Anatomy 201, 2014

Week of June 22 Lecture Lab Lecture Lab Mon, June 23 Introduction p5-12 Tues, June 24 Back Muscles p12-15 Spinal Nerve p15-19 Wed, June 25 Thorax p63-72 Thurs, June 26 Heart p72-82 Autonomics p82-87 Fri, June 27 Review Practice practical

Week of June 29 Lecture Lab Lecture Lab Week of July 6 Lecture Lab Lecture Lab Mon, Jul 7 Exam 2 Tues, Jul 8 Lower Extremity 1 p165-176 Lower Extremity 2 p176-184 Wed, Jul 9 Lower Extremity 3 p184-193 Thurs, Jul 10 Layers of the Foot p193-198 Joints of the LE p198-203 Fri, Jul 11 Review Practice practical Mon, June 30 Exam 1 Ant. Abd Wall p89-98 Tues, Jul 1 Abdomen 1 p98-121 Abdomen 2 p98-121, 121-124 Wed, Jul 2 Pelvic Viscera p125-163 Thurs, Jul 3 Perineum p125-163 Review Practice practical Fri, Jul 4 HOLIDAY

Week of July 13 Lecture Lab Lecture Lab Mon, Jul 14 Exam 3 Tues, Jul 15 Upper Extremity 1 p21-30 Upper Extremity 2 p30-40 Wed, Jul 16 Upper Extremity 3 p40-46 Thurs, Jul 17 Upper Extremity 4 p46-57 Joints of the UE p57-62 Fri, Jul 18 Review Practice practical

Week of July 20 Lecture Lab Lecture Lab Mon, Jul 21 Exam 4 Tues, Jul 22 Skull p218-221, 238-240 242-245 Cranial Nerves p221-228 Wed, Jul 23 Ocular Function p245-252 Thurs, Jul 24 Neck p205-218
Facial/Mastication M

Fri, Jul 25 H&N Autonomics Catch up day


Week of July 27 Lecture Lab Lecture Lab Lecturer color codes: Gary Mawe Victor May Mon, Jul 28 Pharynx/Larynx p255-259, 271-274 Tues, Jul 29
Pterygopalatine fossa

p259-271 Middle Ear

Wed, Jul 30 CN Review Practice practical

Thurs, Jul 31 Exam 5

Fri, Aug 2

Sarah Greene

Lauren Arms

Teaching assistant

Lecture/Lab/Exam Locations: Except for the first two days when lectures will take place in Med Ed 200 (The Sullivan Classroom), all subsequent lectures will be in Rowell 103. The dissection laboratories are in Given E401 (Corridor E, Room 401).

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