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Today Crazy Evil 2ki9.30 Jan1807

Today Crazy Evil 2ki9.30 Jan1807

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Published by Rodelio C. Catuy
Today Devotional_Crazy Evil
Today Devotional_Crazy Evil

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Published by: Rodelio C. Catuy on Jan 16, 2014
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She painted her eyes, arranged her hair and looked out of a window. 2 Kings 9:30 TOD ! Thursday, "anuary #$, 200% 2 Kings 9:#&'3% (e). Keith *annes

There are so+e insanely e)il people portrayed in the ,i-le, aren.t there/ So+eti+es good 0hristian people suffer +ental illness, and we struggle alongside the+, praying for 1od.s gra2e and pea2e for the+. ,ut this is different. "e3e-el displays the kind of insanity 2aused -y full'-lown e)il. 4a)e you -een da--ling in dangerous things/ little ga+-ling, a little drinking and partying, a little porn/ ,e wary of sin, -e2ause when you open a door e)en 5ust a 2ra2k, wild 2reatures 2o+e rushing in. "e3e-el, ha)ing opened that door long ago, was now a wo+an totally infested with satani2 e)il. 6ike 5agged sheet +etal in hurri2ane'for2e winds, she is a free'floating weapon of destru2tion in Satan.s hellish 2ontrol. There is no warning -u33er in her rain, and there are no -rakes. "e3e-el is a-out to die, and she knows it. 6ike an i+possi-le s2ene fro+ a horror +o)ie, she hu+s to herself and applies her +akeup. !ou.)e heard the e7pression, 89 wouldn.t -e 2aught dead in this:; <ell, she figures, 89f 9.+ going to die, 9 +ight as well look good.; 1uard your heart, +ind, and -ody. 8Do not gi)e the de)il a foothold; =>phesians &:2%?. 9n the story of "e3e-el, we see what e)il 2an do to us all if we aren.t res2ued -y the gra2e of 1od.

deli)er +e fro+ e)il. 6ord. Stay near +e. +en . and keep +e and +y lo)ed ones safe in !our 2are. @rote2t +e when 9 a+ too weak to prote2t +yself.@rayer: Aather.

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