TODAY (The Family Altar)__November – December 2005__Saturday, November 1 , 2005 !

ev" #o$ard %a&der$ell

Text: James 1:1-8

'() a&y o) you lac*+ $i+dom, he +hould a+* ,od, $ho -ive+ -e&erou+ly to all""". /ame+ 105

(t ta*e+ a lot o) $i+dom to ru& a bu+i&e++" (t ta*e+ a lot o) $i+dom to rai+e childre&" (t ta*e+ a lot o) $i+dom to be a teacher or leader i& the commu&ity" (t ta*e+ a lot o) $i+dom to be a )aith)ul, co&+cie&tiou+ $or*er a&d to live $ell, e+1ecially a+ a 2hri+tia&" Thi&* o) all the i++ue+ $e )ace every day" 3here +hall ( dra$ the li&e bet$ee& $hat i+ ri-ht a&d $hat i+ $ro&-4 #o$ +hall ( determi&e $hat i+ moral a&d $hat i+ immoral4 #o$ ca& ( ma*e deci+io&+ that are $i+e4 The e&tire boo* o) 5roverb+ i& the 6ld Te+tame&t i+ $ritte& to hel1 believer+ dra$ the li&e bet$ee& $i+dom a&d )olly" 3he& Solomo& came to the thro&e to )ill the +hoe+ o) hi+ )ather, David, the )ir+t thi&- he a+*ed ,od )or $a+ a $i+e a&d di+cer&i&- heart" Thi+ re7ue+t 1lea+ed ,od -reatly" #ere i& the boo* o) /ame+, ,od re1eat+ ho$ 1lea+ed he i+ $he& hi+ childre& a+* )or $i+dom" ,od i+ +o 1lea+ed that he $ill &ever tur& them do$&" 3hat a& i&vitatio&8 3e lear& $i+dom throu-h +tudy" 3e -ai& $i+dom throu-h the e91erie&ce+ o) livi&-" 3e develo1 $i+dom by $atchi&- a&d lear&i&- )rom other+" 3e al+o receive $i+dom $he& $e a+* ,od )or it" Accordi&- to /ame+, $e all ou-ht to be 1rayi&- )or $i+dom daily" A&d ',od, $ho -ive+ -e&erou+ly to all $ithout )i&di&- )ault,. $ill -ive it"

od.ord" Ame&" .reat .5rayer0 . 6 .ra&t thi+ -i)t )or /e+u+: +a*e. ( claim your 1romi+e today a&d a+* that you -ive me $i+dom )or each deci+io& ( mu+t ma*e a&d each ta+* ( mu+t do" .

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