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Sumaya Ahmed H00228886

Major choice
Major choice is an important action that I must do it before finishing this semester, because next semester I will have the work placement based on the major that I want to study next year. Firstly, it is important to match the career with the major. And I choose to study accounting as I planned from the beginning and till now I don’t change my mind. For that reason I wish to work and have my future career in an accounting department as an accountant or joiner accountant at first and after that I wish to have a promotion and transfer to a high position. Secondly, I should think about the company type that I want to work on it. And as we studied in this course that there are a big different between the private and public sectors, so now I have a clear vision about where I want. And I prefer to work in the private sector as they have more promotion, more salary, and high position for the locals. I think that if I’m work for the private sector I will improve myself better than the public sector. Furthermore I think that while I’m studying accounting and hope to be an accountant, so I will work in banking and finance service. And all the banks and financial department are more from private sectors and semi-government sectors. Thirdly, for the skills that are required for the accountant are to be more intelligence in calculations and statistics. Also I have to deal with numbers and to be clever in mathematics. For mine I have a skills and I improve myself in calculations during my studying year in the college, as I had a math course, finance course, accounting course and statistic course. So via these courses I improved my mathematical skills. I think that I need improvement in time management skills because I need to matched with calculations, because I have to finish the calculations task in a limit of time, so I need to improve in matching both skills together. Finally, I hope and wish to continue my life with the goals that I set it, and for more information I asked my friends who studied accounting and finance. And I asked the accounting teachers and staffs. I had an interview with accountant employees to know more how they are working.

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Sumaya Ahmed H00228886

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