How The Hell Did I Fall In Love With A Vampire When I Didn't Even Know They Existed?!

I woke up to my alarm clock blaring in my ears. It said 9:00 PM.I sighed, picked it up, said some pretty colorful words, and threw it in a random direction. I heard a small crash, but decided that it wasn't important enough to look for. I got up, and went to my bathroom to take a shower thinking that I shouldn't've fallen asleep. After I got out, I looked at my reflection. What did I expect? Just because I was eighteen-a full fledged adult-now doesn't mean I had to look older. I still had the same black and multi-colored hair, jade green eyes, pale skin, and curvy body. I smiled to myself as I wrapped up into a towel and went back to my room. I took my costume out of my closet, and held it up. Stacey-my bitch step mom-would hate it. It was a Gothic Schoolgirl-with the Brittany Spears skirt and all. After putting it on, and gallons of makeupmostly eyeliner-I decided that I needed a tiara. I dug through the drawers, until I found a small black one. I put it on and stepped back. It was perfect! I tiptoed down the stairs, trying to be quiet, but Stacey stepped in front of me. "And where do you think you're going Ithaca?" She asked.(And yes Ithaca like the street name.) "Out. It's the Halloween party down at Swig. And not to mention my eighteenth birthday. I'm gonna celebrate." I was going to go to my car, but she grabbed the end of my skirt. "In that? It's so dark and short!" She looked like it actually hurt her to say those words. "That's exactly why I picked it. And you're not my mom so don't tell me what to do." I pulled away from her and ran to Corvette Z06, slamming the door. Driving away, I could still see her standing on the doorstep, looking pissed off. I didn't care. Picking up my cell, I called Jack. "Hey my lil Emo Faerie." He said, sounding more gay than usual. "Hi my little Pixie Pop." We picked each other's names in the seventh grade. "Where are you? The party's soo awesome! And there's like hella hot guys here! Great potential!" I laughed into the phone. "I'll be right there." I hung up and zoomed down the freeway.

************************************************************* As soon as I got into the club, I was ambushed by my friends. "Oh my God!" Camille bounced up and down, her blond hair bouncing with her. "I'm soo glad you're here. Jack's been getting on my nerves! Ugh!" "Yeah, he won't shut up about the 'hella hot guys' in here." Andrea chimed in. Jack rolled his brown eyes. "Whatever." For the first time tonight, I realized we were all dressed slightly alike. Camille had on a Gothic Tinkerbell costume. Andrea and Jack came together as the Vampire King and Queen. Although Jack looked more like the Queen. "Holy crap Jack! You have more makeup on than me!" I yelled, causing everyone in a three feet radius to look at his glittery makeup. "Whatever." He rolled his eyes again. After celebrating a bit, they all drifted off to dance with everyone. I leaned against the wall, almost suffocating when I saw Jack start dancing with the girls by the poles. I looked into space, catching my breath, when a low voice brought me back. "Hey there. Wanna dance?" I looked up to find a hot guy staring down at me. He was an easy 6 foot, with straggly gold hair, and dark brown eyes. "Sure." I shrugged, letting him lead me to the middle of the dance floor. We started dancing to Madonna's 4 Minutes. His body slithered against mine, his hands sliding down to my hips. After a few minutes of it, the place started to feel like a steam room. "Want to get some air?" He asked over the blaring music. I nodded, and he took me outside in the alleyway. We stood there for a second, before he came in front of me, putting a hand on the wall behind me. "So," He leaned in closer. "What's your name?" "Ithaca." My voice had a squeak in it. He licked his lips. "Mmm, I like it." He put his other hand on the wall, trapping me. "Mine's Daryl." "H-hi D-Daryl." I stuttered. This wasn't going to end well. He leaned in closer, until our faces were just centimeters apart. He breathed, "Hi your self." before putting his lips roughly on mine. I wanted to push him off, kick him, do something, but the only thing that

came to mind was to kiss him back. His lips went from my mouth, to my neck. I could think slightly better. I started to move, so he just put his weight against me. I felt his teeth graze my skin. They were sharp. He bit my neck, and I let out a cry of pain. I felt him start to drink the blood that was flowing. I screamed again, and he put his hand over my mouth. I bit down hard, causing him to pull back, calling me a bitch. I kicked him, making him stagger back. Just as he started to come back at me, a guy came outta nowhere, and tackled him to the ground. I started to run away, but my legs felt like they were on fire. I fell to the cold, hard ground. I screamed again, as the guy pulled out something that looked a lot like a dagger. Letting one last piercing cry of pain, I blacked out.

I felt as if there was fire in my veins. I screamed and thrashed around, until someone's voice came broke through the wall of pain. "Shh." The voice soothed. "It'll be alright. I'm going to fix it." I couldn't see anything, it was like something was blocking my eyes, but I could still hear the determination in the voice. I relaxed a little, but started up again when I felt pressure on my neck. It was as if a vacuum was sucking everything out of me. But after a minute the pressure and fire went away and I happily went back into unconsciousness. ****************************************************************** When I woke up, it took me a moment to realize that I wasn't in my room. I looked around. Everything was soo huge! The walls were long, and tall, draped with red fabric. The windows were also huge, with of course, blood red curtains. There were chairs scattered up against the walls(also blood red) and there was someone in one of them. He looked to be sleeping-I couldn't see his face, He had his hood on. I looked down, and noticed that I was still in my costume. I got out of bed quietly, and almost fell over at the sight of it. It was MASSIVE! It was a four post King with a canopy over it, with multiple layers of, yep you guessed it, red. Good God, could there be more red anywhere? I went over to a pair of French doors that opened to the biggest bathroom I've ever seen There was a huge bathtub that looked really comfortable right now. I turned around, and noticed another door across the room. I went to it, quietly as to not wake up the sleeping person, and gasped when I saw the huge,

and I mean HUGE closet. "Like it?" I jumped around and faced the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen. He had long black hair, that went slightly over his eyes, which were a beautiful shade of gold, and was really really tall. Like I felt like a midget with my 5' 7" next to him. "Who are you?" I finally managed to say. He smirked and answered. "Why I'm the one that saved you." The memories came flooding back into my head. The ally, Daryl, his sharp teeth biting my skin, the guy that jumped in front of him, the fire that was burning me. I felt my legs buckle under me. I thought I was going to hit the ground, but instead, I felt two strong arms carry me back to my bed. He set me down gently before leaning over me. "Are you okay?" He asked, looking at me with concern. I managed to sit up, with some effort. "Yeah, I guess I just went into shock, that's all." He didn't look convinced. "Okay. Oh, by the way, I'm Domanic." He held out his hand. "Ithaca." I said, shaking his hand. He smiled, and after letting my hand go, stood up. "Breakfast is ready, and, umm, there's some clothes in the closet if you want to change." He looked at my costume, and I did too. It was slightly torn with blood on it that I didn't notice before. "Thanks." I said, going to closet. I turned around in time to see Domanic going out of the room, closing the door behind him. I looked back to the closet and chose a pair of baggy sweats and a too big T-shirt. I would have taken a shower, but I didn't have any clean undergarments. I put on the clothes and put my costume in the bathroom garbage. I went to the door, and stepped out into the hall. I suddenly realized that this wasn't a regular house. It was a mansion! The hall was huge, with marble floors, and two curving staircases that led down to the massive living room. I noticed that there were at least a dozen different hallways on the first and second floor. I around, and sure enough, there was another staircase that led to upstairs. I shook my head while laughing and walked down the stairs. About half way, I almost jumped out of my skin when someone started walking with me out of nowhere. "Why hello, who are you?" He asked, looking at me curiously. "Umm, Ithaca. And you?" "I'm Corren, and here's my brother Damien." I looked over to see another guy. They both looked like someone. "And our other brother Domanic is somewhere."

That's who they were. I could see it now. They both had dark brown hair, and gold eyes. They looked more like twins, than Domanic's brothers. "So that's who you are." I said. Both guys looking at me weird. "Whadda mean?" Damien asked me. "You guys are Domanic's brothers. I thought you looked like him, kinda." They seemed to be having a hard time realizing the fact that I knew Domanic. "You mean you met him already?" Corren asked. "Yeah, he saved me from this guy Daryl," I shuddered. "Last ni- wait what's today?" I asked both open mouthed guys. "November 3rd." They both said, still shocked. "You mean I've been out all this time?" I shrieked. God. Three days without a shower. Eww. The guys were about to answer, but Domanic busted through the door that I'm guessing led to the kitchen. I'm guessing that because about three chefs came running out behind him, yelling about a fire. "Back up! I need back up!" He yelled, taking Damien and Corren back into the kitchen. I sat down at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for them to come back. About a half an hour later, they came back through the doors laughing. "Well it took ya long enough." I complained, stretching my legs out in front of me. Domanic rushed up to me and took my hand. "Sorry. I had a little incident with the stove. Breakfast will be late." He said, pulling me to my feet. "So I'm guessing that he can't cook huh?" I looked behind Domanic to Corren and Damien. They both nodded. " Well, that's alright, I'm used to making the meals at home." I stopped, remembering about back home. I wonder where everyone was. I wondered where I was. "Hey, Domanic?" I asked softly. "Yeah?" "Where am I?" All three guys looked at each other, deciding something. "Well, you're in our Castle, and with us. And we're Vampires ." Domanic said. These guys were fricken lunatics!

"I'm sorry . . .what?" I asked. Domanic took my arm and led me to the couch. It was as comfortable as it looked. "I said that you're in our castle with us. And we're Vampires."

"Do you . . .do you . . .do you honestly think that I'm stupid?" I asked, feeling my anger rise slightly. "No. I honestly think that you're having a hard time believing that we are Vampires." Corren spoke up. "I don't believe you." I said simply, folding my arms across my chest. "I want proof." Domanic groaned, and then his face brightened. With a swiftness that left me breathless, he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I repeatedly hit is back with my fists, yelling at him to put me down, but it only made him laugh, and my hands sore. He was as hard as a rock. Finally, he let me down and I glared at him. He matched my glare with his own. I gave up, his was more impressive. I looked away, into the forest. It was so green, there was green moss, green treetops, green grass. It was beautiful. The next thing I saw, however was not. It was a weird creature of some sort. It looked like an overgrown rat with wings. It was entirely black with red eyes. It hissed at us, and started moving closer. "Holy crap! What the hell is that?" I shouted. Domanic looked to where I pointed, then back at me. "You still want proof that we're Vampires?" I nodded. "Then watch this." All three of the boys took off running towards the creature. Corren jumped on it's back and sunk his long teeth into it's neck. I looked away when the blood started spurting out. When I looked back, Damien had ripped it's arm off, and it landed in front of me, twitching. I yelped and backed up into a tree. Another limb flew towards me. I looked down to find that it was gone. Along with the arm. I looked up, and saw that Domanic had ripped it's head off and now it started disintegrating. They looked back at me, awaiting my reaction. "Well?" Conner asked. "Well what?" I snapped. "You just ask well what to me after you killed that . . .that . . . thing?" "It wasn't a thing, it was a Demon." Domanic said, walking up to me, I leaned back into the tree as if it could go back further. I instantly regretted it once I saw the hurt in all three of their eyes. "I'm sorry. We didn't mean to scare you." He said, backing up. I could hear the hurt in his voice. I couldn't take it. I ran up to him and gave him a big hug. "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't've snapped like that. And I should have believed at first so I didn't have to see that." I wrinkled my nose. I let go of him and gave the other two a hug. They all laughed, and I looked up at Corren and Damien. "What?" I asked. "Nothing, we're just glad that you believe us." Damien said. "C'mon lets go back." Damien was about to pick me up, but I held my hands up.

"I can walk ya know." I said. "I know." He smirked, and threw me over his shoulder-again.

"What's for dinner?" I asked, skipping down the stairs. I'd spent all day exploring the house with the guys and I was starving. "I haven't eaten for three days." "Right, well, how 'bout take out?" Corren suggested. "Ohh, pancakes!" I shouted running to the kitchen. I took out a bowl, spatula, and climbed onto the counter to reach the box of pancake mix. I grabbed it, but just as I turned around, my shoe slipped and I fell to the ground, landing on my butt. I was completely covered in powder. I blushed when the guys came in and started laughing at me. "Oh . . .my . . .God . . . Ithaca! What did . . .you do?" Damien asked, laughing hysterically. "I was trying to get the pancake mix." It was soo not cool that they were laughing at me. I picked up some of the powder and made my way towards the boys. They didn't even notice me get up they were soo busy laughing. But they stopped once I poured the powder on their hair. They looked at me with outraged, then surprised expressions. I laughed, and took off running. I ran up the stairs, slipping on one of them, got back up, and ran down the hall. I turned around, expecting them to be right behind me, but they were nowhere to be seen. I looked back and smacked into something-or someone-cold and hard. Looking up, I realized that it was Damien. "Uh, bye." I said, running in the other direction, just to be stopped by Corren. "Shit." I mumbled, running to the side. I had gotten to the stairs, when Domanic grabbed me from behind, and lifted me into the air as if I weighed ten pounds, instead of one hundred ten. "Got her." He called, as the others came to us. They laughed when they saw me being held in his hands. "You can put me down now." I said. He chuckled. "Could, but I don't feel like it." I looked up at him and saw that his eyes were slightly darker. I held his gaze until the others spoke up. "Alright, enough flirting." Corren said, walking to the kitchen. Domanic abruptly set me down, almost causing me to fall. "Sorry." He mumbled. I just nodded. We walked to the kitchen in silence. As soon as I opened the door I was greeted by a puff of powder in my face. "I'm going to kill you!" I yelled at a red faced Damien. He took off running out to the backyard. I ran

after him, and found him hiding behind a tree. "Got you!" I yelled, jumping on his back. "Hey! Oww! That hurts!" He shouted, as I pulled his hair. "Say sorry." "You!" "No. You!" I pulled harder. "You!" "You!" "No!" "Yes!" "No!" "Yes!" "Damn dude! She's hella beating you!" We turned around to see Domanic and Corren laughing their asses off. "She won't get off me!" Damien shouted. "He won't apologize!" I defended. "She pulled my hair!" "He threw pancake dust in my face!" Domanic chuckled before taking me off Damien and carrying me to the kitchen. When we entered, I saw two people staring at the kitchen. I had to admit, it was pretty bad. There was dust everywhere. "Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet Ithaca." Domanic motioned to the two stunning people. The guy was tall, with blond hair and the same gold eyes. The woman was short, with soft waves of black hair. Of course her eyes were gold. "Ithaca, meet our parents." I suddenly wished that I had ordered Chinese food. "Umm, hello. It's nice to meet you." My voice was faint. "You as well." His dad said, extending a hand. "I am Raphiel, and this is my wife Miranda. You may call us," He looked to his wife for help. "Mom and Dad." She said, giving me a perfect smile. I shook both of their hands, getting them lost in the stone grips. "Hi." I had more feeling in my voice this time. I was still taken back by the boldness in the fact that I had

to call them mom and dad. Well, it's not like my own cared. "So, what happened here?" Raphiel asked, motioning to the kitchen. Besides me, Domanic chuckled, no doubt remembering the scene I had made. "Well, I was going to make pancakes, but I fell, and well, yeah." I hung my head, waiting for them to start laughing. Only Domanic did. "Domanic, that's enough. It's not polite to laugh when someone gets hurt." Miranda scolded. I tried to hold in my laughter. "But mom-" "No. And now you get to clean up this mess." She started walking to the door. "It's nice meeting you Ithaca, I'll see you tomorrow." She left the kitchen with Raphiel following her. He smiled at me before he left. I turned back to Domanic, who was running a hand through his [perfect] hair. "Alright, let's get this cleaned up." I just about choked with laughter. "You think I'm going to clean this up? Your mom told you to do it. She never said anything about me." He looked at me, his face filled with disbelief. "What? You're not going to help me?" I shook my head. "It'll take me forever!" "No it won't." I said, walking to the door. "You're a vampire, you have super speed. See you later." I winked at him before leaving. I walked around the house, looking for more rooms. I walked up and down the hallways, peeking into open doors. I noticed that most were empty. I came to a set of two dark oak doors. They were closed, but I really wanted to see what was inside. Quietly, I opened them, and my mouth fell open at what I saw. Books! There were shelves upon shelves of them! And I mean big books, like Shakespeare and other big, leather bound books- not like the small, He's Just Not That Into You, books. I walked around a shelf and saw Raphiel sitting at a desk, reading a big book. Noticing my entrance, he motioned for me to sit down. "Hello Ithaca, come have a seat, I have some things to discuss with you." I walked over, and sat in a big black chair. I sank down, almost being swallowed by it. "What things?" I asked curiously. What more could there be than finding out that there's Vampires, Demons, and who know what else.

"Well, for one, I'm guessing you already know that we're Vampires." I nodded. He continued. "And then, there are some other things I have to tell you. See, the other night when my son saved you from Daryl." I felt a shiver go down my back. "Well, before he did, he bit you. Right?" I gasped. I had totally forgotten about that. My hand reached up to my neck and I felt two small dots that were slightly raised. "I'll take that as a yes. Then, Daryl disappeared before Domanic could kill him, so as of right now, we have no idea where he is. And, when he bit you, well, you started to turn into a vampire." My head started hurting, I put my head in my hands. Raphiel looked at me. I waved him to go on. "So, Domanic sucked the venom in Daryl's bite out, but he couldn't get it all. If he did, he would have killed you." I looked back up. "Which means that you are part Vampire now. Not quite half, but some. About one eighth. I think. You may notice that your skin is paler, you might get a little faster. If you are anymore than that, you might have an urge to drink blood." My stomach started heaving. Drink blood? Was he insane?! That's disgusting! "I-is that all?" I was scared. He could tell. He reached over and patted my hand. "Well, no." I frowned. "You are going to have to stay with us from now on. You are not safe back home." That reminded me of something. "Where exactly am I?" I asked. "Domanic told me earlier that I'm in a castle, but where?" "You are in a castle, but in the Underworld." At that point I fainted, slumping into the big chair.

I woke in a different room this time. It was exactly what the other one looked like, but instead of red, everything was blue-good thing it was my favorite color. I sat up to find a petite girl sitting at the foot of my bed. She had long, blond hair and chocolate brown eyes. She gave me a warm smile when she saw me. "Ah, good you're awake. My brothers have been worried sick about you. I'm Angelina. But you can call me Lina." She extended a small hand to me. I took it, wondering why none of the boys said anything about her. "I'm Ithaca." Her face brightened, and I just about expected her to sprout wings and fly around the room with joy. "Oh

my God! You're Ithaca? Domanic's told me soo much about you!" "He has?" I was stunned. "Why, of course! He's crazy about-" She stopped then, looking like she might explode. "Crazy about what?" I asked, very curious. She just shook her head and started talking again. "Ugh, finally I have another girl here! I've been all alone in this castle. Of course I have Mom, but like she's always soo busy being Queen . . . " I found myself space out-something I did often-then something sunk in. "Queen?" There was no way there was a queen of the Underworld-then again, what do I know? I'm only a human-from the human world. Lina nodded her head. "Of what?" "Vampires of course." She looked like I should have already known this. "And Domanic's supposed to be King next you know." I just about fell over. Domanic? King? No way! "Ithaca? Ithaca, are you okay?" Lina shook me slightly. "HE'S A PRINCE?" I basically screamed. "HE'S A PRINCE AND HE DIDN'T TELL ME?" Lina just looked at me with wide eyes. Why was I overreacting? Did it matter that the first person I met in another world just happened to not tell me one of the biggest secrets in the history of biggest secrets? The answer was yes. Yes it did matter. I had no idea why it mattered, but it did. "Whoa there. Take it easy. The only reason he didn't tell you was because he wanted you to get adjusted to all this," She motioned around the room, and to the rest of the Underworld, I'm sure. "first. Then after you were ready, he was going to tell you. He just didn't want to scare you away." I had calmed down by then, and breathed slowly in and out. I nodded my head in agreement. "So, let me get this straight. I'm going to start from the beginning, okay?" She nodded her head. "One, I'm in the Underworld. Two, the guy Daryl that attacked me-on my birthday no less, the dickhead-is missing, and he bit me. Three, Domanic, who is a Vampire prince, saved me by sucking the venom back out, but I'm still one eighth-or more Vampire. And four, I haven't eaten or showered in three days." I shuddered at how bad I must smell. "Pretty much yeah." Lina said. Then added. "But I just recently learned about you being part Vampire. The guys don't even know yet though." "They don't?" I thought for sure their Dad would've told them. "No. Dad wanted you to tell them." I groaned, and laid back down on the bed.

"Why do I have to tell them?" I asked to no one in particular. "Dad says it's all part of growing up." She sounded like she didn't believe what her dad said. "How old are you?" I asked suddenly. My own boldness shocking me. "Well, technically I'm 116 years old, but once you're turned into a Vampire, or even if you're born that way, you stop aging at the age of 21. Everything about you stops then. Even your heart." "How old are the guys?" I asked, not really wanting to know. "Hmm, Damien and Corren are twins, so they're both 150. And Domanic is about 190. The oldest of all of us. But remember he stopped aging at 21." She reassured me. "Okay. Wait, what does it mean for me to be part Vampire, even only one eighth? "I was suddenly nervous to know. "That's something you're going to have to talk about with father. Come on, lets go get something for you to eat." She must have heard my stomach growling. We got up and walked down the stairs to find all three guys in the living room, watching Underworld. I wondered how close it was to the actual thing. Seeming to have heard our entrance, Domanic got up and came over to me. "There's our own Sleeping Beauty. All better now?" He asked, while my cheeks turned scarlet. "Yes, as a matter of fact I am. But," I started, feeling suddenly nervous. Well, had to tell them sometime. "I have something to tell you guys." I walked to a chair, Domanic following me curiously. Lina sat down besides Conner and turned off the TV. "Hey! I was watching that!" He shouted. "Well, you know how the real thing is, why do you have to watch some fake? Now, Ithaca has something to tell you two." She motioned for me to start, as Conner and Damien turned their attention to me. I looked down, and put my hands in my lap, twisting my fingers together. "Well, when I was talking to Raph-Dad, earlier, he told me a few things . . .about me." I looked up to find everyone with a confused look on their face. "See, he told me that when D-Daryl bit me, and Domanic tried to save me, that he couldn't get all the venom out with out killing me. Which means that I'm . . .I'm p-part." Come on Ithaca. I told myself. It's not that hard. Just tell them. They'll probably be happy. Say it. "I'm part Vampire." I blurted out, before I could change my mind. I saw all of the guys eyes widen in shock. "YOU'RE PART WHAT?" The all shouted together.

"Vampire." I whispered. "But only one eighth." I added quickly. "Oh." They said again. "Well, I think it's great." Lina said. I smiled at her. "Yeah, it's cool." Damien agreed. "Awesome." Corren said. I looked at Domanic, waiting for his answer. Finally, with a sigh, he met my eyes. They were darker again, with red flecks in them. "As long as you're happy." He said. I threw my arms around him. "I'm very happy." I whispered in his ear.

I smiled to myself as we drove down the long road. Lina and I had persuaded the guys to take us shopping in town. I was especially exited-not only for the fact that I would get to buy new clothes-that I was going to see what the Underworld really looked like. And we were going to get some food afterwards. I was really hungry. So far, the Underworld looked a lot like mine. There were green trees everywhere, and the sky was overcast. My kind of day. You could barely see the sun from behind the clouds. When we entered the town, I was surprised at what I saw. The people-or something like people-looked almost like humans, with the exception of a tail or horns, or purple skin. Domanic looked over at me from behind the wheel. "Not what you were expecting? Huh?" He asked, smirking. "No, not really. Although, I don't know what I was really expecting." I admitted. "You'll get used to it." He pulled into a parking spot and sighed. "Come on, lets go shopping!" He said, sounding like a girl. I laughed and got out of the car. The first store we went to, the sales lady looked at me like I was wearing a trash bag. At least I don't look like a cat. I thought walking past her. Although I had to admit, the clothes Domanic let me borrow did look kinda bad on me. Whatever. Lina and I took off, while the guys lingered by the door, looking uncomfortable. I went to the pants section and chose several pairs of skinny jeans and baggy capris. Then, I found a lot of cute vests and

shirts with smart-ass sayings on them. I found some hodies too. When I walked up to the cash register, I saw Lina with a pile of clothes almost bigger than her. She dumped the clothes on the table and pulled out a black card. I realized that it was a credit card. I suddenly realized that I didn't bring any money with me. As if sensing my distress, Domanic came over to me and pulled out a matching card like Lina's. "Don't worry. I'll pay." He said. "But it'll cost so much! I couldn't do that-" I started to say, but he put a finger to my lips. They felt like fire under his touch. "I said, don't worry." He put an arm around my waist, and led me to the girl at the machine. She smiled at him, and gave me a slight glare, otherwise she ignored my existence. After that store we went to a shoe store and I bought at least ten pairs of Converse and DC's. With the exception of a few stilettos. ***************************************************************** "Are we done yet?" Damien whined, carrying like a dozen of Mine and Lina's hundreds of bags. "Almost. But I'm getting hungry, so let's get some food." I started leading the way to a restaurant with waitresses that had pink skin and cat ears. Once we were seated, our waitress came and asked us for our orders. "Hi, I'm Katie and I'll be your waitress for tonight." She said to the guys, ignoring Lina and me. "Umm, I'll have a glass of blood and a side order of onion rings." Domanic handed her the menu, and she gave him a smile, her ears twitching. I wanted sooo bad to take her down. "I'll have the same." "Me too." Both the guys handed her their menus and she gave them smiles too. She turned to Lina reluctantly and Lina took a glass of red wine and a burger. She basically threw the menu at her. I suppressed a laugh. "And what will you order?" She asked, giving me a fake smile. "A burger, fries, and a fruit punch." I chucked the menu at her and caught sight of Domanic giving me a glare. "Please." I added. She left without saying anything else. "What?" I asked, returning Domanic's glare.

"What was that?" It was a rhetorical question. Lina and I just shrugged, and looked out the window. It was starting to rain, and it looked so peaceful. It made me want to go outside and dance in rain . . . "Hello? Earth to Ithaca!" I snapped back to reality to find Lina snapping her silver nails in front of my face. "What?" "I've been calling your name for like ever! Our foods here." She said, giving me the same look everyone does-the 'what the fuck is wrong with you?' look. Yeah, I'm used to it. "Oh, okay." I took my plate of food and looked at it, checking for any sign that she spit in it. It looked fine to me. I took a bite of it, and realized that it was basically raw. I spit it back out in disgust. "What's wrong?" Katie asked, fake surprise on her face. "It's raw!" I shouted. "Do you know how dangerous that is for a human?" It was dangerous. But the worst thing was that I didn't spit it out because I didn't like it. I spit it out, because it was the best burger I had ever had! And that scared me. I'm human, I'm not supposed to like raw meat! "Oh! I'm so so sorry. I'll take it back." She went to reach for it, but I stopped her. I don't know why I did, I just did. "No. It's alright. I'll keep it." I said, taking my plate back. She shrugged, and winked at Domanic before walking away. I wanted to choke her. I ignored the looks that everyone gave me, and reached my drink. I was soo thirsty! As soon as I took a sip of it, I started chugging it down. It was the best Fruit Punch I'd ever had. It was sweet, and a little tangy, with some other hidden flavor. I was about halfway done with it when I realized what the flavor was. It was that coppery taste like in blood. It was then that I realized I was drinking blood! BLOOD!! That evil b!tch waitress gave me blood, and I liked it! I immediately stopped drinking it, and put the glass on the table. I should've seen it sooner. You could tell by looking at it that it was too dark red and thick to be fruit punch. I started feeling sick because I liked it so much. I could feel my friend's eyes on me, but I wouldn't look up to meet them. "Ithaca." I felt Damien shake my shoulder. I looked up at him. "What?" I asked. "What's wrong? You look sick." He looked concerned. Hell, I would be too if I saw someone looking as sick as I felt. "I-I have to go." I tried to get him and Corren to move out of my way, but they wouldn't budge. I gave

up and crawled under the table and took off running once I got out. I went into the bathrooms and looked in the mirror. I had a little blood on the sides of my mouth. I licked it off before I could think twice. "Did you like your drink?" I turned around to see Katie standing against one of the stalls. I walked up to her so we were just a few feet away. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I asked-no shouted at her. She didn't do anything but twitch her whiskers. "Simple. You have something I want, and I can't have it. So I fucked with you to make you look bad. And I think it worked." She gave me a catty smile. "What could I possibly have that you would want?" I asked. "That guy out there. The one with the black hair. I want him but he wants you." She shook her head and smiled. "Although I don't know why he would want you. Look at your hair." She came over and picked up a piece of my hair that was purple. I snatched my hair away. "At least I don't have ears and a tail!" I shouted, angry now. She started hissing at me, and crouched down as if about to pounce. I smiled then, and backed away. The b!tch had no idea what she was doing. She flung herself at me and I dodged her, making her land in the wall behind me. I laughed, but stopped when she started choking me.

-Lina's POV-

"What's wrong with her?" Corren asked, staring where Ithaca ran to. "She's a girl, who knows." Damien shrugged, and ate his food. Domanic shook his head. "Ithaca's not like that. There must be something wrong." "How would you know? You've known her for like a day." I said, finally saying something. Although, the look on her face screamed that there was something wrong. "Because." He snapped. "I-I just know." He sighed, putting his head in his hands. I reached over and tapped his shoulder. He looked up at me with sad eyes. "Let me out. I'm going to find her." He got to his feet, and before he even sat down again, I was in the woman's bathroom. I looked around, but didn't see anyone. I turned the corner, and gasped at what I

saw. There, right in front of me, was Ithaca. She had the waitress Katie pinned against the wall with her foot. She dropped it, spun around and kicked her in the stomach, in less than a second. Looks like she's more than one-eighth of a Vampire. I thought. Ithaca had leaned over the girl and whispered something in her ear. Even with my extra hearing, I couldn't tell what it was. She turned around, and looked un-surprised to see me. "Hey." She said, walking past me. "What the hell was that?" I asked, dumbfounded. She had totally beaten that girl up. And those types of Demons are usually dangerous. "Oh, that? Nothing. She just pissed me off, and well . . . " She was hiding something from me. I could tell. "I'm really bad at impulse control. So, yeah." She started walking swiftly down the room, until she stopped in front of the sinks. She looked at her neck, and I saw it. There were ten small scratches across her throat. They looked like claw marks. Which is exactly what they were. That mother f***er scratched her! I looked back to where she was, out cold. Ha ha. "Son of a mother!" I turned back to see Ithaca staring at her now clear neck. It had healed. Okay, definitely more than one-eighth Vampire. That was for sure. "I'm more than one-eighth Vampire. Aren't I?" She asked, looking down at me. Yeah, I know I'm short. I nodded my head, unable to answer. "Cool!" I looked up, startled. "What?" She looked at me, her eyes shining. "I said, cool! I've always wanted to be a vampire." I shook my head and laughed. "C'mon. The guys are waiting." **************************************************************** "OHMYGOD! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS ONE!" Ithaca shouted, as she twirled around in the dress she was trying on. It was dark blue, with a halter top on top, and flowed out on the bottom, ending right about the knees. It made her look taller than she already was. "That one was made for you!" I agreed. "Now, how 'bout this one for me?" I showed her the red dress that I had on. It was strapless, and went to the floor. "Hell yeah!" She said, spinning again. I was so glad when Ithaca decided to go dress shopping. We ran out of the dressing rooms-with the dresses still on-and looked through more racks. We'd already

had about five each, but it never hurts to have more. I found another one that was purple and went to the middle of my thighs. I squealed and looked around to show Ithaca. I saw her looking at a black one that had no straps and went down to the floor with a big slit in the left side. Beyond her, I spotted Domanic taking in everything she did. I chuckled under my breath and went to try the other dress on.

I saw Domanic staring at me when I came out in the dress I chose. It was black, and had a small wrap below the breast line and a slit that went from the floor to the middle of my thigh. It may be egotistic, but I knew I looked good. The dress had made my curves more dominant, and apparently Domanic liked girls with curves. Why should it matter what he thinks? I asked myself for the fifth time already. But I already knew the answer. Ever since the b!tch waitress in the bathroom told me that she made me look bad in front of him, that was the only thing I could think about. Domanic. Domanic. Domanic. Domanic thinks I look hot. I couldn't stop the thought from going through my mind. I twirled around in front of the three way mirror, trying to get thoughts of him out of my head. It didn't work. I sighed, giving up, and went to go change back into my clothes. Once we had purchased all twelve of Lina and my dresses, we started walking down the strip of shops. I was looking around at the stores where what seemed like regular people were shopping, when I stopped dead in my tracks. There, sitting at a table-in public-was Daryl. He was looking right at me, a smile on his face. I wanted to run-and I started to-but Domanic caught my arm. "What's wrong?" He asked. I pointed to where Daryl sat, only to find that he was gone. A thousand thoughts ran through my head. How in the hell did he do that? Where'd he come from? Why was he here? But the most important one was, how come I was the only one who saw him? "You . . .you didn't see him?" I asked, dumbfounded. "See who?" He asked, anxious.

I shook my head. Was I imagining things? Impossible! He was there, he smiled at me, he had to be there. "See who?" He asked again, frustration coloring his tone. "Daryl! He was sitting right . . . there, and I looked over . . . and he smiled at me . . . then I showed you . . . but he was . . . gone." I sounded so fricken crazy, I had a hard time believing my self. "Ithaca, he wasn't here. You must finally be going into shock." He started leading me back to the car, but I wouldn't move. I was so sure that it was Daryl, that he was here. "No." I shook my head again. "I'm sure he was here. I'm positive." I looked up into his big dark brown eyes, and couldn't see anything but concern. "You have to believe me. He was here." "Alright. Corren, Damien." Both guys looked up at him. "Go put the bags in the car, and then scope out the area. Lina, stay here with Ithaca while I go look too." He ordered, then looked back at me, and as if sensing my distress, added, "I'll be right back. Don't worry-I'll take care of you." Then, he did something I think he didn't even expect. He bent down and kissed the top of my head. He took off running before I could comprehend what had happened. Lina walked up to me, and smiled. "Did he just do what I thought he did?" I asked, my terror momentarily suppressed by my shock. "The dropping everything we bought part," She motioned to the bags on the ground. "Or the part where he kissed you?" "Yeah, that part." I said. "I think he did." I was about to say something, but someone grabbed me from behind. I saw Lina look shocked at first, but then her face turned to pure fury and hatred. I tried to turn around, but the person was to strong. "Well, well, what do we have here?" I froze at the sound of his voice. Daryl. Daryl was right behind me, holding me. I kicked him where it counts, as hard as possible, and felt him let go of me as he fell to the ground. I turned around, to find him laying on the ground, groaning in pain. I smirked at him, and leaned down. "What we have here is that you just got beat up by a girl." I laughed in his face. He stood up with a swiftness that would have made me fall over and hit the ground, if he hadn't caught me. I pushed off of him, and stumbled backwards. He was still in pain, you could tell, but he looked more

pissed off than anything else. I gulped, actually kinda afraid of him. His eyes were completely red and his fangs were twice the size they were before. I started to back away, only to find myself in his iron grasp yet again. I spun around and looked up at him. He was smiling at me, and it made me more scared. It was a smile that raised the hairs on the back of my neck. Behind me, I heard Lina growl. I wanted to turn around and look at her, but I wasn't going to take my eyes off of Daryl. "Don't worry, I won't hurt her." He said, almost sounding like he meant it. "Yet." He added. Holy shit! I screamed in my head. He's going to kill me! Domanic! Help me! "Let go of her." Came the most beautiful voice. I turned around this time to find Domanic, Corren, and Damien standing with Lina. They looked so fricken scary, I thought I was going to pee my pants. "Fine." He let me go, and I ran over to Domanic, hugging myself to him. "But remember, I'm a royal too. And now it's war." And with that he left. And I don't mean he walked away, I mean he left. Like he just disappeared right there, in front of us. What the Fuck?! I thought. Did he just say war? And I thought there was only one Vampire King and Queen. What the hell is going on?! I started to feel dizzy from everything that was going on. "We need to take her back home." I heard Lina say. I was too out of it to respond. I felt two strong arms pick me up, and take me back to the car. *************************************************************** -Domanic's POVI waited on the foot of her bed for her to wake up. She'd had such a hard time since she came here, and I felt bad for her. I mean it was her birthday for God's sake. And she got attacked, and taken back to a house full of Vampires. And as much as she might like it here, she has no idea how much danger she's in. I mean she smells so delicious, it hurts when I can't catch her scent. I sighed, and looked at her. She looked so peaceful in her sleep. Just by looking at her, I could almost feel like all the evil things in the world were gone. I looked away from her-reluctantly- and stared into space, thinking about what had happened, and what I had to do. What happened: Daryl came back, and he wants Ithaca. She is part Vampire, and there's something going on with her-I don't know what, but I sure as hell don't like it. Then, Daryl declared war. What I have to do: Keep Ithaca away from him. Find out what is going on with her-at all costs, as long as it keeps her safe. And find out what the heavy feeling in my chest is. I looked back at her, and was startled to find that she was staring at me with those bright green eyes.

Those eyes made me want to melt. "Good morning. Did you sleep well?" I asked, my tone soft. "Yeah, but . . . what . . . happened?" She looked really confused. "C'mon, I know the person for you to talk to." I picked her up from the bed, ignoring her protests, and walked to the Library. I walked slow, prolonging the moment with her. I don't know why I wanted to spend so much time with her, I just . . .did. We entered the Library, and I sat down in one of the big chairs in front of my father's desk. "What can I do for you children?" He asked, smiling at us. I realized that Ithaca was still in my lap. I decided that as long as she was comfortable, that I wouldn't move. "Well . . . I want to know everything. From the beginning." Ithaca said, shifting her weight on me, so she was facing Dad. I smiled at natural it looked-her being so close to me. The heavy lump on my chest got even heavier. "Okay," He began, closing the thousand year old book he was reading. "It all started with . . ."

I laid there, my eyes bulging. It was a lot of shit to take in. I mean, I was just told that there's been a rivalry between Domanic's family and Daryl's family that goes back thousands of years. Behind me, I heard Domanic snicker. I turned around, and my eyes probably started bulging more. I was sitting on his lap! No, I was laying on Domanic's lap. I realized that I must have been to wrapped up in the facts of everything that I didn't notice that I was laying on him. I turned back around and blushed, feeling my heart speed up uncontrollably. The look on both of the Vampire's faces showed that they had to have heard it. I suppressed a sigh. "Is that all?" I asked Raphiel. "Err, well no. You already know that Daryl is actually a Demon Prince-who can take the form of any creature." "Like a shapeshifter." I commented. "Yes, like a shapeshifter. And from what I've heard of the story is that since you're here, and with us, that he's declared war." I shivered. "I don't know why he wants you, or why he wants war, but I sure as hell don't like it." "Me neither." Domanic said in a gruff voice. "What should we do?" I asked.

"Well, for the time being, until we know what's really going on, I'm sending out some troops to spy on him, keep him in check . . ." He paused, thinking something over. "And I think that you and the rest of my children should go back to the Human world." My mouth dropped. The Human World. I didn't know what to make of it. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back. I loved it here. Okay, I've only been here for, well, less than a week, but it was so nice. And I didn't want to go back home. My parents probably didn't even know I was gone. Of course, I did miss my friends. It's been a few days since I've seen them, and I'm sure they're worried about me. "Back to her world?" Domanic asked. "You want us to go back to her world? But we have no one with us there! We could get ambushed!" I flinched back at his voice, and he immediately stopped. "I'm sorry." He whispered to me. I just nodded. "I will send a few guards to look after you all. Don't worry you'll be safe." He assured us. "Well . . . okay." Domanic said, then started joking. "I've never been to high-school." I laughed. "Never?" He shook his head. "Nope. Never." "Wow. 190 years of living, and you never went to High-school." I said, mostly to myself. Domanic gave me a puzzled look. "How do you know how old I am?" He asked. "Lina told me." I answered. His face darkened. "I should've known. What else did she tell you?" "Nothing." I said, then added. "Yet." "Ithaca-" He was cut off. "Okay you two. You better start packing. Long trip." Raphiel said. "Okay." Dimitri picked me back up, and started walking out of the room, but I stopped him. "I need to ask Dad something. I'll be right there." I said, making him put me down. "Okay." He left the Library. "Umm . . .Dad?" I sat down, nervous. He looked up from his book again. "Yes?" "Well, there are some things that I feel are not normal, and I think that you would be the one to help me." I said, looking at the floor. "Oh. Okay. Well, let me get Miranda." He picked up the phone on the desk dialed a number and waited.

"Please come to the Library hun." He said, then hung up. Within seconds Miranda was there, sitting in the chair next to me. "What is it?" She asked. "Oh, hello Ithaca." She greeted me. "Hi Mom." I still felt weird calling her that. "Miranda, Ithaca says that there are some things that are not normal going on, and that we could help." Raphiel said. "What kinds of things?" She asked, turning to me. "Umm . . .well . . ." I decided to just spit it out. "See, Dad told me that I was one-eighth Vampire, and that a few things would be different, and they are, but I've noticed that I am faster and stronger than before, and that I . . .want . . .blood." I said all in one breath. "Oh." Mom and Dad said together. Oh shit. Here it comes. "Well then. I think you are more than one-eighth Vampire." He said. "Obviously." Mom said. I tried to hold my laughter. "Well, what I mean is that I think you are more like half Vampire." He corrected. Again-my eyes bulged, and my mouth dropped open. "Half Vampire?" They both nodded-and even though I really wanted to-I forced myself to not faint-I'd done that enough already. "But, how? You said that Domanic had sucked out the venom." I was starting to sound whiny so I stopped talking. "Well, yeah, but the venom must have blended into the blood stream enough that he couldn't taste it anymore. It's actually a very common mistake." "Okay, but what about the whole blood thing? I can't just go around sucking people dry. I'd go to jail." I said. "Not all Vampires drink human blood." Miranda chimed in. "We drink animal blood." "Okay, but I still haven't told anyone, and what about when I go back to school? Will I want to drink my friend's blood?" I asked. "Maybe. But you can try to still be with them. But if it gets too hard, I suggest that you avoid any human interaction." Raphiel suggested. I couldn't find my voice entirely so I just answered. "Oh. Okay. Thanks." And walked numbly out of the

room to pack for my "long trip".

"Ithaca? Ithaca are you in there?" I heard Domanic call from outside my bathroom door. "Yeah. I'll be out in a minute." I called back. I decided that it was high time that I took a shower. I finished my shower and stepped out in a towel. I looked around frantically for my clothes, until I realized that I didn't have them in the bathroom. "Son of a Mother!" I yelled, reaching for the door knob. I stopped when I realized that Domanic was just out there. "Crap." I swore. I cracked the door open and poked my head out. I didn't see him anywhere, so I stepped all of the way out and walked over to my closet. "Oh. I. Umm . . ." I spun back around, and came face-to-face with Domanic. "Hi. Umm . . . I forgot my clothes. In here." I tightened the towel to me. "Yeah. I noticed." He scratched the back of his head. This was getting really awkward. "So . . . I'm all packed." I tried to make conversation(although you'd think it was useless.) "Huh? Oh great." He answered. He looked really distracted. Well there's a girl in a towel standing right in front of him for one. I thought. Wouldn't that distract you? "Soooo, I'm going to get my clothes . . . and get dressed." I said, taking some random items from my closet. I looked down at them and sighed. I had picked a sock, mini skirt, and hat. Hmm, not good enough. I looked back and picked out some other clothes. I got a pin-striped vest, some baggy capris, and chucks. Of course I got new undergarments. I ran back to my bathroom and put them on. I dug through the drawers until I found some eye liner and lip gloss. I walked back out, and walked over to Domanic who was staring at me. "Careful, you might get drool on the carpet." I warned, walking to the door. He went in front of me and opened the door. "Well it's hard not to drool over someone as hott as you." I stopped in my tracks and looked up at him. I was stunned that he had said that. He was usually so quiet. "What?" He asked, worried. Before I could change my mind, I went on my tip-toes and kissed him. It wasn't meant to be a big kiss,

but when he put a hand behind my neck, pushing me closer to him, and when I reached up and snaked my hands through his glorious hair, that's exactly what happened. Like before, whenever he touched me I felt like my skin was burning where we touched. Now, it felt like my entire body was burning. But a good type of burning. Like I was sitting in front of a blazing fire. Sure, I'd kissed other guys before, but nothing compared to this. This was pure bliss. I felt myself getting light headed. As much as I wanted to continue our . . . conversation. We were interrupted. By Corren. "Hey love birds. Everyone's waiting for you two. Get down here." He said, walking back down the stairs. Domanic pulled away from me, and smiled. "That was interesting." He said. "Yes. Very interesting." I agreed, grabbing my bags that were by the door. "Shall we go?" He asked. "Yes. We shall." I looped my free arm with his and we walked down the stairs. Once we got there we could see everyone staring at us. Corren told them no doubt. "Blabber mouth." Domanic said. "You know it." Corren responded. "I think they're cute." Lina gave me a big smile. "Yeah, yeah. Let's go." Damien walked out the door with his bags. I shrugged and followed him. **************************************************************** I groaned, and stretched my legs. The plane ride had taken forever. They just had to act like regular people and take a plane back to the Human world. We had taken their jet and arrived in a fake air port in Port Angeles. I'd spent the last six hours on the plane playing games with the guys or talking with Lina. Occasionally I would sneak a glance at Domanic, and when he was looking at me, we would wink at each other. It was kinda like a I kissed you wink. Yeah, okay, everyone else already knew, but it was still thrilling to wink at each other. When I got off the jet I was amazed by how much I really missed it. I loved the big sky, and nearly empty streets. I loved how it was almost always windy and overcast. The only thing that I didn't like about it was the various smells. They had some pretty gruesome ones. I turned around to find the guys and Lina looking around, definitely taking everything in with their extra Vampire senses. I walked back to them. "Like it?" I asked.

Corren and Damien nodded. Lina looked really shocked, and Domanic looked pleased. "It's cool." He said. "I've lived here my whole life." I answered, taking my bags to the car that was waiting for us. Once we were all in, I started asking a few questions. "So, where are we staying?" "At a house by the school you went to." Lina answered. "Are we going to my high school?" I was in the middle of my senior year. "Yes." "How'd you get them to let you in?" I could tell that I was getting on their nerves slightly. "We have our ways. Now, just relax." Domanic said, putting a hand on my knee. I slumped down in the seat. "Fine." I grumbled. He just smiled. ***************************************************************** My mouth dropped when we pulled up in front of the house. It was a fricken massive house! It was two stories tall and had a nice Victorian theme. I loved it. I jumped out of the car and ran up to the porch. There was even a wrap around porch! I had always wanted one. I opened the door and ran inside. The walls were a light shade of blue and there was a staircase at the end of the room. I ran up it, and found several doors. I opened the first one to find a bedroom. The second and third ones were bedrooms too. The fourth one was a bathroom, and the fifth and sixth ones were bedrooms. The one door at the end of the hall was the only one I hadn't opened. When I did, I nearly fell down. It was the master bed room. The walls were indigo, and there were hard wood floors. The door that was to the right was open, and I found that it held a bathroom with a big garden tub and a double sink. I walked back out and walked to the walk in closet. I figured that it would all of my new clothes perfectly. I walked to the top of the stairs, that overlooked the living room where everyone was standing. They looked up, after they heard me coming. "Dibs on the Master bedroom!" I yelled, and ran back into the room, locking the door behind me. "Awww! Come on Ithaca! No fair! You got a head start!" Damien yelled from outside. "Yeah! No fair, we want a look inside." Corren said. "Well . . ." I mused. "Too bad!" I put my weight against the door and laughed. "Fine! You can have the stupid room! I don't want it." Lina huffed, and I heard her walk away. The twins must have left too, because I could only hear Domanic out there.

"Ithaca let me in." He said. "Why?" "Because I don't want the room. And besides, I have all your clothes out here." I could hear the smile in his voice. I opened the door only to be tackled to the ground. "Hey . . . wait . . . stop!" I gasped between kisses. Yep, that's right, Domanic was kissing me. "What's wrong?" He asked, looking confused. I shrugged. "Nothing. I just wanted to see if you'd listen." He gave me an evil smile and started kissing me again. This time I didn't say anything, I just kissed him back.

"Lets go get some dinner." I suggested, once my stomach started growling. "Cool." He stood up, and threw me over his shoulder. "You know, you have a nice a-" I cut him off. "Finish that sentence and I'll kick your ass." I warned. "Yeah, sure." He said. He put me down in the living room, on the floor. "We're going to have to go furniture shopping soon." I noted, looking around. There was no furniture at all. "Okay. How 'bout this weekend?" Lina asked, sitting in the middle of the room "Cool." I said. "What's for dinner?" Domanic asked. "We ordered take-out while you two were "busy"." Lina said. I narrowed my eyes at her. "What? It's true." She said. "Where's Corren and Damien?" I asked, dropping the subject. "They went to pick the food up." She said. "Okay. Hey . . . guys?" I asked, nervous. "Yeah?" They asked. "Umm . . . never mind." "Come on Ithaca. You know you can tell us anything." Domanic said. I shook my head, and he groaned. "Hmm . . . seems to me like someone doesn't want the master bedroom." Lina said. "I'll just have to take

it then." She acted like she was disappointed. "I have something to tell you!" I blurted out. I really liked the room. "Which is?" They asked after I stopped talking. "Umm . . . well . . ." Just then, Corren and Damien walked in carrying the food. "Alright. We got the food. Lets eat." They put the food down, and everyone started eating. I knew that Vampires didn't need to drink only blood, it's just what they preferred. But after I finished my food, I started feeling a little sick. "Hey, Ithaca, what were you going to tell us before?" Lina asked, making me feel even more sick. "Umm . . . listen. I don't really know how to say this, but I . . . I am . . . h-half . . ." I could barely go on. "Vampire." I whispered. "What?" Domanic asked. "I-I'm half V-Vampire." I stuttered. "A-and I-I like bloo-bl-blood. A lot." I finished. Damien dropped his chop sticks, and Corren started at me. I couldn't bring myself to look at the other two. Lina was the first one to speak up. "Well then. This changes things." I finally looked up at her, confused. "What things?" I asked. "Things like what food we're going to eat. I know you probably don't like drinking blood, but your going to have to. And we're going to teach you to hunt. And, we're going to have to set limits on your interaction with Humans." She explained. "Yeah. Mom and Dad said that." I agreed. "Well, they said that I can try to hang with my old friends, but if it gets too hard to resist, that I have to stop talking to them." My voice was faint by the end. We were all silent for a moment. "I'm tired. I'm gonna go to bed." I stood up and walked up the stairs. Just as I reached for my bedroom's door knob, Domanic stepped in front of me. "Wait. We need to talk." He said. I just rolled my eyes, pushed past him, and sat in the middle of the floor. I forgot that there was no bed. "Ithaca. Talk to me." I looked up at him, and his face softened. He came and sat down next to me, and rubbed my face. I lifted my hand up, and when I brought it back down, it was wet. I was crying. I let out a humorless laugh. "You know, the last time I cried was five years ago."

"What happened five years ago?" Domanic asked. "My Mom died." "Oh." We kept silent for a second. I made sure that I didn't start crying again. Domanic was the first to break the silence. "Listen Ithaca. I want to help you." I looked up at him. "Help me?" "Yeah. Help you adjust. It's hard becoming a Vampire." "Really? It seems like a piece of cake to me." I said sarcastically. His face fell, and I immediately felt bad. How could things have gone from so good to so bad in a few hours? "I'm sorry. I know you're just trying to help." I put a hand on his shoulder. He looked back up at me-his golden eyes sparkling. "I'm the one who should be sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you into talking to me. You do strike me as the type of person who doesn't exactly like to talk." He chuckled then. "You're right. I don't like to talk." "Okay, but you're going to talk to me. Right now." He said, taking my face in his hands. What the fuck? What happened to the whole 'I shouldn't have pushed you into talking to me' crap? Where the hell did that go? I pushed away from him. "What the hell? You just said that you shouldn't have pressured me into talking to you. What are you doing right now?" I didn't give him a chance to answer. "Making me talk to you! That's what!" He sighed. "Listen Ithaca. I know you don't want to talk, but you have to. It'll be better if you do." "Better if I do? Better if I do?!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "How the hell would it be better? It's just going to end up with us yelling, and me possibly crying. And trust me, you don't want that." "Ithaca! Listen to me! I know it's going to be hard. Trust me, I know." His voice-even though it was just a whisper-was pleading. "Okay? I know. I've been here before. I know your tough and think that you don't need to talk, but you do. When you turn into a Vampire, every thing is out of wack. Your emotions and thoughts get all fucked-up." He took my hand in his, and looked me in the eyes. "If it wasn't for my Dad making me talk, and making me say things that bothered me to no end, I'd be a savage right now. Being a Vampire is hard. Even if your only half. And, you know what? It gets even harder. Wanting blood, it

never goes away, but being able to say 'no' even to yourself-it's hard-but it helps. You just need someone there with you, no matter what. And you have all of us here for you." He smiled then, and my head started to hurt. I knew what he was saying was right. I knew that some day I was going to have to sort this all out. But at that moment, the only thing that I wanted to do was run. Run away from it all. From being a Vampire, from talking. Even from Domanic. And that was exactly what I did. I ran down the stairs, and out of the house, before my mind caught up to what I was doing. ***************************************************************** -Domanic's POVI sat there, my eyes wide. She left. She just took off running, leaving me staring at the spot she had just been sitting in like an idiot.

I ran back down stairs, and found my siblings staring at the front door. "We need to go look for her." I tried to sound brave even though I was so scared. Ithaca had no idea what she was doing. How much danger she was going to cause if she didn't work things out. "Now!" I yelled, since everyone was standing there, staring at me. We ran around in the dead of night, looking for Ithaca.

I sat in on the ground of an ally, trying to sort everything out. So much crap had happened to me lately, and I felt as if I had no control over it. I didn't like that feeling. It made me feel weak. Suddenly, a scent came to me. It was familiar, yet, not. After a few moments, I identified it as three different smells. Three people. To my horror, my stomach started rumbling, and I could feel pain coming from inside me mouth. My head shot up, and I saw the three people standing in the mouth of the ally. The first was a short girl, and she had long brown hair, and big green eyes. The second was a slightly taller girl, with blond hair, and green eyes. The third was a guy. He was taller than the other two, taller

than me too, and had brown hair and brown eyes. I couldn't see his face fully at first, because something on it was blinding me. Then, after a moment, I realized what it was. Glittery makeup. I took a quick intake of breath as I realized who the people were. Andrea, Camille, and Jack. **************************************************************** -Domanic's POVWe'd spent hours on looking for Ithaca. She was no where to be found. "I think we should just go home." Lina finally said. "No!" I snapped. "But Dom-" "I said, NO!" I saw Lina start to argue back, but Corren stopped her. "Lets look around one more time, and if we still can't find her, we'll go home." It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it would do. "Fine." "Fine." Lina agreed. I could tell that Domanic was about to say something, but he was interrupted by squealing. Girls squealing. "What the hell?" Corren asked, turning around to see four people walking out of an ally down the street. Well, three people walking-the fourth had to be dragged out. We all used our extra hearing to listen to their conversation. ************************************************************** -Ithaca's POV"Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ithaca where have you been?" Camille asked. "Yeah, we've been looking everywhere." Andrea said. "We've been scared sick." Jack looked really stressed out. I felt kinda bad for scaring them so much. I also felt bad for wanting to kill them. Yeah, you heard me correctly. Don't make me repeat it.

"Umm . . ." Crap. I didn't have a story. I mean, yeah they're my friends and all, but really, if someone was to tell you they spent the past few days with Vampires in the Underworld, wouldn't you put them in an asylum? "She's been with me." Domanic said, putting an arm around my shoulder. I could see everyone looking at me to see if it was true, so I acted. "Oh, there you are baby. I was looking for you." I looked up, and gave him a smile. "Really? I was looking for you too." His voice matched mine. Mushy with love. Ugh. I looked back at my friends, and I could see that they believed it. Thank God. "That's good. Umm, Ithaca can I talk to you?" Jack asked. "Umm, okay." I acted as if leaving Domanic was hard. It slightly was-not that I was going to let anyone know that. He led me a few feet away from everyone and whispered, "Where have you been?" "I told you. With Domanic." Sometimes Jack was too observative for his own good. He looked like he didn't really believe it, but he still nodded. "Alright. I believe you. But, tell me if anything happens. Okay?" "Okay." I lied. We walked back to the three to find that Damien, Corren and Lina were with them. "There you are Ithaca!" Lina squealed, as if I hadn't seen her a few hours ago. "I've been wondering where you were."

She went to give me a hug, and to keep up the act, I hugged her back. I
went ridged. "Don't think for a second that we're done here." She whispered, loud enough for only the Vampires to hear. When we pulled back, she had a sweet smile on her face. Note to self: Never, NEVER piss a Vampire off. "Soo," Camille started, rocking back on her heels. "are these your friends?" "Mmhm." I answered, looking as cheery as possible. It was kinda hard. "Cool." Andrea said, looking at Corren. Suddenly, an idea came to me. "Hey, guys, wanna come back to our place?" I asked.

"You moved?" Jack asked, stunned. "Yeah, I couldn't take it at home anymore." I lied, but it was kinda true. "Sure." Camille agreed. "Awesome!" I said, and started leading them back to our house, ignoring the glares from the Vamps, and the hunger in my stomach. This was going to be a long night.

Boy was I right. Let me make a list for you: 1. There were some very scary vampires glaring at me the entire night. I figured out that if looks could kill, I'd be six feet under by now. 2. Everyone-human-kept giving me hugs, and kisses, and just about any other thing that might get them killed-by me. 3. My stomach was killing me. I was soooo thirsty-for blood-that I thought I was going to attack the next person that came within three feet of me. 4. Everyone-mostly Jack-kept asking me fricken questions. How I was doing. What I've been up to. If I was alright. 5. Lina made everyone talk, so of course, I had to tell my problems to them. Can you say FUN? 6. Domanic wouldn't talk to me. He would barely look at me. So, needless to say, it was a VERY VERY VERY LONG night. Yet, it was better than the morning. ***************************************************************** "Leave me alone!" I yelled through the door. Damien and Corren were pounding on it, telling me I had to get ready for school. "You have to get ready! We're going to be late, and we made you some breakfast! It's really really important for you to drink it!" Damien yelled. "NO! I don't want to go! I'm not going near any humans! I'll kill them!" I shouted back. I heard them sigh, and someone come up behind them. Domanic. Crap. Why do I always have to deal with him? "Ithaca." He called. "Ithaca, let me in."

Here we go again. He better not try to kiss me. Not now. "Hell no! Go away!" I yelled. I heard him growl. "Damn it Ithaca! Let me in. We need to talk." Oh god no. Not this again. Don't ask me why I opened the door, I just did. It was like something inside of me was telling me to. So when I opened the door, and screamed, I wouldn't blame you if you said: I told you so. I screamed because Domanic was standing there-with a dead bunny. Can you say Yum? I mean eewwww! Yeah, that's what I meant. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" I shouted, jumping back. "Breakfast. Enjoy." He threw the thing at me and walked away. I caught it before it hit the ground, and sunk my teeth into it. Oh, did I forget to tell you that I have fangs now? Cause I do. They retract when I don't want them-but only a little, it still hurts to pull them all the way back. They're about an inch and a half long, and as sharp as a needle. I LOVE them. When I was finished with my breakfast I walked downstairs and threw it away in the trash. I felt so alive! So refreshed. I felt as if I could walk on water, lift up a car. Do anything! Which I just about could. I saw everyone starting to walk out the door. I caught up to them, and we walked to the school in silence. ***************************************************************** One of the differences that I noticed was that in the Underworld, people treated Domanic and his siblings different. They all had respect for them, treated them like royalty(no duh). Here . . . it was different. Sure people still looked at them like royalty-they were all inhumanly beautiful people Vampires. But the only reason they looked at them like that was because A. They were gorgeous B. They were new and C. Rumors about them had been spread. Not good.

Throughout the day, I had been looked at, stared at, glared at, and whispered about. No doubt about my new look: paler skin, darker eyes, and more pronounced features. And the fact that I was sitting with 'the New Kids' added to the whispering. Most of it really didn't bother me cause I get gossip talked about me a lot. Doing drugs, drinking on school property, that sort of thing. But this stuff bothered me because most of it was that I was gone for . . . however long I was gone-I still don't remember-because I was pregnant. And Domanic was the father. Boy was that a lie. The last contact that I had with him was when he threw the rabbit at me. Nice. And even before that, we NEVER DID ANYTHING. I really HATE him right now. So this kinda bothered me. The other thing that bothered me was: IF I was pregnant-which I am not-and someone knew wouldn't that mean that I LOOKED pregnant? Does that mean I look fat? God, if anything I would look thinner. Vampires are very thin for some reason. So, what the hell?

I was in Biology when it happened. There was Missy flirting with Domanic. I could hardly contain the urge to go over to them and throw Missy into the wall. Okay, most people would probably think that with me being half Vamp and all that I would want to drink her blood. Yea, well it smells nasty. Trust me, NO ONE would want to do that. And you know what? I would want to beat the crap out of Domanic. Yell at him, "What the hell is wrong with you? Flirting with another girl! What about me?!" What about me? I had no claim on him. He wasn't my boyfriend no matter how much I wanted that. But I still felt a boiling passion build up inside of me, turning my insides, making me want to do horrible things to Missy-not that I haven't wanted to do that before. Jealousy. I was jealous. Jealous because Domanic was flirting back with her. Her and not me. Because I'm an idiot and had to run off and screw things up. Ya know that I've never been jealous before? "No way!" You think, well it's true. What's there to be jealous about? I had a family-broken, but still a family-friends, materialistic items that had almost no sentimental value to me. But more shocking, I'd never been jealous over a guy. I'd always thought that if he wasn't the one talking with me, he wasn't for me. That if I ever was jealous because a guy was with another girl and not me, that he was the one for me. So, why was I feeling this way now?

Not being able to stand them anymore, I walked straight out of Biology class, ignoring the teacher's bickering. I could feel Domanic's eyes boring into the back of my skull. I walked down the stairs, out to the courtyard, past that, and stopped when I had walked across the school, to the right field. I sat in the middle of it, and pulled out my ipod. Oddly, it relaxed me to listen to any song that had something to do with ripping someone's heart out. Hey, don't give me that look, you know it helps.

I don't know how long I was sitting there, but when I looked at my watch, it said 2:30. I'd skipped my last four classes, which meant that I'd have detention tomorrow. Yeah, my school sucks. I got up and dusted myself off, and started walking away. It kinda bothered me to be alone. I'd been with at least one person for the past few days. It felt weird to be by myself. I laughed at the thought. I'd always been the type of person that would revel in being alone. Now, it was slightly scary. Never paying attention to where I was going, of course I didn't notice that I wasn't back at the house when I walked up to the very familiar oak door. I stopped short of reaching touching the door knob when it hit me. I was back home! At my house! Where my bitch of a step mom was. Where my annoying little brother tortured me. And my Dad that was never home. Suddenly having these things didn't seem so bad. I opened the door-it was never locked-and stepped inside. Everything was exactly how I had left it. The cream furniture, the white carpet, light yellow walls. Everything was how it was supposed to be. Except me. I wasn't how I was supposed to be. I was half Vampire. And my family was not. They were Human, what I was supposed to be. Or, maybe not. I'd always believed that fate worked in twisted ways. Maybe this was part of it. "Ithaca! Oh Ithaca! There you are!" I turned to see Stacey running towards me with an-now way!- actually genuine smile on her face, with, what's that? Actual tears running down it. That woman never shed a tear for me. I guess she really does care. The only one she cares about is Dad. True. I highly doubt that she cares about me. No need to get ahead of myself. "You scared me half to death! Don't ever do that again." She hugged me tightly, while she sobbed into my hair. "I couldn't sleep, and your father's been worried too! He would hardly talk to any of us." Damn,

am I good or what? I knew she was only worried about Dad. "Umm . . . I'm sorry?" I wasn't sure how to say anything. If I told her what I told Jack and them, she'd ground me for hanging out with a guy. On the other hand . . . Here's how I imagine that conversation: "Oh, honey, where've you been these past few days?" She asks. "Oh, well, let's see. I was almost raped by a shape-shifting Demon, then as if that wasn't enough I was taken back to the Underworld to live with six Vampires." I say as if we were talking about the weather. Stacey just looks at me with a blank expression. "I've slightly fallen in love with one of them, but now feel like killing him and Missy-I'm sorry about that. I know how much you like her. Then, we came back here, cause there's a war between the Demons and Vampires there." She reaches for the phone. "Oh, and did I forget to mention that I'm half Vampire. Cause I am. And I ate a bunny this morning. It was delicious." I get cut off by the fifty people that come busting through the door with masks and weapons. "Take her away! She's insane!" Stacey yells. I continue to be put in a straight jacket and hauled away to an Insane Asylum where my room mate, called Bob talks to themselves(I never said it was a girl)and wets the bed. Hmm . . . not exactly how I imagine spending my time here. So, I try something else. "Oh, Honey, where've you been these past few days?" She asked. "Oh, I've just been with some new friends." I said. I realized that I was eighteen now. I could do whatever I wanted. Well, almost whatever. I'd be charged as an adult in court now. Damn. "I hope I get to meet them soon." "You will." I lied through my teeth. My dad walked through the door at that moment. He looked shocked to see me. "Your . . . home." He finally said. "Mmhm." I nodded. He ran over to me and gave me a big hug. I felt my eyes fill with tears. It's been years since he's hugged me. "I missed you. Promise me you'll never do that again." He whispered.

I felt my heart stop-not literally, I'm not full Vamp. How could I lie to him like that? Of course I'll have to leave like that again. I could barely stand hugging him so closely now. Imagine having to do that everyday. I pulled away from him and faked a smile. "I'm so so sorry that I left." It wasn't totally a lie, I was sorry that I went out that night, I was sorry that my life had turned up-side-down, but I wasn't completely sorry that I left. I had too. I just had too. Seeming to fall for the subject change, Stacey walked over to Dad. "C'mon Dave, dinner's ready." She led him to the dining room, leaving me standing in the living room, debating. Should I, or should I not? Which one is the right thing to do? I decided that I should. I ran up the stairs to my room. It was, just like the rest of the house, untouched. My electric blue walls, small bed, black furniture, posters of random bands all were as I had left them. I walked around to the side of my bed and looked at the mess that lied there. My clock that I had thrown when I woke up on Halloween had crashed into my picture that stood on my little night-stand. It broke my heart-again, not literally-to see it broken. It was a picture of my Mother. With her jet black hair and her blazing eyes. Her eyes were like blazing emeralds. I'd always admired my mother. That's why it hurt me to see the only picture that I had left of her broken. I bent down and picked up the shards of glass, making sure not to cut myself. I wasn't sure what would happen if my blood spilled out; I wasn't curious enough to find out. I threw them in my trash basket, neatly placed the photo in my wallet that was on top of my dresser. I began throwing all my clothes in my suitcases. Hopefully this was the right thing to do. *************************************************************** -Domanic's POV"What the hell do you mean, you don't know where she went?" Lina screamed in my face. "How could you lose a Human being?" "Half-Human." Corren and Damien Corrected. We both shot them a dark look. "Sorry." They mumbled. "Look. First of all, I was busy." I smiled slightly at the thought of 'busy'. I had been talking to Missy Cromwell, who was no doubt trying to make me fall for her flirting. I had gone along with her just to ruffle Ithaca's feathers. Guess that wasn't such a good idea. "And second of all, she isn't my

responsibility. She can take care of herself." Yea, well she could. "That's not the point!" Lina continued to shout, she started pacing up and down the hallways in the house. "Did you ever think that maybe Daryl isn't in the Underworld? Huh? Ever think that he's here, waiting for us to slip up like you just did?" She was getting really angry now. Her eyes were turning to black. "And, what was so important to you that you couldn't take care of the girl you love?" She asked. "Excuse me?" I asked, appalled. Me love her? "How could I love a girl like that? She's an annoying, thick headed, selfish . . .smart . . . amazingly beautiful . . . brave girl who's invaded my life, and filled it with . . . with . . . " I drifted off, realizing what had just come out of my mouth. "See? How could I love a girl like that?" Lina just smirked, and so did the guys. "Mmhm." They said together. "Hey guys. Ready to meet my parents?" Oh. Crap.

-Domanic's POVWe all turned around to see Ithaca standing in the doorway with several bags and boxes surrounding her.

"H-how long were you standing there?" I asked, horrified. "Long enough." "H-how much did you hear?" This was just perfect. "Enough." She smirked, then sighed. "Listen guys, my parents are in my car. Outside. So, 'yall better be ready to meet them. Okay?" We all nodded. She walked back out and came back with two people with expectant looks on their faces. Well, the woman had an expectant look, but the man was taking in the room with narrowed eyes. Great. He already hates me. ***************************************************************** -Ithaca's POVI led my Dad, and Stacey up the front steps to the house. My Dad kept mumbling-criticizing-everything. When we walked into the doorway, everyone was lined up looking like a deer in the headlights. "Dad, Stacey," I said, breaking the-awkward-silence. "These are my new roommates: Domanic, Corren,

Damien, and Lina." Each one smiled and waved when their name was called. Lina was the first to step up. "Hello, it's so nice to meet you." she said, shaking hands with Stacey. My Dad was just looking around the room through narrowed eyes. And they just happened to land on Domanic. "Where do you sleep?" He asked me, his eyes never leaving Domanic's paled face. It was paler than usual. "Umm . . . the master bedroom upstairs." I explained, not sure where he was getting at. "Good." His voice was gruff. "Do you share it with anyone?" Again, his eyes never left Domanic's face. So that's what he wants to know. "No." He looked away from Domanic. "Good. Why don't you give us a tour of the house?" "Okay." I started leading them through the living room, to the bare kitchen. Stacey looked around with fake enthusiasm. "It's . . . quaint." "Yeah, we kinda just moved in a few days ago. We're going shopping Saturday." I said. "Well, it's been nice seeing your house and all, but we have to go . . . so goodnight." Stacey said. "What? But you guys just got here." I whined. I didn't want them to leave yet. Well, I didn't want my Dad to leave yet. "I know, but we have to get back to your brother, and you're an adult now, so we have to let you get moved in. So, good night." Stacey answered for my Dad. She started leading him out of the door before he could say anything. "I'll come to check on you later." My Dad warned before Stacey dragged him into the car. "Bitch." I said once I closed the door. "I'm guessing that you don't like her." I turned around to be face-to-face with Domanic. "What the hell do you want?" I spat at him. From what I had seen earlier, I really really didn't want to even look at him. "What's wrong with you?" He asked. "You!" I shouted. I took a deep breath, and turned so that my back was facing him. I started picking up my boxes to carry them up to my room. I placed them on the bare floor of my bedroom before going back to the front door. I was about to start up the stairs again, but Domanic stepped in front of me. "No. Seriously, what is wrong with you?" He asked again.

"When I said "you." I was completely serious." He looked hurt. Something inside of me twanged at his face. "Tell me." I shook my head. "Like it would help. You're too busy with someone else to care." "What someone else? I know no-one but you here." "Missy." Was all I said. "Missy? What about her? I don't even like her." He started to sound desperate. "Please, tell me." I was losing my temper. "Like hell you don't like her! I saw you flirting with her in biology." "Flirting? You think I was flirting with her?" His desperateness turned to anger. "That's insane! The only person I would flirt with is you-." He shut his mouth, realizing what he had said. I think I was too gone to care about what he just said. Stupid! What are you doing?! You're going to ruin everything! I wouldn't listen to my inner voice. "Yeah, well it's too late! I don't want you, don't want to flirt with you, don't even want to see you!" I shouted. "Well then, fine! I don't want to see you either! EVER!" He stomped away, leaving me alone. I started taking boxes back and forth to my room, the entire time thinking, Look what you've done.

Two months. Two long, crucial, pain filled months since I've talked to anyone. Every night since my fight with Domanic, I wouldn't talk to anyone. At first, everyone would knock at my door, trying to get me out of my room. It didn't work. Sure, I still went to school, but I didn't even talk to any of my friends. Even Jack. I'd just wake up in the morning, get ready for school, and sit in the back of every class, ignoring everyone. Of course, everyone ignored me too. Domanic wouldn't talk to me. He hasn't talked to me since our fight. Any time we'd see each other, it was either in Biology, or when we were at home. I know, I know, you think that's a lot. Well it's not. When the only thing you have to leave your room for is going to school or just going out in general-I left through my window at night to hunt-you didn't see people much. Corren and Damien would follow Domanic's example, and ignore me too. But no one could ever beat Domanic at the-I-Hate-Ithaca-game. He was the king at that game. Lina would barely talk to me, but she was still nicer than the rest. She'd say hi to me when we passed in the hallway at school, or if we ran into each other at home-which isn't often. But still, there's a coldness

in her that I never knew she was capable of. And you know what the worst part is? Go ahead. Take a guess, you'll never figure it out. The worst part is . . . that I had to answer the door today. And I had to receive the message. And I had to tell the others.

I was sitting in my room, in the corner, when the bell rang. Usually I wouldn't have answered the door, but I was alone today. I laughed with no humor at that. I was always alone now. I got up from the my corner and walked slowly down the stairs to the door. There, standing on the porch, dressed in all black, was the worst possible person in the world. Okay, well maybe I was exaggerating-he himself wasn't the worst person in the world, but at the time it felt like it. "Umm . . . can I help you?" I asked, my voice was hoarse from not talking in a few weeks. "Yes. I am a messenger from Mr. and Mrs. Renwick." He said. "Who?" I had no idea who he was talking about. He sighed. "Mr. and Mrs. Renwick?" I shook my head. "You know, Raphiel and Miranda?" "Oh oh oh! Mom and Dad!" I shouted, realizing what their name was. I had never known . . . The man cleared his throat. "Umm . . . yes. Well, they wanted me to give one of their children this," He handed me a white envelope. I took it. "Thanks." I said cheerfully. Just the thought of Mom and Dad made me feel a little better. "Yes . . . well. I'd better go." He started heading down the steps, but stopped. "Oh, and I am very sorry for your loss." "What?" I asked. He just shook his head and walked silently to the waiting car. Me, being curious like I am, opened the envelope immediately and began reading:

De ar R enw ick Ch ildren , I am v ery sor ry to say th at King Rap hiel a nd Queen Mi rand a h ave d ied in b attle . We ha d won -we ev en kille d Da ryl -bu t a t a cos t. It was thei r las t wis h for you a ll t o retu rn to the Unde rw orl d t o m ak e Pr ince D oma ni c King . He wi ll h ave a Ba ll to find his Queen an d tak e ov er the Unde rw orl d. He wi ll need t o m ar ry as so on a s poss ible s o he c an hel p restore wh at we h ave lost . Sin cerely , Mr. Ja meso n( Ex ecut iv e t o Kin g Raphiel and Queen M ir an da .)

The letter was small, but the damage was huge. I put the letter in my pocket and felt my knees buckle. The last thing I remember was feeling the cold hard wood floor touch my face.

Oh, It's Dangerous And so out of line, to try and turn back time I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do And I've hurt myself By hurting you ------------Christina Aguilera----------Hurt I had to be dreaming. Or having a nightmare. Yep, the second one made more sense. "What do you mean, you're leaving?" I asked, Domanic. "I don't want to be here anymore, Ithaca. I don't want to be here anymore, with you." As he said this, I could see his eyes change. They were dull; they used to sparkle. "But, why?" "Cause, you and I don't belong together. I'm the Vampire prince, and you're just a Half Breed." I shivered at the coldness in his voice. "But I-I" I whispered, but he wasn't paying attention. He was looking past me, at something else. I turned around, and saw her. "Ah, my love." She said, as he wrapped an arm around her waist. "I missed you, Winter." He said. "Who the hell is she?" I asked. "She is my new Queen. We will rule the Vampire Kingdom together." He seemed exited by this. "C'mon, we should get going." The girl-Winter-started leading him away, into the dark. "NO!" I shouted after them. I saw Domanic look back, and something inside of me quivered. "Come back! I love you!" But they were already gone.

I shot up, when I heard a skin crawling scream. I realized it was me, once I closed my mouth. "That has got to be the worst nightmare I have ever had." I whispered to myself.

I got up from the floor, and walked to one of the couches. I crashed on it, and fanned myself with a piece of paper from my pocket. "Hm? What's this?" I asked myself, reading the paper. It took only two lines to remember what had happened. They were dead. My other parents, the Vampire King and Queen, were dead. Lina's, Corren's, Damien's, and Domanic's parents were dead. Gone. Forever. And I had to tell the Vamps. Well this was just great. Just awesome! (Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice.) I curled into a ball on the couch and thought over as to how I was going to do this. Hmm . . . maybe I'll wait till their in a good mood. I shook my head. That would really suck. I'll just . . . I'll just . . . My thoughts were interrupted by the four people I wanted to see least in the world. They walked past me, ignoring me as usual. I'll just tell them. I had made up my mind, and I wasn't going to change it . . . hopefully. "H-hey guys?" I asked. They turned slowly, unwillingly. Lina was the first to speak. "What? You want to talk now?" She asked in a harsh voice. I flinched at her voice. I could feel my breathing increase, and my palms turn sweaty. Since when do Vampires sweat? Never mind. Get back to the point. "Umm . . . well, no-yes!" I shouted since they started to walk away. They way they all turned around at the same time would have made me laugh at any other time. But there was no way I was going to laugh now. "Well?" Corren asked. "Yea. We ain't got forever." Damien said. I didn't feel like mentioning to him that he was after all immortal. I cleared my throat, and after telling myself that I could do it a thousand times, I spoke. "Well, see . . . II" I sighed. Just get this over with. "I got this note today."

I sat there, and watched the man i love, Domanic come over to me, snatch the letter away, and read it out loud. And I sat there, and watched Lina's face break down, and saw her start to cry. I sat there, and saw all the guys look at their sister first, then at me. And I sat there, as they accused me of forging the letter. And I sat there, and cried my eyes out, telling them that they were wrong, and that I'd never do


"Y-Y-You k-know I'd n-never dooo t-that!" I shouted in between sobs. "Really?" Domanic asked. "You'd never do that? After all the pain and worry you've caused us, you'd never cause just a little bit more?" "You know as well as anyone else here that I would NEVER do that to you guys. Your parents were like my other set of parents-one's that really cared. Why would I do that to the ones I-I I lov-" I broke down crying again. I saw almost everyone's faces turn soft. Lina-like always-was the first to come over. "Oh, Ithaca, of course you didn't forge it. I'm sorry we accused you." She hugged me, and cried along with me while the guys just stood there, not sure of what to do. "What the hell are you doing?" Domanic shouted, causing me to jump. "W-what do you mean?" Lina asked. "You're hugging her! The person that's just about drove me- I mean us crazy. And you're hugging her?!" I think he had a problem with this. "Well yeah!" She shouted back. "She loves them like we do! She knew them. M-Mom even told me how she was such a great addition to the family. What do you expect me to do?!" I could tell that Domanic was about to speak, "It was a rhetorical question, Domanic. Just because we all made some bad choices before, doesn't mean we have to live down to those now. She's as heart broken as the rest of us, cut her some slack." I just stared at Lina with new appreciation. "W-well fine." Domanic stuttered. "Well it better be fine!" She snapped. Damn. Slowly, very slowly, like slower than a snail that's been super-glued to the ground slow, and is now making it's way through a puddle of pudding-do not ask me where this comparison came from-Corren and Damien made there way over to us. They hesitantly sat down next to us, and hesitantly put their arms around us. I smiled slightly and hugged them. "I am so so sorry." I whispered to them. "We know, we know." They whispered back. I felt two very familiar arms wrap around me, and pull me from everyone. I could have sworn my heart

skipped a beat. He sighed and . "I'm sorry I yelled at you." "I'm sorry I scared you." I said to Domanic. I hugged him as hard as possible. We stayed like that for a moment, but then the other three gathered around us in a big hug. I hugged everyone tighter, and I knew it would be a while before they all trusted me completely again, but hell, I'll take what I can get.

*Two days later* "Are you kidding me?!" Camille shouted, laughing along with Andrea and Jack. "Umm . . . no." It sounded like a question. "So you seriously want us to believe that you're a Vampire?" Jack asked. Okay, you're probably questioning my sanity right now, so before we go on, let me clear things up for you: *1hour earlier* "You ready to go?" Lina asked, standing in my doorway. "Uh . . . yeah." I had almost all my clothes packed and stuff, and yet I felt as if I was forgetting something. "What's wrong?" She asked. "Nothing. Just jittery." I answered. "For what?" "Nothing!" I shouted. "Okay. Okay." She walked away. I sighed. Ever since we hugged, and kinda made up, everyone's still been careful around me. Like I said, they still don't trust me completely. But, what can ya do? So, anyways, it's like they're afraid to get me angry or something, thinking that I'll flip out again. Well they're wrong. I'm not going anywhere without Domanic them. "C'mon! Let's go!" Corren and Damien yelled from downstairs. "Yeah we're waiting!" I heard Domanic yell. "Are you ever gonna come down?" Lina questioned. Everyone seemed to be waiting for my response.

"Ugh! What the hell do you think?" Quiet. "Of course I'm coming!" God, this was getting annoying. I quickly put the rest of my clothes into my suitcases, and rushed downstairs-carrying all SIX of them. Yeah, six suitcases. "Well finally Princess Ithaca comes down." Domanic said. Everyone glared at him. "Oh, shut up and help me." I grunted. He quickly came over and took the smallest one. "Nice." I said. "What?" He laughed. "Nothing. Just take this one." He reached to take the other one and his hand brushed against mine, and I almost dropped everything. His touch sent fire blazing on my hand. He seemed to notice it too. He cleared his throat. "Well, erm, is that everything?" "Uh, yeah." I said awkwardly. "C-cool." Everyone seemed to be staring at us. "WHAT?" I shrieked. Everyone turned away-except Domanic. He just stared at me. "Take a picture. It'll last longer." I told him, and walked to the car. *************************************************************** "WAIT! STOP THE CAR!" I yelled, causing Domanic to slam on the breaks, nearly causing me to fly out the window. "What?" He asked, aggravated. "Turn around, and go down Redding Street." I instructed. "Why?" I started to un-buckle my seat belt. "Fine. Whatever." He said, turning the car around and heading back to Redding. I looked at all the houses and yelled, "STOP!" when we came to the right one. "I'll be right back." I said as I started walking up the steps to the house. I knocked a few times, and waited. "Yea-oh, it's you." He said, starting to close the door. "Jack wait!" I shoved my foot in between so it wouldn't close. "I'm sorry! Okay, I'm sorry I've been ignoring you and Camille and Andrea, but I've had some trouble and I needed to sort things out. Okay? So can I come in?" I asked all in one breath. He thought it over for a second, before answering. "Oh my god! I've missed you soooooo much!" He lunged towards me and I stumbled back, supporting our-his-weight.

"Shh. Shh. It's okay, I'm back now." I soothed. "What's all the commotion- ITHACA!!!" Camille shouted. She leapt over to us and pushed Jack out of the way, and tackled me in a hug. "Camille you bitch! Don't even pretend tha-ITHACA!" Andrea screamed, and hugged us. "Wow. And I thought you'd be mad at me." I laughed. "Mad? How could we be mad?" Jack asked. "Wha-but-you-and-how-what?" I demanded asked. "I was acting. I knew why you weren't talking to us, and I just wanted to give you a hard time." He laughed. I punched him lightly on the arm. "Dick head." I muttered. "What was that my Lil' Emo Faerie?" Jack put a hand to his ear. "Oh, nothing my Little Pixie Pop." I laughed. But I stopped, remembering why I came here in the first place. "Umm . . . listen guys . . . there's something I need to tell you." I said, looking at my torn All Stars. "Which is . . ." Andrea started. "Sit down." they all sat on the grass, waiting for me to start talking. I cast a glance over to the car and saw everyone staring at me with a horrified expression. Sorry. I mouthed to them. I sat down in front of the three and took a deep breath. "Okay, I know this is gonna sound weird, like really really weird. Like seeing a rainbow fish riding a unicycle eating a hot dog weird." Damn, I've been having weird comparisons today. Like . . .never mind. "Ooh!" Jack squealed. "I love rainbows!" "We know you do." We all said. "You showed us that at the parade you and your friends put on that one day." Camille shuddered. As did I-it was hilarious! "Oh yea! I remember that! Oh and remember that time when-" "Guys! Enough." I cut Andrea off in mid-sentence. They all just stared at me. "Sorry." They mumbled. "S'okay." I said. I took another deep breath, and continued. "Okay guys, like I said, this is going to sound weird, but I-I'm h-half-f V-Vampire." I stuttered out. And this my friends, is where you came in on earlier:

"Are you kidding me?" Camille shouted, laughing along with Andrea and Jack. "Umm . . .no." It sounded like a question. "So you really want us to believe that you're a Vampire?" Jack asked. "Uh, no. Half Vampire." I said. They just laughed harder, until they noticed that I was serious. "Holy crap! Don't tell me you're one of those freaks who believes they're a Vampire?" Camille asked. I shook my head. "No. I am a Vampire. Well, half Vampire." They all looked skeptical. "Prove it." Andrea said. I sighed, and looked around. My eyes landed on Domanic. Go on. Prove it. His face said it all. I huffed, and stuck my tongue out at him like a three year old. I turned back to my friends and sighed again-wow I've been doing that a lot. "I don't know how." I admitted. Camille leaned in, making the distance between us too small. "Really?" She asked. The scent of her breath-and blood-were really really REALLY sweet. I could almost see the blood pulsing through the veins in her neck. I licked my lips. "Yes." I breathed. I tore my eyes away from her neck. How could you even think that? She's your best friend! you could have turned her! Or worse! Killed her! "Then you're lying." Andrea stated. "You never start something if you don't have the proof." She was right. I shoved Camille away from me with inhuman force, and she landed back where she was, shocked. "How's that?" I asked. "No. More." Jack said. I huffed. Then from the corner of my eye, I saw it. A Bunny. Hopping around the edge of yard. My stomach rumbled. Perfect. I looked around, making sure no one else was close, and went for the kill. I took off, and caught the Bunny with my mouth, and elongated my fangs, causing the animal to fall limp. I brought it back to my friends. They were all speechless. If I was thinking straight-if there wasn't a dead bunny in my mouth, with the sweet blood dripping into it, I would have thrown it aside. But since there was a very delicious rabbit in my mouth, I continued to suck it dry. It tasted pretty good. I threw it to the ground and wiped my mouth with the sleeve of my jacket. I looked up at my friends. But they weren't there. See what you did? They left! You should've just left without telling them!

How could I? They're my BEST friends! I couldn't just leave them again. Not without telling them. You're crazy. Well duh. I'm having a conversation with myself-in my head. Well . . .yeah. I stood up and went to turn around, but was tackled back to the ground. "What the-" I started to say. "OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD!" Camille squealed. "YOU REALLY ARE A VAMPIRE!" "Shhh! People will hear you!" I hissed. "Oh." She whispered. "Sorry." "So . . . how long?" Jack asked. "Umm . . . what's today?" "Tuesday, February 1st." Andrea said. "Then . . ." I counted in my mind. "About three months." "And you haven't killed anyone yet?" I smiled at Camille. "No. But I almost did." "When?" "About five minutes ago." Her face went pale. "Oh." "So, why'd you tell us?" Andrea asked. "Cause you guys are my best friends. I couldn't just leave without telling you . . . again." "Oh, okay-wait. You're leaving?" They all looked confused. "Umm . . . yeah. It's really important. I can't stay here anymore." I whispered. "Why?" They asked. Domanic. No. Yea huh. Nu uh. Whatever. This is gonna hurt. "Well, there's kinda a like . . . a ball . . . and a funeral . . . and a wedding . . ." That you wish was yours.

Shut up! I'm a part of you. So your telling yourself to shut up. But whatever. "But you guys can come." We all turned around to see Lina getting out of the car. "Do you mean it?" I asked in disbelief. "Yeah. They're your friends. You need them. They can go." She smiled. I ran over to her and gave her a rib crushing hug. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou! You're the bestest person ever! I soooo owe you for this!" I squealed. "Don't thank me. Thank Domanic. He's the one you owe." She said. "And besides, I think Corren and Damien like your friends over there." She whispered. I laughed. I left Lina and walked over to the driver's side. "Thank you so much, Domanic." I said, my eyes filling with tears. This was so perfect! "No problem, Ithaca. " He reached up and wiped my face with his thumb. I could see him leaning closer to me, and I could feel myself leaning towards him. I could hear my heart thumping in my chest. And he obviously could hear it too, cause I saw him smirk. Our lips were about to touch, but . . . "Okay, let's go!" Camille said, jumping in the way back of the car. We both pulled apart quickly and I rushed to the other side of the car.

*13 hours later*

Why? A simple question. Why? Why is the grass green? Why is the ocean blue? Why is blood red? But a better question. How. How is the grass green? How is the ocean blue? How is blood red? How did my other parents die?

Ah, a VERY good question. And here's the answer: "How did my other parents die?" I asked Mr. Jameson. We had just gotten back to the Underworld, when he came up outta nowhere, and led us to the library to give us all the details. "Well, you know that they were the King and Queen." We all nodded, and I heard three small gasps from behind us. I turned around and put a finger to my lips. "Sorry." Mouthed Jack, Camille, and Andrea. "As I was saying, we all know that the King and Queen don't participate in battle. But, you see, they were ambushed by Deryl and so they had to fight back, or else it would have been a sure death." Mr. Jameson cleared his throat before going on. "They fought him on their own, since him and his men killed the rest of the guards. They had successfully killed him, but sadly only after he had killed Queen Miranda. Your father couldn't bear the thought of living with out her, so he killed himself so they could pass together." By this time almost everyone in the room was crying. "And this means that Prince Domanic will now have to have a Ball in order to find the new Queen of the Vampires. It will take place in two days." I felt a shock go through my body. I had completely forgotten about that. A Ball. With hundreds of girls-full fledged Vampires-dying to be the one for him. What was I supposed to do about that? Nothing. I could do nothing about it. All I could do is sit there, and hope he chooses me. What am I saying? How could I just automatically want him to choose me? Because you love him. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

"You will all attend this, er, well except the humans. It may be too dangerous for them." We all turned around to look at the three. "Is that all?" I asked, my voice cracking. "Yes." I nodded, and we all started walking out of the library. "Ithaca. Wait." I turned back around to see Mr. Jameson pull out an envelope. "This is for you. I found it on the desk." I took the envelope. "Thank you." I made my way back to my old room, while I was reading it.

De ar I th ac a, It was a grea t p leas ure t ha t w e cou ld mee t you. You w ere li ke a fif th ch ild t o us . Plea se, take care o f our chil dren, a nd yourse lf. We kn ow h ow mu ch ou r Dom ani c mea ns to you . Remem ber , i t wi ll al l wo rk o ut s omeho w. Plea se, foll ow you r hear t a nd p ray for the best . Love, Mom an d D ad . P.S. -Lov e is a v ery irr at io na l an d odd t hin g. D on' t be af raid t o m ak e s ome irr ati on al de cisi ons. Remem ber , a ll is fair in lov e a nd war .
So even Mom and Dad knew I loved liked Domanic before I did? How weird was that? I put the note in my pocket and walked into my room. All my stuff was already packed away, and the bed was made. I went and picked out a shirt that said I ❤ Vampires, and a pair of sweats. I saw my bed, and I couldn't resist. I flopped onto it, and started to drift to sleep . . . Only to be pushed out of my own bed. "What the hell?" I asked, standing up. "Nice shirt." "Go fall in a ditch and die." I told him. "What are you going to wear to the ball?" Jack asked, sitting on my bed. I shoved him off and laid back down. "I dunno. Probably that one." I pointed to my closet. "There's like a million in there." Jack said. "The black one." I couldn't bear to open my eyes. "With the slit." "Oooh! It's so sexy! You'll look so hot in it!" I opened my eyes to see Jack dancing around with it. "Are you going straight on me?" I joked. "Oh god no! Don't get me wrong, girls are pretty, but guys are so much better." "But you like guys that act like girls, so I . . . don't . . . understand." It was all very confusing. "Honey, is it time we have the talk? Cause I'm sure you already know all this. But anyways, see girls hav-" I threw my hands over his mouth. "No! It's fine! I get it. Just, just don't say anymore. Okay?" He nodded. I sighed and let my hand fall from his face. I fell back onto the bed. "So, who's your date?"

I eyed him suspiciously. "No one." "Well, why not?" "Cause it's not the type of ball for me to have a date." I explained, still unsure. "But you need a date! Everyone needs a date!" Jack exasperated. "No I don't. Every girl there-except the moms and Lina-will be dateless." Jack raised one eye brow. "Because the ball is for Domanic to find his Queen." "So . . ." "So what?" "So, are you gonna be that Queen?" I sat upright again, and sighed. "Probably not, but I dunno." I shrugged the entire conversation off and made Jack leave so I could get some sleep.

As far as anyone knew, I was all ready to go. But I really was as far from ready as possible. Sure, I had my dress on, I had my hair done(thanks to Camille and Andrea), my makeup(with some sparkles, cause Jack did it), my shoes on, but where in the hell is my confidence? Boy, would I love to know. Domanic had never made me this nervous before. But maybe it was because tonight, he would choose a bride. Tonight he would make a decision that would either make me . . . or break me. And with my luck, it was the break me. I waited on my bed for the escort to come and take me to the ball room. five minutes passed . . . ten . . . fifteen . . . "Argh!" I exclaimed as someone knocked on the door. "It took you long enough-" I stopped talking when I noticed it wasn't the escort. "Well sorry." He said sarcastically. "I had to get ready too." "Domanic." I breathed. "W-what are you doing here?" He smiled. "I'm here to escort you to the-my ball." He held out his arm and I looped mine through, still in

shock. "Umm, okay." We started walking down the stairs and to the ball room. Once we entered, all eyes were on us. Oh crap. I got a few, screw that, a thousand glares form all the girls. Nice. "See you later." Domanic whispered in my ear, causing shivers to go down my spine, before leaving me. Alone. With a hell of a lot of girls glaring at me. Eh, you could take 'em. One, there's like hundreds of them. And, B, they're all full Vampires. They could probably take me down! Oh . . .right. Damn. I started to panic, until I noticed Lina, Corren, and Damien sitting at one of the tables. I gave a relieved sigh, and made my way towards them. "Hey." I said, sitting down. "Hi." They said, looking bored. I looked around the room, and noticed that this ball wasn't like what I was expecting. There were black walls, and neon lights, and rock music playing. They're were girls in slinky dresses trying to grind up on any guy. "Sluts." I said under my breath. "Yep." Lina agreed. "For sure." Corren and Damien said together. I laughed but stopped when I saw Domanic dancing with some girl. I dropped my gaze, and looked over at Lina, who was staring at me. "What?" "I saw that." She said. "Saw what?" "That." She motioned over to Domanic. I sighed. "Whatever." She just shrugged and walked away, taking her brothers with her. I was sitting at the table for a few minutes by my self, when a few girls came up to me. They were all dressed similarly: short-and I mean short dresses with hooker shoes and bleach blond hair. And, oh, I couldn't forget about their gallons of makeup that was melting off because of their grinding on the dance floor. "Hi there!" One of them said, giving me an unnecessary hug. "I'm Kim, that's Tina and she's Elli." She pointed to the other two, and they just smiled. "Uh, hi. I'm Ithaca." I was slightly scared.

"Well hello there! We just wanted to meet you because we've heard so much about you." Tina said. I noticed the other two give her dark looks. "Really?" I asked. "What?" They all shared a quick look, then spoke. "Umm, just stuff about how you were like another daughter to the King and Queen, and how you and Domanic are like best friends. Oh, and how you have three Humans upstairs right now." I chocked on the drink I had. "W-what?" I sputtered. "H-how'd you know that?" They gave an evil smile. "Because, we're thirsty, and they smell delicious."

"W-what?" I could not believe what I was hearing. "S-say that again." Elli sighed and rolled her eyes. "I said we're thirsty, and they smell delicious." "Where are they? What did you do with them?" I took a step closer to them. "They're out there, tied up and waiting for you to save them, Ithaca." It made my skin crawl to hear her say my name. "Unless, we get there first." They all took off running out the door with in human speed. I ran after them as fast as I could. I may have gotten faster at everything, but they were still full Vamps, and I was . . . not. When I reached the end of one of the hallways, they were standing outside of the door, giggling. "What the hell is wrong with you people?!" I shouted at them. They just smiled bigger and Kim grabbed me by my hair. I let out an ear piercing scream. "Don't even bother. They can't hear you out there." The whore was right. No one could hear me out here. "You see, we want Domanic, but so does our older sister, Winter," I stopped breathing. "She convinced us to sabotage you because we all know how much of a hold you have over him. So, we've decided to . . . take care of you for her." She threw me into the room which I quickly realized was a closet. "Have fun in there. We'll be having a lot of fun with Domanic. Oh, and by the way, we never had your friends, but we might soon." They all said, as they closed the door and locked it. I immediately started pounding on the door and screaming at the tops of my lungs. It didn't work. I tried again. And it didn't work. "Really?" I asked aloud. "Seriously? I mean, of all nights to get locked in a closet, it had to be now?!" I

kept on pounding on the door, hoping to break it but it was no use; it was as hard as a rock. I could hear what was going on outside, in the ballroom. "And now it is the time for Prince Domanic to dance with each available woman." I heard Mr. Jameson say. I heard the very distinct-and by distinct, I mean annoying-squeals and laughs of the whores. "Son of a bitch!" I shouted, pounding harder and harder on the door. *************************************************************** -Domanic's POVArgh! I really hated this part of the ball. Not only did I have any interest in any one of these whores, but I had to act like I liked them. Which I didn't. At all. Except one. Yeah, you know which one. Ithaca. But I'm not sure anymore if she wants me. So, here I am, stuck with a bunch of ho's, while she's out there somewhere, having fun with the ones who she thinks don't hate her. How stupid am I? If I had just kept my mouth shut that night, and hadn't shouted at her, we'd probably be all mushy and sweet right now. Trust me, I was never the one for that, but now it seems right. "And now it's time for Prince Domanic to dance with each available woman." Mr. Jameson said. I sighed and went to dance with every whore, I mean woman except for the one I want. Just great. **************************************************************** -Ithaca's POVI was sitting at the bottom of the door, in a puddle of my own blood and tears. How? You ask. Because I'm smart enough to try and break through the door . . . in high heals and a ball gown, with no weapon what so ever to help me. Yeah, real smart. But that's not it. Oh, no not yet. Then I proceeded to pound on the door with my bear hands, witch had

made the door splinter and cut up my hands and arms. Of course I was crying because of the fact that Domanic was out there dancing with everyone unknowing of what was going on here. Oh, and I forgot to mention the part where I broke my hand from hitting the door, then falling down cause of my fucking high heels, and landing on my hand. If you've never heard a bone snap, consider yourself lucky. I raised my right hand-the left one was broken-and pounded on the door one last time. It made a faint tink sound, but I could barely hear it myself. "Someone! Anyone except for those whores help me!" I shouted, except that it was a faint whisper from my earlier screaming. I was about to give up, when I heard a voice. But not just any voice. Lina's voice. And do you know what she was saying? My name. She was calling my name. Shouting it even. "Here! In here!" I tried to yell. I stood up but fell back down because of the blood on the floor. "OW!!!!" I screamed, much louder than before. "She's in here!" I heard Lina yell. It was followed by the sound of four shuffling feet. I heard the sound of a lock being picked, and then there they were. But more importantly, there he was. "Ithaca!" He exclaimed, and rushed to me, but stopped when he saw, well, everything. "What happened?" "I . . . trying . . . get out." Was all that managed to escape from my throat. "Baby, I'll take care of it all." He said as he picked me up. Trust me, I'm just as shocked as you are.

After everyone had found me, Domanic took me up to the infirmary-and dude, I didn't even know they had one!-and examined my hand. Since I was part Vampire, it only would take a few hours for it to heal. And my voice had come back too! Thank god. Then, he took me out to the balcony outside of my room

and sat me down on the bench, and said that he wanted to talk. And you know what? For the first time in my life, it sounded good. "So, tell me. What happened?" He asked. "No." He raised his eyebrows. "Let me finish. I want you to explain to me how you found me, then I'll tell you everything." He sighed. "Alright. Well first off I . . . was really not looking forward to the ball." "Why?" "Because it was filled with a bunch of whores." "You think I'm a whore?" I pretended to be offended. He quickly back tracked. "No no no. Never!" I just laughed. "Domanic it's okay, I was just playing." He was relieved. "Oh." "So go on . . ." "Uh, like I was saying, there were a bunch of whores, and then these three girls came up, umm, Kim, Tina, and Elli and said that their older sister, Winter, wanted to dance with me." I shuddered. "You okay?" He asked. I just waved him to go on. "Umm, then after she came up to me, she got all pissed off when I told her that I didn't dance with ho's and she said something like 'what about Ithaca? Isn't she a ho?' And that's when I realized that I had-grudgingly-danced with almost every other girl but you. So I asked Lina if she had seen you, and she said that you had chased after the other three girls into the hallways." "God I hate those bitches." I mumbled. Domanic laughed, and I felt my stomach flip. "Yeah, so do I. So anyways, I had found the other three and confronted them, and they said it was none of my business." My eyes widened. "What did you say?" "I said 'Well you just made it my fucking business.' and then I proceeded to have Lina torture them until they confessed to where you were, and what they were doing. It didn't take long. It was actually kind of funny because the form of torture we used was wiping off their makeup and threatening to burn their dresses." He stopped for a second, catching his breath, and continued. "So after we got everything from them, we made sure they didn't mess with your friends-" I jumped up from the bench. "Oh my god! I completely forgot! Where are they? Are they fine? Did those bitches hurt them? I swear to god if they did I will kill them-" I would have continued, but Domanic put

his hand over my mouth. "It's okay, they didn't hurt them, they didn't even talk to them. It was all just to get you to follow them." I sat back down and rested my head on his shoulder, feeling the warmth touch my cheek. "What then?" "Then, we found you in the closet because well being Vampires and all, we heard you crying and hitting the door. Oh, and I smelled your blood." I looked up at him with a what the hell? kind of look. "Yeah. Ever since I saved you from Daryl, I've become . . . bonded with your blood. I could probably pick it out from thousands of others a hundred miles away." "Okay . . . freak." I laughed. He just glared. "I'm sorry, I meant okay . . . Dude?" I tried. "Much better." He chuckled. "So, then after that, I took you out here, and told you everything, now it's your turn." He looked at me, and I gulped loudly. "Wait. You said that you weren't enjoying the ball because of a bunch of whores, right?" He nodded. "But you know you could've just asked me to dance, then figured out that I wasn't there, and saved me the trouble of losing my voice and breaking my hand." I held up my left hand, that was almost healed. "Well yeah . . ." He trailed off. "Then why didn't you?" I honestly didn't understand. He closed his eyes. "Because I thought that you hated me." I laughed. It wasn't a Ha ha that was so funny! laugh, but more of a Holy crap, here we go. laugh. "What?" He asked without opening his eyes. "I thought this entire time that you were the one that hated me." He opened them now. "Never." I rolled my eyes, trying to lift the all to sudden intense moment. "Oh, now you tell me. This entire time, I wasn't talking to any of you guys because I thought that you guys hated my guts." I was getting this weird feeling in my stomach. "Like I said. I could never hate you. I-it's not possible. Even for the two months that we didn't speak, I didn't hate you. Trust me." He seemed to mean it. "Why?" I asked. "So, why don't you tell me everything now?" He asked, changing the subject. "Domanic!" I groaned. "Damn you for changing the subject! But if you must know . . . I have no idea where to start."

"Okay, well listen, I want to be able to tell you things, and I want you to be able to talk to me too. So, I think that you should tell me everything. Starting with, your mom." Now this gulp was huge. "Oh . . . okay. Well, she d-died five years ago, when I was thirteen, and it was when my family started falling apart." I wiped a few tears away, but it was no use. They would just be coming back soon. "My dad refused to talk about it, and soon he started dating Stacey, because I think she made him forget about my mom in a sense. She was always needy, always clinging on him, so it kept him busy. And then, he started neglecting my brother and I, which made us start hating each other, cause we were just so a-angry all the time at Dad, and at Stacey, so we took it out on each other, and now we have a shitty relationship and hardly talk to each other, and I couldn't stand my dad for the longest time, and I still hate Stacey. So, that's just where the problems start." I wiped my entire face with the sleeve of my jacket. "She died because o-of a drunk driver one night. We were all in the car; me, my brother, and mom and dad. And the guy just came out of no where and rammed right into the side of the car. The side that I her and I were on. It had hit the front harder and she had died on the scene, while I was put into a coma for two weeks. My dad and brother weren't even scratched. After that moment, I've lived my entire life, not telling anyone what had happened because it was just too hard. I never told my dad or brother that I loved them, but I sure as hell told them that I wished they were the ones that died, because I knew that mom would never do what they had been doing. She never would have let all this happen. But as I became older, I wasn't so sure. I became more pissed off, and the only thing that kept me alive were my friends, and my music. But know that I've met you guys, my life's just been so much . . . better. I've become happy. I had parents that cared, and a sister who I could shop with, and two brothers that I could mess around with . . . and I had you." I could feel my cheeks getting hot. "Me?" "Yes. You." I poked the tip of his nose with my finger. "You helped me, even with out knowing it, you helped me realize that I could be . . . me again. That I could love again." "Love? I helped you do that?" "Yes." "Wow." "But, I want to know why. Why and how you did that. What made you make me love you-" I stopped when I realized what I had just said.

Did I just do that? Uh huh. Damn. Yep. Felt good. Sure did. "Did you just say what I think you said?" Domanic asked. "Umm . . ." Lie, truth, lie truth, lie. "Possibly." I said, looking around. "Cause you know, I love you too." He said before leaning down and kissing me softly. I swear my heart did actually stop beating for a beat or two. "You do?" I asked, shocked. "After everything I've put you through, you really do?" "Of course, I already told you: you could never do anything, anything at all to make me hate you." "Oh, well that's good." I let out a relieved breath. "Yes it is, because you know, the King and Queen usually have to like each other." I nodded in agreement. Then the world stopped. "Wait, say that again." I instructed. He laughed. "What's your last name? I never got it in the whole time we've spent together." He said, ignoring my demand. "St. Clare." I said, my voice wavering. "St. Clare." He repeated. Then got down on one knee. My heart stopped again. He took my right hand-left one still broken. "Ithaca St. Clare, in the short three/four months we've known each other, I've loved you from the second week, will you make me the happiest man in the entire universe and marry me?"

So, Domanic and I are officially . . . engaged. Of course I couldn't say no to him. It would break both our hearts. Probably literally.

So now, here I am. Ithaca St. Clare, Half Vampire, eighteen years old, and engaged . . . to a Vampire. Bella Swan couldn't do much better than that. Even with the whole Edward thing. (But between you and me, I've been trying to get Domanic to be more like him.) But of course, I love him exactly how he is. He's the one that I love, and the one that I'll always love. Sappy huh? I know, Domanic and I have been this way for the past week. But I love it. We're getting married on Valentine's Day. I know I know, so traditional and sooooooo corny, but you know what? I don't give a damn what anyone thinks. This is how we want it, and that's how it's going to be. And, after we're married, Domanic's going to turn me all the way into a Vampire, so we can reign over the Vampire Kingdom together, forever. Again, Sappy, corny I know, I have no idea what's wrong with me. Oh, wait, I do. I'm in L-O-V-E. LOVE!!!!!!!!! I took Mom's advice and it worked. She was right. Love is a very irrational and odd thing. Don't be afraid to make some irrational decisions. Remember, all is fair in love and war. She was most definitely correct.

So many years have gone by Always strong, tried not to cry Never felt like I needed any man To comfort me in life But I'm all made up today A veil upon my face But no father stands beside me To give this bride away Well I'm standing in the chapel Wearing my white dress

I have waited for this moment With tears of happiness Here I leave behind my past By taking the chance I've finally found the right man Thoughts racing fast through my mind As I'm gazing down the aisle That my future will mend the memories Torn between father and child My emotions overload 'Cause there is no hand to hold There's no shoulder here to lean on I'm walking all on my own Here I go Now I'm standing at four corners To have and to hold Now my love, you stand beside me To walk life's winding road And I owe it all to you For taking the chance You've shown me there's a right man 'Cause I never knew a right man Well I'm standing in the chapel Ready to confess That I've waited for this moment With tears of happiness Now I leave behind my past By taking the chance Ohh Well I'm standing at four corners

To have and to hold Now my love, you stand beside me To walk life's winding road And I owe it all to you For taking the chance And one day my little girl Will reach out her hand She'll know I found the right man ------------------Christina Aguilera---------The Right Man I was in the most perfect dress imaginable. It was all white, with a lace corset and a big princess skirt. Girly I know, but hey, it's my wedding day, so why not play it up a bit? I stood inside of the back room that led to the back yard . . . where the wedding was at. My heart started beating faster when I heard the song The Right Man by Christina Aguilera start. That meant that I would be walking down the isle soon. The two little flower girls-Domanic's cousins-line up and get ready to walk out the doors. So many years have gone by Always strong, tried not to cry Never felt like I needed any man To comfort me in life But I'm all made up today A veil upon my face But no father stands beside me To give this bride away The doors opened, and they walked out, throwing rose petals down on the ground. I took a deep breath, knowing what was coming next. Well I'm standing in the chapel Wearing my white dress I have waited for this moment With tears of happiness Here I leave behind my past

By taking the chance I've finally found the right man That was my cue. I took another deep breath, and walked through the open doors. The sun was bright, an odd day for the Underworld. As I passed everyone who were in the benches, several people smiled at me, and some of them-whores-glared. I only smiled brighter. Then I looked up to where the priest was an d first I saw My bridesmaids. Lina, Andrea and Camille. All dressed in the dark blue summer gowns I chose for them. Then I looked at the groomsmen, Corren, Damien, and Jack. They all had on black tuxedos. I saved the best for last. Domanic had on a regular tux with a white rose on the lapel. He looked so handsome. He had his hair falling slightly into his eyes-which were a light butterscotch color. I smiled sweetly at him, and felt something wet roll down my cheek. Several more came down, so by the time I got up to the front, they had gone down to my neck. "Don't cry." Domanic lifted up my veil and wiped my tears away with his fingers. "I hate it when you cry." "I'm crying . . . because I'm so . . . happy." I smiled wider and tried to stop the water works. "Good. You should be. It's your wedding day." He said. The priest cleared his throat. "Are we ready to begin?" We both nodded. "Well then, dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Domanic and Ithaca in holy matrimony . . ." I slightly trailed off, just looking into Domanic's eyes. Of course I was also thinking, Vampires, priests, and holy matrimony don't usually go together, but I honestly don't care. I was brought back down when I heard the words, "Do you Domanic take Ithaca to be your wife, to love and cherish for the rest of eternity?" "Of course." The priest turned to me. "And do you Ithaca take Domanic to be your husband to love and cherish for the rest of eternity?" "How could I not?" There was no way anyone had an answer to that. "Then I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." We smiled at each other before sharing a passionate kiss. "I love you so much." I whispered, after we pulled apart.

"I love you more than you can imagine." He whispered back. I knew the moment I laid my eyes on him that I had unconsciously chosen him to be with for the rest of my life. So many things we had gone through, and so many things we will face. But I knew that as long as I had him at my side, I could do anything.