Jesus We Celebrate Your Victory_cs


1 Cor. 15:57

John Gibson

Chorus: G- D- Em – D Je-sus, G D Em D

we celebrate Your victory G/C Dsus

G- D – Em - D Je-sus,

we revel in Your love D Em D

G- D- Em – D G Jesus, G- D-

we rejoice You’ve set us free Gsus/C Asus/D G

Jesus, Your eath has brou!ht us life.

Verse 1: C D G D/G! us free D /G! Em – G/D

"t was for free o# that Christ has set C D C /E

$o lon!er to be subject to a yo%e of slavery& C D G D/G! Em – G/D

'o we’re rejoicin! in Go ’s victor --y

See His Glory/ 0with 1illy -un%2. D Verse : "s#me $hor%s& *is ')irit in us releases us fro# fear +n the way to *i# is o)en.C (ur hearts res)on in! to *is love. .-ro# the albu# . c1347 5han% You 6usic . our )roble#s isa))ear (ur hearts res)on in! to *is love. with bol ness we raw near& +n in *is )resence.

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