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Dreamweaver CS5 Cheat Sheet

by danh via
File Shortcuts CTRL-n CTRL-o CTRL-ALT-o CTRL-w ATRL-SHIFT-w CTRL-s CTRL-SHIFT-s CTRL-p F12 CTRL-q Edit Shortcuts CTRL-z CTRL-y CTRL-x CTRL-c CTRL-v CTRL-SHIFT-v CTRL-a CTRL-[ CTRL-] CTRL-F CTRL-SHIFT-F3 F3 Undo Redo Cut Copy Paste Paste Special Select all Select parent tag Select child Find & replace Find selection Next Insert Shortcuts CTRL-e CTRL-ALT-i CTRL-ALT-f CTRL-ALT-t CTRL-ALT-a SHIFT-ENTER CTRL-SHIFT-Space Tag Image SWF Table Named Anchor Line break Space Alignment Shortcuts CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-l CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-c CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-r CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-j Left Center Right Justify Create new file Open existing file Browse in Bridge Close file Close all files Save Save as Print Code Preview in browser Exit program Code Shortcuts CTRL-g CTRL-Space SHIFT-F8 CTRL-F8 CTRL-SHIFT-> CTRL-SHIFT-< CTRL-' CTRL-SHIFT-c CTRL-ALT-c CTRL-SHIFT-e CTRL-SHIFT-j CTRL-ALT-j CTRL-ALT-e Go to line Show code hints Check links Check links sitewide Indent code Outdent code Balance braces Collapse section Collapse outside section Expand section Collapse full tag Collapse outside full tag Expand all Window Shortcuts CTRL-F2 CTRL-F3 SHIFT-F11 F2 CTRL-SHIFT-b CTRL-SHIFT-F10 CTRL-F10 CTRL-F9 CTRL-F7 F8 SHIFT-F9 F9 SHIFT-F4 SHIFT-F10 SHIFT-F2 F10 F4 Sponsor Envoy , for simple and effective bug management. Try it free! Insert window Properties CSS styles AP Elements Business Catalyst Databases Bindings Server behaviors Components Files Snippets Tag inspector Behaviors History Frames Code inspector Hide panels Table Shortcuts CTRL-ALT-t CTRL-ALT-m CTRL-ALT-s CTRL-m CTRL-SHIFT-a CTRL-SHIFT-m CTRL-SHIFT-CTRL-SHIFT-] CTRL-SHIFT-[ Insert table Merge cells Split cells Insert row Insert column Delete row Delete column Increase column span Decrease column span

Cheatographer danh

Cheat Sheet This cheat sheet was published on 31st October, 2011 and was last updated on 31st October, 2011.