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My Tech 600 Notebook Using Google Chrome Presentation


By Cooper Pason

Computer Vocab: four ways to save and store information
Network: Connection that the computers are connected to and use the internet. Ram: Random access memory-it’s the memory inside the computer. In the clouds: Memory using the internet. Flash Drives, and USB’s: Universal storage device.

Computer vocab continued hardware
Mouse: it’s hardware that controls your cursor Monitor: It’s hardware that is a screen- like a tv screen Keyboard:It’s hardware that helps us to type Headphones: It’s hardware that helps us listen to things on the computer Hardware: Pieces on the computer that you can touch

Computer Vocab Counted Software
Microsoft Word: helps you type a paper Google Chrome: It’s software that you use to Google, email, create presentations, etc. iPhoto:It’s software that helps you to save photos and edit them Paint: It’s a software that helps you to edit pics and highlight things Software: They help your computer run

Computer History with Bill Nye
The first computers took up an entire gym! The first computers needed boards to be switched to be able to run a different program. Modern day computers are run by 0 and 1. In 1989 the internet was created. It is 24 years old.

Qwerty Keyboard
Name: letters from first row spell out Home row is where your fingers and or hands are placed. asdf gh jkl;:

Google Documents
It’s an internet based program based through Google Chrome similar to Microsoft Word. You can type papers,reports,tables, add images, change your font, change letter color, make it italics, underline, and make the letters bold. Also you can draw and link websites to words.

Google Presentation
It’s a internet based program that is similar to Microsoft Presentation. You can also create a slide show.

The Internet
It started with just one computer in order to send information. Then two got connected and three and here we are today.

3 things to Internet Research
1: Be safe 2: Make sure that your websites are accurate, reliable,and true!!!!!!!! 3: Give credit to the original author and do not plagiarize

Example: According to, “ New fossils recast a flat faced oddity as a human star species in the first chapter of human life”

May 14th 2002
General Fact: Lewis and Clark depart on their journey, and two trains crash into each other in Japan. This is from “ History stated that “ That when the trains crashed it spread around the world like wildfire, said The conductor on one of the trains” This was also from .

Things to help prevent plagiarism
1. Copy and paste the url web address into your notes, and or project such as : 2. If you copy the author's exact words put them in “”. 3. Record quotation information on your source sheet such as: copyright date, day you used the website authors first and last night, title of book/magazine/website,editor’s name, publisher company,city,and the title of article.

Tips to prevent plagiarism with pics on google drive.
★ Give the source if using Google Image by copying and pasting the url/web address ★ CR use Stock Images and you don’t have to copy Urk because they are allowed for Google Drive usage. ★

MLA on noodletools
➔ Modern Language Association ➔ Chardon Schools adopted MLA rules to properly cite all sources. ➔ Bibliography at the end of your paper or project ➔ You create the bibliography using your information/sheet that you copied and/or pasted into Noodletools.

Accurate research using “
I. Goal Choose one fact that is the author’s exact words, place the words in quotes and give credit to the original source. II. Cooper’s Example: Acording to www.history.comThat when the trains crashed it spread around the world like wildfire, said The conductor on one of the trains” This was from This happened May 24 1994. today is october seventh. 5


Acording to “On this day in 1985, actor Rock Hudson, 59, becomes the first major U.S. celebrity to die of complications from AIDS.” I used this

InfOhio: Student Research Center
1. It is a database 2. LGGA Lake Geauga Computer Association PAYS so we can belong to InfOhio! 3. ALWAYS reliable, accurate, and at our Middle School level so that we can read and understand text, or info 4. SEARCH WITH KEYWORDS! 5. FILTER our RESULTS!

9 ways to filter on InfOhio Student Research center
1. Magazines Pop culture and current events 2. Newspapers World events daily updates headlines 3. Books and Encyclopedias General Info/ Past history 4. Biographies Specific person 5. Radio and Tv News Transcripts play by play of the news 6. Country Reports Country 7. State/ Province Reports State or Province

1. It’s a database too. 2. It’s the electronic version of World Book Encyclopedia. 3. At the end of most articles World Book Student gives the MLA Citation information. 4. 100% accurate,reliable, and true! ;)


You can double click on any word to find the definition. You can highlight your search term.

Wrestling Fact from infohio world book student
“Wrestling,is a sport in which two opponents try to pin (hold) each other's shoulders to a mat on the floor. Wrestlers use maneuvers called holds to grasp their opponents and control their opponents’ position and movements.”- Marc Bauer

Bauer, Marc. "Wrestling." World Book Student. World Book, 2013. Web. 12 Nov. 2013. MLA

Marc Bauer

Citing Textual Evidence
Claim- Assertion (state what you think,) topic sentence. Evidence- Paraphrase or summarize, or you can set up and add a direct quote. You can also add data from a graph and chart. Explanation- how your evidence provides your claim, or case.

Citing Textual Evidence 2

• • • • • •

Because For example For instance The author stated According to the text On the page ____ it said.

My CEE By Cooper Pason
Claim: I want a XBox 1 because I had a X-Box 360 and I still enjoy it alot. Evidence: My friends say that it is way better than the X-Box 360. I can also watch Tv or a movie and play a game. Explain: That is why I want a XBox 1.

Lets Be Safe Online
1. Never give out your credit card 2. Don’t give people your address 3. Don’t talk to people that you do not know 4. Change your passwords often 5. Do not tell people your password(s).

3 words that describe break
1. HOT! 2. Florida 3. Wrestling Tournament

Spreadsheet helps us
1. 2. Add Totals Find the average of the group of numbers you have

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Finds min
sum organize graphs max helps you to order things insert paragraphs into diagrams

10. Make designs 11. Makesparedsheets 12. Helps to to compare peoples dislikes and likes of something 13. Write a book with differently shaped pages 14. makes putting money things easy ($9.88) 15. Helps u to plan party 16. Strikethrough 17. Change font 18. Change letter color 19. insert text boxes

20. put things in categories

Before you facebook instagram twitter or blog….. T Is it true H is it helpful I is it inspiring N is it necessary K is it kind

The end