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Essential Skills Evidence Form Standard— Demonstrate Civic and Community Engagement Skills— □ Apply knowledge of local, state, and U.S. histo y and go!e nment to e"plain cu ent social and political issues. □ #e fo m the ci!ic and community esponsi$ilities essential to li!ing in a ep esentati!e democ acy Description of Activity/Task/Experience that demonst ates I am at o a$o!e standa d in the specific skills fo the standa d mentioned a$o!e: In my AP US History class junior year, we had a group project about an event that happened in history in which we knew someone personally who experienced it irsthand! "y partner#s and I project was about the events o September $$, %&&$' one o the ire ighters that happened to be serving that day was (oe )orrillo! *or our project we had to interview (oe and make a tri+ old poster board about the events and his li e! As we interviewed him we learned that (oe wasn#t on duty that day, he was on his way to a meeting with a toy company about a new ireman toy, ,illy ,la-es, when the irst plane hit! He knew then that he had to go to his ire station and help serve his community and country' when the irst tower ell he was underneath caught in the rubble o the entire building! .uckily or him he was one o the many ew that survived the crash' on his way to a hospital the second building ell also crashing on him, but this time only the debris caught him! (oe )orrillo is the only person to have survived both collapses o the twin towers and he still lives today telling his story all over the world, he is a true American hero! Explanation/Reflection of how the acti!ity%task%e"pe ience desc i$ed a$o!e meets o e"ceeds the specific skills of the standa d mentioned a$o!e: )he story above shows that even o duty, (oe still had his commitment to his community to help and serve the people' despite all the grie and ear that was going on the day throughout the country, (oe remained brave and served to the best o his ability! His story shows that there is no excuse to give up on any challenge that you are aced with! It was his responsibility as a ire ighter to help his co+workers help others, although the loss o that day was tremendous one thing that overcomes it all is the many heroes who helped save many people that day and their dedication to their country! /0$$ is not an example o de eat, it#s a reason or our country to stand up again and to prove to the world how strong America is and that we will continue to serve and protect it!