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Health and Human Services: leading vol1

Health and Human Services: leading vol1

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Published by: HHS on Jan 30, 2008
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The Advisory Committee on Services for Families with Infants and Toddlers recommended that

the new Early Head Start programs create and maintain an environment that supports the highest

level of partnership with both mothers and fathers. The committee advised programs to support

parents as primary caregivers of their children, to offer each parent the opportunity for experiences

that support his or her goals, and to provide a policy- and decision-making role for parents (U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services 1994b). The revised Head Start Program Performance

Standards emphasize the importance of involving parents in program governance and activities and

of using them as employees and volunteers.

The research programs encouraged parents to become involved, both by participating in program

governance and social activities, and by volunteering. All the research programs either had or were

forming policy councils at the time of the site visits (Figure III.9).9

Seven of the eight programs

operated by Head Start grantees had or were forming a joint Head Start-Early Head Start policy

council. Ten programs had or were forming independent Early Head Start policy councils. Ten

programs had also formed parent committees, usually center committees and finance committees,

to involve more parents.


The revised Head Start Program Performance Standards require programs to form a policy
council, which is the formal group of parents and community representatives that assists in planning
and operating the program.



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