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Northwest Ordinance was a law passed in 1787 to address the western territory north of the Ohio

River (east of the Mississippi). It established principles for the orderly expansion of the United States.

Purpose of the ordinance A territory would be eligible for statehood when the number of free people living there equaled 60,000. State equality- guaranteed new states equality to the other 13 states. Civil Liberties- guaranteed citizens of new states would have the same rights, freedoms and protections as citizens of the original 13 states. Slavery slavery and involuntary servitude would be prohibited (not allowed) in the newly formed states.

This was the strongest ordinance under the Articles of Confederation. It was kept when the Articles were dissolved and replaced by the Constitution.

Manifest Destiny: belief held in the 19th century by many Americans that the U.S. was destined to
(meant to) span from Atlantic to Pacific coasts, spreading its culture and democracy. This belief had political, economic, and social roots. Moving westward was the dream of many people in America as well as Europe.
Political Roots: Britain ceded (gave up) the Northwest Territory to U.S. after the American Revolution, eventually leading to the Northwest Ordinance. Expansion reduced political power of Britain, France, and Spain in the region. The U.S. gains strength and global position (power). Economic Roots: growth in the U.S. economy increased demand for (and value of) farm land, ranches, minerals, and furs; the cotton gin increases the area in which it is grown; the discovery of gold in California attracted 80,000 people in 1849. Social Roots: strong nationalism (pride in country); belief that the U.S. was special (great experiment of liberty); belief in racial superiority (people of English descent); belief that God supported expansion.

19th Century painting, Manifest Destiny

Thousands of immigrants from Europe and Eastern cities use this as an opportunity to start new lives. Some are still seeking religious freedom (mormons), some are seeking their fortune (gold rush), others want to own their own property (farms), others escape the crowded cities.

Northwest Ordinance

1) Why would there be a need for an orderly way for territories to become states?

2) What would be the reason why people would want to live in the Northwest Territory?

Manifest Destiniy

1) What resulted from the move west in the 19th century?

2) How has America benefited from Manifest Destiny?