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Daphnie Peterson EDSE 443 Dr.

Muir 12/4/13 Social Story Case Study

Students Name: Joe Hunter Age: 5 Grade: Kindergarten Disability: Social Emotional Strengths:

 Very intelligent  Great sense of humor  Great at building with blocks

 1:1 assistance with classwork  Redirection on most activities  Constant supervision
Context: Joe is 5. He lives at home with his mother and father and older brother. His mother finds him hard to manage. She describes him as “whiny, restless and argumentative.” The only thing that keeps him occupied is his interest in playing video games and with Legos. He has begun to throw temper tantrums (whining, crying, yelling, screaming, pushing objects off tables and

throwing himself on the floor), these behaviors are often seen from frustration or when Joe gets mad or upset. At school he rarely sits for long periods of time, talks incessantly, calls out inappropriately and often gets frustrated with the work required resulting in a temper tantrum. Example: When told to write in pencil, he insists to write in crayon or marker; when a mistake is made and cannot be erased he cries and throws a tantrum, and will not except redirection from teachers or staff. His current teachers are driven to distraction by his behavior and are feeling increasingly negative about him. Annual Goal: Given a three-step direction, Joe will ask for help when becoming frustrated with 90% accuracy on 3 consecutive occasions as evaluated by a daily behavior chart. Objective: 1. Given a one-step direction, Joe will promptly follow the direction 9 out of 10 times. 2. Given a two-step direction, Joe will promptly follow at least the first of the two steps 9 out of 10 times. 3. Given a two-step direction, Joe will promptly follow both directions 9 out of 10 times.