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I -G Crime %erol Can Community Institutiors Contribute? By Anne Thomas Sulton Published by the Police Foundation TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE PREFACE iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS v L_ INTRODUCTION A. Inner-City Crime Problems B. Roles of Community Institwions C. Basis for Symposizam Project D. Methods in Brief Il. SITE VISIT REPORTS A. Introduction 10 B, Families and Friends Programs 1. Children of the Night 2 2. House of UMOJA Boystown 1” C. Schools and Educational Programs 1,School Program to Educate end Control Drug 23 Abuse—New York City Board of Education and ‘New York City Police Department 2. Special Project on Training of Professionals 7 in Sexual Exploitation Prevention of the Developmentally Disabled—Bellevuc Hospital Auxiliary D. Church Programs 1. Centro Sister Isolina Ferre Frograma, 30 del Dispensario—San Antonio, Inc. 2. Community Re-entry— 35 Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries Association E, Business and Employment Frograms 1. Sunbow Foundation a 2. Wildcat Service Corporation 46