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Conclusion The triumph of evolutionary ideas meant the end of the traditional belief in the world as a purposeful created

order, and God's will was replaced by the capriciousness of a roulette wheel. The acceptance of this great claim and the consequent elimination of God from nature has played a decisive role in the secularization of Western society. Darwinian theory broke man's link with God and set him adrift in a cosmos without purpose or end. Darwinism removed the whole idea of God as the creator from the sphere of rational discussion. We are the historical heirs of this legacy. Both the biological underpinnings and the social and political accents of Darwinian theory are in disarray. We've accepted a myth, and in the process, we have denied ourselves answers to our most basic psychological and philosophical questions. Perhaps it's time we left this prison. Perhaps it's time we set sail on another ship. Although the principles and social extensions of evolutionary thought are pervasive throughout the world, we can certainly hope a discussion of these ideas will encourage individuals to carefully consider the issues addressed in this article. The Theory of Evolution Revisited Author: William Johnson Quodlibet Journal: Volume 3 Number 2, Spring 2001 ISSN: 1526-6575 Source : ( 1 ) The material from which man has been created is not eternal. It was created by God. (2) Man's creation involved an evolutionary process extending over a long period of time. He was not created in a moment. (3) Man was created from an origin of his own species. It is not correct that he evolved from a species of monkeys or apes which is the theory advanced by Darwin. (4) One of the evolutionary stages through which he passed was something akin to stone or rock.

(5) He next passed through a stage of animal life but intelligence had not yet developed in him although he moved about, ate and drank like other animals. (6) He became an intelligent being able to speak and communicate. (7) In his final stage he devised a system of life and started on the road to civilization and culture. Instead of each individual living for himself, as is the case with other and lower animals, he began to work in co-operation with others of his species evolving a system and law of life.