LET US PRAY Dear God Teach me to forgive myself so that my heart will open to forgive others.

Free me from all forms of guilt, self-doubt, anger and fear so that I will know the true meaning of trust. emind me of the good I am, the good I have, the good I deserve. !et good be the filter through which I see the world and all other people. "pen my mind dear God so the all that I thought was wrong can be transformed into wisdom and power. Teach me God. #eal me. emind me that all that I am, all that I have, all that I have seen and heard and known are blessings of your love. Today, I rest in Thee. $nd %o It Is& DO THE WORK Complete each of the following statements with the first thought that comes to mind. Today I am struggling to forgive myself for ___________________ Today I am ready to forgive myself for ___________________ I realize if I do not forgive myself I will continue to feel ___________________ I forgive myself for thinking ____________ I forgive myself for believing ___________ I forgive myself for feeling _____________ Today, I am willing to forgive myself for ___________________ AFFIRMATION Today, I commit to walk the path of self-forgiveness in support of my healing, growth and evolution.

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