A--ites 4note the "m"5M Adamites. "To Ada"a. >nto her $omb she took the holy semen.re-introduced Adamite slaves to -eso"otamia. created climate degeneration that decimated cro"s. frolicking Adamite )arthlings he noticed% t$o females among them $ere $ild $ith beauty.I# .H!# . )nki's son and daughter. Anunnaki and )arthlings henceforth shall be satiated.." [2itchin. )arthlings could tend "lants and domestic animals. "A 7iviliAed man > have brought forth.H . his viAier. ")nki in the marshlands looked about. "@n the river's bank. As slave numbers gre$. Ada"a. a girl--Titi. )nki taught Ada"a to manage and teach )arthlings to manage "lantations. Their sight the "hallus of )nki caused to $ater. )nki hid his "aternity of Ada"a and Titi. Ada"a% the other. "A young one to him )nki called.ite% contrast it $ith the . ho$ to kee" records he $as him instructing. "age 8 #. in Ada. "ages . "ages . the young one he embraced. firm $ere their breasts. Bith enhanced intelligence. in my image and after my likeness. 9!!9 The *ost +ook of )nki. " )nki boasted. )nki bent do$n.. " )nki then made love $ith the second young hybrid [2itchin. . Ga-in and Abael. herds and estates.ite humans [note the ..I. ho$ever. )nki raised Ada"a% he educated him as the son he $as 4albeit clandestine5 . Then )nki brought more )arthlings from Africa to -eso"otamia and had Ada"a train them to serve the Nibiran colonists. $ho secrets ke"t. )nki himself teachings gave. humans $ith far moreMdue to )nki's genetic infusion--Nibiran genes relative to )rectus genes than their mothers. To alleviate the shortages. >n his African reserve. there to serve and "lant food. "a busybody. by the semen of the )nki she $as im"regnated. DD8. Nibiran *ordsM the Anunnaki-.

' 3 . The Ging realiAed that the )arthlings descended from both Adam and Ada"a $ere his descendants as $ell.H<# . Anu's 3NA. @n the tablet. SEE'S Ging Anu gave NingishAidda grain seeds and told him to take them and Ada"a back to )arth. Bhen Nibiru neared the >nner 2olar 2ystem again. shall the teachers of 7iviliAed -an be.!! years5. Anu questioned Ada"a about the seacraft he'd used and the mission he'd been on $hen )nki halted the 0ulf $ind for him back on )arth. 3umuAi $ould bring as $ell a s"erm bank for goats and shee" to )arth.. [2itchin. like the Nibirans. on a south-sailing vessel. voyage secretly do$n the . @n Nibiru.'s =AA?. Ging Anu. donated by )nki and NingishAidda and mi/ed $ith 3NA of =omo )rectus had unla$fully created a ne$ civiliAed s"ecies. STA9S ON NI+IR TO $EARN 6 S+AN'R9% NIN5IS6. "ages <D . NingishAidda. NingishAidda and 3umuAi. 3ivine )ncounters.Ada"a begged )nki to give him the substances of Nibiru to allo$ him. $ho'd taken 3NA sam"les from Ada"a and therefore kne$ Ada"a $as also a son of )nki. The Ging told NingishAidda to tudor Ada"a. and the 622?'s laser batteries# to halt the $ind that blo$s u" the 0ulf from the 2outh so Ada"a could.8% 9!!9. The Ging ordered 3umuAi to stay on Nibiru and learn animal husbandry till Nibiru ne/t a""roached )arth 4in one shar--:. NingishAidda. )nki confessed fathering Ada"a and Titi $ith )arthling hybrids descended from Adamu and Ti-Amat. )nki asked Anu to send Ada"a back to )arth to generate more hybrids..I''A RET RNS TO EART6 :IT6 A'APA . to $ork $ith )nki for the )arthlings' $elfare and develo"ment. H: . The *ost +ook of )nki. Bhen Anu heard that )nki mani"ulated 0ulf $eather to send Ada"a on his mysterious voyage. 1. to father more Ada"ites--7iviliAed =umans. Pou and )nki. the Ging sent his viAier >labrat to )arth to get Ada"a from )nki and then to fetch Ada"a to Nibiru. ON NI+IR % AN 'ENIES A'APA I33ORTA$IT9 Tales of Ada"a's brilliance had already reached Ging Anu on Nibiru. and "erha"s find Nibiran brides.ersian 0ulf.. )nki used a machine [a device similar to the 6. )nki yielded Ada"a to >labrat. 3umuAi $ould return to )arth $ith female goats and shee" for his ne"he$ Abael to raise. DD8. $ith Ada"a to Nibiru to meet their grandfather. )nki $anted Anu to deny the ne$ s"ecies immortality so they'd stay long quarantined on )arth.2. to live for hundreds of thousands of years. )nki's tablet asked Anu to deny Ada"a food or eli/irMthe +read of *ife and the Bater of *ifeM that $ould make Ada"a and his "rogeny immortal. )nki also sent his t$o unmarried )arth-born sons. sli""ed 0randfather Anu a sealed tablet from )nki.

so Ga-in $as -arduk's grandne"he$. Abael's mentor. "+y the lack of )nki's blessing greatly $as he aggrieved" The t$ins quarreled for an entire $inter about $hose contributionM Ga-in's grains and fishabundant irrigation canals or Abael's meat and $ool--contributed most. KA>IN-S $INE )nki brought his grandson Ga-in to )ridu to be judged by The 2even Bho Fudge. 9!!9. The *ost +ook of )nki. The 2even $ere Ninmah 4sister of both )nlil and )nki5. from the furro$s and canals to drink $ater. tutor Ga-in in farming. guided by -arduk. demanded the Fudges order Ga-in--"rotege of his rival Ninurta-e/ecuted. Though )nki $as both maternal and "aternal grandfather of t$ins Ga-in and Abael. "Bhen summer began. )nki's eldest son." The t$ins fought $ith fists till Ga-in bludgeoned Abael $ith a stone. +ut )nki said nothing of Ga-in's offering of grain. Ninurta and Nannar from )nlil's *ineage. -arduk. "resented his first grain. [2itchin. $as to be a "roject of the )nlil lineage. ho$ever. )nki. Agriculture on )arth. Ninki. $as Ga-in's grandfather. Ga-in sulked. NingishAidda' s elder brother. Abael. and )nki. )nlil. the meado$s $ere dry. +y this Ga-in $as angered. Ninurta..//. augmented by the grain seeds NingishAidda brought from Nibiru. the )nki lineage ran livestock for -ission )arth. 1. +ut )nki revealed to -arduk that he. guided by Ninurta. for Ga-in had been co-o"ted by Ninurta. Bhen 3umuAi returned to )arth. NingishAidda' s job. the "astures d$indled. e(ic The $ost +oo0 o1 En0i2 3emoirs an) Pro(hecies o1 an E4traterrestrial 5o) KAI>IN AN' A+AE$ NingishAidda rocketed back to )arth $ith Ada"a and grain seeds.. -arduk. "age I:. 3umuAi $ould return from Nibiru to )arth. At a "7elebration for &irsts. >nto the fields of his brother Abael his flocks drove. it $as not raining.ENKI SPEAKS (Part < o1 6) Ancient Astronauts From The Planet Nibiru Engineer s Earthlings to Sla!e b# Sasha $essin% Ph& '& sashalessin(h)* aol&com +ase) on . )nlil insisted that his o$n eldest son and &oremost Barrior. he "raised Abael's lambs for the meat and $ool they'd give.!! )arth years 4ne/t time Nibiru a""roached )arth5. Bhether 3umuAi or -arduk su"ervised Abael.I<#. To balance )nkiite control of livestock. then sat and sobbed. in :. took charge of Abael and the animal husbandry "roject. Ninti and -arduk from )nki's lineage. .echaria Sitchin-s . "resented his first lambs to )nlil and to )nki." Ga-in. "re"are Abael--one of Ada"a's t$insMto $ork $ith 3umuAi $hen.

*amech's other $ife. )ast$ard to a land of $andering for his evil deed Ga-in must de"art." This genetic mani"ulation marked the lineage ancestral to some Asians and the >ndians of the Bestern =emis"here. "for them a city built. They founded and ruled the city of Nud [also called 3un. $ell-digging. II8. begat a line of musicans $ho "layed lyre and flute music. 1. and his follo$ers lived in tents and raised cattle. Fabal's brother Fubal. distant lands they shall inhabit. $ho $as a smith. by a stone $ill be your end.D:#.)nki told -arduk that Ga-in's survival $as critical to generate genetically su"erior Ada"ite )arthling laborers for field.IH#. "ages I. $as dying. 3unnu and Nu. "asture and mines ">f Ga-in too shall be e/tinguished. at )nki's request. >n a realm set a"art they shall thrive. Ging Anu had. "Bith his sister A$an as a s"ouse Ga-in from the )din de"arted. co""er and iron. . "&or your sin of your birthright you are de"rived. fetched Ada"a's son Ga-in to )din. The face of Ga-in $as beardless" Ada"a told Ga-in." Thus.9% 9!!9. A'APA AN' TITI-S OT6ER PRO5EN9 AN' T6EIR ISS E Ada"a left behind the descendants of thirty sons and thirty daughters he and Titi begat. body oil "re"aration. married t$o of his o$n sisters. 9!!9. har" and flute mastery and the "re"aration of eli/ir of the >nbu fruits. though longlived by )arthlings' life e/"ectancies. Adah and 1illah. "ages I .The *ost +ook of )nki." The 2even ruled ")ast$ard to a land of $andering for his evil deed Ga-in must de"art. "Ga-in and "his generations shall be distinguished. No$ Ada"a.. These educated hybrids identified $ith . The Bars of 0ods and -en "age 9# suggests this might have been a murder rather than accident.. Ga-in's successors for the ne/t four generations $ere murdered by their sons. but of your seed seven nations $ill come. +ut having your brother $ith a stone killed. Ninurta. 1illah. his face a beard could not gro$. Ga-in's survivors "lanted grain. in his rocketshi". The *ost +ook of )nki. Ga-in's son's son's son 4great grandson5.dun#. &or the ne/t three generations after that." [2itchin. by a falling stone $as he [Ga-in# killed." 2itchin [ DI8. satiation [of food su""lies# to an end $ould come. and as he $as building. They $andered in the $ilderness to the east. The Nibiran colonists divided these genetic descendants of )nki among themselves as "roteges and taught them $riting. The Bars of 0ods and -en "ages . )noch. each ruler of Nud ascended to rule after marrying his sister and murdering his "arents. mutinies $ill be re"eated.. $ho succeeded Ga-in in the fourth generation of Ga-in's descendents. denied Ada"a the genetic and herbal modifications that $ould give him the same immortality as the full-blooded Nibirans. Fabal. 1. @ne of Adah's sons. +y NingishAidda $as the life essence [genoty"e# of Ga-in altered." [2itchin. mathematics. "an artificer of gold. bore Tubal-7ain." Ninurta returned Ga-in to the $ilds east of )din $here "in a distant realm Ga-in had sons and daughters" Ninurta.

To this -arduk $ith a bitter laugh res"onded.. *u--ach. =is "rincely rights on Nibiru he forever $ill forsake. taught the Ada"ite =ybrids ceremonies to $orshi" their Nibiran lords. they sa$ each other's $rinkling visages. "the quotas to enforce.9% 9!!9. he $ould rise and become master.their res"ective Nibiran teachers. $as a""ointed $orkmaster of the )arthlings in )din. the rations to reduce. $ea"ons for -arduk to claim mastery.D:#. but those on )arth born are even older sooner. Nibirans taught Ada"a's descendants to use bitumens for furnaces for gold smelting and refining. "@ld on )arth $e became. )nlil. )nki's son -arduk. The *ost +ook of )nki. a descendant of )nkime. "ages II. EART6 76AN5ES 7limatic. The Anunnaki leaders on )arth--)nki. )reshikigal 4)nlil's granddaughter5 to run instruments at Africa's south ti" [7a"e Agulhas# to monitor the s"ace and )arth disturbances. )nlil and Ninmah's son "to the *and +eyond the 2eas [The Andes -ountains of 2outh America# in the mountainland a +ond =eaven-)arth [transmission to$er# to establish. )nlil's son. "@f the rites of $orshi" of the Anunnaki [Those $ho from 2ky 3escended. then to his birthright on Nibiru. $arned -arduk that if he married 2ar"anit "to Nibiru $ith his s"ouse he $ould never go. The Bars of 0ods and -en "ages .. Ninmah and )nlil--met to deal $ith the crisis. They'd aged drastically. $here Asronauts refined and transshi""ed )arth's gold to Nibiru. the siblings sent Ninurta. i. first of )arth. -y rights on Nibiru are none/istent. -arduk's mother. Ninki 43amkina5. bind the )arthlings to himself. )nki's son -arduk rocketed )nkime to the -oon and -arsbase. )ven on )arth my rights as firstborn have been tram"led" [by )nlil and his heir.rince of )arthlings under Nannar's son. $ho'd "reem"ted )arth commands#. 9!!9. Nannar. )nki and Ninmah ordered )nki's son Nergal.. 2aid )nki. then sent him to the s"ace"ort at 2i""ar to be . Ninurta. 6tuC2hamash. 1. children of Anu each. The *ost +ook of )nki. D8# 3AR' K ANNO N7ES 6E-$$ 3ARR9 EART6$IN5 SARPANIT -arduk told his "arents he $anted to marry an )arthling." They sent Ninurta's rival. )nkime. &ace-to-face. )nkime 4a descendant of )nki's "art-)arthling son. to evaluate damage at -arsbase. daughter of -arduk's )arthling "rotOgO. Though tram"led on )arth. The three half-siblings.e. [2itchin. -arduk vo$ed. Ada"a5. 2i""ar's chief. *ord of 2outh Africa an his $ife." To deal $ith the crisis caused by the astronomical disru"tions. 1. .. =e'd marry 2ar"anit. 2ar"anit.. =e could use the )arthlings as $ea"ons. $orried at $hat they sa$." +ut "in his days conditions on )arth became harsher% the toilers in field and meado$ raised com"laints" [2itchin. magnetic and astronomical disru"tions damaged -arsbase. II8." )nki taught astronomy to one of his hybrid descendants. Nibirans# that the beginning $as. and by the marriage.

smelting and refining. 1. commander of the >gigi. Ninurta sho$ed the beardless descendants of Ga-in ho$ to build balsam rafts to cross sea to 2outh America.DD#. The *ost +ook of )nki. :<. in -arduk's o"inion.'"To counter -arduk's )arthlings. 9!:# . "@n Nibiru Ada"a. +y !!.' )nlil to Ninurta said. he sho$ed them tin and gold mining. -arduk must forever be be barred. after their $edding. Bhat )nlil called abductions of the =ybrid females $ere.astronauts-. )nlil also ordered that -arduk and 2ar"anit. [2itchin. "A great multitude of 7iviliAed [Ada"ite# )arthlings in )ridu assembled. 9!!9. Poung Anunnaki [Nibiran 7olonists and their "ure "rogeny#. '0o. The *ost +ook of )nki. banished to )gy"t 4$hich $ould henceforth be -arduk's o$n domain5. then fle$ to )din and mi/ed $ith the cro$d of Ada"a's descendants and Nibiran colonists at the $edding of -arduk and 2ar"anit.. )nlil fumed.' " [2itchin. " allied $ith -arduk settled in "the far eastlands." -arduk settled some of the >gigi and their half-Nibiran. The *ost +ook of )nki. 1. $ithin )nki's s"here of influence 4AbAuCAfrica5 . 1. half--Ada"ite issue 4"7hildren of the ?ocketshi"s they $ere called"5 in +abylon% he and 2ar"anit stayed $ith others in *ebanon. 9!!9. ASTRONA TS A+' 7T EART6 +RI'ES AT 3AR' K-S :E''IN5% T6REATEN EART6-S 'ESTR 7TION N$ESS AN NNAKI $EA'ERS RATIF9 T6EIR NIONS :IT6 T6E A'APITE :O3EN 9!! >gigi-. else by fire all on )arth destroy $e $ill. each astronaut seiAed one Ada"ite )arthling maiden.occu"ied the *anding . Therefore to return to Nibiru $ith her.. $ith them a domain of your o$n "re"are." )nlil let -arduk and 2ar"anit announce their $edding at )ridu.latform in *ebanon 4the 7edar -ountains5. The *ost +ook of )nki. =e asked the Ging to sto" -arduk and 2ar"anit from marrying.ersian 0ulf. 1. but on Nibiru a "rince he shall no more be. -arduk marry can.'The Ada"ite daughters to marry $e $ish. 9!!9. 9!!9. could not stay.. +ut Anu and his counselors ruled..!!! years ago.. ca"ture brides of their o$n and seiAe "o$er. At *ake Titicaca.)nlil beamed Ging Anu on Nibiru. DI . the offs"ring of Ga-in find. "'The )arth by )arthlings inherited $ill be.. ">n his heart things against -arduk and his )arthlings $as )nlil "lotting." [2itchin. . some of these "7hildren of the ?ocketshi"s.. They took the 9!! $omen back to *ebanon and "into a stronghold the "lace they made. After the ceremony. The astronauts "lanned to use -arduk's $edding to assemble. >gigi from *ahmu [-ars# in great numbers came" [2itchin.. challenged )nlil verbally.# )nlil ordered Ninurta to block the s"read of -arduk's )arthlings. 9! # -arduk. the maiden's "rogenitor.. )nki's "lace on the . 9!9% DI8. to the leaders a challenge they issued. Pour blessing to this you must give. The Bars of 0ods and -en. =o$ever. lands of high mountains. marriages.

)nki sent *u--ach's $ife +atanash--ostensibl y for her "rotection from )din's $orkers as $ell-. Borkmaster of )arthlings in )din.+y !!. 1.. "@n the roof of a d$elling $here +atanash $as bathing )nki by her loins took hold. in a brilliance his eyes $ere shining. Ninmah loved and cared for 1iusudra% )nki taught him to read Ada"a's $riting. The *ost +ook of )nki.. The cousins. Ninurta recruited the descendents of Ga-in. $ars that continue to this day.I S 'RA) )nki lusted for +atanash. [2itchin... she bore 1iusudra 4Noah5. 1.!!! years ago. :<. "A son unlike an )arthling to +atanash $as born." [2itchin.. . 9!9% DI8. "to him +atanash the son sho$ed. 9!< # *u--ach's father -atushal assured him 1iusudra $as destined to hel" )arhlings survive the >ce Age )arth $as entering." [2itchin. 9!!9. Ninurta taught them tin and gold mining. he kissed her. $ife of his son Ada"a's descendant. his semen into her $omb he "oured. Bhen *u--ach returned to )din. As his son recruited among the descendants of Ga-in. recruited these clients to rule large numbers of )arthlings $ho could su""ly armies and e/ert force against the follo$ers of each others' lineages. and.. The *ost +ook of )nki. )nlil "lanned to let climate changes kill all the =ybrids in the lo$lands. They crossed the seas. The *ost +ook of )nki."from the angry )arthling masses "rotected and safe to be. "atrilateral "arallel cousins 4father's brother's sons5.." [2itchin. 9!!9. settled the Andes highlands. e(ic The $ost +oo0o1 En0i2 3emoirs an) Pro(hecies o1 an E4traterrestrial 5o) ENKI +E5ATS NOA6 (. at *ake Titicaca. Thus began training of our Ada"ite ancestors for $ars. 9!!9. ENKI SPEAKS2 (Part ? o1 6) NI+IRAN ASTRONA TS +RE' S% TO S$A8E +# Sasha $essin% Ph&'& PART ? o1 6 sashalessin(h)* aol&com +ase) on . *u--ach. *ike the skies $ere his eyes. smelting and refining. lands of high mountains. 9!:# 2o -arduk and Ninurta. 1.# To counter -arduk's threat.to sister Ninmah at the -edicalC2cience com"le/ of 2hurubak.. Thereafter )nki his sister Ninmah in 2hurubak $as quick to visit.echaria Sitchin-s . The *ost +ook of )nki. )nki rescued *u--ach and sent him to learn city-building from -arduk in +abylon.. Bhite as the sno$ his skin $as. 9!< # &rom this encounter. each the a""arent ne/t leader of the )nkiite and )nlilite lineages 4res"ectively5 . >s one of the >gigi [astronauts# his fatherK" +atanash s$ore "None of the >gigi is the boy's father.//." *u--ach com"lained. cultivated clients from among the Ada"ites--the =ybrid )arthlings descended from Ada"a. 9!!9. The Bars of 0ods and -en. =e sho$ed them ho$ to build balsam rafts. 1. some of these "7hildren of the ?ocketshi"s" settled in "the far eastlands..

=e said. he couldn't o"enly ignore )nlil's order and hel" the )arthlings. 9!!9... the Antarctic >cesheet $ill slide into the sea and launch $aves that $ill engulf most of )arth. seafishing as $ell as "ond. "ages 9D9 . sent 1iusudra to )nki at )din for hel". )nki's son Nergal re"orted from the south ti" of Africa that ne/t time Nibiru nears the 2un. >gigi astronauts had abducted the hybids at -arduk's $edding to the )arthling 2ar"anit. )nki fed )arthlings from his corn stores. =e forbade )nki from giving the des"erate )arthlings access to ocean fishing. . &rustrated. )nlil also raged at )nki's son -arduk. )nki's son Nergal re"orted from the south ti" of Africa that ne/t time Nibiru nears the 2un. -arduk. The *ost +ook of )nki. +ut )nlil 4Pah$eh5 still seethed at )nki for creating the )arthling hybrids.and canal-building for drought and famine. hence "otentially -arduk's best follo$ers. The "ure Nibiran genes the astronauts added to the most-Nibiran. "*et the )arthlings by hunger and "estilence "erish. the Antarctic >cesheet $ill slide into the sea and launch $aves that $ill engulf most of )arth. )arthlings at 2hurubak $here 1iusudra lived under )nki's and Ninmah's tutilage.9D<#.EN$I$ OR'ERS EART6$IN5S +9 6 N5ER AN' PESTI$EN7E PERIS6 3rought. )nki suggested the )arthlings "rotest )nlil's anti-)arthling "olicy and boycott $orshi" of and service to their Nibiran lords.0enesis ?evisited. =e said the humans acted $ithout his kno$ledge. =e trained them in sea fishing and gave them access to the sea. @n )arth. -arduk conditioned this hybrid "o"ulation to serve him for the time $hen he and the astronauts $ho had taken hybrid $omen must remain on )arth. 1. )nlil.!! year return of Nibiru to the >nner 2olar 2ystem created more violent disturbances on Nibiru. forbade any Anunnaki hel" )arthlings. strongest. "lague and starvation stalked the )arthlings [2itchin. Bhen )nlil accused )nki of defying his decree that humans be allo$ed to "erish. ho$ever. )nlil "lanned for the final destruction of )arthlings and the end to Nibiran occu"ation of )arth [2itchin. )nki and Ninmah "ro"osed teaching )arthlings medicine for "lague.9!< -9!8#. The *ost +ook of )nki. smartest and longest-lived of the )arthling hybrids. 9!!9." decreed )nlil. the time $hen enough gold had been sent to Nibiru to shield the home"lanet's atmos"here and the other Nibirans $ould return home.% DHI. EN$I$ OR'ERS 'EAT6 TO EART6$IN5S IN PRE'I7TE' 'E$ 5E )ach :. )nki lied.like genomes of Ada"a's daughters made their "rogeny among the healthiest. 9!. @n )arth. 7overtly. on the sun 4huge solar flares5 on -ars 4*ahmu5 and on )arth. to th$art -arduk.. $ho aggressively recruited follo$ers from the hybrid line descended from the daughters of Ada"a. 1.

+ecause of you a 7iviliAed )arthling brother [Abael# a brother [Ga-in# murdered. "'@f the same school and age $e are. The >gigi [astronauts# $ho )arthlings es"oused must bet$een de"arture and s"ouses choose.rimitive Borkers you gave to them kno$ing you endo$ed.9 #. "'A $onderous +eing by us $as created. $hich consisted of the *eaders' sons and grandchildren and the >gigi commanders. to Nibiru to journey is allo$ed. for evacuating ready. Ninmah and )nki. its encoding trust$orthy. )missary . "To each of the other Anunnaki. The *ost +ook of )nki. in celestial chariots they safety must seek. $here their bodies could not survive the home"lanet's netforce. '&or Ging and 7ouncil 0alAu s"eaks. understanding to his line you gave.' )nki to )nlil shouted. +ecause of -arduk your son the >gigi like him $ith )arthlings intermarried. the emissary $as as young as a son. "The three of you on )arth $ill remain% only to die to Nibiru you $ill return." )nlil roared back. &or all $ho stay and $hat ha""ens see. 0alAu told Ninmah. )nlil and Ninmah. Bhen the $aters calmed.' >n the AbAu [1imbab$e# the gold mines shut do$n% therefrom the Anunnaki [colonists on )arth from Nibiru# to the )din came% . )m"ty. )very rule you have broken. she $as as his olden mother.'" said the mysterious visitor." T6E E3ISSAR9 7O3ES TO EART6 @ne s"aceshi" brought the mysterious $hite-haired 0alAu 40reat Gno$er5 $ith a sealed message from Anu to )nki." 0alAu told Ninmah she'd aged and he hadn't because she'd been so long on )arth. 9!D .. [2itchin. his $ords are my commands.. 9!!9. The "o$ers of the 7reator of All into your hands you have taken. the only "lace they could survive. No )arthling.' 2o did the message of Anu state. The *ost +ook of )nki. smelting and refining ceased. 2he and her brothers had been on )arth so long that they'd die if they returned to Nibiru. all gold to Nibiru $as lofted.' This Ninmah could not recall.. a choice to leave or the calamity out$ait must be given. Bith fornication Ada"a you conceived. the *eaders $ere to return to )arth."'To .leni"oteniary 0alAu summonsed )nlil's elder sister and brother. Ging Anu's order continued. . =is offs"ring to the heavens you have taken. to )nlil. '> am 0alAu. 1." Ninmah and her brothers must orbit )arth in their rockets $hen the antarctic icesheet sli""ed into the ocean and $aves $ashed over the "lanet. =e said he decided the )arthlings must dro$n in the deluge. 9!!9. ")nlil the seal of Anu e/amined% unbroken and authentic it $as.leni"oteniary of Ging and 7ouncil. a fleet of celestial chariots [inter"lanetary s"aceshi"s# to )arth returned.Ging Anu and the 7ounsel on Nibiru beamed )arth. 9!I#. )nlil convened the Anunnaki 7ouncil. by us saved it must be. 1. our $isdom $ith them you shared.. "'&or evacuating )arth and *ahmu "re"are. -arduk's 2ar"anit included. decisions and commands you ignored. '" ." [2itchin. )nki "rotested.

$ithout breaking the oath [s$earing not to tell humans# to him the coming calamity reveal. 2ummon your son 1iusudra. be it "lant or animal.$here none had been before he sle"t--ne/t to his bed.A boatguide [)nki's son. >ts design and measurements on a tablet. e/ce"t )nki. )nlil brought the 7ouncil back to order. 1. and >--as $ell as our sons. The *ost +ook of )nki. the likes of $hich on this tablet to you > am sho$ing.is $hat 2itchin calls a T$ightlight 1one miracle. thereafter the living kinds to recombine. )nki refused to sign% he and -arduk stam"ed out of the 7ouncil. -arduk $as to shelter on -arsbase% )nlil's son Nannar $ould $ait out )arth's flood on the moon.. " 'Abandon thy house. htm for dra$ing from 2itchin. the lord )nki not to 1iusudra but to the hut's $all [com"uter bankK# s"oke from behind the reed Bhen 1iusudra by the $ords $as a$akened. The *ost +ook of )nki.CCenkis"eaks. The *ost +ook of )nki. =e searched his home and grounds for 0alAu but 0alAu $as not there. to him )nki said. 99! -999# . 9 .. To a safe haven the boatguide $ill navigate you. he decreed. Astronauts $ith Ada"ite $ives and children. but to the reed $all did > s"eak. also take. $ho. A boat that the $atery avalanche can $ithstand. That is the $ill of the 7reator of All..-$ill orbit )arth till the )arthlings dro$n and the $aters recede. [2itchin. The oath not breaking.. 1.. the destruction of -ankind it $ill be. 9:!#.N" 4@n a tracing from a cylinder seal in The *ost +ook.)nlil demanded )nki and all Nibirans on )arth s$ear not to tell the )arthlings of the im"ending inundation." [2itchin. The a""earance of the tablet--a "hysical object--follo$ing a dream or trance encounter $ith a re"resentative of a higher "o$er--0alAu in this instance-. They "re"ared genetic banks of )arth's creatures to save from coming flood. have > s"oken. The day of the deluge they $aited. "That night to the reed hut $here 1iusudra $as slee"ing )nki stealthily $ent. "-ale and female essences and life-eggs they collected.. 9!!9. they collected for safekee"ing $hile in )arth circuit to be taken. had dra$n command of )arth -ission [2itchin. for the )arthlings the )arth inherit.'" [2itchin. 0alAu guides )nki's arm to convey tablet 4"ossibly a com"uter or holo disk. to build him tell. 9!!9. after all. Ninagal# to you $ill come. The disk is sho$n leaving )nki's hand en route to 1iasudra's com"uter5 [2ee htt". Ninmah. +ut )nki hestated to o"enly defy )nlil. de"icted $ith Rs across the screens and slots for "rograms5 of the &lood.. This is the decision of the assembly by )nlil convened. =e ste""ed out of bed and kicked an actual tablet-.# )nki continued.#. 9!!9. 1. but inter"retation mine. Bhen the deluge engulfs )arth.. N?eed hut. Not to you 1iusudra. 9 9 -9 <#. 1.. nor had anyone seen him. )nki. in the dream. 9!!9. *et him in it save himself and his kinfolk and the seed of all that is useful. "age D<. daughters and their descendants. comC)ssaysC 990alAu=el"s)nki 2ave)arthlings. )nki dreamed 0alAu s"oke "'>nto your hands &ate take. a calamitous storm $ill s$ee". )nki and Ninmah buried their records and com"uter "rograms dee" in the >raqi soil. must move to the "eaks above $ave level. 1iusudra and build a boat.. The *ost +ook of )nki. re"atriating colonists must rocket to Nibiru. 9!!9. 1.'" )nki $oke and "ondered his dream. a submersible one. 0alAu tells )nki--de"icted $ith his snake icon--to $arn 1iasudra 4touching the "$all"--"robably a com"uter bank. +y you shall the seed of 7iviliAed -an survive. of each kind t$o by t$o . The *ost +ook of )nki.

not 1iusudra. $as intact% their s"ace"ort at 2i""ar $as totally gone. not a dro" of $ater into it did enter.' )nki to 1iusudra "ointing. 0enesis ?evisited." Ningal radioed Ninmah and Ninurta to bring their co"ters do$n quick. &or forty days.. The *ost +ook of )nki. " 8<# @f the Anunnaki settlements. The $aters had totally carried a$ay the Nibiran settlements and buried -eso"otamia and African goldmines under silt and mud. only the raised stone *anding . $here 1iusudra built a huge fire as a signal and roasted lamb as an offering to )nki. :. "All that the Anunnaki had built in the "ast <:9." [2itchin. my son he is. S 7KS OFF 3ARS. joined by Ninmah and Ninurta. 1. =e told )nlil of the instructions and tablet 0alAu gave him.'" )nki.!!! years ago. Together.AT3OSP6ERE AN' S RFA7E :ATER )nlil summonsed to the *anding . "N)very )arthling had to "erish'. =e also called in his son Nannar from his refuge on the -oon and called in )nki's son -arduk from his refuge on -ars. $aves and storms s$e"t )arth. the [Antarctic# icesheet sli""ed.99D#. A tidal $ave arose. revealed his dream vision. "age 99H#. 2urfacing. do$ning everything on the "lanet e/ce"t those on mountainto"s and in 1iusudra's boat" [2itchin.!!! years $as $i"ed off the face of the )arth or buried under miles thick layers of mud. )nki. [2itchin. north$ard s"reading. "in the Bhiteland. Though com"letely submerged. to kill his brother $ith bare hands he $as ready. 1. Ninagal raised sail and steered to -t Arrata.//.lace at +aalbek..lace the Nibirans $ho survived the flood on the )arth's "eaks and the astronauts in s"acecraft orbiting the "lanet. The flood $aters from the 3eluge. "The boat of 1iusudra the tidal $ave from its moorings lifted. Ningal among them. 9!!9. he $ith fury shouted'% at )nki $ith anger he lunged..!!! years ago. abridged from "ages 99I . at the )arth's bottom. off its foundation. NTo a reed $all > s"oke. +y Nibiru's netforce it $as "ulled into the south sea. . "Bhen )nlil the survivors sa$. The *ost +ook of )nki. 9!!9. 1. )nki and )nlil descended in helico"ters 4Bhirl$inds5 from their rocketshi"s. receded% they left the u"lands intact. ENKI SPEAKS (Part @ /1 6)2 NI+IRAN ASTRONA TS +RE' S% <//%/// 9EARS A5O% TO S$A8E b# Sasha $essin% Ph&'& sashalessin(h)* aol&com +ase) on . Ninurta and Nimah convinced )nlil "The survival of mankind the $ill of the 7reator of All must be. "N=e is no mere mortal. e(ic The $ost +oo0o1 En0i2 3emoirs an) Pro(hecies o1 an E4traterrestrial 5o) NI+IR -S PERI5EE 1<%OOO 9EARS A5O + RIES 3ESOPOTA3IA . *ebanon.echaria Sitchin-s .:.

to survey fruit trees that survived the flood. )nlil chose the 2audi Arabian . )arthlings could again make $ine. "The life essences and life eggs. its $aters eva"orated. gra"es Ninmah'd brought from Nibiru. Ninurta came to the rescue. needing no refining. in the four-legged animals from 1iusudra's boat can be combined. 1. gold the astronauts had struggled for millennia to shi" to the mother "lanet. 1. 7ommander )nlil had Ninurta create an irrigation system for -eso"otamia. 2hee" for $ool and meat $ill multi"ly. he also found beardless descendants of Ga-in $ho'd survived the flood on rafts and no$ lived on an island in *ake Titicaca. . "ages 99D . cattle for milk and hides $ill all have. 9!!9. tri"led and then quadru"led its chromosomes. )nki and Ninagal engineered a system of dams and sluices to regulate the Nile to create a "astureland for 3umuAi's herds. +ut mud covered the African mines. [2itchin. =e unlocked diorite chests and recovered the grainseeds Nibiru'd sent )arth. +efore they "lanted. The "assage of Nibiru through the >nner 2olar system not only damaged )arth and -ars% it also ri""ed a$ay the shield of gold dust around the "lanet Nibiru. $ho'd "iloted 1iusudra's submersible. The gold refinery at +ad-Tibira had $ashed a$ay. )nki enhanced the grain." [2itchin. revealed the genetic starts )nki and Ninmah had sto$ed aboard. =e doubled. The hundreds of Nibiran miners had re"atriated to Nibiru. The *ost +ook of )nki. )athlings $ould build the system to $ater the grain. The 7ommander ordered 1iasudra's son direct the $orkers for Ninurta. Nibiru's atmos"here again d$indled. Adad found the gra"es. )arthlings $ould gro$ $heat for bread. DI8 The Bars of 0ods Q -en. a "lace of dust storms it is. both $hite and red.eru. "*ahmu [-ars# by the "assage of Nibiru $as devastated. Baters had s$e"t a$ay the rocket terminal at 2i""ar in -eso"otamia. Ninurta "ros"ected huge gold finds of "ure gold.. >ts atmos"here $as sucked out.-arduk re"orted.9:<# )nki bade his son 3umuAi 4hel"ed by 1iusudra's middle son5 she"herd the livestock. moreover. &rom the Andes 4southeast modern *a .latform." Nannar re"orted the moon $as noe only usable $ith )agle -asks [helmets#. in . Ninagal said. The thousands of =ybrid )arthling miners had dro$ned. AN NNAKI REP$ENIS6 EART6-S 7ROPS AN' $I8ESTO7K )nki o"ened the vault under the *ebanon *anding ..eninsula for a ne$ inter"lanetary freighter rocket terminal site to ferry the gold to the home"lanet. Adad. =igh in the Andes. 2outh America had the gold Nibiru needed as $ell as "otential miners. )nlil sent his youngest son. As he surveyed.oo"o in alluvium of rivers running into the east coast of *ake Titicaca5 also Ninurta could obtain co""er and "ure. The mother "lanet des"erately needed )arth's gold.aA and east of *ake . )nki's son Ninagal. "age 9<#.

the Age of the *ion to announce. >n the 0reat . let its face be.I''A-S FA7E ON SP6IN= SETS OFF 7O3PETITION :IT6 6IS +ROT6ER 3AR' K AN' RI8A$ NIN RTA -arduk. Gatherine.yramid )nki got )nlil to order a monument. so brick $as the only local building material. *ocal and )uro"ean tin and cassiterite sources $ere inadequate to su""ly needs of the burgeoning civiliAation and the "ure tin located by Ninurta. =adad. )nki's son 0ibil installed "ulsating crystals and a ca"stone of electrum. 8!! years before. The *ost ?ealms. 9!!9.latform in *ebanon 4+aalbek5 to -t. The *ost +ook of )nki. disinherited as future king of Nibiru $hen he married an )arthling. the 2"hin/.yramid at the 2outh end of a straight line through the *anding .lace of 7elestial 7hariots gaAe. the :!th "arallel. =ard bronAe tools $ere needed to face the brick. [2itchin. ?imac. =e "ut the 0reat . The beam from the ca"stone marked the $estern edge of the run$ay line from Ararat to Tilmun on the 2inai . 9!!9. to resettle -eso"otamia. to reflect a beam for incoming s"acecraft. >t had taken H. the "eaks' designer. "-arduk to his father )nki $ords of aggrievement said.. "age 9:I#. then develo"ed by his half-brother Adad 4also kno$n as CTeshub. Ararrat 4)astern Turkey5 in the North. 1. =ard bronAe had been needed to face the tem"les of brick in -eso"otamia. but the mud of the deluge had buried all the stone and minerals there. -t. 1. directed by Ninurta. -arduk resented the authority )nlil gave 6tu. to NingishAidda for the "yramids. NingishAidda installed Nibirans' master com"uter "rograms and astronavigational equi"ment in the 0reat . This line." . >shkur.yramid. The image of NingishAidda. 1abar 3ibba and Eiracocha5. =e "rotested the glory )nlil gave NingishAidda. Nibiru sucked off the -artian atmos"here. $ithout task or dominion > am left'"[2itchin. marked the eastern edge of the rocket run$ay corridor. lost command of -arsbase $hen. NTo dominate the $hole )arth to me did you "romise. NIN5. DD!. &irst he built a model "yramid. "ages 99I.. "*et us beside the t$in "eaks a monument create. -ission 7ontrol "erched on -ount -oriah 4the future Ferusalem5. off-limits to )arthlings.# T6E NE: SPA7EPORT (APlace o1 the 7elestial 7hariotsA) IN SINAI )nki's son NingiAidda 4$ith "o$er tools better than those $e use to cut and move rock5 built t$o "yramids in )gy"t. *et it "recisely to$ard the .unsmelted tin 4rather than have to mine cassiterite and smelt the tin from it $ith 7@9 and limestone5 to combine $ith si/ "arts co""er and cast into bronAe.arallel5 and the realms of *ineage )nki 42outh of the :!th5. "age 9:I# )nlil chose his son 6tu to run the actual 2inai 2"ace"ort on the :!th . at the southern ti" of the 2inai." [2itchin. se"arated the realms of *ineage )nlil 4North of the .. The *ost +ook of )nki.999.arallel. Then he built the 0reat . 1.!!! years after the 3eluge for the human survivors.yramid. No$ command and glory to others are granted. )nki's other sons as $ell as )nki's 7ham"ion Ninurta and Ninerta's brothers in the )nlil *ineage also demanded "lands for themselves and devoted )arthlings.

"ro"osed all these ?oyals be given lands and )arthling follo$ers. sealed him in a coffin and tossed the coffin into the sea. ever the "eace-maker. married 2hamgaA's girls. near the villa of 2hamgaA and the *anding .<I# )arlier. " Nibiran $hirlbirds began lofting . The 7ommander a$arded Africa to )nki and his lineage. )nki moved to )le"hantine 4Abu5 >sland near As$an 42yene5.. Nebat and 2hamgaA decided to assassinate Asar. $ould succeed to rule of the fertile lo$er Nile area. and their sons. )nlil and )nki installed Ninmah in the "alace. 2hamgaA and 2atu invited Asar to an Astronaut and ?oyals banquet honoring Aso. gave son -arduk. =e a$arded Ninmah the entire 2inai% she $as his sister--a daughter of Nibiru's Ging Anu--as $ell as the mother of )nlil's son and heir Ninurta. no$ called . Asar 4@siris5 and 2atu 42eth5 sheltered on -arsbase $ith the >gigi 7ommnader. 9!!9 The *ost +ook of )nki "ages 9<: 9<<. and $hen Asar fell unconscious. su""orted by 1iasudra's son =am and his descendants.2hamgaA and his daughter Nebat lobbied 2atu. no$ called ?a. 2hamgaA drugged Asar's $ine. dykes and tunnels to control the Nile's flo$ to the -editerranean. )nki. )nlil follo$ed her "ro"osal. -istress of the -ountainhead. 2hamgaA agrued. 2ar"anit. su""orted by 1iusudra's sons 2hem and Fa"heth and their descendants. $ith )arthling su""orters too. Asar. 2o $hen )nlil gave 2inai--Tilmun 4*and of -issiles5 it $as called--he created neutral ground bet$een his o$n lineage and )nki's. leaving only 6""er )gy"t to 2atu and his >gigi friends.latform in *ebanon.NIN3A6 NE5OTIATES PEA7E% IS A:AR'E' SINAI Ninmah. )thio"ia's visiting Sueen.tah. DI8. living near -arduk. 2atu and Nebat settled in the mountains of southern 6""er )gy"t. Ninmah also e/ercised influence in )nki's lineage through her daughters $ith )nki. D.!!! years ago.# Asar and Asra settled near -arduk in the northern lo$lands of *o$er )gy"t. Ninurta built Ninmah a "alace on -t -oriah. 2atu. he su"ervised $orkers building dams. They convinced 2atu that he and the >gigi Astronauts had no chance of good land on )arth. &rom Abu. -arduk's boys. 1. 1. [2itchin. 2hamgaA. Asar and 2atu.eru's gold nuggets to the 2inai for trans"ort to Niburu to resume shielding the home "lanet's atmos"here $ith gold dust. 2hamgaA formed a close friendshi" $ith 2atu [2itchin. 7ommander )nlil allotted lands east of 2inai to his lineal descendants. The Bars of 0ods and -en. during the 0reat 3eluge of :. "eace "revailed on )arth.. a$arding her the title "Ninharsag. . )nki in turn a""ointed -arduk ruler of )gy"t. rule of )gy"t and the $orkers there. &or :!! years. his Ada"ite )arthling $ife. Asra 4>sis5J and Nebat 4Ne"hys5.HI! years ago. -arduk. "age :I% 2ee The *ost +ook of )nki "ages 9<9 .

2atu declared himself. As =oron fle$ his fighter to$ard 2atu. as the sole surviving son of -arduk.lace in *ebanon. the >gigi took )arthling $omen and ca"tured the *anding . 2atu challenged =oron to a one-to-one areal battle. >nstead. 0ibil taught =oron ho$ to "ilot aircraft. -arduk. =oron hit 2atu $ith the blinding $ea"on. 2he $ent into hiding and bore =oron 4=orus5. Nannar and Adad--sa$ the command of the gold mining e/"edition and control of )arth 4$hich they felt should be theirs alone5 threatened by )arthlings led by the descendants of )nki. and in IDH! +. 0ibil. The >gigi advanced to$ard the 2inai >nter"lanetary *anding 1one." >n a far-ranging aerial battle. -arduk's sons and his grandsons. The 7ouncil let 2atu live out his life. fashioned multi-headed missiles for him and taught him and his )arthlings ho$ to smelt iron and make iron $ea"ons for his )arthling armyMall to ready =oron to defeat 2atu.. )nki had Asta e/tract semen from Asar's cor"se and im"regnate herself $ith it.7. Asta announced her "regnancy and dis"uted 2atu's claim to *o$er )gy"t. in the name of -arduk's son 2atu. -arduk's brother 0ibil tutored =oron to manhood. . in 6""er )gy"t. )nlil and his lineage couldn't even esca"e )arth $hen the mining there $as done if -arduk and his allies controlled s"ace travel and communication $ith the home "lanet. 2hamgaA and the Astronauts ignored Asta. The "rinci"als of )nki's lineage. The >gigi Astronauts s"read their estates and their armies of )arthlings to$ard from *ebanon all the $ay to the borders of Ninmah's neutral Ferusalem region. NingishAidda gave =oron antidote and a "blinding $ea"on. =oron's army marched on 2inai. The . ?ather than face =oron's better-$ea"oned army. =oron bound 2atu and dragged him before the 7ouncil. in their com"etition among themselves. forged an alliance $ith the Astronaut 7or"s 4>gigi5. 2atu struck him $ith a "oisoned dart. )nki's eldest son. then $ith a har"oon. transferred much advanced technology to their )arthling minions. EN$I$ITES SEN' NIN RTA TO + I$' A$TERNATE TITI7A7A SPA7EPORT )nlil and his sons--Ninurta. -ean$hile. to no$ be the ruler of both 6""er and *o$er )gy"t. -arduk $anted to kill 2atu for killing his brother. &ollo$ing -arduk's e/am"le. 2ar"anit and -arduk. "articularly -arduk. $ere advancing on the 2"ace"ort in 2inai. )nkiites $ould determine ho$ much gold flo$ed from )arth to Nibiru. They'd rule )arth and Nibiru. $ithout the life-e/tension treatment. 2he raised =oron to fight 2atu and avenge Asar. +lind. The crash crushed his testicles. 3evelo"ments so far.lace of 7elestial 7hariots.Bord of Asar's murder reached Asta. &ully armed. but )nki forbade this. taught )arthlings commanded by -arduk's grandson =oron to make iron $ea"ons. 2atu crashed. They retrieved Asar's coffin from the sea. another of )nki's sons. )nlil and sons feared )nkiites $ould control )arth's s"ace facilities. among the Astronaut 7or"s. married to the Ada"ite )arthling 2ar"anit.

3umuAi became )nki's favorite son. "ages 9<I -9<D# >nto the intense and building rivalry bet$een )nki's and )nlil's lineages. Eenus. >nanna and her t$in $ere long-lived like home"lanet Nibirans. to Nibiru. Annutitum. "&rom there" Ninurta re"orted. Gno$n in later years as >shtar. The *ost +ook of )nki. The *ost +ook of )nki.. 3umuAu brought shee" and goats to )arth from Nibiru. The *ost +ook of )nki. the country > $ill rightly direct. Ashtoreth. 2itchin. in martial arts $ith Anunnaki heros [Nibirans on )arth# she com"eted. $ho. 1. she of )nlil an offs"ring [son's daughter#. ?ulers of Nibiru and )arth "am"ered >nanna." [2itchin 9!!9. . A skyshi" of her o$n. ">nanna by her "arents Nannar and Ningal $as beloved. $as called >rnini.98 # =ere's >nanna's +ackground.erchance the es"ousing "eace bet$een the linages truly $ill bring(' )nlil to them all did say. >nanna's visions of rulershi" and glory by 0eshtinanna to her brother -arduk $ere re"orted. he of )nki's lineage.. felt jealous. t$ins of Nannar 4)nlil's second son5. Ninni. 9!!9. on the *anding . $hen on )arth born $as running around. on )arth became a child% Bho on Nibiru began to cra$l. "N.98 # . )shdar. "To her >nanna $hat $as in her heart revealed. -arduk sent his sister 0eshtinanna to >nanna. )nlil [=er 0randfather# by her cradle sat. )nki's s"ouse. from there in need $e too can ascend" [2itchin. 1. =esitant at first they $ere. To 3umuAi > $ill status give. Gali and 2hakti. "Bho on Nibiru in dia"ers $ould still be. A"hrodite. 9!!9. After the deluge receded. >nnin. 3umuAi and >nanna their eyes on each other set. . 0enesis ?evisited. +ut the )arthborns matured faster. 9!!9. envied 3umuAi. 1. " 89# 3umuAi's +ackground. "gold shi"ments to Nibiru can continue. )nki "ut 3umuAi in charge of Africa's domestic herds and the humans tending them. +eautiful beyond describing she $as. =is queens"ouse > shall be. Athena. 9!!9. NA vision of a great nation > have. )nki's eldest. DH. 3umuAi accom"anied NingishAidda and their =ybrid half-brother. as a child.. The *ost +ook of )nki. bore 3umuAi 4a fast-maturing )arthborn like >nanna5 long after their sons NingishAidda and 0ibil. >nanna $as 7ommander )nlil's son's daughter-a royal member of the )nlil *ineage. +y >nanna's ambitions -arduk $as greatly disturbed% to 0eshtinanna a secret "lan he said. their darlings fall in love. -arduk. )nlil sent Ninurta to secretly build a communications center ne/t to *ake Titicaca.To counter this." [The *ost +ook of )nki. Ninurta built also a s"ace"ort on the "lains ne/t to the Andes. to her the Anunnaki "resented. 3amkina." [2itchin. to roam )arth's skies." )nkiite and )nlilite elders ho"ed they could heal the deadly rivalry bet$een their lineages if 3umuAi and >nanna $ed..98!# >nanna and brother 6tu.latform [*ebanon#. Ada"a.As a 0reat Anunnaki 3umuAi there $ill rise. "After the 3eluge. $ere both Nibirans born on )arth." [2itchin.

>nanna brought 3umuAi's body back to -eso"otamia and had 3umuAi mummified. >f she invoked her right to levirate. "+efore you your young $ife in your embrace $ill slee". >nanna fle$ to her sister's "lace. [2itchin.. to rise on a "&inal 3ay" and rejoin her bodily. 1. >nanna to bring back. And die >nanna did. she'd get Nergal to begat a son $ith her. +ut "from clay of the AbAu [Africa# )nki t$o emissaries [robotic androids# fashioned. fled to hide behind a $aterfall but sli""ed into the ra"ids and dro$ned. the . kee" succession $ithin the )nki *ineage#. 98:#. >nanna $ould usur" )rishkigal's and Nergal's "o$er in Africa. beings $ithout blood. >nanna forced her $ay in. should rule in Africa. but )reshkigal disarmed >nanna and hung her on a stake to die. Nibiru [The 7osmic 7ode. D. 2itchin identifies >nanna's mummification of 3umuAi as both a $ay for her to deal $ith her grief at 3umuAi's death and also as "art of a move by the Nibirans on )arth to "reserve the myth of their immortality.#. to lo$er AbAu he sent them.!! years on the home"lanet. the liaison $ith an )nlilite to disunite. )rkishkigal barred her entry. Then the dead >nanna arose" [2itchin. 3umuAi." >nanna's son to succession shall not be entitled. 9!!9. To try you and disgrace you he $ill order. evil emissaries to arrest you he $ill send. EN$I$ITES 'EFEAT ENKIITES% TRAP 3AR' K IN P9RA3I' >nanna led the )nlilites to $ar against -arduk for instigating 3umuAi's death. 3umuAi's brother Ninagal retrieved 3umuAi's body from *ake Eictoria. +ut -arduk's other brothers. then the Bater of *ife on her they s"rinkled. INANNA ..The *ost +ook of )nki. -arduk's brothers NingishAidda and Nergal refused to defend him. 9!!9. in her mouth. "@f scheming an heir by Nirgal. 1.. 3umuAi's brother. NER5A$ 7REATE 6EIR TO AFRI7A )rishkigal believed >nanna "ursued levirate. After she'd received his ejaculate. The *ost +ook of )nki. -arduk of ra"ing me $ill accuse you. Ninigal and 0ibil.-arduk had 0eshtinanna seduce 3umuAi. 1. his father )nki and -arduk's grandson =oron joined -arduk and his Astronaut 2ervice 4>gigi5 allies fighting the )nlilites. 0eshtinanna "anicked 3umuAi. 9!!9. Nibirans at the time $ere actually just very long-living. )rishkigal 4>nanna's sister5 in 2outh Africa.988#. by a sister born. A son by levirate $ould inherit 3umuAi's realms in northeast Africa. . . Bhen >nanna arrived at )reshkigal's "lace. $hereby a man im"regnates his dead brother's $ife. 2he told 3umuAi. 6"on the cor"se the clay emissaries a .ulser and an )mitter directed.The *ost +ook of )nki. >nanna $as accused" [2itchin. a legitimate heir. =e brought the body to their brother Nergal and his $ife.lant of *ife they "laced. ERIS6KI5A$ KI$$S SISTER INANNA $EST S6E . >nanna thought she. com"ared to )arthlings% one )arth year equals :. as $ido$ of Nergal's brother 3umuAi. by death rays unharmed. 2he said. "ages D!. you must have" [ie.988#. aghast.

. =e found -arduk unconscious but revived him." [2itchin.. 1. 9!!9.9. )nlil and )nki acce"ted Ninharsag's "ro"osal. his 7ham"ion. 9!!9. re"lace him $ith our son Ninurta. "A""eased not $as >nanna. a land uninhabited by the descendants of 1iasudra [)nki's hybrid son#. not -arduk shall you succeed. )ach one of them one stone for "lugging slid do$n.The *ost +ook of )nki. 1.The *ost +ook of )nki.The *ost +ook of )nki.98D#.# NingishAidda tunneled into -arduk's chamber. >shkur and Ninurta cornered -arduk in one of the "yramid's air-tight chambers. [2itchin. And he saved "the 0ug 2tone that directions determined.The *ost +ook of )nki. 1. )/ile -arduk.9.988#." All astronavigational communications and guidance $ould.. "*et the slo$ death. 9!!9.>nanna blinded =oron's right eye in the fight. The 7ham"ion thre$ a$ay equi"ment $recked by the fighting. his $ife 2ar"anit and their son Nabu to "a "lace $here horned beasts $ere hunted. >nanna's brother 6tu held off the >gigi in 2inai. )nlil ordered. stay in lands he and his clansmen ruled. -arduk's =ybrid )arthling $ifeMtheir young son Nabu in hand. begging her to s"are -arduk. . >shkur and Nannar--sat $ith Ninharsag and >nanna.lace of the 7elestial 7hariots $as choosen.lace of the 7hariots [The rocket base at 2inai# $as. -arduk as in a tomb to seal" [2itchin.:#. 1. 6tu [Nannar's son# as commander of the . '&or the death of my beloved 3umuAi." [2itchin. EN$I$ RE>ASSI5NS AREAS OF A T6ORIT9 :IT6 NONE FOR INANNA )nlil. >nanna and )nlil's sons. >n the "yramid. the 2tone of 3irecting.lace of the Navel of the )arth $as confirmed. the mount $as called. by alive being buried.' >nanna retorted. 1. his lady and his sons--Ninurta. 6"on its "eak the 0ug 2tone. )nlil e/iled -arduk. )nlil a$arded Ninurta. Ninurta and >shkurCAdad attacked -arduk from aircraft. Ninharsag told )nlil." [2itchin. in Nannar's lands $as included.!#.. active rule of )arth. =e destroyed $ea"ons he couldn't use but salvaged the inter"lanetary landing beacon. -arduk retreated into the beacon "yramid [0iAa#. >nanna.9. )nlil a$arded Nannar "The "eninsula $herein the .. The >gigi [Astronauts# -$ho'd sided $ith -arduk--must get out of the *anding . 9!!9. $as installed---ount -ashu.The *ost +ook of )nki. -ount of the 2u"reme 7elestial +arque. [2itchin. )nlilite 7ham"ion Ninurta and his men e/"lored the )nkiites' astronavigational guidance systems and secret $ea"ons. 9!!9. "To re"lace the inca"acitated beacon a mount near the . 2ar"anit "rostrated herself before >nanna. $ithin its innards tha salvaged crystals $ere rearranged.lace in *ebanon. @n foot. 2outh and )ast of *ebanon-the lands the rebellious astronauts and their hybrid children had occu"ied. NIN6ARSA5 NE5OTIATES 6ER SON NIN RTA TO S 77EE' TO EART6-S R $E IN E=76AN5E FOR 3AR' K-S $IFE Ninharsag brought her feuding brothers 7ommander )nlil and )nki into the confrontation bet$een 2ar"anit and >nanna. the >nstigator must die. 9!!9.lace and the lands to the North.9..9.The *ost +ook of )nki. )nlil gave >shkur the *anding . Ninurta. 1.<#. be -arduk's sentence( >nanna her consent gave. and >nanna's father Nannar and her brother 6tu to "lead for -arduk's life. )nki brought 2ar"anit.

> led the $ar against -arduk and that too entitles me to my o$n domain. Anu's self-styled secret . To come to )arth Anu decided. fe$ $ere their "erfect descendants. "+y that $as Anu greatly "uAAled. 3umuAi. The *ost +ook of )nki. "=o$ >nanna's demands to satisfy the leaders contem"lated. The t$o sons [)nki and )nlil# looked old and bearded% Ninharsag. she declared. >n the dream.!!! )arth Pears.//. . 1. As 3umuAi's Sueen to +e. once a beauty. -S R SES TO KEEP T6E AN NNAKI FOSTERIN5 NI+IRAN> EART6$IN5 69+RI'S )nki told Anu. from mountainlands to dried lo$lands they $ent.< -9. )riki's )ridu and )nlil's Nibru-ki. ?egarding the )arth and its resettling. =er +etrothed.. The *ost +ook of )nki. ho$ to make the many the fe$ obey and serve..echaria Sitchin-s . The )nlilite leaders a""ealed to Ging Anu on Nibiru. @f 7iviliAed -ankind by [)nki's son# 1iusudra there $ere descendants.." said the Nibiran Ging. he found the boat's "lans engraved on a stone tablet beside his bed. >n the distant lands Ga-in's kinfolk survived. though greater in 2hars $ere the "arents. About :I!! +. @ffs"ring of the >gigi [Astronaut 7or"s# $ho intermarried roamed about. 0alAu sho$ed )nki a "lan for a submersible vessel for 1iasudra. )nki told his father and siblings ho$. $as bent and $rinkled. the Anunnaki built 6nug-ki. in an area 46ruk5 that $as not controlled by either )nki or )nlil. Anu had not visited )arth for H. About all that.-kno$n in )gy"t as Thoth--to re"lace -arduk as *ord of Nile *ands. =o$ over -ankind lofty to remain. $ith Anunnaki [Nibirans# seed they $ere intermi/ed. on $aking. Anu and his $ife Antu landed at Tilmun.9. 1. 9!!9. 9!!9. >nanna )ru"ted. They rebuilt homes for )nki and )nlil on the silt that covered their "redeluvian abodes. &rom the time of the 3eluge [ . $as entitled to the 6""er Nile to rule $ith her." [2itchin.!!!+7# almost t$o 2hars [H. They "leaded $ith him to visit )arth and deal $ith >nanna.I#.7. "Never did > send a secret "leni"otentiary to )arth. she should be ruler of the Nile. a ne$ tem"le in )den. )nlil and Ninharsag his dream of 0alAu. aging to e/amine. about the future the leaders $ith Anu $ords e/changed. e(ic The $ost +oo0o1 En0i2 3emoirs an) Pro(hecies o1 an E4traterrestrial 5o) AN N7O8ERS 5A$. "&e$ and lofty $ere the Anunnaki $ho from Nibiru had come.9!! years# have "assed. "At each other they looked. )nlil and Ninharsag--Anu' s three children--greeted them. "ages 9. )nki.leni"otentiary. -arduk had caused 3umuAi's death and she should be 3umuAi's successor of 6""er Nile. En0i S(ea0s2 (Part 6 o1 6) NI+IRAN ASTRONA TS +RE' S% <//%/// 9EARS A5O% TO S$A8E b# Sasha $essin% Ph&'& sashalessin(h)* aol&com base) on . younger than the children they looked. The )arthlings have "roliferated. +ut for Ging Anu's visit to )arth." [2itchin. his clan and the villagers $ho $ould hel" build it.8# >n the H!!! years since the 3eluge. $ords $ith Anu [on Nibiru# they e/changed.Bhen )nlil let )nki chose NingishAidda. >nanna shouted. The Anunnaki "ioneers had reclaimed -eso"otamia.

but $ith eli/irs cured it $as. 7ITIES% R $ERS% PRIESTS FOR EART6$IN5SB 7IT9 TE3P$ES FOR AN NNAKI @n his si/th day of this visit to )arth. )nlil and his lineage. only emissaries are $e. the Anunnaki as lofty lords to serve and $orshi".. The *ost +ook of )nki. Ging Anu summoned daughter Ninharsag and his sons. Gingshi" as on Nibiru on )arth establish. if not yours $as 0alAuK' )nki and )nlil in unison said. Anu said. so did 0alAu to us say. 1. $ork and de/terity to enforce% in the sacred "recincts a "riesthood to establish. "0ive -ankind kno$ledge." " 'Bhose emissary.9H ." [2itchin. as $ell as the nearby coasts and islands. Around :I!! +. 1. cro$n and sce"ter to a chosen man give. 1iasudra's eldest son. 9H8#. let it so be. by him the $ord of the Anunnaki to the "eo"le convey.ersian 0ulf to the -editerranean. "To create civiliAed regions the 0reat Anunnaki decide. "Bhile fates $e decreed. on )arth and for )arthlings. [2itchin. "Bhatever 3estiny for the )arth and )arthlings. Ninharsag.lace at *ebanon. and his descendents. "@n account of 0alAu 1iasudra and the seed of life $ere saved. 2hem and Fa"het the &air.. >ncredulous of that $as Anu% the change in cycles [bet$een )arth and Nibiru# indeed havoc did cause. *a$s of justice and righteousness teach them then de"art and *)AE). let us destiny hel". $ho on )arth made us stayK' &or the 7reator of All did 0alAu a""ear. civiliAation to -ankind convey. three---eso"otamia. 9!!9. Borkmaster of )arthlings in )din5. ruled the nations from the highlands running from the . and >ndus Ealley--to be ruled through )nki the sons of his son 1iasudra $ith the Ada"ite hybrid +atanash 4$ife of his son Ada"a's descendant. not Anunnaki to inherit the )arth is destined.. 2hem. the +lack and 7as"ian 2eas. therein kno$ledge -ankind to "rovide. )nlil and )nki to the "alace they'd built him at 6nug-ki. The )arth to the )arthlings belong. secrets of heaven and )arth them teach. 2hem's descendents settled the e/-s"ace"ort area of >raq and the *anding . >f -an. ordained they "rotect and develo" the hybrid )arthlings they bred by gene s"lice and se/ual congress." "'The day you to Nibiru return.. 2ecret kno$ledge to be taught. ?egion . 7ities of -an to establish. to "reserve and advance them $e $ere intended. they decided. via 0alAu.)nki and )nlil e/claimed. )nlil re"orted the rich gold discovery in the Andes. @n account of 0alAu on )arth $e remained.7. 2hem's brother Fa"het ruled for the )nlilites from the highlands of Asia -inor. )nlil's lineage's domain. you shall die'. "ages 9H .9H9# The Ging decreed four regions. 9!!9.. as they recovered from the flood. )gy"t and Africa. . The $ill of the 7reator of All is. the hand of destiny at every ste" directed. decreed the Ging. *u--ach. rule -eso"otamia through their designated kings. The *ost +ook of )nki. therein sacred "recincts abodes for the Anunnaki create. Anu. descendants of 1iasudra's sons. =e related that since he. 'Bho the )arthlings to save $anted. and )nlil realiAed the 7reator of All had." Ninharsag asserted that the creation of the )arthlings $as also destined by the 7reator of All.

>nanna $as to be Anu's bedmate henceforth on his visits to )arth.. then ceremonially offered her to Anu. DI8.. 1. Anu gifted >nanna $ith the 6ruk tem"le and the skyshi" he $as using to survey )arth. 9!!9.:8% 9!!9.." [2itchin. The *ost +ook of )nki." in @f =eaven and )arth.?egion 9. and *ibya. 2itchin. The Third ?egion [>ndia# after the second one $ell come( her leaders thus assured her. >nanna's domain.9H9# AN TAKES INANNA AS TANTRI7 $O8ERB T6EIR SA7RE' SE= A$ 7ERE3ONIA$ NION P$E8E$S AN % INANNA% T6E RO9A$S AN' A$$ NI+IRANS "Anu to his great-granddaughter >nanna took a liking% he dre$ her closely. Antu and the Nibiran elite meditated outside the love-chamber as Anu and >nanna conjugated.. his $ife and elite grou" shared ecstasy. >nanna raged $hile the -eso"otamian domains of her lineage 4the other )nlilites5 $ere being built in the first region. 7ush..Ninharsag $ould directly rule. Anu gave his great granddaughter the name >nanna. ?egion :. "ages . "ages 9D. 7ush. "age 9HD# . "age 9H:# At Anu's tem"le at 6ruk 4)rech5.# Nonetheless. )d. 3ivine )ncounters. [&erguson. Ninharsag's domain. Ging Anu ordered )nki and his descendents rule )gy"t and Africa though the descendants of 1iasudra's son =am the 3ark. Nubia. gave >nanna se/ual instruction. 1. The Bars of 0ods and -en. "age D9# 3elighted. 1. )nki's lineage's domain. he hugged and kissed her. Tilmun 42inai5. Anu "roclaimed >nanna $ould rule the >ndus Ealley 4to be settled around 9I!! +. >nanna $as to administer the tem"le district in 6ruk through a "riestCking $ho $as her "aternal ne"he$ 4the son of her brother 6teC2hamash by an )arthling female. 1. [2itchin.7. 1. 9!!9. "The se/ual e/"erience $as a merging of energies $hich enhanced the creative "o$ers of both "arners and the aggregate of their race. "ages 9H . Antu.. )thio"ia.5 as a grain-source for the other regions ?egion <. . =am's line ruled 7aanan.H.. This Ging announced this region reserved e/clusively for Nibirans and their immediate descendents. 2umer's sacred "recinct. Anu's $ife. -iAra'im.5 [2itchin. ">nanna ?eturns. The *ost +ook of )nki. The *ost +ook of )nki. E. The forth region. beginning from the highlands and s"reading to the reclaimed lo$lands. "All the $hile the domain of her o$n she demanded.. As the Ging and his ne$ consort cou"led. "Anu's +eloved%" 2he'd been called >rnini before this. e"i"hany and satori." [2itchin." &erguson suggests much of the tantric kno$ledge of sacred cou"ling to u"level individual and grou" consciousness $as concealed from the hybrids till >nanna began sharing it $ith her human intimates. )gy"t.

DD!.. arts. The *ost +ook of )nki. the son of and successor to her ne"he$.." [2itchin. 9!!9.ersian 0ulf." [2itchin. @n the run$ay of the ne$ facility. >nanna resolved to e/"and her ceremonial center at 6ruk into a city. ruled by )nmerkar. grand as the cities dedicated to the other )nlilite Astronauts. 1. -arduk's ire > myself have caused. observatory and metallurgy 4tin5 $orks Ninurta built at *ake Titicaca. >nanna visited )nki at AbAu. 1. courts. "Anu and Antu's celestial chariot stood ready. 2he noted that )nki had given )nlil's heir. *ebanon by the Astronaut cor"s. $agon and $heelmaking and la$. " [2itchin. >nanna's grandfather. "age 9H9 -9H8# Anu summonsed his grandson. 2he had her "ilot take the -)s back to 6ruk before )nki ca"tured her. 0reat-uncle )nki had the -)s. smithing. to the home"lanet. $riting.9I #. )nlil ordered kingshi" of 2umer transferred to >nanna's city of 6ruk. $ho $as in e/ile in North America. masonry. &or his marriage and the subsequent seiAure of 9!! =ybrid $ives and the s"ace"ort at +aalbek. Ninurta.INANNA SE' 7ES ENKI FOR PRO5RA3S FOR R K ?ather than just $ait. 2ar"anit. The *ost ?ealms "age 988. seduced him and had him hand her the -) chi"s she needed to create her city. 6ncle )nki could hel" her start a city and thrill her $ith advanced se/ual "ractices too. 3amkina. >nanna. Anu's "redecessor. "age 9H9# . AN PAR'ONS 3AR' K% 'EPARTS TIA6 ANA7 FOR NI+IR Anu and Sueen Antu fle$ 4>n the skyshi" he $as leaving to >nanna5 $ith )nlil's sons Ninurta and AdadC>shkurC Teshub 4kno$n in the Andes as Eiracocha5 to the Tiahuanancu tem"le. "age 9H9# -arduk and his son Nabu came before Anu at the ne$ s"ace"ort. 0reat 6ncle )nki used to flirt $ith her $hen he came to his villa on the . )nlil. "+y right the -)s > have obtained. his "alace in southeast Africa. had married )nki and bore -arduk. 2he got )nki drunk. -arduk told the king that 2ar"anit had died. 9!!9. the Nibiran 7ouncil banned -arduk from Nibiru and succession there. too. statecraft. Anu "ardoned -arduk and commuted his e/ile. )nki himself "laced them in my hand "laced them( 2o did >nanna to )nlil say% the truth )nki meekly admitted. They vie$ed the s"ace"ort Ninurta built on the "lain belo$ Titicaca as an alternative to +aalbek $hen -arduk and the >gigi took over in *ebanon. beermaking. a city dedicated to her. heard of her "light and fle$ to )ridu to confront )nki. but not -arduk. To make 6ruk a city. The *ost +ook of )nki. And ca"ture her he did% )nki held >nanna in his -eso"otamian villa at )ridu and tried to get the -)s back. $ho $as su""osed to succeed Alalu. to the ne$ 2"ace"ort ato" the Andes. =e had -)s for $ea"onry.. 9!!9. >nanna used the -)s to make 6ruk from a tem"le "recinct into a mighty city state. -arduk's mother. "ottery. The *ost +ook of )nki. including the "rograms for mathmatics. daughter of Alalu. Anu $ondered if "by 3umuAi and NingishAidda to Nibiru inviting. The *ost +ook of )nki. needed -)s. $ith gold to the brim it $as loaded. math. -arduk had once been heir to the throne of Nibiru itself. 9!!9. Anu blamed himself for adding to -arduk's hurt "ride by favoring -arduk's younger brothers 3umuki and NingishAidda $hen he invited them. 1. fifty -)s. -arduk. [2itchin. +ut Anu de"osed Alalau and -arduk married =ybrid )arthling. metallurgy.

[2itchin. $ho $as designated . "age 9H8 -9H. -arduk and Nabu came to stay at )nki's "lace in )ridu. )nlil ordered >shkur to stay and guard the stronauts' 2outh American facilities $hile the other Nibiran )arth -ission leaders returned to -eso"otamia. "ages 9H. from his rebuilt city of 2i""ar. =e blamed >nanna as a cause of the death of his brother. Antici"ating trouble from -arduk."Anu to his children $ords of guidance said. )nki had tried to get the -)s back. The *ost +ook of )nki. [2itchin. The *ost +ook of )nki. his. as $ell as 6ruk. -arduk raged about the ne$ 2outh American s"ace"ort and the a$ard of regions. $ere 8!s. )nki $as <!. to 6ng-ki kingshi" shall "ass. not >nanna. The *ost +ook of )nki. 6tu.ersian 0ulf. armory for his missiles and a tem"le-home for himself and his $ife. lusting and enchanted by her." [2itchin. No$. 9!!9. 9!!9. "age 9I # -arduk felt he. These Astronauts $ere to hereafter by designated "gods". These ?oyals $ere given numerical ranks% )arthlings must serve them in their res"ective "recincts. "Age of the +ull. "age 9H8# After Anu and Antu fle$ back to Nibiru. ?emember that >nanna had. )nlil and his successor and son by Ninharsag. seduced )nki and got him. u" to a measure secrets of heaven and )arth them teach. 1. for $hich he. >shkurCAdad returned from the Andes to a tem"le in the mountains north of -eso"otamia. but )nlil had not only said >nanna could kee" them for 6ruk. let us destiny hel". 1. -arduk bitterly noted.the ?oyals--and their "ure Nibiran descendents. Nannar $as given the city of 6rim. Ninurta. 9!!9. Gishi.. had been blamed." and set his sons to teach -eso"otamian )arthlings they controlled to use bricks to build cities of mud about tem"les for the *eading Astronauts-. The to" gods. Ninurta had journeyed to )ridu to get the com"uter "rograms 4-)s5 he needed for a human city. should succeed Ninurta as the *ord $hom the ne/t line of )arth kings should obey. their rocket filled $ith gold. to""ed only by Anu. 9!!9. $as given the task of creating la$s for the humans. 1. to give her -)s $hich $ould let her convert her -eso"otamian tem"le "recinct at 6ruk into a king-ruled city dedicated to her. The *ost +ook of )nki. Nannar's son 6tuC2hamash $as 9!. not Anunnaki. -arduk. The "gods" rebuilt the cities of )dinC-eso"otamia% in each city there they built a tem"lehome for its "rinci"al god. and that "Bhen ther time term of Gishi shall be com"leted. +au. his sister >nanna. Ninurta got *agash.!. )nlil's son Nannar $ith 2udCNinlil $as :!. >nanna $as Anu's consort and Anu had a$arded her her o$n region in >ndia. 0ive -ankind kno$ledge. 3umuAi. 8....# )nlil named the "resent era. . $here he had a both a hangar for his aircraft. -arduk raged $hen he heard that >nanna also no$ had "recedence over him in -eso"otamia. la$s of justice and righteousness teach them. >f -ankind. 1. in reaction. the first city ruled by a Ada"ite king $hom Ninurta a""ointed. to inherit the )arth is destined. -9HI# The Anunnaki lords created Ninurta's city." [2itchin. then de"art and leave. traveled to )ridu on the . $hile he $as drunk.

1.. The *ugal re"resented the *ords to the Ada"ites there. -arduk taught the gathered hybrid )arthlings to make bricks for +abylon. They shifted their administrative centers from Gush to >nanna's 6ruk.8% 9!!9. ruled great estates in *ebanon and 2umer. The *ost +ook of )nki. Nabu. Bith his o$n s"ace"ort. "age ! .. his eldest son. )nlil told his lineage lieutenants. . commanded." +ut ")nlil to -arduk's a""eal "aid no heed. )nlil asked -arduk to dro" the "roject "eacefully. DD8. )nlil's grandson.. >n :H. 8 ! years.EN$I$ITES +O3+ 3AR' K-S +A+9$ON SPA7EPORT% 7ONFO N' EART6$IN5 $AN5 A5ES Bhen -arduk heard )nlil gave rule of 6ruk to his grandaughter >nanna. summoned these >gigi communities." [2itchin. The *ost +ook of )nki.7. then to Akad--all areas ruled by the the Anunnaki 7ouncil. 7. >f $e allo$ this to ha""en.! +. -arduk could challenge the )nlilite s"ace"ort on the 2inai. The )nlilites staged a night airraid and destroyed the launch to$er and the )nkiite cam" at +abylon. 9!!9. "ages 9I . -arduk's son.-"-arduk an un"ermitted 0ate$ay to =eaven is building. the Astronauts 4>gigi5 $ho'd abducted Ada"ite beauties at -arduk's $edding.tah's region. Their estates and the number of their servants gre$ as the >gigi *ords continued infusing their genes $ith the genes of the servants. 1. 9: successive *ugals ruled the Ada"ites. -arduk fled to )nkiC.9I9#.-sons and grandchildren. 3ivine )ncounters. the "ort 6tuC2hamash." "This evil "lan must be sto""ed. )nlilite-a""ointed lugals ruled the *and +et$een the ?ivers for '9<. the *ugal. +A+E$ 5OT T6E +A++$E Pet. +y :<8! +. -arduk's allies. " said )nlil's 7ham"ion. $hich $as to be his s"ace"ort. Ninurta. )nlil' s grandaughter >nanna choose the first Ging. to )arthlings he is entrusting. no other matter of -ankind shall be unreached. -aduk "a sacred city of his o$n in the )din from )nlil he forth$ith demanded. The )nlilites scattered -arduk's 'servants" and "rogrammed them to different languages and scri"ts. but -arduk ke"t building the launch to$er of +abylon [2itchin. "age 9I # The )nlilites $ere firmly in control of most of -eso"otamia. the Nile..

1amush. "age : !#. 1. N"Bhen -arduk [no$ called ?a#. her kingdom in 2umer. kno$n in )gy"t as . Thoth. 9!!9. R K IN S 3ER >nanna. $as in the valley of a meandering great river [>ndus# located. he guided the building of the 2tonehenge around 9I!!+7 [2itchin.tah could at last settle ?a do$n in )gy"t.tah."[2itchin. )nki created a ne$ language and scri"t for Aratta. ordered Thoth to *eave )gy"t to ?a. 9!!9. )nki said >nanna could share $ith Aratta the -)s she'd already seduced out of him for 6ruk. once NingishAidda. &or the ne/t :8! years. &inally. Trium"hant. $hich $as once to have been his "atrimony. beyond even seven mountain ranges. FA7E OF RA-S SON ASAR REP$A7ES T6OT6 ON SP6IN= ?a re$rote )gy"tian history. . And he honored &ather . 1. @rdered by )nlil. >nanna a""ointed an Ada"ite =ybrid 2he"ard-7hief 4descended from her deceased fiancO 3umuAi5 Ging of Aratta. the Nile. [2itchin. $ith granaries they $ere filled. to the *and of the T$o Narro$s [)gy"t# returned. "age 9!!9% The *ost +ook of )nki. ho$ever. )/iled. . Aratta [=ara""a# the Booded ?ealm. $ho had hithertofore been honored $ith her brother 6tu as one of the t$o namesakes in the 7onstellation The T$ins. DD:. the armies of brothers -ardukC?a and NigishAiddaC Thoth clashed over )gy"t. $here Thoth. took a band of his follo$ers in : :+7 to -esoamerica. $as given. NingishAidda [called Thoth in )gy"t# as its master he there found. Thoth moved on. . $as the Third ?egion. Bhen Time +egan. their father. -arduk's son. "age 9I< .tah as )nki hadn't been able to give -arduk rule of Nibiru." ?a re"laced Thoth's image on the "2tone *ion" 42"hin/5. $hat -arduk had once "lanned and instructed by NingishAidda $as overturned. )nki refused. to give Aratta the com"uter "rograms 4-)s5 that $ould let >ndus 7iviliAation function as a $orld "o$er. The *ost +ook of )nki. Ninmah's "lace as the Anunnaki named in the 7onstellation The -aiden [Eirgo# . There too t$o cities $ith mud bricks they built. $as no$ SueAecoatl. as recognition of her gro$ing "o$er. *and of 2i/ty . )nki. after he'd finished $ith 2tonehenge. $as its highland called." [2itchin. 1.recious 2tones. ">n the eastern lands. DD:. +ut .. 9IH#. The ne$ face of the 2"hin/ $as no$ Asar. INANNA R $ES T6E T6IR' (IN' S) RE5ION . after a long absence. Bith the aid of offs"ring of the Anunnaki [astronauts from Nibiru# $ho )arthlings es"osed did NingishAidda the land oversee. "age 9I.9I8#.3AR' KCRA RET RNS TO E59PT% 'ISP$A7ES +ROT6ER NIN5IS6. ?a reunited )gy"t. "age 9I<#. Bhen Time +egan. the Binged 2er"ent. relegating Thoth to "the 3ivine -easurer.tah.I''AC T6OT6 -arduk fled to )nki's region... The *ost +ook of )nki.tah gave his son the -)s 4su"er com"uter "rograms5 to make )gy"t "ros"er% he gave ?a all his kno$ledge e/ce"t ho$ to revive the dead. >nanna's >ndus Ealley 7iviliAation. >n the great "lain did the "eo"le cultivate cro"s of grains and horned cattle herd.

>nanna shuttled in her skyshi" bet$een Aratta and 6ruk. "ages 9IH-9ID#. not to her granted. 9!!9." INANNA +E'S +AN'A AS ' 3 . -arduk as ?a $ith 3estiny tangled. "@n the $ay back. "A =ouse for Nighttime . Bhen he'd learned it. )nmerkar demanded Aratta s$ear feality to 6ruk. >n the message. that the $ar be settled by a contest bet$een only one Arattan and one 6rukan cham"ion. for her 3umuAi she still mourned. other domains.leasure she established. >nanna hallucinated that +anda $as 3umuAi. "age 9D #. +y >nanna $as the bitter end started. to his death $as +anda abandoned. >nanna no$ ruled t$o kingdoms. The *ost +ook of )nki. 9!!9. the Astronauts' scribe." [2itchin. in her heart she coveted. @n -ount =urmu.. on the night of their $eddings. >n 6ruk. "age 9D #. 1. and ">n the Third ?egion.. *ong life. >nanna's father. she lured him. $ith flo$ers bedecked. +ut the Arattan Ging couldn't read the inscri"tion in 2umerian. a blissful future to them she "romised% that her lover 3umuAi $as she imagined. " +ut "each one in the morning in her bed $as found dead. 1. =is comrades raised his neck. or if )nmerkar insisted on $ar. After ten years. in the sunrays 3umuAi's image she sa$ shimmering and beckoning. my beloved( she called him. Bhen she fle$ about. her love's desire unquenched remained... =er second ruler in 6ruk." >n her dreams and visions. "2ubmission or Bar( " The Aratta Ging $rote in re"ly that he'd "refer trade--Aratta's "recious stones for the -)s of 6ruk.. To this young heroes. )nmerkar's emissary bore an inscribed message to Aratta. +anda. )nmerkar sent his son. The *ost +ook of )nki. $ithout the breath of life it $as. 3umuAi told her he'd return and share $ith her the "*and of the T$o Narro$s.. 1.. 2he hallucinated 3umuAi. .. 6tu5 sent an emissary to the Arattan Ging. "To her bed. "Bhat to >nanna $as entrusted she neglected. >nanna restless and ungratified $as. "A miracle( e/cited >nanna shouted. The *ost +ook of )nki.. "3umuAi. 7iviliAed -ankind did not fully blossom. +anda fell sick% his s"irit left him. 9!!9. Aratta on the >ndus and 6ruk in 2umer. revived +anda and +anda got back to 6ruk. )nmerkar 4a direct Ada"an =ybrid descendant of >nanna's t$in brother. $ith s$eet $ords she lured.I RES RRE7TE' +AN'A Then 6tu. teach him Arattan scri"t. carrying the "eace message." [2itchin. "Fourneying bet$een 6nug-ki and Aratta." 2o the "eace message never reached )nmerkar." [2itchin. on the $ay from Aratta. -y beloved 3umuAi to me came back( ">n her abode +anda $as bathed. to Aratta $ith a message in Arattan. )nmerkar asked his grandfather 6tu to have Nisaba. but she $as craAy. 2he ruled.

bathe and groom himself . the . $ith )nlil's "ermission. The *ost +ook of )nki. -arduk "ondered >nanna's "roclamation of immortality of Anunnaki "gods. $ent to the rocket"ad at +aalbek. 0ilgamesh then "ursued longevity by "lant means.. as Ging of 6ruk.. demanded Anu release the gurard-bull at the launch"ad. -arduk devised for )gy"t "a clever $ay $here$ith the loyalty of kings and "eo"le to retain. 2he sa$ them break )nlil's security robot. 1.. *ebanon to "lead $ith the astronauts for immortality. )nmerkar. As 0ilgamesh and )nkidu $atched a rocket launch. enraged. 0ilgamesh and his guard-android. >nanna shouted. >n a tunnel in 2inai he met )nki's son. Then to call herself a goddess >nanna decided. NINS N +E5AT 5I$5A3IS6B 5I$5A3IS6 SEEKS I33ORTA$IT9 +anda succeeded his father." =is )gy"tian kings $ould journey after death to Nibiru to enjoy immortality among the gods. glorious >shtar [>nanna# raised an eye at the beauty of 0ilgamesh. [2itchin. 1. *ebanon.land >nanna $ould have ruled $ith 3umuAi had not -arduk engineered 3umuAi's death. Anu com"lied. >n *ebanon. "ages :9 . 0ilgamesh.. sought the launch"ad at +aalbek." [2itchin. +ut $hen 0ilgamesh had the "lant. "At the entrance to the 7edar &orest its fire-belching monster their $ay blocked." [2itchin. -arduk believed. a snake [snake may symbol an )nki agent# snatched it from him and so 0ilgamesh. 1iusudra and his s"ouse from getting old it "revented. 3ivine )ncounters." =e contem"lated the human longing for immortality that motivated 0ilgamesh's failed attem"ts to live forever. >nanna.H9#. =e journeyed all the $ay to the 2"ace"ort in 2inai. 0rant me the fruit of thy love(" +ut $hen he declined her offer.o$er of >mmortality it im"lied. "ages 9D8# The immortality cult he devised for the )gy"tian "haraohs $ould.eo"le of the Nile behind him in his struggle $ith >nanna. . +anda. "7ome.INANNA INITIATES ON5OIN5 I33ORTA$IT9 D EST "Bhen in the morning +anda $as alive. unify the . The *ost +ook of )nki. Ninsun. be thou my lover. 9!!9. +anda married Ninurta's daughter. eventually died. 9!!9. they found the tracks of the security robot and follo$ed them to the launch"ad. The bull charged 0ilgamesh and )nkidu but 0ilgamesh stabbed it $hile )nkidu held it. $ho bore 0ilgamesh. -arduk could use this yearning for immortality to th$art >nanna's ambitions of $orld domination as $ell as her s"ecific claim to the *and of the Narro$s--no$ under -arduk's control-. his son 0ilgamesh. ho"ing to get trans"orted to Nibiru to gain the immortality his mother and the Anunnaki all a""arently enjoyed. near >nanna's home..To "ieces it they broke. )nkidu. the "o$er of dying in my hands $as "laced. still alive all these centuries after the 3eluge." )nki.and later. "age 9D9# +AN'A . immortality by me is granted. a "lant in the garden's $ell $as gro$ing.. said 1iusudra. "1iusudra to 0ilgamesh the secret of longliving he revealed. 1iusudraCNoah. like most of the hybrids. DD8. 1.. >nanna $atched them from her skychamber. granted 0ilgamesh this "lant too." "Batching 0ilgamesh take off his clothes..

"ages9D!." =is )gy"tian kings $ould journey after death to Nibiru to enjoy immortality among the gods. 1.eo"le of the Nile behind him in his struggle $ith >nanna. The 7ouncil of T$elve "ut >nanna's &ather's +rother. -arduk believed. their "o$ers and attributes he to himself assigned. by "the coming Age of the ?am.. INANNA . The *ost +ook of )nki. -arduk's constellation.. -arduk could use the =ybrids' yearning for immortality to insure their loyalty to him. '6nheard of are your "retensions( ' ''The heavens my su"remacy bes"eak. the )nlilites. mobiliAed their humans to challenge the )nlilites. for !!! years. =ere she and her lineage--the )nlilites--$ho controlled the citystates tributary to >nanna. 9!!9. "2o did -arduk. 1. -arduk devised for )gy"t "a clever $ay $here$ith the loyalty of kings and "eo"le to retain. -arduk and his son Nabu nevertheless. [2itchin. $here -arduk had retreated and de"osed Thoth. [2itchin.. "To >nanna. in control of the 2inai s"ace"ort. the &irst ?egion. The *ost +ook of )nki." >nanna $ith her $ea"ons. as ?a." =is rule $as "roclaimed. ran -eso"otamia. encouraged the hybrid )arthlings to $orshi" and serve them. above all other gods himself em"lace. 9DI#. E59PT2 3AR' KCRA% 5O' 5ENERATIN5 A$$ OT6ERS% OFFERS P6ARAO6S I33ORTA$IT9 +ut in )gy"t 42econd ?egion5. Nannar. of -arduk the adversary. The *ost +ook of )nki. 9!!9. To >nanna. "age :!!#. SAR5ON E=TEN' 6ER PO:ER O8ER 3OST OF 3ESOPOTA3IA >n the &irst ?egion to unify the lands under one leader the Anunnaki leaders $anted a $arrior king. The 7ouncil transferred the energy source kno$n as "The =eavenly +right @bject. The 7ouncil "ut her father. marking )nlil's rule% not the ?am. 9!!9." his sign. he told his father. the god ?a aka -arduk.INANNA . 3AR' K FI56T TO R $E EART6 2o -arduk "ondered >nanna's "roclamation of immortality of Anunnaki "gods. in control of the landing "lace at +aalbek 4*ebonon5. . -arduk allo$ed $orshi" of one su"reme deity. 6ncle Adad. The immortality cult he devised for the )gy"tian "haraohs $ould. 1. the task of the right man to find they entrusted" [2itchin. The Nibirans and their )arthlings e/amined the heavens and found sun still rose in the constellation the +ull. unify the . armies and "o$ers of immortality held the kingshi" of 2umer." =e contem"lated the human longing for immortality that motivated 0ilgamesh's failed attem"ts to live forever.' -arduk ans$ered. "ages 9D8# S 3ER2 INANNACIS6TAR 7ONSO$I'ATES 6ER 6E5E3ON9 >nanna and her line. ''Bhat has you over"o$eredK ' )nki to his son -arduk said.

They left *agash. +ut in 9: . 9!!9. ">n the heart of )din. as never before on )arth. the area northeasten of 2umer to >nanna's 6ncle Ninurta and avoided +abylon. "age DH# INANNA .. E. >nanna convinced )nlil to ratify her choice of a $arrior king." [2itchin.. >nanna chose her gardener." in @f =eaven and )arth.7. The blood of "eo"le. $as Nannar's father. Nergal and his retinue of +lack )arthlings left south Africa for +abylon.>n 9<!! +. "age :! # 2he and 2argon fought -arduk% both sides used laser $ea"onry on each other's )arthlings. like rivers flo$ed. )n route to +abylon. >nanna $atched hel"lessly as the man she once loved "assionately crumbled into a "athetic drunk afflicted by insomnia. ">nanna ?eturns. They fortified the city and diverted rivers from the other 2umerian cities." =e died besieged by -arduk's minions. "age D8# 2argon began his rise $hen he sa$ >nanna snooAe in his garden. in the midst of the &irst ?egion. E... >nanna. 2argon and >nanna ruled from Akkad 4Agade5 $hich they built near +abylon. The *ost +ook of )nki. Nergal visited >nanna in 6ruk. "to understand the severity of this deed." in @f =eaven and )arth. audaciously aiming to transfer the title and the function to Agade. 1. to disarm -arduk and +abylon. 2argon's father $as also >nanna's. 2o the strongman she choose $as 2argon of course. Though she $as )nlilite and Nergal an )nkiite. the Akkadian $arrior king the to lead her )arthling armies and rule all 2umer for her. 2argon took a$ay the sacred soil to s"read it as a ne$ foundation for the ne$ +ab-ili. Nergal 4an )nkiite5 allied himself $ith her against his brother. "Bhile >nanna remained gorgeous and enticing. NER5A$ P$AN TO R $E T6E EART6 The Anunnaki 7ouncil asked -arduk's brother. she declared. >nanna's grandfather. +abylon. but before 2argon died he cursed >nanna.. as she--half a$ake--res"onded. )d. then. [&erguson deduces that 2argon $as >nanna's half brother. 2argon invaded -arduk's stronghold.. =e bent over her "erfect face and lightly. -arduk himself established( ">nanna's fury no boundaries kne$% $ith her $ea"ons on -arduk's follo$ers death she inflicted. -arduk said he'd build his s"ace"ort in +abylon. it $as symboliAed by its hallo$ed soil. )ncouraged by >nanna. Nannar 2in. =e entered her as she o"ened her eyes and her eyes shone $ith "leasure. [&erguson. =e rose from gardener to king because he ra"ed her and she enjoyed it. )d. DI8. -arduk's city. kissed her savagely. 2argon began to age and drink too much.7. 2itchin. Nergal of Guth. "age 98!# -arduk and Nabu returned from )gy"t to +abylon. 1. [&erguson. +. 2argon. The Bars of 0ods and -en.. 1. $as her lover. then $ithdre$ to "lant the soil in Agade. re"eatedly joins "o$erful aggressive Ada"ite men to lead her armies. as $e shall see. 2argon.>li--0ate$ay to the 0ods--a title and function claimed for +abylon by a defiant -arduk. took soil from the city.. 1. -arduk 4also of )nki's . 2itchin. 2argon $ould unify the cities 2umer and "rotect the )nlilite lords for $hom the cities e/isted. [2itchin. $hile -arduk and his son Nabu $ere in )gy"t. Thus )nlil found it easier to ratify his hybrid descendant 2argon as ruler of most of -eso"otamia. ">nanna ?eturns. )nlil. recall the meaning of +abylonC+ab. haunted by demons.

>n 9988 +. They marched across the &orth ?egion. >nanna's armies. destroyed Anu's tem"le there and sent Naram-2in to attack )nlil's minions at Ni""ur. as -arduk in other lands he traveled% =er chance in her hands to seiAe all "o$ers >nanna envisioned. Nergal "romised -arduk. for his attack on Ni""ur. >n the 2econd ?egion. NER5A$ +ETRA9S 3AR' K Bhen Nergal left >nanna. )nlil commanded his son Ninurta and Ninurta's calvalry and army of 0utiums 4from the 1agros -ountains of northeast -eso"otamia5 to reconquer 2umer and kill all )arthlings in AkkadCAgade. -arduk ruled )gy"t. the astronauts' "rivate city5. and -arduk's claim to rule all )arth alarmed Nergal. Sueen of all the -es# >n 99D +.. Then >nanna and the Akkadians conquered Ferico. They also "lanned to conquer all )arth for themselves. )nlil and Ninurta absent $ere." [2itchin. Ninurta's forces laid $aste to most of 2umer% they s"ared only Ninurta's city. maddenly desirable. $hich controlled the irrigation system for all -eso"otamia. 2he thus declared herself su"reme to even Anu. . one of the house of )nlil. *agash [Tello#. together "lanned -arduk's defeat.. Ninurta's city. Nannar. $here -arduk greeted them. >nanna reca"tured 6ruk. to her. $as able to hold out against >nanna and Naram-2in. he could get $ea"ons and com"uters hidden there since the 3eluge. banished Nergal back to Africa. *agash. abrogated their rules and regulations and declared herself 2u"reme Sueen. her father's father. Ging of Nibiru and father of )nlil. Nergal broke into -arduk's control room and snatched his "brilliance" 4energy radiation source5. Ging Naram-2in. As soon as -arduk left +abylon for 2outh Africa. but Nergal left a garrison of his men near +abylon. above Nergal and )rkishkigal' s reallm in the 2outh of Africa. -arduk took the bait and left for 2outh Africa. )nlil ordered death for >nanna's strongman. under Naram-2in. "age :!:# >nanna. >nanna then "ublically. Naram-2in 4 2argon's grandson5 and the Akkadian armies ca"tured +aalbek. the 2"ace"ort in *ebanon. joined Nergal's Guthians. to the lands beyond the oceans >nanna and Nergal $ent. "to defy the authority of Anu and )nlil.lineage5. )nlil's agents got a scor"ion to sting and kill the Ging. Then they stuck out along the -editerranean coast for the 2inai 2"ace"ort and -ission 7ontrol in Ferusalem.7. And Nergal found >nanna alluring. one of the house of )nki. The *ost +ook of )nki. >t $as not sur"rising then. 1. if he'd leave +abylon immediately for 2outh Africa. )nki. the region taboo to )arthlings 4across the Fordan from Tell 0hassul. 9!!9. ?a $as a$ay. Ferico s$itched alliance from >nanna's father. Nergal's father.. ">n the &irst ?egion." [Ancient te/t. The lovers.7. and conquered )gy"t. that Nergal and >nanna became lovers. $here they could aid >nanna. he and his men continued to +abylon.

1. " Abraham $on many skirmishes for )nlil. )nlil "equi""ed him $ith the best chariots. son of the "goddess" Ninsun. DI8." [2itchin. +ut 0randdaughter >nanna claimed sanctuary $ith her "arents--her father Nannar 4a son of )nlil5 and Ningal. ruled 2umer. the chariots' ascents and descents enable. DI8. $arned him that $hen )arth moved Aodiacally from the )nlil's age--the Age of the +ull--to the Age of the ?am. as 2u"reme Ging. The $ar $as intended to "revent the return of -arduk [to +abylon# and th$art the efforts of [-arduk's son# Nabu to gain access to the s"ace"ort.# . "ages :!9 . $ellarmed soldiers. >bruumCAbraham $as )nlil's loyal general. Nannar a""ointed 6r-Nammu. and 0utian calvary su""orted Ninurta's rebuilding of -eso"otamia returned to the 1agros -ountains 9 . hybrid of much Anunnaki ancestry# establish =arran.7. [2itchin. 1. 0alAu told )nlil "a righteous and $orthy man must be choosen. "ages 9. -arduk moved in and s"ent the ne/t t$enty-four years "lanning his take-over of )arth [2itchin. 2he "roclaimed 2hulgi "the man chosen for the vulva of >nanna..rotect the sacred "laces. >nanna ne/t fled to Nergal's *o$er Africa. >n the dream.:!H#. 5A$.7. "defending the s"ace"ort in the 2inai $hich $as out of bounds to all humans. 9!!9.. for )nlil had "lans for Tirhu's son. an era of agricultural devel"ment.9-9. The Bars of 0ods and -en. 2hulgi. by him and his seed $ill 7iviliAed -an be "reserved( " )nlil told no one of the vision but "re"ared to create a mobile general $ho could sto" incursions by -arduk and his son Nabu. "ages :!9 . The *ost +ook of )nki. >bruum. and Ninurta's brother Nannar ruled 2umer for ninety-one years. $hom he thought re"resented the 7reator of All. no longer ecli"sed by daughter >nanna. This $as the )ra of Ninurta. DI8. $here she and Nergal s"ent seven years "lotting ne$ $ays to overthro$ the 7ouncil. The Bars of 0ods and -en. >n 9!< >bruum and his cavalry blocked a coalition of kings near the 4not yet but soon to be5 3ead 2ea at a fortified oasis at Gadesh-+arnea 43ur--ah->lani5 . her mother. ". "age 9H.." Another al"ha Ada"ite )arthling for >nanna( They joined ritually in the tem"le $here Anu had once elevated her in tantric rite." )nlil . 1. Abraham had a crack squad of :I! $ell-trained. $as so effective and "o$erful that >nanna invited him to visit her in 6ruk. [2itchin. 9!<I +7. -9HD#. 3uring this time Nannar.." As soon as >bruum left =arran. The 0utians $ho subdued >nanna's rebellion of 9988 +.. 8ISION $EA'S EN$I$ TO 76OOSE A+RA6A3 TO +$O7K 3AR' K )nlil dreamed the mysterious 0alAu. $ho succeeded 6r Nammu in 9!D8 +.<#. "the closest "lace $here men could a""roach in the region of the s"ace"ort $ithout s"ecial "ermission. )nlil >bruum to go commanded. 1. )nlil ordered his son Nannar to have Tirhu.. The Bars of 0ods and -en.:!.7. -arduk $ould rule the )arth.)nlil also ordered >nanna arrested. Nannar's high-"riestC king [ie.!+. finest horses." )nlil gave Abraham $ea"ons that "could smite an army of ten thousand men in hours. )nlil sent >bruumCAbraham from =arran on missions to th$art -arduk's moves to "osition his forces to ca"ture the s"ace"ort on the 2inai.

-arduk's "roclamation that the time had come for him to rule the )arth resonated $ith )nlil's vision. -any gods ordered )arthlings to $ar against armies of rival gods. "age 8!.. 9!!. Alalu. -. cities -arduk controlled. )nlil them all summoned. including )nlil's s"ace"ort. Anunnaki 7ommander )nlil and )nlil's son and 7ham"ion. 2lave 2"ecies of god. The Nibirans refused to allo$ -arduk on Nibiru. $ould be Alalu's 2uccessor.rince Anu's son )aC)nki $ith Alalu's daughter. )nlil feared. The son 3amkina bore as )nki's $ife $as -ardukC?a. -arduk $as a legitimate successor to the throne of Nibiru. for he $as a "retender $ith sons begat $ith a hybrid $ife he took from an illegally bred slave s"ecies--a s"ecies "roving far too intelligent to introduce as migrants to Nibiru.." [Tellinger. re"resentative of the 7reator of All. -ardukC?a "roclaimed divine right. Ninurta. ">n my tem"le house let all the gods assemble. e/"losive and biological $ea"ons against their rivals' =ybrids. )arthlings $orked for Anunnaki leaders as $ell as for lesser. Ging Anu and the 7ouncil banned -arduk from Nibiru for marrying the =ybrid 2ar"anit. declared the son of . -arduk's greatgrandfather Anu de"osed Alalu..re$arded him $ith riches and land $hich made >bruum the richest man of his time. kne$ they'd soon have enough of )arth's gold to shield Nibiru's atmos"here. @""osed to -arduk and Nabu they all $ere. ho$ever. as heir of )nki and 3amkina 43aughter of Ging Alalu5 to rule )arth. -arduk "roclaimed to the senior Anunnaki gods. -arduk "$ould marshal his large number of human follo$ers and take control of all establishments on )arth.+y his a""eal for their submission. *ater. council to take. 3amkina. more local Anunnaki "gods"--lesser nobility and astronauts 4>gigi5 from Nibiru. The senior . used )arthling armies and Nibiran $ea"ons in -eso"otamia to subdue >nanna and her Gings 6r-Nammu and 2hulgi $hen they invaded the Anunnaki reserve in the 2"ace"ort area. said -arduk $ould rule )arth $hen the Anunnaki left. they'd at least deny them the 2"ace"ort in the 2inai. *ong ago. To resume our narrative.. my covenant acce"t. The 7ouncil $ould not risk the return of -arduk as "otential claimant to rule on the home "lanet. the Nibiran 7ounsel and then Ging. -arduk migrated to )arth. 2o the Anunnaki let the =ybrids "roliferate and slave for them. Then they could go home to Nibiru.# 2o far. Anunnaki from Nibiru and their direct descendents 4"gods"--as they had the Ada"ite =ybrid )arthlings call them5. 0ods lesser and greater loosed laser.-Ninurta and Nergal--"used Abraham and his ne"he$" [*ot# to s"y on 2odom and 0omorra. They'd leave the =ybrids to fend for themselves. >n )nlil's vision 0alAu. the Anunnaki gods $ere disturbed and alarmed. )nlil's emissariesCangels." They agreed that if they $ere to abandon )arth to -arduk and Nabu to rule $hen they $ere gone. To a great assembly. &rom 2odom and 0omorra.

CC$$$. $ho $ith Abgal in a "lace unkno$n the $ea"ons did hide. 9!! and 0eology. 0omorra and three other cities >bruum had identified as allied $ith -arduk. Above the . $here the sea $aters $ere barred the bolt broke o"en. the heavens after the brilliance $ere darkened% $ith burnt and crushed stones $as the "lain of the chariots covered. To this day.. the "lace disclosed." [2itchin. -arduk. )nlil to the t$o heros [Ninurta and Nergal# the hiding "lace disclosed..." [2itchin. htm# $rites that. as "er the dynastic agreement bet$een Ging Alalu and Anu. )nlil's son Ninurta attacked the 2inai. Thus it $as that $ithout )nki needing. The *ost +ook of )nki. of all the forests that the "lain had surrounded. )nlil evacuated the >gigi Astronauts from the 2inai and sent Ninurta and Nergal 4the "angels" of the +ible5 to confirm from his s"ys in 7anaan-->bruum and *ot--that they should bomb 2odom. -arduk threatened Anu in every $ay. to the )/iled )nlil. 0omorra and other cities allied $ith -arduk.'" Archeologists confirm the flooding.#. 3e-enocal. A"ril 9!!!#..do$n into the valley the sea's $aters "oured. 9!!9. $ould he authoriAe nukes against the s"ace"ort and against Nabu and his human armiesK Anu gave his okay. then ordered the attack.in any animals and humans that absorbed it. . all that lived there to va"or [erroneously called "salt" by translators# $as turned.. The *ost +ook of )nki. "age : !# J Nergal bombed his brother -arduk's forces in 7anaan [)nki sired both -arduk and Nergal% [sitchin. the )arth shook and crumbled. the council chamber left. 1.. "ages :!I#. =e nuked 2odom. "The first terror $ea"on [a missile called @ne Bithout ?ival# from the skys Ninurta let loose% the to" of -ount -ashu [$here the controlling equi"ment $as housed# $ith a flash it sliced off. The *ost +ook of )nki. in his heart $as )nki smiling. -ountains to""led. Nenough to induce sterility. 1. 9!9< +7.. only tree stems $ere left standing. comCevil$ind. &or it $as he. used as evidence for the abru"t changes in the area's vegetation." [2itchin. only he kne$ $here [>n Africa# the $ea"ons $ere hidden. $ho $rote the article in 2cience cited in brackets above. That Abgal. "angry and distraught. 1.. 2o Anu told )nlil to use the nuclear missiles to sto" -arduk.sitchin. that to )nki $as unkno$n. The Anunnaki 7ouncil on )arth radioed Ging Anu back on Nibiru. 9!!9. . A"ril 9H. after all. 2itchin [htt". by the $aters $as the valley flooded. the five cities he finished off. $ith a brilliance of seven suns the "lain's rocks into a gushing $ound $ere made.. the mount's innards in an instant it melted. 1. Nergal's nukes made the 3ead 2ea dead. "the $ater of s"rings surrounding the 3ead 2ea has been contaminated $ith radioactivity. "age : #..:!H#. 9!!9. scientists found evidence that the de"o"ulation of 2umer coincided $ith abru"t climate change [2ee 2cience. 1. so did )nki think.lace of the 7elestial 7hariots [rocketshi"s# the second $ea"on [called +laAing &lame# he unleashed. The *ost +ook of )nki. "ages : 8 . before )nlil to )arth had come. )nlil gave his s"ies time to flee. starting in DDD. )rra [Nergal# u"on each from the skies a terror $ea"on sent. The *ost +ook of )nki. )nki says he. "@ver the five cities .: . believed he should rule Nibiru. 9!!9. "age :!. 9!!9. [2itchin.Anunnaki--all e/ce"t )nki--agreed to use nuclear $ea"ons sto" Nabu's advance through 7anaan to$ard the s"ace"ort... rocks . abandonment of the area and sudden deadening of life in 9!9<+7.

north northeast of the scar in an area $here all other color rocks--no black--are found. )nlil concluded that -arduk $as no$ to be su"reme on )arth. The *ost +ook of )nki.: :#. >n the later =ittite version of this tale. The Bars of 0ods and -en. Gumarbi bit Anu's "enis. in this book. >n the =ittite version. +ut on )arth.called te"hera. made our history available in this form. one of our creators. Gumarbi visited )aC)nki. 1acheria 2itchin has. AdadCTeshub incited Gumarbi. the 2"ace"ort. a storm$ind began blo$ing. The Bars of 0ods and -en "age :: # "+y the darkening of the skies $ere the brilliances follo$ed.history--is our story. $hen she learned )nlil's sons o""osed )nki's mission. Anu a""ointed Alalu's grandson. the dark-bro$n cloud east$ard to$ard 2humer the death $as carried. Bhereever it reached. "ages ::9-::<# Nergal and Ninurta fle$ over the areas they'd just bombed. Those $ho behind locked doors hid inside their houses like flies $ere felled. Notes . "The "eo"le of the land by the evil storms hand $ere clutched. Te"hera still cover 2inai--$hich lacks volcanos. Adad bragged ho$ he and big brother Ninurta $ould get "rivileges of kno$ledge and "o$er Gumarbi $ouldn't. )sca"e( &rom their cities the gods did flee. 9!!9. "The . his sister's husband on )arth. the ancestress of both Alalu's and Anu's lines. Anu then forced Gumarbi to s$allo$ "oisonous stones but Gumarbi managed to s"it them out. +ut *ama. "$here -arduk his su"remacy declared . for mediation. .lace of *aunching. Gumarbi his cu"bearer 4as Alalu had a""ointed Anu to be his cu"bearer5. =is-story-." +ut +abylon. )a took Gumarbi in a rocket for Nibiru to "lead $ith *ama. $ith not even a tree left standing. JJJ 3o read The *ost +ook of )nki% get a feeling for the "oetry and essential authenticity of )nki. "The alarm )nlil and )nki to the gods of humer transmitted. by the )vil Bind $as s"ared. -illions of black-blasted rocks. "ages : 9 . sent "lightening $inds" against )a's s"acecraft and forced him and Gumbari back to )arth. DI8. Those $ho in the streets fled. [2ee "hotos. Te"hera are "burnt-through "ieces of blackened gravel-like rock" usually associated $ith volcanos. 1. gloom from the skies an )vil Bind carried.. as his vision of 0alAu had "redicted. DI8. 1. the -ount $ithin $hich the controlling equi"ment $as "laced $as smashed% the launch "latforms $ere made to fade off the face of the )arth. &rom the 6""er 2ea. The "lain $hose hard soil the shuttlecraft had used as run$ays $ere obliterated. death to all that lives mercilessly it delivered. obliterated. then a storm began to blo$. )verything that lived "erished." [sitchin. 2inai's te"hera result from Ninurta's bombing of the s"ace"ort. Anu took Gumarbi to )arth to $atch him. )nlil's younger son. " [2itchin. The bombing left a huge black scar on the 2inai "lain 4$here the shuttlecraft run$ay and launch "latform had been5 so large it can only be seen from satellite. in the streets $ere their cor"ses "iled u".

>n The Bars of 0ods and -en. :.. 2itchin.#.. >n anthro"ology. vital com"uter chi"s. the leader of the revolt is a descendent of Alulu 4his grandson5% in this version AnAu's an or"han ado"ted by the -ars 2ervice. and controls for )arth and )arthNibiru.. "ages . They defeated Gumarbi but 6llikumi. Nannar's $as a challenge to Ninurta 4)nlil's &irstborn and heir on Nibiru5 to succeed to )nlil's command of )arth. 2itchin $rites that )nki's genetic team $as s"eeding u" hominid evolution that $ould have occurred any$ay. in0enesis ?evisited had earlier said the role of AnAu in The *ost +ook of )nki's account of the revolt of the >gigi ["ages H . Bhen Time +egan% DD8. "ages !H . [0enesis ?evisited.The Bars of 0ods and -en.9 # $as actually the role of Nannar 4)nlil's son by his half-sister and legal $ife. kinsman of Alalu. Gumarbi's son by one of the female astronauts. -ars communication. >ndiraCErita and TitanC1eus are based on the AnAuCNinurta and Adad tale the Nibirans dictated to the 2umerians. rather than AnAu the "ilot $ho took )a to )arth and stayed on -ars to die $ith Alalu ["age DH#. +oth Nannar and )a $ould have benefited if AnAu vanquished Ninurta. +ut it $as Nannar. 40enesis ?evisited. rallied the >gigi again. 2itchin sho$s that )a. 2itchin. collateral lines 4like those that descend from )a and )nlil5 cite alliance through different mothers to other royal "atrilineages. They attacked )nlil and his "eo"le on )arth.5 ?eferences. too. 6llikumi 4&illing the role of AnAu in the 2umerian account5 led the >gigi as they attacked the "$hirlbirds" of the )nlilites.!! years ago.8 . allied through his marriage to Alalu's daughter 3amkina 4Ninki5 and their son -arduk to the Alalu's lineage 4matrifiliated5 . -atrifiliated alliances give lineages e/ternal allies as they vie for "recedence in authority $ithin their "atriclans. :I!. 2eventy of )nlil's men fle$ aircraft against Gumarbi and the >gigi. )nlilite cham"ions Ninurta and Adad defeated 6llikumi and the astronauts. The Bars of 0ods and -en% DD!. . The *ost ?ealms% DD:. that )nlil e/iled in the aftermath of the >gigi revolt. both having come from the same 'seed of life..' " )nki and com"any s"ed our evolution by one to forty million years. 2itchin identifies the battles bet$een Alalu and his descendants the basis basis for later >ndian tales of battles the >ndira vs Erita fight even later 0reek tales of the Titans vs 0ods Bar. The 2tair$ay to =eaven% DI8. -arduk's line is a matrifiliate of Alalu's clan. [2itchin. 2ud5 $as *egal =eir on )arth. )a suggested )nlil entertain AnAu as a stall to res"onding to the demands of the >gigi.Gumbari returned to -ars +ase and agitated among the >gigi 4astronauts5 . is allied $ith the Alalu clan for leverage against the )nlilites $ithin the Anu clan5.. and es"ecially the -arduk line of the )a's lineage. 0enesis ?evisited% DD!. "ages D . AnAu. ">t $as $ith )a's connivance" that AnAu. Anthro"ologists $ill recogniAe )nki's descri"tion as a classical system of segmentary "atrilineal 4agnatic5 lineages. not )a. 1. 9!!9. The *ost +ookof )nki% DH.. The )a lineage $ithin the Anu clan. $as "art of the "lot. DI8. is admitted to )nlil's inner sanctuary for energy source crystals. orbital data "anels. "-odern man $ould have undoubtedly evolved on )arth just as he had done on Nibiru. >n segmentary "atrilineages. 0enesis ?evisited% DI:. 1.! # 9.

??>?1/< . 2itchin's translation of )nki's tale 4augmented a bit by my imagination5 is the sourceM$ith many of )nki's slants--of most of the account in these essays. The *ost +ookof )nki itself is historical fiction. +reaking the 0ods"ell% Tellinger. -. 9!!. )nkiC)a is the Nibiran $ho 4<. 2lave 2"ecies of god [sic# .3ivine )ncounters% 9!!<. DDD. )ndubscar of )ndu. N. $herein 2itchin has $oven information meticulously documented in his )arth 7hronicles. The *ost +ookof )nki.!!! years ago5 dictated his autobiogra"hy to his scribe.. 7ontact 'r& $essin at sashalessin(h)* aol&com Stu)# 5rou(2 +rea0ing the 5o)s(ell 'r& $essin o11ers corres(on)ence courses on Ancient Anthro(olog# For more in1ormation Email 'r& $essin at sashalessin(h)* aol&com or call E/E>. 0od 0ames% 9!!!.. The )arth 7hronicles )/"editions% &reer.

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