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Daphnie Peterson



Subject: Personal Goal

Grade: 10

Lesson Standard/Evidence Outcome: Content Area: Comprehensive Health Grade Level: High School Standard: 3. Emotional and Social Wellness in Health Concept and skills to master: 2. Set goals, and monitor progress on attaining goals


!t!re s!ccess

Content Objective: : "ncreasing #amisha$s overall completion o the math and class participation. Objective/ Goal: %& the end o

math assignments, th!s improving her grade in

the 'st (!arter, #amisha )ill t!rn in * o!t o * math assignments per )eek or + )eeks, as meas!red ,& completion o math -o!rnal to ,e signed ,& teacher. C!rrentl& she is onl& t!rning in ' o!t o * math assignments per )eek.

Essential Vocabulary: assignment completion, math -o!rnal, signat!re

Activity : .ie) #amisha$s math progress and assignment completion )ith her. See )here improvement is needed. /isc!ss propose o math -o!rnal and g!idelines o the !se o the -o!rnal.

Activity !:

Materials needed • • • • Spiral note,ook 0-o!rnal1 2ath assignment0s1 3encil4pen Cop& o goal

"esources "E3 goal #eacher 3arent St!dent

Set !p math -o!rnal and progress monitoring tool


Classroom Management

Name: Daphnie Peterson Date: 10/3/2013 #eacher )ill ask st!dent i she !nderstands )h& this strateg& is needed and then )e )ill ,egin activit& ' together

Subject: Personal Goal

Grade: 10

5o seen management iss!es to address at this time since this oc!ses aro!nd one st!dent.

Lesson Activities: ' (o )teac#er instruction* I )ill ,egin this individ!al lesson ,& disc!ssing the goal " have set or #amisha to achieve. " )ill sho) her c!rrent grade and the amo!nt o missing assignments. +e (o )class/group activity* #amisha and " )ill )ork as a team to constr!ct her math -o!rnal. We )ill then )ork together to make s!re it is satis &ing ,oth her need to complete all assignments and m& need to track her progress. ,ou (o )student practice* #amisha )ill !se math -o!rnal to complete her assignments and -o!rnal is to ,e t!rned into the teacher on 6rida& ever& )eek.

Lesson C#ec$s %or &nderstanding and Assessments: -re.assessment " )ill ,e asking (!estions and seeking her reasons and e7planations or the amo!nt o missing assignments. #hen her con irmation that an intervention is needed.

(uring " )ill ask simple (!estions to check or her !nderstanding o this strateg&. We )ill disc!ss ho) this )ill improve her organi8ation and help her see ho) her grade can improve in math. -ost.assessment #eacher )ill check or completion o assignments and make appropriate comments.


Daphnie Peterson


10/3/2013 Subject: Personal Goal E/tended Learning/"e.teac#ing:

Grade: 10

" )ill ollo) !p )ith the st!dent on 2onda&. " praise her s!ccess.

all assignment are present and complete, " )ill ,e s!re to

" there are still some missing assignments, " )ill take this opport!nit& to re9e7plain the importance o completing and t!rning in assignments. " )ill ask )hat is or isn$t )orking a,o!t this strateg& and )ork )ith #amisha to see i something can ,e slightl& altered, ,!t still oc!sed on the set goal.

Anticipatory Set )0+L/ +#at ' $no1* +#o didn2t meet t#e objective3

Evidence Outcomes +#at 1ould ' c#ange3 Students Can: a. Anal&8e )h& setting a personal goal contri,!tes to mental and emotional )ellness 0/;< '9+1 ,. /e ine a clear, attaina,le personal goal 0/;< '9+1 c. /escri,e steps needed to reach personal goals 0/;< '9+1

! st Century S$ill and "eadiness Competencies 4o1 did ' di%%erentiate3 Inquiry Questions: "esources: '. Ho) can planning a !t!re=

• • •

"mportance o assignments


ect m&

What ca!ses )ork not to ,e done :eso!rces availa,le to help

2. Ho) does !t!re orientation and goal setting increase one$s mental, emotional and social )ell9,eing= 3. Wh& is achieving a goal grati &inmg=