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My Tech 600 Notebook Using Google Chrome Presentation

By: Caitlyn

Computer Vocab: 4 ways to SAVE and STORE information

Network: a connection that the computers are connected to and run using the Internet.

RAM: Random Access Memory- the memory inside the computer In The Clouds: Memory using the Internet.
USB: Universal Storage Device; also

Computer Vocab Continued

Mouse: Its hardware that controls your cursor. Monitor: Its hardware that is a screen - like a T.V. Keyboard: Its hardware that helps us to type Headphones: Its hardware that helps us listen to things on the computer HARDWARE: pieces the computer that you can touch

Computer History with Bill Nye

- The first computer took up an entire gym. - Original computers had cords that needed to be switched in order to run different programs. - 0 and 1 are called Binary numbers, and are switches in our modern computers that make the programs run. - The World Wide Web was created in 1989, it is 24 years old. :)

Computer Vocabulary Continued

Microsoft word: Its software that you can type a paper with Google Chrome: Its software that you use to google, email, create presentations, etc. iPhoto: Its software that you use to save and edit photos Paint: Its software that helps you edit images paint a picture, highlight an image, etc. SOFTWARE: the programs that make your computer run

Qwerty Keyboarding
-Name of the keyboard from the letters in the first row Home row- its where our fingers and hands are placed ASDF GH JKL;

Google Documents
Its an Internet based program through Google Chrome similar the Microsoft Word. You can type papers,type a report, created a table, add images,change fonts, colors, and italicize,underline and bold words. Also you can Link Websites too and create drawings.

Google Presentation
Its an Internet based program through Google Chrome similar to Microsoft Powerpoint. You can create a slide show.

The Internet
It started with just one computer in order to send information. Then 2 got connected and 3 then here we are today.

3 Things to Internet Research

1) Be Safe! 2) Make sure your websites are accurate, reliable, and true! 3) Give credit to the original author- Do not plagiarize! Example: According to ---

November 8
According to The storm that would become Hurricane Gordon forms in the Gulf of Mexico east of Costa Rica on this day in 1994. According to John F. Kennedy becomes the youngest man ever to be elected president of the United States, narrowly beating Republican Vice President Richard Nixon. He was also the first Catholic to become president.

Tips to prevent plagiarism

* Copy and paste the URL, or the web address into your notes/project such as : * Use quotation marks around the author's exact words * Record CITATION information on your Source Sheets such as: copyright date, day you used the Website, the authors first and last name, the title, editor and publishers name, and the title of the article

Tips to prevent plagiarism with images on Google Drive

Give the source, if using Google Image, by copying and pasting the URL or web address. OR use Stock Images and you don't have to copy URL because they are allowed for using Google Drive

MLA on Noodle Tools

Modern Language Association Chardon schools adopted the MLA rules to properly cite all sources BIBLIOGRAPHY at the end of your paper or project You create the bibliography using your source information sheet that you can copy and paste and place into Noodle Tools

Accurate Research through the decades using Quotes

Caitlyns Example: According to , Apoleon, as First Consul, marches his troops
from Northern Italy into Austria.

InfOhio Word Book student

Its a database too!
Its the online/electronic version of the encyclopedia . At the end of MOST articles World Book Student gives a MLA citation. Double click on any word to find the definition.

You can highlight your search term.

According to world book student, Players score by shooting a large inflated ball into a raised goal,

World Book Student

Double click on any word to find the definition. You can highlight your search term. According to world book student, Players score by shooting a large inflated ball into a raised goal, called a basket, at one end of a basketball court. MLA: Thompson, John R. , Jr. "Basketball." World Book Student. World Book, 2013. Web. 12 Nov. 2013.

Citing TEXTual Evidence

Claim- Assertion(state what you think),topic

evidence *summarize
*add direct quote *data from graph or chart

explanation- How your evidence proves

your claim.

Evidence Based Terms: * Because * For example * For instance * The author stated * According to the text * On page

Claim: I want a new phone case for Christmas. Evidence: Because, my phone cant fit in my pocket with the case I have now. Explain: My phone is easier to carry that way.

Lets be safe online!

1) Make your profile private. 2) Only accept friends that you know. 3) Dont post pictures that say where you're going, or if you're going somewhere. 4) Dont talk to someone you dont know. 5) Use a safe password.

3 words that describe break

Snow Christmas Family

Spreadsheet helps us...

1) stay organized 2) make charts 3) find the sum 4) find the min 5) find the max 6) find the average 7) color stuff 8) merge cells 9) inset images 10) add more columns\ rows 12) insert drawings 13) change font 14) make regular numbers money 15) insert text boxes 16) make text bold 17) align your text horizontally 18) highlight things 19) wrap text 20) strikethrough words

Before you Facebook, Instagram, text, Twitter or post on the Web: T: Is it true H: Is it helpful I: Is it inspiring N: Is it necessary? K: Is it kind?