TODAY (The Family Altar)__November – December 2005__Sunday, November , 2005 !

ev" #o$ard %ander$ell

Text: Mark 6:30-34

&'ome $ith me by your(elve( to a )uiet *lace and +et (ome re(t", -ar. /01

Sometime( 2 thin. our +eneration i( bu(ier than any +eneration ha( ever been be3ore" 4e al$ay( (eem to be on the run to do (omethin+ – and then (omethin+ more" A**arently 5e(u( and #i( di(ci*le( had that .ind o3 bu(yne(( too" 6ur readin+ 3or today (ay( they $ere (o bu(y $ith (o many *eo*le $ho $ere comin+ and +oin+ that they &did not even have a chance to eat", 5e(u( .ne$ that $e can7t care $ell 3or our heart $hen $e7re al$ay( on the move" #e .ne$ that our inner li3e $ill (u33er i3 our outer li3e i( too noi(y and active" So he told hi( di(ci*le(, &8et7( +et a$ay to a *lace that7( )uiet, $here $e can +et (ome re(t", 23 $e read the +o(*el( care3ully, $e 3ind that +ettin+ (ome re(t $a( a re+ular *attern in the mini(try o3 'hri(t" Sometime( early in the mornin+ and (ometime( late at ni+ht, he needed time( o3 )uiet 3or re3lection, *rayer, and communin+ $ith hi( Father in heaven" #ave you 3ollo$ed 5e(u(7 e9am*le in doin+ the(e thin+(: Are you able to (lo$ do$n enou+h to (*end )uiet time $ith #im: Do you have a time $here you can (hut out all the noi(e, +et in touch $ith the 8ord, and thin. about the dee* and im*ortant thin+( o3 li3e: The inner li3e +ro$( and dee*en( be(t in that ty*e o3 (ettin+" Time( o3 )uiet and re3lection $ith ;od are $hat 5e(u( meant by &re(t, (-atthe$ 11/2<=2>)"

help me find a place by today where I can be alone with You in quiet reflection and prayer. In Your name. Amen.?rayer/ Lord. . Help me to listen and respond to Your love and leading.