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Business Card Riches

Business Card Riches

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Published by: WEALTHWORLDBUSINESSCOM on Sep 22, 2009
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Make Money Giving Away Business Cards!

Business Card Riches 

Business Card Riches
Table of Contents
How the Business Card Riches System Works .................................. 3 How to Get Started, Step-by-Step ................................................... 9 1) How to Customize Your Business Cards ............................. 9 2) How to Print Your Business Cards ...................................... 10 3) How to Give Away Your Business Cards .......................... 11 Important Information for New Associates ................................... 17 How to Build Your Associate Network Faster ................................ 19 How to Check Your Commissions ................................................... 21 Business Card Resources .................................................................. 22 About WealthWorld .......................................................................... 23 Customer Support ............................................................................. 23

Page 1  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches 

Business Card Riches

You Have Free Giveaway Rights to This Manual,
As Long As You Do Not Make False Claims About the Material, Do Not Make Any Changes To It, And Do Not Spam it to Others.

Inside this manual, you’ll find a system I’ve developed for the Associates of my Network Marketing Company, WealthWorld. I’ve included all of the information and website addresses that our Associates get to build their monthly income. However, if you wish to profit by using this system, you’ll need to purchase the “Business Card Riches” Program for a one-time fee of only $29.95. This will give you the opportunity to profit from this system, just like our Associates are doing right now. Once you join, you’ll get your own Associate ID Number, which you can use to customize your business cards as well as promote the turn-key website. You’ll also get an unedited version of this manual, your own Associate Back-Office (to track sales & profits), and all of our other marketing tools and systems. You can even customize this manual with your own Associate link - and give it away to others as a Prospecting Tool. To sign up for the Business Card Riches Program, simply click the link below to be taken directly to our fast-start sign-up page:

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While  all  attempts  have  been  made  to  verify  information  provided  in  this  manual,  neither  the  Authors  nor  the  Publisher  assumes  any  responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations is unintentional. If advice concerning legal or related  matters is needed, the services of a qualified professional should be sought. This book is not intended for use as a source of legal or accounting  advice.  The  sources,  website  URL’s,  and  other  contact  information  may  change  at  any  time  without  notice.  Any  income  claims  or  amounts  mentioned  in  this  manual  or  on  the  websites  featured  in  this  manual  are  unique  experiences  –  and  your  results  will  vary.  For  Information  Purposes Only. First Printing: 2009 by WealthWorld LLC 

Page 2  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches 

Business Card Riches
This manual was designed to get you started quickly. No fluff. No filler. Just a step-bystep recipe for making money using our “Business Card Riches” Program. Inside this guide, you’ll find everything you need to get started.

Want to get started FAST? Skip to Page 9 for the step-by-step instructions.

How the System Works
All you do is hand out simple business cards - and our system does the work of making sales for you. As our system makes sale, you get a commission - that is paid to you monthly. Yes, it’s just that easy. Give away business cards. Get paid. With the “Business Card Riches” system, 95% of the actual work is done for you. All you do is hand out inexpensive business cards. That’s it. And to make this even easier for you, we’ve already pre-designed powerful business cards that you can customize in seconds online – and start handing out immediately. You start this money-making system when you first customize your own business cards. In the next section (Page 9), you’ll find out exactly how to customize your business cards in just seconds. Once you’ve customized and printed your business cards (you can print them on a home-computer or have a printer do it for you), all you do is give these business cards away. We’ll show you many ways to give away your business cards later in this guide. Your business cards offer the recipient a Free Report that will show them how to get out of debt. To claim their Free “Get Out of Debt” Report, the person who has your business card must visit a specially-coded website on the Internet. This website address is coded with YOUR Associate ID – so that we can track all sales and commissions back to you. They cannot access the free report without entering the entire website address into their Internet browser. (If they forget to include your Associate ID, we remind them to include it – or else they can’t claim their free report). This protects you - and makes sure you get all commissions you’re owed. Once they’ve entered the correct website address from the business card, they’ll see a website that asks them to make a choice from two different options. If they want to get out of debt using the money they already have, they can select Option A. If they want to get out of debt by making more money, they select Option B. Page 3  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches  Each option has its own separate system. Someone who clicks Option A will have a different experience – and be offered different products – than someone who clicks on Option B. Let’s walk through the system behind both options.

If a prospect clicks on Option A (How to Get Out of Debt Using the Money They Already Have), they’re taken to a “Lead Capture Page” (also known as an “Opt-In Page”) that offers them a FREE REPORT titled “77 Fast, Easy Ways to Get Out of Debt - Forever”. To have the free report emailed to them immediately, they simply enter their name and email address – and the system will instantly send it to them. (We deliver the free report by email – to make sure that visitors enter their correct email address. If they don’t, they won’t receive the free report. This is important, because our automatic follow-up system will continue to contact them via email – until they buy something.) Once they enter their name and email, two things happen. First, the system sends them an email with a download link for their free report. The free report is a digital PDF file that the prospect can download and read immediately. Second, they’re taken to an online sales letter that offers them a new book titled “The Quick-Fix Debt Solution” – that offers them a simple, step-by-step system to get out of debt. It’s only $29.95 – and they can buy immediately by major credit card. If they order, YOU MAKE A COMMISSION! But it doesn’t stop there. If they don’t order, the automatic follow-up system will continue to contact them via email – and encourage them to invest in the “Get Out of Debt” book. Even if they buy weeks or months later, you still get the commission. However, if they do place their order immediately, we show them a second sales letter – AFTER their order has been accepted. This second sales letter makes them a very special “One Time Offer”. While they’re seeing the offer, they can get our complete “Financial Freedom Success System”… a $699.95 value… for only $499.95. The sales letter explains the entire offer – and lets them buy with just ONE CLICK. And, when they add this to their order, YOU MAKE A BIGGER COMMISSION! You make a commission if they buy the smaller book, as well as a commission if they take our complete “all-in-one” Financial Freedom Success System.

Page 4  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches  And, if they don’t take either one, our system will continue to contact them – and send them BACK to the site to place an order. It works for you, non-stop, trying to make you a sale. And when it does, you get paid the commission. Next, let’s talk about Option B.

If the prospect clicks on Option B… How to Get Out of Debt By Making More Money… they’ll be taken to a different “Lead Capture Page” that offers them a free report titled “7 Ways to Make Extra Income Starting with Little or No Money”. Once again, to get the free report, they must enter their name and email address. Once they do, the download link for the free report will be emailed to them instantly. Just like in Option A, once they opt-in to this lead capture page, they’ll be taken to an online sales letter. This sales letter will explain to them how they can make money by giving away business cards. Yes, the exact same type of business cards you are giving away. It explains the entire “Business Card Riches” System – and offers to let them become an Associate for only $29.95. For under $30 bucks, they can use the exact same system YOU are using to make money. If they don’t take the offer, the automatic follow-up system will continue to contact them to remind them of the opportunity and encourage them to join. However, if they do pay their $29.95 and become an Associate, they’re immediately put into YOUR DOWNLINE in our network marketing Company, WealthWorld. Once they place their $29.95 order – and it’s accepted – they’re sent to a second sales letter. A special “One-Time Offer”. On this page, we explain how they can make even more money with this system – IF they buy our “Associate Success Pack” for only $399.95 plus $39.96 per month. IF you’re Qualified and IF they take this special “One-Time Offer”, YOU GET A BONUS! How do you get “Qualified” so you can get this bonus? I’ll explain it in more detail on For Registered Associates Only Page 18, but the easiest way is to simply buy the “Associate Success Pack” yourself.

Page 5  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches  When you purchase the “Associate Success Pack” yourself, you are automatically For Registered Associates Only qualified to get paid a bonus on the special sales of this Associate Success Pack. That’s why we always recommend to our new Associates that they buy the Associate Success http://www.discoverwealthworld.com/bizcardsystem/ Pack for themselves. If you buy it - you’ll get a Bonus when new Associates buy it. Now, whether an Associate simply buys the $29.95 Starter Kit – or buys the bigger “Associate Success Pack”, they immediately get access to this exact “Business Card Riches” program. They can immediately brand their business cards with their own WealthWorld Associate ID and print them in minutes from their own computer. And, once they’ve done that, they can start handing out THEIR OWN BUSINESS CARDS! Now, you may be thinking, “I’m creating competition for myself. Why do I want other people to be handing out the same business cards I’m handing out?” Simple. All of the Associates who join our Company through your business cards are in your downline. And as they buy products… or sell products… through the “Business Card Riches” system, YOU CAN GET PAID! (As long as you’re “Qualified”) The MORE Associates in your downline who are giving away business cards, the MORE potential profits you can make. Your Associates aren’t your competition. They’re your “salespeople”, giving away business cards on your behalf. And, as they start using the system to make money, you can make money, too. Of course, You Must Be Qualified to Get Bonuses from The Efforts of Your Associates. The For Registered Associates Only easiest way to become qualified is to buy the “Associate Success Pack” yourself – and pay the $39.96 monthly membership fee. If you do that, you’re qualified for many Click Below to Register different commissions. If you’ve already done that, congratulations! You’ve qualified for bonuses http://www.discoverwealthworld.com/bizcardsystem/ show on the efforts of your Associates. If you haven’t qualified, don’t worry. I’ll you how you can qualify on Page 18 of this guide. Being “Qualified” is important, because you can make more money when your Associates sign up their own Associates who take the “Associate Success Pack”. Remember: When you sign up a new Associate who takes the “Associate Success Pack” for $399.95 plus $39.96 per month, YOU GET PAID A BONUS. We pay you a $100 Bonus when your Associates buy the Associate Success Pack. However, your Associates can now start handing out business cards – and when they sign up new Associates who get the “Success Pack”, they will get the $100 Bonus, not

Page 6  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches  you. But we still want to reward you for your efforts. So we’ll pay you a $60 BONUS when your Associates sign up someone who takes the “Associate Success Pack”. But it doesn’t end there. We pay you a bonus down one more level. When you sign up a new Associate who takes the Associate Success Pack, we pay you a $100 Bonus. When that new Associate signs up their own Associate, we pay you a $60 Bonus. And when that person’s new Associate signs up their own Associate, you get a $40 Bonus. And there’s no limit to the number of Associates you can sign up… or your Associates can sign up. Yes, we pay you these bonuses down THREE LEVELS of personally enrolled Associates. Best of all, the only thing you did to make this money was to give away a business card. And when people go through the system – and decide to become an Associate – we let them use the exact same system – and pay you bonuses on their work. The more Associates you have… the more business cards will be given away… and the more bonuses you can get. Plus, we don’t limit you to the number of Associate levels you can earn money on. Through our compensation plan, once you reach certain qualifications, you can be paid down potentially 100’s or even 1,000’s of levels of Associates in your downline. The bigger your downline grows, the more potential extra income you can create. And once again, all you’re doing is giving away inexpensive business cards. In fact, some printers can print up 1,000 business cards for you (double-sided, full-color) for as little as $50. That’s just 50¢ per card. And these cards can help you make commissions and build a long-term home-based business. In the next section, I’ll explain exactly what you need to do, step-by-step, to get started. Fortunately, 95% of the system is automated. The only part you’ll need to focus on is getting your customized business cards printed – and start giving them away. Now that you understand how the system works, it’s time to TAKE ACTION!

Page 7  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches 

"You don't have to be  great to get started,   but you have to get  started to be great."  ~ Les Brown


Page 8  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches 

How To Get Started, Step-by-Step
Step #1: Customize Your Business Cards
When you signed up as an Associate, you received an email with your Associate ID. This is a number that we’ve assigned to you to help us track your sales and commissions. You’ll need this number to customize your business cards. (If you’ve misplaced your Associate ID number, you can contact us through our online support system at www.wealthworldsupport.com – and our staff can send it to you.)

To customize your business cards, you’ll need to go online to this website:

On this special page, you’ll be able to choose the card you wish to customize from a variety of choices. Pick the one that you like best – and click on it. You’ll be taken to a page where you can enter your Associate ID – as well as any information you wish to include on the opposite side of the card. (We recommend that you at least include your name as an Independent Business Associate. However, you’re not required to include any information on the second side of your card. The only information required is your Associate ID.) Once you’ve entered that information, click on the “Preview” button at the bottom of the page. You’ll be able to view the card you’ve customized – to make sure all of the information is correct. If you need to make changes, simply click your Internet Browser’s “Back” button. If it’s correct, you can simply click the “Create Your Business Card” button at the bottom of the page. You’ll be taken to a “Success Page” where you can download and save your business cards by clicking on the button that says “Click Here to Download Your Business Cards”. A pop-up box should appear that will allow you to save a PDF file of your newly-customized business card on your computer. Save the PDF file as “Business Cards” (or something similar, that you’ll remember) on your computer. Once you’ve done this, you can move to Step #2… Printing Your Business Cards. Page 9  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches 

Step #2: Print Your Business Cards
There are two ways you can print your new business cards. You can either print them yourself from your computer – or have a professional printer print them for you. Personally, I recommend that you use a local or national printing company. While you can find perforated business card paper at your local office supply store, the quality will be lower than if you had a professional printer print them for you. Plus, since you’ll want to give away 1,000’s of business cards, it’s cheaper to buy them in bulk from a printer than print them yourself. However, having said that, you can go to your local office supply company or online (staples.com, officemax.com, etc.) and get perforated business card paper. If you wish to have your business cards professionally printed, you can email the file to a local printer – or even Kinko’s – and they can create business cards from your digital PDF file. I recommend calling a few local printers and getting quotes for 500 and 1,000 double-sided, full-color business cards. You’ll also want to ask about turn-around time. Make sure they can accept your file by email. Today, most printers can, but it’s always a good idea to double-check. Once you’ve accepted a printer’s quote (get it in writing), email them the file. Within a few days, you should have your starting supply of business cards – ready for you to start giving away. (We’ll cover HOW in Step #3) If you live in a small city… or simply don’t wish to use your local printers… you can find a lot of printers online who can accept – and print – your business cards from your digital PDF file. As always, I recommend that you get quotes from multiple printers before selecting one. You’ll find that prices published on their website may differ from your quote – based on the quality of your business cards, colors, and production times. Here are some national business card printers to check with: CityBlue • www.cityblue.com Overnight Prints • www.overnightprints.com Vista Print • www.vistaprint.com Whether you go with a local printer or with a national printer you find online, you’ll now have a beginning supply of 500 to 1,000 business cards to start giving away. Now we’ll cover how to give them all away in Step #3. Page 10  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches 

Step #3: How to Give Away Your Business Cards
Once you have your business cards, it’s time to start giving them away. In this step, you’ll discover the most effective ways to give away your customized business cards.

1. Give Your Cards Away to Friends, Family, Co-Workers, & Neighbors
First, you should be handing out your business cards to people you know. Your friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors. Give them away to your barber or hair stylist, your dentist, your insurance agent, and anyone else you come in contact with. These people are considered your “warm market” - and they’re the first people you should give your business cards to. Unfortunately, many people bypass their “warm market”, because they’re embarrassed or shy or simply don’t want their friends and family to know they’re trying to make extra income. However, you never know who will be interested. So if you don’t hand out cards to your “warm market”, you could potentially miss a sale - or even a new Associate in your downline. If you’re too shy to do this in person, mail your business cards to your warm market. Just make sure they get it.

2. Put Your Business Cards on Community Bulletin Boards
Almost every community has “Community Bulletin Boards” where you can place flyers and business cards for free. Check your local Wal-Mart, major discount stores, libraries, coffee shops (Starbucks), Donut Shops, Laundromats, and colleges. Keep a supply of business cards with you at all times (in your wallet or purse - as well as in your car) - and tack up your business cards on a regular basis. In fact, you may want to tack up multiple cards, because interested prospects are likely to take your card, instead of writing down the information. (You may want to buy and bring your own tacks - just to make sure you have the tools necessary to post your business card.) Make sure to create a list of all of the community bulletin boards in your area - and post your business cards on a regular basis. It’s 100% free advertising.

3. Put Your Business Cards on Counters at Local Stores
As you frequent shops and stores in your area, you can ask the store owner or manager if you can leave a small stack of your business cards next to the cash register. If you get a positive response, leave a small stack of cards on their counter. (This is another reason why you’ll want to make sure to carry a supply of

Page 11  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches  business cards in your car.) Check back on a regular basis to make sure you always have a regular supply of cards on the counter. You can potentially put your business cards in all of these types of locations: Accountant Barber/Hair Stylist Laundromat Donut Shop Restaurants Movie Theaters Consignment Shops Car Rental Companies Mechanics Hotels & Motels Copy Shops Apartment Complexes Churches Mortgage Brokers Used Car Dealers Dentist Office Dry Cleaner Nail Salons Cafe’s Coffee Shops Antique Stores Florists Oil Change Companies Cash Advance Companies Furniture Stores Mailbox Rental Companies Self-Storage Companies Wedding-Related Stores Campgrounds Travel Agents

Be creative and keep your eyes open for places you can place your cards.

4. Use “Take-One” Boxes to Give Away Even More Cards
As you become more serious about giving away business cards, you can start purchasing inexpensive “tools” that will help you give away many more business cards - with no additional effort. The following tools can be used with the ideas above to help you give away even more cards. Card Cues • www.cardcues.com This is an amazing tool - and one I highly recommend. This product, The Card Cues Business Card Holder, is a pack of 10 cardboard business card holders. They fold together easily in seconds - and hold up to 40 business cards each. The holders work as either a stand-alone “Take One” stand, which can sit on a counter... OR as a business card display that you can tack onto a bulletin board. Best of all, the “Take One” holder actually holds one card as a “Display” - so people who pass by can see the eye-catching design on your business card. This is more likely to get them to stop and take one of your business cards.

Page 12  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches  There are 5 different, eye-catching designs... and you get 2 of each in a pack (10 total business card holders). And here’s the best part: Each pack of 10 Card Cues Business Card Holders only cost $8.95 plus $2.95 shipping/handling! You can get complete details (including a video of the holder in action) at www.cardcues.com Displays2Go • www.displays2go.com If you’re looking for a wide variety of business card stands, holders, and takeone displays, Displays2Go is a great resource. Go to their site and search for “Business Card Holders” and you’ll discover their huge selection of inexpensive card holders. They even have a business card holder that you can attach to your car! To check out their complete selection of business card holders, visit www.displays2go.com Card Caddie • www.cardcaddie.com This ingenious product lets you give away your business card from your car! It’s an eye-catching, durable, and weather-proof business card holder that can attach to the outside of your car. Why attach your business cards to your car? Because when you go out to shop... to eat... or to run errands... you’re parking next to lots of other consumers. Many people will be drawn to your “Card Caddie”, just to see what it is. Plus, it also displays your eye-catching business card on the front. When they check it out, they can immediately open it up - and take a card for themselves. It’s an easy, hands-free way for you to give away cards everywhere you go - with no additional work. Equip all of your family’s cars with the business card holder - and make sure to keep a stock of business cards in each vehicle. This is just another unique way to give away more business cards. For more information on the Card Caddie, go to www.cardcaddie.com Ad Pockets • www.adpockets.com This company is serious about business card holders. They design and sell all types of business card displays - that hold multiple business cards. While most of their displays will not be useful to you (since you’re giving away 1 business card, not many different types of cards), they do have a locking business card holder called the Card Cube that is very useful. It’s a take-one display case that can hold 150 business cards securely, allowing people to take one at a time. For complete information on their Card Cube and other displays, go to www.adpockets.com Page 13  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches 

5. Turn Your Business Cards into Magnets
You can go to your local office supply company (or go online to officemax.com or staples.com) and find “Magnetic Adhesive Business Cards”. These are thin business card-sized magnets with 1 adhesive side. You pull off the adhesive backing - then attach your business card to the magnet. This basically turns your business card into a magnet. You can get a pack of 50 or 100 of these “Magnetic Adhesive Business Cards” and create your own business card magnets in just minutes while watching TV. Then, place them on your refrigerator at work (and replace if they disappear). Or create a magnetic business card that says “Please Take One” and put it on your car. Then put your magnetic business cards around the “Take One” magnet and watch people take them as you park your car. It’s another hands-free, hassle-free way to give your business card away.

6. Place Your Business Cards in Books
When you visit your local library or bookstore, make sure you have a supply of business cards in your pocket. You can slip one business card into books on a related topic. Then, as people check out the book at the library... or buy it at the bookstore... they’ll have your business card. It’s a fast, easy, and free way to get your business card into the hands of the people most likely to take action.

7. Use Your Business Cards Everywhere
Whenever you mail a letter to anyone, make sure you include your business card. When you’re paying your check at a local restaurant, include a copy of your business card with your signed receipt. Hand them to your hair stylist when you give your tip. Take advantage of every opportunity to give away your business card - and constantly be looking for more ways to give them away.

8. Advertise Your Website
Giving away business cards is only one way to promote your specially-coded website address. You can also take the wording from your business card - and use that in advertising. Take the same wording, with your website address, and place the ad in your local newspaper or Thrifty Nickel. Advertise it on free online

Page 14  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches  classified websites, like Craigslist.com or Kijiji.com. This additional promotion will help you reach even more people - and drive more traffic to your website.

Step #4: Take Daily, Consistent Action
Once you’ve started giving away your business cards, the system takes over. As people get your business card, they’re directed to your specially-coded website to claim their free report. Once they visit the site, everything is done for you. The system captures their name and email address, makes them special offers, takes their order, processes it, and pays you a commission. It may also sign them up as an “Associate” and put them in your downline. All of this is done automatically for you. Your only task is to give away as many business cards as possible. Therefore, it’s a good idea to set a goal for yourself to give away a specific number of business cards, every day, for a specific period of time. For example, you may set a goal for yourself to give away 5 business cards a day for 1 full year. 5 cards a day times 365 days in a year is 1,825 cards. Or, you may want to really push yourself and commit to giving out 10 cards a day for 2 years. That’s a total of 7,300 business cards. Fortunately, business cards are inexpensive - and giving away just 10 cards a day would cost you only 50 cents per day. Over 2 years, you’d only spend $365 giving away 7,300 cards. And it doesn’t take many responses from over 7,000 cards to make good profits. The key is to consistently give away business cards. If you give away 100 cards in 2 weeks, but do nothing for the next 50 weeks of the year, you’re not likely to create any significant long-term profits. To create long-term success, you need to consistently give away your business cards. Even if you’re only giving away 2 to 5 per day over a year, that’s much better than giving away 100 all at once - and then doing nothing. Take daily actions. Give away business cards using the methods described in this report. And you can start seeing great results. In the next section, we’ll discuss additional information you’ll need to succeed with the “Business Card Riches” Program.

Page 15  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches 

"When things go wrong as they sometimes will   When the road you're trudging seems all up hill.   When funds are low and the debts are high.   And you want to smile, but you have to sigh.   When care is pressing you down a bit.   Rest, if you must, but don't you quit.   Life is queer with its twists and turns.   As everyone of us sometimes learns.   And many a failure turns about   When he might have won had he stuck it out:    Don't give up though the pace seems slow ­   You may succeed with another blow.   Success is failure turned inside out ‐   The silver tint of the clouds of doubt.   And you never can tell how close you are.   It may be near when it seems so far:   So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit   It's when things seem worst that you must not QUIT.    ‐ Author Unknown 


Page 16  The Business Card Riches System 

Business Card Riches 

Important Information for New “Business Card Riches” Associates
Inside this section, we’ll discuss how you can become qualified, how you can market the “Business Card Riches” Program by itself, and how you can log in and check your commissions and bonuses. Please review this information carefully.

Are You Qualified to Get Bonus Checks?
As an Associate of WealthWorld, you have the opportunity to build your own Associate downline. Our system actually does this for you. As people respond to your business cards, they have the opportunity to join our Company as an Associate (like you have) and also give away their own business cards. As they do, they will get the commission on their own efforts. However, if you’re “Qualified”, you can also get bonuses on the sales your Associates make using our system. Please review this section carefully, to make sure you’re qualified to receive bonuses.

Are You Qualified?
For Registered Associates Only YES, I AM QUALIFIED! If you purchased the “Associate Success Pack”
from us, for $399.95 plus $39.96 per month, you’re already “Qualified” Click Here to Register to receive bonus checks from the efforts of your Associate downline. There’s nothing more you have to do. You’ll get bonus checks for sales http://www.discoverwealthworld.com/bizcardsystem/ made by your growing Associate downline. NO, I AM NOT QUALIFIED! If you have NOT purchased the “Associate Success Pack” from us, for $399.95 plus $39.96 per month, you are not qualified and will not receive any bonus checks from sales made by your Associate downline. You will receive commissions from sales made through your own business cards, but not through the business cards given away by your Associate network.

If you’re NOT “Qualified”, the information on the next page will explain how you can become qualified.

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Business Card Riches 

If You’re NOT Qualified, Here’s How You Can Become Qualified
There are two ways you can qualify for additional bonuses. First, you can qualify through your own efforts. As people go through your system and make purchases, you will start For Registered Associates Only to accumulate points and “Bonus Value” that will be applied to your qualifications. Once you accumulate $2,500 in “Bonus Value” from the product sales made for you by Click Here to Register the system, you’ll be qualified for a bonus on all “First Orders” made by your personally enrolled http://www.discoverwealthworld.com/bizcardsystem/ Associates. All of our products have a Bonus Value assigned to them. As people buy these products, we track your “Accumulated Bonus Value”. When you reach $2,500 in total Personal Bonus Value, you’ll automatically be qualified for our Enroller First Order Bonus. We also assign points to our monthly MoneyLive.com monthly Membership. When someone purchases our highest level of Membership ($49.95 retail; $39.96 wholesale), you’ll earn 4 points. When you earn 4 points, you’ll be qualified to be paid our MegaLevel Bonus, which pays you a percentage on all sales made down 3 levels of Associates. With our compensation plan, you are not limited to the number of Associates you can have on these 3 levels. If you choose to earn these “Bonus Qualifications” through your own efforts, you may miss out on some bonuses created for you by your Associate’s efforts. To keep this from happening, we give you a faster, easier way to qualify for these bonuses. The second way you can “Qualify” for bonuses is by simply ordering our Financial Freedom Success System for $399.95 plus $39.96 per month. If you place this order today, you will automatically be qualified for the “Enroller First Order Bonus” as well as the “Mega-Level Bonus” - and you won’t miss out on any bonus checks. However, you must maintain your monthly MoneyLive Membership to remain qualified for bonuses on your Associate downline’s efforts. You can purchase the Financial Freedom Success System by logging into your Associate Back Office (see Page 21) and clicking on the “Shop” tab in the menu. If you have already purchased the “Associate Success Pack”, you are already qualified - and will remain qualified for as long as you maintain your monthly MoneyLive Member for only $39.96 per month. You would therefore not need to buy the product above.

REMEMBER: You will still be paid your regular commissions on retail purchases made as the system makes sales for you, whether or not you are “Qualified”. Being “Qualified” simply lets you get paid more money on the sales made by your Associate downline.
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Business Card Riches 

Build Your Associate Network Even Faster by Marketing the Business Card Riches Program
The easiest way to get started is to follow the system outlined on pages 9 through 15 and start giving away your customized business cards. Our turn-key system will not only make sales of our life-changing products (paying you a commission), but will also create an Associate downline for you (paying you bonuses). However, you may wish to also market the “Business Card Riches” Program to others and build your Associate Downline even faster. By growing your Associate Downline, you can have many people giving away business cards for you - and you’ll get paid a bonus on their efforts. It’s important to note that if you do choose to promote the “Business Card Riches” Program, you’ll want to make sure you’re Qualified to be paid bonuses on your downline’s efforts. It makes no sense to build an Associate downline if you won’t be paid the appropriate bonuses. If you purchased the “Associate Success Pack” online, you’re automatically qualified to For Registered Associates Only get paid bonuses on the efforts of your Associate Downline. Or, if you just purchased the Financial Freedom Success System and MoneyLive Membership for $399.95 plus Click Here to Register $39.96 per month, then you’re also qualified. This is extremely important if you’re going to promote the “Business Card Riches” program. Please double-check the Qualification http://www.discoverwealthworld.com/bizcardsystem/ Requirements on Page 17 to verify that you’re qualified. To promote the business card riches program, you’ll need two things:

Your Website Link
Your link to promote the “Business Card Riches” Program is:

IMPORTANT: Make sure to replace “associateid” with YOUR own Associate ID. This is the number you were emailed once you purchased the “Business Card Riches” Program. If you’ve misplaced this number, please contact our offices at www.wealthworldsupport.com and we’ll re-send you your Associate ID. You must include your Associate ID in every website address you promote or you will not get credit for sales of Associate sign-ups.

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Business Card Riches 

Marketing Tools
All of the marketing tools you need to promote the “Business Card Riches” Program are available online at:

You’ll find banner ads, buttons, pre-written emails, classified ads, and much more. Use these ready-to-go marketing materials to start promoting the “Business Card Riches” Program. If you have any questions about using these materials, please check out our online support system at www.wealthworldsupport.com

The Power of Building Your Associate Downline
If you give away 100 business cards a month, our system can help you create an extra income. However, as you start to build up your Associate downline... either by giving away business cards - or by directly promoting the “Business Card Riches” Program - you’ll start to benefit from others using the same system. Instead of making money only on the 100 business cards you’re giving away each month, you could start to make money on the business cards being given away by dozens or even 100’s of Associates in your own downline. As your Associate downline grows, they’ll give away more business cards. And the more business cards are being given away, the more sales can be generated. And, as long as you’re qualified, we can pay you growing bonus checks on the sales made by your Associate’s efforts. This gives you the ability to make even more money, without doing more work. That’s the power of network marketing and building your Associate downline.

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Business Card Riches 

How to Check Your Commissions & Bonuses
You can log into your online “Virtual Back Office” by going to:

Your Associate ID is also your Login ID for the back office. Your password is the password you entered during the online application process. (If you forgot or misplaced your ID or password, please contact us through http://www.wealthworldsupport.com)

Important Company Notification Reminder:
To receive notifications from the Company about upcoming trainings, conventions, new products, new marketing tools, and other items of interest to Associates, you will need to authorize us to contact you. To receive these Associate Notifications, first log into your back office. Then, in your “Status” box, it’ll tell you whether your “Company & Prospect Notifications” is turned “ON” or “OFF”. If it’s on, you’ll get all notifications. If it’s turned “OFF”, click the word “OFF” - and you’ll be taken to a page where you can turn the Notifications back on. You can turn the notifications off anytime you wish, with just 1 click. However, the only way to receive Company notifications is using this method. If you do not turn the “Notifications” ON in your Associate back office, you will not receive Company notifications.

It’s recommended that you spend some time reviewing the tools in your Associate back office. You’ll find a wide variety of charts, tools, and training materials that will help you promote WealthWorld’s products - and grow your business. If you have any questions about how to use your Associate back office, please check out our online knowledge center at http://www.wealthworldsupport.com

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Business Card Riches 

Business Card Resources
Business Card Printers
CityBlue • www.cityblue.com Overnight Prints • www.overnightprints.com Vista Print • www.vistaprint.com Got Print • www.gotprint.com Plastek Cards • www.plastekcards.com

Business Card Holders
Card Cues • www.cardcues.com Displays 2 Go • www.displays2go.com Card Caddie • www.cardcaddie.com Ad Pockets • www.adpockets.com

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About WealthWorld
WealthWorld LLC was founded by Jeff Gardner and his business partner, Kit Elliott in 2008. Jeff Gardner is a Financial Freedom Coach, author, speaker, and marketing expert who has been helping people increase their income for over 20 years. Kit Elliott is a marketing expert and author, who has been instrumental in designing and building the online financial training & support community, MoneyLive.com. In 2008, with the help of Kit Elliott, Jeff launched the new financial training network marketing company, WealthWorld. Together, along with a team of world-class network marketing consultants, Jeff and Kit created a network marketing opportunity designed to give their Associates a real opportunity to create a full-time income. Today, WealthWorld is focused on creating world-class products and live events designed to help people take control of their finances and create financial independence. Clients and Associates can also take advantage of WealthWorld’s online financial training and support community, MoneyLive!, at www.moneylive.com

Contacting WealthWorld LLC
Customer Service Hotline: 1-214-871-0111 Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central (Except US Holidays) (For Product Shipping, Returns, and Associates Questions) Fax Hotline: 1-214-871-0112 Available 24-Hours a Day 24-Hour Online Knowledgebase: Email Support: http://www.wealthworldsupport.com

info@wealthworld.com (General questions or information) support@wealthworld.com (Customer service questions) associate@wealthworld.com (Associate assistance)

Corporate Headquarters: WealthWorld LLC • 1700 Pacific Avenue, Suite 4680 • Dallas, TX 75201

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