I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions....For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come to mind. Isaiah 44:22 There is a heavenly Presence which is the One Life that is God, all loving all forgiving, everywhere present. God infinite in wisdom, God all powerf l, God the !"sol te. I #now that God within me is my strength, it is the Perfect Life of Good e$pressing in and as every part of my "eing. %y acceptance of God&s perfect Love lifts the fog of resentment that holds me from f lly loving myself and others. %y acceptance of God&s perfect Love dissolves all pain and discord and creates within me heaven on earth. I am now free from the mental torment of any perceived trans' gressions. I #now that nothing is done to me and that every e$perience is for my own growth and nfoldment. The (pirit of Life re'molds and re'creates my life in the li#eness of the )ivine pattern held in the %ind of God. Today, in this very moment I release all condemnation. There is no animosity, no criticism, no hatred in me "eca se I am washed "y the hand of Love. !s I get ready to go o t into the world, I p t on the face of love, of "ea ty and of peace. I see this in every one I meet "eca se everything is a perfect reflection of God. I give than#s for "eing "lessed "y Love and "eing the "lessing of Love. I am gratef l that there is nothing that opposes or denies the Good of God. I release this word into the *niversal Law of %ind in !ction, #nowing that it is done. !men.
Editor's Note:

This rayer is by !ev. "nna #arie Trotman. $he has lovingly contributed her talent to design our tem lates for the ast year.Thank you, !ev. "nna #arie%

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